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Ebay’s chief executive has added weight to Google’s antitrust defence by saying that the pair are direct competitors in online shopping, echoing the US search group’s claim that Brussels misunderstands how people buy products online.eBay首席执行官约翰#8226;多纳霍(John Donahoe)的言论持了美国搜索集团谷歌(Google)的反垄断辩护。他说,eBay与谷歌在网络购物领域是直接竞争对手,这呼应了谷歌的说法。谷歌曾声称,布鲁塞尔方面没有理解人们的在线购物方式。John Donahoesaid in an interview with the Financial Times that barriers were breaking down between different areas of online commerce. The auction website chief’s comments support arguments aly made by Google in its first response to the European Commission’s landmark competition case.在接受英国《金融时报》采访时,多纳霍表示,不同电商领域之间的壁垒正在打破。该拍卖网站CEO的言论,持了谷歌首次回应欧盟委员会(European Commision)反垄断案时的说法。Brussels’ complaint, announced this month, focuses on a claim that Google has abused its dominance of web search to squeeze out rival specialist shopping search engines by favouring its own in-house service.本月,欧盟公布了对谷歌的起诉,重点是指控谷歌涉嫌滥用在网络搜索方面的主导地位,通过偏向其旗下务的方式,将其在购物搜索引擎方面的对手排挤出市场。Google has responded by saying that European regulators have not recognised how it is dwarfed in online shopping by eBay and Amazon, making questions about how it handles product queries on its own site beside the point.谷歌对此回应称,欧洲监管机构没有认识到谷歌在网络购物领域比eBay和亚马逊(Amazon)逊色许多,以致其对谷歌网站处理商品查询方式的质疑离题万里。Asked if eBay was a direct competitor of Google Shopping, Mr Donahoe said: “Yes#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;We are a strong commerce competitor [of Google’s].”在被问到eBay是否是谷歌购物(Google Shopping)直接竞争对手时,多纳霍表示:“没错……我们是(谷歌的)强劲商业对手。” /201504/372530。

Nobody likes waking up in the morning to the nagging, electronic bleep of regular alarm clocks or smartphones, but the smell of just-baked croissants and freshly roasted coffee? Now you#39;re talking.没有人喜欢早晨普通闹钟或智能手机里闹铃发出的吵闹不休的声音,那刚烤好的羊角面包和刚煮好的咖啡的味道呢?这还差不多。The Sensorwake, currently debuting at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, takes a vastly different approach to getting your attention when it#39;s time to wake up. Instead of using sound to stir you, the clock uses smell, thanks to the ;timed release of an aroma of your choice;.气味闹钟最近在举行的消费电子展上首次登台亮相,它采用一种完全不同的方式喊你起床。比起利用声音来刺激你,这个闹钟会利用你事先选择好的香味喊你起床。The brainchild of 19-year-old Guillaume Rolland, an engineering student from France, the Sensorwake was successfully crowd-funded last year to the tune of US0,000, and Rolland is now taking pre-orders for retail units that will ship in the first half of 2016.法国19岁的工科学生纪尧姆·罗兰德想出了气味闹钟这个主意,去年他成功地利用这个想法众筹到了20万美元。现在罗兰德接受零售单位预定,第一批产品将在2016年上半年陆续发出。The device functions a little bit like a toaster, with reusable scent capsules inserted into a slot along the top edge of the clock. Each capsule lasts for ;30 awakenings;, meaning you#39;ll get about a month out of a scent before you need to replace it.气味闹钟的工作原理有点类似烤面包机,人们需在闹钟顶部插入能重复使用的气味胶囊。每个胶囊能叫醒你30次,意味着你在需要替换气味胶囊之前,可以闻一个月的香味。At launch, there will be six aromas available via the Sensorwake website, with plans to sell them via retail outlets later (provided the product is enough of a success, we#39;re guessing).该闹钟面世之后将在气味闹钟网站上推出六种香味胶囊,罗兰德打算随后通过零售商来出售香味胶囊(如果产品足够成功的话)。Aromas are bundled in packs. There#39;s the delicious-sounding #39;Continental Breakfast Pack#39;, which comes with one Espresso aroma capsule and one Hot Croissant capsule. The #39;Enjoy the Break Pack#39; includes Seaside (monoi, tiare flower) and Lush Jungle (cut grass, leaves). There#39;s also the #39;Vitalisation Aromatherapy Pack#39;, which offers a Chocolate aroma plus Invigorating Peppermint. Mmm!香味胶囊以组合套装的形式出售。有听起来很美味的“欧式早餐套装”,使用者们能闻到浓缩咖啡和热羊角面包的香味。“享受休憩时光套装”则能让你闻到海的味道(诺伊油、提亚蕾花)和热带丛林的味道(草和树叶割开的味道)。还有“活力香味套装”,能让你闻到巧克力和让人精力充沛的薄荷气味。But do scents work as well as a regular audio alarm in terms of waking you up? While we might hate the sound of conventional alarms, they seem to be jarringly effective for most regular sleepers. Rolland claims that the Sensorwake is just as good as audio alarms, with internal testing showing his scent-based alarm wakes 99 percent of people in 2 minutes.但气味真的能像普通闹钟一样把你叫醒吗?虽然我们很厌恶闹钟的声音,但其实对于大部分沉睡者来说它们才是最有效的闹钟。罗兰德宣称气味闹钟和发出声音的闹钟一样好,内部测试表明他的气味闹钟能在两分钟内叫醒99%的人。While the Sensorwake could be as effective as Rolland claims, previous research on the rousing abilities of scents hasn#39;t been so positive. A 1997 study by fire and rescue workers in Irondale, Alabama was designed to test whether adults woke up in the presence of smoke, water and citrus odours. Of 10 sleeping participants, only two woke up when exposed to the aromas.气味闹钟的效果如何我们尚无法判定,不过先前有研究发现气味叫醒人们的能力不容乐观。1997年一项测试了阿拉巴马州艾昂戴尔消防员的研究,利用烟味、水和柑橘味来叫醒他们。在十名参与者中,仅两人在闻到味道之后醒了过来。A subsequent study at Brown University in 2004 also found that scents were not particularly effective at waking sleepers. Pepperment and pyridine scents were presented in different concentrations to sleepers at different stages of sleep. The odours scored mixed results, while audio tones played over a speaker were significantly more effective at rousing the sleepers, leading the researchers to conclude that ;human olfaction is not reliably capable of alerting a sleeper;.2004年布朗大学一项后续研究也发现,气味并不能有效地叫醒沉睡者。他们给陷入不同睡眠阶段的参与者闻不同浓度的薄荷味和氮苯味,参与者们的反应不一,但发出声音的闹钟效果明显更好。这促使研究人员们得出“人类的嗅觉并不足以叫醒一名沉睡者”的结论。The Sensorwake comes with an insurance policy for any sleepers who aren#39;t roused by its primary feature. For extra-heavy sleepers or those with stuffed noses who don#39;t register the scent, there#39;s a backup audio alarm that#39;s triggered to go off if the aroma hasn#39;t woken you up within 3 minutes.气味闹钟还为每个沉睡者们准备了保险措施,避免他们出现醒不来的情况。对于那些酣睡者或闻不到气味的鼻塞者,如果气味闹钟在3分钟内还没有叫醒你,那么备用的声音闹钟就会被触发。 /201601/420836。

The demand by the FBI that Apple help it break into the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone breaches its constitutional rights under the First and Fifth Amendments by seeking to “conscript and commandeer” its employees, the Silicon Valley company argued in a legal response on Thursday.周四,苹果(Apple)在一项法律回应中主张,美国联邦调查局(FBI)要求其协助解锁圣贝纳迪诺击案凶手iPhone之举,侵犯了美国宪法第一和第五修正案赋予苹果的宪法权力,因为这是对苹果员工的“征召和强占”。Apple filed its “motion to vacate” last week’s order by a judge in California a day before Friday’s deadline, as Silicon Valley’s largest companies lined up behind the iPhone maker’s case.苹果在本周五的最后期限前一天提交了“撤销动议”,要求撤销上周加州一名法官下达的法庭令。硅谷的大企业纷纷对这家iPhone制造商的主张表示持。The filing is Apple’s first response to the court after more than a week of increasingly bitter argument between chief executive Tim Cook and FBI director James Comey.这一动议是苹果对法庭作出的首次回应。此前,苹果首席执行官蒂姆#8226;库克(Tim Cook)与FBI局长詹姆斯#8226;科米(James Comey)已打了一周多的口水仗,争论的火药味也越来越浓。“This is not a case about one isolated iPhone,” Apple wrote, but about US law enforcement seeking a “dangerous power” beyond the authority granted by Congress. “Once the floodgates open, they cannot be closed, and the device security that Apple has worked so tirelessly to achieve will be unwound without so much as a congressional vote.”苹果在法律回应中写道,“此案关乎的并非某一孤立的iPhone”,而是关乎美国执法部门试图获得一种逾越了美国国会授权范围的“危险的权力”。“闸门一旦打开,就无法关上。苹果付出不懈努力所实现的设备安全,将在国会还未就此案进行过任何表决的情况下就付之东流。”If granted, other judges would seek a similar order in “a matter of days”, it said.这项法律回应称,如果这项法庭令获得批准,其他法官将在“数日之内”寻求下达类似的命令。Mr Comey acknowledged on Thursday that the ruling in the San Bernardino case could set a precedent that would be analysed by other courts, but said that it would apply to only a few limited cases that might involve the same phone model and the same operating system.周四,科米承认圣贝纳迪诺击案的裁决可能会设置一个判例,而其他法院会研究这个判例。但他同时表示,此案将只适用于那些或涉及到相同手机型号和操作系统的少数有限案件。He said that Apple had helped in the past to unlock phones when a warrant had been presented. He added that the phone would remain with Apple during any attempt to unlock it and that the software code would never leave the company, minimising the risk of it falling into the wrong hands.他表示,过去当执法部门出示授权令时,苹果曾帮助解锁手机。他还表示,在对涉案手机进行任何解锁尝试期间,手机将归苹果保管,而且软件代码永远不会离开该公司,从而最大限度降低它落入坏人之手的风险。Mr Comey and Mr Cook will testify before the House judiciary committee next week about encryption, privacy and security.科米和库克下周将在美国众议院司法委员会(House judiciary committee)就加密、隐私和安全问题作。Several Silicon Valley companies are expected to file a joint motion next week in a broad show of support for Apple’s position. Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter said on Thursday that they would back Apple together in court, while Amazon said it was considering its legal options. Google is also understood to be backing Apple.几家硅谷公司预计将于下周提交一份联合动议,以充分展示对苹果立场的持。微软(Microsoft)、Facebook和Twitter周四表示,它们将一起在法庭上持苹果。亚马逊(Amazon)表示正在考虑在法律上可以做点什么。谷歌(Google)据悉也将持苹果。 /201603/429157。

Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge南京长江大桥Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge in the north-west of the Yangtze River, connecting the urban areas with the Pukou District, is one of China#39;s own design and construction of double-lane highways, railways dual-use bridge, completed on December 29, 1968.南京长江大桥位于南京市西北长江上,连通市区与浦口区,是一座我国自己设计建造的双层双线公路、铁路两用桥,1968年12月29日竣工。Highway, on top of the bridge, is 4589 meters long with 15 meters wide carriageway, which can accommodate four large auto parallel. The two sides also have more than two meters wide sidewalks. The railway bridge is 6772 meters long, 14 meters wide, with the two-track shop. Two trains can be off at the same time. The bridge on surface of the river is 1577 meters long, and the remaining is for the highway bridge with the rich Chinese characteristics Double Arch Bridge hyperbolic form. 200 iron relieves are embedded into the highway bridge railings on both sides, besides, there are 150 pairs of magnolia flower-shaped lights on sidewalks. Each of two north-south ends of the bridge has a 70 meters high bridge tower. The lift in the tower will carry people reach the railroad bridge, the road bridge and the watch station on the tower. In front of each tower, it stands a 10-metre high sculpture of worker-peasant-soldier. Down the south tower, it is a beautiful park.上层的公路桥长4589米,车行道宽15米,可容4辆大型汽车并行,两侧还各有2米多宽的人行道;下层的铁路桥长6772米,宽14米,铺有双轨,两列火车可同时对开。其中江面上的正桥长1577米,其余为引桥,公路引桥采用富有中国特色的双孔双曲拱桥形式。公路正桥两边的栏杆上嵌着200幅铸铁浮雕,人行道旁还有150对白玉兰花形的路灯,南北两端各有两座高70米的桥头堡,堡内有电梯可通铁路桥、公路桥及桥头堡上的嘹望台。堡前还各有一座高十余米的工农兵雕塑。南堡下是一个风景秀丽的公园。On December 18, 1968, China#39;s own design and construction of the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge was opened to traffic. It marks a leap of China#39;s bridge construction. Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge is recorded by Guinness World Revenue.The completion of the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge, shortened one and a half hours by ferry from the river in the past to two minutes by train on the bridge, greatly facilitated cross-strait exchanges and the exchange of personnel, materials, promoting the economic development and people#39;s lives.1968年12月18日,中国自行设计和施工的南京长江大桥建成通车。它标志着中国桥梁建设的一个飞跃。南京长江大桥被收入世界吉尼斯纪录。南京长江大桥建成,使南来北往的火车由过去靠轮渡过江的一个半小时缩短为两分钟,大大方便了长江两岸的物资交流和人员来往,对促进经济发展和改善人民生活产生了积极的作用。 /201602/419393。

Apple has made its biggest push into digital music since it began selling downloads on iTunes 12 years ago, launching a new streaming service that will compete with Spotify and new services from Google and Jay Z, the hip-hop star.苹果(Apple)推出了新的流务,该务将与Spotify的流务、以及谷歌(Google)与嘻哈明星Jay-Z推出的新务展开竞争。这是苹果自12年前开始在iTunes上出售下载音乐以来向数字音乐领域发起的最大规模冲锋。The new service — dubbed Apple Music — will be available on hundreds of millions of connected Apple devices. It is the first significant music product launched by Apple since it paid bn to buy Beats Electronics from Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine last year.这一被称为苹果音乐(Apple Music)的新务将向数以亿计的苹果联网设备提供。它是苹果自收购Beats Electronics以来推出的首个重要音乐产品。苹果去年斥资30亿美元从Dr. Dre和吉米#8226;约维内(Jimmy Iovine)手中购得了Beats Electronics。Tim Cook, Apple chief executive, told the audience at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco on Monday that the new service represented the “next chapter” of music.周一在旧金山举行的苹果全球开发者大会(Worldwide Developer Conference)上,苹果首席执行官蒂姆#8226;库克(Tim Cook)向听众表示,这种新务代表着音乐领域的“新篇章”。Apple Music includes Connect, which will allow musicians and record labels to share free content with music fans, and Beats 1, an online radio service broadcasting from Los Angeles, New York and London. “The truth is that internet radio isn’t radio. It’s just a playlist,” said Jimmy Iovine, the former Beats chief executive, who is leading Apple’s new music push. “We wanted to create a worldwide radio station.”苹果音乐包含让音乐家和唱片公司能向粉丝分享免费内容的Connect,以及Beats 1,也就是一项播出地点分别位于洛杉矶、纽约和伦敦的在线广播务。前Beats首席执行官、现苹果音乐业务负责人约维内表示:“事实上,互联网广播并不是广播。它只是一个播放列表。我们想创建一家覆盖全世界的电台。”The new service will launch in 100 countries later this month for iOS devices, costing .99, with the first three months free. A family package will cost .99 for up to six people. “We want everyone to try it,” said Eddie Cue, Apple’s senior vice-president of Internet Software and Services.这项新务将于本月晚些时候在100个国家面向iOS设备推出,每月收费9.99美元,头三个月免费。家庭套餐价格为14.99美元,可供最多6人使用。苹果互联网软件与务高级副总裁埃迪#8226;库埃(Eddie Cue)说:“我们希望每个人都试一试。” /201506/379808。