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襄阳人民医院治疗盆腔炎多少钱襄阳樊城区人民中心医院是几甲医院宜城市中医医院治疗前列腺疾病多少钱 Create a new family holiday建立一个新的家庭节日If it’s traditional to spend Christmas Eve with all your husband’s relatives and Christmas Day with yours, you may feel you miss out celebrating the holiday at your house with just your immediate family. Lynne Blalock, from Memphis, reports that she and her children never seemed to have any private time to enjoy Christmas together. 如果和你丈夫的亲戚度过圣诞夜,与你的亲戚度过圣诞日是一个传统,那么你可能要错过和你的直系亲属们独处地过圣诞节了。林恩#8226;布莱洛克,来自田纳西州孟菲斯市,告诉我们她和她的孩子们从来不会在圣诞节有私人独处时间。So she took matters into her own hands and invented a new family holiday. “We created Christmas Adam on December 23 — because Adam came before Eve,” says Blalock. That’s the day when they open presents and have a special meal just for the immediate family. And though Blalock says her life is less hectic now, “Christmas Adam is still a tradition.”所以她决定要亲手创造一个机会建立一个新的家庭节日,“我们现在在12月23日的时候会庆祝圣诞亚当——因为亚当是在圣诞夜前出生的。”就是那天,他们会打开礼物并且与直系亲属一起享用大餐。尽管如今她对这个节日不再过度兴奋狂热了,但“圣诞亚当仍然是一个传统”。 /201312/268623襄阳龟头敏感外治

襄樊市同和医院引产使你的网站在周末拥有更多流量的七种简易方法Web traffic for most websites drop during the weekend because less people are using the internet to look for information or checking their favorite websites for new content.This is a natural and inevitable occurrence and a corresponding dip in traffic figures or sales is nothing to be alarmed about.Jay Wilson recently asked if I had any recommendations to stop traffic from reducing during the weekends and as a matter of fact, I do have some suggestions that might work, although they will require some effort on your part.Getting traffic to your site during the weekends is no different from methods commonly used to increase visitors to your site during the weekdays. The key is to focus on hitting defensible traffic sources for referral traffic, since these are factors which you can control to a certain extent (as opposed to organic search traffic).Seven Easy Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Site on the WeekendYour goal is to target websites with regular traffic flows and large numbers of users and make them referral sources which will send visitors to your website. Naturally, you should try to focus on getting targeted traffic whenever possible.These short-term strategies will allow you to get traffic very soon after you implement them. They will not only reduce your weekend traffic dip but may get you even more traffic to your website than the weekdays.I have omitted other long term traffic building methods like building a community, product development, joint ventures or affiliate programs because they are not something you can easily implement for immediate results.1. Network within Social Communities. This includes posting and interacting with other people on relevant forums, social networks like Facebook, news sites like Digg/Reddit as well as blog sites like Blogcatalog or MyBloglog. There will always been people on crowded online communities and you will always get some visitors if you plug your site discreetly in the right places.2. Create a Weekend Link Bait. Establish the habit of creating and promoting a weekend Link Bait on popular social websites like Digg, Reddit, del.icio.us or StumbleUpon. This is by the far the easiest and most powerful way to get traffic to your site during the weekends.Social news sites usually get less news during the weekend, and it is likely that your bait will be more successful during this time.3. Comment on Blogs. While many blogs don’t update during the weekend, you can still comment on the ones that do. Focus on those with more traffic and try to be the first few to leave a comment. Make your comment relevant and you’re likely to receive some visitors from others who visit the same blog.4. Email Pitch Your Website. Write an email to bloggers within your niche to promote your website, business or best article for last week. Give away a product or offer premium access for selected publishers in return for a mention.Some blogs like Daily Blog Tips have a habit of doing weekend speed-linking. Pitch your site to these blogs and you’ll get some traffic if you get a link.5. Try Blog Traffic Exchanges. Blog traffic exchanges are tools which allow you to get traffic by visiting other blogs. They are more useful for newer blogs and as they require more time and effort on your part, I suggest using them strategically to find new blogs within your niche as well.6. Use Paid Advertising. This involves spending money on paid advertising in order to get traffic to your website. Pay per click advertising and social media advertising on sites like StumbleUpon can bring in traffic on the weekends. The benefit of this method is that you don’t have to do any work whatsoever.7. Publish During the Weekend. Publishing during the weekend will get you some traffic, especially if you have many feed subscribers as some of them will visit your site to the full article or comments. Smaller sites can also benefit as new content will bring in a small amount of long tail search traffic.Future publish your post during the weekend so you don’t have to sit down in front of the computer to write. Asking a question is sometimes the quickest way to put out an extra blog post.The downside of all of these methods (with the exception of paid advertising) is the time-investment. Do you really want to spend time in front of the computer on the weekend? The amount of time needed for these tasks will vary and perhaps it would be better to alternate them each weekend to lessen the workload.Another way to deal with this would be to get someone to help promote your site for the weekend instead of doing it yourself. Learning how to oursource marketing is important, even for amateur webmasters or bloggers because they can really help your website to grow much faster.If you have the time and interest, try implementing some of the tactics listed in this article. I’ll love to hear if it helps you to get more visitors this weekend. 由于几乎没有人会在周末利用网络搜索查找信息或者去查看他们感兴趣的网站是否更新,所以每当周末,大多数的网站流量都会有所下降。这一现象是正常且普遍存在的,所以无论是流量测量及出售者都习以为常。然而最近Jay Wilson问到了我关于如何防止流量在周末下降的问题,事实上,对此我的确有点见解,不过这可能需要大家付出些努力。吸引访客在周末浏览你的网站所需要的做的工作总体来说和平时无二,关键在于要将推广重点集中在那些有流量来源保的站点上以为你自己带来流量,这些流量来源相对于搜索引擎来说其推广广度是可以控制的。七种为你的网站在周末带来更多流量的方法你的主要目标是那些有固定流量以及大量用户的网站,以这些网站为中介,为你的站点带来访客。当然,如果可以的话,你应该尽可能以与你相关的网站为目标。这种短期策略将在你执行后不久便为你带来实际流量。这将不仅仅作用于周末的流量同时也能为你在平常的日子也带去更多流量。在此,我会略去的一些长期的流量策略如:建立社区、开发产品、参与合作或建立分等一些你无法立刻看到效果的方法。1.社会化网络群体在一些网站发布文章并和别人互动交流,比如facebook这样的社区论坛或社会化网络站,又比如类似Digg这样的新闻站,当然还有各种各样的客站。这些站点永远会有大量的在线用户,你只要选对符合你需要的网站参与进去便可以得到源源不断地访问者。2.建立一个周末链接诱饵(Linkbaiting)拥有在流行的社会化网站(如Digg,Reddit,del.icio.us,StumbleUpon等)上投放周末链接诱饵的习惯。这是一个使网站在周末拥有流量最容易最有效的方法。社会新闻网站在周末几乎得不到新闻,在此时投放诱饵往往容易获得成功。3.客尽管多数客在周末不会更新,但是你依然可以。对那些流量大的客做出,且尽可能第一个做出。作出中肯的可以为你带来浏览了同样客的访客。4.以Email带动你的网站写一封宣传你的网站,介绍商务或者推荐最新最好的文章的Email寄给客主们。放弃一些产品或酬劳以换取其他发布者为你宣传。有些客比如Daily Blog Tips就有做周末快速链接的习惯。向这些客推荐你自己的网站,如果被其链接,你就会得到一些流量。5.尝试客流量交换客流量交换是一种通过浏览其他客文章获得流量的方法。这对一些新的客来说是非常有用的方法,由于这需要花费你的时间和精力,建议对一些新的文使用该策略。6.使用付费广告为你的网站购买付费广告已获得流量。 在StumbleUpon这样网站上购买按点击次数付费广告及社会媒体广告就可以为你的带去周末流量。这么做的好处是,你不用再为推广做任何事。7.在周末发表文章在周末发表文章页可以为你带来流量,特别是如果你的网站有很多订阅者,他们中的一些人会去你的网站查看完整文章或作出。即使一些小网站也可以因为新文章带来长尾搜索流量从而受益。预先发布篇在周末公布的文章,你就不一定要做在电脑前写作了。有时候提个问题是最快速保留文位置的方法。所有这些方法(除了付费广告外)的共同的坏处是花费时间。你真的想在周末也坐在电脑前花费时间吗?所有这些工作所耗费的时间是无法确定的,或许在每个周末交替着选用其中几个方法会减少工作量。还有一种方法是请人帮你在周末宣传你的站点,学习一些营销方法是很重要的,因为即使是业余的站长和主们也能帮助你的网站快速成长。如果你有时间有兴趣的话,请尝试一下文章中所列的方法。我很希望听到你通过这些方法在周末获得了更多访客和流量的消息。 /200803/31206襄阳市襄州区人民医院妇科挂号 这是关于一个女孩、女人、女性的成长漫画On A Claire Day:亲情、友情、爱情;家庭,朋友、婚姻,工作,生活……一切的一切~今日嘱咐:身边住着这么一个,每每让你心里“羡慕嫉妒恨”的邻居,克莱尔脑门得多画多少竖条啊~!译者:koogle内容来自: /201305/240685襄阳妇幼保健院中医院检查妇科病多少钱

襄阳市妇幼保健院怎样预约When designing an overall fitness program, most people focus mostly on two components: nutrition and exercise.While there is no denying that these factors will probably affect your shape more than any other, you should spend some time thinking about how you sleep. Getting a good night’s rest will help you recover from exercise faster, give you more energy for exercise during the day, and help you establish a hormone balance that helps you process food better. While for most of us, there is nothing that we can do to actually increase the number of hours we sleep, there are a few steps that you can take to enhance the quality of your sleep every night.Get on a Sleep Routine - Ideally, you should wake up at the same time and go to bed at the same time every night. This will help your body get accustomed to a routine, which can make your sleep at night a bit deeper. Now, this might mean that you have to forgo sleeping in long hours on those lazy Saturday mornings. But if you stick to a good schedule over time, you will probably discover that you have more energy and have an easier time falling asleep at night.Turn off the TV – Try to avoid watching television for about half an hour before you decide to hit the hay. Studies show that this extra stimulation can actually decrease your quality of sleep. When you stare directly at any bright light, like a television screen, it tells your brain that it is still light out. When you do something a bit more calming before you go to bed, like a book or listen to music, it can prepare your body for sleeping, just like warming up can prepare your body for exercise.Spend Time Making Your Bedroom Sleep Friendly - If you have to contend with a bright street light coming in through your bedroom window, there just is not any way that you are going to sleep well. Make sure that your blinds can block out any light that might come in, and that your room stays at a comfortable temperature. The next time you want to do a redesign of your bedroom and want to make it more sleep friendly, try choosing darker and earthy colors rather than bright primary colors.Don’t Schedule Your Exercise Right Before Sleep – Generally speaking, exercise improves the quality of your sleep. It physically exhausts your body so that your sleep in deeper and most restful. But if you do that exercise right before you go to bed, you stimulate your body to a degree that makes it difficult to go right to sleep. If night time is the only time you can exercise then you should of course do it anyways. But if you have an option, it’s better to get your workouts done in the morning.Personal trainer Christopher William McCombs runs Fitness Boot Camp in Orange County California. He is radically different in his approach to losing fat. Chris is also a Fitness Training Marketingexpert and helps fitness trainers all over the globe to triple their income while cutting their work hours in half. 大多数人在计划整个健身进度表时,会主要关注两大元素:营养与运动。营养和运动无可厚非会影响你的身材,然而你应该多花些时间好好想想你的睡眠到底如何。一夜良好的睡眠能帮助你更快地从运动中恢复,在白天为你提供更多运动所需的活力,同时还能帮你建立荷尔蒙的平衡,有助于你更好地吸收食物。但是对大多数人来说,我们无法实际延长我们的睡眠时间,这里我将给你一些建议,可以帮助你提高每晚的睡眠质量。遵守良好的睡眠规律--理想的做法是,每天早上你在同一个时间醒来,每晚在同一个时间上床就寝。这能使你的身体建立一个良好的睡眠规律,有助于让你在夜里睡得更熟。那么现在看来,这就意味着你得放弃在懒散的周六上午睡懒觉的习惯了。但是只要你长时间坚持良好的睡眠习惯,你很有可能会发现你的活力更加充沛了,而且在晚上也更早容易入睡。关上电视机--在睡前半小时里尽量避免看电视。研究显示这种额外的刺激实际上会降低你的睡眠质量。当你直接盯着任何像电视机屏幕那样的亮光时,亮光会告知你的大脑说它仍在运作。当你在睡前做一些更加平静的事像是读书、听音乐时,会帮助你的身体为睡眠做好准备。这和你在运动前做热身准备的原理是一样的。花时间布置你的卧室让它更适宜睡眠--如果卧室的窗户中总有强光进入,那么无论如何你都会睡不好觉的。确保你的窗帘能阻隔任何光线进入,室内温度适宜。下一次你再要重新设计卧室时,记得要把它装修得更适宜睡眠,尽量选用深色和简朴的颜色,而不是鲜艳的三原色。睡前不要安排进行运动--一般来说,运动能提高你的睡眠质量。它能消耗你的体力,让你睡得又熟又香。但是如果你在睡前做运动,你会刺激你的身体使其处在一个不太容易入睡的状态。如果你只有在晚上才有时间锻炼身体,那当然你也只有这么做了。但是如果你有别的选择的话,还是最好在早上做运动。克里斯多夫·威廉姆·麦肯是一名个人训练师,他在加州的橘子郡经营一家健身训练营。他在减肥方面有他独特的方法。克里斯还是一名健身训练市场专家,帮助全世界的健身训练师缩短一半的工作时间,实现收入翻三倍。 /200805/38532 On Dec. 5, 1952, a thick layer of fog settled over the streets of London, blanketing the city. This was no ordinary wintery mist, but rather a noxious haze of sulfur dioxide from coal-fired industrial factories and cookstoves in London homes. London#39;s Great Smog hung in the air for five consecutive days; visibility was reduced to mere feet and cars were abandoned or led off the road by police with traffic flares. It was the ;nation#39;s worst air pollution disaster; and remains the deadliest smog event on record. 1952年12月5日,一层浓雾笼罩着伦敦的大街小巷,覆盖了整座城市。这可不是普通冬雾,而是一种由工业燃煤和家庭燃炉产生的有毒二氧化硫烟雾。伦敦浓雾持续笼罩了五天,能见度仅为几英尺,车辆要么被遗弃,要么被警方清理出了路面。这是英国最严重的一次大气污染灾难,也是迄今为止最严重的雾霾事件。According to the Telegraph, the devastation the smog wrought ;only became apparent when undertakers reported that they were running out of coffins and florists had sold all their flowers.; In the following three months, an estimated 13,000 people died of respiratory complications.据《电讯报》报道,直到受害者反应棺材短缺、花农表示鲜花售罄,这场雾霾造成的危害才昭然显现。接下来三个月,将近有13000人死于呼吸道并发症。The hazy scenes of London#39;s Great Smog bear a striking resemblence to modern-day images of China#39;s urban centers on their most polluted days. And though China has never had an event to match those four days in London, its pollution problem is persistent and pervasive. In 2010, air pollution contributed to 1.2 million deaths in China. Between 1981 and 2001, particulate levels in its major cities were five times greater than what the ed States experienced before 1970.伦敦雾霾事件的朦胧境况和当下严重污染的中国城市的情形有着惊人的相似。尽管中国尚未遭遇伦敦烟雾那样的事件,其污染状况也一直持续蔓延。2010年,中国约有120万人死于空气污染。1981年至2001年,中国大城市的颗粒物指数是美国在1970年之前的五倍。And the problem is worsening at an incredible rate. In 2009, the concentration of particulate pollution in the Chinese city of Harbin averaged 101 micrograms per meter, according to the World Health Organization. Four years later, in October 2013, levels were up tenfold, a new record.而且,其污染问题仍在急剧加重。据世界卫生组织统计,2009年,中国哈尔滨的颗粒物污染浓度达到101微克/米。四年后也就是2013年10月,相关指数已涨了十倍,创下新的记录。This week, Gina McCarthy, the new head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), said she would be meeting with partners in China in the coming days to address air pollution issues, but was careful to stress that this is not an challenge limited to China. The West, too, has faced hazardous pollution. ;We have been there before,; she said on Monday, Dec. 2. The comparison bears consideration; what follows is a series of photo pairings -- smog in London then, and in China now.本周美国国家环保局局长吉娜-麦卡锡表示,接下来她将与中国负责人会晤,力求解决环境污染问题;同时她也谨慎强调,空气污染不只是中国面临的挑战,西方国家也存在严重的污染问题。12月2日(星期一),她说:“我们也曾遇过这个问题。” 通过系列图片来对比当时的伦敦和现在的中国,将很有意义。London#39;s Great Smog rolled into city#39;s streets on a ;mass of cold air,; and remained, trapped by a layer of warmer air above. PM 2.5 -- the mass, in micrograms, of particles larger than 2.5 micrometers in a cubic centimeter, a common measure of hazardous air pollution -- rocketed to 1,600, a record China has yet to approach even on its worst days.伦敦烟雾是伴着大范围冷空气席卷整座城市,并将暖空气隔断在上层的。根据测量有害空气污染的常规方法,当时的PM2.5——即量直径小于2.5微米的物质,高达1600。而中国即便在最严重时也没有这么高的指数。Perhaps the closest China has come was the smog that settled over Harbin, a city of 10 million people in northeast China, in October. As PM 2.5 climbed to 1,000, the city effectively shut down, closing schools, airports, and highways.中国受雾霾袭击最严重的城市怕是哈尔滨——一座拥有1000万人口的东北城市。10月份,哈尔滨的PM2.5值达到1000,政府采取有效措施,关闭了学校、机场和高速。The Great Smog of 1952 prompted Britain#39;s 1956 Clean Air Act, which led to legislation in the ed States. In New York, in particular, pollution had become a major problem: particularly deadly clouds of smog were blamed for 200 deaths in 1963 and 168 more in 1966. These events were pivotal in motivating Congress to establish the EPA and pass landmark clean air laws. Like China today, most of that pollution was caused by burning coal and, to a lesser extent, by heavy traffic in cities like Los Angeles.1952年烟雾事件后,英国颁布了《1956大气净化法》,进而也促进了美国的相关立法。纽约的污染尤为堪忧:1963年,致命雾霾造成200人死亡;1966年,死亡人数增加了168人以上。这些事件有效促使美国国会成立环境保护署并通过了具有里程碑意义的《大气净化法》。和当今中国一样,当时的污染多由燃煤造成,此外像洛杉矶等城市的大量交通废气排放也是致因。;We know what planning can do,; McCarthy said of the EPA#39;s work with China. ;We know there are many ways in which you can engage your states, and in China#39;s case provinces, to bring a sense of urgency to this issue.;提及环境保护署与中国的合作,麦卡锡表示:“我们知道什么方案行得通,也有很多适用于中国及其问题省份的解决措施,以便提高对此问题的紧迫感。”;I am hopeful,; she said. ;One of the reasons I am hopeful is that I know what we#39;ve been able to accomplish in the ed States.;她还说:“我很有信心。之所以有信心,是因为我清楚美国也曾遇到并成功解决过这个问题。” /201312/268697襄樊市第一人民医院不孕不育医院排名襄城区妇幼保健院中医院打胎怎么样



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