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The world is facing a food crisis as the worst US drought in 50 years pushes agricultural commodity prices to record highs. 随着美国50年来最严重的旱情把大宗农产品价格推至创纪录高点,世界正在面临一场粮食危机。 Corn and soyabean prices surged yesterday, surpassing the peaks of the 2007-08 crisis that sparked food riots in 30 countries. Wheat prices are not yet at record levels but have rallied 50 per cent in five weeks, exceeding prices reached after Russia#39;s 2010 export ban.昨日玉米和大豆价格飙升,超出在30个国家引发粮食骚乱的2007-08年危机时的最高水平。小麦价格虽然尚未达到创纪录水平,但五周来已上涨50%,超出2010年俄罗斯实施出口禁令之后的价位。 The drought in the US, which supplies nearly half the world#39;s exports of corn and much of its soyabeans and wheat, will reverberate well beyond its borders, affecting consumers from Egypt to China.美国干旱引发的震荡,将远远超出其国境范围,影响到从埃及到中国的消费者,因为美国供应全球近一半的玉米出口以及相当大一部分大豆和小麦出口。 ;I#39;ve been in the business more than 30 years and this is by far and away the most serious weather issue and supply and demand problem that I have seen by a mile,; said a senior executive at a trading house. ;It#39;s not even comparable to 2007-08.;某家贸易公司的一名高管表示:;我从业已经有30多年,这显然是我见过的最恶劣的天气,也是我遇到的最糟糕的供给问题。就连2007-08年的危机也不能与之相提并论。; David Nelson, global strategist at Rabobank, said: ;Today the [US crop] disaster is real, whereas to some degree the big run-up in prices in 2008 was speculatively driven.;荷兰合作(Rabobank)全球策略师大卫?纳尔逊(David Nelson)表示:;当前(美国的收成)灾难是实实在在的,而2008年农作物价格飙升在某种程度上是由投机推动的。; In 2007-08, a spike in prices triggered food riots from Bangladesh to Haiti as the number of hungry people in the world surpassed 1bn. Economists point out that supplies of rice and to a lesser extent wheat – staples for the world#39;s poorest people – remain relatively abundant, subduing prices.2007-08年,价格飙升引发了从孟加拉国到海地的粮食骚乱,全球挨饿人口超过10亿。经济学家指出,当前大米以及(在较小程度上)小麦的供给相对充足,抑制了价格上涨,而大米和小麦是全球最贫困人口的主食。 However, Joseph Glauber, chief economist at the US Department of Agriculture, argued that the current situation was ;far better; than 2008. ;Prices are higher?.?.?.?there#39;s no question about that, but we really had an extreme shortage of wheat in 2007-2008 and I don#39;t see that at this point.;但美国农业部(USDA)首席经济学家约瑟夫?格劳贝尔(Joseph Glauber)辩称,当前的局势比2008年;好得多;。;价格比较高,这一点毫无疑问。但2007-08年时,小麦严重匮乏,而我现在没有看到这个问题。; Justin Forsyth, chief executive of Save the Children, said that the rise in prices was likely to have an exaggerated effect on the world#39;s poorest people. ;Large numbers of people live very close to the edge,; he said. ;Failed rains and high food prices have tipped lots of people over the edge from being able to cope to not being able to cope.;;拯救儿童基金会;(Save the Children)首席执行官贾斯廷?福赛思(Justin Forsyth)表示,粮价上涨很可能对全球最贫困人口产生放大的影响。他说:;很多人生活在边缘。天气干旱、粮价高企使很多人陷入绝境,从勉强糊口到朝不保夕。; The USDA slashed its corn production forecasts last week by the most in a quarter of a century, and conditions continue to deteriorate in the worst US drought since 1956.上周,美国农业部调低了玉米收成预期,降幅达25年来最高纪录。美国自1956年以来最严重的旱情继续恶化。 Meteorologists have warned that at least half of the US corn and soyabean belt will remain dry over the next fortnight, and traders have cut their estimates for the US corn crop by a further 8-15 per cent.气象学家已经提出警告,未来两周内,美国玉米和大豆生产带至少有一半地区持续干旱,交易商已将美国玉米收成估算进一步调降8%-15%。 ;I get on my knees every day and I#39;m saying an extra prayer right now,; Tom Vilsack, US agriculture secretary, said on Wednesday.美国农业部长汤姆?维尔萨克(Tom Vilsack)周三表示:;我每天都祈祷天气好转,现在我再多祈祷一次。; Prices for corn yesterday hit a record .16 a bushel, and traders believe prices could rise above by next month unless the weather in the US dramatically improves.玉米价格昨日达到每蒲式耳8.16美元的创纪录水平,交易商认为,如果美国天气没有出现大幅好转,下月价格可能涨至9美元上方。 /201207/191795Is Beauty Plus Brains A Mere Myth?美貌与智慧真的不可得兼吗?Can someone be beautiful and brainy at the same time? Or is it that models or people who are physically attractive are not usually that smart? Does being more beautiful make you brainier, or does brainy make you any less beautiful? 有没有人可以集美貌与智慧于一身呢? 外表美丽的模特抑或其他人通常不聪明吗?是美丽容貌使你更聪明,还是智慧使你缺少美丽的容颜?According a recent research conducted in US and UK, physically attractive men and women are much smarter than regular people. It goes on to say that attractive women have an IQ that is 11.4 points higher than average-looking women. I don’t buy that argument, because I feel their intelligence is because of them as a people, not because of the pretty faces.根据最近的一份研究表明, 在美国和英国,外表美丽的男性和女性们比一般人更聪明一点。而且,漂亮女性的智商比一般女性高11.4分。我并不认同这个观点,我认为他们的智慧只与人相关,而与漂亮面孔没有关系。We have all seen fantastic-looking women say the dumbest things. We have all heard Miss Universe contestants failing to answer questions that even five-year olds can. However, there are myriad of examples that prove that as a concept, beauty and brains can go hand in hand.我们都看过漂亮女人说一些愚蠢的事情。经常听到一些环球的参赛者回答不出连五岁小孩都会得问题。不过,也有很多例子表明,美丽与智慧可以并存。1. Natalie Portman娜塔丽·波特曼She is a Harvard graduate. That#39;s right , Harvard! Has contributed to scientific journals and even given a lecture on terrorism at Columbia. Wow! And she looks spectacular, doesn#39;t she, and a phenomenal actress to top it.她是哈佛毕业生,没错,哈佛!曾经为科学期刊工作甚至还在哥伦比亚大学发表过关于恐怖主义的演讲。哇! 她看起来很不一般,不是么?当然她最突出的身份还是女演员。2. Famke Janssen范姆克·詹森The X-men hottie graduate from Columbia in English literature and also fluent in Dutch, German, English and French. Now that#39;s a combination that is hard to beat.这位主演《X战警》的辣毕业于哥伦比亚大学英语文化专业,并且她的荷兰语,德语,英语和法语也同样很流利。真是无懈可击啊。3. Kate Beckinsale凯特·贝金赛尔This Vampire-butt-kicking beauty is not just a pretty face. She graduated from Oxford. When she was younger, she also won the W. H. Smith Young Writers award for her creative writing. She speaks French and Russian. Man, is she talented.这位吸血鬼的主演可不是个脸蛋儿漂亮的花瓶。她毕业于牛津大学。年轻时,她还因个人创作荣获 W. H. 史密斯青年作家奖。凯特会讲法语和俄语。伙计,她很有才吧?4.Maggie Gyllenhal玛吉·吉伦哈尔She is a graduate in literature and Eastern religions from Columbia. And who can forget the fantastic movies she has done, from the critically acclaimed #39;Secretary#39; to #39;Sherrybaby’ to the cute baker in #39;Stranger than Fiction#39;. Not just that, she is also highly active in human rights, civil liberty, and anti-poverty crusades. That’s a thinking man’s star, eh!她毕业于哥伦比亚大学文学与东方宗教专业。她演过的影片角色,从《秘书》、《雪莉宝贝》到《笔下求生》中的可爱糕点师,都深入人心。不仅如此,玛吉积极投身人权、民权自由以及反贫困运动中,堪称是一位有思想的明星! /201209/197861According to the decision of the CPPCC in 1949 when the People‘s Republic of China was founded, military parade should be listed among the key programs of the Grand Celebrations of National Day thereafter. A total number of 11 parades were conducted during the coming ten years since then, which however were followed by a break-up for a consecutive period of 24 years. The parade was not resumed until 1984. Based on Mr. Deng Xiaoping’s proposal, the central government decided to launch a grand parade to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the nation. The latest parade happened in 1999 when the nation celebrated its 50th anniversary. In the Tian‘anmen Square, a splendid cross-century parade was staged.  Parade is an important form of displaying the strength of armed forces and building up national confidence and pride. In general, the parade includes two parts. One is the military review, in which the reviewer reviews by passing by the troops; the other is the march-past, in which the troops march in front of the reviewing stand to be reviewed.  The Parade on the Founding Ceremony of the PRC(1949): marching from east to west, the 16,400-people parading troops were headed by a 2-row navy troop with the infantry division, artillery division, chariot division and cavalry division followed. Seventeen airplanes of the air force, four out of which were carried with bombs, flied over Tian‘anmen to receive the review.  The Second National Day Parade (1950): Commander-in-chief Zhu De released the order that the PLA should be prepared for war in view of the tension in Korea and Taiwan. On the parade, the cavalry troops reined 1,900 white horses crossing Tian‘anmen Square, making up the most spectacular vision of the parade.  The Third National Day Parade (1951): the group taking the lead of the troops was made up of experienced and distinguished senior military officers who were receiving training in the war college. For the first time, a group of militias showed up on the parade.  The Fourth National Day Parade (1952): the public security troop made its first appearance this year. Militias of different nationalities wore their colorful folk costumes with up-to-date weapons held in hand. In the spotlight was a group of motor infantry formed by a total number of 160 motorcycles.  The Fifth National Day Parade (1953): the delegation of Chinese People‘s Volunteers made its appearance in the Tian’anmen reviewing stand. For the first time the rocket artillery group was among the parading troops.  The Sixth National Day Parade (1954): paratroops were present though no parachuting was performed. This is the last time that the cavalry troop of the PLA was reviewed on the parading ceremony.  The Seventh National Day Parade (1955): this is the first parading ceremony since the system of military ranks was implemented among PLA. Dressed in new military uniforms with military ranks and collar badge on them, the officers and soldiers took on an entirely new look.  The Eighth National Day Parade (1956): this is the only parade that takes place amid heavy rain. Among the guests of the ceremony were representatives of Communist Parties and Workers‘ Parties from over 50 countries, who were invited to attend the 8th Party Congress.  The Ninth National Day Parade (1957): the Chinese-made jet bomber and fighter received the review for the first time.  The Tenth National Day Parade (1958): the most spectacular figures were the students from military academies and various military schools established by the PLA after the founding of PRC. These schools involved different military areas including infantry, artillery, armored force, engineers, air force and navy.  The Eleventh National Day Parade (1959): the number of people attending the ceremony reached as high as 700,000. All of the cutting-edge equipments, including automatic rifles, cannons, tanks and high-speed jet fighters were manufactured based on China‘s own efforts.  The Twelfth National Day Parade (1984): this is a grand parade with the largest scale, most updated equipments and highest mechanization level since 1949. All of the weapons and equipments were made in China. The missile troop of navy, the ground-to-air missile troop of air force and the strategic missile troop made up the most spectacular vision. The strategic missile troop presented itself for the first time on the parade.  The Thirteenth National Day Parade (1999): attending the parade are the land force, the navy, the air force, the armed police and the local police, which represent the overall power of the Chinese arms forces. With its magnificence and spectacularity, the parade is unprecedented in PRC‘s military history concerning the scale and scene, and should mark a place in the military history of the whole world. /200909/85539

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