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A Chinese documentary critical of the country#39;s dense smog has made waves online, but could augur positive economic benefits.批评中国浓重雾霾的纪录片《穹顶之下》在网络上引发了多轮讨论热潮。不过,该片还可能预示着积极的经济影响。The absence of negative ramifications for Under the Dome#39;s producer, Chai Jing, has been widely interpreted as a sign of greater official tolerance for discussion of China#39;s devastating pollution problems. Government censors have permitted the 104-minute film to stream on major internet portals while Chen Jining, environmental protection minister, said on Sunday he had texted Ms Chai to thank her for a film ;worthy of admiration;. Indeed, it is being compared to Rachel Carson#39;s seminal work #39;Silent Spring,#39; widely regarded as educating a generation of Americans in the 1960s about the importance of protecting the natural environment.《穹顶之下》制作者柴静并未因此受到处理,这一现象已被广泛解读为中国官方对污染问题相关讨论将持更宽容态度。目前,中国政府的审查机关允许这部时长104分钟的影片在主要互联网门户网站上在线播放。此外,中国环保部长陈吉宁周日曾表示,他已给柴静发过短信,感谢她制作了一部“值得敬佩”的影片。事实上,这部纪录片正在被与雷切尔#8226;卡森(Rachel Carson)的开创性著作《寂静的春天》(Silent Spring)相提并论。后者曾被广泛视为在1960年代教育了一代美国人,让他们认识到了保护自然环境的重要性。But Zhiwei Zhang, chief China economist at Deutsche Bank, argues that the could also have macro implications, both in terms of environmental regulation and protection as well as the media sector: “It was reported by Xinhua that the Minister of Environment Protection personally texted Chai Jing to thank her for the effort. This suggests to us that the government will likely take environmental protection more seriously, rebalancing the economy from merely concentrating on an investment-intensive model.德意志(Deutsche Bank)首席中国问题经济学家张智威称,该视频还可能在宏观层面产生影响,这种影响不仅涉及环境监管和保护方面,还包括媒体部门。他说:“据新华社报道,环保部长曾以个人名义给柴静发短信,赞扬她的努力。这一点暗示我们,中国政府可能会更严肃地对待环保问题,令经济摆脱投资密集型增长模式。“Another important implication is the potential benefits of reforms in China. The media sector has been heavily regulated with little space for independent producers like Chai Jing. The popularity of her shows that there is significant room for productivity growth if the government allows more private investment to enter sectors currently monopolized by the SOEs. As monopolized sectors are typically service oriented, such reform would channel more investment into environmental-friendly business, and help to contain pollution.“另一个重要影响是,它可能为中国改革带来潜在好处。在中国,媒体部门始终受到严格监管,柴静这样的独立制作人没有什么发挥的空间。她的视频的热播,表明政府只要允许更多私人投资进入目前被国企垄断的部门,就能为提高生产率创造巨大空间。由于垄断部门通常是务业的,这种改革将把更多投资导向对环境有益的企业,从而有助于遏制污染。”Before getting ahead of ourselves, the steps - particular in the latter scenario - are likely to be small. Ms Jing financed the film herself and it aly seems like the authorities are clamping down discussion of the film. As the FT reported earlier, the official Xinhua News Agency has deleted at least two original articles on the documentary from its website, including one about the environment minister#39;s praise for the film.不过,对此也不要高兴得太早了,上述影响的显现可能会十分缓慢——尤其是在后一个方面。事实上,柴静这部影片是她自筹资金制作的。此外,似乎当局正在打压对该片的讨论。正如英国《金融时报》此前报道的,中国官方的新华社(Xinhua)已从其网站上删除了至少两篇有关该纪录片的原创报道,其中一篇还曾提到环保部长对该片的赞扬。Whatever is going on behind the scenes, however, nobody can deny the severity of the pollution issue in China - not least the officials in Beijing this week for the NPC meeting.不过,不论幕后发生了什么,没人能够否认中国污染问题的严重性——本周参加人大会议的北京官员也同样不能否认这一点。 /201503/362667

Back in the 1990s when I was in my early teens, I was sent to the school office at Hoda Girls Middle School for being found in possession of a Michael Jackson tape.早在90年代当我还处在少年时,我被送到HODA女中的校办因为我被发现持有迈克尔杰克逊的录像带。The school counselor forced to deal with me pulled her headscarf forward and glanced warily at the tape on her desk. ;Do you know this singer? Does anybody know whether he is a man or a woman?; she asked, not waiting for an answer before continuing, ;they live like animals. They only want to satisfy their sexual urges. It makes no difference whether they sleep next to a man or a woman. They don#39;t care if they have babies from dogs or…;辅导员被迫向前扯下她的头巾来对付我,且谨慎地扫视了她桌上的录像带。“你知道这个歌手吗?有人知道他是男还是女吗?”她问道。没有等待再继续,“他们活的像个动物。他们只想满足他们的性冲动。他们是否睡在男人或女人旁都没有差别。如果他们的孩子来自于或是什么…他们也不会关心”She lowered her voice and asked me: ;Did you know that this very same singer or dancer or whatever you want to call him has relations with animals?; She pronounced the sentence as though she knew every detail of Michael Jackson#39;s relations with animals. It was the first time that I had ever heard about bestiality, something that according to my counselor was very common in the West.她降低了她的嗓音问我:“你知道这个歌手或舞者或无论什么你想称呼他的人与动物有交往吗?”她断然的宣判好像她知道迈克尔杰克逊和动物有交往的每个细节一样。这是我第一次听说兽交,在我辅导员看来某事在西方特别的寻常。I thought back to that moment in the school office when I statements this week by Mehdi Bayati, the cleric who directs Iran#39;s Strategic Center for Chastity and Modesty. Back when I was in middle school, both my religion teacher and that school counsellor dedicated long hours to how Western men and women have lost their taste for one another, how they are emotionally broken and have turned to animals to satisfy their desires. All this was meant to encourage young students to observe the Islamic hejab, instilling fears in what would become of a society in which women were not sufficiently chaste.当我读到这周Mehdi Bayati,一个指导伊朗的贞洁和谦逊的战略中心的牧师的报告时我回想起了在校办的那个时刻。在我念中学时,我的宗教老师和辅导员都长时间的专注于西方的男女是怎么失去对彼此的审美的,情感是怎么破裂的和怎么满足自己的欲望转向于动物的。所有的这一切是为了鼓励年轻的学生去观察穆斯林的面纱,逐渐灌输去恐惧一个女人不够纯洁的社会。Without hejab, deviance creeps in没有着装规定,越轨行为便蔓延开来(hejab:1.伊朗的着装规范,伊朗法律规定,女性在公共场合必须戴头巾(头发与脖颈不能外露),穿过臀的衣,如果穿裙子,则需至脚背。男性在公共场合则不能穿无袖衣或短裤2.也可指女性佩戴的头巾,面纱)Mehdi Bayati has been putting forward the same argument as my middle school teachers. ;The growth of feminism in the West and the fact the 60 percent of Western women prefer to sleep with dogs rather than men is the result of the absence of hejab and the diminished threshold of women#39;s sexual arousal,; he told the Resa News Agency, run by the Qom seminary.Mehdi Bayati一直在谈的的论点和我的初中老师们不谋而合。“西方女权运动的发展以及西方有60%的女性更愿意和动物睡觉而不是男人这个事实,正是西方着装规定的缺失和女性的性意识觉醒的门槛降低的后果。”他告诉库姆(伊朗西北部城市)神学院旗下的新闻通讯社。He did not specify the source of this figure, but referred to the provocative nature of women#39;s hair. ;It is said that the Prophet Mohammad stated that women#39;s hair sexually arouses men,; he said, conceded that ;perhaps modern science has not proven this; but ;it was said by somebody who only speaks the truth.;他没有具体说明数据的来源,然后他又提到了女性头发的撩拨人的天性。他说:“据说先知穆罕默德曾说过,女人头发性感地撩拨着男人”,尽管他承认“现代的科技可能无法明这种说法”,但(他同时又说道)“这是一位只说真理的人说的。”Invoking one of the less frequently discussed rationales for imposed dress codes, Bayati also said that ;the absence of hejab lowers the libido of men and this would not benefit women.;引用了一个争论较少的强制着装规范的根本原因(先知穆罕默德的话)之后,Bayati又说:“不戴头巾降低了男人的性欲而这对女性是不利的”Iranian clerics have long promoted Islamic hejab by arguing about sexual corruption or deviance in the West, but one of the strangest comments came earlier this year from the cleric Mohammad-Mehdi Mandegary, a member of ultra-conservative Endurance Front and the head of an organization called Foundation for Promoting the Way of the Martyrs.伊朗的教士长期以来一直通过对西方的性堕落或者说性越轨行为的抨击进而来提倡伊斯兰教的着装规范,其中最奇怪的说法之一是今年早些时候由Mohammad-Mehdi Mandegary提出的,他是极端保守忍耐阵线的一员,同时也是“发扬殉道者之路基金会”的领导者。Western satellite television can even pollute an embryo卫星电视甚至可以污染胎儿He declared that relations between Western women are sexually promiscuous in a manner not even found in the natural world. ;In the West when one woman has relations with several men, they take pride in it,” he said. “But animals are different and a female of the species does not have relations with several males at the same time.;他宣称西方女性的性生活的淫乱程度在动物界中甚至都找不到。“在西方,如果一个女人跟几个男性保持性关系,她们会引以为傲”他说到,“但是动物却不一样,雌性动物不会同时跟几个雄性保持性关系。”Mandegary, like many hardliners, believes Iranian culture has become too Westernized and distant from true Islamic culture. In a speech he asked Iranian men and women to abstain from sex after watching satellite TV so that the embryo would not be polluted by the banality. “Unfortunately some people are not careful about the moment of conception,” he said in warning. ;They do it after watching satellite TV and listening to inappropriate music. But all this affects the embryo.;跟许多强硬派一样, Mandegary认为伊朗文化已经被过分西化并且远离了真正的伊斯兰文化。在一次演讲中,他呼吁伊朗的男女在看完卫星电视之后不要发生关系,这样就可以使胎儿免于腐朽事物的污染。“不幸的是有一些人并不重视受的那一刻,”他警告说,“他们在看完卫星电视之后做爱并且听一些不合适的音乐。但是这些都会影响胎儿。”Even leggings have been pulled into the fray. Recently tight leg apparel has become the focus of controversy among Islamic Republic officials, and were even brought to the floor of parliament by the Tehran MP Ali Motahari. In an open session he displayed pictures of women in leggings and argued in remarks broadcast on television that ;sexual deviations, homosexuality and bestiality are results of unbridled behavior and the trampling of morality, which hejab would prevent.;甚至连打底裤都被牵连进了这场争论。最近紧身装已经成为伊朗官员们争论的焦点,并且还被德黑兰议员Ali Motahari展示给了伊朗议会的所有与会者,在一次公开的会议中,他展示了一些穿打底裤的女性的照片,并且在电视直播中争辩道:“性变态,同性恋以及人兽性交都是放纵行为以及践踏道德的后果,而头巾可以防止这些”Americans even kiss differently美国人甚至连亲吻都很奇特Another bizarre comment comes from Mohsen Gharaati, a cleric who is the representative of the Supreme Leader at the Literacy Campaign and a frequent TV personality. In a speech he declared that ;Westerners have been cheated when it comes to sex.; He then compared a kiss between an American boy and girl with the kisses that he used to get from his grandmother.另一种奇怪的言论来自Mohsen Gharaati,文化运动中最高领袖的代表同时也是一位经常上电视的电视名人。再一次演讲中他说道:“在涉及到性的方面时,西方人被愚弄了。”他接着把美国男孩女孩之间的接吻同他的祖母经常对他的亲吻做了比较。;When I was in America, I saw boys and girls who were kissing each other but it was as though they were kissing a brick wall,; he said. ;The kisses were not solid because perhaps this was the 96th person they were kissing that day. But when our grandmother kissed us it felt like she was sucking us in.; When the audience laughed he added that ;they think freedom would benefit them but they were cheated.;“当我在美国时,我发现男孩女孩在接吻的时候像是在亲吻墙壁一样,”他说,“这种接吻并不固定,因为很有可能对方是自己今天接吻的第九十六个人。但是当我们祖母亲吻我门的时候,他好像要把我们吞下去似的。”当听众笑的时候他又补充说道“他们认为自由会使他们受益,但是他们被欺骗了。”I turned to Hasan Yousefi Eshkevari, a reformist cleric who spent three years in prison for his political positions, to help me understand the religious or social context for such views. ;These words astonish me as much as they amaze you,; he said. ;I ask myself whether these gentleman are delusional or have been given wrong information. But I cannot find a clear answer for such nonsense.;Hasan Yousefi Eshkevari,一位主张改革的教士并且曾因他的政治主张而入狱三年,我向他请教,帮我找到这种观点的宗教或者社会方面的背景。“这些话不仅使你,也同样使我十分惊讶,”他说,“我不知道他们是在欺骗大众或者是得到的消息有误。但是对于这些胡言乱语我(无论从社会方面还是宗教方面都)找不到一个合理的解释”A sensible cleric#39;s view一位理智的教士的观点Eshkevari noted that such views have a long history, and cited Abolhassan Banisadr, the first president of the Islamic Republic, who returned from Paris and justified imposed hejab by saying that #39;women#39;s hair radiates a spark that arouses men.#39;Eshkevari注意到,这类观点在很早以前就有了,并且举出一个例子——伊朗首任总统Abolhassan Banisadr,他从巴黎回国之后说:“女性的头发散发着一种刺激男性性欲的气质”通过这来明强制要求佩戴头巾是正确的。Banisadr, according to Eshkevari, also interpreted a Koranic verse to mean that some women aroused when beaten. Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi interpreted the same verse in the same way about seven years ago, Eshkevari says, concluding that physical harm arouses some women. ;If an Islamic thinker and a Western-educated man such as Banisadr resorts to everything to justify himself, what do you expect from Ayatollah Shirazi?; Eshkevari said.据Eshkevari说,Banisadr还把《古兰经》中的一个章节诠释为“当女性被打时,她们的性欲会被激起”,“伊朗伊斯兰教什叶派领袖Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi在七年前也用相同的方法解释了同一章节,” Eshkevari说,“并且得出结论:人身伤害会激起一些女性的性欲。”“如果一个伊斯兰教的思想家,并且接受过西方的教育,像是Banisadr,都不择手段地来明自己是正确的,那么对于Ayatollah Shirazi还能有什么期待呢?”他说道。But it is not only clerics and Islamic ideologues who use offensive words and images to describe the sexual life of Westerners. Last winter the commander of the Basij paramilitary force General Naghdi used this theme to criticize nuclear negotiations with the Americans. “Thirty-five percent of babies who are born in America are bastards,” he said, without citing a source for his statistics.但是不只是教士和伊斯兰教理论家使用攻击性的语言或者比喻来描述西方人的性生活。去年冬天,准军事力量组织Basji(伊斯兰武装力量动员队)的指挥官Naghdi将军就曾就这个方面来批评伊朗与美国进行的核谈判。“在美国出生的婴儿有35%都是私生子,”他说道,但并没有指出数据的来源。All manner of Godlessness in the West西方的所有不敬神的行为A few months later Hassan Rahimpour Azghadi, a member of Iran#39;s Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, went even further in a speech about human rights. ;In Western societies 75 percent of children do not know their fathers and are raised by their mothers,; he told his audience. Defending death by stoning he asked ;Why do Western countries consider this punishment against human rights?; He answered his own question by saying that ;there are no sexual complexes in Islam because in Islam marriage makes faith complete whereas in Christianity marriage is not a godly affair.;几个月之后,伊朗文化革命最高委员会成员之一Hassan Rahimpour Azghadi进行了一次更深层次的关于人权的演讲,他告诉听众:“在西方社会,有75%的孩子是完全由母亲抚养长大的,他们不知道自己的父亲是谁。”为了给石刑(注:一种钝击致死的死刑执行方式,即埋入沙土用乱石砸死)辩护,他问道:“为什么西方国家认为这种刑罚违背了人权?”他自问自答的说道:“伊朗没有混乱的性关系是因为在伊朗,婚姻给人以彻底的信念(生活下去),而基督教的婚姻却不是一件神圣的事情。”Last month Hassan Abbasi, the head of the Center for Doctrinal Strategic Studies in the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps and a theoretician in the office of Supreme Leader, claimed that the ;Western human rights approves of incest. Incest is very rare in animals but the Western man has debased himself so much that he supports incest as a human right.;上个月,伊斯兰革命卫队的宗教战略所的带头人、最高领袖办公室的专家组成员之一Hassan Abbasi讲到:“西方所谓的人权提倡乱伦,而乱伦即使在动物界中也很少见,但西方人却自取其辱的把乱伦也认为是人的一种权利。”;In America 100 percent of men have free sexual relations after marriage,; he said in another speech, which was aired on TV. ;While in Iran perhaps two men out of ten thousand might marry a second wife. Listen to them shout about equality between men and women.;“在美国,每个男人在婚后都会依旧保持自由的性生活”他在另一个电视上公开的演讲上说到,“然而在伊朗,一万个男人中可能最多有两个人会娶第二个妻子。听听,(这就是)他们叫嚷着的男女平等!”Abbasi then referred to Anousheh Ansari, an Iranian-American astronaut and the first Iranian woman in space. ;The basis of the Shi#39;a thought is chastity and the West uses women to destroy Shi#39;ism. Why did they send this woman Anousheh Ansari into space with a few men? They want to kill chastity. This is the main plank of feminism and feminism is the foundation of American lifestyle.;Abbasi接下来又提到了Anousheh Ansari,一个伊朗裔美籍女宇航员并且是第一个进入太空的伊朗女性。“什叶派的基本思想就是(保持)贞洁,而西方却通过女人来破坏什叶派的教义。他们为什么会把Anousheh Ansari这个女人和几个男性宇航员一块送入太空?他们想消灭贞洁。这也是女权运动的基本纲领并且女权主义又是美国生活方式的基础”Reading and researching such statements, I wonder how widely held such attitudes still are today, among mainstream Iranians. On a whim I went on Facebook and searched for my old school counselor, who in her profile picture still wears hejab but not as strictly as in those days.阅读并且研究这些说法之后,我在想,当今伊朗人的主流社会中人有多大范围的人持有这种观点。由于一时的性质,我到脸谱网上搜索了一下以前我们学校的辅导员,在她的一张侧面的相片中她仍然戴着头巾,但并没有以前那么严格了。I noticed a picture of her daughter, who was our classmate, and out of curiosity visited her page. She was not wearing hejab but more surprising that that, is married to an Englishman. I was reminded of what her mother, the school counselor, told us so many years ago: ;Ninety percent of Westerners have sexual problems. They are not aroused and most of them have relations with animals.;我注意到她女儿的一张相片,我跟她女儿是同学,由于好奇我访问了她的主页。我发现她并没有戴头巾,并且更使人惊讶的是她跟一个英国男人结婚了。这是我想起了她的母亲,我们学校的辅导员,曾经告诉我们说:“90%的西方人都有性方面的问题。他们很难被激起性欲并且他们大多数都跟动物发生关系” /201501/354104

  The lesson here is you should never ask Weibo users to make you look cooler in a photograph.教训:不要请微用户帮你P相片。Photoshop Request: ;I want to look more dangerous.;求P得更危险些。Photoshop Request: ;I want to look like the son of a powerful politician!;求P的像某位政治权贵的儿子。Photoshop Request: ;Make me look like hot shit, please!;求P成暴帅的“热翔”。Photoshop Request: ;My friend behind me looks a little dull. Can you make him more dramatic?;背后的朋友看上去有点呆,大神能把表情P生动点吗?Photoshop Request: ;I want to look like a hero with courage!;求P成勇敢的英雄。Photoshop Request: ;This is me celebrating my graduation. Can you make it look more like a celebration?;这是我庆祝毕业的照片,求P得欢乐一点。Photoshop Request: “Can you make me look less bored?”求P得没那么疲惫。Photoshop Request: ;Lose the clothes, more tattoos, and I want a knife. Make me look like the kind of person who would take all your money and your life.;求P掉衣,P多点纹身,再P把刀,P成有能力杀光抢光那种。Photoshop Request: ;I wanna look more like a hero. Maybe put a lady in there?;求P成个英雄,顺带P条女。Photoshop Request: ;Dear artisans, please make this background more powerful.;各位大神们,求把背景换得强大点!Photoshop Request: ;That kid walked into the shot. I don#39;t want any kids in this photo.;有个小屁孩闯入我的相片,求P掉。 /201502/357985


  In the late 1960s at the height of his career, Dennis Hopper left Hollywood for artistic bohemia in New Mexico. His daughter looks back on a man in search of free expression and a more contemplative way of life.20世纪60年代末,丹尼斯·霍珀(Dennis Hopper)在事业顶峰之际离开好莱坞,到新墨西哥追求波西米亚的文艺生活。他的女儿回忆了这个男人如何追求表达自由与更富于思省的生活方式。My father, Dennis Hopper, believed that being on the road in search of something was very American. You had to keep moving forward no matter what. Ride into town, gunfight at high noon, then off into the sunset. “Easy Rider,” he said, was really a western with motorcycles instead of horses: bad boys, bikers and beads.我的父亲丹尼斯·霍珀相信,上路追寻某些东西是非常美国化的事情。你得一直向前,不管是往什么地方走,驶进小镇,在正午拔决斗,然后消逝在夕阳之下。他说,《逍遥骑士》(Easy Rider)是一部真正的西部片,只是用机车取代了马儿,片中有坏男孩、机车骑手和串珠项链。Traveling by car is the only way to get around if you live in sunny California. In 1969, I got to drive with my dad, his then-girlfriend, a willowy Native-American beauty named Felicia, our friends Bob and Toby Rafelson and their kids, Julie and Peter, to a seemingly faraway place called Taos, N.M. My father had discovered Taos during one of his many scouting trips for “Easy Rider,” which he had shot the year before.如果你住在阳光明媚的加利福尼亚,开车是唯一的旅行方式。1969年,我和父亲一起开车出游,同行的还有他当时的女朋友,一个寡居的美国土著美女,名叫弗莉西亚(Felicia),此外还有我们的朋友鲍勃(Bob)和托比·尔森(Toby Rafelson)及他们的孩子,朱莉(Julie)与彼得(Peter),我们要去新墨西哥一个似乎很遥远的地方,名叫道师城(Taos)。父亲一年前曾多次旅行,为《逍遥骑士》寻觅外景地,就是在那时发现了道师城这个地方。My dad was 32. I was 6.那年父亲32岁,我6岁。We had all piled into the Rafelsons’ maroon Pontiac station wagon with its prominent wood siding first thing that morning. My mother, Brooke Hayward, had purchased the identical car right when the Rafelsons bought theirs. Since she and my father had divorced after he made “Easy Rider,” she was absent when we departed. I was grateful to miss out on a complicated goodbye.那天早晨,我们的第一件事是把所有东西都堆进尔森一家的红褐色帕蒂亚克旅行车,这款车有著名的木质侧板。他们买这辆车的时候,我妈妈布鲁克·海沃德(Brook Hayward)也买了一辆一模一样的。父亲拍完《逍遥骑士》后,他俩就离婚了,我们出发时她没有来。谢天谢地,我躲过了一场复杂的告别。According to my dad, Taos was sacred. It was the land of American Indians and their mountains, their beautiful Pueblo and their blue lake, which was meant to be so spiritual you could land in Tibet if you bore a hole through the bottom of it. He also told me more than once that rattlesnakes refused to go to Taos because of its extraordinarily high altitude. They instinctively knew not to travel past Santa Fe.爸爸说,道师城是个神圣的地方。那里是美国印第安人的领地,坐落着他们的山峦、他们美丽的村庄和他们的蓝色湖泊,这里神圣到——如果从这儿给地球钻一个孔,另一头就是西藏。他还不止一次地告诉我,响尾蛇都不愿到道师城去,因为那里地势非常高,它们本能地知道不要到圣塔菲去旅行。As we drove, my father rattled off the names of adventurers who had populated the Taos landscape over the years — artists, writers and activists like D. H. Lawrence, Dorothy Brett, Mabel Dodge Luhan and Millicent Rogers, who had resided there since the 1920s. They didn’t seem like regular people but figures out of myth, characters who had bucked society to find their own way in their own world, forming a grand community of outsiders, together. Sounded good to me. No snakes — just artists, mountains and Native Americans.While Dennis’s stories floated through the car, Julie and Peter and I bunked in the back of the station wagon, covered in old quilts and Pendleton blankets. It was a time of no seatbelts, no five-point harnesses. Freedom.我们开车途中,父亲一连串地报出那些近年来定居道师城的冒险者们的名字——其中有艺术家、作家和社会活动家,诸如D·H·劳伦斯(D.H. Lawrence)、多萝西·布莱特(Dorothy Brett)、梅布尔·道奇·卢汉(Mabel Dodge Luhan)和米利森特·罗杰斯(Millicent Rogers),他们从20年代就住在这里了。他们不是普通人,而是在那里寻找神秘,是那种抵制社会,在自己的世界中寻找自己道路的人,他们建立了大社区,把那些同社会格格不入的局外人聚集在一起。我觉得听上去挺不错——没有蛇,只有艺术家、群山和土著美国人。丹尼斯讲的故事在车厢里回荡,朱莉和彼得还有我躺在车子后座,身上盖着旧被子和彭得顿毯。那时候还没有安全带,没有儿童安全座椅。真是自由自在。Along the way, we stopped to buy moccasins and visit the Grand Canyon and the Canyon de Chelly and the Petrified Forest, where we were told not to take anything or we would go to jail. Even so, inspired by Dennis’s campfire car tales, I stuffed my pockets with small pieces of petrified wood. I was on a road trip. It was an adventure.一路上,我们停下来买莫卡辛鞋,游览大峡谷、彻里峡谷和石化森林。在石化森林,我们被告知不许带走任何东西,否则就要坐牢。尽管如此,在丹尼斯的篝火汽车故事鼓舞之下,我还是在兜里装满了小片石化木。我可是在做公路旅行呢。这是一场冒险。Back in the car, we looked out the windows over the course of the drive and watched the world change and fade into the colors of a desert moonscape with cactuses and red dirt and mountains in the distance. I had seen this horizon before, most probably on “Bonanza,” on which my father had been a guest star in 1964. When he finished working on the show, he would arrive home with arms filled with rubber cactuses and boulders — with which he extensively decorated the backyard of our house on 1712 North Crescent Heights in the Hollywood Hills. I loved those pieces, marveled at how much they looked like the real thing and delighted in being able to lift a huge boulder high above my head to throw at one of my brothers in a moment of childish frenzy.回到车里,我们沿途观看车窗外的景色,看到世界在改变,渐渐褪变为月球表面般的沙漠色调,到处都生长着仙人掌,地上是红土,远处山峦起伏。我曾经见过这样的景色,或许是在《富矿》(Bonanza)里,1964年,父亲曾在这部电视剧中客座出演。工作结束,他会抱着一大堆橡胶制成的仙人掌和巨石回来,装饰我家后院(我们住在好莱坞山北克雷森特高地1712号)。我喜欢那些东西,它们看上去那样栩栩如生,令我惊叹;徒手举起一块巨石,孩子气地向兄弟们扔过去,又让我开心不已。Once we arrived in Taos, we stayed at the Kachina Lodge. Giant-size kachina dolls stood guard outside the hotel over the miniature versions housed inside. Some were adorned with feathers, others with tiny turquoise and silver jewelry. Julie and I found them all deeply enchanting. At this time, Taos was a wonderfully sleepy Southwestern town nestled at the foot of the beautiful Sacred Mountain. I was in awe of the particularly carved wooden pillars that were placed in front of many houses and buildings, and of the unique hand-painted beams inside them. The smell of burning firewood was ubiquitous, and carefully applied murals made one feel as though each home was a stand-alone one-of-a-kind.到达道师城后,我们呆在克奇纳小屋。这家旅馆外面矗立着巨大的克奇纳神娃娃,守卫着它,屋里也有小的克奇纳娃娃。有些装饰着羽毛,有些装饰着绿松石和银首饰。朱莉和我觉得它们很迷人。道师城一直是个慵懒的西南小镇,坐落在美丽的圣山脚下。镇上许多房子和建筑前面都有雕刻的木头柱子,屋里还有独特的手绘房梁,让我感到敬畏。到处都有烧柴火的味道,精美的壁画让人觉得每一家都独一无二。A year later, in 1970, my father bought Mabel Dodge Luhan’s Taos house, Los Gallos, from her granddaughter, with all of Mabel’s original furnishings inside. He also rented the house Mabel had built for her husband, Tony Luhan, on land next door that belonged to the Taos Pueblo. Los Gallos was a place where (from the 1920s to the 1950s) Mabel had invited artists, dancers and writers like Martha Graham, Ansel Adams, Willa Cather and Marsden Hartley to participate in the artist colony she had created there. Mabel had great flair for mixing up pieces of furniture she had brought to Taos from her time living in Florence, with Navajo rugs and pottery as well as fine Venetian silks and Fortuny fabrics.一年后,也就是1970年,父亲从梅贝尔·道奇·卢汉的孙女手中买下她在道师城的房子,这栋房子名叫洛斯·加洛斯,梅贝尔原来的陈设都保留下来了。他还租了梅贝尔为丈夫托尼·卢汉建造的房子,旁边紧挨着道师城的印第安村落。从20年代到50年代,梅贝尔邀请玛莎·格拉罕姆(Martha Graham)、安塞尔·亚当斯(Ansel Adams)、薇拉·卡瑟(Willa Cather)和马斯登·哈特利(Marsden Hartley)等艺术家、舞蹈家和作家来洛斯加洛斯,加入她创立的艺术家村。梅贝尔有极高的家具混搭天分,她把居住在佛罗伦萨期间买的家具同这里的纳瓦霍地毯和陶器,以及丝绸和弗图尼织物组合在一起。After he bought that house, my father decided to live in Taos and leave L.A. for good, and following in Mabel’s steps, to create a creative counterculture where his friends — artists, actors, musicians — could come and gather in the Mud Palace, as he liked to call it. Los Gallos had more than 10 bedrooms, a guesthouse and a carriage house — plenty of room to have friends come and cross-pollinate their ideas. He wanted to set up an editing room so he could work on “The Last Movie.” He also bought the old Taos movie theater, El Cortez, across from the Ranchos de Taos church, and used it to screen different cuts of the movie as he was finishing it.I returned to the Mabel Dodge Luhan house year after year — or whenever my mother would let me. When I was born, my dad had meandered through L.A. a classic Hollywood preppy, clad in T-shirts and khakis with his sneakers worn through at the toes, often covered in paint from the art he was making, camera slung around his neck. He was always proud to sport a new Brooks Brothers raincoat — even if it wasn’t raining. As the 1960s progressed, he headed for the Southwest and hippiedom, in terms of style. Lacoste shirts gave way to mandalas. He wrapped himself head to toe in denim, man bag invariably in tow. And then, as the ’70s set in, my father’s style began to incorporate touches of a deeply cool American maharaja.买下这栋房子之后,父亲打算离开洛杉矶,永久定居道师城,学习梅贝尔的样子,建立一个创意反文化据点,他的朋友们——艺术家、演员和音乐家——可以在这里相聚,他打算把这个地方叫做“泥巴宫”。洛斯加洛斯有10个以上的卧室,一个客房和一个马车房,足够朋友住下,彼此交流思想。他希望设立一个剪辑室,供他剪辑《最后一部电影》(The Last Movie)。他还买下了了道师城的老影院艾尔·科特斯,它就坐落在道师城兰乔教堂对面,在他制作《最后一部电影》期间,在这家影院放映过好几次这部片子的不同版本。年复一年,我都会来到梅贝尔·道奇·卢汉的房子——只要妈妈让我来我就过来。我出生的时候,爸爸在洛杉矶到处闲逛,是个典型的好莱坞预科生模样,穿T恤衫,卡其布裤子,破旧的帆布鞋磨破了,漏出了脚趾头,他就用自己画的画遮住,相机挂在脖子上。他总是骄傲地穿着一件崭新的布鲁克斯兄弟牌雨衣,就算不下雨的时候也不例外。在60年代期间,他追求西南和嬉皮的风尚。鳄鱼牌衬衫换成了曼陀罗。全身穿的都是牛仔布,男士包也是少不了的。后来到了70年代,父亲的风格开始有了酷酷的美国王公的感觉。Turquoise stones crowned his belt buckles and Stetsons, every surface bejeweled with royal abandon. He wore coats woven from Navajo blankets lined in sheepskin. One day he showed up at our house at 1712 with Michelle Phillips (before marrying her in Taos for eight days) on his way to the Academy Awards. They were dressed in matching velvet ensembles. By that time, my father, who had begun our first trip to New Mexico by telling stories about the wonderful characters in Taos who filled up the town, had become one of them, every bit as colorful as D. H. Lawrence or Millicent Rogers at the height of their power.他的皮带扣和斯泰森毡帽上点缀着绿松石,所有物件上都装点着珠宝,外套上编着纳瓦霍地毯的花纹,里面用带毛的羊皮衬里。一次,出席奥斯卡颁奖礼路上,他带着米歇尔·菲利普斯(Michelle Phillips)出现在我们1712号的家里(后来他们在道师城结婚,婚姻只维持了八天),两人穿着配套的丝绒衣。还记得我们第一次去新墨西哥旅行时,父亲讲了那么多关于住在那里的精人物的故事,如今他也成了其中的一员,和D·H·劳伦斯或米利森·罗杰斯一样丰富多,置身权力顶峰。As the ’70s wore on, the vibe changed. The big bohemian party began to tilt off the rails. The Mud Palace artists’ colony, at one time inspiring and experimental, became unfamiliar. One morning Dennis went down to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee and found he didn’t know a single person in his kitchen. He fled and went to live in the Tony Luhan property next door. Once, I saw a pistol on the living room table. When I told my dad I was scared of guns, he told me, “Not to worry. I just used the gun to shoot my Andy Warhol ‘Mao’ painting. I fired a warning shot.”随着70年代的流逝,风潮也在改变。巨大的波西米亚派对开始走偏。泥巴宫的艺术家聚居地曾经富于实验性,为人们带来灵感,此时也开始变得陌生。一天早晨,丹尼斯走进厨房做咖啡,发现厨房里的人他一个也不认识。他走出去,住进隔壁托尼·卢汉的房子。又一次,我看见起居室的桌上放着一把手。我告诉爸爸我害怕,他说:“别担心,我只是用来打安迪·沃霍尔(Andy Waorhol)的《毛》(Mao)画像。我这是鸣警告。”Though in a manner of speaking he had been voted off his own island by a bunch of strangers, he refused to abandon his beloved Taos and kept going, marrying the extraordinarily beautiful dancer and actress Daria Halprin. They had my sister Ruthanna, and my dad opened a gallery called Dennis Hopper Works of Art, which he carefully curated. The openings were fantastic happenings with the likes of Allen Ginsberg and Kris Kristofferson in attendance. One time, he had white T-shirts printed with turquoise squash blossoms around the collar to celebrate a new showing of an artist’s work. Friends I grew up with in Taos still have theirs — and wear them. But then, after my father and Daria divorced a few years later, he retreated into solitude. He withdrew from his family. He withdrew from himself.尽管在某种程度上,他是被一群陌生人放逐出了自己的岛屿,但他没有放弃心爱的道师城。他继续生活在这里,娶了美丽的舞蹈演员兼电影演员达利娅·哈尔普林(Daria Halprin),生下了我卢森娜(Ruthanna)。爸爸还开了一家画廊,名叫“丹尼斯·霍珀艺术馆”,并悉心经营着它。开幕式非常热闹,有艾伦·金斯堡和克里斯·克里斯托弗森(Kris Kristofferson)之类人物光临。有一次,为了庆祝一个艺术家的新展览,他向人们分发领子周围画着松石色南瓜花的白T恤衫。和我在道师城一起长大的朋友们还保留着这些T恤,还在继续穿。但是后来,父亲和达利娅离婚几年后,他保持独身,远离家庭,越来越孤僻。The Mabel Dodge Luhan house was eventually sold, its furniture packed up piecemeal. Despite a brief but fabulously demented cameo in “Apocalypse Now,” Dad remained lost in Taos, until he resurfaced, years later, sober, as the oxygen-huffing madman Frank Booth in “Blue Velvet.”梅贝尔·道奇·卢汉的房子最后终于被卖掉了,家具也拆了。尽管在《现代启示录》(Apocalypse Now)中有过短暂却又精而疯狂的客串出演,父亲一直迷失在道师城,直到多年后他清醒地重新露面,在《蓝丝绒》(Blue Velvet)中饰演吸氧的疯子弗兰克·布思(Frank Booth)。He did eventually return to Taos, transforming the El Cortez theater into his home and art studio. He had the upstairs projection room made into his bedroom. A window in front of his bed looked directly out on his beloved Ranchos Church, the same church that Georgia O’Keeffe famously painted years before. He went there to paint and to see friends, many of whom, like Dean Stockwell, Larry Bell, Kenny Price and Ron Cooper, were artists he knew from the ’60s, who lived and had their studios there.最后他还是回到了道师城,把艾尔·科特斯影院改成了自己的家和艺术工作室。他把楼上的放映室改成卧室。从床前的窗子能看到他深爱的兰乔教堂,几年前,乔治亚·欧姬芙(Georgia O’Keeffe)在这里作画的事情闻名一时。他也到那里画画,看望朋友,其中许多人,比如迪恩·斯托克威尔(Dean Stockwell)、拉里·贝尔、肯尼·普莱斯(Kenny Price)和罗恩·库珀(Ron Cooper)都是他从60年代就认识的,他们现在都住在这里,拥有自己的工作室。Ultimately, he chose to be buried in Taos. After an emotional ceremony near the Ranchos church, his coffin was lowered into the sacred ground as a band of Hell’s Angels lovingly gunned the engines of their motorcycles in a final tribute. And my father rode off into the sunset for good.最终他也选择埋葬在道师城。葬礼在兰乔教堂附近举行,令人伤感,棺椁被葬在教堂墓地,在最后的仪式上,有一群“地狱天使”骑着机车鸣致意。我的父亲就这样永远消逝在夕阳之下。 /201411/342246

  How To Make Friends: This Will Subtly Help People Open Up怎样交朋友:无形之中帮你变外向When people tell each other something intimate, it deepens the relationship.当人们告诉彼此很亲密的一些事情的时候,能够加深相互之间的感情。Laughter encourages people to open up and this is the secret to how to make friends, a new study finds.一项新研究发现,笑声能鼓励人们变得外向起来,这就是交朋友的秘诀。People in the study were more likely to disclose something personal about themselves after laughing together, although they didn#39;t realise it.这项研究中的人更能在一起大笑过后更能说一些私人的话题,尽管他们并没有意识到这一点。;Self-disclosure has long been regarded as critical to relationship development and is typically considered as an exchange, where intimacies are traded as a means of deepening and developing relationships.;自我公开好久以来就被认为是人际关系发展的至关重要的因素,通常会被当做交换,亲密是用来被交换的加深和发展人家关系的手段。;Indeed, people tend to like those to whom they disclose as well as those who disclose to them, and disclosure intimacy typically increases as relationships develop.;确实,人们往往喜欢那些开诚布公的或者对自己讲很多的人,通常将亲密讲出来人际关系会更加牢固。So the study may explain one way that laughter can help people connect.因此,这项研究或许解释笑声帮助人们加强联系的一种方式。How to make friends如何交朋友?For the research, published in the journal Human Nature, 112 people watched one of three s in groups of four (Gray et al., 2015).在《人类自然》杂志中刊登的这项研究,112人分四组观看了三部影像之中的一部(Gray et al., 2015)。The researchers were careful to make sure people in the groups were strangers to each other.研究者确保这些人都是彼此不认识的人。Some groups watched a comedian, another a boring golf and a third a nature documentary.一组观看了一个喜剧演员,另一组看了一部令人厌烦的高尔夫视频,第三组看了一部自然纪录片。The results showed that when the groups laughed together more, they also shared more intimate information with each other.结果显示当人们在一起笑的越多,他们彼此分享的亲密的信息也越多。Alan Gray, who led the study, thinks the effect is about more than just feeling good.领导这项研究的Alan Gray,认为结果再好不过了。Laughter releases the #39;happy hormones#39; endorphins, which are what may encourage people to share intimate details of their lives.大笑能够减轻;开心的荷尔蒙;内啡肽,这或许能鼓励人们分享生活中亲密的细节。The authors write:作者写道:;Given laughter#39;s ability to trigger endorphin activation and the role of endorphins in the formation of social bonds, laughter may increase willingness to disclose intimate information because the opioid effect of endorphins makes individuals more relaxed about what they communicate.;;笑声能够触发内啡肽的活性和内啡肽在社交联系形成汇中的作用。大笑能够增加公开个人亲密信息的意愿,因为医内啡肽的类鸦片作用使得个人对他们交流的内容更加放松。;One of the fascinating findings of the study was that people did not seem aware they had shared more with others.这项研究的一个大有吸引力的发现就是人们似乎没有意识到他们跟别人分享了很多。Although objective observers rated the disclosures of people who#39;d been laughing as more intimate, people themselves did not.尽管客观的观察者责骂人们公开大笑时泄露的秘密,但是当事人自己不这么认为。Mr Gray said:Gray 先生说:;This seems to be in line with the notion that laughter is linked specifically to fostering behaviors that encourage relationship development, since observer ratings of disclosure may be more important for relationship development than how much one feels one is disclosing.;似乎这跟笑声与培养鼓励人际关系发展行为的理念是一致的,因为比起人们觉得他们在泄密,观察者对于泄密的控诉或许对于人际关系发展更重要。;These results suggest that laughter should be a serious topic for those interested in the development of social relationships.;这些结论表明那些对社交关系发展感兴趣的人,对他们而言,笑声应该成为一个严肃的话题。 /201506/382151

  Money can’t buy happiness, right? Well, not true. According to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal, over the past few years, new research has given us a much deeper understanding of the relationship between what we earn and how we feel. The results may seem a bit obvious: Yes, people with higher incomes are, broadly speaking, happier than those who struggle to get by. But the research also shows you have to spend strategically if you expect those bank notes to put a smile on your face. Here are some ways to better spend your money:金钱真得买不到幸福么?也不尽然。最近,《华尔街日报》的一篇文章就指出,在过去的几年间,新的研究让我们对挣钱多少与心理感受间的关系有了更深刻的认识。研究结果有些显而易见,一般而言,有钱人确实会比挣扎在温饱线上的人更幸福。但是,研究也发现,合理消费才能使你在买单时更快乐。下面就奉上一些消费建议:Buy experiences, not stuff.相比实物,为体验买单。In a recently published study, Ryan Howell, associate professor of psychology at San Francisco State University in the US, found that when people don’t have much money to spare, they tend to stick to material goods.美国旧金山州立大学的心理学副教授瑞安?豪威尔最近发表的一项研究显示,当人们没有多余的钱可以配时,总会选择购买物质产品。“People think that experiences are only going to provide temporary happiness,” he told The Wall Street Journal in an interview. “… but they actually provide both more happiness and more lasting value.”他在接受《华尔街日报》的采访时说:“人们认为体验只能带来暂时的幸福感,但事实上它们不仅能带来更大的幸福感,还具有更长久的价值。”Buy lots of little things, rather than one big thing.相比大件,入手一些小东西。No matter how much money you spend on something and how special that product is, you will get used to having it over time and it will become just another object. People adapt to having new stuff, and anything that disrupts that adaptation is likely to prolong happiness, says an Atlantic article. Buying small things can give us frequent small pleasures that are different each time they occur, as they forestall adaptation.《大西洋月刊》的一篇文章则写到:不管你在付钱时所买之物多么昂贵或是与众不同,随着时间的推移它都会失去新意,成为一件普通物品。追求新鲜是人的本性,而任何可以打破习惯之物都能带来更长久的幸福感。买一些小物件则能在上一件物品失去新意之前,不断带给我们新的愉悦感。Buy what you like.为心仪之物买单。No keeping up with the Joneses. “There are a lot of reasons someone might buy something … but if the reason is to maximize happiness, the best thing for that person to do is purchase a life experience that is in line with their personality,” Howell tells Forbes. Howell recently co-authored a study finding that when people spend money just to project a certain image, it doesn’t bring happiness.莫攀比!豪威尔在接受《福布斯》采访时就说,“让人掏钱的理由有千千万,但要获得最大的幸福感,就一定要为真正符合自己心意的人生体验买单。”他最近的一项合作研究发现,如果一个人只是为了塑造自己的某种形象而消费,那么他将很难获得幸福感。Be sure to buy time, too.时间也要算在内。It’s also important to consider how what you’re buying will affect how you spend your time. For example, that big house in the suburbs may seem like a good idea, but according to The Wall Street Journal, a 2004 study by researchers from University of Zurich in Switzerland found that people with longer commutes reported lower overall life satisfaction, all other things being equal.考虑到你的消费对自己时间的影响也很重要。比如,在郊区买一幢大房子也许是个不错的想法,但是据《华尔街日报》报道,2004年瑞士苏黎世大学研究人员进行的一项研究显示,在同等条件下,通勤时间较长的人整体生活幸福感较弱。Try giving it away.予人玫瑰,手留余香。Elizabeth Dunn, associate professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia in Canada, found that in countries as diverse as Canada, South Africa and Uganda, giving away money consistently made people happier. This was even true when people were giving away even when they themselves were relatively poor.来自加拿大的不列颠哥伦比亚大学的心理学副教授伊丽莎白?邓恩则发现,不论在加拿大,还是在南非、乌干达等很多国家,时不时地向他人施舍钱财会让人感觉更幸福。而这也同样适用于并不富裕的人群,乐善好施也能为他们带来幸福感。 /201412/350395


  SEOUL, South Korea — South Korea said on Tuesday that it would investigate all hospitalized pneumonia patients to determine whether they had been exposed to Middle East respiratory syndrome, as it struggled to contain an outbreak of the virus that has infected 95 people in the country and killed seven.韩国首尔——韩国周二表示,将对所有入院治疗的肺炎患者进行排查,以确定他们是否曾接触中东呼吸综合征(Middle East Respiratory Syndrome,简称MERS)。目前,韩国正在艰难地控制MERS疫情,这里已有95人受到感染,7人丧生。The outbreak of the virus, known as MERS, in South Korea is the largest reported outside Saudi Arabia, where more than 440 people have died of the disease since it was discovered there in 2012. MERS symptoms are similar to those of pneumonia.据报道,除沙特阿拉伯以外,MERS疫情在韩国最为严重。自2012年在沙特发现这种疾病以来,该国已有逾440人死于MERS。这种疾病的症状与肺炎类似。Although a vast majority of MERS patients in South Korea were infected in two hospitals, cases have also been found in seven other hospitals in Seoul, the capital, and elsewhere.尽管韩国的绝大多数MERS患者是在两家医院受到感染的,但是首都首尔的另外七家医院及其他一些地方,也发现了MERS病例。Nearly 2,900 people who had been near any of the confirmed cases had been isolated as of Tuesday, to be monitored for symptoms by the government. More than 2,200 schools remained closed.截至周二,曾与确诊病例有过较密切接触的近2900人被隔离,接受政府对他们进行的观察,看是否会出现相关症状。有2200多所学校处于停课状态。The government said that on Wednesday it would interview all hospitalized pneumonia patients and also check their medical records to see if they had recently visited any of the hospitals where the infection had been found. South Korea’s first MERS case, a 68-year-old man who had traveled to Saudi Arabia and neighboring countries, was discovered to have the virus on May 20.韩国政府表示将于周三对所有入院治疗的肺炎患者进行询问,并检查他们的医疗记录,看是否曾于近期前往发现感染病例的医院。韩国的首名MERS患者是一名68岁的男子,曾去往沙特阿拉伯及多个邻国。5月20日,他被发现携带这种病毒。Interviewing pneumonia patients is intended “to find any suspected case we have missed and to prevent a further sp of the virus,” the Health Ministry said in a statement. “Once we find a suspected patient, we will move him into a one-bed room and run a DNA test to determine if he carries the MERS virus.”走访肺炎患者是为了“发现我们漏掉的任何疑似病例,阻止病毒进一步传播”,韩国卫生部发表声明称。“一旦发现疑似患者,我们会将他转移至单人病房,并通过DNA测试来判定他是否携带MERS病毒。”The government announced the plan after acknowledging it had failed to isolate some suspected cases soon enough. On Tuesday, four new MERS cases were found in three hospitals that had not been on the government list of infected hospitals.在宣布上述计划之前,政府承认自己没能尽快隔离一些疑似病患。周二,在三家并未列在政府之前公布的感染名单上的医院中,发现了四例新的MERS病例。On Tuesday, Hong Kong issued a “red alert” travel warning for South Korea, while the World Health Organization began work on a joint mission with South Korean doctors and officials to assess the outbreak in the country and review the government response.周二,香港发布了针对韩国的“红色”外游警示,世界卫生组织(World Health Organization)则开始与韩国医疗人员和官员一起开展联合行动,以评估该国的疫情,并审核政府的应对举措。The travel alert “advises Hong Kong residents to avoid nonessential travel to Korea, including leisure travel,” the Hong Kong government said in a statement. It advised those aly in South Korea to “avoid unnecessary visits to health care facilities.”香港政府的声明称,旅游警示“建议市民,如非必要,避免前赴韩国,包括前往当地旅游”。政府还建议身在当地的港人“尽量避免到访当地的医疗机构”。Hong Kong has been sensitive to infectious diseases since the outbreak of SARS in 2003, which killed hundreds of people.自2003年爆发严重急性呼吸综合征(SARS)疫情并导致数百人死亡以来,香港对传染性疾病一直比较敏感。Also on Tuesday, the airline Cathay Pacific, which is based in Hong Kong, and its subsidiary, Dragonair, said they would waive fees for people to rebook travel to South Korea from Hong Kong, given the travel alert.同样在周二,总部位于香港的国泰航空及其子公司港龙航空宣布,鉴于旅游警示,它们将免除乘客更改从香港到韩国的机票所需的费用。 /201506/380094。

  Throughout history, human hair has been the subject of much vanity, research, and stereotyping. Hair traits and associated medical and social implications influence our perceptions of each other and ourselves. In this sometimes hair-raising account, we explore some of the most fascinating facts in the study of human hair.纵观历史,人类的头发一直是虚荣心、科学研究和刻板印象的主题。头发的特征和它在医学及社会交际上的隐含意义影响着我们对他人和自我的认知。在这份有点令人恐惧的报告中,我们探究了一些关于人的头发最令人感兴趣的事实。1.Blonde Women Have More Estrogen1.金发女郎体内有更多的雌激素Hair color might not instinctively seem applicable as an indicator of human traits. However, hair color is an outward indicator and genetic phenotype component that means different things according to the gender of the person bearing it. For example, blondes are sometimes perceived as especially feminine. In fact, scientific investigation indicates that blondes have higher levels of estrogen than other females.Blondes may thus have finer features and a more ;youthful; personality than darker-haired women. Surprisingly, blond hair does not seem to relate as much, if at all, to male hormone levels, although more research could always uncover surprises. Both male and female blonds have more hair, with an average of 130,000 hairs, compared to 100,000 for brunettes and 80,000 for redheads.头发的颜色通常不会被当做人类特征的表现。但其实,头发的颜色既是一种外在的展现,也是基因显性成分的表现,并且根据携带者的性别不同,会有不同的表现。例如,金发美女通常被认为是极具女人味的。事实上,科学研究发现,金发美女比一般女性拥有更多的雌激素。因此,金发美女可能比那些深色头发的女性具有更出众的外表和更“朝气蓬勃”的个性。令人吃惊的是,金发似乎与男性荷尔蒙水平的联系并不很大,如果有的话,尽管更多的研究总是能有令人惊喜的发现。金发的男性和女性平均有130,000根头发,明显多于深色头发人的100,000根和红头发人的80,000根。2.Redheads Get Hurt Easily2.红头发的人更容易受伤Redheads are often stereotyped as hot-tempered. While the jury may still be out on that particular personality trait, the science is fairly strong on the fact that redheads are definitely prone to getting sore—referring, of course, to how they perceive pain. Dentists and scientific researchers have noted that natural redheads are in fact more sensitive to pain than blonds or brunettes.At the same time, redheads are hit with an unfair and ironic combination—they are less sensitive to the effects of painkillers than blonds or brunettes. Redheads often avoid going to the dentist, and it turns out that a dose of painkillers 20 percent higher than the norm may be needed to properly inhibit their pain reception, according to a study recently published in the British Medical Journal. Redheads are also more susceptible to skin cancer, and, oddly, never develop gray hair. Redheads may eventually turn blondish, and then pure white.红头发的人经常被认为脾气火爆,这应该是大众长久以来对这种类型的人的特点所持有的判断。科学也清楚有力地明了这一点:红头发的人更容易发怒,当然这涉及到他们如何看待痛苦。牙医和科学研究者已经注意到,事实上红头发的人比金发或者深色头发的人对痛苦更敏感。同时,红头发的人是一个饱受不公平待遇和讽刺的集合体——比起金发或者深色头发的人,他们对止痛药比较不敏感。据一个近期发表在《英国医学杂志》(the British Medical Journal)的研究表明,红头发的人通常逃避去看牙医,这样造成的结果是,他们要用比普通人多20%剂量的止痛药才能止住疼痛。另外,红头发的人更容易患上皮肤癌,而且他们从来不长灰色的头发。他们最终可能变成金发,然后再变成满头白发。3.Learning Disabilities And Hair Color3.学习障碍症和头发颜色Blond hair and blue eyes might be seen as a striking combination, but they could also be correlated with an increased incidence of certain medical conditions. In a study of 50 learning disabled children, 20 percent were blond. However, only 11 percent of non-disabled children were blond. The blond hair and blue eyes combination is also often seen in patients affected by phenylketonuria, where phenylalanine builds up in the body. Behan et al. (1985) suggest a higher rate of blue-eyed blonds in the dyslexic population (they were also more likely to be left-handed). Another study noted a slightly increased incidence of learning disabilities reported by blond professionals. It is believed that melanin may play a role in the development of neural circuits, and some blonds may be more subject to certain conditions as a result of their reduced melanin levels.金发和碧眼也许看起来是最美妙的结合,但是它们也和特定的医疗条件下增加的发病率有关。在一项研究中,50个有学习障碍的孩子中,20%的是金发。相反,在没有学习障碍的孩子中仅仅有11%的是金发。金发和碧眼的组合在苯丙酮酸尿症患者中是常见的,这些患者体内的苯基丙氨酸积累过多。Behan等人(1985)认为大部分金发碧眼的人有诵读困难症(他们很多是左撇子)。另一项研究显示,金发研究专家认为学习障碍症的发病率在金发碧眼的人中有轻微的增长。众所周知,黑色素在神经回路的发展中起着重要作用,一些金发的人由于缺少黑色素,会对某些特定条件更加抗拒。4.Baldness Is Linked To Heart Disease4.头顶脱发和心脏病有关The loss of hair, whether as a result of a medical condition or aging, is often a great source of concern. It is usually males who go bald, while women almost always keep their hair, a fact related to testosterone levels. Baldness might seem cosmetic, but a recent medical study of 40,000 men has linked balding to a much greater risk of coronary heart disease. The risk of heart disease in men with male pattern baldness was found to be 70 percent greater than in non-balding males. Different levels of baldness carried differing risk levels, from 18 percent at mild to 48 percent for serious balding. The correlation between top of the head baldness and heart disease is believed to relate to multiple factors, potentially including insulin and hormone-related variables. Interestingly, a receding hairline and hair-loss away from the top of the head was not associated with heart disease.脱发,不管是药物还是年龄原因造成,都是人们忧虑的一大根源。最近一项医学研究调查了4万名头顶脱发的男性,结果表明秃顶的人有很大可能患上冠心病。秃顶男性比正常男性患心脏病的风险高70%。另外,秃顶的程度不同,患病的风险也不同,轻微秃顶的男性患病几率为18%,而严重秃顶的男性患病几率则高达48%。这种头部秃顶和心脏病的联系和许多因素有关,包括体内胰岛素和雌激素相关含量的变化。有趣的是,逐渐后退的发际线和头顶部分以外的脱发和心脏病没多大关系。翻译:王珊 listverse /201507/384325

  Writing is valuable. It doesn’t just transfer insights, it creates them. And since “good words are worth much and cost little,” choosing the right words is worth the price you pay in time (and sanity).会写作能给你增值。它并非简单地将你的见解从内心转移到纸面,同时也是新想法产生的过程。所谓“好话不花钱,一句值千金”,你值得在遣词造句上费心推敲。At Help Scout we look at the quality of writing through the same demanding lens we use to evaluate the quality of code.在我的公司Help Scout,我们会用评估编码质量的严苛标准,来评价商业写作的质量。I certainly don’t have this writing thing figured out—not even close—but thanks to the gracious feedback from ers, here are a few common signs that your writing is heading in the right direction:虽然我本人离写作高手还有一定距离,但基于无数热心读者的反馈所赐,在此我们总结出了一些要诀,可以指引你的写作走向正确的方向:1. Brevity. Soul. Wit.1. 简洁、言之有物、措辞巧妙。Few things drag down writing more than sping good ideas over too many words.用长篇大论展现好的想法,最容易毁掉一篇文章。2. Writing is not flaunting your vocabulary.2. 写作不是炫耀你的词汇量。“When you write you should pretend that you, the writer, see something in the world that’s interesting, that you are directing the attention of your er to that thing in the world, and that you are doing so by means of conversation,” says Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker. Writing is not meant to prove ownership of a thesaurus—it is the selective transcribing of thoughts.哈佛大学心理学家史蒂芬o平克表示:“你在写作时应该设想自己看到了一些有趣的事情,你要通过对话的方式,引导读者关注这些事情。”写作不是明你拥有丰富的词汇,而是选择性地把你的思想记录下来。3. On having your cake and eating it, too.3.既要让文章好看,也要让读者有所得The best writing is that which pleases at a glance but further rewards careful study. “A thoughtful list post” may seem like an oxymoron , but like a movie you can re-watch a dozen times, good writing hooks easily yet hides gifts for a discerning mind.最好的文章既能让人一见钟情,更能让读者在细心研读之后有所收获。就像一部百看不厌的电影一样,好的写作可以轻松抓住有辨识力的读者,并且能不断给他们带来意外的收获。4. Don’t bury the lede.4. 不要浪费导语的作用。Before pen to page or fingers to keyboard, you must begin with knowing what you are trying to say. Every piece of writing should have the thesis, the value proposition, be entirely clear from the outset. The journey to the end of your essay should be rewarding for reasons other than figuring out what point you’re trying to make.下笔之前,你首先要清楚自己想要说什么。每一篇文章都应该有一个主题,有一个从一开始就明确阐述的价值主张。 读完你的文章,应该是对你缜密推理的回报,而不是想搞清楚你究竟想表达什么观点。5. To write more ‘Damn Good Sentences,’ them.5. 要想写出更多“佳句”,多多阅读。In the book How To Write a Sentence, New York Times columnist Stanley Fish laments that “many educators approach teaching the craft of writing a memorable sentence the wrong way — by relying on rules rather than examples.” Garbage in, garbage out; you’ll produce better sentences if you dedicate time to ing them.在《如何写出好句子》一书中,《纽约时报》专栏作家斯坦利o菲什不无惋惜地表示,“在教人们如何写出令人难忘的句子时,许多教育工作者都使用了错误的方式——依靠规则而不是例子。”所谓进来的是垃圾,出去的也是垃圾;只要你能花时间读一些佳句,你肯定也能写出更好的句子来。6. “In other words,” you should have used other words.6. “换言之,”你应该用其他的词。Insight is memorable when it can be embraced directly—don’t pad it with “essentially,” “basically,” or “in other words.” Use the right words the first time.只有能被人直接领悟的见解,才会令人记忆深刻——不要通篇都是“本质上”、“基本上”或“换言之”这样的词。在初次写作时就要使用正确的词汇。7. Don’t tell people how to travel; show them your vacation photos.7. 不要告诉人们如何旅行;让他们看你的度假照片。Grandstanding on topics you know little about makes you disingenuous—your deception oozes from every paragraph to an informed er. Instead, hop off your soap box and don’t preach, be the Sherpa; share what you’ve learned in an honest way. People love following a journey.在自己知之甚少的话题上哗众取宠,会让读者感觉你不诚实——在有见地的读者眼中,你的每一段文字都透露着欺骗。相反,离开你的临时讲台,停止说教,像夏尔巴人一样;用诚实的方式告诉读者你所知道的。人们喜欢效仿别人的旅程。8. An idea is nothing without a reaction.8. 得不到反馈的想法一无是处。Reactions are oxygen for writing. Until you get feedback on what you’ve said, your analysis can only reveal so much. Be prepared for critiques and criticism; great work is contingent on a willingness to be judged.反馈是决定一篇文章成败的关键。在你所写的内容得到任何反馈之前,你的分析并不会带来更多启示。做好面对批评的准备;一篇文章成功与否,取决于作者愿意接受评判的程度。9. “Just write” is tired advice, but still needed.9. “坚持写下去就行”虽是一条老套的建议,但依旧很有必要。If you’re looking for a way to make hard work easy, you won’t find it in writing. You’ll struggle with the blank page until your butt falls off the chair—but until that day, keep sitting down and do the work.如果你想找一种化繁为简的方式,别考虑写作。你会在空白页面前苦苦挣扎,直到从椅子上摔下去——一定要坚持下去,完成写作。10. Meandering endings can sour good writing; approach them quickly.10. 曲折的结尾会让一篇好文章失分;结尾要干脆利落。I’ll let Paul Graham handle this one: “Learn to recognize the approach of an ending, and when one appears, grab it.”我将用保罗o格拉汉姆的话作为本文的结尾:“学会辨认结尾的方法。遇到好的结尾,把它记下来。”(财富中文网) /201502/358746

  For most women their go-to beauty look is a simple slick of lipstick, but could you guess where in the world a person is from based solely on their favourite hue?很多女生不化妆,只靠一口红整个人气色就会好很多,但你们知道世界各地的纸们最适合什么颜色的唇膏吗?A new study called The International Lipstick Colour of The Year Report, commissioned by London#39;s Heathrow airport, has revealed the most beloved lipstick shades from around the world. Research looked at the most bought shades in 50 cities such as London, New York, Sydney, Barcelona, Paris, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Vegas。据英国《每日邮报》报道,英国伦敦希斯罗机场,近日调查并发布了一个年度报告,公布了全球50个城市中纸们最偏爱的口红颜色。这些城市包括伦敦,纽约,悉尼,巴塞罗那,巴黎,上海,香港和维加斯等城市。New X Factor judge Rita Ora, pictured in New York in 2014, rocks a classic red lip as loved by New Yorkers在瑞塔奥拉2014年的一张照片上,以一袭红唇展现了纽约人最爱的颜色。The Duchess of Cambridge, pictured left, wears a caramel nude lip colour loved by Londoners while American socialite Olivia Palermo, pictured right, dons a dusky rose tint as adored by Parisians而伦敦的子,以剑桥公爵夫人(凯特王妃)为代表,最适合焦糖裸唇颜色。The results showed that while New Yorkers buy classic red (as seen on Rita Ora and Gwen Stefani), Londoners prefer caramel nude (as seen on Kate Moss, Alexa Chung and Duchess of Cambridge) and Parisians favour a dusky rose colour (as seen on Olivia Palermo, Keira Knightley and Marion Cotillard)。结果表明,最适合纽约女孩的是经典红色唇膏(像丽塔奥拉和格温史蒂芬妮)。最适合伦敦女孩的口红是焦糖裸色(像凯特莫斯,艾里珊钟和凯特王妃)。而最适合巴黎女孩的是玫粉色的唇膏(像奥利维亚巴勒莫,凯拉奈特莉和玛丽昂歌迪亚)。It seems that fashionistas in Athens adore striking cerise pink, everyone in Shanghai likes sheer coral and in Dublin, style seekers sport bright orange red lips。而雅典女孩偏爱醒目的樱桃粉,上海女人喜欢纯珊瑚色,而都柏林的姑娘们则大爱亮桔红色。Artist Hedley Wiggan#39;s lipstick sculptures, pictured above with a model, are on display at Terminal 5 for the next month as part of the International Lipstick Colours of the Year showcase为了让大家更加形象的看清不同地域流行的口红颜色,美国的艺术家Hedley Wiggan还用不同颜色的口红雕刻了各地的标志性建筑,从左到右依次是迪拜的哈利法塔、伦敦的大本钟、纽约自由女神像,巴黎的埃菲尔铁塔和上海中心大厦。而且,将在希斯罗机场5号航站楼展出。 /201507/387002

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