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大家好!今天我们来看一看怎么用美语来聊“减压”?Take A Deep Breath 做深呼吸take it down a notch 别激动not that big of a deal 没什么大不了 /201509/396646peace and quiet安宁A:I can#39;t stay here any more minutes.A:我无法在此多呆一分钟。B:What#39;s wrong with you?B:怎么了?A:Tom is making so much noise. I have not a bit of peace and quiet all evening.A:汤姆秀出很大的噪音,整个晚上我无片刻安宁。B:You can talk with him.B:你可以找他谈谈。 /201610/460877

每日一句口语:Man needs his difficulties because they are necessary to enjoy success. 人们需要困难,因为有困难才能享受成功。【知识点讲解】enjoy vt.享有,享受; 欣赏; 喜欢; 使过得快活例句:I enjoy pleasure as much as the next person. 我和别人一样愉快。 /201706/514585


  每天一个生活口语话题,一段地道的举例回答,并附有详细的词汇,发音及用法讲解。讲解材料选自当今最先进最有效的英语原版教材,更加贴近生活。每天坚持听讲解,并根据问题练习,给自己一个地道输入和输出的机会,你也可以张口自信说英语。主题:What do you usually do before you go to bed?No. It#39;s cold. Very cold. And wet. It gets sloshy and muddy then you track it inside. It makes the bottom of your pants wet and soaks through your socks and shoes. It makes driving a nightmare. It covers up all traces of green life left. It also is bad for your car, it turns to ice which is horrible and dangerous.Herbal tea: 花草茶Drift to sleep: 慢慢睡着 /201706/512604。

  We are very very small, but we are profoundly capable of very very big things.语音讲解:单词发音profoundly /pr#601;#712;fa#650;ndli/capable /#712;ke#618;p#601;bl/连词发音but we are /b#601;twij#601;/capable of /#712;ke#618;p#601;bl#601;v/轻读重读重读:small/profoundly/big弱读:are/but/of词汇讲解1.profoundly adverb 释义:extremely用法:profoundly affected/influencedHe was profoundly affected by his time in the army.2.be capable of phrase.having the qualities or ability needed to do somethingYou say that someone is capable of doing something:He is capable of doing it by himself.#10007;Don#39;t say: He is capable to do it by himself.活学活用be capable of phrase. 能够做英文:I#39;m perfectly capable of looking after myself, thank you!中文:我有能力照顾好自己,谢谢关心! 关注微信号:TeacherGwen,跟着Gwen老师每天学点英语 /201704/505689

  Welcome to English in a Minute!欢迎来到《一分钟英语》栏目!You probably enjoy listening to music. You might even enjoy playing music.你可能喜欢听音乐。你甚至可能还喜欢演奏音乐。But what does this mean? Face the Music.但是,这个短语是什么意思呢?Face the MusicAnna? Anna? Is that you? Why are you hiding?安娜?安娜?是你吗?你为什么要躲躲藏藏的?Shhh, I#39;m hiding from Ashley. Why?嘘,我在躲艾希莉。为什么啊?You know her favorite plant. I forgot to water it while she was away.你知道她最喜欢的那株植物吧。她不在的时候我忘记浇水了。Oh, that#39;s dead. It#39;s time you faced the music and told her.哦,植物死了。是时候面对现实,告诉她吧。Yeah, Anna. It#39;s time to ;face the music.;是的,安娜。是时候“面对现实”了。This expression means to accept the results of your actions, even if the results are unpleasant.这个短语的意思是接受因你的行为而带来的结果,尽管这个结果不令人愉快。In Anna#39;s case, it means to accept responsibility for killing my favorite plant.在安娜这个例子中,这个短语的意思是因杀死了我最喜欢的植物而承担责任。And that#39;s English in a Minute!以上就是本期的《一分钟英语》! /201612/485779今日短语:mother tongue母语例句:A: What#39;s his mother tongue?他的母语是什么?B: I think it#39;s Greek.我想是希腊语。 /201702/481606


  kick up a row大吵大闹A:Mr.Brown, are your children always kicking up a row like this? I can#39;t concentrate on my paper.A:布朗先生,你的孩子们是不是总是这样子大吵大闹?我不能集中精力写我的论文。B:Sorry, Mr. Black. I#39;m trying to make them quiet.B:真对不起,布莱克先生,我马上让他们安静下来。A:I#39;m afraid if the noise goes on, I shall have no alternative but to leave.A:如果再这样吵吵闹闲,我别无选择,只好搬走了。B:Sorry, sir, Believe me, everything will be all right.B:对不起,先生,相信我,一切都会好的。 /201608/455671

  talk nonsese/tell tall tales.都可以表示瞎掰Don\#39;t ever think I am bluffing.别说我瞎掰. /201611/473825。


  听力训练Answer the following questions about the .1) She is ____ saving money.a) good atb) bad at2) She says saving money helps people ____ .a) accomplish thingsb) when times are bad3) She has respect for people who ____ money.a) do not worry aboutb) tend to save本期话题Topic:Are you good at saving money?Hello, my name is Florencia and I#39;m from Argentina. The question is are you good at saving money?I must confess, I#39;m not good at saving money, not at all. I always am tempted to spend it on something else. I#39;m more the type of person who enjoys spending it than saving it. I really admire and appreciate and respect people who can save money. I recognized that#39;s the only way that you can accomplish something on life that is really hard for me.听力b a b /201509/400811

  It#39;s too good to be true.哪有这等好事?在对事情不确信,表示怀疑的时候用。 /201607/452993

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