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How To Photograph A Home For A Real Estate Listing. Even the loveliest house wont bring buyers out if the photos in the listing are lacking. Heres a guide to taking pictures that will make an impression- and hopefully, a sale.房产上市出售时怎样拍照。如果照片效果不佳,即使最好的房产也不能吸引买主。按照以下指引来拍照可以使房产给人留下良好印象,甚至有可能促成房产的出售。Step 1: You Will Need1.所需工具Digital cameraComputer数码相机电脑Step 2: Get a Tripod2.寻找一个三脚架Even a cheap tripod will give you a steadier shot than free-handing it.即使一个廉价的三脚架拍摄的镜头也比徒手拍摄更加稳定。Step 3: Clear Out the Exterior3.清理Trash cans and any other clutter should be taken out of the way. If your house faces the street, move any cars out of the driveway and away from the front of your home. If you have a brick or tile patio, wet it down so the color looks rich and the glare is minimized.将垃圾箱和其他所有凌乱的东西都清理掉。如果你的房子面向街道,将车道上的所有车辆开走,不要挡在房子前面。如果你有一个砖头或瓷砖的天井,洒一些水,这样可以使色更加绚丽,使刺眼的阳光减弱。Step 4: Shoot The Exterior4.拍摄外部Now that youve cleared out, pick a good time of day to shoot so that you avoid stark shadows. Take a good, wide shot of the house. Zoom in and photograph any nice features too, like a pretty pathway or bay windows. Now walk around the house and shoot other details, making sure to shoot another wide shot of the backyard and the view if you have one. Finally, youll want to crop your photos appropriately once theyre on your computer. Even the simplest programs will let you crop out the street and other houses.现在已经做好了清理工作,选择一天中最好的时间来拍摄,这样就可以避免明显的阴影。选择房子一个良好的,宽阔的视角。拍摄这座房子所有有特色的地方,比如漂亮的小路或飘窗。现在,在房子周围行走,拍摄其他细节,如果有院子的话,确保拍摄下院子另一端广阔的视角。最后,将照片复制到电脑之后,你希望将照片进行适当的剪辑。即使最简单的程序也可以让你看到街道和其他房子。Step 5: Prep The Place5.准备好场地Before you shoot the interior, declutter. Clear off all tables, and organize your shelves. If theres a surplus of furniture in the rooms youre shooting, move it out of the way.拍摄房屋内部之前,整理房间。清理干净所有的桌子,整理书架。如果你要拍摄的房间里有多余的家具,将其转移。Step 6: Light Right6.适当的光线According to a recent article in the L.A. Times, one of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is to close the blinds and turn on all the lights, creating uneven lighting. Daylight is your friend- just make sure to face away from the windows to avoid backlighting. Also, use your cameras flash to create an even light.根据洛杉矶时报一篇最新文章,业主最大的错误之一就是关上窗帘,打开所有的灯,造成不自然的光线。日光是你的好朋友——确保背对窗户,避免逆光。使用照相机的闪光灯,使光线均匀。Step 7: Shoot The Interior7.拍摄内部Shoot every room- even a small room may surprise you and photograph well. Focus on details like a nice mantlepiece or new floors. Avoid shooting into the backs of chairs or bookcases. In the breakfast nook or dining room, set the table and make sure the chairs at the table are spaced evenly. In the bathroom, get rid of trash cans and close the toilet lid.拍摄每一个房间——即使一个小房间也可能给你惊喜,拍摄出良好的效果。注意细节,例如壁炉台或新的地板。注意不要拍摄到椅背或书箱。在餐厅,确保餐桌前的椅子摆放均匀。在浴室,清除掉垃圾,关上马桶盖。Home photography is a learned skill, so practice a little, and hopefully, the next picture you take of your house will have a ;Sold; sign in it.家庭摄影是可以学习的技巧。所以进行一下练习,很可能你拍摄的下一张照片上会贴上“已出售”的标签。Thanks for watching How To Photograph A Home For A Real Estate Listing感谢收看“怎样为房产拍摄照片”视频节目。201209/198538

Blind dates can be scary. With a million ;what if; thoughts running through your head, you probably start to wonder if you can really go through with it. Fear not! Well show you how to be a blind date survivor.盲目约会,或者说相亲,有时候是一件相当恐怖的事情。你可能会对自己能否顺利完成相亲心怀忐忑。不过别害怕,我们将会告诉你如何顺利的完成相亲过程。Step 1: Greet With A Smile1.致以礼节性微笑Even if youve exchanged pictures with your blind date, its never the same as meeting in person. The meet and greet is easily the most intimidating part of a blind date. You both know youre sizing each other up but you dont want to give away what you really think once you meet that person face to face. As hard as it is, try not to get any pre-conceived ideas of what your date may look like. Simply go into the date with the goal to have fun with a complete stranger, no matter what they may look like. If youre the type of person whos emotions are always written on your face, try to smile when meeting your date. This can help hide your thoughts on your dates physical attractiveness or unattractiveness.即使在相亲之前互换过照片,相亲约会跟平常相比还是有所不同。相亲中见面打招呼的时候很容成为最让人害怕的部分。你知道这类的相亲约会可能会不靠谱,不过一旦与对方碰面,就不能中途逃跑。虽然很困难,但还是要防止任何先入为主的想法,不要对对方的长相抱有什么幻想。所以最简单的方式就是带着同陌生人碰面的想法去相亲。如果你是一个把所有情绪都写在脸上的人,不抱任何想法反而能帮你更好地隐藏情绪——无论是喜欢还是厌恶,因为没有希望,就没有失望。Step 2: Food And Drink2.食物和饮料If youre planning to have a bite to eat on your blind date, we still advise you to eat before you go out. This way, if lunch or dinner is delayed for some reason, you wont become a royal pain like you know you do when you become hungry. And if you do get to eat on your date, the food usually plays the role of a prop rather than a meal. If the dates going well, youll also want to continue the conversation through the meal, so eating beforehand will allow you to concentrate more on your date rather than the juicy cheeseburger in front of you. You can always get a doggie bag so that your date wont think you are wasteful. Also, take it easy with the alcohol. Know your limit. A couple drinks to loosen up is one thing; drinking until you cant remember your dates name or story is quite another.如果你打算在约会时吃些东西,建议你在出门约会之前吃。这样的话,即使晚餐或者午餐延迟一点,别人也不会很明显地看出你饿了,而且在约会中食物通常是一个形式,而不是真正用来填饱肚子的。如果约会顺利,你们会边吃边聊,此时事先吃过东西的作用就体现出来了:它能让你更专注于约会对象,而不是面前诱人的汉堡包;一旦吃不完你还可以打包带走,这样对方就会认为你是一个注重节俭的人。此外对于饮酒,要知道自己的酒量:两个人坐下来喝一杯放松一下是一回事,喝醉到不知道约会对象的名字,就是另外一回事了。Step 3: Conversation Starters3.开头的谈话Compliment your date once when you meet them, and end it there. Compliments and weather talk are dead end conversations. If you were set up on the date, ask the matchmakers to tell you a little bit about your date so that you have a starting point. Avoid topics such as past relationships and career. Most people arent very passionate about their work, so it may lead to a negative feeling. Travel, goals, hobbies and interests are all great topics. Obviously, save politics and religion conversations for a later date; unless you aly know they share the same viewpoints as you.在见到相亲对象的时候赞美她一次,然后就此打住,因为赞美的话和聊天气的话一样是不能持续下去的。如果担心自己在约会聊天中紧张,可以事先咨询一下介绍人,这样你就能知道从何聊起。聊天时要避开恋爱史和职业这两类话题,因为多数人对自己的工作都提不起兴趣,所以这个话题容易引起不必要的消极气氛。旅行,目标,兴趣爱好都是很好的聊天话题,很显然,出于对下一次约会的考虑要避开政治和宗教的讨论,除非你已经知道对方跟你有同样的价值观和宗教观。Step 4: Making The Move4.更多的接触Even if youre feeling the sparks on this first date, save the moves for later. Experts say the fourth date is a good point in the relationship to start getting physical. And we dont mean sex. Sex can come at least a few months into the relationship when both of you are open and honest about your intentions. For this date, keep it friendly. If your date tries to make a move, simply tell them you want to get to know them better before getting physical. Unless youre into it, then were not here to judge.就算对第一次约会十分满意,进展速度也不能太快。专家建议,第4次约会才是进行身体接触的绝佳时机。而我们所说的身体接触并不是做爱,那应该是至少在接触几个月后才应该有的事项,而且前提是双方愿意。就第一次相亲约会来说,只要保持友好的程度就可以了,如果你的约会对象想要有进一步的身体接触,告诉他们你需要更多地了解他们。当然如果你愿意接受,我们也没话说。Thanks for watching How To Survive A Blind Date谢谢收看本期“相亲指点”节目。201208/196365

Make an Ocean in a Bottle. The science boffins are going to show us how to make a Cartesian diver. It is named after Rene Descartes, a famous French scientist, mathematician, and philosopher. 把大海装进瓶子。科学工作者将会告诉我们如何制作浮沉子计,一种以法国科学家笛卡尔的名字命名的计量工具。笛卡尔还是法国的计量学家和哲学家。Step 1: You will need1.所需材料#8226;A clear plastic bottle - a big soft drinks bottle is best1只透明的塑料瓶——大桶的饮料瓶最佳#8226;A funnel1只漏斗#8226;Some water一些水#8226;A few drops of blue food colouring少许蓝色食物色素#8226;cooking oil - any type will do.食用油——任何种类的都可以Step 2: Aim2.目标The aim of this experiment is to see why oil and water cannot mix together.这个实验的目的是为了弄明白为什么油和水不能混合在一起。Step 3: Method3.方法Fill one third of the bottle with water. Add a few drops of blue food colouring and swish it around a bit until its turned a dark blue colour. Top up the bottle with cooking oil. Use the funnel to make it easier. Put the lid on as tight as it will go. Tilt the bottle from side to side. The water and oil do not mix together, but instead they form layers. The oil floats on the water which makes it move like a wave.注入瓶身容量1/3的水,加入几滴蓝色食物色素。使用漏斗向瓶子中加入油,注满后盖紧瓶盖。然后慢慢转动瓶身,由于水和油并不融合,而是形成两层,所以油在水上滑过,就像是海中的波浪一样。Step 4: Conclusion4.结论Why did this happen? Oil sits on top of water because oil is less dense. but some liquids with different densities can mix together. So why not these two? For liquids to mix together their molecules need to make new bonds with each other. The oil and water cannot mix together because water molecules have strong bonds between them called hydrogen bonds. The oil molecules are also held together by bonds, but these are of a different polarity to the hydrogen bonds, and the oil bonds are not strong enough to break the waters hydrogen bonds. So the water and oil molecules cannot join up with each other, keeping the water and the oil forever separate.为什么会发生这种现象呢。油漂浮在水上面是因为它的密度比水小。但是也有不同密度的液体能很好地融合在一起的例子。对于液体来说,融合在一起是它们的分子需要从新结合,但是为什么水分子不能呢,因为水分子中有氢键的存在,这是一种很稳定的分子式,但是油的分子并不足够强大,不能打断水的氢键,所以油和水不能溶解在一起,因此它们也就永远单独存在。Experiment Complete!实验结束!Thanks for watching How To Make An Ocean In A Bottle 谢谢收看本期“把大海装进瓶子”节目。201208/196533

Chinas Olympians are reaching for the gold at this summers Olympics, as they begin to arrive in London. The Chinese badminton landed on Sunday, voicing their hopes for the games.Lin Dan, Olympic badminton singles champion, said, ;I havent thought about it too much, I want to first make sure I do well in the group matches and then think about the next stage. I hope the next few days of matches will help me get better and better.;Fu Haifeng, badminton mens doubles silver medalist in Beijing, said, ;I feel good because weve prepared for this for a long time, this is the third time weve taken part in the Olympics so weve prepared for all aspects.I believe that if we give it our all, there should be no problem.;Currently ranked Number one in the world, Lin Dan will defend his badminton title against unheralded Scott Evans of Ireland. Mondays draw at the Olympic Park also pitted top-seeded Lee Chong Wei, who lost to Lin in the Beijing Olympic final, against Ville Lang of Finland. 201207/191742

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