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盐城市第四人民医院治疗妇科炎症多少钱盐城/市亭湖区人民医院男科咨询Dear A Moment of Science,亲爱的的《科学一刻》栏目组,I hate going to the dentist. In fact, I openly fear it.我很讨厌看牙医。真的,我对此感到很恐惧。Yet Ive never actually had a really bad orpainful experience with a dentist.可是我实际上并没有看牙医的糟糕经历。So why do I fear it so much?那我为什么会对此感到如此恐惧呢?Youre certainly not alone.有此感受的不仅仅是你一个人。Quaking in your boots at the mere thought of a dental check up-letalone having a cavity taken care of-is a time honored tradition.一想到要检查牙齿,腿脚就哆嗦,更别说补牙洞了。这种感受由来已久。And it doesnt necessarily derive from a bad dental experience.对牙医的害怕不一定来自您糟糕的看病经历。New research shows that fear ofthe dentist is often passed down from parents to their children.如今有研究表明,对牙医的恐惧感常常可以通过父母传递给子女。Fathers are especially involved.父亲们的因素很关键。Previous studies found a link between parentsattitudes toward thedentist and kids fear.过去的研究表明,父母对牙医的态度和子女对看牙医的恐惧感有关联。But the new study reveals that kids pay even closer attention to how theirfathers react when the dentist is involved.不过现在有研究发现子女们会密切关注父亲看牙医的反应。Apparently, when fathers display fear and anxiety, kidsare most likely to pick up those cues and see dental visits as something to fear.明显的例子是,当父亲表现出恐惧和焦虑的时候,子女很可能受到这些心理暗示,把看牙医当作恐怖的事情对待。Why fathers carry so much weight in influencing how their kids think about the dentist is not clear.父亲们为何会如此大程度地影响子女对牙医的看法,原因尚不可知。At least the study doesnt really offer an explanation.至少这项研究没有给出合理解释。But it does suggest that fathers can play animportant role in what psychologists called positive emotional contagion.不过研究指出,父亲在被心理学家称为积极情绪传导的过程中举足轻重。If fathers fear of the dentist can contaminate their kids, the opposite might also be true.如果父亲们对牙医的恐惧会传染给他们的子女,那么反之亦然。In otherwords, dads behaving positively and not displaying fear could orient their kids towards not fearingthe dentist.换句话说,父亲们正面的言行,不带恐惧的表现可以引导他们的子女不再害怕牙医。So the researchers call for parents, and fathers in particular, to beinvolved in dentist fearprevention campaigns.因此研究人员呼吁父母们,尤其是父亲们,行动起来,帮助子女防治牙医恐惧症。 201402/276300盐城市中医院包皮手术多少钱 Now hold on your pants.惊喜还在后头呢This is the most expensive gift.价格最逆天的礼物闪亮登场了This is 1.85 million dollars.这件大礼价值一百八十五万大刀It is forevermark Ultimate Diamond Collection.它是永恒印记的钻石系列Take a look at this.睁大眼看看This is a... I guess its a whole bunch of diamonds.这就是 一大堆钻石啊They say diamonds are forever人们常说钻石很久远which is how long its gonna take to pay off your credit card.同时也意味着卡债还到很久远If youre looking for something slightly more affordable.如果你在寻觅价格稍微亲民一点的This only cost 1.5 million dollars.这价值一百五十万刀This is a 201-inch outdoor television.这是201寸的户外大电视Tts called the His and Hers Ultimate Outdoor Entainment System.名叫男女户外终极影音系统I would buy it, Im gonna wait for the Hers and Hers.我是会买的 不过要等厂家出个女女版的But Im gonna buy this.这电视我买定了I hope it helps with your shopping.希望以上介绍能对你们购物有所帮助Uh...you know, it probably didnt.额 应该是帮不到的啦So,hey, remember when it comes to buying gifts,有一点请大家一定要记住了its not about the money that you spent ,its the thought that you put into it.买礼物价格不是最重要的 关键是用心But,hey,Portia if youre watching,portia如果你在看节目的话 请听着I like the diamonds, those are nice.我超爱钻石的 钻石美呆了Its fun to give gifts,its fun to get gifts.送礼乐趣十足 收礼也是嗨翻天And I thought what better way to start the Christmas season than...我在想还有什么比送礼为圣诞节开场更好呢becuase I like you aly.我可喜欢你们了I can tell, I aly like you我点我清楚 你们真是深得我心Hold on. Hold on.淡定 淡定I didnt get you the diamonds, dont think youre getting the diamonds.我又不是要送你们钻石 想都甭想But I do want all of you to come back for 12 days of Giveways.不过我诚邀大家在12日礼物大派送的时候再次来到现场注:EllenShow中英字幕来源于:艾伦秀字幕组 /201311/266449盐城协和医院人流多少钱

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盐城治疗男性尿道炎By the early 1950s, it was becoming apparent that a growing number of elderly Americans had no economic protection from the increasing cost of health care. 一直到19世纪60年代早期的时候,很明显的是,随着医疗保险费用的增加,越来越多的美国老年人没有经济保障。Most people over 65 had very low incomes and few owned private health insurance of any kind. Congress began a years–long debate on this issue of national health insurance for the elderly. 大部分超过65岁的人有极低的收入来源,而且很少会有人有任何一种私人医疗保险。国会关于老年人医疗补助的事儿展开了为期多年的讨论。Critics in Congress feared Medicare would lead to substandard and overpriced care, and felt that it should serve only the indigent. 国会上引发的那些争论可能会引发低标准却费用过高的医保,而且还有一点让人担忧的是它可能只受益于穷人。They also predicted that, with growing numbers participating, it would eventually bankrupt the federal Treasury. 他们也在预测,随着越来越多的参与度,联邦财政部最终可能会破产。The legislative compromise that became the final Medicare Act – officially known as the ;Social Security Amendments of 1965” – was part of President Lyndon Johnsons ;Great Society; program. 立法认为,最终的医疗保险法案将正式被称为“1965年的社会安全修正案——林登·约翰逊总统的“伟大社会”项目的一部分。Today it protects more than 40 million Americans from the high cost of hospital care. 现今它使得超过4千万的美国人都享受到了医疗保险,免除了就医的高昂费用。Much of the programs costs are covered by payroll taxes paid by workers. 项目的大部分费用都是工人的工资税。Yet costs quickly started to exceed expectations, and as Americans life expectancy increased over the years, the Medicare program became even more expensive. 然后这些费用很快就都超出了人们的预期,正如这些年来,美国人的预期寿命在上涨一样,医保也变得越来越昂贵。It has become a matter of national debate and a financial issue for every Congress and President since. 自此这已经变成了一个国内争论的焦点问题,每个国会和总理的财政问题。Today it is still one of the fastest growing items in the federal budget. Nonetheless, Medicare remains a popular program, and a well–established part of the federal governments role in our society.如今在政府预算中医保还是一个快速增长的款项。除此之外,医保还是一个很受欢迎的项目,还是联邦政府中相对完善的一部分。原文译文属!201307/248115 盐城治疗少精症一般多少钱盐城/市第二人民医院在线咨询



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