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A company owned by Clive Palmer, the mining tycoon turned lawmaker, has moved to terminate the mining rights of China’s Citic at its multibillion dollar Sino Iron project in Australia.克莱夫#8226;帕尔默(Clive Palmer)旗下一家公司已采取措施,将终止中国中信(Citic)在澳大利亚数十亿美元的中澳铁矿项目(Sino Iron Project)的采矿权。帕尔默是澳洲的矿业大亨,也是澳洲议员。Mr Palmer’s company Mineralogy on Friday served a legal notice against Citic – until recently known as Citic Pacific – marking the latest development in an increasingly bitter dispute between the partners in the troubled iron ore project.帕尔默旗下公司Mineralogy周五向中信集团发出法律通知书,标志着这一陷入困境的铁矿石项目的合作方之间的争议日益激烈。中信集团最近将资本全部注入子公司中信泰富(Citic Pacific)。“This is a Abn project involving many hundreds of millions of dollars, they’ve failed to pay their royalties to us and they’ve shipped more than 0m worth of product to China and not paid for it,” said Mr Palmer.帕尔默表示:“这是一个价值100亿澳元的项目,他们未付专利费,并且在把价值超过2亿美元的产品运往中国,却没有为此付费。”Citic, one of China’s largest state-owned conglomerates, agreed a deal in 2006 with Mineralogy, which owns the rights to the ore deposits, to develop a USbn mine.中信是中国最大的国有综合企业之一,2006年,该公司与拥有该项目铁矿石采矿权的Mineralogy达成协议,合作开发一个价值20亿美元的铁矿石矿。But the project has been hit by high labour costs and complexities involved in processing the magnetite ore, causing its costs to blow out to USbn.受较高的劳动力成本及铁矿石加工流程的复杂性影响,该项目成本扩大至80亿美元。In a statement to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Citic said it would seek an injunction in the supreme court of Western Australia on Friday to restrain Mineralogy from relying on the notice to terminate its mining rights.在向香港交所提交的一份声明中,中信表示,将于周五向西澳高等法院申请禁止令,制止 Mineralogy用自己发出的通知来中止中信方面的采矿权。“Mineralogy has been restrained by the court or has undertaken to the court not to rely on several default and termination notices on three separate occasions over the past two years,” said Citic.中信表示:“过去两年中,因Mineralogy发出违约及终止采矿权通知书一事,已经三度与法院交涉。”The company said it had paid US5m to Mineralogy to acquire its rights at the Sino Iron project and all the royalties owed to the company.中信表示,已向Mineralogy付了4.15亿美元以取得在中澳铁矿项目的开采权,并付了所有应付的专利费。The Chinese company recently launched a legal action against Mr Palmer, who was elected to parliament last year and holds the balance of power in the Senate through his Palmer ed party.中信最近针对帕尔默提起法律诉讼,帕尔默去年被选为澳大利亚议会议员,通过他所在的“帕尔默团结党”(Palmer ed Party)影响澳大利亚参议院的权力。Citic has accused the mining magnate of misusing m through his company Mineralogy to finance his election campaign.中信指控这位矿业大亨通过Mineralogy非法利用1200万美元为他的竞选活动融资。Mr Palmer denies the allegations. He told A radio on Friday that Citic’s claims were “just a made-up story like Alice in Wonderland that the press can run”. He then abruptly hung up the phone on the interviewer.帕尔默否认这些指控。他周五告诉美国广播公司(A)无线电台,中信的指控是“无中生有,就像《爱丽丝梦游仙境》,媒体可以借题发挥”。他随即挂断了采访者电话。Last month Mr Palmer prompted a diplomatic incident between Australia and China when he launched a tirade against the Chinese on national television, labelling them “bastards” and “mongrels” who shoot their own citizens.上月,帕尔默曾在中澳之间掀起了一场外交风波,当时他在澳大利亚国家电视台发布了一篇针对中国人的长篇演说,称中国人是射杀自己人的“混蛋”。 /201410/332605HONG KONG — Two months after protesters were cleared from the streets, the Hong Kong government announced on Wednesday a budget full of tax breaks and other handouts to provide economic support to the lower and middle classes, as well as businesses that it said had been disrupted by 11 weeks of demonstrations.香港——周三,在街头的抗议者被清场两个月后,香港政府宣布了一份包含大量赋税减免及其他纾缓措施的预算案,以便为中低阶层和一些企业提供经济持。政府称,这些企业被持续了11周的示威所扰乱。“The Occupy movement affected tourism, hotel, catering, retail and transport industries,” John Tsang, the city’s financial secretary, said in his budget speech, adding that the initiatives would help “offset the impact on economic confidence.”“占领行动对旅游、酒店、饮食、零售和运输等行业造成不同程度的影响,”香港政府财政司司长曾俊华(John Tsang)在预算案发言中说,并接着表示相关措施将有助于“重建信心”。Hong Kong’s widening wealth gap and increasingly unaffordable housing emerged as catalysts for last year’s democracy protests, and Mr. Tsang offered several measures intended to help address these issues.香港日渐扩大的贫富差距和越来越难以承受的房价,成了去年民主抗议的催化剂。曾俊华提出了几项旨在帮助解决这些问题的措施。He announced one-time items that included tax breaks on salaries and profits; increased funding for small and medium-size companies; increased welfare payments for the poor and the elderly; and a one-month rent waiver for low-income tenants of public housing.他宣布了一些一次性的措施,包括针对薪俸和利润的税收减免、增加对中小型公司的资助、提高对穷困人口和老人的福利救济,以及减免公租房低收入租户一个月的房租。He also increased the permitted tax deduction for raising children, a recurrent measure, and estimated the cost of all these handouts at 34 billion Hong Kong dollars, or .4 billion.他还增加了子女免税额,这是一个常见的措施。他预计,所有这些纾缓措施的成本为340亿港币。Mr. Tsang also announced measures worth 290 million dollars that he said were intended to help Hong Kong recover from the effects of the Occupy protests.曾俊华还宣布了一项价值2.9亿美元的措施,旨在帮助香港从占领抗议活动的影响中恢复过来。Those included license fee waivers for travel agents, hotels, restaurants and taxis and buses, as well as increased spending to promote Hong Kong as a travel destination.其中包括向旅行社、酒店、餐馆、出租车和巴士发放免费牌照,以及增加开用于宣传香港作为旅游目的地的形象。But later in his speech, Mr. Tsang noted that tourist arrivals to Hong Kong had increased 12 percent last year, while their total spending rose 9 percent, to more than 350 billion Hong Kong dollars. In October, at the height of the protests, arrivals from mainland China, Hong Kong’s biggest source of tourists, rose 18 percent, according to figures from the tourism board.但在接下来的发言中,曾俊华指出,香港去年接待的游客人数增加了12%,游客总共消费逾3500亿港币,增幅9%。从来自旅游发展局的数据来看,在去年10月抗议处于高峰期时,中国内地赴港人数增幅18%。中国内地是香港最大的游客来源地。The risk to the measures announced on Wednesday and other large government spending programs, like fiscal initiatives to help a rapidly aging population, is that public opposition after the Occupy protests could leave the government hamstrung.周三宣布的措施以及其他一些大型政府开计划——如旨在帮助迅速老龄化的人口的财政措施——所面临的风险是,占领抗议结束后的民众反对可能会束缚政府的手脚。“Is the government still going to have the basic consent among the population to draw up and implement economic policies — tackling the aging issue or getting infrastructure done, for example?” said Andrew Colquhoun, head of Asia-Pacific sovereign ratings at Fitch Ratings in Hong Kong. “That’s still an open question, whether that political constraint becomes more binding for them.”“政府在起草和实施经济政策时,还能得到民众起码的认可吗,比如解决老龄化问题或建设基础设施?”惠誉(Fitch Ratings)驻香港亚太区主权评级负责人高翰德(Andrew Colquhoun)说。“政治限制对它们的约束力是否增加了,这还是一个悬而未决的问题。”Mr. Tsang suggested that this might be the case, expressing frustration with the pace of funding approvals from the local legislature, the Legislative Council, also known as LegCo, which features a minority of directly elected members who are pro-democracy and supported the protests.曾俊华表示情况可能的确是这样,他对香港立法机构立法会(Legislative Council)拨款批复进度表达了不满。在立法会,持民主和抗议活动的直选立委属少数群体。“With a number of projects entering their construction peaks, capital works expenditure is expected to maintain at relatively high levels in the next few years,” Mr. Tsang said. “We are, however, concerned about the sluggish progress of deliberation in LegCo since the last session. This has resulted in the mounting of backlog of funding proposals.”“现时多项工程正处于施工高峰期,预计基本工程开在往后数年会维持在较高水平,”曾俊华说。“但令人忧虑的是,自上个立法年度至今,立法会审议工程项目的进度缓慢,积压大量拨款建议。”Although outlays for social welfare and education are set to rise, a major target of government spending in the coming year will be large-scale infrastructure projects — expenditures that often benefit the wealthy elite, who control the city’s property developers and construction companies.尽管社会福利和教育开将增加,未来一年政府开的重要目标仍将是大型基建项目。这类开常常会让富裕的精英受益,他们掌控着香港的房地产开发商和建筑公司。Hong Kong is spending billions of dollars on several megaprojects that have been subject to significant delays and cost overruns. These include nearly billion on a 50-kilometer, or 31-mile, bridge and tunnel to the cities of Macau and Zhuhai, across the mouth of the Pearl River from Hong Kong; billion on a new cluster of theaters and arts venues; billion on a high-speed rail link to Guangzhou, in southern China; and billion on extensions to the local subway system.香港正在多个大型项目上投入数十、上百亿美元的资金。这些项目的进度已严重滞后,并且多次超出成本预期。其中包括投资近100亿美元建造一条50公里的桥梁和隧道,将香港与以及珠江口对岸的珠海相联通;投资60亿美元建造一批新的剧院和艺术场馆;投资90亿美元建造一条通向内地南方城市广州的高铁;以及投资140亿美元延长香港的地铁系统的项目。Mr. Tsang said work on a third runway for the Hong Kong International Airport, estimated in 2011 to cost at least billion, could begin next year and finish by 2023, though a final budget has yet to be announced.曾俊华说,香港国际机场第三条跑道的建设可能于明年开始,2023年竣工,不过仍然没有宣布最终的预算。2011年对该项目的成本估计为至少180亿美元。There is little doubt Hong Kong’s government can afford the largess. Mr. Tsang estimated the budget surplus for the fiscal year that ends on March 31 at 64 billion dollars, up from his estimate of 9 billion dollars a year ago.毫无疑问,香港政府有能力负担这些费用。曾俊华估计,截至3月31日的财年,港府的预算盈余为640亿美元,高于他本人一年前估计的90亿美元。Repeated larger-than-anticipated surpluses have left the government with an embarrassment of riches. Fiscal reserves are now forecast to rise to 856 billion dollars by the end of March 2016, equal to 37 percent of gross domestic product. The reserves could cover 23 months’ worth of government expenditure.连续多年高于预期的预算盈余让港府积累了大量财富。预计香港的财政储备到2016年3月将增长到8560亿美元,相当于GDP的37%。这些储备可以负担23个月的政府出。That figure does not include excess reserves of 635 billion dollars in the Exchange Fund, which the government set up to backstop the local currency’s peg to the ed States dollar and which generates its own large surpluses.这个数字还不包括外汇基金(Exchange Fund)中储备的6350亿美元,港府设立这一基金是为了保障港币与美元挂钩的做法,与此同时,该基金本身则产生了大量盈余。“They are right to a certain extent to be putting money away for a rainy day, rather than just blowing it all in one go, because there’s always been the concern that the tax base here is very narrow,” said Charles Kinsley, a tax partner at KPMG China, based in Hong Kong.“把钱存起来以备不时之需,而不是一下子花完,这种做法有一定的合理性,因为一直有人担心,香港的税收基数太小,”毕马威中国(KPMG China)在香港的税务合伙人甘兆年(Charles Kinsley)说。Hong Kong’s tax rates are extremely low, at 15 percent for individuals and 16.5 percent for companies. On top of that, only 40 percent of Hong Kong’s work force pays salary tax, while only 10 percent of registered companies pay any tax on profits. Instead, the government relies heavily on profits from land sales and, more recently, temporary taxes on real estate transactions that were intended to cool the property market but have turned into money makers.香港的税率非常之低,个人需缴纳的税率为15%,企业为16.5%。此外,只有40%的香港劳动者缴纳薪俸税,10%的注册企业缴纳利得税。政府严重依赖土地销售带来的收益,以及不久前临时设立的房地产交易税。此举旨在为房地产市场降温,却成了一个主要的收入来源。Another more recent risk is Hong Kong’s growing ties to mainland China, where economic growth last year declined to its slowest pace in 24 years. Exposure to mainland interests accounted for only 10 percent of Hong Kong banking system assets in 2008, but that figure rose to about 40 percent as of mid-2014.另一个新近出现的风险是香港与中国内地日益强化的关系。去年,中国内地的经济增速降到了24年的最低水平。对内地的利率风险敞口仅占香港系统资产的10%,但这一数字在2014年中期增长到了40%左右。“Hong Kong is becoming increasingly integrated with the mainland economy, both through trade and financial linkages, which is kind of a double-edged sword,” said Mr. Colquhoun of Fitch.“通过贸易和金融关联,香港与内地经济的整合程度越来越高,这在某种程度上是一把双刃剑,”惠誉的高翰德说。“Being plugged into China in the long run is a structural positive and an overall competitive advantage for Hong Kong,” he said. “But in the shorter to medium term, China is going through a structural economic adjustment, and there are some risks in that for Hong Kong.”“融入中国内地经济从长期来看是一个结构上的积极因素,能带来整体上的竞争优势,”他说。“但从更短期和中期来看,中国正在经历一次经济结构调整,这对香港构成了风险。”Also Wednesday, Hong Kong government data showed that the city’s economy grew 2.3 percent last year, compared with 2013, in line with forecasts. The government expects growth of 1 percent to 3 percent this year, Mr. Tsang said.同样是在周三,港府的数据显示,这座城市的经济去年较2013年增长了2.3%,与预期相符。曾俊华说,政府预计今年的经济增幅将在1%到3%。 /201502/361297

Small investors fly blindly菜鸟乱入中国股市Many new investors piling into China#39;s stock market are rookies with little information whose enthusiasm for risky speculative trading is fueling rising concern that they might be hurt when the boom cools.涌入中国股市的很多新股民都是对股市知之甚少的菜鸟,他们对风险投机交易的狂热让业界越来越担忧:一旦牛市冷却,他们可能因此受伤。;It#39;s very common that investors do not even know what the companies in which they invest do. They do not care,; said Zhang Chi, a securities analyst in Shanghai. There is a common sentiment in which stock prices are driven more by policy changes than by economic fundamentals.上海券分析师张驰称:;这些股民甚至不知道他们投资的公司从事何种业务,这种现象很普遍。他们也并不在乎。;股市里弥漫的一种论调是——与经济基础相比,政策变化对股价的影响更大。;I bought shares almost without basis,; said a 54-year-old woman surnamed Huang.54岁的黄女士就表示:;我买股票几乎从来不看基本面。; /201506/380111

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