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When You Believe by Marich Careyamp; Whitney HoustonFeaturing Whitney Houston]Many nights we prayedWith no proof anyone could hearIn our hearts a hope a songWe barely understoodNow we are not afraidAlthough we know theres much to fearWe were moving mountainsLong bee we knew we could, whoa, yesThere can be miraclesWhen you believeThough hope is frailIts hard to killWho knows what miraclesYou can achieveWhen you believe somehow you willYou will when you believe[Mmmmmmmmmyeah]MmmyeahIn this time of fearWhen prayer so often proves in vainHope seems like the summer birdToo swiftly flown awayYet now Im standing hereMy hearts so full, I cant explainSeeking faith and speakin wordsI never thought Id sayThere can be miraclesWhen you believe (When you believe)Though hope is frailIts hard to kill (Mmm)Who knows what miraclesYou can achieve (You can achieve)When you believe somehow you willYou will when you believe[Hey][Ooh]They don't always happen when you askAnd its easy to give in to your fearsBut when you're blinded by your painCan't see the way, get through the rainA small but still, resilient voiceSays hope is very near, oh [Oh]There can be miracles (Miracles)When you believe (Boy, when you believe, yeah) [Though hope is frail]Though hope is frail [Its hard]Its hard to kill (Hard to kill, oh, yeah)Who knows what miraclesYou can achieve (You can achieve, oh)When you believe somehow you will (Somehow, somehow, somehow)Somehow you will (I know, I know, know)You will when you believe [When you](Ohoh)[You will when you](You will when you believe)[Oohoohooh][Oh...oh][When you believe][When you believe] 019399

Tennis Racket 网球拍Mr. Johnson Are you using you mower this afternoon?约翰逊先生:今天下午你准备用割草机吗? Mr.Smith Yes. 史密斯先生:是的Mr.Johnson Fine. Then can I borrow your tennis racket, since you wont be needing it 约翰逊先生:太好了既然您不用网球拍,那我可以借用一下吗?1.mowern.割草机;割草的人值得一提的是,它的中文音译是尔,相信提到尔,大家都不会陌生风靡一时的尔庄园记住尔,mower这个单词就不是问题了吧.borrowa.borrow是以借者为主体,从他人处借入、借进来某东西为己方所用虽是及物动词,但其后一般接的宾语为没有生命的物体(没听过有借人的)而不是人borrow 的是sth而非sb常用句式为:borrow sth from sb borrow sb sth(sb为形容词性物主代词,表示所有关系)b.lend则是以被借者为动作发出的主体,把某物借给他人,其后可以接双宾语,既可以是人也可以是物常用句式为:lend sb sth lend sth to sb3.tennis racketracket意思为球拍,一般指网球拍,或者壁球拍racquet也有同样的意思,美国人比较多用 369

The Rivals in Life生活中的对手1. The Jaguar is an endangered animal. It is said that currently, there are less than jaguars in the world. One of them is now living in the national zoo of Peru. In order to protect this jaguar, Peruvians singled out a pitch of land in the zoo it, where there are herds of cattle, sheep and deer the jaguar to eat. Anyone who has visited the zoo praised it to be a ;Heaven Jaguars;. However, strangely enough, no one has ever seen the jaguar prey on the cattle and sheep. What we could see is that it is lying in its house, eating and sleeping.美洲豹是一种濒临灭绝的动物,据说,目前世界上仅存不足只,其中有一只现在就生活在秘鲁的国家动物园里为了保护这只美洲豹,秘鲁人在动物园里单独为它圈出一块地来,且圈地中有成群的牛、羊、鹿供其食用用参观过豹园的人都惊叹地称这里是“美洲豹的天堂”然而,令人感到非常奇怪的是,没有人看见这只美洲豹去捕捉牛羊,唯一能见到的就是它躺在它的房里重复着吃与睡. Some people thought that the jaguar felt too lonely, so they collected money and rented a female jaguar to accompany it. Nonetheless, it did not make too much sense. The jaguar just sometimes went out of its house with its ;girlfriend; and stayed in the sun a while bee it came back to its house again.一些人认为肯定是美洲豹太孤独了,于是就集资从国外租来一只雌豹陪它生活然而此举并未带来多大改观,那只豹只是偶尔陪伴外来的“女友”走出豹房,到阳光下站一会儿,不久就又回到它的“卧室”;It is normal the jaguar to be lazy in this environment. The jaguar is the king of this piece of land, simply because there are only some small animals around him,that is why the jaguar shows no interest in going out. Why dont match you put two wolves or at least a jackal around him?; A visitor proposed.“在这种环境下,美洲豹不懒散才怪呢!它本是这片领地之王,你们在它周围放这么一群小动物,它怎么可能有兴趣走出来?为什么你们不放上两只狼呢,即使不放狼,至少也得放一只豺吧?”一位来此参观的人建议道3. Others all agreed with that, and put five panthers into the jaguars territory. Since then, the jaguar did not go back to its house anymore. It either stands on top of the hill roaring, or goes down from the hill strolling, without sleeping all day long. It did not eat the meat provided by the zoo staff and has totally gotten back to its nature.其他人都觉得他说得很有道理,就把5只黑豹送进了美洲豹的领地自那以后美洲豹就再没回过豹房它不是站在山顶长啸,就是从山上下来,在草地上逡巡游荡;它不再整日睡觉,也不再吃动物园管理员送来的肉,它彻底恢复了本性. Actually, this principle does not only apply to animals, but also applies to human beings. Here is another story: There was a rich man who was selecting a husband his only child amongst a multitude of pursuers. The man led all the pursuers to a river and pointed to the crocodiles in it, saying: ;Anyone who can swim across the river safe and sound will marry my daughter.; Those pursuers looked at each other and no one dared to take the initiative. At that moment, a man bravely plunged into the river and swam at a staggering speed to the other side. AII the people applauded his courage with a great sense of admiration. Nevertheless, the man, after landing on the bank, shouted angrily, ;Who pushed me into the river just now?;其实,这个原则不只适用于动物,也适用于人有这样一则故事:一个富人为其独生女儿选婿,而求婚者众多于是这个富人将所有的求婚者带到一条河边,指着河里的鳄鱼说道,“如果谁能够安全地游到对岸,我就会把我的女儿嫁给他”这些追求者们你看看我,我看看你,没有人敢跳进河里正在这时,突然有一个男子“扑通”一声很勇敢地跳了下去,然后以超乎寻常的速度游到对岸所有的人对这名勇气十足的男子投以钦佩和羡慕的目光没想到,这个男子上岸后,生气地大声问道:“刚才是谁把我推下河去的?”5. Maybe the man, after thinking of the whole process and the good consequence he was going to obtain, felt obliged to the one who pushed him into the river. It is fairly common that disadvantages will turn into advantages and mistunes into tunes! But many of us cannot manage to realize the significance our ;rivals; have to our success. Generally speaking, many people will see the one who ;pushes him into the river; as an opponent. However, if you think about it in a deeper sense, you will realize that it is also a blessing and opporty to have someone like that! It is the one who ;pushes you into the river; who makes you feel a sense of crisis and stimulates your ambition and desire to strive! You will resolve the crisis by eliminating all difficulties, and then progress to another stage of your life!或许那位男子在回头想想整件事情的经过后,会有很大的收获,也会很感谢那位推他下河的人把不利变有利,将坏事变好事,这样的例子在现实屡见不鲜但很少有人能认识到造成这个结果的那个“对手”在此之中所起的重要作用一般讲来,多数人都会把推他“下河”的人视做敌人,不过你只要往深处想想就会发现,这未尝不是一种福分、一种机遇有这样一个“推你下河”的人的存在,会促使你产生危机感,从而激发你更加旺盛的精神和斗志! 你会下定决心排除一切艰难险阻,在前行路上跃上一个更高的舞台!6. In our world, one creature without any rivals is a lifeless creature. If a man lives without rivals, he is bound to be satisfied with the present and will not strive the better. He would hold back bee all difficulties and decline in inaction and laziness. An adverse environment tends to cultivate successful people. Theree, your rivals are not your opponents or those you grudge. Instead, they are your good friends! In our lives, we need some rivals to ;push us into the river;, leaving us striving ahead in all difficulties and competitions. In our work, we need some rivals to be picky about us and supervise our work with rigorous requirements and standards. Due to our rivals, we can bring out our potential to the best; Due to our rivals, we will continuously promote our capabilities when competing with them!在这个优胜劣汰的世界,任何一种生物,假如没有了对手,必将变得死气沉沉假如一个人没有了对手,他就会变得安于现状,不思进取以后遇到困难,他会畏缩,最终在怠情和没落中消沉逆境往往造就成功,,对手不是你的敌人,而是你的挚友,你不必嫉恨他人生中,我们需要一些对手推自己“下河”让自己无论路遇多少艰难竞争,也会奋勇向前在工作中,我们需要一些对手,对自己百般挑剔,督促你发现不足,高标准,严要求有了对手,我们就会把自己的潜能发挥到极致;有了对手,我们就会在与对手的比拼中不断提高自身能力,站得更高更远! 33616 Umgwalagwala第六节 安瓜拉瓜拉A politician was out on the Indian reservation displaying his sympathy the oppressed Native Americans. He addressed a gathering of the people.一位政客抵达一处印第安人居留地向居住在该区被压迫的原住民表达他的关切之情他向一群民众发表演说The plight of your tribe has always been close to my heart,; said the politician.“我一直切身体会到你们的穷苦困境,”政客说;Umgwalagwala , ;responded the audience enthusiastically.“安瓜拉瓜拉!”群众热烈欢呼I shan t rest until greater efts are made on your behalf.“不为你们争取更多的福利,我个人绝不会松懈”;Umgwalagwala,; they responded more loudly.“安瓜拉瓜拉!”群众反应更为热烈;And I personally guarantee that you will all be accorded full and equal civil rights.;“此外我愿个人保你们将被赋予完全及公平的公民权利”;Umgwalagwala,; shouted the tribe.“安瓜拉瓜拉!”整个部落的人都叫喊起来The politician was pleased with his reception and asked a tour of the reservation. Soon, he and his guide were standing next to a fenced enclosure.对这样的接待,政客感到非常高兴,他要求游览该居留地,不久他和向导就走到一处封闭的篱笆围墙;And what is this used ?; asked the orator.“这是做什么用的?,’政客问道;oh, this empty now, but bee we keep bulls in here. ;“喔,现在空无一物,但以前我们在这里养牛”;I see,; said the visitor, and was planning to enter the enclosure.“原来如此,”政客说着准备进入篱笆内;Hey,you better not go in there,You likely step in a lot of umgwalagwala.;“嘿,你还是不要进去的好,否则你可能踩到很多的安瓜拉瓜拉” 391889

赫芬顿邮报:对于很多美国学生来说,现在又到了高中生申请大学的时间了,很多学生也开始纠结;上大学到底值不值得;.Huffington Post: This is the time of year when high school seniors apply to college, and some people start to consider whether college is worth the cost.People with college degrees continue to earn far more than people without them. And that college ;premium; keeps rising.Last year, Americans with four-year college degrees earned on average 98 percent more per hour than people without college degrees.In the early 1980s, graduates earned 6 percent more. So even though college costs are rising, the financial return to a college degree compared to not having one is rising even faster. 3795

Chicago Tribune: Bee taking a flight, many people would think about a question: what kind of stranger will I be sitting next to several hours? It could go well or horribly. You never know.However, it turns out that now, in a few cases, you can know.KLM Royal Dutch Airlines offers a program called Meet amp; Seat. It lets passengers share parts of their Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn profiles, see the profiles of other participants on their flight and choose seats next to someone who seems like good in-flight company.And the Quicket smartphone travel app recently introduced a Facebook check-in feature that lets users see who will be sitting next to them and, if those passengers have allowed it, link to their Facebook profiles. 38760

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