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Obviously,youve had many great successes in your career,but you are forever linked with Mary你的职业生涯中有许多伟大时刻 但你永远与玛丽·泰勒·尔联系在一起and a number of years ago you guys did this photo together and I have to ask you about it.几年前 你们一起拍了这张照片 我必须问问你This is not photoshopped.You and Mary Tyler Moore posed for this photograph in those outfits.这没经过PS 你和玛丽·泰勒·尔 穿着这身行头摆拍了这张照片In a manner of speaking.We did it as a couple of hoboes,which I love,like clowns.在某种意义上说 我们以流浪汉的形象拍了一张照片 我很喜欢 就像小丑一样And they said put on this outfit and I said what is this?他们说穿上这套衣 我问 这是什么We were going to do like a motorcycle thing.So I put on the outfit,Im not kidding.我们要拍一组机车照 于是我穿上了那套衣 我没开玩笑A motorcycle thing?yeah,so I thought were going to be on a bike or something.机车照 对 我以为我们要骑托车什么的And what was the ladys name,that famous photographer?I think is Annie Lebovitz.one of the greatest photographers of all time.那个姑娘叫什么来着 著名摄影师 安妮·莱维茨 有史以来最伟大的摄影师之一Ill get you for this Annie.They said just get on your knees a minute.Youre so naive.我会为这事找你的 安妮 他们说 你跪下一会 你好天真哦At what point does it dawn on you its not a motorcycle thing?I guess Im a motorcycle.Im going to change the oil on the motorcycle.你什么时候才意识到这不是机车照 我猜我是辆机车 我要给托车换机油I didnt get it till Mary jumped on my back with that whip.直到玛丽拿着鞭子跳到我背上 我才明白It seems like Mary knew what was going on.Yeah,Mary knows exactly whats going on.看样子玛丽知道这是怎么回事 对 玛丽清楚得很Oh,yeah,she knew.your face looks like I figure it out at one point.taking a long time to bring that motorcycle around.对 她知道 你的表情像在说 我在某一时刻才搞明白 那辆机车好久还没推来It will haunt me till the end of my days.Much more with Dick Van Dyke after these messages.这张照片会纠缠我到入土的那天 稍稍休息 继续采访迪克·范·戴克201610/471998You dont hear a lot of hot, danceable tracks about gentrification.But Detroit emcee/slam poet/teacher Mic Write writes ear worms about the citys evolution, his pride in its unsung neighborhoods, and how good it feels to disprove anyone who didnt expect much of a kid from the D.Heres a few youll put on repeat. H.O.M.E.S: The track that put him on the mapIf you know Mic Write aly (real name Chace Morris), its probably because of this song, featuring Doss the Artist. The s a love letter to what growing up in Detroit felt like for Morris, recalling all those years as a kid walking around rapping while wearing headphones.Sure, theres rage and abandonment and a lot of burned-out houses, but its also a sons love for the tree-lined, brick home neighborhoods of familiar people going about familiar lives.;Aint no big bad wolf, no hungry breath gonna Blow my heart down, give me home or give me death, uh.Thinking we built this thing from straw and sticks?Nah. Third-pig law: only build your love with bricks.;H.O.M.E.S wasnt a massive hit. It didnt make Morris famous.But it got him noticed, nationally, as one to watch.;Wait/Weight; gets even more personal Morris used the platform from H.O.M.E.S to keep developing his own voice: a brilliant, politicized, self-assured artist whos also willing to wade into his own weariness and vulnerability.;And I never lack for imperfections, serial procrastinator,Battle with depression. Slight insomniac, hypochondriac,Anxiety attacks are taxing, asking if Im dying, trying to relax.Just from living, steady testing the sobriety of blacks.; Morris says his newer sound is a little more polished, a little more experienced.;Yeah, and just tapping into what I really want to say, instead of what I think people want to hear.;He wrote a lot of poetry in high school, but Morris says he was too shy to actually rap anywhere other than his friends car – until he got to college.There, he and a bunch of guys in the same hall at Wayne State University put together a massive, ;Wu Tang-like clan,; Morris says.For their very first song, they sampled the strings solo from Hall and Oates ;Sara Smile.;;Its that part at the end, and its like the strings, they get real high and epic?; Morris laughs. ;We looped it, we rapped over it, and we thought it was the coldest song of all time in the history of hip hop!;So they did a fraternity show. Whole big group of guys, just one mic between them.;It was not great,; Morris smiles, shaking his head. ;No, it was not great.;But it was a start.Morris says he went into Wayne State studying optometry and planning to take over his godmothers practice someday – a steady, dependable future that made it hard to tell his family about his real hopes of becoming a poet and rapper.So he didnt.And it wasnt until they started ing about his shows in the paper that they figured it out. But by then, there were signs he might actually be able to make it.He started winning regional slam poetry titles. Metro Times named him one of Detroits best poets.In 2013, Kresge named him to one of their prestigious, selective Artist Fellowships.Now hes teaching creative writing in Detroit high schools through the InsideOut Literary Arts Project.Which is full circle, because in ;Wait/Weight,; Morris writes about some of the frustrations he faced as a kid in those schools.;High school English teacher labeled me a plagiarist,Black boy that write too well, look how good his paper is.;Morris says some of the students he has now, theyve internalized that perception about themselves, that theyre just not great students, not good writers.;Like, we might have had class maybe two months, and theyve maybe written one thing down the entire time, ; Morris says. ;But then in month four, out of nowhere, theyll just slide something to me and walk out of class. And itll be something, absolutely amazing. And itll be like, wait, where did this come from! Its like, what? What is this?;;Celibate; goes back to gentrification…but somehow in a fun way?One of his newest tracks, ;Celibate; is a throwback to his dancey stuff, the stuff that makes you roll the windows down.And like H.O.M.E.S, its about the changes longtime Detroiters are witnessing. ;Moved the tenants out the door, whitewashed overnight.Then they built them stores, too expensive to afford.Then they bought my block, then they changed that name.New identity apart from the place we come…;Morris says his fascination started when Cass Corridor was morphing into Midtown.;When I was first down there, I started seeing these coffee shops popping up, these new boutiques, I was like whooo this is NICE!; Morris says. ;Its like, Im gonna just spend money on this, I love this! This new life coming in, more and more people in that area walking around. Its like yeah, thats good!;Then, he says, his neighbors couldnt afford their rent.And he says coffee shops started telling him, ;Oh sorry, you cant sit there right now, this area has been reserved…;;And then I realized, like, you know when I saw Shinola popping up – oh this isnt for us. This is weird.This is like, ,000 bikes and 0 notebooks. Thats a market now,; says Morris. ;So its that type of erasure, where, I dont mind new things coming to the neighborhood or the city, thats great. Its just not having the consideration for what was aly there.; And Morris can write about that, that confusion and complexity, and somehow make it funny and angry and memorable.But mostly, he just makes you want to hit replay.201509/401582Ever-smaller offices紧缩的办公室Pressed suits正如缩水套装Feeling a bit cramped? Blame management theory挤?都是管理学惹的祸“PROJECT gold” and “Project Nexus” sound like plans for bank heists or military assaults. In reality, they are the names for KPMGs ongoing attempt to squeeze its 6,700Londonemployees into ever smaller spaces. Since 2006 the professional-services firm has reduced the number of offices it uses inLondonfrom seven to two. By the spring of 2015 everybody will be crammed into one building inCanaryWharf.“金牌项目”和“联通项目”听上去像是抢或军事打击的计划。事实上,这是毕马威公司计划中的项目名称,他们打算缩小全伦敦近6700名员工的工作空间。自2006年起,这家专业咨询公司-毕马威就把开设在伦敦的7家事务所减少到了2家。而到2015年春,所有员工都只能挤在伦敦金融区的一栋大楼里办公。According to data from the British Council for Offices (O), an industry club, the average office tenant now uses around 11 square metres per worker, 35% less than in 1997. A new building in Ludgate Hill, inLondons financial district, will allocate just eight square metres to each employee. In many offices, rows of “hot” desks have replaced individual offices and even cubicles. “Nowadays its almost frowned on to have your own office,” claims Nick Wentworth Stanley, of i2 Offices, a big serviced property firm.英国办公室协会是一家工业俱乐部,该协会的数据表明,现如今,普通写字楼的承租户分配给每名职员约11平方米,与1997年相比少了35%。在伦敦的金融区路德门山街,有一栋新落成的大楼,楼中每名雇员仅能分到约8平方米。在许多写字楼中,独立办公室甚至是小隔间代替了连排的公用办公桌。一家大型产权务公司i2 Offices的尼克·温特沃斯·斯坦利说“如今很难拥有自己的办公室了”Firms have long known that only about half of all desks are in use at any moment, as employees work odd hours or disappear to meetings, but it was difficult to fill the spares. Better IT systems now mean that people need not be tied to a particular desk. They need not even be in the office at all: as cloud computing and virtual offices take off, more people are working from home or from other places, further reducing the need for desks.许多公司很早就知道,由于雇员要倒班或者去开会,大约只有一半的办公桌一直处于使用状态,但是很难填补那些办公桌闲置的空当。更优化的信息系统意味着员工不必拘泥于某个特定的桌子。他们甚至都不必在办公室里:随着云计算与虚拟办公室的兴起,越来越多的人居家办公,或者在其他地方办公,这更加缩小了办公桌的用武之地。Aside from cheapness, there is a motive behind this squashing. Inspired bySilicon Valley, firms are trying to make their offices into “collaborative spaces”, where people bump into each other and chat usefully. KPMGs redesignedCanaryWharfoffices will include lots of “breakout spaces” where employees can relax, and quiet rooms where people can get away from hubbub, says Alastair Young, who is planning the move. He thinks this will both improve productivity and save money.除了追求低成本,“挤压”战略的背后还有一个动机。受硅谷启发,各公司正试图把自己的办公室变成“协同空间”,职员们可以随意地与他人会面并且有效地交流。计划搬迁的阿拉斯泰尔·杨说,毕马威重新设计过的伦敦金融区的写字楼还将包含许多的“超脱空间”,员工可以在那儿略作小憩,以及远离喧嚣的静音房。他认为这是提高生产力与节约成本的双赢战略。In this happy new world, offices are not just places to work but also a way of expressing corporate identity and a means of attracting and retaining staff. At the offices of Bain amp; Company, a management consultancy, inspirational es on walls help workers to identify with Bains brand, explains Sam Axtell, the companys operations director. Games rooms and relaxing spaces help them “release alpha waves”.在这个愉快的新时代,办公室已不仅仅是处理案牍之所,还是树立企业形象与吸引新员工、留住老员工的地方。贝恩是一家咨询管理公司,其运营主管萨姆·阿克斯特尔解释道,公司墙上的励志名言有助于员工认同本公司的品牌形象。游戏室与放松空间有助于员工“释放α波”(即“释放压力”)。This flummery has a practical consequence: it means more workers can be crammed into the middles of cities. Fewer firms now require suburban back offices, says Sandra Jones of Ramidus, a property consultancy. Between 2001 and 2012 the number of workers employed by large firms in Croydon, on the edge of London, declined by almost a quarter, to around 34,000. In Manchesterand Birmingham, too, new office jobs have been created in rejuvenated city centres at the expense of suburbs. This may be one reason commutes are lengthening.这样的道貌岸然导致一个很实际的后果:这意味着在城市中心会挤入更多的职员。地产咨询公司Ramidus的桑德拉·琼斯称,如今越来越少的企业还要地处郊区的办公楼。在伦敦郊区,大型公司Croydon的职员在2001年至2012年间少了近四分之一,目前为止还剩约34000人。曼彻斯特和伯明翰的情况类似,重建后的老城中心取代了郊区创造了新的工作岗位。这也许是上下班时间变长的原因之一。Not everyone is delighted by the rise of cramped hot desks. At Broadcasting House, the Bs new offices inLondon, a shortage of good desks has led to frantic morning scrambles. A manager at a financial firm in the City complains that since his firm redesigned its office, there are only enough phones for one between two. KPMG has seen crushes at lifts and in the canteen; the crowds have also put pressure on the air-conditioning system.并不是每个人都对拥挤的公用办公桌的数量上升感到满意。伦敦的广播大厦是B新的办公楼,高质量办公桌的短缺直接导致了早晨慌乱的“抢桌大战”。伦敦某金融公司的经理抱怨道,自从公司重新设计了其办公室后,办公室电话只够一两个人使用。毕马威公司已经领略了电梯和餐厅满当当的人群;人群还给空调系统施加了巨大的压力。A modest backlash is under way, in an unexpected quarter. Googles new offices in Kings Cross will have all sorts of collaborative space. But workers will still get their own private desks. Where that company leads, others tend to follow.温和反弹正以一个让人意想不到的方式进行。谷歌在国王十字街的新办公楼会涵盖各种协同空间。但员工仍将拥有自己的私人办公桌。但无论谷歌走向何方,他人还将亦步亦趋。译者 周雨晴 校对 卫婷婷译文属译生译世 /201509/400717

So, what did you do with that money?I donated it back to my school.那你是怎么处理这笔钱的 我把它捐给了我的学校You gave all the money back to you school. -Yeah.你把钱全部捐给了学校 -是的So,My, youre, I mean, youre struggling to pay your own bills.那 天呐 你 你自己都入不敷出And you gave all of that money, you didnt keep a little bit of it.你却把所有的钱都捐了 你一点儿都没留You gave it all to the school. -No.My kids are just amazing.你全部捐给了学校 -对 我的学生们都很棒I, they are hardworking and loving,and everyday they come to school,他们勤奋 有爱 每天他们来上学they give me hundred percent of themselves.都百分百投入You know 90% of our kids are low-income,Um, some of them are homeless,我们九成的孩子都来自低收入家庭 甚至有一些孩子无家可归They just have such challenge and adversities.and they deserve so much.他们有太多的艰辛和不幸 他们理应获得更多And this is just like a little bit what I could give them.这只是我所能给他们的一点点帮助But you, you, you are not even, en.thats not where you stop但是 你 你并不仅仅 你做的远远不止这些So there is a little boy who was acting out in class, right?有个小男孩在班上捣乱 对吧And, you say, um, tell everyone what you did.然后 你说 告诉大家你做了什么So I have a little who was little misbehaving,我班上有个小男孩有点淘气So I kind of bribed him, um,and said, you know, if you have a couple good weeks,所以我就贿赂他说 如果你连续几周表现良好and of your good behavior and Ill take you out to dinner.我就请你吃晚饭奖励你 /201512/418822

To all of you,thank you so much.谢谢你们 谢谢Ah,this is it.Is it good to be back?Its good to be back,yes.噢 就是这种感觉 回来的感觉好吗 是的 感觉太好了And welcome back to you,Tony.We missed you.Thank you,yes,I was away.欢迎你回来Tony 我们非常想你 谢谢 我的确离开了一段时间You were away,and now you are back.Im so glad.You missed the first show.是的 重要的是你现在回来了 我太开心了 可惜你错过了首映秀I did.I saw somethings,though.Did you see something?Yes,hahaha没错 不过我可没错过某些东西呀 你看到一些东西吗 是的 哈哈哈You didnt see what I saw.No,what did you see?No one saw what I saw你肯定没看到我看到的 那是 你看到了什么 没人看到我看到的Ashton was very revealing,I could say that.That was before the interview.可以这么说 Ashton非常具有启发性 那发生在访谈之前You know,I knew something was gonna happen.我当时就有预感会发生一些事情Ashton is a friend,and we were shooting this cold open,its a tape piece before the show startsAshton是我的朋友 我们在拍一段影片 是节目的开场VCRHe had the robe on and I said Im really frightened of what is about to happen right now他身上穿着浴袍 我告诉他我很害怕接下来要发生的事情And he said you should be frightened and that sit by my mother,my mother is sitting in the room.You do know that,right他说你应该感到害怕 要知道 当时我妈妈就坐在旁边 在那个房间里 你知道我妈妈也在 对吗He didnt care,so he went ahead and did it anyway他根本不在乎 所以他还是做了他想做的事And he surprised me,he surprised the camera guy,he surprised the sound guy,every one in the control room他让我吃惊 让摄像师吃惊 让音效师吃惊 他让控制室里所有人都吃了一惊But mostly he surprised my Mama,I mean more than anything.My Mama,my poor Mama但最主要的 他让我妈妈吃了一大惊 我可怜的妈妈And I wanna show you something that was not on the show.Its not the unpixelated version,dont worry,we cant show that现在我给你们看一些上次没播出的东西 放心 不是拿掉马赛克的版本 我们播不了那段But we did two takes,and heres part of one of the takes that did not air我们当时录了两个版本 这是未播出过的版本 /201610/471481

Oh yeah I didnt know that Yeah, no, weve never swim together No我确实有 我并不知道 是的 我们从没一起游过泳 -没有but you have but so but yeah I know when I was five,但你 我记得 我五岁的时候I was, we had a circular swimming pool that my dad built into the ground,我爸爸修了个圆形的地下游泳池so it was not the one to climb up into it.不是那种攀爬式的And I basically was riding my tricycle around the pool,我在泳池周围骑着脚踏车I just I dont know, I just took a wrong turn,and I went into the pool.不知道为什么 我转错了方向 掉进了泳池里And I was sort of panic and kind of just sunken and I didnt think let it go.我当时吓坏了 不断在下沉 我也没想到要松手So you are not a bright child. No, I was a very dumb child.所以你小时候不是很聪明 对 我小时候蠢哭了Its a shame.But my brother right and dove in and got me out of the pool.太丢脸了 好在我哥跳进泳池把我救了出来But I have this, its like a Pavlov in thing when I go under.我一下水似乎就会有阴影I just, so I had to do There is a scene where I I hold on to all of this weighs.有一次 一个场景是 我抓住一些重物And I decided Im gonna try to just off myself.决定这样自杀 /201512/417030

Life in Los Angeles天使之城的生活Vans of the rich and gridlocked堵在路上的富豪座驾Vehicles that make waiting in traffic a pleasure个性化座驾让堵在路上成为一种享受“I HATE driving in Los Angeles—the traffic makes you want to shoot yourself,” says Dr Dre, a rapper. So he buys wheels from Becker Automotive Design, a Californian firm that customises rides for the rich and gridlocked. His latest purchase is a stretched Cadillac Escalade with a flat-screen television and a digital system that allows him to browse his home film library in the car. “I like to close the curtains, relax and watch Martin Scorsese films,” says Dr Dre.“我讨厌在洛杉矶开车,交通堵塞简直能把人逼死”说唱歌手德利说道。因此他从贝克汽车设计公司购买汽车。这家位于加利福尼亚的公司专门为堵在路上的富豪提供个性化的座驾。德利最近新入一辆加长凯迪拉克凯雷德,新车配有液晶显示超薄电视机,另安装了一个能让他在车里观看他家所有电影的数字系统。德利称“我喜欢拉上窗帘,观看马丁·斯科塞斯的电影放松”。Todd Doney, a property broker, used to spend three or four hours a day stuck behind the wheel of his Bentley. Now he spends that time talking to clients on the telephone, returning e-mails, and going over documents. His chauffeur-driven car is, in effect, a tricked-out mobile office. “I feel like Im beating the system because I can work while everyone else is stuck in traffic,” he says.托德·多尼是一个房产经纪人,过去经常几乎每天有3-4小时是困在他的宾利轿车中。现在,他利用那部分时间与客户进行电话洽谈。回复邮件或查看文件。实际上,他那带司机的轿车已经成为特别装潢的移动办公室。他说,“我觉得我就想是赚了制度空子的人,因为当其他人被交通拥堵所困的时候我却在工作”。For three years in a row, congestion in Los Angeles has been the worst in America. That is good news for Howard Becker, the founder of Becker Automotive. He began his business in the 1970s, installing sound systems for the Beverly Hills glitterati. Today, he customises cars and vans for clients such as Mark Wahlberg, an actor, and King Abdullah of Jordan.连续3年,洛杉矶的拥堵状况已经成为全美最严重的。然而,这对贝克汽车公司的创始人霍华德·贝克来说这是一个好消息。他的事业初创于20世纪70年代,当时他的公司为比佛利山庄的上层人士安装音响系统。如今,他为像演员马克·沃尔伯格和约旦国王阿布杜拉这样的顾客改造轿车和箱式货车。The vans take up to seven months to complete and come with such features as touch-screen computers, wireless Internet, cable TV, seats for half a dozen people, bathrooms—and, in one case, an exercise bicycle welded to the floor so the owner could work out.改装箱式货车总共需要7个月,改造后的汽车会装有触屏电脑、无线网络、有线电视、六座座椅、洗手间。有些人也会要求焊接一辆健身自行车,这样便于车主健身。Becker cars are not cheap: they range from 150,000 for a basic rolling palace to more than 500,000 for an armoured one. (These are apparently popular in the Middle East and Africa, where security is a priority, as well as with nervous celebrities.) On the inside, Mr Beckers cars can be as opulent as you like, but most customers prefer the outside to be understated. If you are a star stuck in traffic, it is unwise to advertise the fact. Who wants to be mobbed by fans on the freeway?贝克的改装车并不便宜:它们的价格在15-50万美元间波动,15万是基本款型的移动办公室,而50万的则是配有装甲安全系统的移动办公室。(显然后者在中东和非洲极受欢迎,在那里,安全第一。当然也不乏那些神经敏感的名人会选择这种座驾。)贝克车内的装潢,可以极尽顾客的奢华要求,但是大多数的顾客更喜欢车子外观低调。倘若你是一名身陷交通拥堵的明星,相信你不会愚蠢地自我暴露,让自己在高速公路被粉丝包围。Two decades ago in “Let me ride”, Dr Dre boasted that his car had “16 switches” and “sounds for the bitches”, adding that he was “clockin all the riches”. Today, nearly 50 years old and worth 800m, he no longer feels the need to show off. “When I was younger, I wanted Ferraris and Bentleys and Rolls Royces,” he says. “But now, Im beyond that. I just want to sit in the back of the car and relax.”在20年前的汽车广告“搭我的车”里,说唱演员德利自诩他的车有16个交换器,有爱玩的女生喜欢的音乐,吹牛他已经跻身富豪圈。今天,已年近50,身价8亿美元的他再也没有必要炫耀了。他说“我年轻的时候想要法拉利、宾利和劳斯莱斯,但是现在,我已经超越了,我只想坐在车后休息。”译者:占文英译文属译生译世 /201502/359500

Our first guests hands down one of the funniest comedians around this weekend.我们的第一位嘉宾是本周 最受瞩目的喜剧演员And shes hosting the 2015 MTV Movie Awards.她即将主持2015美国MTV电影大奖Please welcome the fantastic Amy Schumer.下面有请艾米?舒默How are you?Good You know we did no see that coming at all.最近怎么样 很不错 没想到你跳了段舞蹈Its a surprise to everybody. Its even to you, maybe.让大家都受惊了 你自己也没想到吧Including myself, yes. You did not know youll do it.对 我也没想到我会来这么一出 你自己也没想到你会这么跳Wow. So, uh, hi.Hi. Hows the...The poster doing, that we gave you?哇 嗨 嗨 那个 我们给你的那个海报怎么样了Well, I realize when I got home that it was a hustle hustle gift.我回到家的时候 我发现那份礼物太拥挤了What!? Its you got me that that portrait and I live in Manhattan.什么 你给了我那幅肖像画 我住在曼哈顿So my apartment is the size of this chair.所以我的公寓差不多和这椅子差不多大So it takes up my whole apartment.Oh, no. Yeah.所以基本上占据了我整个公寓了 不会吧 对Why dont you move here?Then youd have a bigger place.为什么不搬来这里生活 那样公寓就大一点了Do you like it here?But... I mean I dont fit in here.你喜欢这里吗 是 但是我不适合这里Just look straight body type and I got to let my arms register as legs,看看我这的身材 我的胳膊和腿就跟长反了一样and it just like...Why is that octopus on sunset? Is that...看起来就像 看那个夕阳下的章鱼Its not for me out there. No.Its not. You know. No, but...这里不适合我 不吗 真不适合 不 但是What do you do when youre here?I cry.Okay.I just sit in my room,balling, no, I..你在这能干什么 哭 好吧 我就坐在房间里 缩成一团 /201603/429302

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