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新疆医科大学附属医院玻尿酸隆鼻多少钱石河子去额头上的皱纹价格乌鲁木齐整形美容医院整形美容中心激光祛痘多少钱 The FIFA World Cup has been blamed for a multitude of sins, but banks say draining Macau#39;s casino takings is not one of them.世界杯被指有无数宗罪,但从业人士表示,抢走的收入并不在其列。Prior to the start of the tournament last month, analysts at investment banks -- perhaps with their minds turning towards the subject of football instead of their spsheets -- had speculated that the World Cup would sap numbers of gamblers in Macau.上个月世界杯开赛之前,投行分析师曾猜测世界杯会造成赌客人数减少。当时分析师们可能满脑子想的都是足球这个话题,而不是财务表格。Sure enough, gross gaming revenues fell for the first time in five years during June. Takings declined 3.7% to 27.2bn Macau patacas compared with a year earlier, according to data from the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau released on Monday.确实,6月份总收入出现五年来的首次下滑。据监察协调局(Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau)周一发布的数据显示,收入下滑至272亿澳元,较上年同期下降3.7%。Does the dip in gambling revenues during the month of the tournament prove that football is the determining factor? Far from it, says Barclays. Instead, it#39;s the fall in numbers of high-rollers -- a trend which preceded the start of the World Cup - that#39;s really to blame.世界杯当月收入下滑,这是否明足球是其中的决定性因素?据巴克莱(Barclays)称,远非如此。真正的原因是豪赌客人数减少,这一趋势在世界杯开赛之前就已经出现。The high-spending VIP segment is tightly fought over by Macau#39;s casinos, which have tie-ups with junket-operators to entice greater numbers of wealthy gamblers and may even offer lines of credit.的激烈争夺一掷千金的VIP业务。的与中介人合作,吸引更多的有钱赌客,甚至可能向其提供信贷额度。The bank believes the main factor driving the revenue slump comes from the VIP segment, which it estimates has seen #39;double-digit percentage declines#39; as part of a trend that has been #39;visible since April#39;.巴克莱认为,造成收入下滑的主要原因在于VIP业务。巴克莱估计VIP业务收入的百分比降幅为两位数,这是4月份以来呈现出来的趋势的一部分。#39;Mass revenues might have seen a marginal slowdown due to the impact from the World Cup, but we expect little impact and the impact to only be transient,#39; Barclays says.巴克莱表示,大众业务收入可能因世界杯的影响而出现微幅下滑,但预计几乎不会带来什么冲击,即便有冲击,也是暂时的。Standard Chartered agrees, arguing that the number of gamblers filling Macau casino floors -- and the amount they are prepared to gamble -- are more closely linked to the ebbs and flows of credit availability in the wider economy.渣打(Standard Chartered)同意这一看法,认为的赌客数量(以及他们愿意投入的赌资)与整体经济中的信贷投放涨落密切相关。Faster loan growth tends to filter through to stronger casino revenues with a six-month time lag, the bank says. That may reflect gamblers feeling more content to fritter away their earnings at the baccarat tables as the economy improves.渣打称,更快的信贷增长往往会滞后六个月才能渗透转化为的更强劲收入。这可能反映出,在经济改善的时候,赌客们更愿意在赌台上挥霍自己赚的钱。#39;Our call at the beginning of the year [was that] consensus estimates on gross gaming revenues were way too high and that credit tightening in China was going to feed through -- and it has,#39; said Erwin Sanft, Standard Chartered#39;s head of Hong Kong and China research.渣打负责香港和中国内地研究的桑夫特(Erwin Sanft)说,我们今年年初的看法是,有关整体收入的一致估计过高,且中国内地信贷收紧将会产生影响,事实也的确如此。The bank thinks casino stocks -- which have fallen around 14% year-to-date compared with a largely flat Hang Seng Index - now look attractive, as China#39;s incremental efforts to ease companies#39; access to credit add up to a big effect on the broader economy.渣打认为,类股现在颇具吸引力,因中国内地放宽企业信贷渠道的渐进举措累加起来对整体经济产生了很大的影响。类股今年迄今下跌了14%左右,而恒生指数大致持平。#39;Gross gaming revenues will remain weak in the next couple of months, and certainly going into the fourth quarter we#39;d expected things to start to improve again,#39; Mr Sanft added.桑夫特补充说,未来几个月整体收入仍将保持疲弱,而进入第四季度后我们无疑将期待形势开始再次改善。Casino share prices have surged in trading today, after the People#39;s Bank of China moved to ease loan-to-deposit limits for Chinese banks on Monday. Galaxy Entertainment Group Ltd (0027.HK) gains 2.8% to HK.75 and Sands China Ltd (1928.HK) is up 1.8% to HK.60 at midday.类股周三飙升,之前中国央行周一出台政策放宽中资的存贷比限制。周三午盘,集团有限公司(Galaxy Entertainment Group Ltd.)涨2.8%,至63.75港元,金沙中国有限公司(Sands China Ltd.)涨1.8%至59.60港元。 /201407/309869Pope Francis was greeted by Bolivian President Evo Morales when he arrived Wednesday on the second leg of his three-nation tour of his home continent of South America.教宗方济各星期三抵达玻利维亚,莫拉莱斯总统前往机场欢迎。玻利维亚是教宗南美三国之行的第二站。The pontiff told a crowd of thousands who gathered at the airport in the capital of La Paz that Bolivia ;is making important steps towards including broad sectors in the country#39;s economic, social and political life.;教宗方济各对聚集在玻利维亚首都拉巴斯机场的数千名欢迎民众说,玻利维亚在鼓励各个阶层参与国家的经济、社会和政治生活方面正取得重要的进展。Mr. Morales said the visit of the Argentinean-born pope represents support for the ;liberation; of the Bolivian people. Relations between Bolivia#39;s Catholic Church and the Bolivian government became strained after Mr. Morales, the country#39;s first indigenous leader, first took office in 2006, but have improved since Francis#39;s election in 2013.莫拉莱斯总统说,在阿根廷出生的教宗访问玻利维亚,表明教宗持玻利维亚人民的“解放”。莫拉莱斯是玻利维亚第一位原住民总统。他2006年就任后,玻利维亚天主教会和政府间的关系出现紧张,但2013年方济各出任罗马天主教教宗之后,关系有所改善。The pope later traveled into La Paz for talks with Mr. Morales and other political and civic leaders. During the trip, Francis stopped his motorcade at the spot where the body of Jesuit priest Luis Espinal was found in 1980 after he was arrested and tortured by Bolivian paramilitary squads.教宗方济各在拉巴斯与莫拉雷斯总统和市府其他市政领导人进行了交谈。教宗车队在1980年耶稣会牧师埃斯皮纳尔的尸体被发现的地方做短暂停留。埃斯皮纳尔当年被玻利维亚准军事部队逮捕,并遭酷刑。 /201507/384968乌鲁木齐痤疮手术价格

乌鲁木齐医院全身美白The first novel I really fell in love with I rescued from being used as toilet paper.我真正喜欢上的第一本小说差点用作了厕纸,是被我抢救回来的。When I was a teenager, growing up during China’s Cultural Revolution, our ing list was extremely limited. We weren’t allowed to anything that was “feudalist,” “capitalist” or “revisionist.” That meant all classical Chinese poetry and fiction; all Western literature; all writing from our treacherous rival, the Soviet Union. Nobody told us specifically what we could . But the ingenious thing about Chairman Mao’s commandments was that when you subtracted all the books that were objectionable — backward, bourgeois, tainted by religious thought, adulterated by wrongheaded Soviet ideas — that cut out pretty much the entire literary legacy of the human race.我十几岁的时候,中国正值“文化大革命”,我们能读到的东西非常有限。任何“封建主义”、“资本主义”和“修正主义”的东西都不能读,这就意味着所有中国古典诗词和小说、西方文学,以及来自闹翻的对手——苏联的文学作品都不能碰。没有人告诉我们能读什么。但是毛主席的戒律的高明之处就在于,剔除所有不受欢迎的内容——落后的、小资的、涉及宗教思想的、掺有错误苏联思想的——人类的整个文学遗产几乎一点不剩了。I was 15 and had just started to in earnest when I arrived on Xipei Rubber Plantation in southern China, on the island of Hainan. Like most well-off city kids, I was coming to the countryside to be “re-educated” through agricultural labor. I came voluntarily; with my entire family either scattered or behind bars for political reasons, there wasn’t much left for me in my hometown, Guangzhou. My luggage consisted of two wooden crates containing my father’s collection of Chinese classics, which I’d rescued after my house was ransacked. I couldn’t them, though — not because they were forbidden, but because the form of Chinese in which they were written was too antiquated for me to understand.那年我15岁,来到海南岛的西培橡胶农场,刚刚开始喜欢上读书。和大多数家境良好的城市孩子一样,我来到农村干农活,接受“再教育”。我是自愿前来的,因为政治原因,我的家人不是分散各地,就是进了监狱。家乡广州已经没有什么值得留恋。我的行李里有两个木质板条箱,里面装着父亲收集的中国古典文学,是我家被抄家时抢救下来的。不过我还没法去读它们,不是因为它们是禁书,而是因为它们是用文言文写的,我还看不懂。I was a bookish kid with almost no books to . When my work squad took breaks from watering rubber saplings, I hid in the shade of the rubber trees, out of the pounding tropical heat, and leafed through my dad’s old books. Shrimpy, bespectacled, the youngest kid in the unit — and worst of all, the child of counterrevolutionaries — I was immediately singled out for punishment by the older city boys, those who would have been in high school if the schools hadn’t been closed down. They pried open my boxes, stole my stuff, put water in my kerosene lamp so the oil would explode when I tried to light it, keeping me from ing at night.我是一个爱读书的孩子,但却无书可读。每当我们的劳动小组完成了灌溉橡胶树苗的工作,可以休息片刻的时候,我就躲进橡胶树荫,远离热带的酷暑,翻看父亲的旧书。我是单位里年龄最小的孩子,戴着眼镜,佝偻着身子——最糟的是,还出身于反革命家庭——就这样,我很快被那些城里来的大男孩们拎出来欺侮,如果当时学校没有关门,他们本应在上高中的。他们撬开我的箱子,偷走我的东西,往我的煤油灯里倒水,在我点灯的时候,煤油就会爆炸,这样我就在夜里没法看书了。Then, one morning, as I was preparing to go to work, I saw a thick wad of paper nailed to a door with a heavy metal spike. It was a novel by Liu Qing, and it was called “To Build a New Life.”后来的一天早晨,我正要去干活,看到有扇门上用一粗大的钉子钉着厚厚一摞纸。那是柳青的小说,名叫《创业史》。The older boys liked to steal books from the shuttered plantation library and pin them to their doors, so they could tear off pages to use as bathroom tissue when they went to the latrine. Plucking up my courage, I knocked on the door:年纪大的男孩们喜欢从当时已经关门的农场图书馆偷书,把它们钉在自己的门上,上厕所时就撕下几张来当厕纸。我鼓起勇气敲响了那扇门。“Can I have that?” I asked.“这个能给我吗?”“Only if you find something else I can wipe myself with,” the boy replied.“那你给我找点别的东西擦屁股,”那个男孩回答。The leader of my work squad was a man named Hong Dejiang, one of the better-educated of the local laborers. With an elementary-school education, he could at a basic level. Hong saw that I was hardworking and liked books. I asked him if he had any paper I could trade. After carefully removing all the pictures of Mao from a copy of Red Flag magazine — we’d have gotten in trouble if we were found using the chairman’s image as toilet paper — Hong tore up the remaining pages and gave them to me so I could swap them for the book.我的劳动小组的组长叫洪德江(音译),是受过较好教育的本地人之一。他上过小学,有最基本的阅读能力。他知道我干活卖力,又喜欢书。我就问他有没有什么纸可以让我拿去交换。洪找来一本《红旗》杂志,小心翼翼地把上面所有毛主席像都撕扯下来——在那个时候,如果有人发现你用毛主席像当厕纸就会有麻烦——把剩下的纸页给了我,让我去换那本书。After that, Hong let me move my desk into his own quarters — a single room less than 10 feet square, occupied mostly by the bed on which his family slept — and lent me his own small kerosene lamp. Every evening after supper, after bathing by the well, I’d go quietly to his room and for an hour or two. Then, when the whole family had fallen asleep and my eyes had started to smart from ing by dim lamplight, I’d slip outside, closing the door gently behind me.后来,洪让我把我的桌子搬进他的房间,那是个不到10平方英尺的单间,他全家人都睡在上面的那张床占了大部分空间。他还把自己的小煤油灯借给我。每天吃完晚饭,在井边洗完澡,我都会悄悄到他的房间里去读一两小时的书。等到他全家人进入梦乡,我的眼睛也开始因为在昏暗的灯光下阅读而酸痛时,我就会悄悄走出去,轻轻关上房门。My real education began in that room. After ing three or four other books that I saved from a similar fate, I moved on to the copies of Balzac and Turgenev that some of the city kids were circulating secretly among themselves. We all knew who the other would-be intellectuals were. To avoid getting caught, people would tear the covers off books. I first 19th-century classics like “Eugénie Grandet” or “Le Père Goriot” in these faceless editions. Before long I was tackling tougher material: Tolstoy’s “Anna Karenina” and Cao Xueqin’s “Dream of the Red Chamber,” which my dad had kept in a locked drawer at home and whose three volumes I’d paged through yearningly as I was just learning to .我真正的教育就是在这个房间里开始的。读过三四本遭受类似命运、被我救下来的书之后,我便开始阅读一些城里孩子们私下流传的巴尔扎克和屠格涅夫的书。我们这些自诩有知识的人彼此都互相认识。当时人们会把书的封面撕下来,以防被抓到。我第一次读到《欧也妮·葛朗台》(Eugénie Grandet)、《高老头》(Le Père Goriot)等19世纪的经典作品,都是这种没有封面的书。不久后我又开始读更难的书籍:托尔斯泰的《安娜·卡列尼娜》、曹雪芹的《红楼梦》,在家里的时候,父亲把《红楼梦》藏在一个锁着的抽屉里,如今我如饥似渴地阅读着这部三卷本的巨著,就好像刚刚学会读书一样。I lent my father’s books around the countryside, trading them for other ones I wanted to . Ten years later, when I came back from Hainan to go to university, my father picked me up on the pier. One of the first sentences out of his mouth was, “Did you bring back my books?” I did. I brought back the entire set.在农村,我把父亲的书借出去换回自己想读的书。十年后,我从海南回到家乡上大学,父亲来到码头接我。一见我就说:“我的书你带回来了吗?”我带回来了,整套书我都带回来了。 /201503/362996博乐市哪家割双眼皮比较好 The fast-food chain Burger King will largely discontinue its so-called Satisfries after the low-calorie french-fry alternative failed to win over consumers.低卡路里炸薯条迟迟未能赢得消费者的芳心,快餐连锁店汉堡王(Burger King)因此将大规模停售低脂薯条(Satisfries)。Poor sales for the crinkle-cut variety, which promised 40% less fat and 30% fewer calories than their classic cousins, did them in, according to a Bloomberg report. About two-thirds of the company’s stores in the U.S. and Canada are aly phasing out the product.据彭社(Bloomberg)报道,低迷的销量是这款食品被放弃的主要原因。低脂薯条是波纹薯条的一种,但其所含脂肪比经典款低40%,卡路里也减少了30%。在美国和加拿大,汉堡王有三分之二的门店正在逐步停止销售这款产品。Satisfries were launched with much fanfare in September as a way to boost the company’s sales and attract diners who preferred to eat healthier options. The company characterized it as “one of the biggest fast food launches,” a particularly bold claim as peers like McDonald’s and Wendy’s fiercely compete by rolling out new twists on classic products such as burgers with jalapeno peppers or pretzel buns. (The chains are also competing in less savory ways.)去年九月份,为了刺激销售和吸引更注重健康饮食的消费者,汉堡王大张旗鼓推出了低脂薯条。公司将其描述为“规模最大的快餐产品上市”,这是非常大胆的言论,因为竞争对手麦当劳(McDonald’s)和温蒂汉堡(Wendy’s)也纷纷在经典食品上推出新花样,例如加入墨西哥辣椒的汉堡和贝索餐包等。(这些连锁店也在用好吃之外的方式竞争。)The fry saga is hardly over for the company, though. On Tuesday, the company announced the revival of its Chicken Fries, which first launched in 2005.但汉堡王的薯条冒险远未结束。周二,汉堡王宣布重新推出“炸鸡条”(Chicken Fries),该产品曾于2005年首次上市。 /201408/323638伊宁市固体硅胶隆鼻价格

图木舒克丰胸医院哪家好 South Korean military divers worked into darkness Wednesday to search for close to 300 people missing after a ferry sank near the country#39;s southwest coast, in what many fear will become one of the nation#39;s worst passenger-ship disasters.为了寻找在客轮事故中失踪的近300人,韩国潜水兵周三一直工作至天黑。此前这艘客轮在韩国西南海岸附近沉没,许多人担心这起事件将成为韩国最严重的客轮事故之一。Most of those missing are 16- and 17-year-old students from a high school near Seoul who were headed for a spring vacation, officials said. Murky waters and fast currents hampered the search for people as ships and aircraft scoured the area during the day.官员们说,大部分失踪者是首尔附近一所中学16、17岁的学生,当时这些学生正在赶赴春假活动。当天船只和飞机在相关区域展开搜索,而浑浊的海水和急流却妨碍了搜救活动。As the day unfolded, a drama that played out on national television took on increasingly nightmarish proportions. Parents of the students on the trip said they were initially informed by the coast guard that all had been rescued. Later, local media reports said most of them were safe, but by evening it became clear that just 75 of the 325 students who were on board were among the rescued.随着时间的推移,国家电视台的相关报道越来越悲观。船上学生的家长们说,最初海岸警卫队告诉他们所有学生都已获救,随后地方媒体报道称多数学生安全,但到了晚上,情况才变的清楚――船上325名学生中只有75人获救。There were 462 passengers and crew on board. Four people were confirmed dead, coast guard officials said, and at least 174 were rescued.这艘客轮载有462名乘客和船员。海岸警卫队官员说,目前有四人确认死亡,至少有174人获救。The passenger ferry was traveling to the resort island of Jeju from a port near Seoul when it flipped over and sank in just two hours. The cause of the disaster wasn#39;t clear.这艘船是在从首尔附近的一个港口驶向济州岛途中发生倾覆,并在两小时内沉没。目前还不清楚事故原因。The ship sent out a distress signal around 9 a.m. local time close to the island of Jindo, off the southwest coast of the peninsula, where it capsized.当地时间上午9点前后,客轮在朝鲜半岛西南海域的珍岛附近(发生倾覆的地点)发出求救信号。Survivors spoke of a loud thumping sound and then a sudden lurch by the boat to one side. #39;Students were tumbling in all directions,#39; survivor Kim Hong-kyong, 58, told South Korea#39;s Yonhap News.幸存者说在一声巨响后,船突然向一侧倾斜。58岁的幸存者Kim Hong-kyong对韩国联合通讯社说,学生朝着各个方向摔倒。Teams of divers searched the ship in relays as concerns rose that many of the passengers and crew may have been caught in the vessel as it rolled over. Only a small part of the bow of the ship remained above the waterline.潜水队轮换对这艘船进行搜救,人们愈发担忧客轮倾覆时许多乘客和船员可能被困在船内。目前这艘客轮只有船头的一小部分还露在水面上方。In the initial rescue effort, from local TV stations showed South Korean navy forces clambering across the walls of the ship as it lay on its side, pulling passengers through hatches and windows. Helicopters lifted survivors away.当地电视台播放的画面显示,在最初的救援过程中,韩国海军在客轮一侧沉入水中时爬过船舷将乘客从舱口和窗内拽出来,并用直升机将他们救走。Other passengers emerged from the ship after it had almost fully rolled over near the waterline and scrambled onto small boats. Air escaping from the sinking ship created a huge spray.其他乘客在客轮几乎完全倾覆后出现在客轮吃水线附近,仓促爬上救生小船。客轮沉没时从船体内冒出的气体引发巨大水花。The USS Bonhomme Richard, which had been on patrol in the Yellow Sea, joined the rescue effort.在黄海巡逻的“好人理查德号”( USS Bonhomme Richard)也加入到救援中。Most of the passengers were students from Danwon High School near Seoul, traveling to Jeju for a brief vacation. Students from their level at the school take a spring excursion before the pressure of college entrance examinations takes over a year later.船上多数乘客是首尔附近檀园高中(Danwon High School)的学生,他们当时正乘船前往济州岛度假。该校这个年纪的学生通常在面临高考压力前的一年举行一次春游。#39;Other kids tripped over and hit themselves against the compartments of the cabin,#39; a 16-year-old survivor identified only by her family name, Jeong, told Yonhap.一名姓Jeong的16岁幸存者对韩国联合通讯社说,其他学生都摔倒了,撞上穿舱内的物体。Mr. Kim said he and other passengers made a rope out of curtain cloth to pull kids up from lower levels of the boat. Other kids remained behind because they were advised by the ship#39;s crew to wear life vests and wait for the right time for their rescue, he said.Kim说,他和其他乘客用窗帘做了一根绳子将下层的孩子拽上来。他说,其他孩子呆在原地,因为船员建议他们穿上救生衣,等待救援。Parents quickly gathered at the high school seeking news about the sinking. In chaotic scenes at the school auditorium, some yelled at school officials and frantically tried to make phone calls to their children.学生父母很快聚集在这所高中寻求沉船事件的有关消息。学校礼堂场面十分混乱,有人对校方人员叫嚷,并疯狂地给自己的孩子拨打电话。One woman shouted: #39;they [the teachers] should hold responsibility if anything happens to my son.#39; Another burst into tears upon hearing the news of one student#39;s death.一名女子喊道,如果儿子出什么事,他们(教师)应该负责。另一个人在听到一名学生遇难的消息后哭了起来。Kang Eun-gyung, the aunt of one of the students on the trip, said she was worried about the possibility of people being trapped inside the hull of the ship. #39;I called my nephew#39;s mobile phone time and time again but I couldn#39;t talk to him. Maybe he dropped his phone in the sea. I just hope he#39;s OK,#39; she said.一名学生的姑姑Kang Eun-gyung说,她担心人们有可能被困在船舱内。她说,她一次次拨打侄子的电话,但无法拨通,也许他的手机掉到海里了。她说,只希望他安然无恙。With details about survivors haphazard, about 200 family members took buses provided by the school to Jindo, where many of the survivors were taken. The high school became the site of a makeshift vigil as family members, school staff, journalists and other students mingled in the brightly lit hallways.由于幸存者的相关细节不明朗,大约200名船上人员家属乘坐校方提供的大巴前往珍岛,许多幸存者都已被送到那里。这所高中已成为一个临时蹲守点,灯火通明的大厅里有家属、校方人员、记者以及其他学生。On a white board in the faculty office, someone was keeping a running chronology of the traumatic day in scribbled black marker.有人在教研室的白板上用黑色记号笔潦草地写下了沉船事故当天的事件过程时间表。At 10:32 a.m., less than two hours after the ship sent out its distress signal, the handwritten note : #39;As long as the kids aren#39;t in shock, we can rescue 100% of them!#39;上午10:32,也就是在轮船发出求救信号不到两个小时之后,一条手书信息的内容是:只要孩子们不发生恐慌,他们就能100%获救。Authorities said that changes in the number of passengers and crew that had been rescued were due to repeat counting of some figures. Of the four confirmed deaths, one body was of a female crew member and one male high-school student. The others hadn#39;t been identified.韩国当局表示,乘客和船员获救人数的变化是因为有时出现了重复计数。在已确认的四名遇难者中有一名女性船员和一名高中男生。另外两名尚未辨明身份。Survivors with broken bones and other injuries were taken to nearby hospitals. Two Filipinos working on the ship were confirmed as rescued, the Philippines Foreign Ministry said.出现骨折和其他损伤的幸存者被送往附近医院。菲律宾外交部表示,两名在船上工作的菲律宾人已确认获救。The 425-kilometer route of the ferry from Incheon to Jeju is one of the most common in South Korea. The ship, a 6,825-ton vessel named Sewol--meaning #39;time and tide#39; in Korean--could carry up to 921 passengers and was operated by Chonghaejin Marine Co. The company plies the route twice a week.这艘航行在从仁川到济州425公里航线上的渡轮是韩国最普通的渡轮。这艘6,825吨级名为“岁月”号的渡轮最多可容纳921名乘客,由Chonghaejin Marine Co.公司运营。该客轮每周航行两次。The coast guard said weather conditions were clear and calm in the area where the ship sank, with visibility also good. An official at Cheonghaejin Marine said he didn#39;t think the ferry had deviated from its usual route.海岸警卫队说,客轮失事地区的天气条件良好,能见度也很高。Cheonghaejin Marine的一位管理人员说,他认为客轮并没有偏离通常的航线。Company officials said the captain of the sunken ferry, who was rescued, is a 69-year-old veteran skipper with a career of over 20 years in operating ferries. Identified only by his family name, Lee, the captain has been on the Incheon-Jeju ferry service for eight years since joining the company in 2006.公司管理人员说,失事客轮的船长69岁,是一位经验丰富的老船长,驾驶客轮超过20年。船长已获救。自2006年加入该公司以来,这位姓Lee的船长驾驶仁川和济州岛之间的渡船已经有八年时间。The sinking marks a second accident for Chonghaejin in less than a month. Another smaller ferry operated by the company collided with a small fishing boat on March 28 on its way from Incheon to the island of Baengnyong in the Yellow Sea. The firm attributed the accident to dense fog, and no casualties were reported.此次客轮失事标志着Chonghaejin在不到一个月时间出现第二起事故。3月28日,该公司另外一艘较小的渡船在从仁川驶往黄海Baengnyong岛时撞上了一艘小渔船。该公司把事故原因归于浓雾,事故中未报告有人员伤亡。The worst passenger ship incident in South Korean history was in December 1970, when a ferry carrying nearly 340 people capsized near Busan, South Korea#39;s second-largest city--killing more than 320 people. Investigators found that ferry, the Namyeong, which was traveling from Jeju, had been overloaded with cargo and passengers.韩国最严重的客轮事故发生在1970年12月,当时一艘搭乘了近340人的渡轮在韩国第二大城市釜山附近倾覆,导致超过320人死亡。调查人员发现,这艘从济州岛驶出的Namyeong号渡船货物和乘客超载。In October 1993, another ferry, the Seohae, sank in the Yellow Sea off the coast of Busan with 362 people on board--more than 100 over the ship#39;s maximum capacity. The incident left 292 people dead.1993年10月,另一艘渡船Seohae号在釜山附近的黄海海域沉没,船上搭乘了362人,比该船允许搭乘的最多人数超出了100多人。那次事故造成292人死亡。 /201404/288629新疆军区医院激光去红血丝多少钱五家渠镭射去痘印价格



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