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Once upon a time, horror movies regularly ran in your local multiplex. But lately, newer high-quality horror flicks can be found on our televisions. It#39;s a blessing and a curse, there#39;s not that much room for independently produced films to scare crowds en masse at their local theaters, but we know there#39;s always something to find on streaming sites and VOD rental platforms.过去,恐怖片一般只在当地影院定期上映。而如今,我们用电视就能看到新上映、高品质的恐怖片。这既是福也是祸,在当地影院再也看不到那么多观众被独立制作的恐怖片吓得尖叫的场面了,但我们知道从视频网站和网上视频收费平台总能找到我们想看的恐怖片。So here are 11 horror flicks that you can watch at home with all the lights off and junk food galore -- which some would argue is even better than going to a multiplex and dealing with jerks who talk during all the scary bits.这里给你推荐11部可以在家欣赏的恐怖片,把家里的灯全部关掉,一边吃着各种垃圾食品,一边欣赏电影。有人说这样比去影院看电影好多了,最起码你不用忍受身旁一出现恐怖镜头,就大肆一番的蠢蛋了。1. Bite (2015)《变蚁人》(2015)This one earned mixed reviews, but please save me a seat on the ;really dug it; side of the equation. This freaky Canadian import is about a young woman who slowly transforms (more like ;degenerates;) into a she-creature after crossing paths with an exotic insect(ish thing). Toss in a few icky kills, a decent dosage of compelling subtext, some fine acting under tough circumstances, and more icky goo than any one film probably needs, and you#39;re looking at a nasty yet darkly amusing horror flick that my mom wouldn#39;t be able to sit through for more than nine minutes. Seth Brundle, on the other hand, would love it.这部影片口碑褒贬不一,但是我还是深深沉迷在这部电影的魅力中。这部惊悚的加拿大电影讲述的是一名年轻的女子被一种外来虫子之类的东西咬了之后,慢慢变形(更像退化)出现昆虫的特征。一些恶心无比的杀戮情节,恰到好处、引人入胜的潜台词,在艰苦的环境中演员体现出来的精湛演技,还有比别的电影更多的各种恶心的怪物,这就是你要找的重口味、却带有趣味的黑暗惊悚片。像我妈这种人看这种片子绝不会超过9分钟,但是像电影变蝇人里的疯狂科学家Seth Brundle肯定会喜欢的。2. Bone Tomahawk (2015)《战斧骨》 (2015)Sad but true: we don#39;t get all that many horror/Western hybrids these days (or ever, really) so it#39;s great to find a new one that not only works, but kicks butt under both genre headings. Bone Tomahawk is basically The Searchers meets The Hills Have Eyes, about a gang of well-intentioned townsfolk (led by Kurt Russell!) who head out to rescue a citizen who has been captured by a tribe of cannibalistic natives. Oddly literate for such a gruesome concoction, and that#39;s only one of the flick#39;s surprises.悲伤却真实:近年来很少出现关于恐怖和西部元素相结合的电影(或从未出现过),所以当看到这部电影中出现这两种风格,而且融合得相当好时,我们是大大惊艳到了。《战斧骨》基本上是电影《落日狂沙》和《隔山有眼》的结合体,讲述的是一群好心的村民在库尔特#8226;拉塞尔(Kurt Russell)的带领下,出发寻找食人族下落,解救被食人族囚禁的村民。文明与落后阴森相结合的奇异,还只是这部片子众多亮点中的一小点而已。3. Cub (2014)《幼兽》(2014)I included this Belgian film for three reasons: 1) it#39;s a crafty, freaky, scary little movie, 2) it#39;s available over on Shudder, a fantastic streaming service for Americans who crave nonstop horror cinema, and 3) it#39;s a terrifying movie. Cub follows a scout troop that goes on a weekend camping trip, only to stumble across a rather unique psycho. Suffice it to say we won#39;t be seeing an American remake of this one anytime soon.推荐这部比利时电影有以下三个原因:一,这是一部离奇、荒诞、恐怖的低成本电影;二,它可以在Shudder(为喜爱观看恐怖片的美国人务的流媒体)上播放;三,这是一部恐怖片。幼兽跟随童子军进行周末露营旅行,不料却遭遇一场诡异的惊魂之旅。简单地说,近期我们是不会看到美国翻拍这部电影的。4. The Hallow (2015)《圣魇》(2015)Not to be confused with The Hollow, Hallow, or (God forbid) The Gallows, this low-key but eminently creepy offering from the UK focuses on a family deep in the woods who must contend with something... unnatural. It#39;s a pretty straightforward campfire tale, so the less I divulge the better. Fine. You win. There are demons in that freaky forest. Hungry ones, too.不要把这部片子和电影《断头谷》、《驱魔少年》还有《绞刑架》混淆了。这部低调但极度惊悚的英国电影讲述的是一家人深入丛林,与一些非同寻常的事物做斗争。这个营火故事的线索十分明朗,所以我最好不要剧透太多。好好好,我还是告诉你们吧。在诡异的丛林深处,等待他们的,不仅有恶魔,还有食人族……5. He Never Died (2015)《不死之身》(2015)It#39;s always fun when Henry Rollins pops up in a movie. The man has a natural intensity that#39;s fascinating to watch, plus he#39;s a lot funnier than we generally give him credit for. Rollins gives his best performance ever in the odd, fascinating He Never Died, which is sort of like a film noir-horror flick-crime story amalgam. The former Black Flag frontman plays a soft-spoken badass who simply cannot be killed (and the local criminal element knows, because its tried... more than once). Precisely how the man gained this immortality is a big reveal, and the explanation makes for one of the most interesting genre films in recent memory.当看到亨利#8226;罗林斯(Henry Rollins)在电影中突然出现时,我们总是忍俊不禁。他总有一种气质,让欣赏他的人为他着迷。而且,他很幽默,比我们认为的还要有趣。在这部奇异、令人着迷的电影里,他高超的演技表现得淋漓尽致。这是一部集黑色恐怖、犯罪类型于一身的电影。这个前黑旗乐队主唱扮演的是一个语气温和,但却永远不死的坏人(当地犯罪分子都知道他永远杀不死,因为他们不仅一次地想要杀他)。主角如何刚好获得不死能力是一个大反转,而电影中的说明更是使这部电影成为近来最有趣的电影之一。6. Holidays (2016)《恐怖假日》(2016)Like most horror anthologies, this holiday-themed collection is more or less a mixed bag. Luckily, the good stuff outweighs the weaker offerings by a decent margin. Highlights include a truly disturbing take on Mother#39;s Day, a dark and unsettling tale about St. Patrick#39;s Day, a dark, raunchy Halloween joke by Kevin Smith, and a broadly violent New Year#39;s Eve date that plays a lot like a live-action Tom amp; Jerry cartoon.大多恐怖题材的电影都是喜忧参半,这部以节日为主题的电影也不例外。好在这部影片票房不错,喜还是多过忧的。影片的亮点在于:惶惶不安的母亲节、一个关于圣帕特里克节的惊悚故事,凯文#8226;史密斯(Kevin Smith)演绎万圣节的恶趣味、新年夜的约会暴力大反转像极了真人版的《猫与老鼠》。7. Hush (2016)《无声夜》(2016)This Netflix-exclusive is about an aurally challenged but entirely self-sufficient young woman who spends one horrific evening being stalked, chased, and terrorized by a mysterious psychopath. Refreshingly simple, cleverly efficient, and powerfully suspenseful, Hush will be certain to grace many a year-end top-10 list. (Top 10 horror movies, anyway.)这部影片由美国奈飞公司出品,讲述的是一个年轻的聋哑女人独自居住在树林深处。某天夜里一个戴着面具的精神病到访,一直跟踪、追赶、恐吓她。影片剧情简单却令人耳目一新、情节设计巧妙、悬疑重重,必定会为今年排名前十的恐怖电影增色不少。8. The Invitation (2016)《致命邀请》(2016)Have you ever spent an evening at a dinner party from which you couldn#39;t wait to escape? If so, you#39;ll probably appreciate the escalating tensions of Karyn Kusama#39;s thriller that deals with old friends, creepy cults, and an offer that (literally) cannot be refused. A strong cast and a clever screenplay keep The Invitation interesting during the slow-burn setup. When the finish line#39;s in sight, it#39;s a satisfying run of thrills and scares. And don#39;t you dare turn it off before the final shot.你是否有过迫不及待想要逃离一场晚宴的经历?如果有过这样的经历,你或许会喜欢卡瑞恩#8226;库萨马(Karyn Kusama)的这部惊悚片,影片围绕着老朋友、诡异的教派组织和一个无法拒绝的邀请,紧张氛围不断升级。影片虽然铺垫较长,悬念缓缓推进,但强大的演员阵容和构思巧妙的剧本让人丝毫不感到沉闷。影片结尾处更是极具刺激和紧张。你肯定不舍得错过最后镜头。9. Nina Forever (2015)《永远的妮娜》(2015)Ghosts have a habit of popping up at the most unexpected moments. Poor, deceased Nina takes the cake: she only appears when her ex-boyfriend is about to have sex with someone else. This darkly funny and cleverly disturbing British release takes its bizarre premise to some unexpected places. Thanks to an unpredictable screenplay and some fantastic performances, it also manages to make a few compelling points about the nature of love, romance, and loyalty. Plus it#39;s pretty gross (that#39;s a good thing).鬼魂总是在最意想不到的时刻突然冒出来。影片中可怜的妮娜就是这样:她总是在她生前男友每次与其他女生发生关系的时候出现。该部英国影片充满黑色幽默且悬疑设计巧妙,故事的离奇表现在意想不到的地方。影片剧情设计出乎意料,演员演技精湛,也讲述了爱、浪漫、忠诚等一些人们感兴趣的话题。另外剧情有点儿污(这也不是坏事儿)。10. Southbound (2015)《一路向南》(2015)Seems like there#39;s always a new indie horror anthology hitting the VOD pipes every other week, but Southbound is the best one we#39;ve seen in a few years. Not only are the individual stories effective on their own, but the filmmakers figured out a crafty way to tie all the scary tales together into some sort of perpetual nightmare. (It#39;ll make more sense after you watch the movie.)似乎每隔一周就会有一部新的独立恐怖电影获得极大点播量,这部影片是近几年来最成功的一部。影片的每个故事都独特新颖令人印象深刻,制作团队十分聪明,将所有恐怖的故事都紧密联系,以一种无休止的噩梦的形式呈现给观众。(看完影片你会更有感触的) /201605/445761Remember the sporks of your childhood cafeteria days? The spoon-fork combo utensil was just spoon-like enough to make spear your food way too hard, and just fork-like enough to give you a nice stab in the tongue.还记得童年时期小餐厅里的叉勺吗?这种把勺子和叉子结合在一起的餐具状似勺子切不开坚硬的食物,状似叉子又恰好会戳到你的舌头。Well folks, there’s a new sheriff in town, and its name is “chork.” This Frankenstein’s monster of hybrid cutlery features a fork on one end and chopsticks on the other. It’s a perfect solution for the many Americans who start their meal with chopsticks, get frustrated halfway through, and ditch them for a fork.大家注意了,现在又来了一位“新主”,它就是“筷叉”。这种怪异的混合餐具的一头是叉子、一头是筷子。对许多美国人来说,这是他们学习用筷子用餐的完美方式,他们都曾半途而废,继续求救“叉子”。The chork is a three-way utensil. It can be used as a fork, a training pair of chopsticks, or, when broken in two, utilized as normal chopsticks. Chorks have been around for quite a while, but are enjoying some fresh attention after news broke this week that Panda Express may soon offer chorks in their restaurants.“筷叉”是可三用的餐具。它可以作为叉子、练习筷使用,若将它拆开,则可作为普通筷子使用。“筷叉”出现已有段时间了,只是本周熊猫快餐宣布未来将在餐厅提供,又引起了人们对它的关注。Panda Express called chorks “the perfect mashup of American and Chinese cultures ― just like Panda Express.” The restaurant group alluded to the possibility that chorks may be offered in stores in the future.熊猫快餐将“筷叉”称为“中美文化的完美结合——就像熊猫快餐公司本身一样。”熊猫快餐也提到未来商店将可能出售“筷叉”。There’s no word yet on when these bad boys might be available at a Panda Express near you. But if you feel the need for more chorks in your life, you can buy your ownset for .99. Not looking like a fool with your amateur chopstick skills? Priceless.“筷叉”何时会出现在你家附近的熊猫快餐餐厅现在还尚未有定论。但是如果你觉得自己的生活需要“筷叉”的话,你可以自己花9.99美元买一套。这样你就再也不会因为不娴熟地使用筷子而看起来像个傻瓜了。这可是无价的。 /201608/462112

5.Jewish Male Menstruation5.犹太男人的月经A very weird element of medieval anti-Semitism was the notion that Jewish men menstruated. It can be traced back to Augustinus in the fifth century, who believed that Jewish men suffered ;the women#39;s disease.; The myth was inspired as much by the notion of women as impure and diseased as it was by hatred of Jews. The supposed loss of blood through menstruation was said to drive Jewish men to seek out the blood of Christian babies to compensate. This is the origin of the blood libel myth that plagued Europe for centuries.在中世纪的反犹太主义者们有一个很奇特的观念——犹太族的男人也会来月经!这件事情可以追溯到五世纪的奥古斯汀时代,那时候的人们相信男人也会经历所谓;女人的灾难;。由于人们对女性来月经这件事一直都不看好,再加上他们对犹太人的厌恶,犹太男人来月经这个传说就变得格外肮脏和变态。据说犹太男人会用基督教婴儿的血来补偿他们;经期失血;。这也是欧洲连续几世纪血液诽谤罪的来源。Later thinkers revised the idea, instead believing that Jewish men suffered from monthly bouts of rectal bleeding, to the extent that suffering from hemorrhoids could be used as evidence in an Inquisition trial of someone suspected of being secretly Jewish. According to Jewish historian Yusef Yurashalmi, Juan de Quinones de Benavente composed an entire treatise in the 17th century trying to prove the idea, implying that, ;Jewish males . . . are, in effect, no longer men but women, and the crime of deicide has been punished with castration.;后来研究者们更正了这一观点,比起相信犹太男人会经历月事,是否患有痔疮其实才是在宗教审判中明一个人是不是未记录在案的犹太人的据。犹太历史学家约瑟夫·约尔沙米和胡安·德·奇诺·德·贝纳万特在十七世纪做了一篇完整的关于这个问题的论文,在这篇文章里,他们极力明一种观点,暗示;事实上,受到割礼惩罚的已经不是犹太男人而是犹太女人和犯罪分子了。;4.Geh4.吉哈The ancient Zoroastrians associated menstruation with the evil god Ahriman. After the good god Ohrmazd, or Ahura Mazda, created the universe, Ahriman immediately attacked it, only to be knocked out for 3,000 years when Ohrmazd recited a sacred prayer. Various demons worked to bring their evil lord out of his stupor, which was finally accomplished by Geh (or Jeh or Jahi), the whore demoness, who promised to bring affliction and pestilence onto righteous men, oxen, and the entire pure world. Her words revived Ahriman, who kissed her on the forehead, and she became the first to be ;polluted; by the blood of menstruation, supposedly created to make humans unable to fight against the forces of evil.古时的琐罗亚斯德教徒曾将月经视作与恶神阿里曼相关的不洁之物。善神奥尔莫兹德(Ohrmazd,别称阿胡拉·马兹达Ahura Mazda)创世后,阿里曼闻声而动,立刻做出了破世之举,却不料奥尔莫兹德以神圣的经文作为咒语,将其捆缚了3000年。各路魔鬼相继赶来,想要唤醒这位被封印的;众魔之主;。最终,女魔头吉哈(Geh,别称Jeh、Jahi)立下诅咒:站在正义一方的人畜必将承受灾难与瘟疫的折磨,整个光明世界必将成为修罗场。她的这番恶语唤醒了阿里曼,为此,阿里曼在她额头上落下一吻,使之成为第一位被经血;污染;的生灵。据传,一旦被经血沾染,人类便会失去与邪恶对抗的力量。Another version of the myth has Geh becoming Ahriman#39;s chief ;whore demon,; meant to defile women, who will in turn defile men so they turn away from their proper work. Modern Zoroastrians consider menstrual blood to be nasu, or dead, decaying, polluting materials. Zoroastrian taboos insist upon strict separation of menstruating women: No one may approach within 1 meter (3 ft) of her, she must be handed food on metal plates, and she must avoid meat or invigorating food that may strengthen ;the fiend of pollution.;在另一个版本的传说中,吉哈是阿里曼手下头号;人尽可夫的女魔头;,被认为是肮脏的女人,同她接触过的男人都会被其玷污,偏离正途。现今的琐罗亚斯德教徒仍认为经血是肮脏、死亡及腐朽的介质。琐罗亚斯德教徒严格遵守;隔离经期的女性;的禁忌,即所有人都必须与来月经的女性保持1米(3步)的距离;她们的食物需用金属托盘盛放;她们不能接触肉类或新鲜的食物,因为这样会加速食物的腐烂。3.Pliny The Elder3.老普林尼First-century Roman author Pliny the Elder is responsible for a great number of menstruation myths that persisted in Europe throughout the Middle Ages. In his Natural History, Pliny wrote of the destructive power of menstrual blood, which he believed could wither fruit and crops, sour wine, dull mirrors, rust iron and bronze, blunt razors, kill bees, pollute purple fabrics, drive dogs insane, drive off storms and whirlwinds, and cause miscarriage in humans and horses. Having sex with a menstruating woman during a solar or lunar eclipse, he claimed, could lead to disease or death for the male partner. Menstrual blood did have some curative properties, though, curing gout, scrofula, skin growths, erysipelas, fevers, and bites from rabid dogs. It also served as protection against dark magical arts from the East.说起中世纪时流传于欧洲的那些关于月经的传说,恐怕大部分都是生于1世纪的罗马作家——老普林尼的杰作呢。在他撰写的《自然史》中,经血被赋予了毁灭性的力量。他认为经血会使蔬果坏死、庄稼枯萎、美酒变酸、明镜晦暗、钢铁生锈、剃刀变钝、蜜蜂死亡。经期的女性若是触碰织布,会把织布的色弄脏;若是抚摸犬类,会使其癫狂;若是坐船,会引来风浪;若是接触妇女和马匹,则会让妇和母马流产。他还声称,在日蚀或月蚀期间,男性如果与来月经的女性行房事,轻则恶病缠身,重则一命呜呼。当然,经血也有一定的医疗功效。它可以被用来治愈痛风、淋巴结核、皮肤增生、丹毒、伤风以及疯的咬伤。它还可以作为辟邪之物,防范来自东方的黑魔法艺术。After his exhaustive list of menstrual blood properties, Pliny luridly claimed: ;This is all it would be right for me to report and most of that I do not say without shame. That which is left is detestable and unspeakable, and so my work should hasten from the subject of man.; Pliny#39;s opinion on the whole matter can best be encapsulated by this passage: ;Hardly can there be found a thing more monstrous than is that flux and course of theirs.; This would all be frankly laughable if Pliny#39;s beliefs hadn#39;t stayed around for over a millennium before being questioned.在详尽地列出经血的特性后,普林尼又出惊人一语:;对我而言,说出这一切是正确的,大部分我还没有说出来的部分也毫无羞耻之处。剩下的不可言喻或是令人嫌恶的内容,也正是我需要加快进度研究男性课题的原因。;普林尼的中心思想可以概括成以下一句:;再难发现比她们体内流出的经血及其成因更丑陋的事情了。;即使未被人质疑,普林尼的这一信仰也并未百世流传,真真是可笑至极。2.Yanomami Seclusion2.亚诺玛米式隔离For the Yanomami people of northern Brazil, blood is a symbol of cosmic entropy. Menstruating women and killers who have ingested enemy blood are both known as unokai, which can be translated in the former case as ;the state of homicide of women.; Both warriors and pubescent girls are considered to have an excess of blood in their bodies and must be isolated and secluded with ritual in order to maintain safety.对于巴西北部的亚诺玛米人来说,血液象征着宇宙中的熵。处于经期时的女性和喝下对手鲜血的杀手都被称为;乌诺卡伊;,这个词指代前者即处于经期的女性时意为;女杀人犯;。他们认为战士和妙龄少女们身体内血量过多,为了保安全,必须举行仪式来隔离他们。On her first menstruation, a girl must inform her mother, who builds a seclusion hut using leaves from a particular shrub in order to hide the girl from the eyes of men. This is justified by an ancient legend telling of a young girl who was secluded on her first period while the community prepared a ritual feast for visiting guests. After hearing a man shouting, ;Every woman without exception must sing and dance,; she assumed it was meant for her and emerged from seclusion to join in. The ground immediately turned to mud, and the entire village sank into the underworld and became rocks. To prevent such an outcome, a girl on her first menstruation is subject to a number of ritual obligations: She must be naked, avoid direct contact with water by drinking with a hollow cane pushed deep into her mouth, may speak only in a whisper, and is limited to a diet of plantains and the occasional crab shell. If she does not properly complete her seclusion, it is believed that she will prematurely age and become an old woman.女孩初次来潮时,必须告诉自己的母亲,为了女儿不被男人看见,母亲会用一种特殊的灌木叶子为她搭一个小隔离棚。这种做法来源于一个古代传说:以前,一个年轻女孩正因初潮被隔离时,部落里有宾客来访,人们都忙着为来宾筹备礼宴。这时女孩听到一个男人大叫;所有女人必须出来唱歌跳舞,没有例外;,女孩以为她也必须出席,所以出了棚子跳舞去了。与此同时,大地顷刻化为泥沼,整个村子沉入地下与石头融为一体。为了防止这种情况再次发生,初次来潮的女孩必须遵循一系列的仪式条例:她必须一丝不挂;为了防止她与水源直接接触,她只能喝人们从棚外用一根空心杖送到她嘴边的水;她不能大声说话;日常三餐只能吃大蕉,偶尔加餐能吃点蟹壳。人们相信,如果她不按规矩完成隔离,她将会早衰,变成一个老太婆。1.Kamakhya1.迦梨女神In Sakta Tantra, the menstrual cycle in the female body represents the changing seasons and universal order. It is particularly associated with the goddess Kamakhya, or Mother Shakti, whose Kamarupa temple is located in Gauhati, in India#39;s Assam state. At the annual, three-day Ambubachi Mela festival in August or September, the goddess#39;s yoni (vagina or womb) is believed to manifest itself on Earth, attracting tens of thousands of devotees every year. At the Kamarupa temple, a stone of red arsenic, said to be the yoni of the dismembered goddess Sati, flows with red water during this time. The temple is closed for three days as orthodox rituals are carried out inside. On the fourth day, the doors are opened, and devotees are allowed to receive darsan (blessing via viewing the goddess through red cloth), prasad (blessed food), and maybe a piece of red cloth from her sari, representing fecundity.印度古籍《沙格蒂坦特罗》中认为,人们认为女性的月经周期象征着季节变更以及宇宙秩序。经期与迦梨女神有着特殊的关联,迦梨女神又被称为夏克提(性力女神),她的迦缕波神殿位于阿萨姆省高哈蒂。每年八月或九月会举行为期三天的迦梨女神节,女神的外阴像(阴道或是子宫)被公之于众,吸引了数以万计的信徒前来瞻仰。 迦缕波神殿中有一尊据传是萨提女神外阴的红信石,在女神节期间会流出红色液体。因为传统仪式在殿内进行时,所以神殿会关闭三天。在第四天,殿门大开,信徒可以沾光得福(得以透过红布见女神一面,从而得到庇护),领到布施, 或者有幸得到女神莎丽上一块象征生殖力的红布。In tantric alchemy, the goddess#39;s uterine blood is associated with red arsenic, and it is believed to have healing powers, particularly curing people suffering from leucodermia, as well as the ability to transmute metals into gold. Some extremist Tantrics believe that the Ambubachi festival is the best time of year to commit human sacrifices, which are generally frowned upon these days. One mystic even tried to sacrifice his 18-month-old daughter at the temple, slicing at her neck with a razor before temple officials intervened, and the man was arrested.在密宗炼金术中,女神的子宫经血象征着雄黄,据传有治愈能力,特别是针对白斑病有奇效,还有点石成金的魔力。一些极端的坦陀罗相信迦梨女神节是一年中献祭活人的最好时刻,而对于现代人来说,这是很难以理解的举动。有一个神秘主义者奉上自己18个月大的女儿作为祭品,并试图用剃刀割她的脖子,直到被殿内工作人员发现并及时制止后将他抓捕入狱。审校:梅子九 编辑:listen 来源:前十网 /201605/441028

Researchers with the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) have successfully developed the country#39;s first space 3D printer.根据日前消息,中科院科研人员成功研制出了我国首台空间3D打印机。Scientists with both CAS#39;s Chongqing Institute of Green and Intelligent Technology and the Technology and Engineering Center for Space Utilization were behind the two-year-long project.中科院重庆绿色智能技术研究院和空间应用工程与技术中心的科学家们,经过努力终于携手完成了这一耗时两年的项目。Duan Xuanming, head of 3D printing research center under CAS#39;s Chongqing Institute, said the printer has finished 93 zero gravity flying tests in France. The printer can produce bigger space parts than the one sent to the International Space Station by NASA late last month.据中科院重庆研究院3D打印技术研究中心主任段宣明介绍,该打印机已经在法国完成了93次失重测试。据悉,该打印机可打印的太空零部件尺寸超过NASA上月底运至国际空间站的3D打印机。The device could help China build a space station in 2020 and facilitate its operation and maintenance thereafter, said Duan.段宣明表示,该设备将为我国2020年完成空间站建造及后期运营维护提供帮助。In-orbit 3D printing is effective in helping with space station repair and maintenance and is essential for future deep space exploration.在轨3D打印制造是解决空间站维修的有效方法,对未来进行的深空探索极为重要。It can cut the operation cost of space stations and reduce their dependence on ground supplies, he added.此外,段宣明还补充说道,该技术能减少空间站运营成本,同时降低其对地面补给的依赖性。 /201604/439572

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