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大理不孕不育症特色疗法大理下关宫颈肥大咨询10.Damage claim Dialogue10.索赔 对话The goods are damaged during the shipment. Now Steven is dealing with the claim.货物在运输过程中被损坏了。现在史蒂文正处理投诉。Steven: What exactly is the problem with the latest lot?史蒂文:最近这一批货究竟出了什么问题?Customer: We are faced with the problem that part of the consignment is unacceptable. We assume that damage occurred during the consignment was in your care.客户:我们面临的问题是委托的部分货物无法接收。我们认为货物是在你方保管时受到损害的。Steven: But we cant accept your damage claim. 史蒂文:但是我们无法办理你的索赔。Customer: Why not?客户:为什么呢?Steven: You didnt note the damage on the bill of lading.史蒂文:你没有在提货单上注明损坏情况。Customer: I see.客户:我明白了。 /201512/417691云龙县妇幼保健医院预约四维彩超 Neil has just bought a fancy new phone from a man on the street. But when it stops working, Feifei is thinks the phone seller has pulled a fast one. What does this mean?尼尔刚才在街上从一个男人手里买了一部新手机。但是这部手机坏了以后,菲菲认为尼尔被那名商贩骗了。这是什么意思。Feifei: Welcome to The English We Speak, Im Feifei.菲菲:欢迎收听地道英语节目,我是菲菲。Neil: And Im Neil. Feifei – what do you think of my new phone?尼尔:我是尼尔。菲菲,你看我新买的手机怎么样?Feifei: Lets have a look – hmm... it looks... unusual.菲菲:我看看,嗯……看上去有些不同寻常。Neil: Its great. This guy sold it to me. He said it was a top-secret new model – its not been released in the shops yet. Here, look...尼尔:这部手机非常棒。卖给我的那个人说这部手机是绝密的新型号,店里还没有上架呢。你看,这里……Feifei: How do I... unlock it?菲菲:我要怎么解锁?Neil: You just... err... its frozen. Let me just... no.尼尔:你只要……额……手机死机了。我只要……哦不。Feifei: Who did you say you bought it from?菲菲:你刚才说你是从谁那里买的手机?Neil: A guy on the street.尼尔:街上的一个人。Feifei: I hate to say it Neil, but I think he pulled a fast one on you!菲菲:尼尔,我不想这么说,可是我觉得他骗了你!Neil: But he... oh no.尼尔:可是他……哦不。Feifei: Sorry. To pull a fast one means to deceive or play a trick on someone. We say you pull a fast one on or with somebody. The phone seller pulled a fast one on Neil. Listen to these examples:菲菲:抱歉。pull a fast one这个短语的意思是蒙骗或欺骗某人。可以搭配介词on或with来表示欺骗某人。那名手机商贩欺骗了尼尔。我们来听几个例句:Examples例句The shopkeeper tried to pull a fast one on me. He gave me a 5-pound note as change instead of a 20-pound note.这名店主企图骗我。他找给我5英镑零钱而不是20英镑。Dont you try and pull a fast one with me! I know youre not really sick. Get back to work.你不要企图欺骗我!我知道你不是真的病了。回去工作。Neil: So, thats it. All that money wasted. What an idiot. Oh, is that my phone?尼尔:就是这样。那笔钱是白花了。我真是个白痴。哦,是我的手机响了吗?Feifei: Sorry, its mine. Hello? Yes... No, I dont think so... Thanks!菲菲:抱歉,是我的。你好?是的……不,我不这么想,谢谢!Neil: Who was it?尼尔:谁打来的?Feifei: The guy called to say Ive won a million pounds. All I have to do is give him my bank details and hell pay me.菲菲:打来电话的那个人说我赢了100万英镑。他让我把信息告诉他,他会打钱给我。Neil: Someone else trying to pull a fast one!尼尔:还有其他人在企图行骗!Feifei: Sadly, yes! I could do with a million pounds. Id even buy you a new phone, Neil.菲菲:对啊,真是不幸!我想要100万英镑。我甚至可以给你买部新手机,尼尔。Neil: Youre too kind.尼尔:你真是太好了。Feifei: And thats it for this edition of The English We Speak. Bye.菲菲:以上就是本期地道英语节目的全部内容。再见。Neil: Bye.尼尔:再见。 译文属 /201705/507223unit 135 做事不妥致歉dialogue英语情景对话A:Please forgive me for rushing into your room forgetting to knock at the door.A:请原谅,我忘了敲门就冲进了你的房间。B:Never mind.B:不必介意。A:Im so sorry to disturb you so early.A:实在抱歉,这么早就打扰你了。B:It doesnt matter.B:没关系。A:Im dfully sorry. I forgot to book the tickets yesterday.A:抱歉至极,昨天我忘了订票。B:Oh, its nothing.B:哦,那没什么。A:I let you down. Ill make it up to you somehow.A:让你失望了,我会设法弥补的。B:Not a bit of it, dont blame yourself.B:一点关系也没有,不要自责。 /201507/386201大理市鹤庆县子宫肌瘤多少钱

大理市巍山县妇幼保健人民中心中医院怎么样好吗Chugi: Hi, Mike, how are you doing?初吉:嗨,迈克,你好吗?Mike: Hey, Chugi, Im good.迈克:嗨,初吉,我很好。Chugi: Im so glad were doned with classes.初吉:我们的课都结束了,我真高兴。Mike: Yeah, me too.迈克:对,我也是。Chugi: What are you doing for the summer vacation?初吉:你暑假打算做什么?Mike: Right now, I have no plans.迈克:目前我还没有计划。Chugi: Well, I am planning to go home to Mongolia. You should come with me.初吉:我计划回蒙古。你和我一起吧。Mike: Really? Mongolia?迈克:真的吗?蒙古?Chugi: Yeah, summer time. Its very nice. We have a very nice holiday called Nadam and during the Nadam we have three days festival.初吉:对,那里夏天非常棒。我们有那达慕节这个很棒的节日,这是一个为期三天的节日。Mike: Really. Ive always wanted to go to Mongolia. That sounds like a good time to go.迈克:真的吗?我一直想去蒙古看看。听起来现在正是最佳时节。Chugi: Yes, it is. Nadam is in July. And then its for three days, from July 11th to July 13th and its happening all over the country. You can experience anywhere in Mongolia. And during the Nadam festival we have wrestling, archery and horse races.初吉:对,没错。那达慕节在七月举行。从7月11日至13日为期三天,整个蒙古都会举行各种庆祝活动。你在蒙古任何地方都可以体验。在那达慕节期间,我们会进行摔跤比赛、射箭比赛和赛马。Mike: Really. Wresting, Archery, and horse-racing.迈克:真的吗?摔跤、射箭和赛马。Chugi: Yes, and you can get to see all of them in one place.初吉:对,这些你都可以在一个地方看到。Mike: Really, can I ride horses?迈克:真的吗,我能骑马吗?Chugi: Yes, you can right next to the place where they horse-race, people are offering horses for other people to ride, and they just charge a little bit of money.初吉:可以,赛马比赛旁边就有供其他人骑的马,他们会收点儿钱。Mike: Really.迈克:真的吗?Chugi: Yes.初吉:对。Mike: And wrestling? That sounds interesting.迈克:还有摔跤?那听起来很有趣。Chugi: Yes, wrestling is held just a few kilometers away from the horse racing in the biggest stadium and its for like two days. I mean, if I were you, I would go to the second day and see them. Its very nice.初吉:对,摔跤会在距离赛马场几公里以外的大体育场里举行,摔跤比赛会持续两天。如果我是你,我会第二天去看,那非常不错。Mike: And the archery? What kind of archery is it?迈克:那射箭呢?是哪种射箭比赛?Chugi: Its more like the traditional kind of archery. You just hit the target, and just as many targets as you hit, thats the better, and even in archery they have female and male together. Its not separated, so thats a very unique thing.初吉:更像是传统射箭比赛。就是要射中目标,射中的次数越多越好,射箭比赛是男女混合参赛的,不单独分开进行,这很特别。Mike: Oh, sounds interesting. And how long is the horse race?迈克:哦,听起来很有意思。赛马比赛的距离有多远?Chugi: The horse race? Its actually very different than other places. The horse race there is six different kinds of horse races, depending on the differerent ages of the horses.初吉:赛马?和其他地方很不同。一共有六种赛马比赛,按马匹的年龄划分。Mike: Oh, really?.迈克:哦,真的吗?Chugi: And the distances are different because of the ages as well. For example, the youngest horse would run for thirty kilometers, but the oldest horses would run for forty kilometers.初吉:马匹的年龄不同,所以比赛的距离也不同。比如,最小的马匹比赛的距离为30公里,而年龄最大的赛马比赛距离为40公里。Mike: Oh, really.迈克:哦,是吗?Chugi: Yes.初吉:对。Mike: Very interesting.迈克:真有意思。Chugi: Yes, I think you should come with me and experience the big festival in Mongolia.初吉:嗯,我认为你应该和我一起去体验蒙古的盛大节日。Mike: Well, this sounds like a good plan.迈克:嗯,这听起来是个不错的计划。Chugi: Yes, it is.初吉:没错。 译文属 /201612/481402大理市人民医院产科 忐忑英语:初中基础词汇Home主题口语训练。这个全英文英语说话课程实录告诉你应该找谁训练自己的口语,什么训练是自己最受益的训练了。做人要做这样的人,受训要受这样的训。基础低的,就参加初中词汇训练吧。忐忑英语:英语相同,训练有别。 /201604/438589大理市漾濞县治疗宫颈炎多少钱

大理州第二人民医院有四维彩超吗Peter: So Sarah, tell me, youre teaching right now, could you give me your opinion on computer use in the classroom, like using it in your classes, what do you think about that?彼得:萨拉,你现在从事教学工作,你能谈谈你对课堂上应用电脑的看法吗,你怎么看在课堂上使用电脑这件事?Sarah: I think its good when theres certain activities that are related to using computers. But when youre trying to do an activity thats not on a computer in a classroom that has computers, its very difficult to get your students attention because theyre often distracted by doing something else on the internet, they shouldnt be doing.萨拉:我认为这很好,尤其是在课堂上组织要用到电脑的活动时。但是如果在课堂上组织不需要用到电脑的活动,学生们很难集中精力,因为他们会分心,他们可能会上网做一些他们不应该在课堂上做的事情。Peter: Oh, I totally agree, I often have that problem, it feels like Im speaking to a crowd of ghosts. I have no idea that theyre talking to me or looking at me or doing anything that they should be doing, so its really hard. I find it really hard. But I agree also, I think computers can be so useful in the classroom, especially if you have to do a specific activity where students have to find information and listening activities where they can listen to individual listenings and things like that, you know.彼得:哦,我完全同意你的观点,我经常遇到这种问题,那让我感觉我在和一群幽灵说话。我不知道他们是不是在和我说话,不知道他们有没有看我,也不知道他们是不是在做他们应该做的事情,这非常难。我发现这真的很难。不过我认为电脑在课堂上是有用处的,尤其是学生们要做找资料或是做听力练习的时候,他们可以单独进行听力练习。Sarah: Yeah. So what do you think about cell phones in the classroom, do you let your students use them? Because maybe they have an electronic dictionary of some sort on their mobile phone. So is that okay, or no cell phones, what do you do?萨拉:对。那手机呢,你允许学生在课堂上使用手机吗?他们的手机上可能有电子词典之类的工具。你是允许还是不允许,你怎么想的?Peter: Ah, thats a frustrating topic. I think sometimes I find it really useful if students have their smartphones with them and they can do a quick online search of something that they want to do, especially words they want to look up. So the dictionary use I think is quite useful for students. But on the other hand I always have to kind of keep a watchful eye and see what students exactly are up to, you know, they sometimes start playing a game or they sit on Facebook and sit writing notes to their friends and messages come and go. So yeah, Im always not sure exactly how to handle it, but most of the time my students are pretty good. So they seem to use it mostly for dictionary.彼得:这是个让人无奈的话题。有时我认为允许学生们使用智能手机很方便,他们可以用手机上网,然后快速查找需要的信息,或是查单词。我认为词典功能对学生们非常有用。但是另一方面,我必须要一直注意学生们到底在做什么,因为有时他们可能会玩游戏,或是登陆脸谱网,或是和朋友聊天之类的。我不知道要如何解决这个问题,不过大部分时间学生们的表现都很好。看起来基本上学生们都在用手机查单词。Sarah: Oh, thats good, yeah.萨拉:哦,这很好。Peter: Yeah. How about your students?彼得:对,你的学生们呢?Sarah: Yeah, some of my students use it for ... they have a dictionary on there that they use. But I think though, most of them have a separate electronic dictionary thats only a dictionary. And I much prefer it when they use that because then I know they are really just looking at a word and not on Facebook or doing something else like you just mentioned, so.萨拉:有些学生会用手机上的词典查词。不过大部分学生有专门的电子词典。我非常喜欢他们用电子词典,因为这样我就知道他们是在查单词,而不是在上脸谱网或做其他你刚才提到过的无关的事情。Peter: Have you ever taken cell phones away in class from students?彼得:你有没有在课堂上没收过学生的手机?Sarah: No, not yet, I havent had to, usually when I walk around the room they put it away very quickly if they are doing something they are not supposed to be doing. And if they are using it to look up a word then they have no problem with me seeing what they are doing, so, end of class.萨拉:没有,我不必这么做,通常我会在教室里来回走动,如果他们在做与学习无关的事情,他们就会迅速把手机收起来。如果他们在查单词,那他们就不会担心我会看到。Peter: I heard about a teacher the other day, he said hes got a basket that he collects cell phones with at the beginning of class, and he puts them on his front desk and then at the end of class he gives them back. But I thought, wow, thats quite strict I thought. I dont know if I would do that, how about you?彼得:那天有个老师跟我说,他在开始上课时会拿个篮子收学生的手机,然后他把收上来的手机放在前面的桌子上,下课时他会把手机还给学生们。不过我认为这太严格了。我想我不会这么做,你呢?Sarah: Yeah. I would be worried that some students would forget their phones and then the problem with trying to get them their phone back and all of that, it might not be worth the hassle.萨拉:对,我很担心有些学生会忘了拿手机,这样在还他们手机时就会产生问题,我认为这样是得不偿失。Peter: Yeah, I probably would agree with that.彼得:对,我可能会同意这个观点。 译文属 /201701/489472 云南大理东方医院专家预约鹤庆县人民医院妇科



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