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A Boeing 737-800 passenger plane en route from Dubai, ed Arab Emirates, to Rostov-on-Don in Russias southwestern Rostov region, crashed on last Saturday at the city airport, killing all 62 people onboard, said the Investigative Committee of Russia.俄罗斯联邦调查委员会表示,一架从阿拉伯联合酋长国迪拜起飞,目的地是俄罗斯顿河畔罗斯托夫的波音737-800客机上周六在城市机场坠毁,造成机上62人全部身亡。The short- to medium- range airliner, with 55 passengers and seven crew members onboard, fell near the left of the runway while making a second landing attempt amid poor visibility conditions caused by heavy rain, the RIA Novosti news agency reported, citing unnamed emergencies source.根据俄罗斯新闻通讯社报道援引匿名突发事件消息源称,这架中小规模的客机上搭载5名乘客和7名机组人员,由于暴雨引发机场能见度低,在第二次尝试着陆时,坠毁于跑道左侧。Preliminary number indicated that those killed included 33 women, 18 men and four children, the company said. Most of the victims were Russian nationals, the authorities said. The Chinese embassy said initial information showed that no Chinese was on the plane.该客机所在公司表示,初步统计数字表明,遇难者中包括33名女性8名男性和4个孩子。官方表示,大多数遇难者都是俄罗斯公民。中国大使馆表示,根据初步信息显示,飞机上并没有中国乘客。Five foreigners are among those killed, including three Ukrainians, one Indian and one Uzbekistan citizen, RIA Novosti said, ing Viktor Yatsutsenko, head of the National Crisis Management Center of the Russian Emergencies Ministry. Russian President Vladimir Putin has extended condolences to families of victims.俄罗斯新闻通讯社引用俄罗斯紧急情况部国家危机情况管理中心主任维克多·亚楚岑科的话称,在5名外籍遇难乘客当中,包括3名乌克兰人,1名印度人以及1名乌兹别克斯坦人。俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔·普京则对受害者家属表示哀悼。An investigation into ;the violation of transport rules and the operation of air transport; has been launched by Russias Investigative Committee.俄罗斯调查委员会随后发起了一项关于“违反交通规则和航空运输的操作”的调查。In the wake of the crash, the Rostov-on-Don airport has been closed, and inbound flights are being redirected to other destinations.在本次事故发生之后,顿河畔罗斯托夫机场已经关闭,入站的航班将会被重定向到其他目的地。来 /201603/433111。

A truck ploughed into a crowded Christmas market in the German capital Berlin on Monday evening, killing nine people and injuring up to 50 others, in what police described as a deliberate attack.周一晚间,一辆卡车冲入德国首都柏林一处人流密集的圣诞市场,造成9人死亡,多达50人受伤。警方称这是一起蓄意袭击。The incident occurred near the fashionable Kurfürstendamm, close to the Kaiser Wilhelm memorial church, one of Berlin’s most iconic landmarks.袭击发生在时尚的选帝侯大Kurfürstendamm)附近,靠近柏林最著名的地标建筑之一——德皇威Kaiser Wilhelm)纪念教堂。The driver fled the scene, but was later arrested by police. German media reports said a man he had been travelling with had been killed.司机逃离了现场,但随后被警方逮捕。德国媒体报道称,与该司机同行的一名男子已被击毙。The black articulated lorry drove directly into the market, travelling a distance of 50-80 metres and destroying several stalls before coming to a halt. The area was quickly surrounded by a police cordon.这辆黑色铰接式卡车直接冲向市场,在冲撞前行大00米后停下,撞毁了多个摊位。事发现场很快就被警方拉起警戒线。Monday’s events evoked memories of an attack in France in July when Tunisian-born Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel drove a 19-tonne truck along the beach front in Nice, killing 86 people.周一的事件让人回想起今年7月法国发生的那次袭击。当时,出生于突尼斯的穆罕默拉胡瓦杰.布哈Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel)驾驶一9吨重的卡车沿尼斯海滨大道疯狂冲撞,致6人死亡。Police shot the driver dead in the Nice attack, which was claimed by so-called Islamic State.警察击毙了尼斯袭击中的卡车司机,自封的“伊斯兰国IS)宣称对该袭击负责。Television pictures showed the truck in Berlin standing amid the debris of the small wooden stalls that are a feature of the city’s many Christmas markets. Police cars and ambulances converged on the scene.电视画面显示,柏林袭击用的那辆卡车停在被撞毁的木制小摊位的废墟中,这种木制摊位是该市许多圣诞市场的特色。现场停满了警车和救护车。Police tweeted that drivers should avoid the scene of the attack. “Please keep the roads free for us,they said.警方在Twitter上建议司机应绕行受攻击的区域。“请为我们让出道路,”他们说。Germany has been in a state of high alert after two terror attacks in Bavaria carried out by refugees who had pledged allegiance to Islamic State.德国在巴伐利亚发生两次恐怖袭击之后一直处于高度警戒状态,前两次袭击均由宣称效忠伊斯兰国的难民发动。Security officials have long warned that IS could have smuggled operatives into Germany under cover of the 1m refugees who have poured into the country since the start of 2015.德国安全官员长期警告称,伊斯兰国可能00万难民的掩护下派遣袭击人员潜入德国,这些难民015年初开始涌入德囀?Also on Monday evening, three men were seriously injured in Zurich when shots were fired in the prayer room of an Islamic centre near the city’s main station. Swiss police later confirmed they had found a dead body a few hundred metres away but were unable to confirm a connection between the two incidents.同样在周一晚间,在苏黎世主要车站附近一个伊斯兰中心的祈祷室,有手开射击,造成三名男子重伤。瑞士警方随后实他们在几百米外发现一具尸体,但无法实两起事件之间的联系。The latest events are likely to raise fears of xenophobic and religious violence sping in Europe, affecting smaller countries such as Switzerland as well as Germany and France.这些最新事件可能引发对仇外心理,以及宗教暴力在欧洲蔓延的担忧,对瑞士等较小国家以及德国和法国造成影响。来 /201612/484744。

A top Chinese diplomat has criticised the US over a “politically motivatedarbitration case that dismissed Beijing’s claim to most of the South China Sea, saying Washington wanted to use legal process to humiliate Beijing as its warships challenged Chinese sovereignty in the region.中国一名高级外交官针对一起“出于政治动机的”仲裁案批评美国,称美国政府想要通过司法程序来羞辱中国政府,同时其军舰在地区挑战中国的主权。这起仲裁案不承认中国在南中国海的大部分主权主张。The comments by Liu Xiaoming, China’s ambassador to London, yesterday came as Admiral John Richardson, the US Navy chief, called on Beijing and other Asian governments to “exercise thoughtfulness and restraintafter last week’s ruling by the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague.中国驻英国大使刘晓明昨日发表这番言论之际,美国海军作战部长、海军上将约#8226;理查Admiral John Richardson)呼吁中国和其他亚洲国家政府在上周海牙常设仲裁法院(Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague)作出裁决后表现出“体谅和克制”。“There should be a big question about US behaviour in all of this#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;I think this arbitration case is politically motivated,Mr Liu said.“美国在这一切事态中的行为有很大问题……我认为这个仲裁案是有政治动机的,”刘晓明说。“On the one hand they [the US] send their warships and airplanes to challenge China’s sovereignty and on the other they think this might be a good legal case launched#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;to try to humiliate China diplomatically, to damage China’s image and also give them a legal basis with which to challenge China.”“一方面,他们(美国)派遣军舰和飞机来挑战中国的主权,另一方面,他们认为这可能是一个好的法律案件……试图在外交上羞辱中国,损害中国的形象,同时也给他们一个挑战中国的法律依据。”Beijing reacted with fury to the verdict of the international tribunal, in a suit brought by the Philippines, which found there was “no legal basisunder the UN’s Convention on the Law of the Sea for China’s claims to more than 80 per cent of the South China Sea.中国政府对这家国际仲裁庭的裁决作出了愤怒反应。仲裁庭在裁决中表示,根据《联合国海洋法公约UNCLOS),中国声索南中国0%以上疆域的主张“没有法律依据”。Speaking in Beijing, Adm Richardson told the Financial Times: “We would expect that [China and the Philippines] would abide by the ruling#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;More than anything, the ruling gives all claimants to the South China Sea disputes a lot of reasons to stop and think.”理查森上将在北京对英国《金融时报》表示:“我们将期待(中国和菲律宾)遵守裁决……比什么都重要的是,这项裁决给南中国海纠纷的所有当事方很多理由停下来思考。”His appeal for calm followed reports by the official Xinhua news agency that construction by Beijing on man-made islands under its control would “never stop halfway Xinhua ed a Chinese military spokesman as saying the air force had started regular patrols.在理查森上将呼吁各方冷静之前,据中国官方的新华社报道,中国政府在其控制下的岛礁建造人工岛的活动“绝不会……半途而废”。新华社援引中国军方发言人的话称,中国空军已开始在南中国海上空定期巡逻。US Navy spy aircraft have patrolled the Chinese coast for decades. In recent years the Pentagon has launched “freedom of navigationexercises that Adm Richardson said were targeted at China’s “excessive maritime claims美国海军侦察机在中国沿海上空巡逻已有几十年。近年五角大楼发起了“航行自由”行动,理查森上将称,这项行动是针对中国“过分的海上声索”。But amid its denunciations of the tribunal as “illegitimate China has signalled a desire to manage tensions. Mr Liu said he hoped all countries with South China Sea coasts would come to the negotiating table and accept a Chinese proposal to shelve disputes and work towards joint development of the sea’s resources.但是,在谴责仲裁庭“非法”的同时,中国也发出了有意管理紧张局势的信号。刘晓明表示,他希望南中国海周边所有国家都坐到谈判桌前,接受中国的搁置争议提议,致力于联合开发南海资源。He added the government in Manila, led by Rodrigo Duterte, had an opportunity to create a “turning pointin China-Philippines relations by joining talks.他补充说,由新总统罗德里戈#8226;杜特尔特(Rodrigo Duterte)领导的菲律宾政府通过参加谈判,有一个创建中菲关系“转折点”的契机。But, efforts towards such talks appeared to hit a snag yesterday when Perfecto Yasay, the Philippines foreign secretary, said he rejected any offer from China to engage in talks “outside of and in disregardof the tribunal’s ruling. Such a course would not be consistent with Manila’s constitution interest, Mr Yasay told the ABS-CBN network.但是,开启这种谈判的努力昨日碰了钉子。菲律宾外交部长佩费克托#8226;雅赛(Perfecto Yasay)表示,他拒绝中方关于在“脱离且无视”仲裁庭裁决的情况下开展谈判的任何提议。雅赛对菲律宾ABS-CBN电视台表示,那种做法将不符合马尼拉方面的宪法利益。来 /201607/455666。

Donald Trump would have “no problemnegotiating with Kim Jong Un, the North Korean leader, if he wins the White House, according to comments by the Republican presidential candidate that would mark a big shift in US policy. 美国共和党总统候选人唐纳#8226;特朗Donald Trump)表示,如果他入主白宫,与朝鲜领导人金正恩(Kim Jong Un)对话将“不存在问题”。他的这番话标志着美国政策的一次重大变化。In an interview with Reuters, Mr Trump said he was willing to talk to the authoritarian dictator as part of a push to rid the Korean peninsula of nuclear weapons. The property magnate, who has come under heavy criticism from Republicans and Democrats over his foreign policy, also vowed to push Beijing to put more pressure on Pyongyang. 特朗普在接受路透社(Reuters)采访时表示,为推动朝鲜半岛无核化,他愿与这个专制的独裁者对话。这名房地产大亨还发誓要敦促北京方面对朝施加更大压力。特朗普的外交政策一直受到共和党和民主党的严厉批评。“I would speak to him, I would have no problem speaking to him,Mr Trump told the news agency in reference to Mr Kim. “I would put a lot of pressure on China because economically we have tremendous power over China.“我愿与他对话,我不认为与他对话存在任何问题。”特朗普在谈及金正恩时向路透社表示,“我会向中国施加很大压力,因为我们对中国有着巨大的经济影响力。”Mr Trump also vowed to renegotiate the Paris climate accord that was reached in December, in comments that echo his criticisms of the Obama administration’s environmental policies during the presidential campaign. He also said he would unwind most of the Dodd-Frank financial reforms that were enacted after the financial crisis, adding that he would release detailed policies in the coming weeks. He recently complained that regulators were “running the banks 他还发誓要就去年12月达成的巴黎气候协议展开重新谈判,这番言论与他在竞选期间对奥巴Obama)政府环境政策提出的批评相一致。他还表示,他将废除本次金融危机后出台的大部分“多弗兰克Dodd-Frank)金融改革,并称自己将在未来几周公布具体的政策。他最近抱怨称,如今“运营”的是监管机构。His willingness to talk to Mr Kim would signal a 180-degree change from the administrations of George W Bush and Barack Obama where any discussions between the countries were conducted by much lower-ranking officials on both sides. While Mr Obama has made personal overtures to the leader of Iran, there is no record of the US president having made private contact with Mr Kim who replaced his father as the leader of the hermit kingdom in 2011. 特朗普与金正恩对话的意愿,是对小布什(George W Bush)和巴拉克#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)政府政策的彻底逆转。在小布什和奥巴马任内,美朝之间的谈判都是由两国级别相当低的官员进行的。虽然奥巴马曾私下里向伊朗领导人示好,但没有记录表明他私下里与金正恩接触过。金正恩011年接替他父亲出任这个“隐士王国”的领导人的。来 /201605/444430。

Japan Vote Strengthens Shinzo Abe’s Goal to Change Constitution安倍赢得参议院选举,距修宪更近一步TOKYO Voters helped Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan move closer Sunday to securing the lawmaker support he needs to revise a pacifist constitution that has been in place since U.S. occupiers created it in 1947.东京——周日,在选民的帮助下,日本首相安倍晋三距离获得足够国会议员持以修改和平宪法的目标更近了一步。该宪法947年由占领日本的美军创建,此后一直有效。Although national election results were incomplete, all major Japanese newspapers reported that the governing coalition and its allies had captured two-thirds of the seats in the upper house of Parliament, the amount required to proceed with the constitutional revision. A final count was likely to be announced Monday morning.虽然全国选举结果的统计还不完整,日本所有主要报纸都报道称,安倍的联合政府及其盟友已经赢得国会参议院席位的三分之二,达到继续推进修订宪法所需要的国会议员数量。最终的统计结果很可能会在周一上午公布。Despite a weak economy and divided public opinion on the expanded role for Japan’s military that Abe is seeking, exit polls by NHK, the country’s public broadcaster, indicated that his Liberal Democrats and their allies had again won a commanding majority in the upper house.尽管日本经济疲软,舆论也对安倍扩大日本军事角色这一目标持分裂态度,日本公共电视台NHK的出口民调仍然表明,安倍的自由民主Liberal Democratic Party)及其盟友已经赢得了参议院中举足轻重的多数席位。“This is the people’s voice letting us firmly move forward,Abe said. When asked whether he would proceed with a revision of the constitution, he said it had long been the Liberal Democratsgoal.“这是人民的声音,让我们坚定地向前迈进,”安倍说。当被问及是否会推进宪法的修订,他说这一直以来都是自民党的目标。Whether Abe will be able to pursue that ambition to overturn the constitutional clause that calls for the complete renunciation of war remains to be seen.安倍能否实现他的抱负——撤销一项呼吁完全放弃战争的宪法条款——还有待观察。While the partners in the governing coalition have indicated some support for amendments, different groups have divided opinions on which clauses they want to change. Still, the election outcome is sure to give Abe more leverage.尽管联合政府的伙伴表示了对修正案的持,不同的团体间对于具体修改哪一条宪法条款还是存在分歧。不过,这次选举的结果肯定能给安倍带来更多优势。The results in Japan were achieved without the fiery populist emotions that have fueled the U.S. presidential race or the recent British vote to leave the European Union. Instead, the Japanese election seemed to reflect resignation with the status quo rather than a broad mandate.与美国总统大选和英国的脱欧公投不同,日本选举并没有伴随着狂热的民粹主义情绪。相反,日本选举似乎更多反映出人们对现状的无能为力,而不是广泛的民意授权。Voters see few alternatives, with many still feeling stung by what they saw as the opposition Democratic Party’s failure to deliver during its four-year term before Abe came to power in 2012.选民们没有看到什么其他选择。他们中的很多人仍对于反对党民主Democratic Party)及其在安012年上任前的四年任期中的失败而感到失望。As in previous elections, voter turnout was low. Early estimates put it at just under 55 percent, only slightly higher than results three years ago in the last upper house election.与以往的选举一样,今年的选民投票率也很低。据初步估计,投票率略低5%,仅比三年前的参议院选举投票率稍微高出一点。During the campaign this summer, Abe and other Liberal Democrats kept mostly quiet about their revisionist ambitions, which led opposition party leaders and some news media critics to accuse them of a hidden agenda.在今年夏天的竞选中,安倍和其他自民党成员并未怎么谈及对修改宪法的抱负,这使得反对党的领导人和一些新闻媒体指责安倍和自民党隐瞒自己的竞选议程。Abe focused mainly on economic policy known as Abenomics and other less contentious issues, like his promise to expand child care and nursing home slots. Although polls have shown that few Japanese believe the economy is thriving, Abe spoke with pride of growth in employment, without mentioning that the rise had been mostly in part-time or contract jobs.安倍主要关注经济政策——也被称为“安倍经济学”——和其他争议性较小的问题。比如,安倍承诺会扩大儿童看护并增加养老院空位。尽管民调显示,绝大多数日本人不相信日本经济正在繁荣发展,安倍仍然骄傲地提起就业人数的增长,同时对增长主要集中在兼职和合同工的情况闭口不谈。“Abenomics is not failing,Abe told a crowd of more than 1,000 at his final campaign stop Saturday evening in Tokyo. “The only choice is to go forward.”“安倍经济学没有失败,”周六晚上在东京,安倍在竞选的最后一站对1000多名群众说,“唯一的选择是勇往直前。”The public remains split over constitutional revision. According to exit polls by NHK, about a third of voters said they supported some amendments, while another third said they saw no need to revise the governing document. Previous news media surveys showed even less support for constitutional revision.公众对修宪仍然持分歧态度。根据NHK一次出口民调显示,约三分之一的投票者表示他们持部分修改,而另外三分之一的投票者称他们认为没有必要去修改治国文件。之前的新闻媒体调查显示,持修宪的民众更少一些。If the governing coalition achieves the two-thirds threshold in Parliament, it is not clear how quickly it could move to change the constitution. The Liberal Democrats have also proposed amendments that could limit free speech deemed dangerous to the public interest and expand emergency powers for the prime minister.如果执政联盟取得三分之二参议院席位的门槛,多快能实现修宪并不明朗。自民党提议的条款修正还包括:限制被认为是危害公共利益的自由言论,以及扩大首相的紧急权力。The Liberal Democrats will have to work with their coalition partners to gain consensus on which parts of the governing document to change. Any amendments must also be approved by a majority in a nationwide referendum.自民党将会与执政联盟的其他成员合作,在修改治国文件哪些条款问题上达成一致。任何修改都必须在全国投票中以多票数通过。Japanese voters who selected opposition candidates Sunday did so less out of passion than of protest. “I didn’t vote for positive reasons,said Miu Okada, 30, an office worker in Nakano who said she simply chose a candidate who was not a member of the Liberal Democratic Party or its allies.周日,给反对党成员投票的日本选民更多的是出于抗议而非热情。“我不是为了什么积极的理由才投票的,”今0岁,在东京中野区工作的冈田美羽(Miu Okada,音)说道。她表示,自己只是想给既不是自民党成员也不是自民党同盟成员的候选人投票。Sunday’s election was also the first time that 18- and 19-year-olds had been allowed to vote. Yet many seemed apathetic about their new rights. Minori Hosaka, 18, a computer engineering major at Tokai University walking with a friend in the Akihabara district of Tokyo on the eve of the election, said he was not voting because he had not had time to move his residency from his hometown to Tokyo. Besides, he said, “I am not sure my own single vote can affect anything.”周日的选举也是18岁和19岁日本公民第一次获得投票权的选举。不过,许多年轻人对他们新获得的权利显得很冷淡。选举前夜,和朋友一起走在日本秋叶原的东海大学计算机工程专业学生8岁的保坂稔(Minori Hosaka,音)表示,因为没有时间把自己的住处从家乡变更到东京,所以不打算去投票。他还说,“我不确定自己的这一票能有多大的影响。”来 /201607/454217。

LOW TAXES, ‘ELEGANT LIFE’低税收,优雅生活When the Hyatt opened, Trump was aly at work on a second project: Trump Tower, the 58-story, bronze-glass building that would become his home, the headquarters for his company and a tourist attraction.君悦酒店开业时,特朗普已经开始了他的第二个项目——特朗普大厦。这8层的古铜色玻璃大楼后来成为他的宅邸、公司总部和旅游景点。The idea was to raze the Bonwit Teller department store, whose prestigious Fifth Avenue address he described as a Tiffany location.这一项目要拆除邦威特#8226;特勒百货公司(Bonwit Teller),他形容第五大道上的这个著名地址是一个蒂芙尼(Tiffany)级别的地段。To build what he called the ultimate vision of an elegant life seen through a golden eye, Trump wanted a 10-year property tax break under the city’s 421-a program, which was created in 1971 to stimulate housing construction. 为了修建他所谓的通过黄金眼看到的优雅生活的终极景象,特朗普想根据该市1971年创立的旨在刺激住房建设21-a项目获得10年地产税减免。As the city’s economy rebounded, 421-a and programs like it were coming under criticism as giveaways to developers.随着该市经济反弹21-a等项目被批评为给开发商的大礼。The Koch administration rejected Trump’s application, saying the project did not qualify because he was replacing a store with hundreds of employees and annual sales of million, rather than an underutilized property.科赫市政府拒绝了特朗普的申请,称该项目不符合资格,因为他要取代的是一个拥有上千名员工和年营业额达3000万美元的百货大楼,而不是一个未被充分利用的地产。Trump sued the city in 1981. 1981年,特朗普起诉纽约市。Justice Arnold L. 上诉法院(Appellate Division)的阿诺德#8226;L#8226;费恩法官(Arnold L. Fein of the Appellate Division ruled in the city’s favor, writing that 421-a hardly contemplates the grant of benefits at the most choice, aly adequately utilized location in Manhattan to create residential luxury apartments.Fein)裁决持该市的决定,21-a项目在大部分选择中几乎没有考虑它所出让的利益,在曼哈顿已经得到充分利用的地点建造豪华公寓楼。Trump appealed and in 1984, the New York State Court of Appeals ruled that the city’s action had impermissibly erected a barrier to the benefit, and Trump was entitled to the tax abatement.特朗普提起上诉,1984年,纽约州上诉法New York State Court of Appeals)裁定,该市的行为为获益设立非法障碍,特朗普获得减税优惠。Trump said at the time that the abatement was worth million to million over 10 years.特朗普当时称0年的减税总额00万至1000万美元之间。The Finance Department, however, said in its recent analysis that the value of the benefit totaled .5 million. 不过,纽约市财政局称,根据其最近的分析,该收益总额达到2250万美元。Trump later got an additional million tax break under a separate program for renovating the tower’s commercial space.特朗普后来又通过一个改造该大楼商务空间的项目,获得500万美元的税收减免。Trump continued to fight the Koch administration’s attempts to restrict the tax breaks or to require developer concessions, such as subsidized apartments, in return. 特朗普继续挑战科赫市政府限制税收减免或要求开发商做出让步(比如补贴公寓)的努力。After the administration refused to provide tens of millions of dollars in benefits for another project, on the West Side of Manhattan, Trump declared: the city under Ed Koch is a disaster.在政府拒绝为曼哈顿西区的另一个建设项目提供数千万美元的补贴后,特朗普宣称纽约市由埃德#8226;科赫领导是一个灾难。‘A GREAT SELLING POINT’一个大卖点It is easy to understand why the tax breaks were so important to a developer like Trump.不难理解为什么税收减免对特朗普这样的开发商很重要。During a building’s two- to three-year construction phase, when there is no rental or sales money coming in, a 421-a tax abatement can save a developer millions of dollars in taxes, because the property is taxed at the rate in effect before improvements are made. 在一幢大楼两三年的建设过程中,在没有租赁或销售进项时21-a的税收减免能给开发商省下数百万美元的税款,因为在财务状况得到提升之前,地产是按照实际税率征收的。Once a building is completed and its apartments are sold, the benefits accrue to the buyers, significantly lowering taxes and making the apartments more appealing.一旦大厦建成,开始出售公寓,这些益处就转给了买家,能极大降低缴税额,大楼因此更具吸引力。In the 2004 offering plan for a new two-bedroom penthouse at 120 Riverside Blvd. in the Trump Place-Riverside South development, which stretches from 59th Street to 72nd Street on Manhattan’s West Side, the estimated first-year property taxes were 7 because of the building’s 421-a tax abatement. 2004年,在河滨大20号(这条大道从曼哈顿西区的第59街延伸到2街)特朗普广南岸开发项目的一套新两卧顶层公寓的销售计划中,由于这座大楼的421-a税收减免,首年的地产税预计仅17美元。Without the subsidy, the taxes on the apartment, which was listed at .6 million in 2004, would have been ,916.如果没有这些补贴,该公寓004年的挂牌价是160万美元)的税额将2916美元。It was a great selling point, said Charles P. Reiss, a retired executive vice president for development at the Trump Organization. For condos, the monthly fee was greatly reduced.那是一个很大的卖点,特朗普集团(Trump Organization)已经退休的执行副总裁查尔#8226;P#8226;赖斯(Charles P. Reiss)说,对公寓套房来说,每月的费用极大降低了。The benefit declines over time, with the apartment owner paying full taxes after 10 years.这种益处随着时间的推移逐渐降低0年后,公寓所有者要全额付税款。After winning the court battle over Trump Tower, Trump received 421-a tax benefits from the Koch administration worth .8 million for his Trump Plaza and Trump Palace projects.在赢得对特朗普大厦的法庭争斗后,特朗普又从科赫市政府为特朗普广场(Trump Plaza)和特朗普Trump Palace)争取080万美元的421-a税收优惠。During the 1990s and into the 2000s, Trump built a number of New York projects without taxpayer subsidies. 0世纪90年代1世纪的前10年,特朗普没有利用纳税人的补贴,在纽约建了很多大楼。But he continued to chase benefits, large and small.不过他继续追逐或大或小的利益。SUING FOR SUBSIDY AIN再次为补贴起诉In 2000, Trump began marketing a new condominium near the ed Nations, Trump World Tower, which his brochures described as the newest and the most spectacular achievement of the Trump Organization. 2000年,特朗普开始在联合国大厦附近推广一个新的共管公寓楼,宣传册上把它描绘为特朗普集团最新、最壮观的成就。Again, he wanted the city to give him a 421-a tax break.他又想让纽约市给21-a税收优惠。Glen, then an assistant commissioner at the city’s Division of Housing Finance, judged the project ineligible for public benefits.纽约市当时住房金融部门的助理专员格伦认为该项目不符合公共利益。After the city’s court battle with Trump over Trump Tower, the City Council had passed legislation dictating that 421-a benefits no longer be used to demolish usable buildings at taxpayer expense.在该市与特朗普就特朗普大厦进行法庭争斗之后,市议会通过立法,决21-a的优惠不能再把纳税人的钱用于拆除可以使用的大楼。In a letter to Trump’s lawyer, Glen said Trump World Tower was to be built on the site of a functioning office building, and denied him the tax break.在给特朗普律师的信中,格伦称,特朗普世界大厦(Trump World Tower)将建在一个功能正常的大厦的原址上,因此拒绝给予他税收优惠。Trump sued and a state Supreme Court judge ordered the city to review his application. 特朗普提起诉讼,州最高法院的一名法官命令该市复核他的申请。After that suit stalled, he filed a second one that ended in 2003 with a settlement that granted Trump a 10-year exemption worth 9.5 million for the 371-unit condo, according to the Finance Department.在那起诉讼陷入僵局后,他又提起一桩诉讼,后者在2003年以和解收场,据纽约市财政局的记录,和解协议豁免了特朗普371套公寓的10年税收,价.195亿美元。To meet his obligation to build affordable housing, Trump paid another developer .65 million for 124 units earmarked for low- and moderate-income tenants elsewhere in the city, according to court records. 根据法庭记录,特朗普为了完成修建经济适用房的义务,向另一位开发商付65万美元,用于在该市其他地方修建专供中低收入人士租住的124套公寓。He also had to forgo a tax abatement during construction.他还必须在建设期间放弃税收减免。In 2002, apartments at Trump World Tower sold for an average of ,046 per square foot, or .5 million for a small two-bedroom.2002年,特朗普世界大厦的公寓以每平方英尺1046美元的均价出售,一套小两卧单元的价格约50万美元。His whole MO is to exploit the government for everything he could get, said Jerilyn Perine, the city housing commissioner during the Giuliani and Bloomberg administrations. 他的一贯做法就是利用政府得到他能得到的一切,在朱利亚尼和布隆伯格任市长期间担任住房专员的朱莉#8226;佩林(Jerilyn Perine)说。In the end, the letter of the law gave it to him.到头来,还是法律条文让他这么干的。来 /201609/467307。