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郴州市中医院泌尿外科郴州市第一人民医院治疗龟头炎多少钱吴大维洋腔洋调英语口语视频第一册第4集,今天的内容是各种house chores的表达方式,来看看怎么用英语下做家务的命令吧。与家务活各种相关表达:1.house chores 家物事2.spring cleaning春季大扫除3.vacuuming吸尘4.sweeping the floors扫地5.dusting掸灰尘eg. Hey, go dust your room. 把房间的灰尘打扫下。6.doing the dishes洗碗eg. Hey, I cook today, you do the dishes. 我今天炒菜,你洗碗。7.take out the garbage把垃圾拿出门8.mopping拖地eg. You, mop the floor. 你去拖地去。9.wiping擦拭eg. Here is the towel, go do some wiping. 毛巾在这,去擦擦东西。10.go scrub the toilet 洗马桶11.iron熨烫eg. Hey, iron those wrinkles out of your clothes. 把你身上衣这些褶皱给烫掉。12.make your bed铺床eg. When you wake up in the morning, don#39;t forget to make your bed. 早晨起床后千万不要忘了铺被子。相关专题推荐:色拉英语乐园视频新英语900句视频从零开始学口语 /200809/48275郴州包皮手术装珠子 How long have your worked for Carnegie?为卡内基工作多久了Over fifteen years.超过十五年了I guess he#39;d hate it if you left.如果你离开了 他应该会很舍不得吧No one is indispensable.没有谁是不可或缺的You#39;ve doubled profits at Carnegie Steel every year for the past five years.过去的五年里你每年都让卡内基钢铁的利润翻了番Times have been good.近来光景不错Carnegie is a very easy boss.卡内基是一个非常容易相处的老板What if you were your own boss?有没有想过自己做老板Of what?什么老板I am going to buy Carnegie Steel.我准备买下卡内基钢铁And you are going to be President of the world#39;s largest company.而你就会成为这家世界最大公司的总裁With all due respect, Mr. Morgan, Carnegie would kill your idea at birth.恕我直言 根先生 卡内基会扼杀你的想法的Carnegie would never sell.他肯定不会卖Everyone has their price.每件东西都有它的价格You just have to find out what it is.关键看出价Did you know, Charles, that the game of golf was invented in Scotland?你知道吗 查尔斯 高尔夫运动起源于苏格兰I did not.我不知道呢So, do they treat you like a king when you return home to Scotland?你回英格兰的时候 他们是不是像对待国王一样对待你I suppose they do.应该是的And then you came to America and became a king--of industry.然后你来到美国 成为另一种国王 产业之王You created your own destiny.你创造了自己的命运Destiny is not a matter of chance.命运不是偶然It#39;s a matter of choice.而是一种选择Exactly. Quote from Shakespeare没错 莎士比亚说的No. William Jennings Bryan said it.不是 威廉·詹宁斯·布赖恩特说的And we three kings of industry have robbed him of his destiny.而我们三大行业之王改变了他的命运Yeah. For the greater good.是啊 为了更大的效益To create more wealth.创造更多的财富Only if that wealth is used for the benefit of mankind.要是这些财富用于造福人类就好了You know, if you were to sell Carnegie Steel, you could spend the rest of your life benefiting mankind.其实如果你卖掉卡内基钢铁 你在剩下来的日子里就可以去造福人类了Alas, there is not one person in the world with enough money to buy Carnegie Steel.唉 可惜世界上没有谁买得起卡内基钢铁啊Save J.P. Morgan.除了J·P·根Supposing Morgan did want to buy.假设根想买的话What would be your price?你要价多少 Article/201607/452591TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201609/466640郴州泌尿外科哪家医院最好

郴州市包皮手术多少钱Baikal is the oldest lake in the world贝加尔湖是世界上最古老的湖泊and despite the harsh conditions, life flourishes here in isolation.尽管生存条件恶劣,生命仍在这个与世隔绝的地方得到了兴盛80% of its species are found nowhere else on Earth, including the world#39;s only freshwater seal.湖里80%的物种在地球上其它地方都不存在,包括世界上唯一的淡水海豹With this seal and its marine-like forests of sponges,有了这种海豹再加上海底森林一般的海绵Baikal seems more like an ocean than a lake.贝加尔湖看起来更像是海洋,而不是湖泊There are shrimp-like crustaceans, giant amphipods as large as mice.这种长得像虾一样的甲壳动物是一种大型端足类动物,它有老鼠那么大They are the key scavengers in this lake.它们是湖里不可或缺的“清洁工”The water here is just too cold for the bacteria that normally decompose the dead.由于湖水过于寒冷,分解尸体的细菌很难在此存活Most rivers do not end in lakes but continue their journey to the sea.大部分河流并非止于湖泊,而是一直奔向大海。 Article/201706/512356郴州市治疗早泄哪家医院最好 FLASH英语口语:A Pearl of Great Price 无价之宝 /200607/8470郴州哪里能治最好支原体感染

郴州市中心医院前列腺炎多少钱新英语900句之基础篇 Lesson39:DESCRIBING PEOPLE AND OBJECTS描绘人和物571. What does he look like? 他长得什么样?572. He’s kind of tall and thin. 他有点高,有点瘦。573. He has a long nose. 他的鼻子很长。574. He always wears funny#61557; ties. 他总是系着滑稽的领带。575. What does it look like? 它看起来什么样?576. It’s just a dark blue wool cap. 那只是一顶深蓝色的羊毛帽子。577. My brother is a thin man. 我弟弟是个瘦子。578 I live in a brick house. 我住在砖房里。579. The car is very fast. 这车很快。580. This bus is very old. 这辆公共汽车很旧了。581. Have you seen a yellow hat around here? 你在这附近看过一顶黄色帽子吗?582. I want the small kitten with the orange stripes#61558;. 我想要这只有桔黄色条纹的小猫。583. Can you give me a description#61559; of the person? 你能给我描述一下这个人吗?584. She has a round face and large eyes. 她有一张圆圆的脸蛋,大大的眼睛。585. The soup was full of many different#61560; vegetables#61561; 这汤中有许多不同的蔬菜。【生词解读】1. funny adj.有趣的;滑稽可笑的;爱开玩笑的 2. stripe n.条纹;斑纹;线条 3. description n.描写;叙述;形容4. different adj.不同的5. vegetable n.蔬菜;青菜 /200708/17052 I#39;m on a deserted island, there#39;s a boat on horizon.我身处荒岛 海平线处有艘船只I gonna get ashore and light my signal fire.我要赶紧上岸 点燃我的求救烟火Get this rope up the beach.It#39;s a race against time.把这根绳子拖上岸这是一场与时间的竞赛Look, there you go, on the horizon.See it? It#39;s a mast.快看 看海平线那儿 看见了么 那是船的桅杆Okay, let#39;s get on the hill, get the signal fire lit.好吧 我们上山 点火发求救信号Every second here is valuable to the survivor.Go on, get lit. Here we go, okay.此时每一秒对于幸存者来说都是宝贵的 继续打火 好了 点着了The flip-flops are beginning to kick in now, a bit of the black smoke.拖鞋也被点燃了 冒出一些黑烟On a calm day, the human voice can be heard over 10 miles away over water,but not today.风平浪静的天气里 人的声音在水上 能传到10英里以外 但今天运气不好The problem is the wind#39;s blowing this way,很不巧 风在朝反方向吹and that#39;s gonna mean my sound#39;s not gonna carry far,definitely not far enough for them.这就意味着我的呼救声传不了那么远 至少无法让船上的人听见And I guess for the survivor to experience disappointment like that,我想 这实在是太打击人了seeing what you hope is gonna be rescue,to see that disappear,that must be so hard.看见获救的希望近在咫尺 又眼睁睁的看它消失 这种经历太纠结了And then it just becomes this battle to keep your hope and your spirits high.然后 就只剩下你自己在希望与绝望的边缘上挣扎And that#39;s why they say the real battle for survival is actually in your mind and in your heart.这就是为什么人们说 生死考验 实际上考验人的意志与心志 Article/201606/451913郴州男性专科医院在那里郴州桂东县人民医院妇幼保健治疗男性不育多少钱




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