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All over the country, beach managers have tried to make beaches safer by discouraging the use ofglass bottles on the sand.在全国范围内,为了安全起见,主管沙滩的经理们都不鼓励把玻璃洒用于沙滩。Florida, however, has actually begun using glass as sand at the beach as a way to keep its shoresfriendly to both tourists and wildlife.然而佛罗里达州,开始用玻璃来代替沙撒在海滩上,以此来保护游客和野生动植物。A stable beach is important for human use and for many wildlife populations.一个稳定的沙滩对于人们的使用和许多野生动物种群来说是非常重要的。Each year, the oceansurf causes substantial erosion of these beaches as it carries tons of sand with it back into theocean.每年,海洋冲浪都会引起海滩的严重侵蚀,因为它会带着好几吨的沙重回大海。The most common way to restore the sand lost to erosion is to pipe it from the oceanfloor back up to the beach.储存沙最常见的方法就是用管子把它从海底重新运回海岸。This method, though, is expensive and does damage to the fragileecosystems on the ocean floor.这种方法不仅花费昂贵,而且也容易破坏海底脆弱的生态系统。In the search for an alternative to this costly and destructive piping method, scientists turned to crushed glass.在寻找可以代替这种昂贵的和破坏性的管道方法的过程中,科学家们转向了粗碎玻璃。The glass was made into pieces roughly two-hundredth-of-an-inch in size thatwere similar in shape and texture to ordinary sand.这种玻璃被做成0.0127厘米大小的类似于普通沙子的质地和形状的样子。The glass sand was then tested to make surethat it would not only look like sand, but would also behave like sand in the natural environment.他们对玻璃沙子进行测试,确保它不仅看起来像沙子,而且在自然环境中也能像自然沙子那样发挥作用。Researchers found that the glass sand was very similar to ordinary sand in terms of heat, moistureand oxygen levels.研究人员发现,玻璃沙子在热量,湿度和含氧量方面都非常类似于普通的沙子。They also determined that the glass sand was suitable for those who inhabit thebeach, from microorganisms to crabs and turtles.他们还发现玻璃沙子对于在海边居住的生物也同样适合,从微生物到螃蟹,再到海龟。Thanks to these scientists, today you can visitone of these lovely, sparkling beaches and even build a glass castle in the sand.多亏了这些科学家,今天你可以参观到这些可爱的,闪闪发亮的海滩,甚至于矗立于海滩中一座玻璃城堡。 201409/326390

Boy or girl?是男还是女?Thats the first question we ask about new babies, new puppies and newly-found fossils.这是我们询问新生婴儿,新降生小及新发现化石的第一个问题。Fossils? Yep.化石?是的。Experts can tell if an ancient Egyptian mummy or a prehistoric human was a boy or a girl just by looking at the skeleton.专家仅仅通过观察骨骼就可以分辨出一个古埃及木乃伊或史前人类的性别。Heres how they do it. 以下是他们所进行的实验。The human skeleton offers insight into a persons life:人类骨骼展现了人一生的生活轨迹:it will show the signs of disease, malnutrition, and injuries, as well as aging and sex.它可以显示疾病的征兆,营养不良,伤患以及衰老和性别。Experts can identify a skeletons sex by looking at two key areas: the skull and the pelvis.专家通过观察头骨和骨盆两个关键区域可以确定一个骨架的性别。Male skulls tend to be larger than female skulls, with heavier bones and a larger braincase.从头骨比较,男性往往比女性大,他们的骨头更重而且具有更大的脑壳。On the face area, there are bigger brow ridges, thicker jawbones and cheekbones,而在脸部区域,有更大的眉弓,更厚的下颌和颧骨,and the chin is more square than a females chin, which is generally more pointed.下巴则比女性的更厚,通常更为尖锐。On the other hand, well, not hand, theres the pelvis.另一方面,不是手,而是通过骨盆。The female pelvis is shaped like a wide, oval bowl with a large opening at the top and a slightly smaller opening at the bottom.女性骨盆形状像一个宽的,椭圆形碗,开口顶部大,底部小。If a female has had children, the pelvis will also show this.如果一位女性已经生育过,骨盆也将展现出这一点。The male pelvis is more narrow generally, and the opening at the bottom is more heart-shaped than oval.男性骨盆通常更窄,底部的开口呈现心形而非椭圆形。Experts also use this type of information during forensic investigations.专家也在法医调查中使用这种类型的信息。While the eyes may be the window to the soul, the skeleton offers experts a view into a human life. 虽然眼睛是心灵的窗户,但骨架帮助专家得以窥见人类的生命历程。 201311/266372Oh, Julia! Take a good look at the mountain. 哦,茱莉亚!好好看看这座山。This is the last time you gonna see a full view of Cathedral Peak up until you get very close to it. 这是最后一次你会看到一个完整的你离着很近的大教堂峰景象。Its the best, so enjoy it.这是最好的,所以享受吧。How can you not enjoy it?你觉得如何?Enjoy! Take it all in.太棒了!一览无余。Nice cool bit of cloud.有些云好酷。Theres little chance to draw breath and look back down on just how far Ive come. 已经没有机会停下喘口气,回头看下我已经行进多远。I now face one of the major challenges of the walk a gully climb.我现在面临的主要挑战之一是这道沟。201305/239165

Puck is about to became a mother for the 8th time.帕克已经做了8次妈妈了。The labor could take several more hours.这种行为会持续好几个小时。With the light fading, a team reluctantly head back to base.夜幕降临,小队回到了基地。No one knows where dolphins go to have their calves,没人知道海豚会在哪里分娩,but that night, somewhere in the bay, Puck gives birth.但晚上,在鲨鱼湾的某个地方,帕克会生下小宝宝。The beaches family have a new arrival, Pucks precious 8th calf is a boy named Semu. 比奇家庭有了新成员,帕克有了第8个孩子,莎木。No more than a few hours old, the baby instinctively shadows his mums every move.刚出生几个小时,小海豚就本能的知道躲在妈妈的怀抱里。Semu calls continuously to her as if to say,Im here,Im here.莎木不断的呼唤妈妈,好像在说,我在这里,我在这里。201405/297271Weightlessness and zero gravity are two different things. 失重和零重力其实是两种完全不同的概念。Think about it,the earths gravity keeps the moon in orbit. 想想看,地球的重力使月球绕轨运行。And astronauts are generally much closer to earth than the moon is, which means that the earths pull on them has to be much stronger.通常,宇航员其实比月球更为接近地球,这就意味着地球作用于他们的地心引力更强。While were on Earth, we feel our weight because, as the Earths gravity pulls us into its center, the ground pushes back against our feet.我们站立于地面上可以感受到重力,是因为地球本身的引力将我们拉向地心,但同时力又反作用于我们的双脚。When astronauts orbit the earth, theyre still subject to gravity, 宇航员绕地飞行时,他们仍然受到重力的作用。but theyre moving sideways so quickly that even though theyre being pulled towards the earth, theyre not getting any closer to the center of the planet. 但是由于他们始终侧向移动,而且速度如此之快,所以即使他们受到地心引力的影响,他们也并没有更接近地心。In other words, theyre basically in a state of constant free fall, and thats why theyre weightless.换而之,他们基本上是处于恒定的自由落体运动中,也就是他们失重的原因。It just gets weaker. 它只会减弱。And every object with mass, including you and me, has whats known as gravitational attraction. 每一个有重量物体,包括你我,都有万有引力。Although youre subject to all those forces, the Earths gravity masks their pull because the Earth is so large and so close.虽然所有物体都受到万有引力的作用,但是地球本身的庞大,而且我们离地球如此之近,这就使得物体的重力被掩盖。So moving away wont free you of the Earths gravity. 因而,离开地球并不能让你脱离地心引力的影响。All that would happen is that the Earths pull would be masked by the pull of some other object, like Mars.但有可能会是这样的情况,地球的引力会被诸如火星的物体所掩盖。 /201311/263577

On airplanes, cabin pressure changes during takeoff and landing to help passengers breathe easy at high altitudes. These changes in air pressure may make adults ears feel a little funny, prompting a few yawns to equalize the pressure. But for babies, kids, or anyone with a head cold, why are air pressure changes such a pain?飞机起降期间,机舱内压力的变化有助于身处高空的乘客保持呼吸顺畅。气压的变化可能会使成年人的耳朵稍感不适,让人不由自主地打呵欠以平衡压力。但对于婴儿、小孩或感冒头痛的人来说,为何气压变化如此痛苦?To understand why babies often cry during takeoff and landing, lets travel to the middle ear, an air-filled cavity containing three tiny bones.When sound waves reach the eardrum, these bones vibrate to transmit sound to nerves in the inner ear. To vibrate properly, the bones have to be surrounded by air at the same pressure as the air outside.要了解飞机起降期间婴儿啼哭的原因,我们先来了解中耳这个包含三个软骨的充气腔。当声波到达鼓膜时,软骨震动将声音传递到内耳的神经。软骨要保持适当震动,其周围的气压必须与外界的气压保持一致。But what happens when the air pressure changes, as it does on an airplane? Connecting the middle ear to the back of the nose and throat is a tiny tube, called the Eustachiantube. In healthy adults, the Eustachiantube opens when outside air pressure changes, allowing air to enter the middle ear and equalize the pressure. But in kids, the Eustachiantube is smaller and may not open enough to do the trick. That means theres extra pressure on the eardrum. Ouch!!!但是当气压变化会发生什么呢,就像在飞机上发生的一样?连接中耳、鼻后部和咽喉的是一个小管,被称为咽鼓管。对健康的成年人来说,外界气压变化时,咽鼓管打开,空气便进入中耳以平衡压力。但对于孩子来说,其咽鼓管较小,无法充分打开以应对这一过程。这就意味着他们的鼓膜要承受额外的压力。于是便发出疼痛难忍的哎呦声。You can try to prevent earaches on planes by drinking lots of fluids if you have a cold, carrying candy or gum to chew, and yawning. For babies, crying is not a bad idea–as with yawning or chewing, the physical movement around the ears, nose and throat may help open the Eustachiantube and equalize the pressure.如果你感冒了,可以多喝饮料、吃糖果或嚼口香糖、打哈欠以防止飞机起降引起的耳痛。对婴儿来说哭未尝不是一个好主意,正如打哈欠和咀嚼,耳鼻咽周围的物理运动有助于打开咽鼓管以平衡压力。 /201305/239979We humans pride ourselves on having large, supple brains. Butwhile our brains are larger than those of most other animals, itappears that over time our presence can result in smaller-brained animals having cerebral growthspurts.我们人类为拥有大的,灵活的大脑而自豪。然而,尽管我们的大脑比大多数动物大,但是,经过一段时间,我们的存在似乎会让大脑较小动物的大脑突然生长。Scientists have found that certain small mammals-including some species of shrew, vole, bat,gopher, mouse and squirrel-have larger brains when they live near or around people in bothurban and rural areas.科学家们发现某些小型哺乳动物─包括某些种类的鼩鼱、田鼠、蝙蝠、囊鼠、老鼠、松鼠─不论是生活在城市还是农村,当它们比邻人类而居时,大脑会变大。For example, one study found that the brains of urban-dwelling white-footed mice and meadowvoles are about six percent larger than their rural cousins.例如,一项研究发现居住在城市的白足鼠和草甸田鼠,他们的大脑比它们的乡下亲属大出6%。Meanwhile, as habitats have become developed, rural dwelling shrews and bats have also evolvedlarger brains over the past century.同时,随着栖息地的扩展,在过去的一个世纪里,居住在农村的鼩鼱和蝙蝠的大脑也变大了。Scientists speculate that the larger brains of some city living animals are due to those crittershaving to adapt to and survive in places populated by lots of people.科学家们猜测, 一些生活在城市的动物大脑变大,是因为他们不得不在人气旺的地方适应并生存下来。After all, it stands to reasonthat raising baby mice and voles in busy urban and suburban places requires as much brain poweras possible.毕竟,可以理解老鼠和田鼠要在繁华的城市和郊区生儿育女是挺费脑子的。As for the rural animals whose brains have grown, it could be that human development in ruralareas has forced animals such as bats and shrews to forage farther afield, and that patrolling largerhunting grounds requires more brain power.至于生活在农村的动物大脑变大,这可能是因为人类在农村的发展已经迫使像蝙蝠和鼩鼱这样的动物到更远的野外觅食。在更大的狩猎区巡查,更费脑力。An important underlying point of this research is that even an organ as complex as the brain iscapable of significant evolution over relatively short periods of time.这项研究的潜在关键是,即使像大脑这样复杂的器官,也能在相对短的时间里发生重大进化。 201402/277475

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