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三明哪家医院抽脂好厦门第一人民医院挂号电话While I flew to Barcelona last week to speak at a conference, my iPad was at breakfast at a restaurant in Cambridge. That, at least, is what I deduced from the device’s location, transmitted to me after I activated the Find My iPhone app on my mobile phone.最近,当我飞往巴塞罗那出席一个会议并发言的时候,我的iPad正在剑桥的一家餐厅里用早餐。至少,这是我根据手机上“查找我的iPhone”应用传给我的设备位置信息推断出来的。I was relieved: the tablet was neither lost nor stolen; it had been accidentally picked up by the organisers of a meeting I had attended the previous day. If, however, another app had found me at the airport and started to badger me with offers, based on my movements, prior purchases and reputation as a loyal or fickle customer, I might have felt a little uneasy.令我宽慰的是:我的平板电脑既没丢也没被偷;我前一天参加的会议的主办方偶然捡到了它。但是,如果另一款手机应用发现我在机场,并根据我的移动路线、之前的消费记录以及客户忠诚度高低等信息频频向我推销,我可能会觉得有些不舒。Here is a question companies increasingly need to answer: what is the creepiness ient of your product, or marketing campaign, and how would you know? The problem is no secret. Public examples abound. They include embarrassing personalised marketing gaffes — encapsulated in the popular, but possibly apocryphal, tale of the retailer Target, which outed a pregnant teenager to her parents by pitching certain products to her — and the more recent suspension of sales of Google Glass, amid queasiness about the device’s potential misuse. “Problem” may even be a misnomer. While Julia Angwin’s recent book Dragnet Nation describes the dark side of surveillance by companies and governments, a new book by Michael Fertik, founder of Reputation.com, which offers ways of enhancing online reputations, sees it as a simple fact of modern life, which we can exploit for advantage.如今有个问题越来越需要企业来回答:你们的产品或者营销有多令人恐惧不安?你们又如何知道?这个问题已经不再是秘密。公开的例子比比皆是,包括令人难堪的个性化营销失误——一个广为流传但可能不足为信的故事把这一点体现得淋漓尽致:零售商Target由于给未成年少女推销相关产品,向其父母暴露了她怀的事实;还有最近暂停销售的谷歌眼镜(Google Glass),人们担忧该设备可能遭到滥用。用“问题”这个词甚至都可能不恰当。朱莉娅#8226;安格温(Julia Angwin)的新书《天罗地网》(Dragnet Nation)描写了企业和政府的监视活动的黑暗面。告诉客户如何提高网络信誉的Reputation.com,其创始人迈克尔#8226;费蒂克(Michael Fertik)的新书更提出,监视是现代生活中的一个基本事实,我们可以加以利用。In The Reputation Economy, he and co-author David Thompson lay out plenty of examples that I find creepy. They include Facedeals, which aimed to combine facial recognition and your Facebook profile to push special offers to you when you arrive at a shop. Another is Moven, a mobile payment app, which originally set out to score customers’ social media credibility alongside traditional credit measures.在《信誉经济学》(The Reputation Economy)一书中,费蒂克与合著者戴维#8226;汤普森(David Thompson)阐述了许多在我看来令人毛骨悚然的案例。比如Facedeals,旨在将面部识别和Facebook上的个人资料结合起来,这样当你去商店的时候,可以向你推送特别优惠活动。再如手机付应用Moven,该应用最初打算给用户的社交媒体可信度评分,与传统信用衡量标准一同作为参考。“Future legal cases will have to decide at what point digital stalking gets just too creepy,” Mr Fertik and Mr Thompson write. They recommend, instead, that you publicise recent job promotions on social networks, tweet about your forthcoming purchases (“Looking for new SUV, considering @BMWUSA or @MBUSA, any experiences?”), and reconcile with bitter ex-partners who have badmouthed you online — all in the interests of making algorithms think you are a successful, luxury-car-loving, perfect date.“将来的法律诉讼案将不得不断定,数字化追踪在什么程度上会变得过于可怕,”费蒂克和汤普森在书中写道。然而,他俩仍推荐人们在社交网络上公开自己最近的工作晋升,为你想购买的东西发条tweet(“想买辆新SUV,正犹豫是买@BMWUSA还是@MBUSA,有什么建议么?”),与在网上说你坏话、与你怨恨颇深的前任和解——这一切都是为了让算法认定你是一个事业有成、热爱豪车的完美约会对象。Research used to show personalised marketing was persuasive and well received. But Lisa Barnard, who once worked in advertising and is now assistant professor at Ithaca College, ran some experiments aimed at identifying the creepiness ient (she calls it the “creepiness factor”) in ad campaigns. Tailoring online advertising to individual behaviour still works, she found, but “perceived creepiness” makes customers 5 per cent less likely to make the purchase. That is 5 per cent of the budget that could be spent elsewhere, if a campaign’s CQ could be cut to zero.过去的研究常常认为,个性化营销既有说力又容易被接受。但是曾在广告界任职,现任伊萨卡学院(Ithaca College)副教授的莉萨#8226;巴纳德(Lisa Barnard)进行了几项试验,旨在确定广告宣传的可怕程度(她称之为“可怕因子”)。她发现根据个人行为进行定制的网络广告依然有效,但是“觉得可怕”会让顾客购买的几率降低5%。这意味着,如果广告的可怕程度可以降低到零,就可以将消费者可能花到别处的5%消费预算赚回来。Even pioneers recognise personalisation has its limits. Facedeals has become Taonii, an app which still offers tailored deals, without face recognition. “Consumers were just not quite y,” a spokeswoman said via email. “They wanted the benefits but in a slightly friendlier [way].”甚至那些最先试水的商家也意识到个性化营销的局限性。Facedeals现在变成了Taonii,该应用依然提供定制推送务,但是去除了面部识别功能。“消费者还没怎么准备好,”一位女发言人在电子邮件中说,“他们想要优惠,但是要以一种更友好的(方式)。”Keith Weed, chief marketing officer of Unilever, the consumer products company, says digital personalised marketing is “a bit like when you to go to your local shop and they know you and perhaps even have what you want waiting for you”. But cosy as that sounds, he concedes that getting the online and mobile version right is “a fine balance”. For now, giving customers an easy opt-out and ensuring they know what will be shared, where and with whom, are the keys to not creeping them out, he says.消费品企业联合利华(Unilever)的首席营销官基思#8226;威德(Keith Weed)说,数字化个性营销“有点像你到当地的商店买东西,店家认识你并且可能还准备好了你要买的东西”。虽然那听起来很暖心,但他也承认,在网络和移动端做好这一点,是很难把握的“微妙平衡”。他说,就目前而言,让顾客可以方便地退出,并确保他们了解哪些信息将被共享、将在何处共享以及和谁共享,才是不把顾客吓跑的关键。Going back to William Lever, Unilever’s founder and early adopter of persuasive advertising, marketing has a history of constant experimentation, in which you and I are the guinea-pigs. Rapid evolution is inevitable, because the line between creepy and friendly is always shifting. A user may willingly give up information for one purpose, only to react with disgust when it is used for another. But companies owe it to their customers to come up with a better way of defining their creepiness ient. Otherwise, deciding where “cool” becomes “eeugh” will continue to be a matter of trial and uncomfortable error.回溯到威廉#8226;利弗(William Lever)——联合利华的创始人和劝说性广告的早期采用者,营销的历史就是持续不断的试验,而你我就是其中的小白鼠。迅猛的转变是不可避免的,因为可怕和可爱之间的界线总是摇摆不定。用户可能情愿为了某个目的共享信息,而在信息被挪作他用时却满心厌恶。但是,企业要想找出一种更好的办法来确定广告的“可怕程度”,还需要求助于它们的客户。否则,确定“爽”何时变成“不爽”依然将是一个不断试验和令人难堪的错误反复出现的过程。 /201504/370429厦门去除胎记费用 HONG KONG —Despite a slowdown in China, Alibaba, the Internet giant, experienced a surge in revenue in the latest quarter, driven by strong growth in mobile.香港——即使面对放缓的中国经济,受益于移动端营收的激增,互联网巨头阿里巴巴上个季度的业绩仍然增长强劲。Given Alibaba’s dominance in online shopping, investors have been concerned that the trouble in the country’s economy could spill over into the company’s performance.考虑到阿里巴巴在网购行业的主导地位,投资者一度担忧中国经济面临的困境会影响该公司的业绩。After its much-hyped initial public offering last year, Alibaba reported lackluster earnings in the first half of 2015. Its stock price even briefly dropped below its listing price.在去年风光无限的公开上市后,阿里巴巴2015年上半年的业绩报告显得黯淡无光。股价甚至一度跌破发行价。Now Alibaba is showing signs of stabilizing.现在,阿里巴巴显现出恢复稳定的迹象。In its results on Tuesday, Alibaba reported that sales rose 32 percent in the latest quarter to 22.2 billion renminbi, or .5 billion. Earnings per share increased 30 percent. After Alibaba reported results on Tuesday, the company’s stock jumped 5 percent in morning trading.根据周二公布的最新季报,阿里巴巴宣布上季度营收达到222亿元人民币,同比增长32%,每股收益增长了30%。于周二公布该季营收后,阿里巴巴的股价在上午的交易中大涨5%。Still, analysts continue to worry about how a general slowdown in China could rattle Alibaba. Slower growth is expected to hit the wallets of the Chinese middle class, who regularly splurge on the company’s online shopping platforms. At around , Alibaba’s shares are still a long way from the 9 high-water mark they hit after the I.P.O.然而,分析师依然担心中国经济的全面减缓会对阿里巴巴造成冲击。经济增速减缓将令中国中产阶级的钱包缩水,而中产阶级正是经常在阿里巴巴网购平台消费的主力军。阿里巴巴目前股价约为每股79美元,相较公开发行后曾高达每股119美元的历史价位,还有很长的一段距离。“Economic challenges most likely weighed on average spending by buyers,” the research group Trefis wrote in a report.“经济不景气通常反映在消费者的平均开上。”美国投资研究机构Trefis在其报告中写道。Speaking to concerns about the Chinese economy, Joe Tsai, the company’s executive vice chairman, said in a conference call on Tuesday that the company did not believe that a blip in Chinese growth would have a long-term impact on the consumer spending on Alibaba’s sites.谈到对中国经济的担忧,阿里巴巴执行副主席蔡崇信(Joe Tsai)在周二的电话会议上表示,阿里巴巴不认为中国经济的短暂变化会对消费者的网购消费造成长期影响。“When you look at the Chinese consumer, they’re very liquid. They have lots of cash deposits in their account,” he said, adding “a temporary setback in the macro economy is not going to affect their consumption pattern in a fundamental way.” “中国消费者的现金流动性非常好,账户的现金存款相当多。”他补充谈道,“宏观经济暂时放缓不会从根本上带来消费模式的变化。”In particular, Mr. Tsai noted that Chinese consumption as a percentage of the country’s output is still well below that of developed countries. He expected consumption to naturally become a larger part of China’s economic growth. It is a shift that officials in Beijing are similarly pushing.值得关注的是,蔡崇信提到消费在中国经济中的占比还远远小于发达国家。他预计消费会自然而然地成为中国经济增长的更大组成部分。这与中国政府力推的经济转型不谋而合。Like many Internet players, Alibaba is looking to mobile as it charts out opportunities.与许多互联网公司一样,阿里巴巴致力发展移动端业务,以寻求更多机会。The company’s revenue from mobile advertising, traditionally less than is made on online desktop ads, almost tripled from a year earlier, to .7 billion. Alibaba said on Tuesday that mobile phones also account for about 62 percent of the total transactions on its e-commerce sites.阿里巴巴的移动端广告收益,原本低于PC端广告,如今增长迅猛,达到17亿美元,几乎是去年的三倍。在周二,阿里巴巴宣布移动端贡献了其电商平台约62%的总交易额。In the conference call, Alibaba executives emphasized new revenue streams that could eventually contribute to the company, including takeout and grocery delivery, a cloud computing unit that serves small businesses, and outreach to rural users.在电话会议上,阿里巴巴的高管强调新增的收入来源最终会为公司做出贡献,这包括餐饮外卖和食品杂货递送、针对小企业的云计算业务,以及针对农村地区用户的拓展。“Today if you look at the landscape in China, online shopping only accounts for 10 percent of total retail in China,” said Alibaba’s new chief executive, Daniel Zhang. “So I would say that is a huge potential, and if we look at people’s geographic sp, half of our population in the low-tier cities and rural areas, that’s why we initiate our rural program.”“时至今日,从总体情况来看,网购只占中国零售业总额的10%。”阿里巴巴新上任的首席执行官张勇(Daniel Zhang)表示,“因此,我认为潜力依然巨大。从地域分布上来看,中国有一半人口生活在中小城市和农村偏远地区,这就是我们启动农村淘宝项目的原因。”Alibaba’s investment strategy is expected to follow this pattern. This month, Alibaba continued its acquisition streak by making an offer to buy the remainder of a Chinese online site, Youku Tudou.阿里巴巴的投资战略将贯彻这一目标。本月,阿里巴巴继续其收购步伐,宣布对在线视频网站优酷和土豆网剩余的股份进行全面收购。“Consumption isn’t just about online shopping, but consumption of digital goods; it’s about consumption of services. We are looking at things that will enhance our position in the consumption economy,” Mr. Tsai said.“消费不仅限于网购商品,也是对数字产品的消费,是对务业的消费。我们重视能提高我们在消费经济中地位的业务。”蔡崇信表示。 /201510/406508福建省第二医院激光去掉雀斑多少钱

厦门双眼皮埋线哪家医院好厦门地区欧菲医院点痣 Google is rolling out its ;Hands Free; payments feature in select restaurants in California#39;s Bay Area which will let people who have the app strut into an eatery, order, and check out simply by saying ;I#39;ll pay with Google.;近日,谷歌公司正在加州湾区选定的几家餐馆推出了其Hands Free付功能,该功能可以让安装了此付应用的消费者昂首阔步地走进一家餐馆,点餐,只需说一句;我要用谷歌来付;即可结账。Cashiers then ask for your initials and double-check that the picture uploaded to the Hands Free app actually looks like you. In some stores, the company is also testing just letting you use your face for verification, through an in-store camera that would snap a quick photo.接下来收银员会询问消费者的姓名首字母,并进行复查核对,确认上传至Hands Free应用中的图片的确是消费者本人。在一些商店,谷歌公司还进行了一些测试,只需消费者通过店内的摄像头刷脸即可进行认,这些摄像头可以进行快速拍照。Hands Free uses Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and location data, and this isn#39;t the first time we#39;ve heard about it: Google previewed the concept way back in May 2015, though this is the first time it#39;s loose in the wild on a larger scale.Hands Free应用主要使用蓝牙、Wi-Fi和位置数据。不过,这并不是业界首次听说Hands Free。事实上,早在2015年5月,谷歌就预演了这个功能,但这次是谷歌首次大规模的推出此功能。Google isn#39;t the first one to try going down this path, either. Square tried hands free payments way back in 2011, but ended up shutting down the app that offered it. PayPal has a hands-free option too.另外,谷歌也并非第一家尝试这种付功能的公司。事实上,Square早在2011年就开始尝试这样的无勿手动的付方式,但最终又停止了类似功能的应用。此外,PayPal也曾尝试过类似的付功能。Google#39;s had a long, complicated history with payments. It launched a near-field communications payments product called Google Wallet back in 2011, but ended up replacing that system with Android Pay late last year, and pivoting Wallet to a peer-to-peer money sending app (like Venmo).在开发付功能方面,谷歌有着较长的复杂历史。2011年,谷歌曾推出名为“谷歌钱包”的近场通讯付产品,但最终又在去年底,谷歌用Android Pay取代了谷歌钱包系统,并将谷歌钱包转化为一个类似于Venmo的端对端的转账应用。Even though technically Google was early on payments, its missteps, clunky roll-out, and late relaunch position it, at least recognition-wise, a few steps behind Apple, which has a tap-n-go payments system called Apple Pay.尽管从技术上来讲,谷歌在付领域仍进展较慢。谷歌最初是急促地推出这项产品,之后又重新推出这一产品,这种进展至少要比苹果慢一些。相比较而言,苹果则及时地推出了自己付系统,名为“Apple Pay”。Although Hands Free doesn#39;t require that users have Android Pay — the app works for iOS, too — Google#39;s likely hoping that this seamless experience will help the service take off and sp to more retailers.Hands Free不需要消费者拥有Android Pay,其功能独立于Android Pay之外,但是,谷歌可能希望这种无缝体验将帮助此务出师大捷,并能够推广到更到多的零售商。 /201603/430021厦门e光脱体毛价格

厦门第三人民医院私立还是公办 Wal-Mart Stores is teaming up with Alibaba to roll out the Alipay mobile payment service in China — its latest move to increase sales in a tough, but potentially lucrative international market.为了在中国这个形势严峻但潜在利润丰厚的海外市场提升销售额,沃尔玛迈出了新一步:它宣布与阿里巴巴合作,开始持付宝付款。Ant Financial, a financial affiliate of Alibaba, said on Wednesday that the partnership with the world’s biggest retailer would start with 25 stores in Shenzhen, including one of its Sam’s Club locations, and be accepted at all 410 Wal-Mart stores in China by the end of the year.阿里巴巴子公司蚂蚁金表示,沃尔玛在深圳的25家分店将率先参与这一合作,其中包括一家山姆会员店。今年年底,双方合作范围将扩大到沃尔玛在中国的全部410家分店。The tie-up with China’s leading e-commerce company comes as Wal-Mart looks to dramatically improve its performance in the world’s most populous country. Last quarter, Wal-Mart’s net sales fell 0.7%, while comparable sales, which strip out the effect of newly opened or closed stores, were down 2.3%.这场与阿里巴巴的合作来的恰逢其时,沃尔玛正急于快速提升在这个全球人口最多国家的业绩。上个季度,沃尔玛在中国的净销售额下降了0.7%;剔除新开和已关闭分店的影响,可比销售额下降2.3%。Wal-Mart has grappled with the perception in China that its prices are not the lowest, among other challenges.沃尔玛在中国面临的挑战之一就是,消费者认为其商品售价并不是最低的。Wal-Mart CEO Doug McMillon told investors in February that the company is “taking the right steps to solidify a foundation for long-term growth.”今年2月份,沃尔玛首席执行官董明伦曾告诉投资者,正“采取适当措施为长期增长奠定基础”。One of those steps has turned out to be working with China’s leading mobile payments service: last fiscal year, ended June 30, 2014, Alipay settled 8 billion in transactions, and had some 190 million active users for its mobile app as of last fall.显然,其中一项措施就是和中国主要的移动付务商合作。在截至2014年6月30日的财年中,付宝完成的交易金额达7880亿美元;去年秋季,其移动应用活跃用户数约为1.9亿。The Alipay deal won’t entail new capital spending by Wal-Mart. Its cash registers won’t need extra equipment to accept Alipay Wallet mobile payments, given that basic barcode scanning guns will do the trick. Customers will be able to check out by having their smart phones scanned.而且,与付宝合作不会增加沃尔玛的资本出。超市收银机自带的扫码就能完成付宝付,无需添加其他设备。消费者只需拿出智能手机,轻轻一扫就可结账。“Alipay will help us serve our customers better by allowing mobile payment in seconds. Increasingly, our customers want convenience,” Wal-Mart spokeswoman Marilee McInnis told Fortune in an e-mailed message. This is all the more important given how prevalent mobile payment has become in a country with such limited credit card use.沃尔玛发言人玛丽莉o麦金尼斯通过电子邮件向《财富》杂志表示:“移动付几秒钟内就能完成,与付宝合作有助于我们更好地务消费者。顾客越来越希望享受便捷的体验。”这点特别重要,尤其在中国这样一个移动付格外流行,信用卡使用却非常有限的国家。For Alipay, working with the world’s largest retailer can help it increase adoption of the mobile payments service.对付宝来说,和全球最大的零售商合作则有助于扩大其移动付业务的覆盖范围。Last month, McMillon told journalists on a trip to Beijing that his goal was not to make Wal-Mart the biggest retailer in China, but rather the most trusted, eschewing a previous strategy anchored on aggressive store expansion. So the company is pulling back on the pace of store openings and in fact is closing many underperforming stores in China.董明伦上个月在赴北京途中向记者透露,他的目标并不是让沃尔玛成为中国规模最大的零售企业,而是最受信任的一家,不能再延续过去大量开分店的策略。所以沃尔玛正放慢设立新店的速度,实际上还关闭了不少表现欠佳的门店。The retailer, which first came to China in 1996, plans to open to open 115 new stores by 2017, which would bring its store count in China to 530 locations. By contrast, Wal-Mart has nearly 5,200 in the U.S. across its various banners.沃尔玛1996年登陆中国市场,计划到2017年再开115家新店,届时其在中国的门店数量将达530家。而在美国,沃尔玛旗下各子品牌分店已接近5200家。 /201505/375660厦门殴菲整形打瘦脸针价格龙海哪个美容医院好



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