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2019年12月11日 12:37:13 | 作者:医苑分享 | 来源:新华社
环球城市地标的水之美 -- :: 来源:sohu 波兰插图画家、建筑师Maja Wrońska继续她的建筑灵感系列——标志性的城市景观她带来了新的水画系列,描绘了包括巴黎、、纽约在内的城市的风景Wrońska通过她的网站表示,“我的作品和建筑有着密不可分的联系,所以建筑是我的灵感源泉”快来看看这些描绘了世界各地景观的水画吧! Polish illustrator and architect Maja Wrońska continues her architecture-inspired series of iconic cityscapes. She creates her new collection of watercolor paintings that depict some lovely scenes from cities like Paris, Venice, and New York. “My drawings are strictly connected to the architecture so, sure, architecture is my inspiration,” Wrońska says on her website. Take a look at these watercolors from around the world that she had created recently. 英国约克 York, UK 华盛顿广场花园,美国纽约 Washington Square Park, NYC, USA 布鲁克林大桥,美国纽约 Brooklyn Bridge, NYC, USA 希腊雅典 Athens, Greece 巴黎圣母院,法国巴黎Notre Dame, Paris, France 卢浮宫,法国巴黎Louvre, Paris, France 奥赛美术馆,法国巴黎Museacute;e d’Orsay, Paris, France 新桥,法国巴黎Pont Neuf, Paris, France 圣彼得大教堂,意大利罗马Saint Peter, Rome, Italy 意大利Venice, Italy English Source: Boredpanda长三角区域协作保障“G蓝” -- 19:7:9 来源:chinadaily 年9月,浙江省杭州市将迎来G峰会为了保峰会期间天蓝水清,浙江个市以及长江三角洲区域内的其他城市近期开始出台一系列举措,减少空气污染,确保“G蓝”请看相关报道:To ensure blue skies during September's G Summit, host city Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, and surrounding regions recently released plans to restrict air pollution.为了保障9月份G峰会期间的蓝天,主办城市浙江省杭州市以及周边区域近期发布了防治空气污染的规划The city government's plan includes the closure of several chemical enterprises. It ordered that by mid-August, Hangzhou Bald Silicon must be closed and relocated.杭州市政府的规划包括关闭几家化工企业该市规定,杭州包尔得有机硅公司必须在8月中旬关闭并搬迁By the end of this month, buses using diesel fuel and whose exhaust emissions fail to meet the latest national standards will be taken off the roads in six central districts.本月底,柴油公交车以及尾气排放达不到新国标的公交车将不能在杭州六个城区的道路上行使从APEC蓝开始,国内不少城市都借助大型会议及活动的机会采取措施减少空气污染,先后出现了北京“阅兵蓝”(parade blue)、上海“迪士尼蓝”(Disney Blue)等空气质量连续达标的好天气杭州市也采取了类似的关停措施,以求在9月份迎来“G蓝”(G blue)该市设定峰会期间空气中的PM.5浓度不能超过每立方米35毫克此次杭州以及周边城市采取的措施与北京和上海类似,都包括关停高污染(high pollution risks)、高能量消耗(high energy consumption)、低产出(low productivity)的行业,包括机械加工、金属器皿生产(metalware production)、印刷、塑料制品生产(plastics production)和化学工程(chemical engineering)上海市也规定在8月日至9月6日期间,55家石油化工(petrochemicals)、钢铁以及水泥生产厂家减产(limit production)在此期间,上海宝钢暂时关闭,上海石化减产50%临近的安徽部分城市也表示会采取措施,减少空气污染(中国日报网英语点津 Helen)法国水灾继续加重,卢浮宫将暂时关闭 -- :39: 来源: 卢浮宫决定于周五关闭,以保护起价值不菲的艺术藏品不受洪水破坏 Artwork of French street artist and photographer JR is displayed on the Louvre Pyramid in Paris, May 5, .图为法国街头艺术家兼摄影师JR在卢浮宫金字塔上展出的艺术作品,年5月5日,巴黎The Seine has burst some of its banks due to heavy rainfall.因连续暴雨,塞纳河已经冲垮了一些河堤As heavy rainfall floods Paris, the Louvre isn’t taking chances with its priceless art collection and will close on Friday to prevent water damage.由于巴黎的暴雨洪水,卢浮宫决定于周五关闭,以保护起价值不菲的艺术藏品不受洪水破坏The museum will move pieces from its underground stores to higher floors to keep them safe, according to a Thursday statement.该物馆将把储藏在地下的艺术品挪移至高出,以确保其安全无损,据周四一份声明说The Louvre is right next to the Seine river, which has risen ft above its normal levels due to rain over the past few weeks, AFP reports.卢浮宫紧挨着塞纳河,由于过去几周的连续降雨,水位上升了英尺以上,据法新社报道The Louvre had previously said its storage spaces were not under threat, as the underground areas are equipped with waterproof doors and flooding pumps.卢浮宫此前曾说其收藏空间不会受到威胁,因为其地下区域有防水门和洪水泵But as the Seine began bursting its banks in some places, the museum changed course.但由于塞纳河的一些河堤被冲垮,该物馆决定改变策略In the long term, the Louvre plans to move its underground art stores to another facility by 19 so they won’t be imperiled by the river.长久之计是,卢浮宫决定把其地下艺术储藏于19年移至另外一个空间,以避免河流威胁As the most-visited gallery in the world, the Louvre houses works by Van Gogh, Manet, Renoir and Gauguin, including the famed Mona Lisa.作为世界上客流量最多的展览馆,卢浮宫收藏了梵高,马奈,雷诺阿和高更的作品,包括著名的蒙娜丽莎美儿童携带50包海洛因 当糖果派送小朋友 -- :51:35 来源: 美儿童携带50包海洛因 当糖果派送小朋友 Child accidentally takes 50 heroin bags to US nursery A four-year-old child took about 50 packets of heroin to her nursery and began passing them out, believing them to be chocolate, Delaware police say.Police say the child unknowingly brought the drugs to the centre when her mother gave her a different bag to take to nursery.The girl's mother, Ashley Tull, 30, has been charged with child endangerment and a drugs charge.Her sister told the Associated Press she had no idea the drugs were inside.Alicia Tull said her sister does not use or deal drugs and that she was taken advantage of by an individual who stored the drugs in her home without her knowledge.Delaware Police Master Cpl Gary Fournier told the Delaware News Journal newspaper the "investigation is continuing and more charges are thcoming" but would not say whose heroin it was.Several children who received the packets went to hospital as a precaution, police said, but none of the packets was opened.In total, the bags held nearly g (0. ounce). Each packet was labelled "Slam".Ms Tull has been released on a ,000 (£3,700) bond has been ordered not to have any contact with her children, ages to four, who are in the custody of a relative, Delaware State Police said.美国特拉华州(Delaware)警方说:“一个四岁的孩子携带了约50小包的海洛因到幼儿园后开始分发,孩子们以为这些是糖果”警方说孩子的母亲给了孩子一个不同的背包,孩子不知不觉就把毒品带到了日托中心女孩的母亲艾希礼(Ashley)30岁,已被指控危害儿童和吸毒艾希礼的告诉美联社记者她不知道背包中藏有毒品艾丽西亚(Alicia)说她没有吸毒或进行毒品交易,她只是帮他人保存物品从而获利,而有些人把毒品藏在她家,她毫不知情特立华州警署负责人(Delaware Police Master Cpl)加里福尼尔(Gary Fournier)告诉特拉华新闻报(Delaware News Journal nespaper):“调查还在继续,也将会有更多指控”,但可能不会指明海洛因是谁的警方说一些收到小包海洛因的孩子为了确保无恙便去医院,但是这些海洛因包装都还是密封的这些海洛因重总计约克每个小包都被贴上了“Slam”糖果的标签图勒女士已被释放,她交了6000美金作担保,并且被禁止接近她的孩子们她的孩子们到岁,目前由一个亲戚监护

六分之一新婚夫妇藏有小金库 --01 :3:0 来源:chinadaily The case prenuptual agreements may have just gotten stronger: According to a new survey by credit-tracking company Experian, percent of newlyweds admit they are hiding a financial from their spouse. 婚前协议的案例与日俱增信用监测公司益睿的一项最新调查显示,%的新婚夫妇承认,他们瞒着另一半,偷偷藏着自己的小金库Of those with secret s, about 60 percent were men and 0 percent women. Men and women also differed in how much spending they said they'd be comtable keeping from a spouse. While female respondents said they'd quietly cough up 3 on average, male survey-takers were willing to spend ,59 without mentioning it to their better halves. 这些藏有小金库的人中,60%是男性,0%为女性而对配偶隐瞒多少开销会让其心安理得,男性和女性也大有不同女性调查对象表示,她们通常会小心翼翼地跟丈夫少汇报383美元,而男性调查对象面对其心爱的妻子时,认为少报59美元,仍可以瞒天过海Overall, nearly a third of people admitted to being relatively clueless about their husband's or wife's finances bee tying the knot. About two in five respondents said they didn't know their spouse's credit score, while about 30 percent were unaware of their partner's long-term financial goals or student loan debt. And a quarter didn't even know their spouse's annual income. 总体而言,将近三分之一的人都坦言在结婚前对另一半的经济情况几乎一无所知调查对象里有0%的人,表示他们不知道其配偶的信用评分,而30%的人对其配偶的长期经济目标或学生时期贷款债务情况毫不知情更有5%的人甚至不知道配偶的年收入"Obviously, some people do have things they want to hide," said Indianapolis-based financial planner Meredith Carbrey. "But a lot of couples just don't make the time to sit down and talk finances, or one person is hesitant out of fear their partner will judge them." 美国印第安纳波利斯的理财规划师梅雷迪斯-卡布雷说:“显然,还是有部分人想隐藏自己的小秘密,不过大多数夫妻都不愿花点时间,坐下来聊一聊他们的经济情况,又或者夫妻中有一方害怕坦诚相告之后,会被配偶另眼相看”Skipping that hard talk about money bee getting hitched seems to have consequences. While newlyweds said their biggest financial goal was saving to buy a residence, about a third complained that their spouse's credit score has affected their ability to get a home loan. And nearly percent have actually needed a co-signer major purchases since walking down the aisle. 婚前对财务问题避而不谈会造成不良后果新婚夫妇常说他们最大的经济目标就是存钱买房,但几乎有三分之一的人都抱怨他们配偶的信用评分影响了他们办理住房贷款而且将近%的已婚夫妇在购置大件商品时需要双方共同签字署名Credit headaches are only one financial problem the survey revealed. While about 0 percent of respondents said credit scores are currently a source of marital strife, about a quarter cited budgeting and percent blamed debt repayment. One in three newlyweds said their spouse's spending habits are different than what they expected. 令人头疼的信用评分其实只是该项调查反映的问题之一0%的受访者表示现在信用评分常常是他们夫妻吵架的导火索,约5%的受访者因家庭预算问题争吵不休,另有%的受访者因偿还债务而怨念重重三分之一的新婚夫妇表示,配偶的消费习惯与他们预先的期待完全不一样When you are worried about your spouse or fiance's finances, it can be emotionally challenging to broach the topic. But there are ways to get your partner to open up without seeming too critical. Meeting with a financial planner or other professional can help by adding an unbiased third party to the equation, said Carbrey. 当你为配偶或未婚夫(妻)的经济情况感到担忧时,打开天窗说亮话,未免有伤感情不过总有方法既可以让你的另一半坦然开口,又能局势看起来不至于太僵卡布雷表示,理财规划师或其他相关方面专家就可以充当中立的第三方,不偏不倚地帮助夫妇解决问题"That can be a good moment to find out about assets and liabilities, and whether they have too much debt," she said. 卡布雷说:“这是摸清另一半的资产和负债情况,并探明其是否身负巨额债务的最好时机Other occasions, such as renting an apartment together, can give you the opporty to find out your partner's credit score, Carbrey said. 而合租公寓等场合也是你了解另一半信用评分的良机,卡布雷说As it turns out, people don't always practice what they preach. When asked what qualities they prioritize in a spouse, 80 percent of newlyweds said they cared about credit scores, while 9 percent of survey respondents said financial responsibility. 事实明,并非人人都能言行一致当被问及最看重配偶的哪些品质时,80%的新婚夫妇表示他们最在意信用评分,而9%的受访者则在意对方是否具备承担经济责任的能力All the more reason to open up a dialogue with your husband or wife early on, said Carbrey. If it makes sense, one solution can be delegating money-related responsibilities to whichever partner is thriftier. 卡布雷认为,这更说明了,经济问题越早和另一半说清越好如果双方可以谈拢,那么有一种方案就是把财政大权交给相对节俭的一方Just be careful to make sure both you and your partner know where important documents are kept, in case of an emergency. 有一点要注意,为了以防万一,一定要确保夫妻双方都清楚重要件藏在何处Vocabularyprenuptual agreements: 婚前协议clueless: 无线索的assets and liabilities: 资产与负债unbiased: 公正的,无偏见的all the more reason: 更加正当的理由英文来源:雅虎新闻译者:谢海芳(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)编审:yaning

看总统读哪些书? 奥巴马全家逛书店 -- :58: 来源:   President Barack Obama tried to draw attention to independently owned businesses on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, a day that is increasingly being marketed as one deal-hungry consumers to remember to patronize these mom-and-pop outlets while doing their holiday shopping.  感恩节之后的周六,越来越被当做让消费者在节日购物时不忘光顾小企业的一天来宣传上周六,美国奥巴马到独立书店买书,试图吸引人们关注独立企业  He bought bags of books — titles in all — during a stop at Politics and Prose, a popular Washington bookstore now owned by a mer Washington Post reporter and his wife, also a mer Post reporter who also worked Hillary Rodham Clinton at the White House and State Department.  奥巴马在华盛顿一家很受欢迎的独立书店“政治学与散文”中一共买了本书该书店由一对之前同在华盛顿邮报做过记者的夫妇经营,妻子之前还曾在白宫和国务院中为希拉里·克林顿工作过  In recent years, the Saturday after Thanksgiving has been advertised as "Small Business Saturday." It's designed to drive foot traffic to independent businesses in between the frenzy of Black Friday sales at mass retailers and the Cyber Monday deals available online.  最近几年,广告中一直把感恩节过后的周六称为“小企业周六”其构想是为了在大众零售店的黑色星期五疯狂销售和“网络星期一”的网购之余,把街上的客流吸引到独立店面  Obama browsed the bookstore's racks with his daughters, Malia and Sasha. He held one shopper's baby and chatted with author David Baldacci. While paying at the cash register, another patron encouraged Obama to close the U.S. facility in Cuba where suspected terrorists are detained.  奥巴马同女儿玛丽亚和萨莎一起浏览了书店的书架他还抱了抱一位顾客的宝宝,并与畅销书作家、犯罪小说家戴维·巴尔达奇聊了天在收银台付款的时候,一位顾客向奥巴马建议关闭在古巴的监狱,因为那里被怀疑有关押恐怖分子  "Hope you can close Guantanamo," the patron said.  这位顾客说:“希望您能关闭关塔那监狱”  "We're working on it," Obama replied, then cheerily added to the crowd of shoppers: "Any other issues?"  “我们正在努力”奥巴马回答道,之后还询问其他顾客“还有其他问题吗?”  Obama also joked, "Hope it works," when he handed his credit card to the cashier. That appeared to be a reference to when a restaurant declined his card while he dined out in New York City in late September.  在把信用卡递给收银员时,奥巴马还开玩笑说“希望它能管用”这么说可能是因为去年九月份,奥巴马曾在纽约市一家餐馆就餐后付款时,餐馆拒绝了他的信用卡  Obama bought a mix of titles apparently chosen to satisfy ers young and old. The White House declined to reveal how much he paid.  奥巴马选购的书籍显然是为了满足老少读者白宫没有透露他付了多少钱  Among the books in the president's shopping bags mature ers were "Age of Ambition: Chasing tune, Truth and Faith in the New China" by New Yorker writer Evan Osnos, "Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End" by surgeon Atul Gawande and "All the Light We Cannot See" by Anthony Doerr.  在为成年读者准备的购物袋中有作家埃文·奥斯诺斯所著《野心时代:在新中国追逐财富、真理与信仰、外科医生阿图尔·加万德所著《终有一死:医疗以及最后时刻什么重要,还有安东尼·多尔所写的《所有我们不能看见的光   younger ers, Obama's purchases included three titles in the "Redwall" series by Brian Jacques, two titles in the Junie B. Jones series by Barbara Park and "A Barnyard Collection: Click, Clack, Moo and More" by Doreen Cronin.  奥巴马为青少年读者购买的书籍包括布赖恩·杰克斯的《红墙系列中的三本书、芭芭拉·帕克的《朱尼·琼斯系列以及多琳·克罗宁的《谷仓系列:喀哩,喀啦,哞及其他中的两本   Obama and his daughters also shopped at Politics and Prose on the Saturday after Thanksgiving last year.  去年感恩节过后的周六,奥巴马和女儿们也曾在“政治学与散文”书店购书

双语:英国男子得怪病 啃啃马铃薯就“醉死” -- :9:00 来源:   We all wish there were cheaper, easier ways to get drunk.  我们都希望更廉价,更便捷的醉生梦死过去  However one British man has revealed how he can get drunk by simply eating chips or mashed potatoes.  但是有一个英国男子爆料:自己是如何简简单单吃吃薯条啃啃马铃薯就“醉死”过去的  Nick Hess suffers from ‘auto-brewery syndrome’, which means his stomach has anovergrowth of yeast which turns any carbohydrates he eats into alcohol.  尼克·赫斯患有“自动酿酒厂症候群”,得这种病意味着他胃里的酵母过多,导致任何他吃下去的糖分都会变成酒精   years Nick would wake up feeling sick, or often suddenly feel drunk after meals.  多年以来,尼克醒来的时候都觉得很难受,常常吃个饭就醉倒了  His wife even started searching the house bottles, convinced he was a secret alcoholic.  他的妻子甚至开始满屋子搜罗酒瓶,深信不疑她丈夫就是个“隐性酒鬼”  Friends often thought he was drunk even when no alcohol had passed his lips.  朋友们也都常常觉得他喝醉了,明明他嘴唇上滴酒未沾  While in hospital, and still under suspicion of being a closeted alcoholic, Nick was feed a meal heavy in carbs which caused his blood alcohol level to shoot up to 0 milligrams per 0 millilitres of blood – which is the equivilant of doing seven straight shots of whiskey.  在医院里,仍有秘密酒鬼嫌疑的情况下,尼克吃下一大顿碳水化合物,从而引起他血液中的酒精量飙升至0毫克0毫升——完全等同于喝下7大瓶威士忌啊  After being diagnosed he was given anti-fungal drugs and put on a low carb diet to combat the condition, however he still experiences one or two episodes a month.  诊断之后,他领了一些坑真菌药物并吃低碳水化合物来对抗病症,但是一个月他还是要发病1、次

如果迪士尼公主也会变老,会怎样? -- :3:31 来源:chinadaily 白雪公主现在已经9岁,在电影中只有岁贝蒂;怀特是她现在这个造型的灵感Snow White is now 9 years old. In the movie she was years old. Betty White was my inspiration. Isaque Arecirc;as 是一位巴西艺术家他非常喜欢迪士尼系列的电影,所以在的时候决定要进行一个艺术创作:曾经和后来的迪士尼公主 Isaque Arecirc;as is a Brazilian artist. He loves Disney movies and he decided to start an artwork project called : “After and Bee – Disney Princesses” in . 他在看到好莱坞明星慢慢变老时想到,迪士尼公主不也是她们主演的电影中的演员么,那她们不是同样也会变老吗? 他开始了创作,却很快因为技术不成熟而搁置条件成熟后,他终于重拾画笔 He was inspired by watching the Hollywood artists getting older; people from movies getting older and he thought“What if Disney Princesses were artists in their own movie? Why aren't Disney Princesses getting older too?”. Then he started drawing, but soon he gave up because his skills were not that good by that time. Some days ago, he gave no reasons to restart the project. 奥罗拉公主现在已经7岁,在电影中只有岁 Aurora is now 7 years old. In the movie she was years old. 贝儿公主现在已经1岁,在电影中只有岁 Belle is now 1 years old. In the movie she was years old. 茉莉公主现在已经38岁,在电影中只有岁 Jasmine is now 38 years old. In the movie she was years old. 爱丽儿现在岁,在电影中只有岁她的脸颊是根据卡梅隆;迪亚茨来设计的 Ariel is now years old. In the movie she was years old. Cameron Diaz was the inspiration the cheeks. 灰姑娘现在已经8岁,在电影中只有19岁朱莉;安德鲁斯是她现在这个造型的灵感 Cinderella is now 8 years old. In the movie she was 19 years old. Julie Andrews was my inspiration. 花木兰现在33岁,在电影中只有岁温明娜是她现在这个造型的灵感 Mulan is now 33 years old. In the movie she was years old. Ming-Na Wen was my inspiration 宝嘉康蒂现在38岁,在电影中只有18岁 Pocahontas is now 38 years old. In the movie she was 18 years old. English Source: boredpanda Photo credit: Isaque Arecirc;as

商场移除试衣镜 因其降低购买欲 -- :18:5 来源:chinadaily Mirrors are being removed from changing rooms in some of Britain's biggest shopping centres after new research revealed they make customers more "body conscious".一项新的研究表明,试衣镜使得顾客对自己的身材更在意,英国一些最大的购物中心正在移除试衣间里的镜子Almost three-quarters of British women (71 percent) are put off buying clothes after they have tried them on in front of a changing room mirror, a survey found.一项调查发现,近四分之三(71%)的英国女性在试衣镜前试穿之后,就打消了买衣的念头More than half of woman (5 percent) are left feeling down after seeing themselves in the mirror, the research discovered.调查发现,超过半数(5%)的女性看到镜中的自己后感到沮丧And a fifth ( percent) of women will only allow close friends and family to see them try on clothes in a changing room.五分之一(%)的女性只允许好友和家人看她们在试衣间里试穿衣Retail giant Hammerson is now taking down mirrors from its Birmingham Bullring, Bristol Cabot Circus and Croydon Centrale malls in a bid to boost the confidence of female shoppers.零售巨头汉莫森集团正从伯明翰的斗牛场购物中心、布里斯托尔的卡特广场以及克罗伊登的中央商场取下镜子,以增加女性消费者的信心Alex Thomas, regional marketing manager Hammerson, said: "One of the main reasons people come to our shopping centres is to buy clothes, whether that be a brand new wardrobe or a one off item a special occasion.亚历克斯?托马斯是汉莫森集团的区域市场经理,他说:“人们来购物中心的主要原因之一是买衣,不论是买一套崭新的行头,还是为某个特殊场合买件不会穿第二次的衣”"We want to ensure that everyone feels comtable and confident when trying on clothes, so that's why we're trialling banning the mirrors.“我们要确保每个人试衣时都感到舒适和自信,所以我们正试行不安装镜子”"We hope that women in particular will try something on and feel gorgeous and glamorous. Hopefully this will be a success and we can roll it out across our shopping centres the summer."“我们希望人们,尤其是女性,试穿衣时能感到自己美丽迷人希望这一做法会成功,这样今夏我们就会在我们的各大购物中心进行推广”The company, which carried out the research on women's approach to trying on clothes, said many prefer the opinions of shop assistants or friends to relying on how they think they look in the mirror.该公司对女性试穿衣的方式进行研究后表示,相比自己照镜子做出判断,许多人更倾向于听取店员或朋友的意见英文来源:每日电讯报译者:实习生朱善美审校#38;编辑:丹妮

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