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2019年08月23日 00:56:16

The ed Nations released a report Wednesday saying Sri Lanka cannot rely on its own justice system and instead should use a special court to achieve accountability for violations that took place during the countrys 26-year civil war.联合国星期三公布的一份报告指出,斯里兰卡本国的司法系统不可靠,应当利用一个特别法庭来负责任的审理26年内战期间的违法行为。The recommendation came as part of a report on what the U.N. Human Rights office said were possible war crimes and crimes against humanity during the conflict that pitted government forces against rebels seeking independence for the nations Tamil minority. The fighting killed up to 100,000 people, according to widely accepted estimates.这个建议是在有关斯里兰卡内战的报告中提出的联合人权办公室认为,在政府军与寻求泰米尔独立的反政府武装冲突中,有人可能犯下了战争罪和反人类罪。据广泛接受的估计,战斗导致10万人死亡 。Sri Lanka, the report said, should look to the way other countries have used international judges, prosecutors, lawyers and investigators.联合国的报告说,斯里兰卡应当参考其他国家使用国际法官、检察官、律师和调查人员的方式;A purely domestic court procedure will have no chance of overcoming widesp and justifiable suspicions fueled by decades of violations, malpractice and broken promises,; U.N. rights chief Zeid Raad Al Hussein said.联合国人权事务高级专员侯赛因说,“单靠斯里兰卡国内法院程序,无法克几十年暴力、渎职和食言所引发的广泛和有理由的猜疑。”The report praised Sri Lankas new government for its stated commitment to seek accountability, but detailed multiple obstacles such as what it said is the lack of a reliable system to protect victims and witnesses.报告赞扬斯里兰卡新政府表示致力于追究责任,但是报告详细列举了多个障碍,其中包括缺乏保护受害者和人的有效系统。来 /201509/399388福州妇幼保健院做造影福州检查女性不孕需要多少钱Singapores first prime minister Lee KuanYew, one of the towering figures of post-colonial Asian politics, died Monday in hospital, the government said.作为后殖民时代亚洲最显著的政治人物之一,新加坡首任总理李光耀周一于医院病逝,新加坡政府说。Lees son, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, said in a statement that he was ;deeply grieved to announce th e passing of Mr Lee Kuan Yew, the founding Prime Minister of Singapore;.他的儿子总理李显龙在一份声明中说他“非常悲伤的宣布李光耀先生,新加坡建国总理逝世”;Mr Lee passed away peacefully at the Singapore General Hospital today at 3.18 am,; the statement said. He was 91.“今天凌8分李先生在新新加坡总医院安静的去世”。声明中说道。享1岁。The elder Lee, who dominated Singaporepolitics for more than half a century, had been in hospital since February 5 with severe pneumonia.李光耀主宰新加坡政治长达半个多世纪之久号就住院了,得了严重的肺炎。Two years before he died, he disclosed thathe had signed a medical directive instructing doctors not to use anylife-sustaining treatment if he could not be resuscitated.两年前,他披露说他已经签署了一个医疗指令,如果他不能苏醒,那么就医生就没必要对他进行维生治疗。Lee was prime minister from 1959, when colonial ruler Britain granted Singapore self-rule, to 1990. He led Singapore to independence in 1965 after a brief and stormy union with Malaysia.李从1959年开始担任总理,当时殖民统治者英国同意新加坡自治990年。期间与马来西亚简短的合并成一个国家后965年他带领新加坡获得独立。The widely revered patriarchs death is likely to cast a pall over preparations for the city-states 50th anniversary of independence on August 9.这位广受尊敬的开国总理的死亡将日的独立50周年纪念日的准备工作笼罩上阴影。Prime Minister Lee also announced his fathers death on his Facebook page and was immediately flooded with messages of condolence.李显龙还在脸书上发表了自己父亲的死讯,立即获得众多的慰问。来 /201503/366096宁德做复通手术哪个医院好

三明市去那里治不孕福州总院第三代试管南平那里做试管生男孩A triumphant Alexis Tsipras returned to power in Greece last night after his leftwing Syriza party claimed a clear general election victory.得意洋洋的亚历克西斯倠溟拉斯(Alexis Tsipras)昨晚再度当选希腊总理。他的激进左翼联盟党(Syriza)在大选中胜出。With Syriza easily winning the biggest share of the vote, Mr Tsipras’s gamble paid off of calling a vote after pushing through the tough austerity programme forced on him in return for a new86bn bailout by Greece’s international creditors.从激进左翼联盟轻松领衔得票率这一点看,齐普拉斯赢得了提前举行选举的。此前他推动通过了严厉的紧缩计划,该计划是希腊的国际债权人作60亿欧元新纾困方案的交换条件强加于该国的。Results indicated that Mr Tsipras would be able to reform the coalition he previously led after he first came to power in January with the nationalist Independent Greeks although with a smaller majority.选举结果表明,齐普拉斯将能够改组他此前领导的执政联盟,尽管这意味着他将控制较少的多数席位月份他首次上台时是与奉行民族主义的独立希腊人Independent Greeks)结盟。A big cheer went up from Syriza supporters gathered in their campaign tent in central Athens as results came in, with party officials singing and hugging each other in obvious relief.随着点票结果陆续公布,聚集在雅典市中心竞选帐篷的激进左翼联盟持者高声欢呼,该党官员们唱歌并相互拥抱,明显松了一口气。Mr Tsipras’s win secures his place as the pre-eminent figure in Europe’s far-left anti-austerity movement and is likely to galvanise sympathisers including Spain’s Podemos and Jeremy Corbyn, the new hard-left leader of Britain’s Labour party.齐普拉斯的胜利确保了他作为欧洲极左翼反紧缩运动杰出人物的地位,并且很可能激发同情者,包括西班牙的社会民主力量Podemos)以及英国工党新的极左领导人杰里米科尔Jeremy Corbyn)。Some had feared defections by prominent leftwingers opposed to the bailout deal and public disaffection with Mr Tsipras’s U-turn on the programme which he vowed to oppose before yielding to pressure from his eurozone partners would deprive the party of victory.此前有些人担心,反对纾困协议的知名左翼人士的倒戈,加上公众对齐普拉斯在纾困方案上大转弯(他曾誓言反对,结果却屈于欧元区伙伴的压力)的不满情绪,将使该党无法赢得选举。Evangelos Meimarakis, leader of the conservative New Democracy party, conceded defeat. “I congratulate Mr Tsipras,he said.奉行保守主义的新民主New Democracy)的领导人伊万杰洛斯蔠伊马拉基Evangelos Meimarakis)承认失败。“我祝贺齐普拉斯先生,”他表示。The result was a big disappointment for New Democracy, which polls had shown running neck and neck with Syriza ahead of the election. In the event, Syriza was set to win more than 35 per cent of the vote, with New Democracy trailing on 28 per cent.对新民主党来说,选举结果非常令人失望,选前的民调显示该党与激进左翼联盟不相上下。然而,70%的计票结果显示,激进左翼联盟得票率5.4%,而新民主党得票率8.3%。来 /201509/399799福州测卵泡那家医院好

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