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The world has passed a tipping point in the fight against Aids, according to data showing that more people gained access to HIV drugs last year than became infected with the virus.国际社会抗击艾滋病(Aids)的斗争走过了一个转折点。数据显示,去年,接受抗艾滋病病毒(HIV)药物治疗的人数超过了感染这种病毒的人数。This marks the first time since anti#173;retroviral medicines were introduced 27 years ago that treatment of HIV has expanded at a higher rate than the incidence of the virus itself.这是自27年前抗逆转录病毒药物问世以来,接受抗艾滋病病毒治疗的人数首次超过艾滋病病毒感染的人数。“We’re not saying the end of Aids is near but we have reached an important milestone where, for the first time, we are getting ahead of the disease,” said Erin Hohlfelder, health policy director for One, an anti-poverty group that highlights the watershed in a report to mark today’s World Aids Day.扶贫组织One的卫生政策主任埃琳#8226;霍尔菲尔德(Erin Hohlfelder)表示:“我们并不是说艾滋病即将被消灭,但我们已经达到了一个重要的里程碑,我们第一次跑在了艾滋病前面。”今日是世界艾滋病日(World Aids Day),在一份纪念这个日子的报告中,该组织强调了这个转折点。In 2013 – the most recent year for which data are available – 2.3m people were added to treatment programmes compared with 2.1m new infections.2013年,有230万人开始接受抗艾滋病病毒治疗,而新增艾滋病病毒感染者为210万人。目前还拿不到2014年的数据。This marked an improvement from the year before when 1.6m people gained access to medicines for the first time while 2.2m were newly infected.上述数据标志着,去年的情况较前年有所改善。前年,有160万人首次接受药物治疗,而新增感染者为220万人。Antiretroviral drugs now reach 13.6m people around the world, but this still represents less than half the estimated 35m people living with HIV.目前,全球累计有1360万人得到抗逆转录病毒药物治疗,但这个数字仍不到艾滋病病毒携带者人数的一半,后者估计有3500万人。Ms Hohlfelder warned there was a long way to go before victory could be declared. “We’ve passed the tipping point globally but not all countries are there yet, and the gains made can easily stall or unravel,” she said.霍尔菲尔德警告称,现在还远不到宣布胜利的时候。她说:“就全球而言,我们确实走过了这个转折点,但并非对所有国家都是如此。而且,我们取得的进展很容易陷入停滞或付诸东流。”Global funding for anti-HIV programmes reached .1bn last year but this is still below the annual bn-bn the UN says is needed.去年,全球用于抗艾滋病病毒的资金达到191亿美元,但仍低于联合国(UN)认为需要达到的水平,即每年220亿至240亿美元。Ms Hohlfelder said middle-income countries were beginning to contribute more but the three leading donors – the US, France and the UK – were carrying an “unsustainable” share of the #173;burden.霍尔菲尔德表示,中等收入国家开始捐出更多资金,但三个主要捐助国(美国、法国和英国)目前的负担比例是“不可持续”的。“Many donor countries – such as Australia, Japan and some in the Middle East – really haven’t stepped up as much as we’d have liked.”“很多捐助国——例如澳大利亚、日本及中东一些国家——的前进速度的确还赶不上我们的期望。”Activists and health officials warn against the risk of complacency when HIV is becoming seen in the developed world as a manageable chronic disease because of the potential for people to live an almost normal lifespan on the latest antiretroviral drugs.由于最新的抗逆转录病毒药物使得艾滋病病毒感染者的预期寿命有可能逼近正常人的水平,艾滋病在发达国家正慢慢地被视为一种可控的慢性病,但活动人士和卫生官员警告称,要提防可能出现的自满情绪。They say HIV remains one of the #173;gravest health threats across much of the developing world, especially Africa, which has almost 70 per cent of cases.他们说,在许多发展中国家,艾滋病病毒依然是对人类健康的最严重威胁之一,特别是在非洲,那里的感染者占全球的近70%。More rapid gains may be hard to achieve as the virus becomes concentrated among hard-to-reach groups, such as sex workers and drug users, as well as gay people and youths who may shun testing and treatment.随着某些难以触及的群体成为这种病毒的主要感染者,比如性工作者和吸毒者、以及可能躲避检测和治疗的同性恋人群和青年,可能很难取得更多的快速进展。Michel Sidibé, executive director of UNAids, which leads the global response to HIV, says a push is needed to meet a target to end the epidemic by 2030. “We have bent the trajectory of the epidemic. Now we have five years to break it for good or risk the epidemic rebounding out of control.”领导全球抗击艾滋病的联合国艾滋病规划署(UNAids)的执行主任米歇尔#8226;西迪贝(Michel Sidibé)说,要实现到2030年时结束艾滋病疫情的目标,需要发动一场大规模攻势。“我们已经改变了这一疫情的发展轨迹。现在,我们有五年的时间来永久性地挫败它,否则疫情可能会反弹至失控的程度。”Pharmaceutical companies, once #173;pilloried for keeping HIV drugs out of reach of the poor, have lent support to the effort by licensing their medicines for generic manufacturers to make at a low cost in the developing world.某些制药公司曾因把穷人挡在抗艾滋病病毒药物治疗的大门之外而受到公众的嘲笑。现在,它们已通过授权发展中国家的仿制药厂商以较低成本生产它们的药物,来持抗击艾滋病的努力。AbbVie today became the fifth big company to grant a licence for generic production to the UN-backed Medicines Patent Pool, following Bristol-Myers Squibb, Gilead Sciences, Roche and ViiV Healthcare, a joint venture between GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer.今日,艾伯维(AbbVie)成为第五家授予联合国资助的药品专利池组织(MPP)仿制药生产许可的大公司。此前已签署许可协议的企业包括百时美施贵宝(Bristol-Myers Squibb)、吉利德科学公司(Gilead Sciences)、罗氏(Roche),以及葛兰素史克(GSK)和辉瑞(Pfizer)的合资公司ViiV Healthcare。The agreement with AbbVie involves two antiretrovirals formulated for paediatric use and helps address a shortage of treatments suitable for the 3.2m children with HIV in the world.艾伯维与药品专利池组织签署的协议包括两种为儿科使用配制的抗逆转录病毒药物,可帮助缓解儿童适用药物短缺的问题。全球有320万儿童感染了艾滋病病毒。AbbVie’s lopinavir and ritonavir drugs will be available to generic producers in the 102 countries where almost all children with HIV live.102个国家的仿制药厂商将可生产艾伯维的洛匹那韦(lopinavir)和利托那韦(ritonavir)药物。几乎所有感染了艾滋病病毒的儿童都生活在这102个国家。“This is a crucial licence for paediatric programmes in resource-limited countries,” said Greg Perry, executive director of the Medicines Patent Pool.药品专利池组织执行主任格雷格#8226;佩里(Greg Perry)说:“这对资源有限国家的儿科治疗计划而言是一项关键的授权。” /201412/346217。

The isle of Manhattan is small, but bustling. From Chinatown to Little India, there are so many diverse neighborhoods, even micro-neighborhoods, that offer such distinct experiences that it you can turn a corner and feel that you have entered another world. But many New Yorkers would admit that, more broadly, there are two Manhattans: Uptown and Downtown.曼哈顿岛不大,却熙熙攘攘。从唐人街(Chinatown)到小印度(Little India),那里有许许多多不同的社区,甚至是微型社区,生活风貌千差万别,你只要拐个弯,就会觉得自己进入了另一个世界。但是许多纽约客都认为,大体上看,纽约有两个曼哈顿:上城区(Uptown)和下城区(Downtown)。But what separates the two? That might depend on whom you ask. Someone might tell you that Downtown, home to galleries and the Financial District has a certain edge and energy, compared to the polish of Uptown’s parks, museums and posh department stores. But others may have a more literal answer: Downtown Manhattan extends from the southern-most tip of the island, ending at 34th street, while Uptown Manhattan truly begins with Central Park, at 59th street. What is in between? Midtown of course, but that’s another story.但上城区和下城区该如何划分?也许那就得看你问的人是谁了。有些人可能会告诉你,下城区是各大画廊云集之处,而且这个金融行政区(Financial District)有着某种锐气与活力,不同于上城区那些光鲜亮丽的公园、物馆和时尚的百货商店。但其他人可能回答得更实在:曼哈顿下城区起于此岛的最南端,止于34街;而上城区实际上从59街的中央公园(Central Park)开始。那么中间是哪儿呢?当然是中城区(Midtown)啦。不过,那就是另外一回事了。DowntownDowntown/下城区篇 Friday:星期五1. Ground Zero: 3pm1. 参观世贸大厦遗址(Ground Zero):下午3点Visit the place where the World Trade Center’s “Twin Towers” stood before the devastating attacks on September 11, 2001. The 9/11 Museum and Memorial at “Ground Zero” is a 110,000 square foot exhibition space dedicated to those who died in the attacks in Manhattan, at the Pentagon in Washington, DC and on Flight 93. The museum space is divided into three historical exhibitions: before 9/11, the day of the attacks and then life after 9/11. Watch a film called “Rebirth at Ground Zero” in the Education Center to get a first hand account of the space’s journey from the site of severe wreckage to monument to the strength of New York City and America. General admission is for adults and for children, but download the mobile app for a free guide to the memorial. A children’s guide is also available, but be warned if traveling as a family; some of the exhibits about what happened on 9/11 might be tough for children to handle.参观一下在2001年9月11日那场惨绝人寰的袭击发生之前,原世贸中心(World Trade Center)“双子塔”(Twin Towers)的所在地吧。这座位于世贸大厦遗址的物馆与纪念馆,是一处面积11万平方英尺(约10219平方米)的展览空间,用于纪念在那次曼哈顿袭击、华盛顿特区五角大楼以及当时的93次航班上罹祸身亡的人。该物馆分为三个历史展区:9·11之前的面貌、袭击当日的情况,以及9·11之后的生活。参观者还可以在教育中心(Education Center)观看一部影片,名为“世贸大厦遗址的重生”(Rebirth at Ground Zero)。通过这些一手资料,了解该物馆如何从断壁残垣的废墟,变成了见纽约与美国强大力量的纪念碑。普通门票的价格为成人25美元(约合人民币157元),儿童15美元(约合人民币94元),但你可以下载一个免费的纪念馆参观指南手机软件,儿童参观指南也有,但最好全家一起参观,因为关于9·11当天袭击的部分展览内容可能不适宜儿童观看。2. Cocktails and Dinner at Minetta Tavern: 6pm2. 品尝敏奈塔酒馆(Minetta Tavern)的鸡尾酒与晚餐:下午6点Greenwich Village, famously once home to New York’s Beat poets, jazz musicians, artists and Bohemians, is still home to Minetta Tavern, whose old oak bar is perfect for leaning on while sipping a draught or classic cocktail before dinner. The tavern opened in the 1937, but when restaurateur Keith McNally took the reins a few years ago, the place was given new life—though not an entirely new look. After a drink at the bar, slide in to one of the rich red booths in the back for some classic French fair: roasted bone marrow sp on crisp pieces of toasted baguette (), a Mesclun Salad () or Norwegian smoked salmon appetizers () are the perfect precursor to one of the restaurant’s two burger options ( or ) or the Dry Aged C#244;te de Boeuf for two (5).众所周知,格林威治村(Greenwich Village)曾经是“垮掉的一代”诗人、爵士音乐家、艺术家与波西米亚人聚集的地方,现在也仍旧是敏奈塔酒馆的所在地。酒吧里古老的橡木吧台,最适合靠着喝杯小酒或餐前鸡尾酒。这家酒馆从1937年起就开始营业了,但前几年基思麦克纳利餐厅(Keith McNally)的兴起,使这个地方改头换面了,尽管看上去变化并不大。在酒吧里喝过一巡,然后溜到后面一个大红色的摊位上来些经典的法式大排档:香脆烤面包配骨髓酱(21美元[约合人民币132元])、法国蔬菜沙拉(15美元[约合人民币94元])或挪威烟熏三文鱼头盘(20美元[约合人民币125元]),这几道都是最好的餐前开胃菜,搭配该店两款汉堡主食(一款20美元[约合人民币125元],一款28美元[约合人民币176元])中的任意一款都可以,或那道两人份的干式熟成法式牛排(Dry Aged C#244;te de Boeuf,145美元[约合人民币909元])。3. Late Jazz Session at The Blue Note: 10:30pm3. 听听蓝调俱乐部(The Blue Note)的爵士乐:晚上10点半After dinner and a stroll around Washington Square Park and through Greenwich Village, pop in to Blue Note Jazz Club on West 3rd Street. Blue Note, one of the city’s most famous venues for jazz music, features performances at 8pm and 10:30pm nightly with a varying line up that’s sure to please on any evening you happen to wander in. Get there a bit early-- the space is cramped, so be prepared to sit close to those at the table next to you-- and remember it’s all a part of the ambiance. Tickets for 10:30pm sessions range from -45.吃完晚餐,在华盛顿广场公园(Washington Square Park)散散步,然后穿过格林威治村,来到西3街(West 3rd Street)的蓝调爵士俱乐部(Blue Note Jazz Club)。这里是纽约最著名的爵士乐演奏地之一,每晚8点至10点半都有丰富多样的音乐表演,保你不管哪天晚上逛到这里,都会尽兴而归。尽量早点来吧,因为地方太狭小了,所以你得做好准备,尽量与同桌的人坐得近一些,不过别忘了,这也是现场气氛的一部分。10点半的晚场门票从35美元(约合人民币220元)至45美元(约合人民币282元)不等。Saturday:星期六4. Russ and Daughters for Bagel and Schmear: 9am4. 尝尝多斯特餐厅(Russ and Daughters)的百吉饼和奶油芝士:上午9点A hot coffee and a bagel with schmear is a quintessential New York City breakfast and nobody does cream cheese and smoked fish quite like Russ and Daughters specialty grocery on East Houston Street on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Walk in, grab a ticket and wait for your number to be called while you peruse their array of smoked salmon, white fish, caviars, rugala, fruits, nuts and other sweet treats. Craft your ideal bagel with all of the fixings, or order by the pound ( per pound for Belly Lox, per pound for Gaspe Nova Smoked Salmon) and take it to go. If you’re picking up for a picnic in one of the nearby parks, and caviar is what you crave, there is no shortage of options. This grocery sells a variety of roe and packages of the thin Blini pancakes that make for a classic pairing.一杯热咖啡,和一块加了奶油芝士的百吉饼,就是典型的纽约早餐。但任何一家店的奶油芝士与烟熏鱼都比不上这家位于曼哈顿下东区(Lower East Side)东休斯顿街(East Houston Street)的多斯特餐厅(Russ and Daughters)特色食品店。走进来,取张票,等待叫号的时候,仔细看看店里成排的烟熏三文鱼、白鱼、鱼籽酱、起酥卷、水果、坚果和其他甜品。想想怎么用这些配料来组成你最完美的百吉饼早餐吧,或者按磅买单(熏三文鱼腩[Belly Lox]每磅36美元[约合人民币256元],加斯佩新式烟熏三文鱼[Gaspe Nova Smoked Salmon]每磅40美元[约合人民币251元]),然后带走。如果你正打算去附近的某个公园野餐,要为此买些食物,又特别想吃鱼籽酱,就可以在这里尽情挑选了。这家食品店销售各种各样的鱼籽,还有包装好的薄煎饼皮,正好配成一款经典组合。5. High Line: 11am5. 高线公园(High Line):上午11点On a sunny day, the perfect place to walk off a hearty breakfast is the High Line on the west side. Spanning from Gansevoort Street to West 34th Street between 10th and 12th Avenues, the elevated park was once an out-of –use railway track. Today it’s a popular green space that runs along the Hudson River and through the buzzing Meatpacking and Chelsea neighborhoods. Kiosks selling snacks and beverages will keep kids satisfied along the way and the benches that line the narrow park are perfect for taking a rest or snapping a “selfie” before walking back down to the city streets.要在一个阳光明媚的日子出门散散步,消化一下丰盛的早餐,最好的去处便是西边的高线公园(High Line)了。这座高架公园从甘斯沃尔特街(Gansevoort Street)一直延伸到第十大道(10th Avenues)与十二大道(12th Avenues)间的西34街(West 34th Street),沿着休斯顿河(Hudson River)穿过熙熙攘攘的肉类加工区(Meatpacking)和切尔西(Chelsea)的居住区。这里有许多贩卖零食与饮料的小铺,可以把孩子们一路上哄得心满意足。而且,沿着这座狭窄的公园一字排开的长椅,也很适合游人坐下来休息一会儿,或在走回城市街道之前,来张自拍什么的。6. Lunch at Chelsea Market: 1pm6. 去切尔西市场(Chelsea Market)吃午餐:下午1点There’s something for everyone at Chelsea Market. Under the High Line this food hall style market is chock full of stalls selling everything from flowers to tacos to artisanal cheeses and freshly baked bs. Most of the vendors represent small New York businesses and the market takes up an entire city block (between 15th and 16th streets), so be sure to take a lap around to survey the offerings before deciding what to eat for lunch. It’s a perfect stop after a morning spent walking along the west side, either window shopping or just taking in the breeze from the Hudson River.每个人都会在切尔西市场(Chelsea Market)有所收获。在这个美食广场风格的市场里,挤满了贩售各种东西的小商铺,从鲜花到烤玉米饼,再到手工芝士与新鲜出炉的面包,应有尽有。这里的大多数商贩代表着纽约本地的小行当,而且这个市场占据了一整条街区(在15街与16街之间),所以一定要好好逛一逛。先去每家都看一看,再决定午餐吃些什么。早上无论是走马观花地逛逛街,还是在哈德逊河边吹吹风,在西区散完步后,来这里落脚休息一下是再好不过了。7. The New Museum: 3:00pm7. 参观新物馆(New Museum):下午3点After lunch, head back east for a visit at The New Museum. The contemporary art museum’s 2015 Triennial, titled “Surround Audience,” is in full swing, showcasing more than fifty-one artists from twenty-five countries around the world. The ticket () gives you access to the museum’s five floors of gallery space, plus the Sky Room, which offers a panoramic view of downtown Manhattan. A free, guided tour starts at 3pm.吃过了午餐,往东边走走,去参观一下新物馆(New Museum)吧。在这座现代艺术物馆里,一场名为“围观”(Surround Audience)的2015年度三年展(2015 Triennial)正在如火如荼地进行当中,全世界共有25个国家的超过51名艺术家参展。此次展出的门票(18美元[约合人民币113元])让你可以参观该物馆上下五层的画廊空间,还包括那间空中展室(Sky Room),从那里可以观看曼哈顿下城区的全景。免费的导游务从下午三点开始。8. Dinner at Estela: 7pm8. 在埃斯特拉(Estela)餐厅吃晚餐:晚上7点Once dinnertime rolls around, head to Estela, a small, upstairs restaurant that feels tucked away, even on Houston Street, a main downtown thoroughfare. President Obama and the First Lady dined here last fall on a visit to New York City. If that’s not reason enough to check it out, the wine list is extensive, and the of Mediterranean inspired dishes, like the Burrata with salsa verde and charred b (), are just right for sharing with a group.晚餐时间一到,直奔埃斯特拉吧。这是一家开在楼上的小餐馆,感觉很僻静,即便那里靠着下城区的一条主干道豪斯顿街(Houston Street)。奥巴马总统与第一夫人去年秋天来纽约的时候,曾在这里吃过晚餐。如果这个原因还不足以让你来看看,那么这里还有各式各样的红酒及地中海式菜肴,比如意大利袋形芝士配欧芹酱(Burrata with salsa verde)和碳烤面包(charred b),正好可以多人分享。9. Night Cap at the Bowery Hotel: 10pm9. 在柏威里酒店(Bowery Hotel)饮杯睡前酒:晚上10点The Lobby Bar at The Bowery Hotel keeps many of the high-backed armchairs and the prime seating on perfectly broken in couches reserved for hotel guests. But the hominess of space, which feels like one of the city’s most opulent old living rooms, might be worth price of a suite. There’s a second bar, on the second floor, that’s more expansive and not exclusive to guests. There you’ll find outdoor space that’s just right for one last drink before the Saturday night partying crowd takes over.柏威里酒店里的这家大堂酒吧,为酒店的客人们准备了许多高背扶手椅,以及一些组合沙发。但这里的亲切感就像纽约市某家最豪华的老客厅,也许值得上一套正装的价格。二楼还有一间酒吧,消费更高,而且不只对酒店顾客开放。你可以在那里找个露天的地方坐着,在星期六晚的派对人潮蜂拥而至之前,最后再喝上一杯。 Sunday:星期天10. Down for Dim Sum: 11 am10. 去吃早茶:上午11点Nom Wah Tea Parlor is the city’s oldest dim sum destination. Brunch on Doyers Street will put you in the heart of Chinatown, so after a few orders of Sticky Rice with Chinese Sausage (), the Cilantro and Scallion Rice (.50) or the Taro Dumplings () take a stroll around the vibrant lower Manhattan neighborhood, which is also sometimes called “Two Bridges” on your way toward either of the near by bridges that cross the East River: the Manhattan Bridge or the Brooklyn Bridge. Walking all the way across either one will take you in to Brooklyn, but just making it half way across and looking back provides nice views of downtown and a nice post-meal walk.南华茶楼(Nom Wah Tea Parlor)是纽约市最古老的一家供应早茶的餐厅。在多耶斯街(Doyers Street)享用早午餐时,你就将置身于唐人街的中心地带。所以,吃完中式腊肠糯米饭(4美元[约合人民币25元]),芫荽香葱炒饭(3.5美元[约合人民币22元])或芋头酥(4美元[约合人民币25元])后,就在曼哈顿下城区这片生机勃勃的社区里散散步吧。这里有时候也被称为“双桥”(Two Bridges),因为你往附近走走就会发现,两边各有一座大桥横跨东河(East River):曼哈顿大桥(Manhattan Bridge)与布鲁克林大桥(Brooklyn Bridge)。无论通过哪座桥都可进入布鲁克林区,但走到桥中间时,停下来回头看看,你就能看到美丽的下城区风景。这会是一次愉快的饭后散步活动。Uptown:Uptown/上城区篇Friday星期五1. Row Your Boat: 2:30pm1. 去划船吧:下午2点半The Loeb Boathouse in Central Park opened in 1954 and remains as a landmark in the more than 840-acre green-space. Make your way there and rent a rowboat ( an hour, with a cash deposit). Each boat will fit up to four people, but if your group is larger, gondola rides are available for up to six people ( for half an hour). Afterward, head back to the boathouse for an afternoon snack. There is indoor and outdoor dining, right along the water, as well as an express café, which is open until 5pm daily.中央公园(Central Park)的罗艾柏船屋(Loeb Boathouse)于1954年开业,在这片面积超过840英亩(约340公顷)的绿地中,这座船屋一直是个地标。到那里去租条小船划一划(收费每小时15美元[约合人民币94元],另需再付20美元[约合人民币125元]的押金)。每条船可以搭乘四人,但如果你们人多,可以租一条能坐下六人的贡多拉(每半小时30美元[约合人民币188元])。划完了,再回到船屋里吃些下午的点心。这里有室内就餐区,也有毗邻水边的户外就餐区,还有咖啡外卖务,每天营业至下午5点。2. Madison Avenue Stroll: 4pm2. 在麦迪逊大道(Madison Avenue)散个步:下午4点Exit the park on the east side and walk to Madison Avenue for prime window-shopping. The street was once known for it’s advertising firms, much like the one depicted in the television drama “Mad Men” but today it’s home to some of the city’s most lux retailers. Stroll past the boutiques of Christian Louboutin, Prada, Ralph Lauren and visit one of the most famous department stores in the city: Barney’s New York. If you’re not interested in shopping, head to Fred’s, the restaurant on the 9th floor. As any restaurant that is situated so close to fitting rooms should, it offers several salads-- The Vegan () or a Caesar with chicken (), along with the heartier options like the 5th Street Cuban sandwich ().离开公园的东边,走到麦迪逊大道(Madison Avenue)去看看沿途商店的橱窗。这条大街曾因广告公司云集而出名,像极了美剧《广告狂人》(Mad Men)里的场景。但如今,这里坐落着一批纽约市最奢华的零售商店。你可以一路经过克里斯提·鲁布托(Christian Louboutin)、普拉达(Prada)、拉尔夫·劳伦(Ralph Lauren)等精品店,去看看这座城市最著名的百货商店之一——纽约巴尼斯百货公司(Barney’s New York)。如果你对购物不感兴趣,不妨直奔位于此商场第九层的弗雷德餐厅(Fred’s)。正如所有商场里的餐厅一样,这里有若干种沙拉供应——素食沙拉(19美元[约合人民币119元])或鸡肉凯撒沙拉(27美元[约合人民币169元]),此外还有一些更亲切的食物,如第五街古巴三明治(19美元[约合人民币119元])。3. A Room with a View: 8pm3. 看得见风景的房间:晚上8点For a great panoramic view of Central Park and the surrounding skyscrapers, head to the Mandarin Oriental hotel’s Lobby Lounge for an evening drink. The five star hotel, is in the Time Warner Center on Columbus Circle, and the bar is quiet and sophisticated. There are classic, as well as modern specialty cocktails () on their bar which changes seasonally.为了更好地观赏中央公园的全景,以及周边的都市景观,不妨到文华东方酒店(Mandarin Oriental hotel)的大堂酒廊里喝一杯。这座五星级酒店位于哥伦布环岛(Columbus Circle)的时代华纳中心(Time Warner Center),酒吧非常典雅,也非常安静。这里提供一些经典的酒类饮品,也有一些现代的特调鸡尾酒(22美元[约合人民币138元])。酒吧的饮品单会按季更新。Saturday:星期六4. Better Brunch: 11am4. 更好的早午餐:上午11点For a classic brunch, head back to Central Park. Tavern on The Green reopened last April, after a four-year-long closure. Now renovated, the restaurant, which first opened in 1934, is another iconic Central Park landmark and a nice place to start a spring day with a basket of pastries from Balthazar Bakery () or a stack of buttermilk pancakes (). Feeling indulgent? Add a pitcher of Vermont maple syrup and another of melted butter for pouring ().想要品尝一顿经典的早午餐?回到中央公园来吧。绿苑酒廊(Tavern on The Green)在长达四年的停业后,于去年四月重新开张。这家1934年初次营业的餐厅现已翻修一新,是中央公园里的另一处标志性建筑,也是春日里开始一天生活的好地方。你可以来一篮巴尔萨泽面包房(Balthazar Bakery)的酥皮点心(11美元[约合人民币69元]),或一叠酪乳煎饼(19美元[约合人民币119元])。要任性一点吗?再添一壶佛蒙特州枫糖浆和一份稀黄油,倒在上面吧(9美元[约合人民币56元])。5. Chinese Whispers: 1pm5. 中国风:下午1点This spring the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Costume Institute and the Department of Asian Art have collaborated for an exhibition called “China: Through the Looking Glass,” on display from May 7 to August 16. The show coincides with the Met Costume Ball, hosted annually by Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief of Vogue. The party is one of the fashion industry’s biggest nights in New York. Designers and celebrities walk the red carpet in clothes inspired by the exhibit, which consists of couture and traditional Chinese costume, along with painting, film and sculpture. Visit the collection that inspired this year’s theme. A donation to the museum is recommended upon entry.今年春天,纽约大都会艺术物馆(Metropolitan Museum of Art)、时装学院(Costume Institute)和亚洲艺术部(Department of Asian Art)将联合举办一场名为“中国:镜花水月”(China: Through the Looking Glass)的展览,展期从5月7日至8月16日。这次展览刚好与《饰与美容》(Vogue)杂志的主编安娜·温图尔(Anna Wintour)每年举办的“红毯礼秀”(Met Costume Ball)同时举行。这个派对可是纽约时尚界的一大盛事,许多设计师与明星走过红毯,他们所穿的饰都从这次展览中获得了灵感。此次展览不仅包括高级时装与传统的中国饰,还有绘画、电影与雕塑作品。所以,来看看今年时尚主题的灵感之源吧。建议在物馆入口处投一点捐款。6. Shop ‘Til You Drop: 3pm6. 买到你手软:下午3点There is so much luxury shopping to be done uptown that it can be overwhelming. The multi-level flagship stores of French brands like Hermès, Louis Vuitton and Cartier are all located within walking distance of each other (though the famous Cartier mansion is currently under renovation, so shoppers will now find their baubles at the temporary location on Fifth Avenue and 59th street) if you’re willing to brave the crowds in the popular shopping district. Stop in to Bergdorf Goodman, an iconic New York City department stores, for a slightly more contained shopping experience. There is a shoe salon on the second floor, a fur salon on the fourth, a bridal salon on the seventh floor and an actual beauty salon (the John Barrett Salon) on the ninth (5 for a haircut, for a pedicure). Wary shoppers may enjoy the afternoon tea service from 3-5pm in the BG Restaurant (located on the seventh floor) where there is also a full bar, in case tea just won’t cut it.上城区有许多购买奢侈品的地方,简直让人买东西买到手软!如果你不惧怕这个大众购物区里的汹涌人潮的话,一些法国品牌——如爱马仕(Hermès)、路易·威登(Louis Vuitton)和卡地亚(Cartier),它们那占据好几层楼的旗舰店都相距不过几步路之遥(不过著名的卡地亚大厦正在翻修,所以买家们可以去第五大道与59街交汇处的临时门店里淘点小饰品)。然后走进纽约市标示性的百货商店波道夫·古德曼(Bergdorf Goodman)逛一逛,享受一下更为从容不迫的购物体验。商店二楼有一处鞋履沙龙,四楼有一处皮草沙龙,七楼有一家婚礼用品沙龙,九楼还有一间很不错的美容沙龙,名叫the John Barrett Salon(理发一次125美元[约合人民币784元],美甲一次75美元[约合人民币470元])。而那些在购物方面较为谨慎的消费者,也许会更喜欢下午3到5点间在BG餐厅(BG Restaurant,位于商店七楼)享用下午茶。如果你觉得喝茶还不过瘾的话,那里还有一个提供全方位务的酒吧。7. New York History: 5pm7. 了解纽约的历史:下午5点The American Museum of Natural History is a favorite of children and adults alike. The vast museum’s classic dioramas have been made only more famous by their appearances in the recent Night at the Museum movies. But just across 77th street, The New York Historical society brings the past to life in a different way. The museum and library are full of artifacts from New York’s distant, and not so distant history, and provide great context for the city, as it exists today. It’s not nearly as large as the Natural History Museum, but even a quick visit is worth the price of admission: .美国自然历史物馆(American Museum of Natural History)是孩子们最爱去的地方,成年人也是一样。这家大型物馆里的那些经典的实景模型,曾经出现在系列电影《物馆奇妙夜》(Night at the Museum)里,所以就变得越发有名了。不过只要穿过77街,纽约市历史协会(New York Historical society)就把这座城市的过去以一种完全不同的方式呈现了出来。在这家物馆兼图书馆中,展示了大量历史悠久的以及来自近当代纽约的手工制品,可以让我们了解这座城市是如何变成了今天的样子。虽然这座物馆远没有自然历史物馆的规模大,但即便走马观花地参观一下,也能值回票价了:19美元(约合人民币119元)。8. Locally Sourced: 8pm8.当地特色美食:晚上8点Make a reservation to have dinner across town at The East Pole and get a taste of what New York State has to offer by way of delicious, local produce, meats and cheeses. The restaurant, located in a refurbished brownstone building, embodies the farm to table concept that’s become an expectation at so many new restaurants in the city. While they also use dairy and livestock from Vermont and New Hampshire, a nice selection of ingredients come from right here in New York State, including the fish in a fresh fluke crudo () and a delicate rosé ( for a glass, for a bottle) from Long Island.在本区另一端的东极餐厅(The East Pole)预订一个晚餐位吧,尝一尝以本地产的鲜美肉制品与奶酪做的纽约州菜肴。这家餐厅位于一栋修葺一新的褐石建筑中,是一家奉行“从农田到餐桌”理念的餐厅,而这一理念已经成为纽约市内许多新餐厅的准则。虽然他们也会采购来自佛蒙特(Vermont)与新罕布什尔(New Hampshire)的奶制品及家畜类肉制品,但也有大批各种各样的原料就来自纽约州本地,包括一道生鱼片菜肴(18美元[约合人民币113元])中的鱼,和来自长岛(Long Island)的一种精致玫瑰酒(一杯13美元[约合人民币82元],一瓶50美元[约合人民币314元])。Sunday:星期天9. Another Uptown: 10am9. 再探上城区:上午10点Fresh-squeezed or cold-pressed, healthy fruit and vegetable juices have taken over New York. But there are still places to enjoy a hearty breakfast; complete with eggs and a Bloody Mary. So take the train or a taxi way uptown to Harlem-- one of Manhattan’s most vibrant uptown neighborhoods. It’s the place to go for classic, America soul food. Carlos Swepson’s BLVD Bistro, on Malcolm X Boulevard, is a recent addition to neighborhood, but it’s taking Harlem history, with all of its southern influences, very seriously. Biscuit sandwiches come with cheese melted atop scrambled eggs and the choice of apple-smoked bacon or chicken apple sausage () and there are seven types of cheese, plus more apple-smoked bacon, in the macaroni (). There are healthier options too: try the country oatmeal topped with banana, which is made even sweeter with cane sugar syrup ().新鲜挤压或冷榨的健康果蔬汁已经占领了纽约。但仍然有地方可以享受一顿丰盛的早餐,最后再来几个鸡蛋和一杯血腥玛丽(Bloody Mary)。所以,搭乘轻轨或出租车到上城区的哈莱姆区(Harlem)去吧——这里是曼哈顿上城区最有活力的社区之一,也是品尝美国经典灵魂食品(soul food,美国黑人的传统食品——译注)的地方。卡洛斯·斯万普森(Carlos Swepson)在马尔科姆艾克斯大道(Malcolm X Boulevard)开设的BLVD Bistro餐厅,是最近才加入这个社区的商家,但它的南方特色风味,显示出其对于哈莱姆历史的重视。这里有酪乳面包三明治配芝士炒蛋,还可以选择苹果木烟熏培根或鸡肉苹果香肠(14美元[约合人民币88元]),还有放了七种芝士和更多苹果木熏培根的通心粉(17美元[约合人民币107元])。这里也有一些更健康的饮食选择:试试那款表面覆有香蕉的乡村燕麦粥(9美元[约合人民币56元])吧,做得比甘蔗糖浆还要甜。10. Bj#246;rk in 3D: 12:30pm10. 3D比约克(Bj#246;rk):中午12:30Okay, so MoMA is just below Central Park, but The Modern Museum of Art ia always worth a visit and its retrospective of work by the Icelandic artist and musician Bj#246;rk pushes the boundaries, even for a contemporary art exhibition. It incorporates over twenty years of the avant-garde performer’s music, costumes, s, objects, even diaries that took three years to develop. The central work is an audio tour called “Songlines” that will require visitors to secure a timed ticket at no additional cost to the price of general admission (). The exhibition is sprinkled through the museum—music from her album “Biophilia” plays in the lobby, there is another audio exhibit, especially commissioned for the museum, on the second floor. The presentation continues with “Songlines” on the third floor. Timed tickets for the experience become available at 10:30am daily, and a wait is to be expected.好吧,现代艺术物馆(Modern Museum of Art)就在中央公园下方,这家物馆无论如何都值得去看看,而且其中的冰岛艺术家与音乐家比约克的怀旧作品展,即便作为一场现代艺术展来看也十分前卫。馆内收藏了这位先锋表演艺术家20多年来的音乐、饰、影像、物品,甚至是一些日记。这些物品一共花了三年时间才收藏齐全。该展的重头戏是一场名为“歌的版图”(Songlines)的有声之旅,要求每位参观者领取一张计次门票,但它不会在物馆普通票价(25美元[约合人民币157元])的基础上另行收费。这场展览散布在馆内的各个角落,大堂里播放着比约克专辑《Biophilia》中的音乐;二楼还设有一处专门为该物馆打造的有声展;而来到三楼,就能看到“歌的版图”的演示部分了。此特展的计次门票每天上午10:30开始发放,可能需要排队等候。 /201504/368576。

An amputee who was cruelly nicknamed #39;peg-leg#39; by school bullies has conquered her insecurities to become a model。英国有位截肢姑娘,她读书时经常被同学取笑、还有人给她起了个外号“木桩腿”。 如今,她已经成功战胜各种不安全因素成为了一名模特。Taylor Crisp, 19, from Leicester, was born with femur fibula ulna syndrome, which left her with a shortened femur on her right leg, no kneecap or ankle and a missing toe, had to have leg amputated at 15 after an MRSA infection。19岁的泰勒·克里斯普来自英国莱斯特,她生来就患有股骨腓骨综合症,右腿股骨短、而且没有膝盖骨和脚踝骨,还缺了一根脚趾头、脚跛得很厉害。15岁时,克里斯普因感染耐甲氧西林金葡菌被迫截肢。 /201506/379219。

Have you been naughty or nice? A self-proclaimed “Christmas Capital” — thanks to one of the oldest and largest Christmas markets in Europe — Strasbourg welcomes the virtuous and vice-loving alike to its December citywide extravaganza of gift bazaars, concerts, lights and mulled wine. But the city is hardly a holiday novelty. Nestled along France’s border with Germany, Strasbourg has been fawned over and fought over for centuries by the two nations, ping-ponging back and forth before returning to France at the end of World War II. The result is a fetching Franco-Teutonic core of cobbled traffic-free lanes, canals, half-timbered houses and spires where you can fill both your belly (with copious rustic Alsatian dishes) and your brain (with impressive art museums). Toss in the seat of the European Parliament, a lively bar scene and some winningly repurposed historical buildings — now elegant hotels and gastronomic havens — and you have an international city with year-round appeal.最近你表现怎样?淘气了没有?因拥有欧洲最古老、规模最大的圣诞市场之一而自称“圣诞之都”(Christmas Capital)的斯特拉斯堡向各方游客张开臂膀,欢迎大家探访12月遍及全城的礼品集市、音乐演出、圣诞灯光和香浓美酒,不管你是好孩子还是坏孩子。但除了新奇假期以后,这个城市还有很多好玩的东西。斯特拉斯堡坐落在德法边境,历史上德法两国为它的归属发生过多次争斗,四个回合以后,斯特拉斯堡在“二战”结束前归入法国。这段历史的直接后果,就是今日兼具法兰西和日耳曼特色的迷人城市风情。这里既有铺满卵石、只适合步行的小巷,也有纵横交织的运河,还有半木结构的房屋和各种尖顶建筑——在那些建筑中,你可以用分量十足的阿尔萨斯美食充实自己的肠胃,也可以用令人惊艳的艺术物馆充实你的大脑。作为欧洲议会所在地,斯特拉斯堡拥有活力四射的酒吧文化,还有许多改建为优雅旅馆和高端饭店的历史建筑,这个国际都市一年四季都有别样的魅力。 Friday星期五1. Scenic History | 4 p.m.1、观景怀古游 | 下午4点Over the centuries here in Strasbourg, Gutenberg invented the printing press, a local military officer wrote the French national anthem and the young Goethe wrote and wrote. These and other tidbits form the narrative of “Strasbourg, Over Twenty Centuries of History,” a scenic Batorama boat tour that circles Strasbourg’s Grand Icirc;le, a Unesco World Heritage site, and proceeds upriver to institutions of the European Commission. Passing grassy banks, you’ll ogle architectural masterworks like the Romanesque Eacute;glise St. Paul, the flamboyant neo-Gothic Lycée des Pontonniers and the silvery postmodern European Court of Human Rights, animated by multilanguage commentary. Adults 12.50 euros, or at .20 to the euro.在斯特拉斯堡数百年的历史中,古腾堡发明了印刷术,一位当地军官创作了法国国歌,年轻的歌德在这里专注写作。诸如此类的历史点滴形成了文化游船之旅“斯特拉斯堡,20个世纪之历史”的解说词。这个旅行路线会围着斯特拉斯堡知名景观——联合国教科文组织认可的世界文化遗产大岛(Grand Icirc;le)前行,接着逆流而上到达欧盟委员会。沿着绿草如茵的河岸,你会看到很多建筑学的杰作,比如罗马风格的圣乔治教堂(Eacute;glise St. Paul)、夸张新哥特风格的庞特尼尔高中(Lycée des Pontonniers)、银色后现代风格的欧洲人权法院(European Court of Human Rights)。游览中,多国语言的解说词让旅行更加有趣。成年人12.50欧元,按照欧元兑美元1.20的汇率合15美元。2. shy;Canals and Towers | 5:30 p.m.2、运河与尖塔 | 下午5:30Strolling past gingerb-style mansions in the Petite France neighborhood, you half expect to glimpse Hansel and Gretel scurrying across the cobblestones. A web of lanes, canals, narrow bridges, ivy-draped walls and wrought-iron streetlamps, the storybook atmosphere invites meandering. Place du Quartier Blanc leads to medieval stone towers and Barrage Vauban, a 17th-century defensive fortification resembling a covered stone bridge. In leafy Place Benjamin Zix, La Corde à Linge cafe offers lovely views of the canals and classic half-timbered houses. A Café Alsacien (7.50 euros) — spiked with Gewürztraminer eau-de-vie — warms body and spirit.在“小法兰西”(Petite France)社区走过姜饼屋风格的房屋,你会自觉身处格林童话《亨舍尔与格雷琴》(Hansel and Gretel)的场景中,暗中期待亨舍尔与格雷琴在卵石小道匆匆跑过。细密繁复的街巷、运河和窄桥,爬满常青藤的墙壁,铸铁材质的街灯,营造出故事书一般的氛围,令人流连忘返。从白四方广场(Place du Quartier Blanc)出发,可到达中世纪的石头尖塔和沃邦大坝(Barrage Vauban)。沃邦大坝是座17世纪的防御工事,看起来像一座覆有顶棚的石桥。在绿叶婆娑的本杰明奇克斯广场(Place Benjamin Zix),晾衣绳(La Corde à Linge)咖啡馆能够看美妙的运河风光,还有经典的半木结构房屋。一份阿尔萨斯式套餐(7.50欧元)加上一杯Gewürztraminer白兰地,会瞬间温暖你的身体和心灵。3. shy;A Galloping Success | 8 p.m.3、马到成功 | 晚上8点Food lovers and jockeys alike will appreciate Brasserie Les Haras, an 18th-century horse stable that was renovated and reopened in 2013 by a dream team of designers and restaurateurs. The dramatic two-level space was decorated in autumnal colors by the Jouin Manku firm — known for designing restaurants for Alain Ducasse — while the was overseen by the chef Marc Haeberlin, whose Auberge de L’Ill restaurant to the south has three Michelin stars. Appetizers include warm smoked eel and foie gras with fruit chutney, while main dishes offer a Mediterranean-Mideast touch, such as the succulent, smoky-sweet shank of lamb with cinnamon, cumin and other souk spices. A three-course dinner for two runs about 90 euros, without wine.吃货和骑马爱好者都会喜欢马厩酒馆(Brasserie Les Haras)。这家小店设在18世纪的一座马厩里,2013年经过一群设计师和餐饮企业家的改造以后重新开业。饭店充满张力的两层空间以秋天色调为主的装修,设计师来自Jouin Manku的事务所,而巴黎Alain Ducasse饭店的设计师也来自这家。菜单由名厨马克·哈伊伯林(Marc Haeberlin)监督打造——此人在城南还拥有一家米其林三星饭店Auberge de L’Ill。开胃菜是热乎乎的熏鳗鱼、鹅肝酱和水果酸辣酱。主菜通常是地中海和中东特色,比如肥嫩多汁、口味香甜的烤羊腿,搭配月桂、孜然和其他中东香料。包括三道菜的二人晚餐约90欧元,不含酒水。4. Booze and Bowlers | 10:30 p.m.4、美酒和圆顶礼帽 | 晚上10:30Strasbourg worships beer. Au Fucirc;t et à Mesure provides a novel means of sampling local and other Continental brands, courtesy of credit cards that you deploy at automated self-service taps scattered around the small, neo-industrial hangout. Fill one with credit and then fill your mug with Alsatian suds like Queue de Charrue (3.75 euros), a crisp, spicy blond brew made with spring water and barley. Chase them with a Dirty Duck (Cognac, Licor 43, ginger beer, Perrier, mint; 11 euros) or one of the dozens of whiskeys at nearby Code Bar, a dimly lighted nook with bowler hats for lampshades.斯特拉斯堡崇拜啤酒。“鼓和天秤”酒馆(Au Fucirc;t et à Mesure)提供一种新奇的手段,让大家品尝当地和其他欧陆品牌的酒水。空间略小、新工业风格装修的酒馆里安装了许多水龙头,顾客自助品酒时可直接在龙头上刷信用卡消费。插卡,然后将你的酒杯装满泡沫丰富的阿尔萨斯美酒,比如每杯3.75欧元的尾犁(Queue de Charrue),一种脆爽辛辣的金色啤酒,用泉水和大麦酿制而成。接下来,尝一杯“脏鸭子”(Dirty Duck,由法国干邑、Licor 43、姜汁啤酒、沛绿雅矿泉水和薄荷调配而成,11欧元)或在附近“符号吧”(Code Bar)的十多种威士忌中选一种。代码吧设在一个灯光昏暗的角落,用圆顶礼帽做灯罩。Saturday星期六5. Go Underground | 10 a.m.5、走进地下 | 上午10点Sure, everyone in France still raves about the country’s 2010 vintages. But they’ve never tried the Alsatian white from 1472. Tucked in a vast barrel in Cave Historiques des Hospices de Strasbourg, the world’s oldest wine reveals hints of vanilla, honey, hazelnut and spice — at least according to tasting notes from 1944, when the keg was last tapped for consumption. It’s one of many enormous barrels stored in the hospice’s centuries-old cellars, which lie beneath the grounds of Strasbourg’s municipal hospital. Most are recent vintages from regional wineshy;makers who have been granted the honor of aging some of their wines in the venerable kegs. The adjacent boutique sells the bottled versions, from pinot gris to riesling to pinot noir.当然,所有法国人都在赞美该国2010年份的葡萄。但他们从未尝过1472年的阿尔萨斯白葡萄酒。藏在斯特拉斯堡老人院的历史酒窖(Cave Historiques des Hospices de Strasbourg)中,这批世界最古老的葡萄酒略带香草、蜂蜜、榛果和香料的滋味,至少1944年的品酒记录这样认为——那一年这批酒桶最后一次打开龙头让人品尝。这个古老的酒窖位于斯特拉斯堡市医院的地下,窖中藏有数不清的酒桶。目前大多数藏酒都来自本地的葡萄酒制造商,他们有幸将自己的葡萄放入这些尊贵的木桶发酵。隔壁的精品店出售瓶装版本的葡萄酒,从灰皮诺、雷司令到黑皮诺都有。6. Watch the Clock | 11:30 a.m.6、观赏钟表 | 晚上11:30Has your time on Earth been well spent? Existential questions arise when beholding the towering astronomical clock inside Strasbourg’s iconic medieval Notre Dame cathedral. Constructed in the 16th century and now running on a mechanism from the 1800s, the multistory, many-tiered clock is outfitted with biblical automatons, Zodiac imagery, elemental motifs, religious statues and moving dials. At 12:30 p.m. every day, an angel strikes a bell, and another turns over an hourglass. An old man passes before Death, who clangs a bell 12 times with a bone. The 12 apostles pass before Christ, while a rooster beats his wings. Then, finally, Christ offers a gesture of peace. Tickets (2 euros) for the pageant (preceded by a film) are sold from 11:30 a.m. to noon inside the south door. Prepare to queue.你珍惜此生时光了吗?目视斯特拉斯堡的地标建筑、中世纪风格的圣母大教堂那高耸入云的钟楼时,你心中会升起许多存在主义的疑问。这座建于16世纪的钟楼在1800年代更新了机械组,至今仍在正常运行。钟楼有好几层高,多座尖塔直冲云霄,楼面装饰着圣经场景、星座图案、哲学主题、宗教雕塑,还有时刻移动的指针。每天下午12:30,一个天使敲响铃铛,另一个天使就将沙漏翻过来。一位老人走过死神,用一根骨头来更换铃铛。12门徒走过耶稣,同时一只公鸡拍打翅膀。最后,耶稣做出一个和平的手势。在南门内,每天上午11:30 到正午会出售花车盛会的票(2欧元),盛会之前会有一场电影。请做好排队的准备。7. Surrogate Grandmother | 1 p.m.7、代理祖母 | 下午1点If you don’t have an Alsatian grandmother to cook you boiled beef with horseradish or riesling-braised chicken, Fink’Stuebel is a warm, wood-beamed substitute. You might start with the lush, buttery onion and ham tart before trying a classic choucroute garnie: mounds of zesty sauerkraut topped with a plethora of pork: a large leg joint, boiled and grilled sausages and multiple slices of meat. Dessert might be waffles in chocolate sauce or a cherry-plum crumble with schnapps syrup and whipped cream. If a food coma sets in, upstairs the restaurant rents guest rooms. A three-course meal for two, without drinks, runs about 75 euros.如果你没有一个阿尔萨斯祖母为你烹制加了山葵的炖牛肉或雷司令炖煮的鸡肉,温暖而装满木梁的Fink’Stuebel饭店是个不错的替代品。也许,应该以味道丰厚的黄牛洋葱和火腿挞作为开胃菜,然后尝试经典的德国腌菜:一撮滋味丰富的泡菜,下面放着一大堆猪肉:有大块的腿关节、先煮后烤的香肠,还有各种肉片。甜点可能是加了巧克力酱的华夫饼,或加了樱桃和里子的面包碎,搭配烈酒糖浆和生奶油。酒足饭饱之后如果感觉昏昏欲睡,楼上就有客房出租。包括三道主菜的二人份正餐大约75欧元,不含酒水。8. Three Museums in One | 3 p.m.8、三合一的物馆 | 下午3点Designed by a royal architect, the 18th-century Palais Rohan is a masterwork. But the real gems are inside the magisterial edifice, which houses museums devoted to archaeology, decorative arts and fine arts. The latter is the marquee attraction, thanks to the stellar assortment of Italian Renaissance paintings, which include Correggio’s haunting, surreal “Judith and the Servant” and Raphael’s richly colored and finely detailed “Portrait of a Young Woman.” Dutch and Flemish painters also make a strong showing, from the plump cherubs of Rubens to scenes of social life by Pieter de Hooch. Admission 6.50 euros.由一位皇家建筑师设计并在18世纪建成的罗翰宫(Palais Rohan)是个建筑学的杰作。但真正的宝贝却在宫殿里面,那设于室内、分别专注于考古、装饰艺术和美术的三家物馆。美术物馆尤为引人,因为里面有许多意大利文艺复兴时代的绘画,包括柯勒乔(Correggio)阴暗惊悚、超现实主义风格的《朱迪斯与仆人》(Judith and the Servant)和拉斐尔色丰富、细节精美的《一位年轻女人的肖像》(Portrait of a Young Woman)。荷兰和弗兰德画家也有大量作品入选,包括鲁本斯胖乎乎的小天使到彼得·德·霍赫(Pieter de Hooch)笔下的社交场景。门票6.50欧元。9. The Home Team | 5 p.m.9、家族团队 | 下午5点Whether your home is classy, kooky or retro, a design boutique awaits in the Rue des Juifs area. Fou du Roi brims with classic Verner Panton chairs and Tom Dixon lighting, as well as French products like spice-scented candles from Gilles Dewavrin. Samurai-sword umbrellas, serving dishes embossed with Napoleon’s face and waving solar-powered mini-statues of the pope form part of the kitschy collection at Tadzio. In Polychrome, a mishmash of bright plastic furniture, vinyl LPs and funky glassware hearkens back to the ’60s and ’70s.不管你家的装修风格是古典、怪异还是怀旧,在Rue des Juifs 街区都能找到类似的店面。Fou du Roi商店充满了古典的维纳·潘通(Verner Panton)椅子和汤姆·迪克森(Tom Dixon)灯具,还有各种法国物品,比如吉勒·德瓦文(Gilles Dewavrin)家散发胡椒气味的蜡烛。貌似武士长剑的雨伞,有拿破仑肖像浮雕的餐盘,Tadzio商店还有多种媚俗的小摆设,包括形状波浪起伏、太阳能充电的教皇小雕像。Polychrome商店出售色明艳的塑料家具、黑胶唱片和令人忆起六七十年代的奇特玻璃制品。10. Rising Stairs, Rising Star | 8 p.m.10、楼梯之上,新星升起 | 晚上8点Which floor, please? Opened in 2012 and awarded its first Michelin star this year, the fast-rising 1741 restaurant occupies an early-19th-century mansion whose stairwell elevates guests through four levels of small salons decorated in Baroque boudoir style. The food is elevated too, from the foie gras-larded table butter to desserts like honey-soaked fig purée with panna cotta and honey ice cream. In between you might find a foie gras trifecta (in glazed form, as nougat and mixed with powdery Parmesan cheese) or slices of rare venison with tiny mushrooms, raspberries and beets. Four courses cost 89 euros per person.请问您去哪层楼?2012年开业的饭店“1741”今年已经获得了第一颗米其林之星,不愧是餐饮界的新秀。这家饭店设在一座19世纪早期的建筑里,顾客需要走过四层楼梯并途径几个巴洛克闺房风格的店面才能到达。当然饭店的美食也很高端,比如掺有鹅肝酱的餐桌黄油、搭配甜蜜无花果酱的奶油布丁和蜂蜜冰淇淋。有时候还能发现混搭产品,比如三合一鹅肝酱(与杏仁糖和粉状的帕马森奶酪掺在一起,做成抹酱的状态),以及搭配小蘑菇、覆盆子和甜菜的罕见鹿肉片。包括四道菜的一餐,人均89欧元。11. Bathtubs and Barrels | 10:30 p.m.11、浴缸和木桶 | 晚上10:30If you fancy a drink in the bathroom, step into Wawa, one of the hip new spots around Place St.-Nicolas-aux-Ondes. A clawfoot tub and a disconnected, disused commode are among the seating options in this trashy-chic design haven. Clearly someshy;one had a few absinthes (5 euros) when drawing up the plans. More rustic and refined, Le XX, a wine bar, opened this year with tables made from barrels, a cozy lounge nook and a list of Gallic vintages that includes a dense, honeyish grand cru Gewürztraminer from Kaefferkopf Simonis (6.50 euros a glass).如果你喜欢在浴室里喝一杯,就请走入Wawa酒吧,这家位于Place St.-Nicolas和aux-Ondes交叉口的体育酒吧是市内最新最酷的去处之一。饭店风格既颓废又时髦,四爪浴缸和拆掉管道的废弃洗脸台都是可供客人选择的座位。显然在绘制室内装修图的时候,设计师喝了过多的苦艾酒(5欧元)。相比之下,今年开业的葡萄酒吧Le XX装修就更偏于乡村风格,也更加精致。它采用木头酒桶做餐桌,气氛轻松,供应各种法国葡萄酒,比如来自Kaefferkopf Simonis酒庄的低度白葡萄酒(每杯6.50欧元),质感浓稠、略带蜂蜜口感。Sunday星期日12. Modern Arp | 11 a.m.12、以阿尔普为代表的现当代艺术 | 上午11点“Art is a fruit that grows in man shy;” begins a e by the artist Jean Arp — a Strasbourg native — stenciled inside the Musée d’Art Moderne et Contemporain. If so, then the museum is a blooming orchard indeed. The modern art collection is stronger than the contemporary holdings (one flight up), so begin with Rodin’s iconic “The Thinker” (1904), then admire the strong lines and bold color blocks of Picasso’s “Nude Gathering Flowers” (1958) before thing through the rooms of works by Sisley, Gauguin, Juan Gris, Magritte, Kandinsky, Max Ernst and other heavyweights. Local talents like Arp and the illustrator Gustave Doré get rooms of their own, highlighted by Doré#39;s massive, dynamic, mystical “Christ Leaving the Praetorium” (1867-72). Before taking your own leave, take a last look at Strasbourg from the rooftop terrace of the museum’s Art Café. Then bid the city au revoir — or, as they say in German, auf Wiedersehen. Admission 7 euros.“艺术是人类身上结出的果实。”阿尔萨斯本地人、艺术家让·阿尔普(Jean Arp)的这句名言,镌刻在现当代艺术物馆的墙上。如果他的话属实,这家物馆就是座硕果累累的果园。现代艺术的展品比当代艺术数量更多,位置也在后者的楼上。所以,让我们的旅行从罗丹的代表作《思想者》(1904年)开始,然后欣赏毕加索《裸女采花》(Nude Gathering Flowers,1958年)粗犷的线条和大胆的色。接下来,仔细观希思黎(Sisley)、高更(Gauguin)、胡安·格里斯(Juan Gris)、玛格里特(Magritte)、康定斯基(Kandinsky)、马克斯·恩斯特(Max Ernst)和其他重量级艺术家的作品。阿尔普、古斯塔夫·多雷(Gustave Doré)等当地艺术家都有各自的展厅,多雷的画作《耶稣离开总督府》(Christ Leaving the Praetorium,1867-1872年)宏大磅礴,充满神秘气息。离开物馆之前,请到屋顶露台的艺术咖啡馆Art Café俯瞰整个斯特拉斯堡。然后用法语“au revoir”(再见)告别这个城市,或者用德语“auf Wiedersehen”。门票7欧元。LODGING住宿Graffalgar (17, rue Déserte, 33-3-88-24-98-40; graffalgar.com) opened this year near the main train station with 19 simple rooms painted in varying colorful styles by 19 street artists. Doubles from 90 euros.Graffalgar(17, rue Déserte, 33-3-88-24-98-40;graffalgar.com)是今年开张的一家旅馆,位于该市主火车站附近,有19间简单的客房,内饰由19位街头艺术家绘制而成,色鲜艳,风格各异。双人房90欧元起。For stately, aristocratic ambience in the historical Petite France neighborhood, Hocirc;tel Le Bouclier d’Or amp; Spa (1, rue du Bouclier, 33-3-88-13-73-55; lebouclierdor.com) is a two-year-old addition. Many of the 22 rooms feature wood beams, parquet floors and antique-style furnishings. Doubles from 194 euros.如果你想在老城区小法兰西入住一家华丽高档酒店,请到金盾温泉酒店(Hocirc;tel Le Bouclier d’Or amp; Spa;1, rue du Bouclier, 33-3-88-13-73-55; lebouclierdor.com)。酒店两年前开张,22间客房都配有木梁、镶木地板和精致家具。双人房194欧元起。 /201503/361998。

The custom of Dragon Boat Festival端午节的习俗1.Dragon Boat Racing赛龙舟Because Chuese don’t want virtuous minister Qu Yuan died at that time, so there are a lot of people boating to save him after he jumping into river.当时楚人因舍不得贤臣屈原死去,于是有许多人划船追赶拯救。2.Eating zongzi on Dragon Boat Festival端午节吃粽子People boiled sticky rice or steamed reed on May 5 and then jumped it into the river, to sacrifice to Qu Yuan, with bamboo tube array sticky rice rolls for fear of fish to eat, gradually reed leaves maize replacing bamboo tube.人们在五月五日煮糯米饭或蒸粽糕投入江中,以祭祀屈原,为恐鱼吃掉,故用竹筒盛装糯米饭掷下,以后渐用粽叶包米代替竹筒。3.Wearing perfume satchel佩香囊Children wear perfume satchel on the Dragon Boat Festival can avoid devil.端午节小孩佩香囊,避邪驱瘟之意。4.Eating eggs吃蛋Some areas will boil tea eggs and brine eggs to eat on the Dragon Boat Festival. Eggs are henapple, duck eggs, goose egg. Painted red on eggshell, with colorful net bags, hanging in a child#39;s neck, for blessing children, and hopping them are safe.一些地区,端午节要煮茶蛋和盐水蛋吃。蛋有鸡蛋、鸭蛋、鹅蛋。蛋壳涂上红色,用五颜六色的网袋装着,挂在小孩子的脖子上,意为祝福孩子逢凶化吉,平安无事。5.Drinking Realgar Wine饮雄黄酒This custom is very popular in the Yangtze river area.此种习俗,在长江流域地区的人家很盛行。6.Wash all diseases游百病This custom is prevalent in part of Guizhou province on Dragon-Boat festival custom. Some people will go to swim as well.此种习俗,盛行于贵州地区的端午习俗有些人也会去游泳。7.Eat twelve red吃十二红Gaoyou and other places have the tradition of eating ;twelve red;. Twelve red refers to oil shrimp, Fried amaranth, salted duck egg yellow, cinnabar tofu and so on.高邮等地有吃“十二红”的习俗。十二红指油爆虾、炒红苋菜、咸鸭蛋黄、朱砂豆腐等。 /201506/381347。