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福州总院人工受孕多少钱福建解扎手术哪个医院好福州去哪间医院放扎复通 Three of the world’s biggest carmakers have jumped into peer-to-peer vehicle sharing, as the automobile industry scrambles to stay relevant in the age of Uber and BlaBlaCar.全球三家大型汽车制造商已投身个人对个人(peer-to-peer,简称P2P)汽车分享业务。在这个优步(Uber)和BlaBlaCar的时代,汽车业正力图确保自己不被边缘化。Within hours of each other, Ford, General Motors and BMW announced Airbnb-style schemes on Wednesday – with each manufacturer claiming to be the first to let car owners earn money by renting out their new vehicles to other drivers.周三,福特(Ford)、通用汽车(General Motors)和宝马(BMW)在几小时内相继公布了Airbnb式的计划。这三家汽车制造商各自声称自己是首个令车主能通过将新车租给其他人来赚钱的商家。The moves are part of established companies’ attempts to respond to the changing tastes of so-called millennials. Motor industry executives are watching with alarm as consumer-focused sectors are disrupted by new entrants encouraging individuals to share goods and services with each other.这些举措表明,这些老牌企业试图响应“千禧一代”不断变化的品味。如今,鼓励个人与他人分享物品与务的市场新秀,给面向消费者的行业带来了颠覆性影响,汽车业高管正以警惕的目光关注着这一切。“Society and the automotive industry are undergoing radical change,” said Peter Schwarzenbauer, member of the BMW board for the British brands Mini and Rolls-Royce.分管英国品牌MINI和劳斯莱斯(Rolls-Royce)的宝马管理委员会成员萧绅(Peter Schwarzenbauer)表示:“社会和汽车业正在发生根本性变化。”From next year, BMW will allow customers buying a Mini to choose to rent out their cars via DriveNow, an existing scheme run by the German carmaker. The option will initially be available in the US and later in DriveNow cities such as London.从明年起,宝马将允许顾客在购买MINI时,选择通过该公司现有的DriveNow项目来出租他们的汽车。这一选择最初将在美国提供,随后会扩展到伦敦等有DriveNow项目的城市。BMW announced the scheme just as Opel, General Motors’ European marque, said it would offer “car sharing for everyone”. Opel Cary will allow drivers to rent out their cars – say, to their Facebook friends – via a dedicated Opel app for smartphones and tablet computers.就在宝马公布这一计划的同时,通用汽车的欧洲品牌欧宝(Opel)也表示,将提供“面向每个人的汽车分享务”。欧宝的Cary将允许车主通过一个专为智能手机和平板电脑设计的欧宝应用,把他们的车出租给Facebook好友之类的对象。Ford has also launched a six-month pilot scheme to allow 12,000 customers in and around London who have bought cars through its financial services arm to rent out their vehicles, using easyCar Club, an online peer-to-peer platform. The pilot will also run in six cities in the US, in collaboration with Getaround, another platform.福特也推出了一个为期6个月的试点计划。根据该计划,在伦敦及其周边地区,通过福特旗下的金融务公司购车的1.2万名顾客,可使用在线P2P平台easyCar Club出租他们的汽车。此外,福特还在6座美国城市与一个名叫Getaround的平台合作推出这一试点。In each case, a portion of the fee paid by the person renting the car goes to the vehicle owner, with the remainder passing to the manufacturer, partly to cover insurance.每次租车时,租车者所付费用将有一定比例交给车主,其余部分则到了制造商手中——这么做部分是为了付保险费。 /201506/383093福建通水到哪家医院

福州去哪宫外孕手术最好Two of Japan’s biggest carmakers are expanding recalls to replace potentially faulty airbags made by Takata, deepening a safety crisis that will now affect more than 30m vehicles worldwide.日本三大汽车制造商丰田(Toyota)、日产(Nissan)和本田(Honda),扩大了召回汽车的范围,以更换可能有问题的高田(Takata)安全气囊,此举意味着这一目前影响全球逾3000万辆汽车的安全危机进一步深化。Toyota and Nissan said on Wednesday they will collectively recall another 6.6m vehicles globally. Honda, the carmaker most affected by the airbag problems, with more than 14m vehicles recalled so far, said it was considering taking similar action to its rivals.周三,丰田和日产表示,它们一共会在全球再召回660万辆汽车。而受安全气囊影响最大的本田,则成为本周第三家扩大汽车召回范围的日本汽车制造商,新涉及的装有高田安全气囊的汽车达480万辆,其中172万辆位于日本。此举令本田因这一安全气囊事件召回的汽车数达到1920万辆。Carmakers are investigating the cause of incidents in which some Takata airbags have exploded when deploying, scattering shrapnel inside the car — the problems are linked to at least six deaths in the US and Malaysia.此前,部分高田气囊曾在使用中发生爆炸,导致碎片在车内四处溅射——这一问题与美国和马来西亚发生的至少6起死亡事件有关。目前,汽车制造商正在调查事故原因。Recalls of vehicles with potentially faulty airbags began in 2008, but the bulk of these actions took place over the past two years, and Takata, the Tokyo-based manufacturer, has been strongly criticised by US regulators for its response to the safety crisis.对可能有问题气囊的汽车的召回是从2008年开始的。不过,多数此类举措还是发生在过去两年。总部驻东京的安全气囊制造商高田(Takata),已因对这一安全危机的回应方式,受到了美国监管机构的强烈批评。Takata declined to comment on the expanded recalls, saying the decisions were made by the carmakers.高田拒绝置评丰田及日产扩大召回汽车数量的举动,表示此举是汽车制造商作出的决定。Toyota said it will expand its recalls to include 35 car models produced between 2003 to 2007.丰田表示,该公司将把召回范围扩大至包括2003年至2007年间生产的35款车型。“Among the parts collected from the Japanese market, certain types of airbag inflators were found to have a potential for moisture intrusion over time,” Toyota said.丰田表示:“在日本市场收集的部件中,部分型号的安全气囊气体发生器被发现时间久了会受潮。”Toyota said it did not know whether there was a relationship between moisture getting into the airbag and the possibility of the inflator rupturing.丰田表示,该公司并不清楚进入安全气囊的水分与气体发生器炸裂的可能性是否有关。Takata has previously admitted that, in the event of an accident, the front passenger side airbag inflators can rupture and spray metal shrapnel.此前,高田曾经承认,在发生事故时,前排副驾侧安全气囊的气体发生器可能会炸裂,并喷溅出金属碎片。A Japanese transport ministry official said the expanded recalls were a precautionary measure. Both companies said no accidents or injuries had been reported.、一名日本国土交通省官员表示,这次扩大召回范围是一种预防性措施。两家企业均表示没有出现相关事故或伤亡的报告。 /201505/375314永泰县孕检哪个医院好 Alibaba has launched technology designed to fight fakes, as it looks to battle mounting pressure over the prevalence of counterfeit goods on its websites.阿里巴巴(Alibaba)推出了旨在打击假货的技术。目前该公司正因旗下网站上假货泛滥而受到越来越大的压力。The Chinese ecommerce group unveiled new, hard-to-copy symbols that are similar to QR codes — the square, crossword puzzle-like bar codes that can be scanned and by a smartphone camera — will become part of product labels to ensure authenticity if Alibaba’s online sellers request them.这家中国电商集团推出了类似二维码(构成一个正方形的条码,能够被智能手机扫描和读取)的新符号,如果阿里巴巴的线上卖家提出要求的话,这种难以被复制的符号将成为商品标签的一部分,以确保商品为正品。The announcement was designed to woo luxury brands to Alibaba’s marketplaces — L’Oréal and Ferrero Rocher, the chocolatier, aly use the technology — and comes as the world’s second-largest internet company by market capitalisation is bedevilled by accusations that merchants on its platforms peddle fake goods.这一宣布是为了说奢侈品牌加入阿里巴巴的线上市场——欧莱雅(L’Oréal)和巧克力生产商费列罗(Ferrero Rocher)已经在使用这一技术,而眼下这家世界第二大互联网企业(以市值计)正因其平台上的商家被指售卖假货面临麻烦。The latest setback came in the form of a lawsuit filed in a New York court by Kering, the Paris-based group whose luxury brands include Gucci and Balenciaga, alleging the Hangzhou-based company was complicit in the sale of counterfeit goods on its sites. Alibaba said it would fight the suit, which it called “baseless” and “wasteful litigation”.最新的一起挫折是,总部位于巴黎、旗下拥有古驰(Gucci)和巴黎世家(Balenciaga)等奢侈品牌的开云集团(Kering)在纽约起诉阿里巴巴,声称这家总部位于杭州的企业共谋参与了其网站上的假货销售。阿里巴巴称指控“并无任何依据”,“是无用的”,表示将抗辩。As concern over fakes has mounted in recent months, Alibaba’s share price has dropped a third from a mid-November high of 9 to on May 5, its lowest point since its record-breaking New York listing in September last year.近月来针对假货的担忧日益增加,阿里巴巴的股价从去年11月中旬每股119美元的最高点,跌至5月5日的79美元,创下去年9月募资规模创纪录的首次公开发行(IPO)以来的最低纪录。Alibaba’s appointment of a new chief executive on May 7 has driven a partial recovery in the share price.5月7日,阿里巴巴任命了新的首席执行官,此举推动股价收复部分失地。In January, criticism by a Chinese regulator that counterfeit goods were ubiquitous on Alibaba’s marketplace sites spooked investors and contributed to a share sell-off that month.今年1月,中国监管机构批评阿里巴巴的电商网站上充斥着假货,这惊吓了投资者,在一定程度上导致阿里巴巴股票当月遭到抛售。Worries over fake goods also cost Alibaba business opportunities. This month, global beauty retailer Sephora, part of French luxury goods group LVMH, chose Alibaba’s rival JD.com to host its first online store in China, citing in part concerns over fighting fakes.针对假货的担忧也让阿里巴巴损失了一些商业机会。本月,法国奢侈品企业路威酩轩集团(LVMH)旗下的国际美妆零售商丝芙兰(Sephora)选择在阿里巴巴的对手京东商城(JD.com)上开设首家在华线上商店,称此举在一定程度上是出于打击假货的考虑。Global luxury brands such as these are the target of Alibaba’s new “Blue Stars” platform, aimed at helping merchants with marketing, tracing sales, and fighting counterfeit, and which will include the QR-type code technology developed by Visualead, an Israeli start-up.此类国际奢侈品牌正是阿里巴巴“Blue Stars”新平台瞄准的目标。该平台旨在帮助商家进行市场营销、追踪销售、以及打击假货,以色列初创企业视觉码(Visualead)开发的二维码技术将被应用于这个平台。Alibaba took a m-m stake in the company in January. The technology is currently given away to sellers for free, say both companies.阿里巴巴1月斥资500万至1000万美元入股视觉码。两家公司均表示,该技术眼下免费向卖家提供。 /201505/376123宁德那个医院做人工受精

福州哪间医院治疗多囊卵巢综合症比较好Airlines are toughening up cockpit rules after French prosecutors accused the co-pilot of the Germanwings airliner that crashed in the Alps of wanting to “destroy the plane” when he was left alone on the flightdeck.法国检察机关对坠毁于阿尔卑斯山区的德国之翼(Germanwings)客机的副驾驶提出指控,称当他独自留在驾驶舱时想要“摧毁这架飞机”,随后各家航空公司纷纷修改驾驶舱规则,使其更为严格。EasyJet, Norwegian, Monarch, Emirates and Air Canada were among those who introduced new procedures to require two people in the cockpit at all times. EasyJet said it had taken the decision after consultation with the UK’s civil Aviation Authority.易捷航空(easyJet)、挪威航空(Norwegian)、君主航空(Monarch)、阿联酋航空(Emirates)以及加拿大航空(Air Canada)都出台了新规程,要求驾驶舱内任何时间都要有两人在场。易捷航空表示在咨询英国民航(Civil Aviation Authority,简称:CAA)后,作出了这一决定。The CAA has written to all UK carriers to ask what procedures they have in place for when one of the pilots leaves the flightdeck.英国民航已致函英国所有航空公司,询问当一名飞行员离开驾驶舱时,它们有何操作规程。Richard Taylor, CAA spokesman, said it was “very possible” that airlines could soon be required to have a member of the cabin crew stay in the cockpit if a pilot left for a break, as is the norm in the US.英国民航发言人理查德#8226;泰勒(Richard Taylor)表示,航空公司“非常可能”很快就会收到命令,要求当一名飞行员离开驾驶舱去休息时,必须有一名乘务员留在驾驶舱里,这在美国已是常规。The pre-emptive moves by the world’s airlines come as public concern over aviation safety mounts in the wake of the Germanwings crash, which killed all 150 people on board.德国之翼客机坠毁事故发生后,公众对航空安全的关注剧增,这些航空公司抢先采取了行动。此次坠机造成机上150人全部遇难。Brice Robin, the Marseille prosecutor, said that based on the cockpit voice recordings there was no explanation for why the co-pilot — whom he named as German national Andreas Lubitz, 27 — behaved as he did.法国检察官布里塞#8226;罗班(Brice Robin)表示,根据驾驶舱语音记录无法解释副驾驶的行为。这名副驾驶名为安德烈亚斯#8226;卢比茨(Andreas Lubitz),德国人,今年27岁。“He pressed this button [to begin the descent] for a reason we still don’t know why,” Mr Robin said. “All we hear is his breathing and it is normal breathing. He didn’t say a single word after the pilot left the cockpit.”罗班说:“他按下按钮(让飞机开始下降),我们仍不知道原因为何。我们只听到他的呼吸声,他的呼吸很正常。另一个飞行员离开驾驶舱后他没说一个字。”“When you have 150 people with you, I wouldn’t call it a suicide. That is why I am not using this word,” he told a press conference.罗班在记者会上说:“当连你在内一共有150人时,我不会称之为自杀。这就是为什么我不用这个词。”Mr Robin said the passengers were probably not aware of what was going on during the eight-minute descent until shortly before the impact, at which point the Airbus A320 was travelling at 700kph (435mph).罗班表示,在飞机下降的8分钟里乘客们可能不知道发生了什么事,他们可能直到飞机撞山前一刻才意识到这一悲剧,此时这架空客A320的飞行速度为700千米/时(435英里/时)。“On the recording you only hear the screams in the last moments,” he said. “The Airbus A320 is rather a big plane. The passengers aren’t next to where the cockpit is, so we only hear screams at the very end. Death was instant.”他说:“在录音里,只有在最后时刻才听到尖叫声。这架空客A320是一架相当大的飞机。乘客座位不挨着驾驶舱,因此我们只在悲剧快要发生的那一刻才听到惨叫声,机上人员瞬间遇难。”Thomas de Maizière, Germany’s interior minister, said that Lubitz had no known links to terrorism. Speaking to reporters in Berlin, Mr de Maizière said: “There is no evidence of any kind of terrorist background. We checked everything.”德国内政部长托马斯#8226;德#8226;迈齐埃(Thomas de Maizière)表示,卢比茨与恐怖主义不存在已知联系。德#8226;迈齐埃在柏林对记者表示:“没有据表明此次事故存在任何恐怖主义背景。我们调查了一切。”Carsten Spohr, chief executive of Germanwings’ parent company Lufthansa, said there was nothing in the record of Mr Lubitz, who started working for the airline as a flight attendant, to raise concern.德国之翼的母公司汉莎航空(Lufthansa)的首席执行官卡斯滕#8226;施波尔(Carsten Spohr)表示,卢比茨没有任何值得关注的异常记录,他是从这家航空公司的乘务员开始做起的。“He was fit for flying without any restrictions,” Mr Spohr he told a press conference. “His performance was without criticism. Nothing was striking.”施波尔在记者会上说:“卢比茨适合所有飞行,毫无限制。他的过往表现无可挑剔,没什么惊人之举。” /201504/367517 福建人工受精大概多少钱罗源县输卵管通水



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