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福清无痛人流价钱福清融强医院是几甲 Chinese cuisine is known for its taste and philosophical and aesthetic qualities. It is closely tied to the development of the 5 000-year-old Chinese civilization. It is also related to the development of tourism in China-well known scenic spots are associated with well-known dishes named after the spots. There is for example“fried Yellow River carp with sweet and sour sauce; of Shandong,and“Hupao vegetarian ham; and“West Lake water shield soup; of Hangzhou。中国的菜肴因其味道可口并具有哲学和美学品质而闻名。这是与中国五千年的文明发展息息相关的。这还与中国旅游业的发展相联系—著名的景点都有以景点命名的知名菜肴。例如,山东的“糖醋黄河鲤鱼”,杭州的“虎跑素火腿”和“西湖药菜汤”。Chinese cuisine devotes meticulous attention to the color,smell,taste,shape,sound and vessel of food.“Sound; refers to the crispiness of food,especially for such dishes as Sichuan#39;s“sizzling rice crust with three delicacies.”When a steaming hot sauce made of shrimp and other delicacies is poured on freshly fried rice crust, a sizzling sound will be heard which signals kinds of containers,and dishes. happiness to the Chinese.“Vessel”refers to the different such as porcelain,pottery and silverware,for different tables。中国菜肴十分注意食物的色、香、味、形、声、器。“声”指的是食物松脆程度,尤其是四川的“三鲜锅巴”等菜肴。当由虾子和其他鲜美食品煮成的热酱浇在刚炸出来的锅巴上时,就可以听到吱吱的声音,这对于中国人来说象征着幸福。“器”指的是不同种类的盛放器皿,例如瓷器、陶器以及银器,它们适用于不同的桌子和菜肴。Chinese food can be classified into six categories:中国食品可以分为下列六大类:1. Local dishes.1.地方莱肴This refers to a class of dishes with very strong local flavors that came into existence in line with local products,climate and customs. Among the most well known local dishes are“sea cucumber braised with scallion; of Shandong,“hot and spicy hot pot; of Sichuan.这一类指的是带有浓厚地方风味的菜肴,它们是伴随着当地的农产品、气候以及习俗而产生的。其中最出名的地方菜肴就是山东的“葱烧海参”和四川的“香辣火锅”。2. Royal dishes.2.宫廷菜肴These used to be prepared by the imperial kitchen for emperors and empresses. Usually,they are fancifully named and exquisitely prepared with the best ingredients. Among the most famous are“all birds pay court to the phoenix; and “swastika-shaped braised pork slices.”这些菜肴过去是由御膳房为皇帝和皇后烹制的。它们通常都有神奇的名称并且选用最好的配料精心制作而成。其中最有名的就是“百鸟朝凤”以及“万字扣肉”。3. Family dishes.3.家族菜肴These used to be reserved for high-ranking bureaucrats and celebrities.But they were subsequently adopted by ordinary people. Among the most famous family dishes are Confucian-style and Tan-family style. In addition,“Dongpo Pork;“diced chicken stir-fried with chili and peanuts; are also popular dishes.这些过去是由高级官员和名人所享用的。但是最终还是进人了寻常百姓家。最有名的家族菜肴莫过于孔府菜和谭府菜。,此外,“东坡肉”和“宫爆鸡丁”也是深受欢迎的菜肴。4. Ethnic food.4.民族食品These originated in minority-inhabited areas,and became popular nationwide. Famous ethnic dishes include roast beef,“sliced mutton hot pot; and shashliks.这些指的是发源于少数民族居住地区并风靡全国的食品。出名的民族菜肴包括烧牛肉、羊肉火锅以及烤肉串。5. Vegetarian food.5.素食Because most monks eat vegetarian food,it is also known as“monastery dishes.”There are a wide variety of flavors. These dishes are often cooked in such a way as to look and taste exactly like meat and fish.由于大多数僧人都吃素食,因此这也被称为“斋饭”。它有各种各样的风味。这些菜肴的烹饪方式经常使其看上去、吃起来就仿佛是肉和鱼一样。6. Medicinal dishes, or food therapy.6.药膳或食疗The Chinese believe that mixing tonics with food adds flavor to the food and is good for health. Famed medicinal dishes include“lily decoction with chicken; and “porridge with lotus seeds and lily.”中国人认为将补药和食物放在一起既可以丰富食物的味道又有益于健康。有名的药膳包括“百合鸡汤”和“莲子百合粥”。Chinese Food-Eight Regional Variations中国的八大地方菜系The late Chairman Mao once remarked that China#39;s greatest contributions to the world are traditional Chinese medicines and Chinese food. To testify to the popularity of Chinese food,a piece of Western humor has it that the happiest man in the world is one who earns an American salary,lives in an English house,is married to a Japanese woman and eats Chinese food!毛主席生前曾经说过,中国对世界的最大贡献就在于传统中药和中国食品。有一则西方幽默可以明中国食品的受欢迎程度:世界上最幸福的人就是拿美国的薪水、住英国的房子、娶日本老婆、吃中国食物的人!Gourmets agree that Chinese cuisine is the only one that combines all the qualities of others. Some say French food is good for the flavor, Greek food for the smell,and Japanese for the ritual. But Chinese food has all these qualities and more.美食家一致认为中国的菜肴是唯一结合了其他国家菜肴优点的。有些人说法国菜的优点在于口味,希腊菜的优点在于香味,日本菜的优点在于礼节。但是中国菜除了所有这些长处还有别的优点。Chinese cuisine has a number of different genres,but the most influential and typical known by the public are the“Eight Cuisines;.These are as follows:Shandong Cuisine,Sichuan Cuisine,Guangdong Cuisine,Fujian Cuisine,Jiangsu Cuisine,thejiang Cuisine,Hunan Cuisine,and Anhui Cuisine .The essential factors that establish the form of a genre are complex and include history,cooking features,geography, climate,resources and life styles. Cuisines from different reqions are so distinctive that sometimes despite the fact that two areas are geographical neighbors their styles are completely alien.中国的菜肴拥有许多种不同的流派,但是最具影响力并且最为公众所熟悉的就是“八大菜系”。它们是:鲁菜、川菜、粤菜、闽菜、苏菜、浙菜、湘菜以及徽菜。确定一种流派形式的关键要素十分复杂,而且包括历史、烹调特征、地理、气候、资源以及生活方式。不同地区的菜肴各具特色,因此尽管有时两个地区相互毗邻,但是它们的风格完全不同。Shandong Cuisine鲁菜This is the local flavor of Jinan City and Jiaodong Peninsula derived from the use of shallots and garlic. Both restaurant chefs and housewives are expert in cooking seafood,soups, meat and offal. The recipes are those that once delighted the royal court and were served to the emperor. The typical can indude many delicate dishes such as:这是济南市和胶东半岛的地方风味,它使用葱和蒜。饭店厨师和家庭主妇都是烹制海鲜、汤、肉和内脏的行家。这些菜谱曾经取悦了皇家并且由皇帝享用。它的特色菜单包括许多精美的菜肴,例如:Braised abalone一一smooth,delicate, fresh and savory.红烧鲍鱼—光滑、精美、新鲜、美味。Sweet and Sour Carp-with crisp exterior and tender fish interior,a little sweet and sour.糖醋鲤鱼—外表松脆,里面鲜嫩,微甜、微酸。;Eight Immortals Crossing Sea Teasing Arhats; This is a starter before a celebration feast. It is luxurious and traditionally uses its eight main ingredients: fin,sea cucumber,abalone,asparagus,prawns and ham. The stock is flavored with fish#39;s swimming bladder and fish bones. These symbolize the eight immortals and the Arhats are symbolized by the inclusion of chicken breast.八仙过海闹罗汉—这是喜庆宴会的第一道菜。这道菜十分豪华,它传统上使用八种主要配料:鱼翅、海参、鲍鱼、芦笋、对虾以及火腿食料要用鱼缥和鱼骨来调味。这些象征着八仙,而罗汉(相当于佛教中的圣徒)则用鸡脯来象征。Guangdong Cuisine粤菜Guangdong cuisine takes fine and rare ingredients and is cooked with fished skills and in a dainty style. It emphasizes a flavor which is clear but not light, refreshing but not common,tender but not crude. In summer and autumn it pursues clarity and in winter and spring, a little more substance. The sauteed dishes always rely upon exquisite presentation involving excellent cutting and carving skills. Typical here can embody these following characteristics:粤菜采用了精美、珍稀的配料,而且采用了精致、爽口的烹调技巧。粤菜强调口味清爽但不清淡,提神但不落俗套,鲜嫩但不粗糙。在夏季与秋季,粤菜追求的是清爽;而在冬季和春季则比较注重实质。炒菜经常采用精美的外表,这就需要精湛的切菜技巧。它的特色菜单包括以下这些特征:Chrysanthemum fish-chefs with adept cutting techniques shape the fish like chrysanthemums,each individual morsel being convenient to enjoy with either chopsticks or forks.菊花鱼—拥有高超切菜功夫的厨师将鱼做成菊花形状,每一片鱼都十分便于用筷子或又子食用。Braised snake porridge-of rare meat of cobra,grimalkin,and pullet,braised elaborately,also called“Dragon and tiger contending;(Long Hu Dou).烩蛇粥—选用珍贵的眼镜蛇肉、雌猫肉、仔鸡肉进行烩制,它也被称作“龙虎耳一”。Roast suckling pig-a famed dish with rather long history,golden and crisp exterior, and tender meat inside,with dense aroma.烤乳猪—这是一道拥有悠久历史的名菜,它外面是金黄色的松脆外壳,里面则是粉嫩的肉,香气浓郁。Fujian Cuisine闽菜Fujian cuisine has four distinctive features, that is,fine cutting techniques,various soups,unique seasonings, and exquisite cooking. Chefs can always cut the thin jellyfish into three pieces and into very thin th. And thanks to the abundant resources of marine products,the soup of this cuisine genre has its freshness and keeps its own savor with ease. The seasonings add sweet and sour flavors to the dishes. To add to its appeal the food is served in or on elegant bowls or plates.闽菜有四个与众不同的特征,这就是精美的切菜技巧、各种汤菜、独特的作料以及精湛的烹饪。厨师总是能够将薄薄的海蜚切成三片,然后再切成非常细的丝。而且由于当地海产品资源丰富,因此该菜系的汤菜十分鲜美,而且很容易保持其本身的香味。作料则让菜肴具有甜味和酸味。食物是用雅致的碗或盘子盛放的,这增加了它的吸引力。Appealing dishes are countless,so we can only enumerate some of them:由于诱人的菜肴难以一一列举,因此我们只举出几道菜肴:Fried golden bamboo shoot with chicken mince-every 100g of winter bamboo shoots will be cut into 500一600 strips with the same length and bth. Then they can blend with the very small pieces of chicken.鸡茸金丝笋—每一百克冬笋要切成500至600片,并且长度和宽度相等。然后将它们与非常小的鸡肉混合在一起。Buddha jumping over the wall-the most famous and classical dish,which has a long history since the Qing Dynasty.佛跳墙—这是最有名、最经典的一道菜,它起源于清朝,历史悠久。Dongbi dragon pearl-it chooses materials from the rare longyan trees of thousand year#39;s history in Kaiyuan Temple in Auanzhou,the delicate scent is rather catching.东壁龙珠—它选用泉州开元寺中有着上千年历史的珍稀龙眼树上的龙眼,它那柔和的清香十分诱人。;Fried Xi Shi#39;s tongue; is made from the locally produced Fujian mussel. According to the legend of the concubine,Xi Shi,of the king of the state of Wu was thrown in the sea tied to a huge stone by the wife of Gou Jian,the king of Yue who destroyed Wu,to prevent her husband being seduced by her beauty. In the area of the sea where she sank, a special breed of mussel appeared and this was said to be Xi Shi#39;s tongue.炒西施舌选用当地出产的福建海蚌制成。传说越国国王勾践灭了吴国之后,吴国国王的妃子西施被勾践的妻子绑在一块大石头上面投人大海,以防止自己的丈夫被西施的美貌所勾引。在她沉入的海中出现了一种品种特殊的海蚌,据说这就是西施的舌头。Anhui Cuisine徽菜It is mainly composed of local flavors of Huizhou and other areas along the Yangtze River and the Huai River. Among the dishes on the hui cuisine ,you will find fried or quick-fled dishes than those that are braised. People here are indined to add ham as seasoning and sugar candy to enrich the freshness and are quite accomplished in the art of cooking。它主要由徽州以及长江和淮河沿岸地区的地方风味组成。在徽菜菜单上,人们会发现油煎或爆炒的菜肴要比煮的菜肴少。当地人倾向于将火腿用作作料并用冰糖提鲜,而且在烹饪艺术上十分精湛。Among these delicacies,some of the traditional ones are eye-catching:在这些美食中,有些传统美食十分抢眼:;Braised turtle with ham;-the oldest dish using the special ;Mati turtle;. The delightful taste of this dish has inspired poets。火腿炖甲鱼—这是最古老的一道菜,它选用特殊的马蹄鳖。这道菜令人愉悦的口味激起过文人墨客的诗兴。;Fuliji grilled chicken; the cooking technique was derived from Dezhou braised chicken of Shandong Province,with improvement of the technique by chefs at Fuliji. The grilled chicken is golden and tempting,and the meat is so well cooked that it falls easily from the bone.符离集烧鸡—它的烹饪技巧来自于山东省的德州扒鸡,并由符离集的厨师对其技巧进行了改进。烧鸡呈金黄色并且十分诱人,鸡肉的烹饪十分精湛,因此很容易从骨头上剥离。Jiangsu Cuisine苏菜Jiangsu cuisine developed from the local recipes of Yangzhou,Suzhou and Nanjing. Its main cooking techniques are braising and stewing,thereby preserving the original flavor and sauce. The elegant color,novel sculpts, with salt and sweet taste will soothe your stomach. The Jiangsu cuisine has several branches,including Shanghai cuisine,Nanjing cuisine is known for its duck recipes,Suxi cuisine with flowery hue,etc. the most highly recommended courses are:苏莱是从扬州、苏州以及南京的当地菜谱发展而来的。它主要的烹制手法是煮和炖,因此保持了原汁原味。精美的颜色、新奇的造型、再加上注重咸味和甜味,因此定能让您大快朵颐。苏菜分为几个分,其中包括上海菜、因鸭肴而闻名的南京菜、色斑斓的苏锡菜等,强烈推荐下面几道菜:Three sets of ducks-an interlinking dish,that is to put pigeon into wild duck, then put the wild duck into a fowl duck. When stewed,the fowl duck is tender, the wild one crisp,and the little pigeon delicate!三套鸭—这道菜是一个连环套,要把鸽子放在野鸭里面,然后把野鸭放进家鸭里面‘。当菜炖好之后,家鸭鲜嫩、野鸭松嫩、小鸽子则味道鲜美。Boiled dry th of Tofu-thanks to the exquisite skills of chefs,the tofu can be cut into very thin ths which have chances to absorb the savor of soup.When chicken pieces added to the soup,the dish is called“chicken dry th;;likewise,when shrimp added,it makes“shrimp dry th;.大煮干丝—由于厨师技艺的精湛,豆腐可以切成非常细的丝,因而有机会将汤的味道吸收进去。当把鸡块加到汤里时,菜肴便被称作“鸡汁干丝”;同理,如果将虾子加进去的话,它便成了“虾汁干丝”。Lion#39;s head braised with crab-powder there is a metaphor in the dish name. In actual fact the Lion#39;s head is a conglomeration of meat that is shaped like a sunflower and resembles a lion#39;s head. It can be braised in a clear soup,or be red-cooked in a dense soup. A seasoning of crab powder enhances the flavor.清炖蟹粉狮子头—这道菜的名字是形象的说法。实际上,这个狮子头是用肉聚在一起做成向日葵的外形,而且这和狮子头十分相似。它既可以放在清汤里炖也可以放在浓汤里红烧。如果加人蟹粉作调料的话则可以让味道更棒。Zhejiang Cuisine浙菜As Zhejiang cuisine consists of hundreds of small delicacies from its main tities,it takes in Hangzhou#39;s fineness and diversification,Ningbo#39;s softness and origfinality, and Shaoxing#39;s pastoral interests. Hangzhou,once the capital of the Southern Song Dynasty(1127一1279),it is customary to endow cuisine with dainty place-names. The chief techniques of cooking lie in the methods used such as frying,quicking,stir一ing,braising,and steaming thus rendering the dishes both salubrious and savory.由于浙菜包含了几大城市中数百道小吃,因此它有杭州菜的精致和多样、宁波菜的清鲜和原汁原味以及绍兴菜的田园魅力。杭州曾经是南宋(1127一1279)的首都,当地菜肴通常以秀美的地名命名。烹饪的主要技巧在于所使用的方法,例如炸、爆炒、炒、炖、煮,因此使菜肴既有助于健康又美味可口。West-lake braised fish in vinegar-a traditional delicacy in Hangzhou. It is said that there was once a boy who made his living by fishing. When he fell ill his sister-in-law fished for him and braised the fish she caught with a marinade of vinegar and sugar. He was said to have made an immediate recovery after eating it.The boy#39;s story aroused the attention of the emperor and the recipe has been used ever since.西湖醋鱼一这是杭州的一道传统美食。据说,曾经有一个男孩以为生外当他生病时,他的嫂嫂便为他,然后将捕来的鱼放到糖醋汁中炖。据说他吃了以后立刻病就痊愈了。这位男孩的故事引起了皇帝的注意,从此以后这道菜谱便沿用至今。Shelled shrimps cooked in Longjing tea-as the Longjing tea is taken as the best tea in Hangzhou,which is reputed for greenness,fragrance,pure taste and elegant looks,when the living shrimps are stir-fried in the longjing,the dish sends a refreshing aroma and is quite delicious.龙井虾仁—由于龙井茶是杭州最好的茶叶,并且因为其绿、香、纯以及美妙的外观而闻名。当把活虾剥壳后与龙井茶一起翻炒的时候,这道菜便散发出沁人的香味并且极为可口。Sichuan Cuisine川菜This combinesthe cuisines from Chengdu and Chongqing. From as early as the Qing Dynasty(1644-1911),books had systematically recorded a total of 38 cooking methods,such as scalding,baking,mixing,and stewing,etc. It features pungent seasonings which were famed as“Three Peppers;(Chinese prickly ash,pepper and hot pepper ),“three aroma;(shallot, ginger,and garlic),“Seven Tastes ;(sweet,sour, tingling,spicy,bitter,piquant, and salfir),and“Eight Flavors”(fish-flavored,sour with spice,pepper-tingling,odd flavor, tingling with spice,red spicy oily,ginger sauce,and home cooking ).川菜包括成都和重庆的菜肴。从清代起(1644一1911),就有书籍系统地记录了总共38种烹饪方法例如烫、烘、和、炖等。它的特点就在于使用了辛辣的作料,这些佐料是“三椒”(辣椒、胡椒、花椒),“三味”(葱、姜、蒜),“七味”(甜、酸、麻、香、苦、辣、咸),“八味”(鱼香、酸辣、椒麻、怪味、麻辣、红油、姜汁、家常)。Delicious dishes:美味菜肴:Stir-fried tofu with minced beef in spicy bean sauce-A real feast of tender bean curd,minced beef, pepper and bean sauce. It is said that it was made by a pock-marked but ingenious woman. Hence the name Ma Po Tofu(pock-marked woman#39;s bean curd).麻婆豆腐—这是用嫩豆腐、碎牛肉、辣椒以及豆酱做成的一道真正的美食。据说它是由一位麻脸但却极具创造天赋的妇女做成的,因此起名叫麻婆豆腐。;lamp-shadow beef;-the beef is cut in very thin sheet. When a piece is car-ried,it looks like translucent paper, slippery and reddish. When put under the lamp or light,a red shadow will appear.灯影牛肉—它将牛肉切成非常薄的片状。当拿起一片牛肉时,看上去就像一张半透明的纸一样,十分光滑并且略带红色。当把它拿到灯光下时,就会出现红色的阴影。;Lung pieces by the couple;-a quite popular in Chengdu. It got the name because the dish was ever sold be a couple and today it remains the original savor, tender meat,tingling and spicy.夫妻肺片—这道菜在成都相当受欢迎。它这个名称的由来是因为这道菜曾经由一对夫妻卖的,今天它依然保留了原先的味道,肉嫩、麻辣。;Gong bao ji ding;-This is a tender chicken dish,tender as the meat is quickly fried. Flavored with peanuts,this is tasty and very popular.宫爆鸡丁—这道菜使用了嫩鸡肉,因为它是快速煎炸而成的。加了花生之后它便十分可口了,而且深受青睐。Hunan Cuisine湘菜Hunan cuisine lays a stress on the use of oil,dense color, and techniques that produce crispness,softness and tenderness as well as the savory flavors and spices. Stewed fins,fried fresh cabbage with chestnuts,Dong Anzi chicken,immortal chicken with five elements,are of the highest reputation. Chairman Mao, together with other leaders praised the Hunan cuisine in 1958.湘菜强调油重、色浓,而且所采用的手艺使菜肴具有脆、软、嫩的特点并有可口的香味和辣味。红艰鱼翅、板栗烧菜心、东安仔鸡、五元神仙鸡都是最出名的菜肴。毛主席以及其他领导人在1958年都对湖南菜给予了赞誉。;Stewed fins;-it had been famous during the Qing Dynasty. Choice fins,chickens,pork are stewed in chicken soup and sauce,tasting really fresh and mellow.红偎鱼翅—它闻名于清朝。它选用鱼翅、鸡肉、猪肉放在鸡汤和酱油中偎制而成,品尝起来极为鲜美醇香。;Immortal chicken with five elements;-a dish made by putting five elements,litchi,longyan,red dates,lotus seeds,and medlar, into the body of a chicken,then to braise. The taste is rather peculiar and it is said to have the effect of strengthening the constitution.五元神仙鸡—指将五种要素,荔枝、龙眼、红枣、莲子以及拘祀放入一只鸡的体内,然后开始炖鸡。它的味道十分独特而且据说能够强身健体。Other Cuisines其他菜肴There are also other delicious cuisines such as Beijing cuisine,Dongbei cuisine,Uygur cuisine and Hubei cuisine. As the capital of China,Beijing always offers a vast variety of dishes from all over the country. Consequently,no matter where you visit, there will be fascinating food that you can enjoy.在其他地方也有美味,例如北京菜、东北菜、维吾尔菜以及湖北菜。北京作为中国的首都,总是能让人们品尝到全国各地的各种菜肴。因此,无论您前往哪个地方,都可以享受到美味的食物。Chinese Medicinal Cuisine中国的药膳Chinese medicinal cuisine is a long standing tradition.Early records show that it was in use as far back as the Han Dynasty(206 一220 ).Through continual improvement during the succeeding dynasties,it has developed into a practical science of nutrition. This is not a simple combination of food and traditional medicine, but it is a distinctive cuisine made from food and medicinal ingredients following the theory of Chinese medicine.中国的药膳拥有悠久的传统。早期的记录显示,早在汉朝(公元前206至公元220年)人们就开始用药膳。通过以后各朝各代的不断改良,药膳已经发展成一门实用的营养科学。这并不是简单地将食物和传统药物相混合,而是按照中医理论将食物和药物成分制作成与众不同的菜肴。This not only became the means of health-preservation among the people of China,but also sp abroad,especially popular in Southeast Asia.There is a wide choice of foods that are used in many different.ways to promote health.It is estimated that there are more than 600 different kinds of resources ranging from cereals fruits,vegetables , meats and marine products. Many of these will be unfamiliar to foreigners;however all are quite precious and effective in the field of medicinal food.Many different ingredients are used to add to the appeal as well as to strengthen effects of the cuisine. Wine,sugar, oil,sah, vinegar and honey,and other commonly used items such as almonds,mandarin orange,or peanuts,all are utilized in the cooking process.这不仅成为中国人保养的一种方式,而且还走出了国门;它在东南亚尤其受欢迎。为了增进健康,可以选择多种多样的食物并使用不同的烹制方法。据估计,有600多种不同种类的资源可供选用,它们包括谷物、水果、蔬菜、肉类以及海产品。这些资源中有许多对于外国人来说很陌生,但是所有这些在药膳领域都十分珍贵并卓有功效。药膳使用了许多不同的配料来增加其吸引力并加强菜肴的药效。酒、糖、油、盐、醋、蜜以及其他常用的材料,例如杏仁、芦柑或是花生,所有这些都在烹饪过程中得以使用。According to its respective functions,medicinal cuisine is classified under four categories:health-protection dishes,prevention dishes,healing dishes and thera-peutic dishes.根据其各自的功用,药膳分为四类:保健菜肴、防病菜肴、康复菜肴以及治疗菜肴。Health-protection dishes refer to reinforcement of required nutritional food correspondingly to maintain the organic health. A soup of pumpkin and almond can help lose weight;soup of angelica and carp can add beauty; and ginseng congee can give more strength.保健菜肴指为了保持机体健康相应加强所需营养的食物。一份南瓜杏仁汤有助于减肥,当归鲤鱼汤则可以美容,而人参粥则可以增强体力。Prevention dishes build resistance to potential ailments.“Mung bean soup; is considered helpful as a guard against heat stroke in summer. Lotus seeds,lily, yam,chestnuts,and pears can assist in the prevention of dryness in autumn and a strengthening of resistance to cold in winter.防病菜肴增强了对可能患上疾病的抵抗力。人们认为绿豆汤在夏天有助于预防中暑。莲子、百合、山药、核桃以及桃子在秋天可以有助于防止干燥,并在冬季增强对感冒的抵抗力。Healing dishes are the medicinal food for rehabilitation after severe illness.“Broiled sheep#39;s heart with rose; or“braised mutton with angelica; will help to rebuild a healthy constitution.康复菜肴指用于重病之后帮助康复的药膳。玫瑰烤羊心或当归炖羊肉则有助于恢复健康的体质。Therapeutic dishes aim at the specific pathology.“Fried potatoes with vinegar; can adjust the organ and restrain hypertension and carp soup with Tuckahoe may enrich the strength of blood plasma albumen to help reduce swelling.治疗菜肴的目的是为了治疗特定的疾病。醋馏土豆可以调解器官并抑制高血压,而获荃鲤鱼汤则可以增强血浆蛋白的能力并有助于消肿。 /201506/378789福清做人流哪里比较实惠

福建中心医院产前检查好吗A disturbing has emerged showing alamb born with human-like features in a Russian village.网上出现了一个视频,俄罗斯的一个村庄里产出了一个富有人类特征的小羊羔。The lamb#39;s head had the eyes, nose andmouth of a human and only the ears were those of a sheep.这个羊羔的头上长着人类的眼睛,鼻子和嘴巴,只有耳朵看起来像羊的耳朵。After it was born, the lamb made a numberof peculiar grunting noises as it was nuzzled by its more usual looking mother.在它出生后,在羊妈妈的爱抚下,这只小羊羔发出了一系列怪异的咕咕声。It was born in the village of Chirka, close to the Russian republic of Dagestan.这只羊羔出生在Chirka村,靠近俄罗斯的达吉斯坦共和国。Sheep farmer Blasius Lavrentiev, 45, hadbeen expectantly waiting all week for his prized ewe to give birth.45岁的羊农Blasius Lavrentiev等待了一整周迎接这只小羊的诞生。But he had a nasty shock when saw thehuman-like creature as he was hoping to sell the lambs.但是当他看到这只人脸生物时,他震惊了一下,因为他本打算要将这只小羊羔卖出去。He said: #39;We had quite a tough winter but when I noticed she was pregnant I wasdelighted as it meant I w ould be able to sell the lambs and start making somemoney again.他说:“这个冬天我们过得很艰难,当我发现母羊怀时非常开心,因为这意味着我可以把小羊羔卖出去赚点钱了。”#39;But when I went down to see how it wasgoing I nearly died.#39;“但是等我下去查看情况时,我几乎死过去。” /201503/367436 For years pregnant women have been warned about eating tuna because of concerns about mercury exposure. But a federal panel has reignited the debate about the benefits and risks of eating tuna and other seafood during pregnancy.多年来,因为汞污染问题,妇一直被警告不宜食用金鱼。然而,联邦政府的一个顾问小组最近却就妊娠期食用金鱼等海产品的风险和收益,重新挑起了争论。Experts agree that seafood is a rich source of important nutrients, and that most of us don’t eat enough of it. Fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins, iodine, selenium and vitamin D. And numerous studies show that the nutrients in fish are particularly important for brain development in fetuses and nursing infants.专家们一致认为海产品是重要营养物质的丰富来源,且我们大多数人的海产品摄入量都不足。鱼肉中富含ω-3脂肪酸、B族维生素、碘、硒和维生素D。众多研究表明,鱼肉中的营养物质对于胎儿和哺乳期婴儿的大脑发育尤为重要。As part of a sweeping review of nutrition recommendations, the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee recently reiterated the current seafood guidelines: Americans should eat a wide variety of seafood. The report also acknowledges the risk of mercury exposure from certain kinds of seafoods, and notes that women who are pregnant, nursing or may become pregnant should avoid certain kinds — tilefish, shark, swordfish and king mackerel — because of their high mercury content.此次对营养建议的全面复审由美国膳食指南咨询委员会(Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee)负责。作为这项工作的一部分,该小组最近重申了当前的指南:美国人应食用多种多样的海产品。其报告承认某些种类的海产品存在汞暴露风险,并指出妇、哺乳期或备女性应避免食用某些汞含量偏高的鱼类:方头鱼、鲨鱼、箭鱼和王鲭。The panel withheld a recommendation about tuna, second only to shrimp in popularity in the ed States. Current guidelines from the Food and Drug Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency warn pregnant and nursing women to limit tuna consumption to six ounces per week.但是,该小组并不赞同关于金鱼,也就是美国仅次于虾的第二受欢迎的海产品的建议。美国食品和药品监督(Food and Drug Administration)和美国国家环境保护局(Environmental Protection Agency)的现行指南警告:妇和哺乳期妇女应将金鱼的摄入量限制在每周6盎司(约合170克)。The advisory committee has recommended that these agencies “re-evaluate” their stance on tuna for pregnant women. In the report, the panel argues that albacore tuna is a “special case.” They noted that even when women ate double the recommended weekly amount of tuna, the benefits far outweighed the risks. “All evidence was in favor of net benefits for infant development and (cardiovascular disease) risk reduction,” the panel wrote.咨询委员会建议上述机构“重新评估”他们在妇食用金鱼问题上的立场,并在报告中指出:长鳍金鱼应作为一个“特例”。即使妇女食用每周建议量两倍的金鱼,其净收益也远远大于风险。“所有的据都持它有益于婴儿发育,并可降低(心血管疾病)的风险。”The suggestion that pregnant women can eat more white albacore tuna — the type of tuna typically used in canned tuna — has upset advocacy groups that have called for increased warnings about mercury on tuna packaging.顾问小组表示妇适当多吃些白长鳍金鱼(常用于制作金鱼罐头)也无妨,这令大声疾呼应对包装金鱼食品的汞污染提高警惕的宣传组织十分不满。“Tuna is responsible for nearly seven times more mercury exposure than the four high-mercury fish that the Federal Food and Drug Administration advises pregnant women not to eat,” said Michael Bender, director of the mercury policy project, in a statement. “So why would the proposed 2015 dietary guidelines recommend that pregnant women eat more of it?”“金鱼中的汞污染是美国食品和药品监督建议妇不要食用的四种高汞鱼类的近七倍,”汞政策项目”(mercury policy project)的负责人迈克尔·本德尔(Michael Bender)在一份声明中称。“那么,又为何提出在2015年的膳食指南中建议妇多吃金鱼?”But Dr. Steve Abrams, a panel member involved in the seafood recommendations and medical director of the Neonatal Nutrition Program at Baylor College of Medicine, said that while women need to be aware of the types of fish they are eating, the evidence is strong that fish consumption by mothers is good for the brains of their babies.但是,参与制定海产品膳食建议的顾问小组成员、美国贝勒医学院(Baylor College of Medicine)新生儿营养项目(Neonatal Nutrition Program)主任史蒂夫·艾布拉姆斯(Steve Abrams)士表示,虽然妇女需要对自己食用的几种鱼类多加注意,但强有力的据显示母亲食用鱼肉对婴儿的大脑有好处。“The goal of the dietary guidelines is to give people a healthy way to eat and not to include or exclude certain foods,” said Dr. Abrams. “The benefit of having (omega-3 fatty acids) in your diet really exceeds the likely risk of contamination. The point is that you should have a variety of types of seafood and not limit yourself to one type, and variety includes canned tuna.”“膳食指南的目的在于指导人们以健康的方式饮食,而不是将某些食物纳入或排除出食谱,”艾布拉姆斯士说。“膳食中加入含(ω-3脂肪酸)的食物带来的收益大大超过了可能的污染风险。问题的关键是,你应该食用包括金鱼罐头在内的多种的海产品,而不是局限于某一特定种类。”Alice Lichtenstein, senior scientist and director of the Cardiovascular Nutrition Laboratory at Tufts University said the panel hasn’t suggested that pregnant women eat more tuna. “The issue of fish contamination is a moving target and you need very current data,” said Dr. Lichtenstein. “It may be that the issue is re-evaluated and there is no change.”塔夫茨大学(Tufts University)心血管营养实验室(Cardiovascular Nutrition Laboratory)主任、资深科学家艾丽斯·利希滕斯坦(Alice Lichtenstein)表示,该小组并未建议妇多吃金鱼。“鱼肉污染的情况无时无刻不在发生变化,需要研究即时的数据,”利希滕斯坦士说。“很可能,在重新评估过该问题后,发现无需做出改变。”Mercury levels in our oceans are on the rise due to an increase in industrial mercury emissions. Plants, plankton and tiny fish that have absorbed small amounts of mercury are eaten by larger fish. Over time, large fish sharks and swordfish accumulate high levels of mercury. As a result, health officials recommend fish like sardines, salmon, tilapia and trout that are lower on the food chain and have accumulated less mercury in their tissue.工业汞排放的增加造成海洋中的汞含量持续上升。植物、浮游生物和小鱼体内都吸收了少量的汞,而它们又是大鱼的口中餐。随着时间的推移,鲨鱼和箭鱼等大型鱼类体内就积累了高浓度的汞。因此,卫生官员建议人们食用位于食物链较低位置,组织中积累汞含量较少的鱼类,如沙丁鱼、鲑鱼、罗非鱼和鳟鱼等。The benefits of fish consumption on a developing fetus are clear. In a Harvard study of 135 mothers and infants, researchers tracked fish consumption during pregnancy and tested the mother’s hair to measure her mercury exposure. They found that for each weekly serving of fish the mother ate while pregnant, her baby’s score on visual recognition memory tests increased an average of four points. At the same time, a baby’s score dropped by 7.5 points for every one part per million increase in mercury found in the mother’s hair sample. The babies who scored highest on the memory tests were those whose mothers had consumed two or more servings of fish each week during their pregnancy, but were tested to have very low mercury levels.食用鱼肉对发育中的胎儿的益处显而易见。在哈佛大学(Harvard)的一项研究中,科学家们以135对母婴为研究对象,跟踪了母亲在妊娠期食用鱼肉的情况,并检测了母亲的头发以测定其汞暴露程度。他们发现,妇每食用一周份的鱼肉,日后其孩子在视觉识别记忆测试中的得分平均将增加四分。同时,母亲头发样本中的汞含量每增加一百万分之一(p.p.m.),她孩子的上述得分就会降低7.5分。当母亲在妊娠期间每周至少食用两份鱼肉,头发检测出的汞浓度又非常低时,孩子在记忆测试中得分最高。Health officials have long worried about balancing warnings about mercury against the obvious benefits of consuming more fish. Currently fewer than one in five Americans eats the recommended two servings a week of fish. About one-third eat one serving of seafood weekly and nearly half of us eats very little seafood or none at all.长久以来,卫生官员在究竟是强调多吃鱼好处多多还是警惕汞摄入量之间,举棋不定。目前,只有不到五分之一的美国人遵照建议每周食用两份鱼肉。约三分之一的人每周食用一份海产品,近一半人仅食用很少或根本不食用海产品。This fall Consumer Reports issued a lengthy paper on fish and mercury exposure, noting the special concerns about canned tuna due to its popularity. Six ounces of canned tuna contains 60 micrograms of mercury compared to just 4 micrograms of mercury in a six-ounce serving of salmon, according to Consumer Reports. (A six-ounce serving of swordfish contains 170 micrograms, the magazine said. )去年秋天的时候,《消费者报告》(Consumer Reports)发表了关于鱼类和汞暴露的长篇文章,并对广受欢迎的金鱼罐头表示了特别关注。《消费者报告》称,6盎司金鱼罐头中含有60微克的汞,相比之下,一份6盎司的鲑鱼中汞含量只有4微克。(该杂志还称,一份6盎司的箭鱼中含有170微克的汞。)For people who want to safely eat more seafood, the magazine recommended shrimp, scallops, sardines, salmon, oysters, squid and tilapia as the lowest-mercury seafood. Also low are haddock, pollock, flounder and sole, Atlantic croaker, crawfish, catfish, trout, Atlantic mackerel, crab and mullet. In addition to the usual warnings about high mercury fish, Consumer Reports added marlin and orange roughy to the list. They suggested limiting consumption of grouper, Chilean sea bass, bluefish, halibut, black cod, Spanish mackerel and fresh tuna.杂志建议,如果想要放心地食用较大量的海产品,可选择虾、扇贝、沙丁鱼、鲑鱼、牡蛎、鱿鱼和罗非鱼等汞含量最低的海产品。其他汞含量较低的品种有:黑线鳕、青鳕、比目鱼和鳎、细须石首鱼、小龙虾、鲶鱼、鳟鱼、大西洋鲭鱼、蟹和鲻鱼。高汞鱼类的警告列表中,除了常见的那几种之外,《消费者报告》又补充了马林鱼和大西洋胸棘鲷。建议有限制地食用的鱼类有:石斑鱼、智利海鲈鱼、扁鲹、星鲽、银鳕、马鲛鱼和新鲜金鱼。 /201504/368763福清哪家医院做孕前检查福清哪里妇科医院比较好



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