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A court in Beijing ordered that the man,aged 55 and only known by his surname Chen, had to be removed from the hospital after living there for more than three years.北京一家法院判决这名55岁的陈姓男子离开医院,他在医院里已经呆了三年多了。But when police turned up to at the hospital yesterday afternoon, they discovered that he had chained himself tothe bed railings.但是当警方昨天下午出现在医院里时,他们发现他用铁链把自己锁在了病床上。Officers were then forced to cut the locks and remove a visibly distressed Mr Chen,who was still dressed in his hospital-issue pyjamas, and struggling with police.警方剪掉了锁,并将看起来相当痛苦的陈先生带出了医院,他当时依然穿着医院的睡衣,并和警方挣扎。Mr Chen was first admitted to the Beijing Jingmei Group Hospital in August 2011 to receive treatment for injuriessustained in a road traffic accident.陈先生2011年8月份入住北京集美集团医院,以治疗交通事故中的伤势。After being treated, he went home after a month but two months later returned complaining of pains in his left leg.在接受治疗后,一个月后他回到了家里,但是两个月后又回到医院,抱怨说左腿疼。Again doctors treated him after he wasdiagnosed with deep vein thrombosis and three months later said he was y to go home.医生再次治疗了他,他得的是深静脉血栓形成,住院三个月后,医生说他可以准备回家了。But Mr Chen refused, saying he was in so much pain that he was unable to straighten out his legs. He said it was the hospital#39;s responsibility to take care of him and refused to leave, even missing his son#39;s wedding.但是陈先生拒绝了,称他太痛苦了,根本无法伸直自己的脚。他说医院有责任照顾他,并且拒绝离开,甚至错过了自己儿子的婚礼。The hospital stopped providing him with treatment in July 2012, after he was unable to pay any of his medical bills.在他无力承担任何医疗费用后,医院从2012年7月份开始停止给他治疗。They were then granted a court ordered earlier in the week to have Mr Chen forcibly removed from his hospital bed.本周早些时候,法院判决将陈先生从医院移出。It came after tests were carried out that showed he was healthy, even though he disputed this.此前已经对他进行检查,结果表明他身体健康,尽管他有异议。It is thought that he was taken back to his home in the Mentougou district of Beijing.据称他被带回到北京门头沟家中。 /201502/359822It took some time to figure out just the right shopping complex, off just the right highway interchange and just the right distance from Seoul, that could accommodate a 624,000-square-foot store—that is to say, one more than three times the size of the average Wal-Mart Supercenter. It took more time to solve certain mysteries, like how big to make the store’s children’s section in a country where kids are often given ample space in the family living quarters. It took more time to figure out how to showcase kitchens that incorporate kimchi refrigerators, a uniquely Korean appliance—and even more time to untangle nuances of the market, like the South Korean’s preference for metal chopsticks.要规划出一个恰到好处的购物中心,正好位于某个合适的高速公路出口旁,与首尔的车程还不远不近,面积高达62万4千英尺(比一个标准沃尔玛超市的面积大三倍多),是需要花点时间的。而要解决某些特定难题,比如,在韩国这样一个孩子在家中享有充足活动空间的国家,购物中心的儿童区该做多大才合理,需要花更多功夫。至于如何布置一个能容纳韩式泡菜冰箱这种韩国特有家电的厨房,就要花上更多时间——而要弄清这个市场的微妙之处,比如韩国人对金属筷子的偏爱,则又要搭上更多时间。In all, it took about six years for Ikea to unveil its inaugural store in South Korea, in Gwangmyeong, starting from the first scouting trip. Ikea celebrated the opening in December with a tree planting rather than ribbon cutting. (Chalk that up to Ikea tradition rather than to South Korean custom.)总而言之,从宜家公司首次考察韩国市场,到在光明市开设第一家韩国分店,花了约整整六年时间。去年12月,宜家用植树而非剪来庆祝这家店开业(沿用了宜家传统,而不是韩国习俗)。The lag was quintessentially Ikean. “They are ferocious about not expanding too rapidly,” says David Marcotte of consulting firm Kantar Retail. But six years? “The more global, the more complex it gets,” replies Mikael Palmquist, the regional manager of retail for Asia Pacific. “We need to get these things right or we will never be taken seriously.”这种缓慢是典型的宜家风格。零售咨询公司Kantar Retail的戴维o马科特说:“扩张太快会让他们抓狂的。”但至于要花六年吗?宜家亚太区区域零售经理米卡埃尔o帕姆奎斯特表示:“公司越是全球化,业务扩张就越复杂。我们必须行事谨慎,否则客户就永远不会重视我们。”Even with all that careful planning, Ikea managed to get a few things wrong. It misjudged the number of parking spaces needed, and a seemingly benign map for sale upset some customers: The body of water east of Korea was labeled the Sea of Japan rather than the East Sea, as South Koreans prefer.即便规划如此周详,宜家还是办错了好几桩事。它错估了实际所需的停车位数量,还有一张看似友好的地图却让不少客户很不舒:朝鲜东部的海被标注为日本海,而不是韩国人所习称的东海。But the Koreans seem, for the most part, to have forgiven the Swedes. Today the Gwangmyeong store, which is the company’s largest in the world by shopping area, is on track to become one of Ikea’s top-performing outlets for 2015.但韩国人看起来大体上已经原谅了这家瑞典巨头。光明市分店是宜家在全球购物区域面积最大的一家店,现在人气很旺,有望成为宜家2015年业绩最佳的分店。The success is hardly a fluke. Ikea, it seems, is a genius at selling Ikea—flat packing, transporting, and reassembling its quirky Swedish styling all across the planet. The furniture and furnishings brand is in more countries than Wal-Mart, Carrefour, and Toys “R” Us. China, where Ikea has eight of its 10 biggest stores, is the company’s fastest-growing market. An outlet in Morocco is coming soon, and there are hints that Brazil may not be far off. Meanwhile, Ikea is going meatballs out in India, where it plans to invest about billion over a decade to open 10 stores.这份成功来得绝非侥幸。宜家似乎是一个营销天才——扁平式包装,方便拼装,那些带有瑞典风情的家具正在销往全世界。和沃尔玛、福及玩具反斗城相比,这个瑞典家具品牌已打入了更多国家的市场。宜家十大分店中有8家在中国,中国也是该公司增长最快的市场。洛哥分店即将开张,还有传闻说巴西分店也开张在即。同时,宜家打算将其瑞典肉丸卖到印度更多地方,在未来十年投资20亿美元,在印度开设十家分店。Getting it right in emerging markets like China and India, where Ikea is well-positioned to capitalize on a growing middle class, is a key factor in its goal of hitting EUR50 billion in sales by 2020. That’s up from EUR28.7 billion in its fiscal 2014 ( billion based on the average exchange rate for Ikea’s fiscal year) and almost double its 2005 sales level. Today the Ikea Group has 318 stores, not including the brand’s some four dozen franchised locations; it’s aiming for around 500 by 2020.抓稳新兴市场,是宜家实现2020年销售突破500亿欧元目标的关键因素。在中国和印度,宜家已做好市场定位,瞅准当地迅速崛起的中产阶级。这是个雄心勃勃的目标:2014财年,宜家的销售额为287亿欧元,几乎比2005年的销售额翻了一番。目前宜家集团拥有318家分店,这还不包括48家特许加盟店;到2020年,宜家的另一个目标是:开店数量达到500家。 /201503/365296

By mid-century, the sun could be the largest source of energy and help reign in global warming by preventing the release of billions of tons of carbon dioxide emissions, according to a new report from the International Energy Agency.国际能源署(International Energy Agency)在最近发布的一份报告中表示,到本世纪中叶,太阳能有可能成为全球使用规模最大的能源,这将会减少数十亿吨二氧化碳的排放,从而有助于抑制全球变暖趋势。The bullish report is the latest dose of good news for the solar industry that has seen phenomenal growth. Global demand is expected to double every two years through 2022 as prices fall and the technology continues to improve. The ed States is one of the markets poised for strong growth.对于近年增长势头迅猛的太阳能行业而言,这份乐观的报告无疑是一针强心剂。从现在起直到2022年,随着太阳能的价格逐步下降而技术持续完善,预期全球需求将会每两年翻上一番。美国市场更是有望出现强劲增长的市场之一。Though it is the fastest growing source of renewable electricity, solar power still only represents a fraction of energy mix dominated by fossil fuels. Globally, it provides 0.5 percent of electricity generation and, in the ed States, it currently provides 0.2 percent of energy generation.虽然太阳能是增长最快的可再生电力来源,但在以矿物燃料为主的能源组合中,太阳能目前仍然只占很小的比例。从全球来看,太阳能发电仅占各类能源总发电量的0.5%,而在美国,这一比例仅为0.2%。“The rapid cost decrease of photovoltaic modules and systems in the last few years has opened new perspectives for using solar energy as a major source of electricity in the coming years and decades,” IEA Executive Director Maria van der Hoeven said. “However, both technologies are very capital intensive: almost all expenditures are made upfront. Lowering the cost of capital is thus of primary importance for achieving the vision in these roadmaps.”“过去几年里,光伏组件和光伏系统的成本迅速下降,为太阳能在未来数年和数十年内发展成为主要的电力来源开辟了新的前景,”国际能源署总干事玛丽亚o范德胡芬表示,“但是,这两种技术都属于资本密集型行业——几乎所有的开都需要在前期就早早投入。因此降低资本成本便成了实现这些发展路径图的首要任务。”The price of solar photovoltaic, or PV, systems is expected to drop by 65 percent by 2050, van der Hoeven said. Another key to the growth of solar will be government offering up clear policies to support the sector. The solar sector in the ed States, for example, has benefited from the solar investment tax credit, which provides a 30 percent tax credit for solar systems on residential and commercial properties. The industry is pushing for it to be extended beyond 2016.据范德胡芬介绍,到2050年,预计太阳能光伏(PV)系统的价格将下降65%。而推动太阳能增长的另外一个关键所在,则要靠政府制定出明确的产业扶持政策。例如美国的太阳能产业就可以获得太阳能投资税收减免优惠——政府对民用住宅和商用建筑中采用的太阳能发电系统提供高达30%的税收减免。该行业目前正在积极游说政府将这一优惠延长到2016年以后。“By contrast,” van der Hoeven said, “where there is a record of policy incoherence, confusing signals or stop-and-go policy cycles, investors end up paying more for their investment, consumers pays more for their energy, and some projects that are needed simply will not go ahead.”“与之相反,”范德胡芬继续介绍,“有些地方的政策不连贯、不明朗或者时断时续,导致投资者需要为投资付出更高的成本,消费者需要为购买能源付出更高的费用,甚至有一些存在需求的项目最后却难以为继。”With 137 gigawatts of installed capacity at the end of 2013, PV has dominated the market — adding more capacity since 2010 than the previous four decades — and will continue to do so through 2030, according to the IEA. But once solar reaches from 5 percent to 15 percent of electricity generation, the picture changes.根据国际能源署的报告,太阳能光伏在2013年年底的装机容量达到137千兆瓦,在能源市场上占据了主导地位——自2010年至今的新增容量甚至超过了之前40年的新增容量——并会将这种增长势头一直延续到2030年。不过,一旦太阳能光伏占到了各类能源总发电量的5%到15%,局面就会发生变化。At that point, PV begins to lose value in wholesale markets while solar thermal electricity, which uses the solar to produce steam power, “takes off at this stage thanks to (concentrating solar power) plants’ built-in thermal storage, which allows for generation of electricity when demand peaks in late afternoon and in the evening, thus complementing PV generation.”到那时,太阳能光伏发电将会开始在批发市场丧失价值,而利用太阳能产生蒸汽动力的太阳能热能发电技术,则会“在这一阶段开始蓬勃发展,这要归功于(聚光太阳能)电厂内部的蓄热器可在属于用电高峰时段的傍晚和夜间进行热能发电,对太阳能光伏发电形成补充。”Across the globe, China is expected to continue to lead the way on PV, followed by the ed States. Solar thermal, meanwhile, has greatest potential in sunny areas meaning it probably be a “major opportunity” for Africa, India, the Middle East and the ed States.展望全球,预计中国将继续在太阳能光伏领域引领风骚,美国则紧随其后。与此同时,太阳能热能发电则在日照充足的地区拥有无限的潜力,这意味着非洲、印度、中东和美国将迎来“重大发展机遇”。 /201410/334026Smokers in the developed world are out in the cold. Regulators have moved smoking from bars into streets; advertising has moved from screens to, at best, still pictures. Two years ago, Australia introduced “plain” packaging – adorned with such gruesome warnings that the adjective hardly fits.发达世界的烟民受到了冷落。监管机构已迫使吸烟者从酒吧转战街头,烟草广告也从屏幕上转移到至多是静止的图片上。两年前,澳大利亚还推出了香烟的“平装”包装,但包装上印制的可怕警示可一点儿也不“平淡”。Yet the stocks have done well. Since late 2008, the top five names in the sector have returned between 144 per cent (Imperial) and 347 per cent (Altria). Most tobacco companies have beaten the 130 per cent return of the MSCI World index. Such resilience may be ending.然而,烟草公司的股票表现不错。自2008年末以来,5大烟草公司的股价回升幅度在144%(帝国烟草(Imperial))至347%(奥驰亚(Altria))之间。大多数烟草公司的股价超过了根士丹利资本国际全球指数(MSCI World Index) 130%的涨幅。这样的强韧表现可能要结束了。This week China, home to 300m smokers and accounting for a third of the world’s tobacco use, according to Euromonitor, announced a ban in Beijing’s indoor public spaces, to commence in June.本周,北京市政府宣布,从明年6月起,北京室内公共场所将全面禁止吸烟。欧睿信息咨询公司(Euromonitor)的数据显示,中国有3亿烟民,贡献了全球三分之一的烟草消费量。The Chinese market is dominated by state-owned enterprises and counterfeit goods, so the direct impact on multinationals will be small. But the message is clear. Growth will become harder to find, even in the emerging world.中国市场由国有企业和假冒伪劣产品主导,因此控烟令对跨国公司的直接影响将会很小。但它传递的信息是明确的。烟草行业将更难找到增长机会,即便在新兴世界。Last year, tougher regulations hit developed-market volumes and even pricing – often hidden behind tax rises – is softening a bit.去年,更为严厉的监管打击了发达市场的销售量,甚至定价(通常隐藏在加税背后)也有所松动。So far this year, both Japan Tobacco and Philip Morris International have seen sales declines accelerate in previously reliable markets such as eastern Europe.今年迄今以来,日本烟草(Japan Tobacco)和菲利普莫里斯国际公司(Philip Morris International)在东欧等之前可靠市场的销售全都加速下滑。Forecasts are faltering: expected earnings per share have fallen about one-tenth as the year has progressed. Typical is Philip Morris, with 70 per cent of sales in emerging markets. Since its 2008 spin-off from US-focused parent Altria, the company has achieved annual earnings per share growth of one-tenth. This year, growth will fall 6 per cent.预期也很惨淡:随着时间的推移,预期每股收益下降了十分之一左右。70%的销售来自新兴市场的菲利普莫里斯国际公司尤为典型。自2008年从其专注于美国市场的母公司奥驰亚拆分出来之后,该公司的每股收益每年增长10%。今年其每股收益将同比下降6%。Japan Tobacco and British American have a similar tale of woe. And yet the stocks are not cheap, on mid-teens multiples of 2015 EPS.日本烟草和英美烟草公司(British American)同病相怜。然而,它们的股价并不便宜,2015年的预期市盈率达到15倍左右。These companies generate lots of cash. Their dividends look safe. But weaker profits could cut into share buybacks. These have long been a key reason to invest in Philip Morris shares.这些公司产生了大量的现金。它们的股息发放看起来没有问题。但利润下降可能影响到股票回购。股票回购长期以来一直是投资者买入菲利普莫里斯股票的关键原因。British American had been ramping up buybacks, until its recent investment in Reynolds American. Quitting will be hard.英美烟草公司在最近投资于雷诺烟草(Reynolds American)之前一直在加大股票回购力度。退出将很艰难。 /201412/346753

China’s economy expanded at its slowest pace in six years in the first quarter, held back by a slowdown in construction and manufacturing as the government seeks to re-engineer the country’s growth model.中国经济在第一季度以6年来最慢的速度扩张,主要受建筑业和制造业放缓的拖累。政府正试图转变中国经济增长模式。Chinese growth underpinned the global economy in the wake of the financial crisis, but it has been slowing year by year since 2011, affecting everything from the price of iron ore to global sales of luxury goods.中国的增长曾在金融危机后撑了全球经济,但自2011年以来逐年放缓,影响了从国际铁矿石价格到全球奢侈品销售的很多领域。For emerging markets that rely on Chinese demand for their commodities, the slowdown is adding to the strain as they brace themselves for the effect of a US interest rate rise that is expected later this year.对那些依赖中国大宗商品需求的新兴市场来说,中国经济增长放缓给它们增加了压力,因为它们正准备应对美国利率上升(预计在今年晚些时候)的影响。China’s gross domestic product grew 7 per cent in the first three months of 2015 compared with the same period a year earlier, the country’s National Bureau of Statistics said on Wednesday — the weakest quarterly expansion since the depths of the global financial crisis in early 2009. China’s economy grew 7.3 per cent in the fourth quarter of 2014.中国国家统计局(NBS)周三表示,中国的国内生产总值(GDP)在2015年前三个月同比增长7%。这是自2009年初全球金融危机最严重时期以来最疲弱的季度扩张。中国经济在2014年第四季度同比增长7.3%。The Chinese government had previously announced a growth target of “around 7 per cent” for 2015. “We have the ability to keep economic operation within the proper range,” Premier Li Keqiang told the Financial Times in an interview on March 31.中国政府此前已宣布2015年增长目标为“7%左右”。中国总理李克强在3月31日接受英国《金融时报》专访时表示,“我们有能力保持经济运行在合理区间。”“This is not going to be easy but we will do our best and we can do it,” Mr Li added in his first interview with a western media organisation since assuming office two years ago.他补充说,“这不是一件容易的事情,但是我们会努力做,而且相信能做到。”自两年前上任以来,这是李克强首次接受西方媒体采访。An economic slowdown in China is widely seen as inevitable but also necessary as the country tries to move from its traditional dependence on smokestack industries towards domestic consumption and services. “We expected the fall in economic growth,” Sheng Laiyun, NBS spokesman, said on Wednesday. “As the economy enters the ‘new normal’, the drop in growth rate is good for structural adjustment and transformation.”随着中国试图摆脱对“烟囱产业”的传统依赖,转向国内消费和务业,中国经济放缓被广泛认为是不可避免的,也是必要的。中国国家统计局发言人、综合统计司司长盛来运周三表示:“这种回落也很正常,因为中国经济进入新常态以后,增速换挡、增速回落一定程度上讲有利于调结构和转方式。”However, policy makers want to avoid an abrupt slowdown that could cause unemployment to spike and trigger a wave of defaults that could threaten financial stability.不过,中国政策制定者希望避免经济突然放缓,因为这可能导致失业率激增,并引发一波债务违约潮,危及金融稳定。 /201504/370538

China’s labour force is shrinking and the “migrant miracle” that powered its industrial rise is mostly exhausted, removing the key drivers of the country’s meteoric growth, according to leading economists.一些著名经济学家表示,中国的劳动力队伍正在萎缩,驱动工业腾飞的“移民奇迹”几近枯竭,这使中国失去了推动经济飞速发展的关键驱动力。The transformation will lead to slower growth, reduced investment and a loss of competitiveness, increasing the urgency of reforms to fuel new sources of expansion, they warn.他们警告称,这一转变将导致增长放缓、投资减少和竞争力的损失,使实施改革以发掘新的增长源变得更为紧迫。Today the Financial Times begins a series on the end of the miracle — the three decades of rapid growth fuelled by unprecedented migration of labour from the unproductive farm sector to work in factories and construction.30年来,推动中国飞速发展的,是从生产力低下的农业部门转移到工厂和建设工地、规模前所未有的劳动力迁徙。FT中文网近期将发表一系列关于中国劳动力迁徙潮及其起伏兴衰之趋势的报道。Consensus has emerged that China has reached the point at which the once-inexhaustible pool of surplus rural labour dries up and wages rise rapidly.经济学家们形成的共识是,中国已经到达一个拐点,曾经取之不尽的农村富余劳动力正慢慢干涸,工资水平迅速上升。“Now we are at the so-called Lewis inflection point,” said Ha Jiming, chief investment strategist for private wealth management at Goldman Sachs in Hong Kong. “The working-age share of China’s population peaks this year at 72 per cent, then it will start to fall even more rapidly than what we saw in Japan in the 1990s.”“我们现在正处于所谓的刘易斯拐点,”高盛(Goldman Sachs)香港私人财富管理首席投资策略师哈继铭说,“今年中国工龄人口在总人口中的比例达到了72%的峰值,此后这一比例将加快下降,降速比上世纪90年代的日本还要快。”Cai Fang, director of the Institute of Population and Labour Economics, estimates China’s potential gross domestic product growth will fall to 6.1 per cent from 2016-20.人口与劳动经济研究所所长蔡昉估计,中国的潜在国内生产总值(GDP)增长率将在2016到2020年间跌至6.1%。Since Deng Xiaoping launched market reforms in 1978, 278m migrant workers from rural villages have moved to the cities. But the process is now mostly complete. Mr Cai said: “From 2005 to 2010, the growth rate of migrant workers was 4 per cent. Last year it was only 1.3 per cent. Maybe this year it will contract.”自1978年邓小平推出市场改革后,已有2.78亿农民工从农村迁移到城市。但这一进程现在已经几近完成。蔡昉说:“从2005年到2010年,农民工人数的增长率是4%。去年这一增长率仅为1.3%。今年这个数字可能出现缩减。” /201505/373425FRANKFURT — The German automaker BMW said Wednesday that it would significantly expand its operations in the fast-growing Chinese market, doubling the number of models it produces there and extending its alliance with a local partner, Brilliance China Automotive Holdings.法兰克福——德国汽车制造商宝马(BMW)周三表示,将在迅速发展的中国市场大幅度扩大经营规模,把在中国本地生产的车型增加一倍,扩展和中国本地合伙人华晨汽车集团控股有限公司的业务联盟。The expansion plans were further confirmation of China’s growing importance for the major automakers, a group that also includes Volkswagen, Toyota and General Motors.此次扩展计划进一步确了中国对主要汽车制造商日渐增长的重要性,这些制造商还包括大众(Volkswagen)、丰田(Toyota)和通用(General Motors)。BMW said it would increase the number of models it produces in China to six from three, including a new, lower-price model positioned below the company’s flagship 3 Series and designed specifically for China. And during the next two years, BMW will increase capacity at two Chinese factories, both in the northeastern city of Shenyang, to 400,000 vehicles per year, from 300,000.宝马表示,将把其在中国生产的车型增至六款,其中包括一款特地为中国市场设计的低价新车型,其定位比该公司的旗舰车型宝马3系要低。接下来的两年里,宝马会把中国国内两座车厂的产能从目前的年产30万辆,提升至40万辆,这两座工厂均位于东北部城市沈阳。While lucrative, China is also a highly competitive market, with dozens of domestic brands, pushing automakers like BMW to more closely tailor their products to local demands rather than simply copying cars designed for Europe and the ed States.中国市场利润丰厚,不过那里的竞争也极为激烈,参与竞争的还有数十家本土品牌,这就促使宝马等汽车制造商更紧密地结合本地需求设计产品,而不是简单地把他们为欧美市场设计的车型照搬到中国。“We are strengthening our focus on meeting the needs and aspirations of our Chinese customers,” Friedrich Eichiner, the chief financial officer of BMW, said at a news conference in Beijing, according remarks provided by BMW.“我们正在加强对中国客户的关注,重点是满足他们的需求和愿望,”根据宝马提供的,宝马首席财务官弗里德里希·埃希纳(Friedrich Eichiner)在北京的一次新闻发布会上这样说。China’s growing layer of well-off consumers has been a boon to German high-end carmakers like BMW as well as the Audi unit of Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz from Daimler. China has become such an important market for the Germans that any economic hiccup there is quickly felt back home.对于像宝马、大众旗下子品牌奥迪(Audi)和戴姆勒(Daimler)旗下子品牌梅赛德斯-奔驰(Mercedes-Benz)这样的高端汽车制造商来说,不断扩大的中国富裕消费群体一直是一大福音。BMW, based in Munich, sold 225,000 cars under the BMW, Rolls-Royce and Mini brands in China during the first six months of 2014, including vehicles manufactured outside China. That was a 23 percent increase compared with the same period a year earlier. China has surpassed the ed States as BMW’s largest market.2014年上半年,总部位于慕尼黑的宝马集团旗下子品牌宝马、劳斯莱斯(Rolls-Royce)和宝马迷你(Mini)的在华总销量达到了22.5万辆,其中包括了在中国境外生产的进口车。与去年同期相比增长了23%。中国已超越美国,成为宝马在全球规模最大的市场。BMW produces cars in China under a joint venture with Brilliance Auto. The partnership agreement, which would have expired in 2018, will be extended until at least 2028, Mr. Eichiner said. The dealer network for BMW and Mini cars will also be expanded to try to reach customers in smaller cities, he said, without giving figures. The company currently has 430 BMW and 97 Mini dealerships in China.在中国,宝马是通过与华晨汽车集团成立的一家合资企业生产汽车的。埃希纳表示,双方的合作协议将于2018年到期,但协议至少会被延长至2028年。他还说,宝马和迷你的经销商网络也将扩大,以争取较小城市的消费者。但他未给出数字。目前,该公司在中国有430家宝马经销商和97家迷你经销商。In a response to concerns about air pollution in China, BMW said it would also put more emphasis on hybrid and battery-powered cars. The company will begin selling its i3 and i8 battery-powered models in China in September. And before the end of the year, BMW will begin selling a plug-in hybrid version of its 5 Series, the best-selling of its models in China.在回应对中国空气污染的担忧时,宝马表示自己也将更加重视混合动力和电动汽车。该公司将于9月在中国开售i3和i8电动车型。在今年年底前,宝马将开始销售插电式混合动力的5系车型,该系列是在中国卖得最好的车型。In addition, BMW said it would team up with Chinese real estate companies to install charging stations in residential areas.此外,宝马还表示将于中国的房地产公司合作,在住宅区安装充电站。“China has the potential to become the world’s largest market for new-energy vehicles,” Mr. Eichiner said.“中国有成为全球最大的新能源车辆市场的潜力,”埃希纳说。Other new models, to be introduced in the next few years, will include a car described by BMW as “functional” and aimed at Chinese families. BMW will also introduce a version of its X3 crossover designed for China.将于未来几年推出的其他新车型将包括一款被宝马描述为面向中国家庭的“功能型”汽车。宝马还将推出一款为中国设计的X3跨界车车型。The premium car market is seen as particularly promising in China and other emerging markets, like India, because of the rising number of wealthy people. In China, BMW, as well as makers like Audi, sells elongated versions of its vehicles, with extra legroom in the back seat because many Chinese owners have drivers and ride in the back.因为富人日渐增多,中国和印度等新兴市场的高档车市场尤其被寄予厚望。在中国,宝马和奥迪等汽车制造商也销售加长版车型,在后座增加伸腿的空间,因为许多中国车主有司机,自己坐在后面。 /201407/313946Up to a third of the population will be black or from another ethnic minority by 2050, new research forecasts today.新研究预测,到2050年英国将有三分之一的人口为黑人或者其他少数族裔。There are currently eight million non-white people – 14% of the total – across England and Wales, according to the study by the Tory think tank Policy Exchange.保守智库“政策交流”研究发现,目前英格兰和威尔士地区约有八百万非白人,占总人口的14%。But the so-called BME (black and minority ethnic) population has doubled in the past decade and now accounts for 80% of growth while the white population has remained constant.但BME(黑人和少数民族)人数在过去十年里翻了一倍,占人口总增量的80%,而白种人的人数增长则保持不变。While ethnic minorities make up just 5% of the over-60s, they account for a quarter of under fives.在60岁以上的人群中,少数民族占5%,而在5岁以下的人群中占四分之一。That means between 20% and 30% of people will be black or ethnic minority by the middle of the century.这意味着到本世纪中期,黑人和少数民族将会占人口总数的20%到30%。And it is a time bomb for the Tories who struggle to win votes from BME communities which overwhelmingly back Labour.这对于保守党来说是个潜在威胁,由于BME人群几乎都持工党,保守党很难从他们手上赢得选票。The findings should act as a wake-up call for politicians to stop treating people from non-white backgrounds as one, single group, the think tank said.智库称,这些研究发现为政客们敲响了警钟,不能再把非白人当做一个可有可无的群体。Since the Second World War immigration from the Caribbean , the Indian subcontinent and Africa has produced in diverse groups with widely differing opinions, experiences and traditions, it said.第二次世界大战后来由自加勒比海、印度次大陆和非洲的移民组成的不同群体有着不同的见解、经历和传统。There are “clear and meaningful differences between each of these communities which need to be fully understood” but politicians are not doing that, the report says.“不同人群间的差异明显、值得探究,需要政客充分领会”,但是报告显示官员们没有这么做。Author Rishi Sunak said: “These communities will continue to become an ever more significant part of Britain, especially in future elections.作家瑞希·萨科说道:“这些群体将会在英国继续存在并且扮演更重要的角色,尤其是在未来的选举方面。”“However, as our research demonstrates ethnic minorities are not one homogeneous political group.“当然,我们的研究表明,少数民族并不具有完全一致的政治倾向性。”;From education to employment, housing to trust in the police, politicians from all parties must understand the different issues affecting individual communities.”“无论是教育还是就业,住房到对警察的信任方面,各党派的政治家都需要充分了解影响各个社区的不同因素。”The research draws on survey, census, academic and polling data to build up a detailed picture of the five largest minority groups in the UK - Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Black African and Black Caribbean.这份研究利用问卷调查、普查、学术研究和投票得到的数据构成了英国最大的五个少数民族群体——印度、巴基斯坦、孟加拉、非洲黑人和加勒比海黑人的详细情况图。With the exception of those from an African background a majority of non-white Britons describe themselves as “British-only”, the report said.报告称,除了来自非洲的移民,大多数非白种的英国人把自己描述成“正统英国人”。BME communities also overwhelmingly support the Labour Party “regardless of class or association with Conservative policies”.BME群体也强烈持工党“无视保守派的阶级联合政策”。Some 68% voted for Gordon Brown’s party at the 21010 General Election, compared with 16% for the Conservatives and 14% for the Liberal Democrats.在2010的换届选举中,戈登·布朗所在的政党获得了68%的选票,保守党获得了16%的选票,而民主党获得了14%。 /201405/298928

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