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Her Majesty伊丽莎白女王1. She’s shy1. 她很内敛Her Majesty may have reigned for 60 years but she remains quite a shy person at heart. Yes, she’s learnt how to handle all manner of social situations, rise to the occasion, and meet the incredible demands of being a monarch in the modern age, thanks in part to the advice of her closest courtiers.女王尽管已登基60年,骨子里却仍是一个内敛的人。的确,她已学会如何处理各种境况,如何应付自如,或迎合现代社会人们对一位女王的要求;但这些成就部分得归功于她身边大臣的忠谏。2. The smile is real2. 她的微笑发自内心I’ve been very struck by just how happy the Queen looks these days. I think that’s down to the fact that the Royal Family has survived the travails of recent decades to emerge as strong as ever. Charles’s predicament following the death of Diana and the difficult years afterwards seems to have been resolved. What’s more, she’s still got the Duke of Edinburgh by her side, and her grandchildren William and Harry – have turned out to be everything she could wish for. In short, the future of the succession seems assured – and I think that’s a source of tremendous pride and satisfaction to her.近来女王看上去很开心。我想这跟王室坚强熬过几十年的艰难风雨有关吧。无论是戴安娜王妃之死还是查尔斯的窘境,都已成为过往。何况爱丁堡公爵还陪伴在她身边,孙子威廉和哈利一切也都顺顺当当,王室继承还将继续下去——对女王而言,这就是莫大的自豪和欣慰了吧。3. She has a wicked wit3. 她风趣聪慧She can be very funny – a side of her which the public rarely gets to see. I think she’s all too aware that as a monarch she has to be serious and representative of the nation, but in private she can often display a real sense of fun and a lovely, spontaneous sense of humour.女王有时非常风趣——只可惜公众很少有机会看到罢了。作为女王,她意识到自己得严肃正经,要展现一国君主之风范。但私下里,她真的很风趣,有时还耍点调皮的小幽默。4. Faith underpins her life4. 她对待信仰忠贞不渝The Queen is of course the head of the Church of England – but it’s sometimes forgotten that she’s also a woman of deep Christian faith. I once saw her holding a rather worn prayer book which I think is in itself telling – because it shows that this is a woman who doesn’t just pay lip service to God, but prays and is a true believer. She is of course a regular churchgoer, and I’m sure she has drawn great sustenance from her faith during difficult times in her reign.当然,女王是英国国教会的最高元首;但很少有人意识到她本人就是一名忠诚的基督教徒。我曾看她拿着一本非常破旧的祈祷书——这恰好说明女王绝非虚有其表,而是千真万确信仰上帝。她也经常去教堂做礼拜。我想,正是这种虔诚的信仰才帮她度过了在位期间的艰难岁月吧5. She’s a make-do-and-mend Queen5. 她勤俭节约The Queen has never been an extravagant person. She was 13 when World War II began, so her formative years were hugely shaped by growing up in the shadow of the conflict. The entire nation had to make sacrifices and while no one is suggesting the Royal Family had to slum it, Britain stood alone for a while against Germany, food was rationed and there was a real sense of make-do-and-mend. That’s something that has stayed with the Queen all her life, and I think that’s partly why she likes Kate, who’s not afraid to wear the same dress twice, and is so patently not in the ‘spend, spend, spend’ mould.女王向来不喜欢铺张浪费。第二次世界大战爆发时她才13岁,在战争的阴影中长大。当时全英国人民都得做出牺牲,尽管没人要求王室参与其中,但他们却并未逃避责任。英国与德国孤军奋战时,食物都定量配给,一切都得省吃俭用。而这种勤俭节约的作风就此伴随了女王一生。女王之所以喜欢凯特,很可能也因为凯特从不介意一件衣多穿两次吧。显然,凯特也不是“大手大脚”类型的人。6. Children are special to her6. 她特喜欢小孩It’s rarely remarked upon, but the humility the Queen shows when she receives flowers from children says a lot to me about the hidden monarch. She must have been handed thousands of garlands by countless children – but judging by the way in which she accepts them, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s the first time she’s been given flowers. The way she bends down to accept flowers from small children is tantamount to her saying that she regards them as her equals.这或许不值得一提,但女王接过孩子们鲜花时的谦逊神情也能展现她不为人知的一面。她一定收到过数不清的孩子们的鲜花——但每次看她接花的方式,你都会以为这是她第一次收到鲜花呢。她弯腰接过鲜花的神情,恰好表明她真将孩子平等相待的。7. She is serious about her duty7. 她恪尽职守The Queen has laid a wreath at the Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday on all but a handful years during her long reign – the only exceptions being when she was either pregnant or overseas on an official visit (1959, 1961, 1963, 1968, 1983 and 1999). This terribly moving annual ceremony means a huge amount to her, in large part because she lived through World War II, and saw how great a price we as a nation paid to preserve our freedom.女王在位期间,除了怀或出国访问(1959年, 1961年, 1963年, 1968年, 1983年和 1999年),几乎每年都在阵亡将士纪念日那天去纪念碑前敬献花圈。女王自己就经历过二战,亲眼看到一个国家为争取自由所付出的巨大代价。所以,她尤为看重这个节日。8. She’s kind at heart8. 她温厚善良This isn’t something that’s ever much reported, but she’s very thoughtful for anyone she knows who has been bereaved or ill, performing little acts of kindness. For instance, she paid a private visit to Martin Charteris (above) – who served her for many years as her Assistant Private Secretary and then Private Secretary, and did so much for her as a young monarch – shortly before his death in 1999.很遗憾关于女王这方面的报道并不多。其实,她非常关心身边的人。不管谁病了或失去了亲人,她都会给予安慰。1999年,马丁查特里斯去世之前,她曾特意看望过他(见图)——马丁曾担任她的私人秘书助理,后来又成为正式私人秘书,为年轻时的女王立下过汗马功劳。9. She loved her palace on the water9. 她钟爱皇家游艇The Queen was terribly saddened to see the Royal Yacht Britannia pensioned off.She had a huge amount of affection for the ship because it was the only home that was ever specially created for her, in every sense of the word.It’s interesting to note that the Royal Yacht was furnished in a much more contemporary style than the palaces, with their George III antique tables.She also appreciated the freedom the yacht gave her to escape the prying eyes of the world and just be herself.皇家游艇“大不列颠号”被迫退役时,女王很难受。她对这艘游艇很有感情。严格讲来,这是唯一一艘专门为她而造的游艇。不过有趣的是,这艘皇家游艇的风格比皇宫登得多,里面配有乔治三世时代的桌子。而且在游艇上,她能躲开世人的八卦,完完全全属于她自己。10. Animals really are important to her10. 她是个动物迷This is a woman who is known for her love of animals, and in particular her corgis.As monarch, from time to time she invites people to Windsor Castle, and I remember being there once when one of her corgis rolled over onto its back at her feet and there was a look of sheer unadulterated joy on her face.人们都知道女王很喜爱小动物,尤其是她那些威尔士矮脚。 女王喜欢时不时地请人去温莎城堡做客。记得我有次在那儿看到威尔士矮脚滚了个四脚朝天,女王顿时乐开了花,开心不已。 /201301/222639Men want hotpants, miniskirts and low cut tops banned from the office because they are too distracting, new research shows.新研究显示,男人希望能禁止女同事在办公室穿热裤、超短裙和低胸上衣,因为这些衣太容易让人分心。A study found that at least a third of men want women stopped from wearing revealing outfits at work, with skimpy shorts the first to go.一项研究发现,至少三分之一的男性希望女性不要在工作时穿暴露的装,最不能接受的是超短紧身裤。Hotpants were named by 32 percent as unacceptable, with 30 percent adding that anything with a leopard print should be banned.32%的男性表示不能接受热裤,30%的男性还表示任何带豹纹图案的装都应该被禁止。See-through, or #39;sheer#39;, tops were deemed beyond the pale by 27 percent of men, while 24 percent named miniskirts and 22 percent low cut tops.27%的男性认为透视装(或透明薄纱衣)和抹胸超出了他们能接受的范围,24%的男性不能接受超短裙,22%的男性反对在办公室穿低胸上衣。Meanwhile, 67 percent of women say colleagues should be stopped from wearing tiny shorts and 52 percent believe miniskirts are unprofessional.与此同时,67%的女性表示应禁止在办公室穿超短裤,52%的女性认为穿迷你裙显得不职业化。The study into British attitudes to clothes in the workplace, was carried out by the British Heart Foundation as it encourages people to wear red to the office on February 1.这项针对英国人对于办公室着装态度的研究是由英国心脏基金会开展的,该基金会鼓励人们在2月1日这天穿红色衣上班。It found more than a third of women say wearing red makes them feel more confident.研究发现,超过三分之一的女性称穿红色衣让她们感觉更自信。And 29 percent of women wish they had the courage to wear the colour more often.29%的女性希望她们有勇气更经常穿红色衣。But the research, to mark BHF#39;s Rock up in Red day, found that, rather than appreciating glimpses of women#39;s cleavages and thighs, many men simply find it very off-putting.不过,该研究发现,许多男人不但不爱看女人的乳沟和大腿,而且还觉得非常反感。这一研究是为了纪念英国心脏基金会的“红色一天摇滚起来”活动。Other items of clothing to get the thumbs down, included slogan T-shirts (deemed inappropriate by 32 percent of Brits) and novelty ties (26 percent).其他被否定的衣还包括印有标语的T恤(32%的英国人认为不得体)和花哨的领带(26%的人反对)。UGG boots should be banned from the office too, according to 26 percent, and 23 percent want leggings shown the door.26%的人认为还应该禁止在办公室穿雪地靴,23%的人希望打底裤也被请出办公室。The report also revealed that wearing different colours has an impact on how we feel.该研究报告还揭示,穿不同颜色的衣会对我们的心情产生影响。One in ten women (13 percent) reveal they would reach for their best red item in order to impress in the office.十分之一(13%)的女性透露,她们如果想给同事留下深刻印象,就会穿上自己最漂亮的红色衣。And 48 percent named a red dress as the sexiest thing they could wear.48%的女性指出,她们最性感的衣就是红色裙装。Meanwhile, a quarter (26 percent) say a touch of red lipstick boosts their confidence.与此同时,四分之一(26%)的女性说擦红色口红会提升她们的自信心。 /201301/220721

Yahoo Inc. said Thursday it could reverse its May decision to return more than billion to shareholders from selling part of its stake in a Chinese Internet company, a signal that new Chief Executive Marissa Mayer may want to use the cash for other purposes. 雅虎(Yahoo Inc.)周四说,该公司可能调整5月份做出的将回售一家中国互联网公司部分股权所得的逾40亿美元返还给股东的决定。这暗示出新任首席执行长梅耶尔(Marissa Mayer)可能希望将这笔现金转做他用。 Yahoo#39;s statement, contained in a regulatory filing signed by Chief Financial Officer Tim Morse, sent the Sunnyvale, Calif., company#39;s shares down 3.5% in after-hours trading to .17. 雅虎的声明令该公司股价在盘后交易时段下跌3.5%,至每股16.17美元。声明包含在一份提交给监管机构的备案文件中,文件上有首席财务长莫尔斯(Tim Morse)的签名。 In May, Mr. Morse helped engineer the sale of part of Yahoo#39;s stake in Chinese Web company Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. He said on a July 17 earnings call with analysts that Yahoo#39;s board was committed to returning the proceeds from the Alibaba sale to shareholders, though the company hadn#39;t determined the form or timing of such an action. 今年5月,莫尔斯参与筹划了回售雅虎在中国网络公司阿里巴巴集团(Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.)所持部分股权的交易。他在7月17日与分析师召开的收益电话会议上说,雅虎董事会承诺将回售阿里巴巴股权的所得返还给股东,不过公司尚未确定返还的形式及时间。 On Thursday, Yahoo said in the filing it may change its prior decisions because Ms. Mayer, who was hired three weeks ago, is reviewing the company#39;s strategy. 雅虎周四在备案文件中说,该公司可能改变此前的决定,因为梅耶尔正在对雅虎的战略进行评估。梅耶尔三周前受聘担任雅虎首席执行长。 Ms. Mayer#39;s #39;review process may lead to a reevaluation of, or changes to, our current plans, including our restructuring plan, our share repurchase program, and our previously announced plans for returning to shareholders substantially all of the after tax cash proceeds#39; from the sale of Yahoo#39;s stake in Alibaba. 文件中说,梅耶尔的评估过程可能导致我们现有计划的重估或改变,包括我们的重组计划、股权回购计划以及此前宣布的将回售雅虎在阿里巴巴股权的大部分税后现金所得返还给股东的计划。 Anne Espiritu, a Yahoo spokeswoman, said in a statement that Ms. Mayer is #39;carrying out a careful review of the company#39;s business#39; and is looking at #39;potential strategy changes to Yahoo#39;s current plans#39; along with fellow Yahoo directors. She declined to elaborate. 雅虎发言人埃斯皮里图(Anne Espiritu)在一份声明中说,梅耶尔正在与其他雅虎董事一起对公司的业务进行仔细评估,并考虑对公司现有计划进行可能的战略调整,但她拒绝详细说明。 Joseph Grundfest, a law professor at Stanford University who is an expert on corporate governance, said that #39;management can, for entirely legitimate reasons, change its mind as long as it hasn#39;t made a binding commitment#39; to return the cash to shareholders. 斯坦福大学(Stanford University)法学教授、公司治理专家格伦德费斯特(Joseph Grundfest)说,只要尚未就向股东返还现金一事做出具有法律约束力的承诺,如果有完全合理的理由,管理层就可以改变主意。 The potential about-face in Yahoo#39;s spending plans falls in line with Ms. Mayer#39;s technology-heavy background, ThinkEquity analyst Ron Josey said, but it still caught some investors by surprise. ThinkEquity的分析师乔西(Ron Josey)说,雅虎出计划可能出现的大调整符合梅耶尔的技术背景,但仍让一些投资者感到意外。 He noted a lot of shareholders bought the stock thinking that Yahoo was going to start a multibillion-dollar buyback plan that would help lift the stock#39;s near-term value. 他指出,很多股东之所以买进雅虎股票,是因为他们认为雅虎将开始一项数十亿美元的回购计划,有助于在近期内提振雅虎的股价。 For years, the vast majority of Yahoo#39;s market valuation has been tied to its stakes in Asian Web companies Alibaba and Yahoo Japan. Investors have placed little value on Yahoo#39;s core business, which generates around billion in revenue annually, mainly from selling online advertising. 多年来,雅虎市值的绝大部分都来自于其在亚洲网络公司阿里巴巴和雅虎日本(Yahoo Japan)的持股。投资者认为雅虎的核心业务价值并不高。雅虎核心业务每年实现营收约50亿美元,主要来自在线广告业务。 Yahoo currently has around billion in cash, and Ms. Mayer aly has shown signs she is willing to spend substantial sums to turn around the struggling Internet company. 雅虎目前约有现金20亿美元,梅耶尔已经显示出愿意花大笔资金将这家陷入困境的互联网公司扭亏为盈的迹象。 #39;She didn#39;t come here to wind the company down,#39; Mr. Josey said. #39;She came here to restore Yahoo to what it used to be.#39; 乔西说,她来这里并不是要任由雅虎走下坡路,而是要使雅虎重振往日的雄风。 She has told colleagues she is interested in hiring or acquiring new talent and products through acquisitions, among other things, and possibly investing in Yahoo#39;s advertising technology, according to people briefed on the matter. 据了解情况的人士说,她对同事们说,她有兴趣通过收购获得新的人才和产品,并可能投资在雅虎的广告技术上进行投资。 #39;For someone who#39;s thinking about a growth strategy, of course you should maintain as much cash on the balance sheet as possible, maybe for acquisitions,#39; said Mark Mahaney, a stock analyst at Citigroup Inc. 花旗集团(Citigroup Inc.)的股市分析师马汉尼(Mark Mahaney)说,对于一个考虑增长战略的人来说,当然应该尽可能地将现金留在资产负债表上,或许可以用于收购。 /201208/194736

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