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我有一个坏习惯 I Have a Bad Habit -- :: 来源: I have many bad habits, but there is one always makes me upset. I like nodding off in class. Nearly everyone will have this bad habit in summer. But I will nod off in every class and every season. Usually, I will nod off when the class begins about ten minutes. I hate this. I have tried my best to correct it. But I failed in the end. This habit troubles me lot.我有很多的坏习惯,但有一个让我一直都很心烦我喜欢在课堂上打瞌睡在夏天几乎每个人都会有这种坏习惯但是,一年四季每一堂课我都会在课堂上打瞌睡通常,开始上课十分钟左右我就会打瞌睡了我很讨厌这一点我也曾努力改正过但最后我还是失败了这个习惯让我很心烦小学生英语作文范文 -- :: 来源: 小学生英语作文My favourite season       My favourite season is summer. I often wear my shorts and T-shirt. Sometimes I wear my jeans. In summer it is often sunny and hot. Sometimes rainy in summer. I usually swim with my father. Sometimes I eat ice-cream at home.     My Chinses Teacher      I have a Chinses Teacher. Her name is Lui Xiaohong. She is from Lanchang. She’s very active and strict. She has two big eyes. She’s very nice.But she is short. She like to smile. I don’t know what season she like. Because I don’t know her very well. Her class is very funny, I like臭脚的故事 --1 1:36:51 来源: 从前,一个巫婆有一双臭脚,人们都很讨厌所以,她想找一个人换掉她的双脚 有一天她来到"香国" 她发现,人人都有双香脚一天王子午睡,巫婆用自己的臭脚换了王子的香脚 有一位公主,她总是失眠虽然国王和王后在尝试了很多方法,她还不能睡觉国王和王后陛下非常担心自己的女儿 最后,他们就发现了一个方法:每当公主无法入睡,她只需要嗅觉王子的臭脚,然后她将睡得很好最后王子和公主很幸福的生活在一起Characters:Ada: Little girlCandy: QueenEvander: KingEvelynJoel: PrinceRita: Singer WomanYilina: Witch SummaryOnce upon a time…A witch had a pair of stinky feet. They were very disgusting. So, she wanted to find a person to change her feet.And one day she flied to “Fragrance Country”. She found everyone there had a pair of fragrant feet. And the prince had the most fragrant pair of feet. The prince took a nap and snored under the tree. At that time, the witch exchanged her own stinky feet with the prince’s fragrant feet.There was a princess who couldn’t sleep in “Beauty Country”. Although the king and the queen tried many methods, she still couldn’t sleep. The king and the queen were very worried about their daughter. And then, they discovered a perfect method the princess to fall asleep: Whenever the princess couldn’t sleep, she only had to smell the prince’s stinky feet, and then she would sleep very well. In the end, the prince and the princess lived happily together.  SCENE I(One afternoon, a girl, Ada, is ing a book)Ada: Oh~ what an interesting story! Once upon a time…A witch had a pair of stinky feet. They smelt worse than stinky tofu. They were very disgusting. So, she wanted to find a person to change her feet.Ada: And one day she flied to “Fragrance country”. She found everyone there had a pair of fragrant feet. And the prince had the most fragrant pair of feet. The prince took a nap and snored under the tree.Witch: (screaming and laughing and dancing)I’m the most perfect witch who has both beauty and intelligence. More and more people fall my…my … feet! Oh no, my feet! I’m such a charming witch, but why do my feet stink so much? Everyone faints when they smell my feet. The smell of my feet can kill mice. Oh, I don’t want to live. I want to fly away!(Flying to the Fragrance country)Witch: (Crying) I hate my feet! I hate my feet! (in a low voice) Ha-ha, what’s the smell? It smells so sweet. (Searching) Oh. What a handsome boy. (Come closer and take a deep breath) Oh, oh, oh, why do his feet have such a sweet smell? It’s just not fair! (Angrily) Not fair! Look, he’s sleeping and snoring. Let me exchange my feet with his! (Doing magic and laughing loudly) Oh, my feet. You smell so sweet! Now I’m really the most charming witch. (Fly away)Prince: (Asleep and dreaming) Oh! What a beautiful girl you are! You are my only one – my dear princess.Prince: (Wake up!) Oh~ what’s wrong? What a bad smell!! The room smells of stinky tofu. Is it my table? My hand? My chair? My head? Or my window? Oh no! It’s my feet. I have a pair of stinky feet. How did it happen? (Hold on to his head.)(Run away) I can’t believe it!  SCENE II(The prince is walking and sees some crows on the way.)Prince: Oh~ there are many crows.Crow A: Please go away…Crow B: Quickly! It’s full of bad smell here. Crows: We are going to die, because your feet are too disgusting.Prince: Oh! I am so sorry…My feet cause you much trouble…Sorry~!(Prince continues to walk. He sees some flowers.)Prince: Hum~ I like the perfume of flowers. Flower A: Oh! I can’t live without fresh air.Flower B: Keep your feet far away from us, please.Flowers: Your feet are too disgusting.Prince: Why does everyone dislike me? I am so sad and I am sorry making you feel bad.(Prince continues to walk.)Prince: What can I do? I want my sweet-smelling feet back.(Many strangers are buying from vendors on the road.)Stranger A: Did you step in something? Check your shoes.Stranger B: Oh! Don’t talk nonsense.Stranger C: I know where that bad smell comes from. It’s him. Prince: I can’t believe it! My disgusting feet have magic power!!Queen: Oh! Don’t say that! They are not disgusting at all. Congratulations! You are going to marry my dear daughter.King: Yes! This is a happy ending.Ada: Whenever the princess couldn’t sleep, all she had to do was to smell the prince’s stinky feet. And then, she would sleep very well. In the end, the prince and the princess lived happily together.

《功夫熊猫精选英文台词 -- :7:5 来源: 1、 夸奖“太棒了”  初级:That's cool  中级:Awesome  高级:That was pretty hardcore  这三个说法在这一集里都有出现哦其中,cool“太酷了”大家都会说;awesome“很好很强大”在《功夫熊猫第一部里头已经被阿宝用得频 率非常高了而这一集里,hardcore这个俚语多次出现,它在影片中有双重的意思其一,单独作为一个形容词的话,它等同于awesome;其二,如 果说某个人很hardcore,就是说ta很严肃,坚韧不拔,不会轻易放弃,有点“硬汉”的意思阿宝就多次说悍娇虎是hardcore铁娘子  、抱怨“悲剧啊”  It was the worst day of my life. By far nothing else came close. It was the worst, most painful, mind-destroyed, horrible moment I have ever experienced  这是我生命中最悲催的一天迄今为止,无事能及那是我经历过的,最悲惨、最痛苦、最伤脑筋、最恐怖的时刻  It was the worst day of my life. 我们平时最多就说到这一层了吧为了加强语气,你还能加上和过去碰到的事情作比较:无事能及啊最后再用一串的形容词修饰,简直是悲催得没话讲了这样的 表达,才够给力哦不过,师父对阿宝这么说,还真是有不给面子的哈!  3、耍耍嘴皮子  - I found your stupidity mildly amusing  我觉得你傻得有点儿好玩  - Thank you, but I found your evilness is extremely annoying  谢谢哦,不过我觉得你坏得灰常讨厌  - Who do you think you are, panda?  你觉得你是谁啊,你个死熊猫?  - Who do you think I am, peacock?  你以为我是谁啊,你个臭孔雀?  用和对方一样的句式回应,把关键的词句替换得巧妙,注意stupidity对应evilness,amusing对应 annoying,mildly就对应程度很深的extremely咯这段斗嘴大亮诶!被坏人囚禁还能有心情跟人耍嘴皮子的,恐怕也只有阿宝这样心理素 质的神龙大侠了吧?(其实也就是没心没肺而已……) 、 最棒的一句台词  Your story may not have a such happy begining, but that doesn't make who you are. It is the rest of your story, who you choose to be  你人生故事的开头也许充满坎坷,不过这并不影响你成为什么样的人关键看你后来的人生路,你自己选择怎么走下去  也许我们还记得《功夫熊猫第一部中乌龟大师说得那一句:Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the "present"第二部山羊大师这一句同样打动阿宝、打动观众  5、小小哲理  - How did you find peace? I took away your parents, everything. I scared you life  你是怎么做到内心平和的?我让你父母双亡,无家可归我给你的人生烙上了抹不掉的伤痕  - Scars heel  伤痕是会愈合的  - No, they don't, wounds heel  伤痕又不叫愈合,伤口才会愈合啥的  - Oh, yeah. What Scars do? They fade I guess?  哦,对哦,那伤痕会肿么样?会消退吧?  - I don't care what scars do  我才不管伤痕会怎么样  - You should. You gotta let go that stuff from the past, cause it doesn't matter. The only thing it matters, is what you choose to be now  你应该关心下过去的事情就让它过去咯,因为其实都无关紧要了重要的是,现在要选择做什么样的人  伤口是总会愈合的,伤痕也会慢慢消退真是一个非常好非常到位的比喻,你平时用英文表述的时候也要记得这样生动的方法哦不过更难能可贵的是,为 了保持阿宝耍宝的傻傻的个性,就算这一段特别正经的讲道理环节,也还是留了一个包袱给他耍,保持了人物角色统一,很好哦 台词 功夫

电影迷 Star Trek Maniac-- :5: ANDREW: Your older brother is a little strange, I think.DAN: Steve? You think he's strange? Why?ANDREW: He wanted me to come over and watch "Star Trek" with him.DAN: Oh, that. He's a Trekkie. You shouldn't be surprised.ANDREW: He's a what?DAN: A Trekkie. He's a serious "Star Trek" fan.、So he has all the episodes on tape. And he has a "Star Trek" website on the internet.ANDREW: He even has a website? "Star Trek"?DAN: Yes, he's a serious fan.ANDREW: I don't understand it, though.He's 7 years old. Isn't it kind of immature to be serious about a science fiction show?DAN: Don't you have Trekkies in Taiwan?ANDREW: I don't think so. Maybe some kids. But your brother is an adult.And he works an ing firm. Why should he like "Star Trek" so much?DAN: It's just a kind of hobby. Some American adults are like that.They have some show they like, and they know every episode.Some of them even start to collect memorabilia.ANDREW: Memorabilia? What's that?DAN: They collect all the posters, or dolls, or stickers,or anything that comes out from the show.ANDREW: And your brother is like that too?DAN: Oh, sure. Go in his basement some time.You will see the walls are all covered with "Star Trek" stuff.ANDREW: That's too strange! Doesn't he have trouble finding a girlfriend?DAN: Maybe a little.It's true some Americans agree with you. They think it's too immature.ANDREW: I like "Star Trek" sometimes too. I liked the movie.But I don't think of it seriously. It's just fun.DAN: He does it fun too. Don't worry. He's not a maniac. He just does it fun.安德鲁:我觉得你哥哥有点怪丹:史提夫?你觉得他怪?为什么?安德鲁:他想找我来和他一起看《星际迷航记丹:喔,那个啊!他是"星际迷",别大惊小怪安德鲁:他是什么?丹:"星舰迷"他是《星际迷航记的电影迷他拥有所有影集的录影带,他还有《星际迷航记的网站安德鲁:他还有网站啊?《星际迷航记 的吗?丹:是的,他很迷的安德鲁:我还是不明白他 7 岁了,还对科幻片这么着迷,不是很幼稚吗?丹:台湾没有星舰迷吗?安德鲁:没有吧!有些小孩子可能是,但是你哥哥是成人啊而且他在会计公司上班,为什么他这么迷《星际迷航记?丹:这是一种嗜好罢了有些美国成人也是如此他们有自己喜欢的节目,也知道每一集的内容有些人甚至开始收集纪念品安德鲁:纪念品?那是什么?丹:他们收集海报、玩偶、尖刀,还有电影里面出现的任何东西安德鲁:你哥哥也像他们那样?丹:对啊有空去他的地下室看看你可以看到墙上到处都是《星际迷航记里的东西安德鲁:太奇怪了!他这样找女朋友会有麻烦吗?丹:也许有一点,有些美国人跟你一样,认为他太不成熟了安德鲁:我也喜欢《星舰迷航记那部电影但是我没那么疯狂,纯粹为了好玩丹:他也是为了好玩而已,别担心,他不是狂热者,只是好玩罢了今天天气很好 The Good Weather Today -- :7:19 来源: Theweather today is fine. It has rained several days. It’s extremely cold andwet these days. So I can’t go out to play with my friends. Besides, the badweather makes me upset. It has negative influences on me. But today, I am sohappy when I see the sunshine. It seems it shines to my deep heart. Then I decideto go out to enjoy the good weather. I go to the Qingshan Park with my friends.It’s a good place fun. We have a good time there. I am happy today becauseof the good weather and my friend.今天的天气很好,已经连续下了几天雨,非常的寒冷、潮湿,以至于我都不能出去和我的朋友们玩了并且,糟糕的天气也让我很沮丧,对我产生了负面影响但是今天当我看到阳光的时候,我很开心,就像阳光照进了我的心里一样于是我决定出去享受这好天气我和我的朋友们去青山公园玩,那是一个很有趣的地方,我们在那里度过了快乐的时光今天,我很开心,因为这难得的好天气和我的朋友们我交了个新朋友(I Made a New Friend) -- :5: 来源: 我交了个新朋友(I Made a New Friend)  this afternoon i joined in the english corner at the wuyi square. there i met tom, an american boy. he was tall and cute, with blue eyes and brown hair. he was as old as i. we talked with each other two hours. he told me that his parents had come to china on business. it so happened that he was on holidays. so he came with them.  he was glad to see that so many chinese children like english, and we agreed to keep in touch with each other later on. how happy i am to have made a new friend!    今天下午我参加了五一广场的英语角活动在那里,我遇见了美国少年汤姆他个子高高的,碧眼棕发,样子很可爱他和我年纪一样大我们一起聊了两个小时他告诉我他父母出差到中国来,碰巧他在放假,所以就同父母一起来了  见到这么多中国孩子喜欢英语,他很高兴我们相约以后保持联系交了一位新朋友我多开心啊!

Where Is the Thief? 小偷哪儿去了? -- :51:56 来源: Where Is the Thief? 小偷哪儿去了?  John could run fast indeed. Nobody else in his town could run as fast as he die. So John was very proud of it. One day a thief broke into his house, took something good and ran away as fast as he could. John ran after him,shouting,"Hey, stop!" But the thief ran even faster. John got so angry that he ran hardest. It was several miles away from his home. He was still running when he met a friend. "Why are you running so fast?" his friend asked. "I'm trying to catch a thief," answered John. "But where is the thied?" asked his friend. "Miles and miles behind!" said John.  约翰确实跑得很快,城里的任何人都没有他跑得快约翰为此感到骄傲一天一个小偷闯入他家,拿走一些好东西,然后尽快地逃跑了约翰一遍追,一边喊,“嘿,站住!”可是小偷跑得更快了约翰气得尽最大努力追他已经跑了离他家几英里了,他还在跑,这时他遇到一个朋友“你为什么跑得这么快啊!”朋友问“我在尽力抓小偷”“可是小偷在哪啊?”朋友问“在我身后几英里”,约翰答道六年级英语作文:I love parents --1 :: 来源: Who gives me birth? Who brings me up? Who dedicates hisher whole life to me? My parents.Who gives me food? Who gives me clothes? Who gives me care? My parents.My parents, they dorsquo;t want to get any reward from me. Not only my parents, all the parents in the world dorsquo;t charge anything from their children. they give us everything they can. they end their whole life loving me, so I love my parents, too. Since I was given birth, I’ve started to love them even if I didrsquo;t realize it.It will be the time my birthday soon. I want to say to my parents: I love you.美剧经典台词:嘴巴那么毒,内心一定很多苦吧 -- :5: 来源: 美剧经典台词:嘴巴那么毒,内心一定很多苦吧  A woman has to earn the right to create her own rules.   女人必须得赢得足够的权力来建立自己的规则——《绯闻女孩   Guess if true love was easy, we'd all have it.   假如获得真爱如此容易,那我们早都拥有了——《童话镇   Your life will not be easy because you wish it to be so.   你渴望安逸的生活,但生活不会如你所愿——《白皇后   Don't be afraid to break the rules. You never know what can happen.   不要害怕打破常规,你永远不知道会发生什么好事——《登家庭   Don't mistake coincidence fate.   不要错把巧合当成命运——《迷失   Once you betray me, I become like the Ice Woman.   一旦背叛我,我就成了冷血的女人——《老友记   So much spice, so much pain.   嘴巴那么毒,内心一定很多苦吧——《破产   Nothing's ever really gotten - not if you don't want it to be.   有些事情只要你不想忘记就永远不会忘——《双螺旋   A life without regret would be no life at all.   没有后悔的人生便不是人生——《汉尼拔   Everybody dies sooner or later. Don't worry about your death. Worry about your life. Take charge of your life as long as it lasts.   每个人早晚都会死,不要担忧死亡,好好操心你的生活吧活着的每一天都要好好把握——《权力的游戏 嘴巴那么毒 内心一定很多苦吧

我的宠物 My Pets -- :: 来源: I like animals very much. Rabbit is my favorite. I have two lovely rabbits. I like their round head, long ears, shorts legs and tail. Both of my rabbits are white. I think white rabbits are clean. I have to wash them every day. They like to eat vegetables. I always feed them on my hands.我很喜欢动物,兔子是我最喜欢的我有两只可爱的兔子我喜欢它们圆圆的头,长长的耳朵,短短的腿和尾巴我的两只兔子都是白色的我觉得白兔子很干净,我每天都给它们洗澡它们喜欢吃蔬菜,我经常亲自喂它们关于卫生用品的词-- :5: A:Stone. I'd like to know some words about toiletries. You know it's funny. I've been learning English years and not until yesterday did I know how to sa toilet paper.  Stone.我想知道一些关于卫生用品的词你知道我学了十二年英语,可直到昨天我才知道卫生纸怎么说  B:What? You're kidding.  什么?你开玩笑  A:I'm not. There're always times that I can't find the correct word. Like all those toiletries. I don't know most of them.  没有我总是找不到我想说的词比如说卫生用品吧大部分词我都不知道  B:Easy,buddy. I'm here to help. So what do you wanna know?  容易我来帮你你想知道什么?  A:What's the stuff that you use to wash your hair?  你们用来洗头的东西叫什么?  B:Ok, that's called shampoo. And nowadays you could find shampoo all kinds of hair in the supermarket, dry hair, oily hair and normal hair. You know what I mean?  叫shampoo.现在你可以在超市里买到适合所有发质的洗发水适合干性,油性,和中性发质的都有  A:Yeah.  是的  B:Ok. After washing my hair, I'd always use some hair conditioner, which is something that makes your hair glow.  洗完头发之后,我会用一些护发素那种能让你头发发亮的东西  A:And what's the stuff that you use to shave?  那你们用来刮脸的东西呢?  B:Well, Chinese like to use shaver, cause they don't have that much hair. As me, I'd prefer a razor. And in order to shave, we have to buy shaving cream, which can make shaving easier.  中国人喜欢用电动刮脸刀,因为他们没那么多胡子我则更喜欢用剃须刀还有为了刮起来更容易,我还会买剃须膏  A:Skip the bursh-teeth part. I know tooth brush and tooth paste.  刷牙部分就不用说了我知道牙刷和牙膏  B:Ok. After shaving. I'll use some deodorant.  好刮脸之后,我要用一些除臭剂  A:What is deodorant?  那是什么?  B:That is something which can remove your bad smell. It's like a stick. You can apply some under your arm.  就是那种能去处体味的东西它一般是棒状的你可以抹在胳膊下  A:Do you use perfume?  你用香水吗?  B:Listen. Perfume is girls. Men use cologne.  听者香水是给女人用的男人用古龙  Attention Please…特别提醒  [你可以请外教反复帮你模仿训练下面句子词组的正宗美式发音]  [1]shampoo and hair conditioner洗发水和护发素对于每个人来说都是必不可少的除了这两样东西之外人们还会用hair lotion {发乳}, hair tonic{炬油膏},styling gel {发胶},mousse {丝}等  []tooth paste如果你使烟民,你也许要买那种能去烟渍的牙膏那种牙膏叫smoker's tooth paste .不过那种牙膏除了价格贵一些之外与普通牙膏没什么分别  [3] deodorant除臭剂odor指的是气味在odor之前加上前缀de-,就有了否定的意思成了除臭剂  Related Words…相关词汇  以下这些词并未给出汉语意思,你可以试着用我们学到的英语问问外教它们的意思  [ ie:What does "***"mean?"***"是什么意思?]  to squeeze toothpaste on the toothbrush to gargle and spit out the foam  to rub my hands together to create lather to blow dry my hair exfoliate伟大的旅程(Great Trip) -- :58: 来源: 伟大的旅程(Great Trip)   england is the best place i've ever been. everything is so beautiful. i spent about one and a half days on the plane. when i arrived at heathrow airport in london, it was evening and the great trip was starting. there were many places i visited in london, like big ben, westminster, the tower of london…….those are very famous. most of the time in the afternoon, my parents and i sat and walked in the park.  have you seen “notting hill” bee? the story in the movie happens in london. the british museum, musee de louver and the metropolitan museum of art are the three largest museums in the world. i've visited two of them. then we left london cambridge, windsor castle, york and stonehenge. they were excellent .  every small town has a history of one or two thousand years. there was an art festival called “tutto” in edinburgh, and there were many street players who their lives to the shows. then we went to northern scotland.  it was dangerous! then we went back to london, and sat in the park, and the fat geese were so cute. that journey was the nicest memory of my life. i won't get it.

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