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2019年12月10日 20:00:29 | 作者:度中文 | 来源:新华社
我的星期天My Weekend -- :3:5 来源: On the weekend, I don’t have class, I feel so happy. I always wake up in the morning at about eight o’clock, my mother ask me to have breakfast. After breakfast, I go to shopping with my mother, I buy a lot of the things I like, then I go to play with my friends, we play the game hind and seek. I am so happy in the weekend.在星期天,我没有课,我觉得很开心我总是在早上大概八点钟起床,我的妈妈叫我吃早餐吃完早餐,我和妈妈去购物,我买了很多我喜欢的东西,然后我和朋友去玩,我们玩抓迷藏周末我玩得很开心教师的房子 My Teachers House --19 :19:9 来源: My Teacher's HouseMy English teacher has a big house.It has a living room, a big dining room, two bedrooms, a study, two bathrooms and a big kitchen.In the living room, there is a big picture, four brown sofas, white fans and blue walls. The TV set is big. There is a big Chinese knot on the wall. There are lanterns below the lights. I like them.This is my English teacher’s house. 世界上最好的父母(the best parents in the world) -- :01:18 来源: 世界上最好的父母(the best parents in the world)  my parents work in the same factory. they like their job very much.  my father has worked there about twenty years. he is very busy from morning till night. he goes to work at half past six because the factory is very far from my house. he doesn't come home until nine in the evening. i think he is hard-working.  my mother is a doctor in the factory. she works carefully and she is patient with the workers. she often tells the workers to do more exercise. but she herself is not very healthy. she is often ill, and takes a lot of medicine. i want to say to her,"don't be so tired, mum!"  my parents both love me deeply .they are the best parents in the word.    我父母在同一家工厂工作,他们很爱自己的工作  我爸爸在那里工作约二十年了他从早到晚的忙碌他六点半上班,因为工厂离家很远他晚上九点才回家我认为他很勤奋  我妈妈是工厂的一名医生她工作认真,对工人们很耐心她经常告诉工人们多锻炼身体,可她自己身体却不太好她常生病,吃好多药我想对她说:“别太累了,妈妈!”  我父母深深地爱着我,他们是世上最好的爸爸和妈妈!

怎样学好英语 How to Learn English Well -- ::39 来源: Two years ago, I startedto learn English. At first, I think it is difficult, but my teacher taught me somegood ways. First, remember new words as much as possible. When you seesomething, you can use English words to name it. Using the pronunciation to remembernew words is a good way. Second, the words or sentence loudly. It will strengthenyour memory, so that you can remember words or sentence quickly. Third, listento the tape. Listening is the basic of English learning, so it’s important. Theseare some good ways to learn English. I hope they can be useful to you.两年前我就开始学习英语了刚开始,我觉得很难,但是后来我的老师教了我一些好方法首先,要尽可能多地记单词当你看到一样东西的时候可以用英语给他命名通过发音记单词是个很好的方法其次,大声朗读单词或句子这样会加强你的记忆,你就能够快速记住单词或句子了再次,要听录音听力是学习英语的基本,所以很重要这些是学习英语的一些好方法我希望它们会对大家有用

自我介绍英语作文 模板 -- 1:58:37 来源: 自我介绍英语作文 模板  i am xxx and i am years old. my favorite sports include basketball, swim and football. one of my favorite stars is liu xiang because he is the fastest runner in the world and a pride of our country.  i have love fruits like watermelon, grapes, banana, and so th. when i have time, i like watching tv, playing games on my computer, surfing the web, and ing. i have a lot of friends and we often play football together.

你想成为我朋友吗?(Do you want to be my friend) -- :3: 来源: 你想成为我朋友吗?(Do you want to be my friend)  My name is Tang Shanshan, My English name is Alice. I am years old. I study in Linpu No.1 Primary School. I am beautiful. I have long hair, big eyes.  My favourite day is Friday. We have music and English class. Potatoes are my favourite food, they’re tasty and healthy. My favourite drink is coffee. They’re tasty and healthy too. I like animals. But I don’t like frog and spider, they’re ugly.  I like playing table tennis and playing the piano. I’m helpful, I can make the bed, sweep the floor, water the flowers, empty the trash, put away the clothes and many other housework. Do you want to be my friend?

云南旅游景点英文介绍:陆良沙林风景区 -- :55:5 来源: 云南旅游景点英文介绍:陆良沙林风景区6 Shalin scenic areaTourists visit the Shalin scenic area in Luliang county, Southwest China's Yunnan province, March , . With various geological wonders, Shalin scenic area has long been a tourist attraction. 旅游景点 陆良沙林风景区

一件有趣的事 An Interesting Thing -- :7:31 来源: Today,there is an interesting thing at my home. Today is Sunday, so my father doesn’tgo to work. After lunch, my father goes to sleep and I feel a little bit bore. Suddenly,an interesting idea comes to my mind. I take four color pens to my father’sroom. And then, I help him put on lipstick with a red pen, paint his face witha yellow pen, draw the left eyebrow with a blue pen and draw the right with agreen pen. Finally, I draw a very interesting makeup dad. And then I goback to watch TV. About half an hour later, he shouts loudly when he is doingwith his hair. I laugh loudly, because he is shocked by himself and he isn’tangry with me.今天,我家发生了一件很有趣的事今天是星期天,爸爸不用去上班午饭过后,他去睡觉了,而我感觉有点无聊突然,我的脑袋里有了一个主意我拿了四色笔到爸爸的房间去,然后用红色笔给他涂了口红,用黄色笔给他画脸蛋,用蓝色笔画了左边的眉毛,最后用绿色的笔画了右边的眉毛终于,我给爸爸画了一个很有趣的妆,之后我就继续看电视了大概半小时之后,爸爸梳头时大喊了一声我大笑出来,因为他被自己吓到了,而且并没有生我的气

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