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芜湖泌尿外科医院芜湖市治疗前列腺芜湖哪家看不孕比较厉害 Why is it that you cant put down hydrogen gas? If you had a big balloon full of hydrogen gas, like the first gondola balloons pioneered in 18th-century France, youd find that it rises in the air quite dramatically.为什么氢气总是会飘起来?如果你有一个充满氢气的大气球,就像18世纪法国飞行先去发明的吊篮热气球,你会发现热气球在空中飘得很高。You know that a piece of wood will float in water, right?你知道一块木头能浮于水上,是吧?Sure.当然。Thats because the wood is less dense than the water. When youre in a buoyant medium, having a lesser density than your surroundings means youll float. Something with greater density than water, like a stone, will sink.因为木头密度比水的密度小。当你所在的浮力介质密度小于周围,你就会飘起来。石头一类密度大于水的密度的就会下沉。Air also has the quality of buoyancy. Anything less dense than the air will rise, just like a piece of wood held underwater and then let go. Hydrogen gas is only about one fourteenth as dense as air. So up it goes!空气也有漂浮的特质。密度小于空气的就会漂浮,就像放在水下的木头会浮起来一样。氢气的密度仅仅是空气密度的1/14,所以氢气能漂浮。In fact, it rises with such force that it can even haul up a huge balloon, with a gondola and riders!事实上,氢气上升的力量足以托起载客的吊篮热气球。 /201209/199924Books and Arts; Cindy Sherman at MoMA文艺;辛迪·谢尔曼在纽约现代艺术物馆的展览Mistress of self-effacement抹去自我的大师An American photographer reveals herself as never before一位美国摄影师前所未有地展现自己Cindy Sherman is a strangely elusive artist. Her face has become famous through the photographs she takes of herself, but her work is not autobiographical. Coveted by collectors and extolled by critics, her images explore raw human emotion and common artifice—without revealing who she really is.艺术家辛迪·谢尔曼让人难以参透。她的作品不带自传性质,她的容颜却因这些自拍照广为人知;它们探寻人类最真实的情感,探寻人类最普遍的伪饰,却从不暴露真实的自我;它们被收藏家追捧,也被批评家称颂。A retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York demonstrates that although the 58-year-old American may be her own model, she is not her own muse. Her ninth-floor Manhattan studio also offers clues. Pinned to the walls are magazine cuttings and computer printouts of people in what she calls “preposterous” positions: society ladies in ball gowns making breakfast, actresses who are completely naked except for a designer handbag and costume jewellery. She keeps her props in meticulously organised cupboards—multicoloured wigs, prosthetic noses, false boobs and funny clothes. An orange plastic chest of drawers holds loads of make-up; nearby is the giant track pad she uses to do her post-production digital work. It is here that Ms Sherman mutates into the objects of her fascination.从这场纽约现代艺术物馆的回顾展,人们能看出58岁的谢尔曼身为自己的模特,却非自己的缪斯。她的工作室在曼哈顿一幢建筑的九楼,墙上钉着从杂志剪下或者用电脑印出的图片,图中人摆着被她称作“荒谬”的姿势:名媛身着舞会的华裳做着早点;女伶裸裎入镜,仅以定制手袋和廉价珠宝蔽身。她把自己的道具摆在橱柜上,整理得井井有条:七斑斓的假发,假鼻子,假胸,还有一些奇怪的衣。橱柜的抽屉里,一个橙色的塑料匣子盛着大量化妆品;橱柜旁边的一块大手写板则用来给作品做后期数码处理。在这里,谢尔曼女士幻化成照片里那些令人心醉的人儿。Why does the photographer appear in most of her work? One reason is shyness. Disguises can be liberating and delegating can be arduous; she tried hiring models once, but found she hated it. Ms Sherman enjoys working alone and doing everything herself. She has also experimented with still lives in which she does not appear. These images appeal to her hard-core fans but they lack the life, literally, of her other work. They are also hard to sell. When collectors buy a Sherman photograph, they want her. Last year one of the 1981 “Centrefold” series (pictured) made .9m, then a record for a photograph at auction. Bemused by how much collectors want her in the frame, the artist mimics a male voice: “Is she behind that mask? I only want it if she is in there!”为什么这位摄影家的大部分作品里都是她自己?羞涩是个原因。自己乔装打扮可以随心所欲,雇人办事可能麻烦得多。她也一度尝试使用模特,结果发现自己厌恶此事。谢尔曼乐于独立工作,独自做事,也曾拍摄过自己不存于斯的照片。这些照片吸引着她的铁杆拥趸,但却没有其它作品里的那个“活物”。收藏家就是为了看她,才会买她的照片,所以这类照片并不畅销。去年,1981年的《中央插页》(Centrefold)系列中的一张照片(见上图)拍出了390万美元,成为当时照片拍卖的一项纪录。这让她为收藏者看她入镜的执念震惊,学着男人的声音开玩笑说:“面具后面的是她吗?是她我才买这相片儿!”Unlike many of her male peers who have jumped ship to bigger galleries, Ms Sherman has stayed loyal to her original dealers—Metro Pictures, the New York gallery that presented her first solo show in 1979, and Sprüth Magers, which has represented her in Europe since 1984. Neither gallery puts pressure on her; they let her get on with her work at her own pace. As a result, she does not overproduce or aimlessly repeat herself.许多男同侪都跳槽去了大画廊,谢尔曼却对老东家——纽约的Metro Pictures从一而终。1979年,她在该画廊举行了第一次个人作品展;1984年,又在欧洲的Sprüth Magers画廊举行了个人展。两家画廊都未曾给她压力,让她按自己的步调行事,所以她不会粗制滥造,也不做无益的重复。Ms Sherman broke into the art world with “Untitled Film Stills”, a series of 69 black-and-white images that were taken in the late 1970s. A fictional archive of publicity shots in which she poses as characters in films from the 1950s and 1960s, the work was an immediate hit. Its exploration of media culture took Pop Art beyond celebratory consumerism into a more critical vein. And its satire of female stereotypes was subtly feminist—so subtle, in fact, that a feminist art historian advised the young Ms Sherman to superimpose text on the works to bring out the irony.谢尔曼凭借《无题电影剧照》(Untitled Film Stills)系列闯进艺术世界。这组作品摄于20世纪70年代末,包含69张黑白照片。她在其中扮演五六十年代年的电影角色。这套虚构的照片大出风头,一炮而红。它对媒体文化的探索,让大众艺术跳出了让人喜闻乐见的消费主义框框,走上了更有意义的道路。它对女性刻板角色的讽刺也带着微妙的女权主义色——微妙得让一位女权主义艺术史学家建议给作品加上说明,让讽刺变得明显些。Ambiguity is a characteristic of Ms Shermans work. One is never quite sure where the artist stands in relation to her characters, and they in turn are often difficult to define. The “Centrefold” series of 12 colour photos in which the artist shot herself from above with fearful or pensive expressions added a layer of anxiety to the uncertainty.谢尔曼作品的一大特色是含糊。人们很难确定她和这些角色的关系,而这些角色本身也很难定义。在《插页》系列中,谢尔曼用俯瞰的角度拍摄了12张色照片。她像在害怕,又像在沉思,还在这两种感觉外敷了一层焦虑,让人很难确定真实情感。Among Ms Shermans most celebrated later works are her “Clowns”, which were shot in 2003 and 2004. Eva Respini, who has curated the MoMA show, believes that the clown is a “stand-in” for the artist. In one picture, the name Cindy is embroidered on the jacket of a heavily made-up clown with prosthetic cheeks and nose. It is typical of Ms Shermans style that she would be disguised beyond all recognition, looking sad and ugly, in a work that flirts with self-portraiture.《小丑》(Clowns)系列是谢尔曼最著名的作品之一,摄于2003~2004年。曾管理MoMA展览的Eva Respini说,小丑是谢尔曼的“替身”。在一张照片里,小丑戴着假脸蛋和假鼻子,脸上的妆浓墨重,身上的夹克绣着“Cindy”。谢尔曼就常常这样把自己掩藏起来,让人无从辨认,在有点“自画像”性质的照片里也不例外。Indeed, looking over all the photographs, it is interesting to see how the artist has aged gracefully in real life but intriguingly badly in her fictions. In 2007 French Vogue commissioned her to do a series of six photographs in which she transformed herself into desperate middle-aged fashion victims dressed in Balenciaga. These pictures led to “The Socialites” in which she depicted herself as older women whose multimillionaire husbands, one suspects, have cast them off for younger versions. Their dignity in the face of faded glamour reveals both the empathy and brutality of the artists eye.当然,看完这些照片,你会发现她在岁月里优雅地老去,在幻境里却无比迷人,甚是有趣。2007年,法国《时尚》杂志委托她拍摄一组六张照片,化身为一位身着Balenciaga的中年“潮人”,让人想起《名流》(The Socialites)系列。在《名流》中,她扮演一些疑心已成箧中弃扇的年长妇女。她们面对年华老去的姿态庄严,说明她观察人时能做到感同身受,鞭辟入里。Ms Sherman is a kind of actor-director of still pictures who delves into the representation of women—and occasionally men—in Western society. Back in the 1970s, when she first embarked on this artistic path, few would have predicted that she could make so many compelling bodies of work through depicting herself. But much like a character actor who takes pleasure in nailing a bit part, Ms Sherman takes a detailed interest in others while mastering the art of making it up.谢尔曼自导自演,拍摄了许多照片,潜心钻研表现西方女性(有时是男性)的方法。回想20世纪70年代,她刚刚踏上这条艺术道路,很少有人能想到她竟能用描绘自己的办法创造这么多引人瞩目的作品。她也像个乐于仔细刻画小角色的性格演员,不但对别人观察入微,塑造角色的功夫也是炉火纯青。 /201212/214302芜湖那个医院做包皮手术好

芜湖泌尿外科Every morning for the past three years, Timhas gone on this walk, not for exercise but for money. His currency is this,waste paper. Tim is a scavenger, one of Hong Kongsestimated 10,000. He searches for old news print, used boxes and cardboard andsells them to a recycler.过去3年的每个早晨,蒂姆都来到这条路上,不是来运动的,而是为了挣钱。废纸就是他的钱。蒂姆在收集废品,是10000名香港从事这种工作的人之一。他四处寻找旧报纸,用过的纸盒以及硬纸板,再将这些卖给废品回收商。Each month I might earn one hundred, or twohundred, or three hundred Hong Kong dollars,thats about 12 to 36 US dollars. His only source of income. Against thebackdrop of a Hong Kong known for its skylineand high life, Tim is the other extreme of the citys wealth gap, the widest inthe developed world.每个月我能挣上一百元,或二百元,或三百元香港美元,即12-36美元,这是他唯一的收入来源。香港素以高楼和高端的生活方式举世闻名,而生活在这里的蒂姆处于这座城市贫富差距巨大鸿沟(香港拥有全世界发达国家中最大的贫富差距)的另一端。Back his 9-story walkup which he can onlywith the governments help, his paper trash is stashed in the corner waiting tobe sold. The money goes to food for himself, his disabled wife and histen-year-old daughter.返回他的第9层无电梯的公寓楼(政府为贫困户提供的福利楼),他收集回来的废纸都堆在房间一角,准备卖出去,再用这些钱为他自己,残疾妻子以及10岁的女儿买来食物。People looked at me and they see a man whois decades old and cannot move as quickly as others.看到过我的人,都能出来我已经几十岁了,不可能象其他比我年轻的人一样手脚麻利了。So Tims salvation is the sound of arecycling plant that puts the pennies in his pocket, but he is earning muchless than before.因此,蒂姆的“救世主”,就是废品回收公司放进他口袋的零钱所发出的响儿,但是现在他比以前挣得更少了。Recyclers are selling out less money todaythan they were a year ago. For example this book which is about one kilo willgets you about nine cents, but this time last year that could get you about 18cents, sounds like a penny, but to the poor every cent counts.今年卖废品可比去年挣得少多了。打个比方,重近一公斤的书现在只能卖9美分,但是去年这个时候能卖到18美分,听起来还是小钱儿,但是要知道对穷人来说,每分钱都将发挥大作用呢。Jack Law President of one of Hong Kongsoldest recycling companies blames Europesdebt crisis.香港一家成立时间最长的废品回收公司的董事长将此归咎于欧洲的债务危机。Europes problems mean fewer clothes and toy orders, fewer orders meanless demand for paper boxes so the price of paper has fallen.欧洲的债务危机意味着更少的装和玩具定单,更少的定单则意味着降低的纸盒需求,因此价格就一降再降了。And because 98 percent of Hong Kongsrecovered goes to be recycled inChina, companies here are feelingthe pinch.而且因为98%的这些香港废品都由中国公司进行回收。这些公司也正在经历不景气。July is when prices should start to pickup, retailers in Europe and theUSshould be placing their Christmas orders right now, but business has stayedpretty quiet.价格本来应该在6月份重新涨起来了,欧洲和美国的零售商们本来现在应该下达圣诞定单了,但是到目前为止商业活动还是一点动静也没有呢。Law adds here in up to 400,000 dollars lastyear, this year he expects to just break even.Law董事长接着说,去年到目前为止,已经有400, 000美元的进项了,今年他甚至都觉得要破产喽。As for Tim, his hope is just a dollar aday.对蒂姆来说,他的希望仅仅是一天能够挣得一美元。I am not sure about next year, price mightrise or fall, its like buying shares, you never know where they are going.我不确定明年,价格会涨还是跌,就象购买股票一样,永远不知道前面等着你的是什么。So his only hedge is to keep scavenging formore paper and hopes the prices rise again.因此他唯一可以依靠的,还是继续收集更多废纸,并期待价格再次涨起来。 201210/206210芜湖割包皮需多少钱 芜湖人民医院看前列腺

芜湖那里泌尿科必较好Science and Technolgy科技The history of AIDS艾滋病的历史Heroes and villains英雄与熊The story of AIDS involves many larger-than-life characters, good and bad艾滋病的故事造就了众多的传奇人物,也展示了人性的善与恶ANNIVERSARIES are times for reflection, and this one should be no exception, for the 30-year history of AIDS is a mirror in which humanity can examine itself.周年纪念是缅怀沉思的时刻,这一次也不该例外。30年的艾滋病历史成为检视人性自身的明镜。From questionable scientists to philanthropic billionaires, peoples actions against AIDS, and reactions to it, have shown up the best and worst that humans have to offer.从道德缺失的科学家到乐善好施的亿万富翁,人们对抗艾滋病的行动及反应已经展示出人类最光明与最阴暗的一面。Such dualism was there from the beginning, in the question of who discovered the AIDS-causing virus.这种双重性一开始就存在于谁才是艾滋病致病病毒发现者的问题中。There were two claimants. One, Robert Gallo, is American. The other, Luc Montagnier, is French.两名科学家宣称自己发现了艾滋病病毒,一名是美国人罗伯特?盖勒,另一名是法国人吕克?蒙塔尼(Luc Montagnier)。Dr Gallo called his discovery HTLV-3. Dr Montagnier called his LAV.前者将病毒命名为HTLV-3,后者命名为LAV,事实上两者是同一种病毒。They were in fact the same thing. It turned out, however, that Dr Gallos virus had come from Dr Montagniers laboratory.然而事实明盖勒士的病毒样本来源于蒙塔尼实验室,但为什么会这样却始终未得到实,但受指责的也许是那例受感染的病毒样本。It was never conclusively proved how, though a contaminated sample may have been to blame. And Dr Gallo was exonerated of any wrongdoing by an official investigation and is universally recognised to have done important work on AIDS.官方调查机构实盖勒士未有任何不诚实行为,人们也普遍承认他为艾滋病做出了重要的工作。But only Dr Montagnier won the Nobel prize-eloquent testimony to some peoples opinion of the whole affair.但最终只有吕克?蒙塔尼(Luc Montagnier)获得了诺贝尔奖—充分说明了一些人的言论对整件事情的影响。Another source of conflict was whether HIV, as the virus eventually came to be known, was truly the cause of AIDS.另一个争执点是:在HIV病毒逐渐被公众熟知后,人们开始质疑HIV病毒是否真的是导致艾滋病的病因。At the beginning of the epidemic, that might have been debatable.在艾滋病流行初期,这一点可能一直存在争议。Perhaps HIV was merely a passenger that took advantage of an immune system weakened by another cause?或许HIV病毒只是趁机搭载在了被其它原因损害的免疫系统上。One once-respected scientist, Peter Duesberg, who did early research on viral causes of cancer, would not drop the idea.彼得·迪斯贝格(Peter Duesberg)早期曾做过病毒致癌的研究,这位曾备受尊敬的科学家就不愿意放弃这种观点。He insisted-and still insists-that the weakening of the immune system characteristic of AIDS is caused by drug-taking (he blames both recreational drugs and AZT, one of the early anti-AIDS drugs), and that HIV is, indeed, a passenger.无论过去和现在他都坚持认为具有艾滋病特征的免疫系统弱化是由于吸毒引起(他指责软性毒品和AZT(早期抗艾滋病药物之一)),认为HIV确实只是个搭载病毒。This theory would not have mattered much except that Thabo Mbeki, a former president of South Africa, latched on to it.这种理论并不太会引起什么重视,只有南非前总统塔·姆贝基(Thabo Mbeki)才热衷于相信它。Since South Africa has the worlds largest number of AIDS cases, and one of its highest infection rates, this was bad news, as was Mr Mbekis health minister, Manto Tshabalala-Msimang, who was appointed mainly because she agreed with him, and recommended beetroot and garlic as treatment for the disease.南非是全世界拥有艾滋病患者最多国家,也是该病最高传染率国家之一,这是个坏消息。同样的坏消息还有塔·姆贝基(Thabo Mbeki)任命Manto Tshabalala-Msimang为卫生部长,主要原因是由于在艾滋病问题上她赞同了他的观点,在治疗艾滋病上,Manto Tshabalala-Msimang建议患者应该食用甜菜根和大蒜。Only with the election of Jacob Zuma, who has himself been publicly tested for HIV (he did not have it), did South Africa return to sensible anti-AIDS policies.直到祖马当选总统之后,他公开为自己的身体做HIV检查(没检查出有HIV病毒),南非的抵抗艾滋病政策才转向明智。Among the heroes, Bill Gates looms large.在抗击艾滋病的英雄中,比尔·盖茨是最贡献突出的一位。The foundation into which he poured much of his Microsoft fortune took AIDS seriously from the beginning, forming a particularly fruitful partnership with the government of Botswana, one of the worst-affected countries.他起初就对艾滋病十分重视,创立了艾滋病基金,并将微软财富大量注入其中,与艾滋病重灾国家之一的茨瓦纳政府形成了卓有成效的合作。And Nelson Mandela, the heroes hero, also cleaved eventually to the path of righteousness, even while admitting he had not done enough to combat AIDS during his own presidency of South Africa.纳尔逊·曼德拉(Nelson Mandela)可谓是英雄中的英雄,他始终坚守正义之路,甚至承认在任职南非总统期间自己在对抗艾滋病方面的工作还做的不够。Mr Gates and Mr Mandela are easy to admire.盖茨和曼德拉是容易让人们尊敬的英雄。One hero that many AIDS activists have difficulty accepting, though, is George Bush junior.但另一名英雄小布什却让许多艾滋病活动人士难于接受。Activists do not much like born-again Christians, who take a dim view of the sort of sex lives that help to sp HIV.他们不太喜欢他这样的重生的基督徒,因为重生基督徒不赞成性生活能帮助HIV病毒进行传播。But Mr Bush was responsible for setting up the Presidents Emergency Plan For AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) and for making sure it had plenty of money.但是布什的功绩是制定了总统防治艾滋病紧急救援计划(PEPFAR)并保它有足够的资金持。PEPFAR is one of the two main organisations, along with the Global Fund, that dish out the cash that rich countries give poor ones to combat AIDS.PEPFAR是全球两大主要基金组织之一,它与全球基金(Global Fund)一道将发达国家的大量资金拨调给贫穷国家以对抗艾滋病。Last year, it spent almost billion on AIDS and the tuberculosis that often accompanies it, and it is responsible for helping half of the 6.6m people now on anti-retroviral drugs.去年,PEPFAR用于治疗艾滋病及其常伴结核病的资金就达70多亿美元,现在它负责资助330万艾滋病患者用抗转录病毒药物。Many activists may be reluctant to give Mr Bush credit.也许众多艾滋病活动人士不愿意给小布什任何赞誉。But handsome is as handsome does.但英雄终归是英雄。 /201210/203877 芜湖医院 包皮芜湖市繁昌县妇幼保健人民中医院泌尿系统在线咨询



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