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济源市玻尿酸多少钱一支郑州/哪里做激光去毛好BEIJING — Beijing reacted on Wednesday to President Obama’s criticism of China’s rules for technology companies by saying that a draft antiterrorism law would not affect the “legitimate rights” of network operators.北京——中国政府周三对奥巴马总统批评中国的技术企业监管规则一事做出回应,称反恐法草案不会影响网络运营商的“正当利益”。The pushback against American insistence that China temper its rules is part of a deepening conflict between Beijing and Washington over a number of new regulations that the ed States government and technology industry say go too far in broadly demanding access to user data, encryption methods and intellectual property.对美国坚持要求中国改变规则的抵制,是北京与华盛顿之间在新规则问题上的矛盾不断加深的一种表现,美国政府和技术行业认为这些规则在获取用户数据、加密方法和知识产权上的露骨要求太过分了。Fu Ying, the spokeswoman for China’s legislature, said that the antiterrorism bill was in accordance with the basic principles of administrative law and was justified in asking that technology companies make telecommunications and Internet ports accessible to the government for investigations.中国立法机构的发言人傅莹说,反恐法符合行政法的基本原则,要求技术公司让政府为调查恐怖活动使用电信和互联网的技术接口是正当的。“It is also the general practice internationally, and it will not affect the legitimate rights of Internet operators,” Ms. Fu said, according to Xinhua, the state-run news agency. She was addressing a news conference before a meeting of the Chinese legislature, the National People’s Congress.据国家通讯社新华社报道,傅莹说,“这也是国际上比较普遍的做法,不会影响网络经营者的正当利益”。她是在全国人民代表大会的一个新闻发布会上说的这番话。Ms. Fu said that the antiterrorism bill had been the subject of heated discussions among legislators, and that it had been refined to clarify that, with strict limitations, only government security agencies would be allowed to monitor data, and only for the purpose of investigating and forestalling terrorist activities.傅莹说,反恐法草案经过立法者们的激烈讨论,已经得到了细化,明确了其适用范围的严格限制条件,只允许政府安全机构监视数据,而且只用于调查和防范恐怖活动的目的。Hua Chunying, the spokeswoman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said on Tuesday that China was doing what was necessary to guard against the risks of terrorism.外交部发言人华春莹周二表示,中国的做法是防范和打击恐怖主义的必然要求。“To issue the antiterrorism law is part of China’s internal affairs,” Ms. Hua said at the ministry’s daily news conference in Beijing. “We hope the U.S. will treat it in a correct, calm and objective way.”华春莹在外交部在北京举行的每日例行记者会上说,“有关立法是中国内政,希望美方正确、冷静、客观对待处理。”On Monday, Mr. Obama told Reuters in an interview that if China wanted to do business with the ed States, the rules would have to be changed.周一,奥巴马在接受路透社采访时表示,如果中国想要和美国做生意的话,这些规则必须改变。Although the antiterrorism law is still in draft form, over the last few months China has passed new regulations for specific industries, like banking and finance, requiring information technology suppliers to turn over source code, to submit to invasive audits and to build so-called back doors into hardware and software.虽然反恐法仍是草案,但在过去的几个月里,中国已经给诸如和金融等特定行业制定了新规则,要求信息技术供应商交出源代码,接受侵入式的审计,并建立进入硬件和软件的所谓后门。Beijing’s suggestion that its rules are fair may be of little comfort to technology companies. The ed States alleges that Chinese government agencies have hacked American companies to gain commercial advantage through access to intellectual property and other trade secrets. Human rights advocatesalso say that China often uses the pretense of cracking down on terrorism to go after activists and others it sees as a threat to its power.北京称其规则是公平的说法对技术公司可能没有多少安慰。美国声称,中国政府部门已经侵入美国公司网络,通过获得知识产权和其他商业秘密来取得商业优势。倡导人权的人士也说,中国经常打着打击恐怖主义的幌子,来调查活动人士和其他政府认为对其权力构成威胁的人。Contrary to Ms. Fu’s statements, whether or not technology companies should turn over user data to government agencies conducting investigations has in recent years become a hotly contested issue.与傅莹的表述相反,技术公司是否应该把用户数据交给进行调查的政府机构,近年来已成为一个备受争议的问题。Following the revelations by Edward J. Snowden, a former National Security Agency contractor, of American government snooping on electronic communications, technology companies have taken steps to encrypt their products and services more heavily. At times those moves have led to complaints from the ed States government. A move last autumn by Apple to encrypt products in such a way that it would be impossible for the company to comply with warrants asking for customer information — like photos, emails and call histories — drew sharp complaints from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.美国国家安全局(National Security Agency)前承包商雇员爱德华·J·斯诺登(Edward J. Snowden)披露美国政府监听电子通讯之后,技术公司已采取措施,对他们的产品和务进行更强的加密。有时,这些措施已引起美国政府的抱怨。苹果公司(Apple)去年秋天采取了一种加密方法,使公司不可能遵守要求提供客户信息——如照片、电子邮件,以及通话史记录——的授权令,引起了联邦调查局的严重不满。The antiterrorism law in China could make it impossible for Apple and other companies to continue with their current encryption methods within that country.中国的反恐法可能会让苹果以及其他公司无法在中国继续使用其目前的加密方法。Even as Mr. Obama complains about China’s technology rules, in some ways the regulations show how Beijing and Washington have a similar outlook on electronic communications. Both would like to be able to collect data when they deem it necessary and strongly oppose encryption that foils such efforts.尽管奥巴马抱怨中国的技术规定,但从某些方面来看,这些规定显示,北京和华盛顿对电子通讯的看法有多么类似。两国政府都希望在他们认为有必要时能够收集数据,两国政府都强烈反对阻止这种努力的加密方法。 /201503/363002郑州/丰唇哪个医院好 河南美容整形

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驻马店市自体脂肪填充多少钱On the annual occasion in China for recognizing teachers’ contributions to society, a group of professors and students have called on Chinese education officials and university administrators to take more vigorous action against sexual harassment on university campuses.在中国每年一度表彰教师社会贡献的特殊时刻,一群高校师生呼吁中国的教育官员和大学管理者,为防止校园性骚扰事件的发生采取更有力的行动。On Tuesday, the day before Teachers’ Day, the 256 professors and students signed open letters addressed to China’s Ministry of Education as well as to Zhu Chongshi, the president of Xiamen University.周二,也就是教师节的前一天,256名高校师生分别签署了致中国教育部以及厦门大学校长朱崇实的公开信。In the letter addressed to Mr. Zhu, the group called on him to make public the findings of an investigation into a sexual harassment case that came to light in June involving a history professor who was accused of luring female students into having sex with him. After the allegations surfaced, the university suspended the professor, Wu Chunming, and announced that it had set up a special team to investigate the case.在给朱崇实的信中,他们呼吁公布今年6月曝光的一桩性骚扰案的调查结果。该案涉及一名被指诱奸女学生的历史系教授。在指控浮出水面之后,学校中止了涉事教授吴春明的工作职责,并宣布已成立专门小组调查此案。But after three months, the university has yet to announce the results of that investigation.但三个月过去了,厦门大学仍未宣布调查结果。“We hope that Xiamen University will deliver a just and fair conclusion for the involved parties and the public,” says the letter, which was made available to The New York Times. “But we also learned that before the media got involved in the Wu Chunming case, a number of people had aly filed complaints about Wu, but the complaints were not taken seriously or properly investigated.”“我们期待厦门大学能给当事人和公众一个公正、公平的结论,”这封《纽约时报》所见的信中写道,“不过我们也获知,在媒体介入之前,吴案中的一些当事人早就已经通过组织途径进行了投诉,但却并未得到足够重视与相应调查处理。”“The reason,” continues the letter, which includes some signatures from Chinese studying or working abroad, “is because the colleges and universities in mainland China do not have established anti-sexual harassment mechanisms.”“究其原因,”信中接着说,“在于我国大陆地区高校并未建立反性骚扰机制。”Included in the letter to the Education Ministry was a proposed set of guidelines for establishing nationwide regulations to prevent and respond to sexual harassment on university campuses.给教育部的信中还包含了一份高等教育学校性骚扰防治管理办法的建议稿。While the focus of the letters is on the Wu Chunming case, organizers say they see the case as an opportunity to effect change nationwide.尽管这两封信的关注焦点是吴春明案,发起人说,他们将此案看做在全国范围内促成改变的契机。“The main thing is that we don’t think this is an individual case,” said Luo Ruixue of the Women Awakening Network, a Guangzhou-based women’s rights group that helped organize the letter to the ministry and Xiamen University. “What we really need is a system in place at universities to deal with these kinds of situations.”“主要是,我们不认为这是个案。”新媒体女性网络的罗瑞雪说。这家位于广州的女权组织参与发起了致教育部和厦门大学的这两封公开信。“我们真正需要的,是在高校建立起处理类似情况的制度。”“We hope that Xiamen University can set an example by creating this kind of a system,” Ms. Luo said in a telephone interview.“我们希望厦门大学可以建立起这样的机制,成为全国的典范,”罗瑞雪在电话采访中说。One of the signatories to the letter was a woman who recently completed a master’s degree at Xiamen University.联名信的签署人中包括一名刚刚从厦门大学获得硕士学位的女生。On Wednesday morning, the woman, who uses the pseudonym Xiao Wu to protect her privacy, took part in another, separately organized activity, intended to raise awareness about sexual harassment on campus. In photos circulated on Sina Weibo, Xiao Wu and nine other female students can be seen standing at the entrance of their respective universities, dressed in identical Little Red Riding Hood costumes and carrying swords and shields inscribed with the characters: “Give female students back our freedom and our nights.”周三上午,她参加了另一个旨在提高对校园性骚扰案关注的活动。为了保护个人隐私,她化名为“小五”。新浪微上传播的照片显示,小五和另外九名女生站在各自的学校门口,穿着相同的小红帽装,手里举着剑和盾牌,盾牌上写着:“把自由和夜晚还给女生。”“The traditional understanding is that Little Red Riding Hood was eaten by the Big Bad Wolf because she was not careful, so the moral of the story is often said to be to stay at home and not go anywhere,” said Xiao Wu by telephone from Xiamen. “Every time something happens or a sexual harassment case comes up, there are always voices that come out and say that the female students involved were not careful enough, were not aware enough of their safety.”“传统的理解是,小红帽被大灰狼吃了,是因为她缺乏警惕,所以人们认为,这个故事告诉我们,要待在家里,哪也别去,”小五在厦门通过电话表示。“每次某些事件或性侵案发生时,总是有人说,是因为女学生缺乏警惕,安全意识不够。”“By choosing Little Red Riding Hood and by holding those shields and swords, we are trying to make a statement to say that we aren’t going to be those people who only stay at home and don’t go anywhere.”“我们选择装扮成小红帽,手举剑和盾牌,是想说,我们不打算成为只待在家里,哪儿也不去的人。”In addition to the photos, which were taken at 10 different universities, including Xiamen University, Beijing Foreign Studies University and Fudan University in Shanghai, the Little Red Riding Hood organizers also sent letters to the presidents of 116 of China’s top universities, calling for them to establish systems to prevent sexual harassment.这些照片拍摄于10所不同的大学,包括厦门大学、北京外国语大学和上海复旦大学。除了这些照片,“小红帽”活动的组织者还向中国116所重点大学的校长寄出了公开信,呼吁建立性骚扰防范机制。“The school should be a safe environment,” Xiao Wu said. “Why can men go out but women can’t go out? I think this is very unfair. So we want to hit back against the Big Bad Wolf.”“学校应该是一个安全的地方,”小五说,“为什么男生可以出去,而女生却不能?我认为这很不公平。所以我们想要赶走大灰狼。” /201409/328362 Personality posted online在网上发布个性Brunel University of UK is studying people#39;s personality traits on the Internet by sending questionnaires to 555 social network site users, and the result of its research shows that a person#39;s personality is reflected by social network sites.英国布鲁内尔大学在网上发出问卷,邀请555名社交网站用户接受性格调查。结果发现,社交网络的确能反映一个人的性格特征。Taking emotionally unstable men as an example, they will feel ;accepted; when they get other people#39;s likes or someone leaves his words below their post, but if what they put on the network site does not get others#39; attention, they may feel ;isolated;.以情绪不稳的人为例,他们收到点赞及留言时,才会感到自己;被接纳;,若所发内容无人理会,则可能感到;被孤立;。And those who frequently talk about their romantic relationship may lack confidence; therefore, they use the social network sites to gain some sense of security.而经常;秀恩爱;的人,则可能是欠缺自信,要通过社交网站获得安全感。 /201505/377540郑州/隆下巴河南洗纹身多少钱



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