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Taking ginger or using acupressure on the wrist may help some women with mild morning sickness, the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) says.英国皇家妇产科学院日前表示,吃生姜或按压手腕可缓解女性的轻微吐。Its guidance suggests these therapies could offer alternatives to women who want to avoid medication. But it says anti-sickness drugs and hospital treatment are important in more severe cases.这项指导认为,这些疗法可以为避免使用药物的女性提供选择。但它也表示,在更严重的情形下,抗吐药物和医院治疗很重要。For many, it disappears within the first four months - though symptoms are not confined to the morning hours as its commonly used name suggests.对于很多妇来说,晨吐在四个月内会消失--尽管它的名称让我们误解,但这些症状并不限于早晨的时间。And some women may need day visits to hospitals or longer admissions for fluids and medication.有些女人可能每天都需要去医院或住院,来输营养液和药物。Meanwhile, for women with mild or moderate symptoms who do not want to use drugs, acupressure (wearing a special bracelet that applies pressure) may help.同时,对于症状轻度或中度的女人,在不想使用药物时可以通过按压(穿戴施加压力的特殊手环)来缓解。The guidance also mentions studies showing that ginger can provide some relief - including one study using ginger biscuits.这项指导还提到了生姜对减轻症状的研究--包括一项使用姜汁饼干的研究。For women with more difficult symptoms, including a very severe form, known as hyperemesis gravidarum (HG), specialist treatment, including hospital admission and mental health support, should be offered, it suggests.对于症状严重的女性,包括一种称作妊娠剧吐的严重形式,该研究建议应采取包括住院治疗和心理健康援助在内的特殊治疗。Dr Manjeet Shehmar, lead author of the guidelines, said many women with persistent symptoms were not receiving the treatment they needed.Manjeet Shehmar医生,是这项研究的带头人,她表示,很多女人在症状持续出现时没有得到该有的治疗。;Women with persistent nausea can often feel that there is a lack of understanding of their condition,; she said. ;They may be unable to eat healthily, have to take time off work and feel a sense of grief or loss for what they perceive to be a normal pregnancy. It is therefore vital that women with this condition are given the right information and support and are made aware of the therapeutic and alternative therapies available to help them cope.;“持续性恶心的女性常觉得她们的状况没有得到人们的认识,”她说。“在人们看来这就是寻常的怀,但她们可能无法健康饮食,必须休假,并感觉到悲伤和损失。因此让这些女性得到正确的信息和持很重要,要让她们知道这些可以帮助她们应对的治疗措施和替代疗法。” /201606/452022

Out of three Guangzhou restaurants that used robots to serve customers, two have closed and the third has fired its robot waiters, Workers#39; Daily reported.根据《工人日报》近日报道,广州曾经有三家餐厅使用机器人务顾客,目前其中两家已经关门歇业,剩下一家的机器人务员已被;炒鱿鱼;。While the robot waiters were an excellent gimmick to get customers through the door, they were not quite so good at their programmed task of serving food and drink to customers, according to staff.根据餐馆员工反映,虽然聘用机器人务员是吸引顾客的很好的噱头,但是机器人是按照已输入的程序招待顾客,务并不到位。;The mobility of the catering staff was great, we initially recruited six for service, but after a year we only retained one,; says a hotpot restaurant supervisor named Ms Liang.一家知名餐馆的主管说道:“此举动为了迎合顾客固然是好的。刚开始我们雇佣了6位机器人务员,但一年之后我们只留下了一个,”A staff member said the robots couldn#39;t effectively handle soup dishes, often malfunctioned, and had to follow a fixed route that sometimes resulted in clashes.一位餐厅员工表示,机器人务员端不好汤水多的食物,经常出现故障,只能沿着固定路线送餐,有时会造成碰撞。A customer also said the robots were unable to do tasks such as topping up water or placing a dish on the table.一位顾客也表示,机器人务员有些务做不了,比如加水或者将食物放在桌上。The current state of robotics and artificial intelligence means that the technology is not quite advanced enough for robot waiters to work effectively, one expert notes. Quoted by the Shanghaiist website, Zhang Yun, a specialist at Guangdong University of Technology, says that while robots are good at repetitive tasks in manufacturing, they#39;re still unable to perform autonomously in jobs such as waiting which require interaction with unpredictable humans.相关专家表示,目前的机器人科学和人工智能状况并不能持机器人很顺利地完成机器人务员工作。根据Shanghaiist引用广东科技大学的一名专家张云的话,虽然机器人很擅长在制造业的重复性工作,但是在务员这样需要和人面对面交流的工作方面,却不能操作自如。 /201604/436976

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