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郴州性病检查项目有哪些郴州有哪些治疗性功能障碍的医院英语日常口语 21:Tim's treat本单元是关于 Tim 请客的对话Tim: Hiya folks. How's everyone this fine evening?Alice: Exhausted! I had to give someone mouth-to-mouth for the first time today!Helen: That's so exciting, congratulations! You must feel really proud.Alice: Yes I do. How are you Helen? Helen: I'm tired, I've been staring at finance textbooks all day. Michal: I think my head is going to expand from all my studying too.Tim: Well, how about a drink at the pub? My treat! Would that make you two feel less worn-out? Helen: You paying for all of us? That's not like you. Alice: What's come over you?Tim: Well let's just say I got a special bonus at work.Vocabulary:a treat (n): something special and nice that you don't have very often worn-out (adj, informal): tired wooden (adj to describe actors or acting): boring or unemotional or unrealistic dynamic (adj): exciting and stimulating本单元的语言点是动词分词,我们可以用过去分词表我们对某物和人的感受,也可以用现在分词表某人或物使我们有所感受,请看下面的例句-ed and -ing adjectives – meaningWe can use -ed adjectives to say how we feel about something or someone:Alice is exhausted by her work at the hospital. Helen is tired of studying.We can use -ing adjectives to say how something or someone makes us feel:Alice's job is very exciting. She gave someone mouth-to-mouth today. It's surprising that Tim is paying for all of them at the pub!More -ed -ing adjectivesbored/boring He used to like that TV show but now he's bored with it. That film was so boring that I nearly fell asleep! embarrassed/embarrassing He was so embarrassed when the boss shouted at him in front of everyone in the office.It's embarrassing when my dad tries to dance at parties. He's too old for all that! depressed/depressing He's really depressed. His wife left him and he's just lost his job. I think it's depressing how much poverty there is in the world. disappointed/disappointing She was disappointed that she failed her English test last week.The film had loads of hype and publicity but it turned out to be very disappointing .interested/interesting They're interested in collecting stamps but I think that's a really boring hobby. Even though War and Peace is very long, I still found it really interesting . frightened/frightening He's such a baby! He's 25 and he's still frightened of dogs! Nightmare on Elm Street is the most frightening film she's ever seen.Words used after -ed adjectivesby:bored bydepressed byexhausted by excited by embarrassedby with:bored withdisappointed withof:frightened oftired ofin:interested in /200707/15995郴州那边看男科比较好 Gamers love to be attached to awe-inspiring missions to human planetary-scale stories.游戏玩家喜欢依附在那些关乎人类星际故事的威严任务里面。So, just one bit of trivia that helps put that into perspective:你所做的任何一点点的琐事都会成为那个最终的美好愿景的一部分。So, you all know Wikipedia, biggest wiki in the world.大家都听说过维基百科,全球最大的Wiki(wiki是一种在网路上开放、可供多人协同创作的超文本系统)。Second biggest wiki in the world, with nearly 80,000 articles,is the World of Warcraft wiki.全球第二大的wiki,就是《魔兽世界》wiki,里面大约有8万篇文章。Five million people use it every month.每个月都有500万人在使用它。They have compiled more information about World of Warcraft on the Internet than any other topic covered on any other wiki in the world.里面集合的有关《魔兽世界》的信息比网络上任何其他主题的信息都要多。They are building an epic story.这就创造了一个史诗般的故事。They are building an epic knowledge resource about the World of Warcraft.同时也创就了一个关于《魔兽世界》的,如史诗般的巨大的知识资源。Okay, so these are four superpowers that add up to one thing:这就是把那四种超能力集中到一件事情上的例子。Gamers are super-empowered, hopeful individuals.游戏玩家们就是一个被高度授权、极具希望的群体。These are people who believe that they are individually capable of changing the world.他们都认为自己具有改变世界的能力。And the only problem is that they believe that they are capable of changing virtual worlds and not the real world.但问题是他们相信自己能改变的世界是虚拟世界,而不是现实世界。Thats the problem that Im trying to solve.这正是我所努力去解决的难题。Theres an economist named Edward Castronova.有一位叫Edward Castronova的经济学家。His work is brilliant. He looks at why people are investing so much time and energy and money in online worlds.他的工作非常卓越。他研究人们花费这么多时间、精力和金钱在网络游戏里面的原因。And he says, ;Were witnessing what amounts to no less than a mass exodus to virtual worlds and online game environments.他说:我们正在见着大批的人沉溺于虚拟世界和网络游戏当中。And hes an economist. So, hes rational.因为他是一位经济学家,所以他是理性的。And he says ...他还说...Not like me -- Im a game designer; Im exuberant.不像我,我只是一个游戏设计师,我充满了活力。But he says that this makes perfect sense,because gamers can achieve more in online worlds than they can in real life.他还说,玩游戏变得更有意义,因为游戏玩家在虚拟世界里得到了比现实生活中更多的东西。They can have stronger social relationships in games than they can have in real life;they get better feedback and feel more rewarded in games than they do in real life.他们在游戏里可以拥有比现实生活中更好的社会关系,玩家也可以获得比现实生活中更好的回报以及成就感。So, he says for now it makes perfect sense for gamers to spend more time in virtual worlds than the real world.因此,他说对于游戏玩家而言,花费更多的时间在虚拟空间中比现实社会里更有意义。201606/448914郴州市第一人民医院男科专家

郴州哪家医院治疗软下疳郴州包皮手术时间和费用 VOA流行美语 24: take a hike李华是在纽约上大学的中国学生。现在她正在和Michael这个美国学生谈有关她学习方面的问题。今天Michael 会教李华两个常用语:to take a hike 和 to blow off。L: Michael,我真烦死了,我们那个经济学教授非要我们分成小组来完成一个项目,可小组里一个同学嘛一声不啃,另一个我说什么他都反对。M: If I were you, I would have told him to take a hike.L: 你要对他说什么? Take a hike? 是什么意思啊?M: Take a hike is to tell someone to leave, or to tell someone to leave you alone.L: Take a hike就是叫谁走开,或者是告诉某人不要来打搅我。对吗?M: That's correct. In fact, you told me there's that one guy who always bothers you in the study hall. You should tell him to take a hike.L: 我知道你在说谁。我在自修室里念书的时候,那个人经老是要来跟 我说话。可是他往往很不客气。M: Why don't you tell him to take a hike?L: 我不好意思对别人说这种话。 那样很不礼貌,是不是?M: Sometimes you can use "take a hike" in a joking manner. For instance, when my friend kept teasing me about the way I dressed the other day, I told him to take a hike.L: 我那天是听见你那朋友在笑话你穿的衣,可是,当时你说take a hike,我不知道是什么意思。现在想起来,你好象是用开玩笑的口气说的。M: Li Hua, give me an example. I want to see if you know how to use it.L: 哼,你要考我! Michael, 你经常跟我开玩笑,说我老买衣,下次你再要这样,我就要对你说:Take a hike.M: Yes, Li Hua, I suppose you could.L: Michael, 你昨晚上不是说好要跟Bob去看电影吗?你怎么一个晚上都呆在家里呢?M: Bob and I did make plans to go out last night. But he blew me off. He decided to go out with his girlfriend. It wasn't the first time he blew me off.L: 原来说好去看电影,到最后一分钟打电话给你说要和女朋友出去 玩。Michael,你刚才说了两遍blew me off ? 是不是取消原定约会的意思?M: Yes, to blow off means to break off plans you had with someone.L: 也就是说你和Bob约好去看电影,可是他为了跟女朋友玩而把你给甩了。M: You're right.L: To blow off 还能用在什么场合呢?M: If someone has been friendly to you in the past, but he suddenly seems to ignore you, you can say that person blew you off.L: 噢,to blow off 还可以指某人突然对你很冷淡。M: Yes. For instance, when I was at a party last weekend, Nancy acted like she didn't even know who I was. I can say Nancy blew me off.L: Nancy上个周末在聚会上看见你好象不认识你?这不可能,她不是跟你很好的吗?M: Yes, but that's ok. Li Hua, you can also use this phrase to talk about things you blow off, such as something you don't want to do.L: 我不想做什么事,也可以用to blow off。我不是告诉你我不想参加 那经济学的小组吗?可是,要是我blow it off,我这门课就会不及格。M: Yeah, there are some things in life you just shouldn't blow off.L: 唉,生活中有些事是非得做的,就象和你一起吃午饭一样。M: Oh, Li Hua, take a hike.在今天的对话中,Michael教了李华两个常用语,一个是:take a hike,意思是叫某人走开;另一个是to blow off,这是指取消约会,或者是不做自己不想做的事。这次的[流行美语]就到此结束,我们下次再会。 /200601/3095郴州资兴市有泌尿科吗

郴州男科包皮过长 Gratitude for Every Single Moment of Life 感激生活的每一刻选自:American Beauty《美国丽人》 这是该片结束时的一段独白,凄厉,朦胧,包含着人生的哲理。对事物的形容简练、深刻、意境深远。秋天的黄叶、母亲如纸般的皮肤……,短短几句就道出无限凄凉。这样富有文学性的独白,用现代的语言说出来,别有一番滋味。单词通缉令1. flash vi.闪现2. second n.秒;瞬间3. stretch vi.伸展4. Boy Scout 美国一学生组织,宗旨是训练未成年人的生活能力5. piss off 恼怒6. fill up 填补;装满7. burst vi.爆裂8. to hold onto… 坚持9. gratitude vi.感激;感谢;感恩Lester Burnham: I’d always heard your entire life 1)flashes in front of your eyes the 2)second before you die. First of all, that one second isn’t a second at all. It 3)stretches on forever like an ocean of time. For me it was lying on my back at 4)Boy Scout camp, watching falling stars and yellow leaves from the maple trees that lined our street or my grandmother’s hands and the way her skin seemed like paper. I guess I could be pretty 5)pissed off about what happened to me, but it’s hard to stay mad when there’s so much beauty in the world. Sometimes I feel like I’m seeing it all at once and it’s too much. My heart 6)fills up like a balloon that’s about to 7)burst. And then I remember to relax and stop trying to 8)hold onto it. And then it flows through me like rain and I can’t feel anything but 9)gratitude for every single moment of my stupid little life. You have no idea what I’m talking about, I’m sure, but don’t worry, you will some day.莱斯特#8226;伯翰姆:我常听人说人临死前的一瞬间,他的整个一生都会闪现在眼前。首先那一瞬间根本就不是一秒一刻。那一瞬间绵延无限,象是时间的海洋。对我而言,那一瞬间就是在男孩训练营仰卧看星星坠落;看黄叶从枫树上飘落,洒满街头;或看奶奶的手,那像纸一样的皮肤。我以为对于发生在自己身上的事会很恼怒,但这世界充满美丽,我又怎能忿忿不休。有时候,我觉得一下子看到了全部,太多太多。整颗心鼓涨得像个气球,随时都会爆破。然后我记得要放松,不要过于执著。然后,它就像雨水流过我身上,我没别的感觉,只觉得对我这愚蠢的一生中的每一刻时光充满感激。我肯定你不会知道我在说什么,但不用担心,有一天你会的。句子模仿秀弥留之际,百感交集。充满对生命的留恋与生活的热爱。一种非常健康的人生态度,值得每个人去追求。学习指导体会意境。最佳背诵时间4秒。 /200603/5368郴州哪家医院泌尿外科好郴州男科那个医院好



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