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1. Hustling - at least 8 hours daily.忙一忙——每天至少8小时You take charge of your own life and make your dreams come true. You don’t just dream about it - you take massive action as well.掌控你生活的是你自己,能让你的梦想成真的也是你自己。你不能只是做梦,你还得采取大量的行动。When you hustle, you manifest your intangible thoughts into tangible outcomes in the real world.当你忙的时候,你能把那些模糊的想法变成确实的结果。Hustling isn’t about keeping yourself busy. It’s about identifying the tasks with the highest value and executing them ruthlessly.我所说的“忙一忙”并不是指单纯地一直做事,而是说先鉴别出最有价值的任务,然后毫不犹豫地执行它们。While hustling isn’t a guarantee that you will succeed, failing to do so is a guarantee that you will fail.虽然这么做并不能保你成功,但不这么做却能保你失败。2. Slowing down in the middle of the day - 15 minutes daily.找个时间放慢脚步——每天15分钟Sometimes, it’s easy to get caught up with the never-ending hustling.有时候,你很容易被永远做不完的事搞得焦头烂额。You may forget to stop and smell the roses.你可能会忘了停下脚步欣赏沿途的风景。Slow down. Your mind needs that short break.慢下来。你的大脑需要这样的小憩。Slow down whenever you catch yourself moving too fast. Doing so will reward you with extra energy and creativity.无论何时,只要你觉得自己走得太快了,就放慢脚步。这么做会让你获得额外的能量和创造力。3. Exercising - 30 minutes daily.锻炼——每天30分钟You aly know how important exercise is, right?你也知道运动很重要,对不对?It keeps your body in optimal condition, keeps your brain sharp and make you more confident.它能让你的身体保持最佳状态,还能让你的大脑保持敏锐,并让你更加自信。Make sure you exercise daily no matter how busy you get.无论多忙,都要确保每天运动。If you sacrifice health for wealth, someday you’re going to sacrifice your wealth for health.如果你现在为了财富而牺牲健康,总有一天你得为了健康而牺牲财富。4. Sleeping - 6 to 8 hours daily.睡觉——每天6-8小时I used to see people taking pride on their lack of sleep.我以前经常看到人们因为睡得少而感到自豪。They’re proud of sleeping for 2 hours a night to pursue their dreams.他们为了追求梦想而每天只睡2小时,并因此感到骄傲。Then, they fell sick after a few days and took double the sleeping time to recover…结果,没过几天他们就病了,得多睡一倍的时间才能康复。You have audacious goals, and that’s exactly why you must be well rested.你的目标很远大,而正因为如此你才需要好好休息。Remember, you want to thrive in the long term.记住,你希望赢得的是长跑,而不是百米冲刺。5. Visualizing long, middle and short term goals - 5 minutes daily.想象长期、中期和短期的愿景——每天5分钟It’s easy to lose the big picture when you’re immersed in detailed executions.当你埋头执行那些具体的任务时,你很容易忽略大局。It’s also easy to miss out the details executions when you’re grasping the big picture.而当你规划大局的时候,你也很容易忘了想怎么执行细节。Visualizing long, middle and short term goals allow you to refresh your mind about your current situation.将长、中、短期的愿景都想一想,这能让你重新激活大脑,让你把现况看得更清楚。6. Planning your day - 10 minutes daily.为这一天做计划——每天10分钟When you do #5, you set the goals or locate the destination. When you plan your day, you work on the specifics.当你执行刚刚的第5条时,你是在确定你的目标和目的地;而当你制定当天的计划时,你是在处理具体的细节。A plan should be specific, actionable and measurable.这些计划应该是具体、可执行、可量化的。Spend 10 minutes on planning everyday and you’ll experience a productivity boost.每天花10分钟计划一下,你的产出率会突飞猛进。7. Nurture your relationships - at least 1 hour daily.维护你的人际关系——每天至少1小时Your family and friends matter.你的家人和朋友都是很重要的人。They appear in your life for reasons.他们出现在你的生命中是有原因的。Cherish them. Let them know no matter how busy you are, you always have them in mind.珍惜他们。让他们知道:无论你有多忙,你总会记着他们。8. Spending time with people you look up to - 1 hour daily.与那些你欣赏的人呆在一起——每天1小时There must be someone who is living the kind you life you envision.肯定有人过着你梦想中的那种生活。Spend time with them.花些时间和他们呆在一起。Spending time with these people need not be two-way all the time.这种“呆在一起”并不一定得是双向的。You can also spend time with them via ing or actively learning from their YouTube s.你也可以通过阅读他们的著作或者观看他们的YouTube视频来和他们“呆在一起”。9. Enjoying your hobby- 30 minutes daily.享受你的兴趣爱好——每天30分钟Can be gardening, writing, listening to music.这可以是园艺、写作、听音乐等等等等。Basically anything.基本上什么都可以。The time purposefully spent isn’t time wasted.像这样有意花掉的时间并不是一种浪费。10. Reflection before going to bed - 10 minutes daily.睡前反思——每天10分钟No matter how well you’ve done anything, there’s always room for improvement.无论你把一件事情做得多么好,你总会有提升的空间。Reflect about the things you’ve done and think about how you can do better the next time.回想一下你做了什么,再想想下次如何能做得更好。Just do that while laying, right before you sleep.睡前躺着想一想就可以了。You don’t necessarily learn things from every reflection. But the more you reflect, the better you will understand about yourself and the better person you will be come in the long run.你并不一定会从每次反思中都学到东西。但是,你反思得越多,你对自己就越了解,而从长期来看你也会变成一个更好的人。 /201707/516558。

How do I handle questions about potential salary?被问到对薪水的期望时我应该怎样回答?Salary questions should always be deterred until an offer is on the table. So if a potential employer asks you how much money are you looking to make, what kind of salary are you looking for, the worst question and always a red flag for an applicant is, ;What is your bottom line?; or ,;What is the lowest salary you are willing to accept?; If you ever hear that question,that is the major clue to turn down this company and just leave because they are strictly bottom line oriented. And if you#39;re not going to meet their minimum salary requirements, then they are going to hire somebody who will. So you want to make sure that any discussion of salary is talked about when there#39;s an offer on the table because that#39;s the only time you have to really leverage that situation. If you#39;re asked, ;How much money are you looking for?; your response should be, ;I am very very interested in this position. I#39;m sure we can come to a meeting of minds. I#39;m negotiable and flexible on salary. Let#39;s table that discussion until you determine that I am one of the top two candidates.;雇主考虑聘用你的时候肯定会提到关于薪水的问题。所以,当潜在雇主问你希望能有多少薪水的时候,最糟糕的问题,对应聘者最危险的问题就是,“你的底线是多少?”“你能接受的最低薪水是多少?”如果你听到过这个问题,这通常是拒绝这家公司,然后离开的最大理由。因为他们太倾向于底线。如果你提出的薪资超过他们的最低薪资,他们会雇佣能够接受最低薪资的人。所以,你想要确保有可能被聘用的时候再讨论薪资问题,因为只有这时候你才需要权衡形势。如果潜在雇主问你,“你的期望薪资是多少?”你应该回答,“我对这个职位非常感兴趣。我相信我们能够达成共识,在薪资方面可以协商,可以灵活处理。你们确定我很有希望被聘用的时候我们再来讨论这个问题。”Thanks for watching How To Handle Questions About Potential Salary In An Interview.感谢收看“求职面试中怎样灵活处理薪资问题”视频节目。 Article/201211/210770。

【视频欣赏】【听力文本】If you’re longing to spend more time with the Sandman, your dream will come true by heeding this advice.You Will NeedDoctor Comfortable mattress Room-darkening shades Cool temperatures Ear plugs White noise machine Dietary adjustments To-do list (optional) Sleep mask (optional) Step 1: Make time for sleep(保足够的睡眠时间)Make time for sleep no matter how hectic your daily schedule, and commit yourself to going to bed and getting up at the same times each day.Adults require about 8 hours of sleep, but the amount varies among individuals.Step 2: Rule out disorders(不要改变作息规律)Rule out sleep disorders which may interfere with sleep, seeking your physician’s advice if necessary.Step 3: Create a relaxing environment(创造一个懒洋洋的环境)Create a relaxing and quiet sleep environment. Use a comfortable mattress and room-darkening shades, and establish a cool, comfortable temperature.If stress is shortening your night, make a to-do list, mentally setting it aside until morning.Step 4: Address lifestyle issues(改变生活方式)Address your lifestyle. Shift workers and people with jet lag typically employ such techniques as keeping sunlight out of the bedroom, using ear plugs, and using a white noise machine.If light shows into your bedroom, use a sleep mask.Step 5: Avoid electronics(睡觉时不要开着通讯设备)Avoid electronics at bedtime. Turn off your cell phone, and keep TVs and computers out of the bedroom to avoid distractions.Step 6: Adjust your diet(注意饮食)Adjust your diet, avoiding caffeine and alcohol close to bedtime and allowing 2 to 3 hours between eating and bedtime.Step 7: Make the most of bedtime(抓紧时间睡觉)Make the most of bedtime using these tips, especially if you’re a new parent or your situation otherwise temporarily creates short nights. The Sandman will wait. Article/201003/99708。

Florist Trish Haunton shows you how to arrange flowers in a small vase. See how to arrange red roses in a small vase using an aspidistra leaf and bear grass.花商教你如何在小花瓶里摆放花朵,以及如何用叶兰叶子和青草装饰红玫瑰。Step 1: You will need材料A small clear glass vase- 3/4 full of water, 12 short stemmed flowers, one aspidistra leaf, bear grass, a ruler scissors or a vegetable knife, a dash of household bleach and a bucket of warm water干净的花瓶,装3/4的水,12朵短茎花朵,一片叶兰叶子,草,尺子,剪刀或者水果刀,漂白剂,热水Step 2: Select flower选花Step 3: Remove去除Step 4: Prepare the vase花瓶Step 5: Line the vase摆放Step 6: Cut stems剪枝Step 7: Arrange flowers排序Step 8: Display展示【提示:2-8过程请参照视频信息】Thanks for watching How To Arrange Flowers For A Small Vase谢谢收看本期“装饰花瓶”教程。 Article/201208/193956。

You Will Need你需要Kabuki brush多功能刷子Loose powder散粉Mineral foundation矿物粉底Eye shadow眼影刷Eyeliner眼线笔Lash curler睫毛夹Mascara睫毛膏Eye pencil眼线笔Blush刷子Lipstick唇Steps步骤Step 1 Cover circles覆盖细纹Cover circles under your eyes to avoid shadows that glasses can amplify. Brush loose powder on your nose since liquid makeup can smear on your nosepiece.覆盖眼底细纹,以防眼镜将其放大。在鼻子附近使用散粉,而不是液体化妆品,因为镜架会弄花鼻子上的液体化妆品。Step 2 Smooth on foundation均匀粉底Use a mineral foundation to eliminate redness around your nose. It will prevent smearing, and covers where the glasses marks on the bridge of the nose normally appear.使用矿物质粉底可避免鼻子附近的皮肤发红。它还可以防止妆容变花。它还可以掩盖镜架总在鼻梁上留下的印记。Step 3 Apply neutral中性颜色Apply eye shadow without exceeding the eye length. Since lenses can amplify everything, conservatively smooth on a neutral shade if you have colorful or bright frames, going from the middle out to the eye corners.不要夸张眼部妆容。因为镜片能够放大眼部,如果镜框颜色明亮,则使用保守中庸颜色的眼影,从眼部中部开始描画至眼尾。Tip: Frosty or shimmery eye shadow can detract from or compete with frames.小贴士:冷色和闪光的眼影和镜框搭配会不和谐。Step 4 Curl, separate lashes卷曲睫毛Curl your eyelashes to keep your eyes looking big and to keep them from brushing against your lenses. Using a thin formula mascara and wiggle the wand to prevent clumping for a doll look that the glasses will emphasize.使用睫毛夹使眼睛看上去更大,还能防止睫毛进到眼睛里。使用纤长睫毛膏,在刷睫毛时抖动睫毛刷以防止睫毛凝结,别像洋娃娃一样,也别忘了眼睛会放大一切。Step 5 Frame the frames强调眉毛Frame your glasses with strong, full, darkened eyebrows that look natural without thickening or overdoing it.强调镜框的眉毛,使眉毛看上去自然健康,而不是修剪得过细。Tip: If you want to dramatize or enlarge the eyes, especially if your glasses make them look small, create a bold, crisp edge over and under your eyes with black eyeliner.小贴士:如果你想放大双眼,特别是眼镜使你的眼睛看上去很小的时候,使用眼线笔夸张大胆地描画眼线。Step 6 Highlight with blush刷子强调Wear a luminous blush on your cheeks, nose, and chin. Highlight with soft color on the apple of you cheek to emphasize, rather than distract from, your glasses.在颧骨,鼻子,下巴处刷上散粉。用柔和的高光在脸颊上做强调,腮红和你的镜框和谐统一。Step 7 Finish with lipstick以唇结束Choose a light color lipstick to keep the attention on your eyes, and to avoid making the distance between eyes and lips too short. Lip liner should be consistent, and soft instead of bright in color. Now go and show #39;em why four eyes are better than two.选择浅色唇以突出眼部的重点,避免两眼之间,或是眼唇之间距离过近。唇线应连贯柔和,不要用过于鲜艳的颜色。现在就去展示一下吧,戴眼镜比不戴更加妩媚动人!Fact: Benjamin Franklin invented bifocals.小常识:本杰明·富兰克林(美国政治家及科学家)发明了近视和远视眼镜。 Article/201208/195743。