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The extent of China#39;s soil pollution, long guarded as a state secret, was laid out in an official report that confirmed deep-seated fears about contaminated farmland and the viability of the country#39;s food supply. 中国官方报告公布了一向被视为国家机密的中国土壤污染数据,人们对中国耕地污染以及食品供应的担忧得到印。Nearly one-fifth of the country#39;s arable land is polluted, officials said in the report, shedding unexpected light on the scale of the problem--a legacy of China#39;s three decades of breakneck economic growth and industrial expansion. 中国富翁的农产品情结报告称,中国有近五分之一的耕地受到污染。报告出人意料的揭示了土壤污染问题的严重程度,这个问题是中国长达30年的经济高速增长和工业扩张带来的一个后果。#39;The national soil situation overall does not offer cause for optimism,#39; said the report. #39;In some areas, soil pollution is relatively severe. The condition of arable land is troubling, with the problem of pollution from industry and mining particularly worrisome.#39; 报告称,全国土壤环境状况总体不容乐观。报告称,部分地区土壤污染较重,耕地土壤环境质量堪忧,工矿业废弃地土壤环境问题突出。While China#39;s problems with air pollution are well-documented, environmentalists have warned about the effects of less-visible contamination of the country#39;s land. 此项为期七年的调查实际调查面积为630万平方公里。报告发现,中国约有16%的土壤和19%的耕地受到不同程度的污染。报告称,污染主要来自重金属等无机来源。中国国土面积为960万平方公里。#39;Air pollution is definitely more visible and present, but soil is the last environmental media where pollutants end up,#39; said Wu Yixiu, head of Greenpeace#39;s East Asia toxins campaign. Heavy metal particles in the air and water seep into the land, then #39;get into the food and affect everybody,#39; she added. 报告显示,中国土壤中的主要无机污染物为镉、镍、砷这三种重金属。镉和砷是采矿业的副产品,众所周知它们可导致慢性病。The report, based on a seven-year survey covering 2.4 million square miles, found that about 16% of the country#39;s soil and 19% of its arable land was polluted to one degree or another. The vast majority of the pollution came from inorganic sources such as heavy metals, it said. China#39;s total land area is 3.7 million square miles. 报告显示,中国有近3%的耕地要么属于中度污染,要么属于重度污染。报告没有对各种程度的污染加以界定。报告称,长江三角洲、珠江三角洲和东北老工业基地的土壤污染问题较为突出。The most common inorganic pollutants found in China#39;s soil were the heavy metals cadmium, nickel and arsenic, according to Thursday#39;s report. Cadmium and arsenic, both known to cause chronic health problems, are byproducts of mining. 由于耕地面积缺乏,耕地污染问题对于中国来说尤为令人担忧。根据最近一次全国土地调查,截至2012年年末,中国耕地总面积为3.34亿英亩(合20.27亿亩),较政府设定的“红线”(指养活中国人口所需的耕地面积)多出3,700万英亩左右。Nearly 3% of arable land in China was found to be either moderately or seriously polluted, the report said, without defining what those levels of contamination mean. Pollution was particularly severe in eastern China#39;s Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta in the south and old industrial zones in the northeast, it said. 中国国土资源部去年12月公布,已经有824万英亩耕地已经不适于进行农业种植。环保人士们称,余下的耕地中大多数属于低质或中质水平,几十年来大规模使用化肥和杀虫剂使得这些土地丧失了生产能力。Pollution of farmland is of particular concern in China because of how little of it has. According to the most recent national land survey, China had 334 million acres of arable land at the end of 2012, roughly 37 million acres above the government#39;s #39;red line#39; for the amount of farmland necessary to feed the country#39;s population. 这么多的污染土壤意味着中国未来可能需要开始进口更多食物。美国农业部经济研究所(Economic Research Service)的经济学家盖尔(Fred Gale)说,长期而言,中国需要放松自然资源基础承受的压力,并进口更多食物。他说,农业受到工业污染的影响,但同时农业自身也造成了许多污染,他这里指的是中国肉类需求增加所造成的浪费和生态环境破坏。Aly, some 8.24 million acres of arable land has become unfit for farming, China#39;s Ministry of Land and Resources disclosed in December. Environmentalists say the majority of the remaining land is of poor or moderate quality, having been stripped of its productivity by decades of heavy fertilizer and pesticide use. 2013年4月,几批来自中国主要大米出产省份湖南的大米中被发现含有大量镉。这一发现引发了外界对耕地的担忧,并一度使得湖南大米价格下跌达14%。湖南同时也是中国前五大铜、铅等有色金属的生产地区。So much polluted soil means China will likely have to begin importing more food. #39;China will need to ease pressure on its natural resource base and import more of its food over the long-term,#39; said Fred Gale, an economist with the U.S. Department of Agriculture#39;s Economic Research Service. #39;Agriculture is impacted by industrial pollution but also creates a lot of pollution itself,#39; he said, citing waste and ecological damage caused by China#39;s growing taste for meat. 普遍接受的标准是,每公斤大米可含镉量为0.4毫克,若长期食用超过这一标准的大米会导致骨骼疼痛,并对肝肾造成损伤。2013年检测的几批湖南大米样本显示镉量均超标。In April 2013, the discovery of unusually high quantities of cadmium in batches of rice grown in Hunan--the country#39;s top rice-producing region, as well as a top-five producer of nonferrous metals like copper and lead--set off worries about farmland and sent prices for Hunan rice tumbling by as much as 14%. 而就在湖南大米被检测出含镉量超标之前不久,环境保护部拒绝了一位北京律师要求公布土壤污染调查结果的请求。该部门当时说,相关数据涉及国家机密,因此不能够公布。Consuming cadmium in excess of the widely accepted standard of 0.4 milligrams per kilogram of rice over a long period can cause crippling pain the bones and liver and kidney damage. Several samples of the Hunan rice tested in 2013 showed levels of cadmium above that standard. Zuma Press青海省,农民正在给耕地松土。不过中国政府已经开始加强重视环境恶化带来的风险。The cadmium disclosure came shortly after the Ministry of Environmental Protection rejected a request filed by a Beijing-based lawyer to release the results of the soil pollution survey. The ministry said at the time the data couldn#39;t be released because it was a state secret. 去年12月,中国宣布将抛弃以往以GDP为核心的政府官员考核体系,代之以一套涵盖更广泛的标准,其中就包括环境保护。在网络上发起呼吁提高空气质量信息透明度的运动三年后,中国大多数大城市都每小时发布空气污染水平数据。去年7月,环境保护部发布了相关规定,要求中国所有省份建立网络平台,发布主要企业的实时污染数据。Authorities have started to give more weight to the risks of environmental degradation. 力推公开土壤污染信息的律师董正伟说,这是让公民在环境保护问题上享有知情权的第一步。他还补充说,这一信息对公众来说已经来晚了,不过总比没有强。In December, the Communist Party announced it would scrap its previous gross domestic product-driven performance evaluation system and replace it with one that would judge officials according to a wider variety of criteria, including environmental protection. Three years after an online campaign calling for more accurate information about air quality, most major cities in China now publish hourly data on air pollution levels. In July, the environmental ministry issued regulations requiring all Chinese provinces to establish an online platform for reporting pollution produced by major companies. 广东省生态环境与土壤研究所土壤治理专家陈能场说,这打破了土壤污染普查结果是国家机密的观念,并提供了更多信息。但他也称,政府发布这份数据只是做个姿态,并未提供确切的解决方案。#39;This is a primary step for citizens#39; right to know about the environmental protection issue,#39; said Dong Zhengwei, the lawyer who pushed for release of the results. He added, #39;this information is late for the public, but it#39;s still better than nothing.#39; 土壤修复是使遭受污染的土壤恢复正常功能的技术措施,这一过程对技术要求很高,而且需要几十年的时间。在不同的条件下,重金属的反应也不同,这就令确定污染源变得困难,要把重金属从土壤中除去,可能需要把土地休耕数年。Chen Nengchang, a soil remediation expert with the Guangdong Institute of Environmental and Soil Sciences, said the report #39;clears away the image of soil pollution as a state secret and provides more information.#39; But he added that the release is #39;a gesture#39; that did little to provide solutions. 中国在最新的五年规划中提出,将投入人民币300亿元用于土壤修复和污染预防,不过有专家表示,相关成本要比这个数目多得多。 /201404/289088

Lam Kok, the Chinese businessmen who is believed to have died in a helicopter crash in the French wine region of Bordeaux, had a resume that is typical of many of China#39;s wealthy tycoons today: He was politically connected, made his fortune primarily in real estate and kept a low profile.中国商人郝琳(Lam Kok)据信已在法国葡萄酒产区波尔多的直升飞机失事中死亡。他的履历代表了中国当今众多富豪的特点:有政治人脉,主要靠房地产发家,为人低调。Mr. Kok was last seen boarding a helicopter, along with the pilot and two others, to tour a vineyard that his company just bought. The helicopter crashed in the Dordogne River. While Mr. Kok#39;s body hasn#39;t been recovered, the body of his 12-year-old son was discovered in the river over the weekend.人们最后看到郝琳的场景是他登上一架直升飞机去游览他的公司刚刚买下的葡萄园,同行的还有驾驶员和另外两人。他乘坐的直升飞机在多尔多涅河坠毁。郝琳的遗体尚未被发现,但他12岁儿子的遗体周末已在河中被找到。The background of Mr. Kok, who is also known by his Mandarin name of Hao Lin, is unclear since he rarely spoke to the media. His wife, Liu Xiangyun, was the public face of Brilliant Group, the company that the couple built and whose holdings span hotels, spas, retail and tea in western China. Mr. Kok was the company#39;s chief executive; Ms. Liu holds the chairman title.郝琳的背景不为人知,因为他很少与媒体打交道。他的妻子刘湘云负责柏联集团(Brilliant Group)的对外交流。柏联集团是由这对夫妇创建的一家在中国西部投资酒店、SPA温泉、零售和茶叶等多个行业的企业。郝琳任公司总裁,刘湘云任董事长。Wealth-X, a Singapore company that tracks the net worth of the rich, estimates Mr. Kok to be worth approximately US0 million. The bulk of that wealth is his stake in the privately held Brilliant Group.跟踪富豪财富 值的新加坡公司Wealth-X估计,郝琳的身家接近7.6亿美元,其中一大部分是他在私人持股的柏联集团中的股份。Mr. Kok#39;s past before Brilliant Group is unknown, though Hong Kong Daily News reported he studied engineering in Yunnan, a province in southwestern China, and spent seven years in the military, from 1985 to 1992. Mr. Kok was also member of the Communist Party and served on provincial political committees.郝琳在柏联集团之前的经历不为人知,但据香港《新报》报道,他曾在中国云南省读过工程学,在1985年至1992年期间曾从军七年。郝琳还是共产党员,并担任省政协委员。His wife founded Brilliant Group in 1995; he joined later. The company rose to local prominence in 2001 when it opened Brilliant Plaza, a large shopping mall in Kunming, the provincial capital of Yunnan with a population of more than six million.他的妻子在1995年创立了柏联集团,他随后也加入进来。该集团2001年在昆明开设了大型购物中心百联广场(Brilliant Plaza),并由此成为地方龙头企业。昆明是云南省省会,有超过600万人口。More recently, the company focused on developing tourist properties, constructing a string of high-end hotels and spas, including the Brilliant Resort and Spa Jingmai, a hotel situated among tea plantations in Yunnan that is listed in the luxury French guide Relais et Chateaux.柏联集团近期开始专注于开发旅游地产,建设了一系列高端酒店和水疗项目,包括位于云南茶园内的柏联景迈精品酒店(Brilliant Resort and Spa Jingmai),这家酒店已被列入法国罗莱夏朵(Relais et Chateaux)豪华酒店指南。In 2003, Brilliant Group took control of the historic town of Heshun in Yunnan and developed it into a tourist destination, restoring architecture and adding hotels and cafes.2003年,柏联集团接管了云南和顺古镇的投资开发项目,将这座古镇打造了一个旅游景区,该公司对那里的古建筑进行修复,并增设了酒店和咖啡馆。The company also dealt in fine and rare Pu#39;er teas. In recent years, bricks of the special black, fermented tea from Yunnan have sold for prices comparable to the most expensive bottles of Bordeaux wine.该公司还经营顶级普洱茶业务。最近几年,产自云南的普洱茶茶砖价格堪比最贵的波尔多葡萄酒。Ms. Liu and Mr. Kok divided their roles at the company. In a rare media interview with magazine New Weekly in 2010, Ms. Liu said: #39;He is in charge of managing the money. I know how to make the money.#39; Mr. Kok took care of the operation and finances while Ms. Liu ran the marketing.刘湘云和郝琳在柏联集团承担不同的角色。刘湘云2010年在一次罕见的媒体采访中对《新周刊》说:郝琳负责管钱,我知道如何赚钱。郝琳负责公司的运营和财务,刘湘云负责营销。The purchase of the Chateau de la Rivière vineyard in France#39;s Bordeaux region last week signaled a shift for the company, marking Brilliant Group#39;s first foray outside of China. The company planned to build a hotel and tasting center for both tea and wine, with the intention to turn the vineyard into a tourist destination for Chinese travelers, the vineyard#39;s management said.柏联集团上周收购法国波尔多地区的大河酒庄(Chateau de la Riviere)意味着公司发生转变,标志着其首次进军海外。该葡萄园的管理层说,柏联集团计划建设一家酒店以及茶叶和葡萄酒品尝中心,旨在将这个葡萄园变为针对中国游客的旅游景点。The French venture was also a shift for Mr. Kok#39;s role at Brilliant Group. For the first time, he stepped into the spotlight, posed for pictures and spoke to the media--a job typically performed by his wife.进军法国也显示出郝琳在柏联集团的角色发生转变。他首次走到聚光灯下,拍照并对媒体发表讲话,这些事情过去通常都由他妻子来做。#39;Our project is a cultural one as well as an economic one. We will combine great wines and the best teas, with a spa and all the well-being that is associated with it,#39; he told members of the French media at a news conference a few hours before the helicopter he was riding went missing.在郝琳搭乘的直升机发生坠机几个小时前,他在一个新闻发布会上对法国媒体表示:我们的项目既是一个文化项目,也是一个经济项目,我们将把高档葡萄酒和最好的茶叶结合在一起,并建立一个水疗项目和所有与之相关的养生项目。 /201312/270217

A mother and daughter have made their wedding days extra special - by having a joint ceremony。一对母女举办了一场与众不同的婚礼,属于她们的共同婚礼。Kim Milhano, 28, and Susan Scott-Williams, 51, got married together after their partners suggested the best friends share their special day.The pair, who are often mistaken for sisters, saved £2,000 by combining their nuptials at a hotel near their homes in Bristol. Mother-of-two Kim said: #39;Sharing my big day with another bride could made it feel half as special but it actually brought us double the joy. #39;Me and my mum are best mates and so the whole day was perfect.#39;结婚前二人的丈夫建议她们应该让好朋友分享她们的幸福时刻,于是28岁的金·米哈诺和她51岁的妈妈苏珊·斯科特·威廉姆斯决定共同举办婚礼。这对住在布尔斯托尔的母女经常被误认为,而这次决定在离家不远的酒店里共同举行婚礼则为她们省下了两千英镑。 已经是两个孩子的母亲的金表示:“感觉和另一位新娘同时举行婚礼、自己的婚礼好像就不那么特别了,但这的确给我们带来了双倍的喜悦。我和妈妈是彼此最重要的伙伴,因此这是最完美的婚礼。”Kim, a care assistant, and her husband Carlos, 45, a construction worker, had been engaged for eight years but never got round to tying the knot. It was only when her mother found love for the second time that her new partner Barry, 46, a painter and decorator, and Carlos conspired to convince the girls of their idea for a double wedding. Kim and Susan then spent months planning their big day together choosing different dresses but matching bridesmaid gowns, bouquets and music。金是一名护理员,丈夫卡洛斯45岁,是一名建筑工人。他们已经订婚八年了但却从未想过步入婚姻殿堂。直到金的母亲重获挚爱46岁的室内装饰师巴瑞,卡洛斯才试图说金和她的母亲共同举行婚礼。而后的几个月里金和苏珊共同策划她们的大日子,选择风格各异但却不失妥当的伴娘礼,花束和音乐。The duo’s flower girls and paige boys also matched with Kim’s two children Koen, six, and Skye, four, doing the honours and Susan accompanied by her other grandchildren, Summer, five, and Harry, three. After walking up two aisles in a V-shape, the brides met their husbands for their ceremonies, which were followed by a huge party for 180 people, including the families of brides and grooms. And because they had one giant wedding instead of two, the family managed to save a quarter of the cost of the £8,000 event。金的花童是她6岁的儿子科恩和4岁的女儿斯凯,这两个孩子将尽地主之谊做些力所能及的事。而伴苏珊左右的是她5岁的孙子萨莫和3岁的孙女哈莉。当两位新娘走上各自的V行走廊,她们看到了等在那里的丈夫,她们的婚礼正式开始。这是一场与众不同的盛大婚礼,包括新娘新郎家人在内,共有180人出席。如果各自举行婚礼她们将花费8千英镑,但因为本次是共同举行婚礼,她们省下了四分之一的花费。Kim said: #39;When Carlos rang me and said ;I think you need to sit down; I was worried one of the kids was hurt. #39;So it was a bit of a relief when he said he wanted to have a double wedding with my mum and Barry. #39;Up until then day-to-day life had taken over and we’d never had time or the money to plan a wedding. #39;Mum and Barry were happy for us to do things completely our way because they’ve both been married before but it was her wedding too and I didn’t want to take over. #39;So we planned everything together - it’s what our whole family is like. Thankfully we never had a difference of opinion!”金说:“克洛斯求婚的时候我跟他说要坐下来等一等。因为我当时很担心会不会有孩子因此受到伤害,因此当他说他想同妈妈和巴瑞共同举行婚礼时,事情变得轻松了一些。而且虽然日子飞逝但当时我们没有时间也没有资金去举办婚礼。” “妈妈和巴瑞都很高兴我们能够完全按照自己的方式办婚礼。虽然他们此前都各种结过婚,但这也是属于妈妈的婚礼,我不想完全自己说了算。因此我和妈妈一起商议所有事情,正如一家人那样。谢天谢地我们从未有过分歧,”金继续说道。Susan, a drugs and alcohol worker, said: #39;I’d never thought about doing anything like this even though Barry and I had aly thought about possibly getting married.#39; Although Kim was more hesitant than me when Carlos and Barry suggested it, we all soon realised it would be a fantastic idea. #39;We did lots of planning together and although we’re quite different it all worked out. And we definitely saved money by having just one wedding instead of two!#39; It was such a proud day for my dad seeing his daughter and his granddaughter get married in the same wedding.#39;苏珊是一位生产药物和酒精的工人。她说:“虽然巴瑞和我想过结婚的事,但我从来没想到我们会共同举行婚礼。虽然当卡洛斯和巴瑞提出这个建议时金比我更加犹豫,但我们很快都放松下来意识到这真是个绝妙的主意。”“虽然我们很不同但我们在一起做了很多计划,所有问题都得以解决。并且毫无疑问因为举办一场而不是两场婚礼,我们节省了开。能够让我的父亲看到他的女儿和孙女在同一场婚礼中步入婚姻殿堂,是个多么激动人心的日子啊 。”苏珊骄傲地说道。 /201410/334726

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