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“绝望主妇”伊娃:用法语立下婚誓The endless details were numbing, but Eva Longoria says she kept herself cool at her wedding to Tony Parker last week."My stylist, Robert Verdi, and everybody around me was like, `You're so calm,'" Longoria tells OK! magazine in its latest issue, on newsstands Friday. "I actually don't stress about anything."The 32-year-old "Desperate Housewives" actress and the 25-year-old NBA star wed in a civil ceremony in Paris last Friday. The following day, they exchanged vows in a church across from the Louvre Museum and held an exclusive reception at a storied French chateau."Every girl dreams of having a beautiful, romantic wedding," says Longoria. "It was amazing to see it unfold after months of planning. We really wanted to create an experience for our guests. It was about them having fun."That list included fellow "Housewives" Teri Hatcher and Felicity Huffman and singer Sheryl Crow.Parker, who was born in Belgium and raised in France, notes that Longoria chose the wedding destination."I didn't want to do it in Paris because we'd end up inviting more people than I wanted!" says Parker, eliciting laughs from Longoria.Longoria also giggled during the wedding ceremony as she attempted to say her vows in French."She decided I would do the vows in English; hers would be in French," Parker explains. "There were some tough words. I'm very proud of her." 婚礼筹备中没完没了的琐事几乎能把人弄麻木,而伊娃·朗格莉娅称,在上周她和帕克的婚礼上,她一直保持着镇静和从容。朗格莉娅在接受将于本周五出版的最新一期OK!杂志的采访时说:“我的造型师罗伯特·弗迪和身边的所有人都说,‘你好有定力啊!’其实我对任何事都不会看得太重。”上周五,这位32岁的“绝望主妇”和25岁的NBA球星在巴黎登记结婚。第二天,两人在卢浮宫对面的一个教堂交换婚誓,并在当地的一个古堡举行了一场盛大的婚宴。朗格莉娅说:“每个女孩都梦想能有一个美好、浪漫的婚礼。经过几个月的筹备,我的这个梦想终于实现了,真是美妙极了!我们很想让来宾们能有一番不一样的体验。主要是想让他们开心!”参加婚礼的来宾包括与朗格莉娅共同出演《绝望主妇》的特里·海切尔和费丽西提·胡夫曼两位“主妇”和歌手谢丽尔·克劳。生在比利时、长在法国的帕克说,婚礼地点是朗格莉娅选的。帕克说:“我不想在巴黎办,因为这样邀请的人会太多。”帕克的话引得朗格莉娅直发笑。朗格莉娅在婚礼上尝试用法语说她的婚誓时也忍不住笑了起来。帕克说:“她决定让我用英文说婚誓,她用法语说。有些词挺难说的,我十分为她骄傲。” /200803/31401

Doctors from the Children#39;s Hospital of Philadelphia have invented an artificial womb to support critically premature babies, according to a study published in Nature Communications.根据一项发表在《自然通讯》上的研究显示,费城儿童医院的医生们发明了一种可以维持重度早产儿发育的人造子宫。In their experiment, six premature lambs were placed in artificial wombs immediately after caesarean deliveries at the equivalent of 23 weeks human gestation.在实验中,6只相当于人类期23周的早产小羊在剖腹产之后被立刻放入人造子宫。In the biobag, the lambs were immersed in a substitute amniotic fluid containing nutrients and chemicals designed to stimulate growth.在这种生物袋里,这些小羊被浸入到含有养分和化学物质的替代羊水中以促进发育。While floating inside the transparent plastic vessel - in some cases for four weeks - the lambs appeared to develop normally, transforming from bald, pink fetuses into fleecy, white newborns.在这种透明塑料容器中漂浮的过程中,这些小羊似乎正常发育了(有些情况下只需4周),从光秃秃、粉嫩嫩的胎儿变成了毛茸茸的白色新生羊羔。Doctors said that the pioneering approach could radically improve outcomes for human babies born so early that they cannot breathe, feed or fight infection without medical help.医生们称,这种开创性的方法可以彻底改善人类早产儿不经医疗辅助就无法呼吸、进食、抵抗感染的状况。;If we can support growth and organ maturation for only a few weeks, we can dramatically improve outcomes for extremely premature babies,; Alan Flake, a foetal surgeon at the Children#39;s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and lead author said.费城儿童医院的胎儿外科医生、该研究的首席作者艾伦·弗莱克表示:“如果我们能在胎儿发育和器官成熟方面提供几个星期的帮助,那么我们就能极大的改善早产儿的情况。” /201705/508873

China’s biggest internet companies have agreed to share data with government authorities in an effort to eliminate fake online reviews for services such as taxi rides and restaurants.中国最大的一些互联网公司已同意对政府机构共享数据,这一努力旨在消除对出租车、餐馆等务的虚假网络。Alibaba, Tencent, JD.com, 58.com, Didi Chuxing and Baidu have all agreed to support the initiative, which aims to improve consumer trust online in a country where faking sales and reviews is commonplace in ecommerce. The practice, known in Chinese as “brushing”, is used by merchants to gain prominent placement and more sales.阿里巴巴(Alibaba),腾讯(Tencent),京东(JD.com),58同城(58.com)、滴滴出行(Didi Chuxing)以及百度(Baidu)都已同意持这一举措,此举旨在提高消费者在网上的信任感。中国电子商务中充斥着虚假销售和,商家用“刷单炒信”的方式获取更靠前的排位和更多销量。The National Development and Reform Commission, a key government agency, said yesterday that the agreement to fight “credit manipulation” would be part of a larger project announced last year to create a national “social credit system” aimed at promoting online trustworthiness.中国国家发展和改革委员会昨日表示,打击“炒信”协议是全国“社会信用体系”大型项目建设的一个组成部分,该项目于去年宣布,旨在提高网络上的可信度。“This [brushing] industry is becoming bigger and bigger, causing increasing danger to the healthy development of e-commerce business,” said Zhao Chenxin, an NDRC spokesperson.发改委新闻发言人赵辰昕表示:“(‘炒信’)产业链规模越来越大,对电子商务健康发展的危害越来越突出。”Despite the pro-consumer rhetoric, there were worries that tightening rules on online reviews and transactions would help the government create more accurate profiles of Chinese citizens. The NDRC would be compiling a “credit blacklist” as part of a “joint disciplinary scheme,” one official acknowledged.这一说法虽然听起来有利于消费者,但也有人担心,收紧关于网络和交易的规定将帮助政府创建更准确的中国公民资料。一位官员承认,发改委将编制“炒信黑名单”,作为一项“联合惩戒制度”的一部分。The “social credit” plan published last year aly has the aim of using algorithms and big data to rate not just citizens’ creditworthiness, but their overall “honesty” and “trustworthiness”.去年发布的“社会信用”计划已然确立了这样的目标:不仅要用算法和大数据对公民信用评分,还要对他们的整体“诚实度”和“可信度”评分。“The incentive scheme for integrity and joint disciplinary scheme for dishonesty is an important part of China’s social credit system,” said Zhou Min of the NDRC’s state information centre.发改委国家信息中心副主任周民表示:“守信联合激励和失信联合惩戒是我们国家社会信用体系建设顶层设计的一项重要内容。”Privacy advocates fear the system is actually designed for mass surveillance. So far, however, government efforts have been largely theoretical. A draft of the plan said it would “use encouragement” to increase trust online.主张保护隐私的人们担心该体系实际上是为大规模监视而设计的。但到目前为止,政府的努力基本还停留在理论上。该计划草案表示将“运用激励”来增加网络上的信任度。The system depends on China’s largest internet groups sharing user data, although no details of what would be provided to the government have been released. One employee of a large internet company admitted “this is mostly driven by our government relations people and we don’t have any details”.这一信用体系取决于中国大型互联网公司对其共享用户数据,不过关于哪些信息会被提供给政府的具体情况尚未披露。一家大型互联网公司的员工承认,“这主要是我们负责政府关系的人员推动的,我们不清楚任何细节”。Baidu, China’s largest search engine, and Alibaba, the ecommerce group, said they believed the system would help protect consumers against fraud.中国最大搜索引擎百度以及电商集团阿里巴巴表示,他们相信该体系有助于保护消费者免受欺诈。 /201610/474132

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