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Family Christmas meal.圣诞家庭聚餐Divorce.离婚Reminiscing at funerals.在葬礼上追怀旧人Birthday parties weddings.生日聚会 婚礼Friday night down the pub.周末晚泡吧Every Monday Wednesday and Friday.每周一三五饮酒日Some of them will find it really hard to stop.对于一些人 戒酒是个巨大考验I dont think alcohol is a drug.我认为酒不是毒品No its not a drug.不 就不是毒品I wouldnt say its a drug.我觉得酒不是毒品Inject 29mls of pure alcohol and you die.注射29毫升纯酒精足以致人丧命I dont see it as a drug.我觉得酒不是毒品No. Thats not how Id class it.不 酒不属于那一类So what about me?我的看法呢I think a few words are in order about me and alcohol.可以这样恰切地形容我的饮酒习惯And Im a drinker. I like alcohol.我不仅会喝酒 而且喜欢喝酒And in spite of my fathers serious drinking problems尽管有我父亲严重酗酒作为前车之鉴I like to drink myself.我自己还是喜欢喝酒And as an addiction expert it occurs to me that作为一个戒毒专家 我意识到I dont really know that much about this drug.对于这种成瘾品 我知之甚少And maybe I havent wanted to find out.也许我甚至都不想去了解201506/380343。

We humans are perfectly adapted to survive at ground level,我们人类完全适合在地表上生存where the air has all the right conditions for life.地表大气的状况正适合生命的存在Its the right temperature, right pressure合适的温度,合适的气压and its got the right mix of gases.合适的大气的组成成分Down here, theres plenty of oxygen about,下边这儿,有足够的氧气but after about three kilometres the airs so thin,但是大约三千米以后空气会很稀薄if you didnt have this mask, youd slip into unconsciousness.所以如果没有这个防护面具,你会变的意识不清Id better put it on.我最好还是戴上121, continue your approach. Flight information...一二一,起飞The atmosphere that surrounds our planet我们周围的大气is made up of four key layers, each very different.由四个主要的大气层组成,每一个都不同Although Im above the clouds, Im still at the very bottom,尽管是在云上面,我仍然是在大气层的底部in a layer called the troposphere.这个气层叫做对流层Its a narrow band,它宽度很窄usually more than six miles thick.通常超过6英里的厚度The troposphere is a rich soup of oxygen-rich air.对流层是一个充满暖湿氧气的气层Its unstable, chaotic and unpredictable but life depends upon it.它很不稳定,空气运动不规则而且不可预知,但是生命的存在取决于它And in just a couple of minutes, Ill be leaving it behind.只是在几分钟之后,它就会在我下面了And now Im 40,000 feet above the Earth.我现在离地球有4万英尺高201509/397253。

In a few places, Like along riverbanks and cliffs.在某些地方,比如河畔和悬崖旁where the land slips away it exposes this, the permafrost.把雪扫开,就能发现它,永久冻土Its nice to get my hands on it.把手放在上面感觉很棒If s just soil stuffed full of plants, stuffed full of carbon就是泥土充满植物,充满碳and frozen in ice.以及被雪冻住And although it might not look very interesting,虽然看起来不是很有趣this stuff is really important for our atmosphere.这种材料对我们的大气层很重要Thats because sealed in the permafrost is methane.因为这些被封住的永久冻土The danger is if the permafrost was to melt as a result of global warming,如果冻土因为全球变暖而融化it could release methane on a massive scale.释放出大量甲烷会导致危险This would dramatically accelerate global warming.会显著加快全球变暖Worryingly, here in Siberia,让人很担忧,在西伯利亚there are signs the permafrost is aly starting to melt.永久冻土开始融化的征兆开始显现Temperatures are rising faster here than anywhere else on the planet.在此地的温度上升速度比全球任意地方要快Although youd never know it.尽管你之前从未见过201509/401251。

原味人文风情:Contemporary Dance How-To15个搞笑动作跳出优美现代舞Hi, my name is Eric Wilkerson, but my friends call me Contemporary Eric. Today, Im gonna teach you how to do a contemporary dance. There are 15 moves that are in every contemporary dance. You can put these steps together in any sequence to songs such as Adele, Ani DiFranco, and Frou Frou, and you too can be a contemporary choreographer.嗨,我的名字是Eric Wilkerson,但我的朋友们叫我现代艾瑞克。今天,我要教你怎么跳现代舞。每套现代舞中有十五个动作。你可以将这些舞步组合以任何顺序组合在一起,配上像是Adele、Ani DiFranco(美国歌手)、和Frou Frou(英国乐团)的歌,你也可以成为一名现代舞编舞者。Helping me today is my assistant, Bich. Say hello, Bich.今天帮我忙的是我的助理,小剑人。说哈喽,小剑人。Okay. Now lets get started on learning the 15 steps.好的,现在开始学习那十五个动作。1. The Knee1. 膝盖Where you have a very serious conversation with your knee, and then you put it down because you realize you shouldnt be doing that.这里你和你的膝盖有段非常严肃的对话,然后你放下它,因为你意会到你不该做那事。2. The Pants2. 裤裤Where you pull your pants down, and then you pull them back up really quickly because people are noticing.这里你拉下你的裤子,然后你非常快速地把它们拉上来,因为人们正注意着。3. The Zombie with Emotion3. 有感情的僵尸4. The ;I Just Came out of a Well;4. 我才刚从井爬出来Where you use sign language to tell someone that you just come out of a well and you need help.这里你用手语告诉某人你才刚从一口井爬出来,且你需要帮助。5. The Brat5. 小屁孩Where you act like youre kicking a fire hydrant and then you check to see if anyone notices that youre mad.这里你做得好像你在踢一个消防栓,然后你查看是否有人注意到你在生气。6. The Blind Man6. 盲人Where you pretend youre a blind man playing volleyball, but you dont know when the volleyball is coming.这里你假装你是盲人在打排球,但你不知道排球何时会过来。7. The Pewp7. 便便Where you squat down because you have to poop, but then when it comes it surprises you, so you have to really cool afterward.这里你蹲下,因为你需要便便,但接着当便便来了它让你大吃一惊,所以你必须在之后要真的冷静下来。8. The Elbowless Hug8. 没有手肘的拥抱Where you reach out to give someone a hug as though you dont have any elbows.这里你趋前去给某人一个拥抱,好像你没有任何手肘一样。9. The Bounce9. 跳跳Where you bounce on your heels to keep yourself from crying because youre having a really really bad day.这里你用你的脚跟弹跳来避免自己哭出来,因为你有个非常非常糟糕的一天。10. The ;This is Your Head;10. 这是你的头11. The ;Seriously Get Your Damn Hands off of Me;11. 我说真的把你的脏手拿开As you can see.如你所见。12. The Peekaboo12. 躲猫猫Where you get the audience a quick look at your ;Whoala ha!;这里你让观众快速地看一眼你的“哇啦哈”!13. The Leg13. 腿腿Where you run and jump into a split leap, but then you realize that your right leg was amputated from the knee down, so as you fall, you reach out to the audience for help. And when you get up, you realize that you need to stretch your hip flexor really really bad.这里你跑起来并跳个劈腿跳,然后你理解到你的右腿膝盖以下被截肢了,所以当你跌倒时,你伸向观众寻求帮助。然后当你站起来,你发现你非常非常需要伸展你的臀部屈肌。14. The Magnet14. 磁铁Where all of a sudden your underwear becomes the magnet for someones chest.这里突然你的小裤裤成了某人胸口的磁铁。15. The ;Why is Your Head in My Hand?;15. 为何你的头在我手上?As you can see.如你所见。And every number always finishes with one other move. Its called—Go to Sleep, Bich.每段舞总是以另一个动作做结。它叫做--去睡觉吧,小剑人。Now watch as me and my assistant put these moves together to make a routine. Well put this routine to music and add emotion.现在当我和我的助理将这些动作组在一起变成一段舞时看好。我们会把这段舞配上音乐,并加上情绪。And thats how you do contemporary dance. You can download this song from iTunes in the link below, then you can do your own contemporary dance using the contemporary dance steps. Post links to your in the comment below, and Ill give feedback.那就是你怎么跳现代舞。你可以从下面的链接从iTunes下载这首歌,然后你可以用现代舞舞步编出自己的现代舞。在下面区贴上你的影片链接,我会给回馈。Thanks for watching. Love, Contemporary Eric.感谢收看。爱你们喔,现代艾瑞克。Can I get up?我可以起来了吗?NO!!!不准!!!201503/364720。

Turkey’s president has warned Russia not to “play with fire,” as Moscow retaliate over the downing of one of its fighter jets near the Syrian border.土耳其总统警告俄罗斯不要“玩火”,随着莫斯科报复土耳其在叙利亚边境击落其战机。Turkish food imports are being restricted and scrutinised more heavily. Russia has also announced that it’s suspending visa-free travel with Turkey.土耳其食品进口被严厉限制和审查。俄罗斯还宣布将中止与土耳其的免签旅行。Ankara claims the Russian jet strayed into its air space and wants an apology. But Moscow’s not giving one and questions Turkey’s motives when it comes to Syria.安卡拉声称俄罗斯飞机误入其领空,需要道歉。但莫斯科并没有,并质疑土耳其进入叙利亚的动机。We have more and more questions he says about the real intentions of Ankara and its real commitment to eradicating terrorism, particularly in Syria.就安卡拉的真正意图我们有越来越多的问题,以及其消除恐怖主义的真正承诺,特别是在叙利亚。This, as Turkey levels it owns accusations at Moscow over the Syria crisis.就这一点,土耳其就叙利亚危机指责莫斯科。Supporting state terrorism in Syria he says, which has claimed 380-thousand lives, is playing with fire. Striking opposition that is acknowledged as legitimate by the international community, with the pretense of striking ISIS, is playing with fire,he says.在叙利亚持国家恐怖主义,已经夺走了380人的生命,此举正在玩火。打击反对派被国际社会公认为合法,以打击ISIS为借口是在玩火。As the war of words escalates, almost 200 people have taken to the streets of Istanbul to show their solidarity with Turkmen in Syria. They wanted an end to Russia’s air strikes in Latakia province.随着双方唇舌剑升级,近200人走上伊斯坦布尔街头声援与叙利亚土库曼团结在一起,希望结束俄罗斯在拉塔基亚省的空袭。译文属。 /201511/412881。

In the jungle, everything wants a piece of you--big or small.在丛林里面 每一样东西都对你虎视眈眈 无论是大是小And one of the smallest creatures is also one of the most annoying.哪怕最小的生物都有可能成为大麻烦Anyone whos ever spent time in the Vietnamese jungle will know all about leeches.任何来过越南丛林的人 都会知道蚂蝗的厉害之处Oh, Im really getting hammered by these things.我真的已经拍打过这些东西了Oh, Ill let you see this one.Its just full of blood.You just see how much they take out.我现在给你看看蚂蝗 它刚吸饱了血 你看看它们吸了多少血The hot, steamy environment is the perfect place for leeches.湿热的环境是蚂蝗的最佳生存环境These weird creatures are heat-seeking and will lie in wait in the leaf litter for months这些奇怪的生物有热辐射导引 会躺在落叶层里面等待好几个月until an unsuspecting pig, tiger,or even bear walked past.直到一头毫无戒心的猪 老虎 甚至熊经过I dont know about what you do,but Im getting loads of these leeches on.我不知道你会做怎么做 但是我身上不断地有蚂蝗爬上来Look. you can see that.See where theyve been feeding.Just blood on the trousers.看 看这些 看见它们在哪里吸血了吗 就在裤子有血的地方Actually, you know, its just worth just checking...checking all over there.事实上 值得检查一下 里里外外全部检查一下Yeah, look. Get him off.And Ive got a leech-- a Vietnam Vietnamese leech.把它扯下来 我抓到一条蚂蝗 一条越南蚂蝗Well, actually, the latin translation is terrifying ferocious leech蚂蝗按照拉丁文翻译过来 就是凶残的寄生动物and the reason for that is that they often go for crevices on the human body.原因是它们通常都 钻到人类的身体里去And theres a story of a solider in Vietnam who actually had one go right up his ;John Thomas;在越南有一个士兵的故事 有一条蚂蝗径直顺着他的;老二;and ended up inside his bladder,which you do not want to happen to you.钻到了膀胱里面去 你不会想要这样的事也发生在你身上吧201603/430686。

Weve left the new years celebration behind to go to Mohammeds house我们离开了新年的庆典来到了穆罕默德的家where weve been invited to his familys Noruz festivities.我们受邀到此参加他们家的诺鲁孜节庆典Mohammed, is this it?穆罕默德,这就是了吧Yes, we have arrived, yeah.嗯,我们到了Once again were entering the domain of a formidable group of women.我们再一次碰到了一群女超人This is my mother. This is my wife. Hello. Hello.这是我老娘,这是我老婆,你好。你好This is my uncles wife. This is my younger sister.这是我婶子,这是我Its going to be a real privilege to cook with these women.能和女性一起做菜,真算是享受特权了Particularly as men are usually banned from their kitchen.特别是在这男性是被禁止进入厨房的Wow, Mohammed, your wife is really quick,哇,穆罕默德,你的妻子好麻利啊really good at making the noodles, huh?她很会做面条,不是吗Everything is prepared by hand, it tastes better, huh?每一道食物都是亲手做的,味道很好,是不是I agree. I agree.同意,我同意The Uyghurs, like Italians, are pasta specialists维族人就像意大利人,都是面条的专家and claim to make 72 different varieties.他们声称能做72种不同的面条Today the ladies are making two family favourites.今天女主人们做了两道最好的家常菜So the thickness should be all the same.他们的厚薄都是一样的Mohammeds wife is showing me穆罕默德的妻子向我展示how to make laghman,怎么做拌面the famous hand-pulled noodles of this region.这个地区最出名的手撑面Oh, OK!哦,好的I said that this is quite a thick noodle, and she said,我说,这面条也太厚了吧,她说;No, it goes through another stage, we pull it to make it thinner.;不会啊,等一下我们会把它撑开Its a two stage process.做这种面一共有两步First we roll the dough, made of flour and water, into long sausages.首先我们要用水和面粉和一个面团,揉成长条Then we coil them around the circular base of an oiled tin然后把面卷在一个涂了油的圆碗里and leave them to rest for half an hour.然后醒面半个小时Well, the dough is y now.现在面已经醒好了Meanwhile,Mohammeds mother is making chuchura同时,穆罕默德的母亲在做着chuchurawhich is a dumpling soup.其实就是汤饺So this is for the dumpling,那么这张面是要做混沌的how long has she been making these dumplings?她做混沌有多长时间经验了啊About 50 years!差不多50年了I can just tell by the way she moves, shes, shes very skilled.我是从她动作看出她是老手的,她非常熟练First she rolls out the dough, which is made from egg whites第一步她揉出一团面,面里加了蛋清rather than yolks so that she can stretch it out more.而不是蛋黄,这样就可以使面可以擀得更薄Instead of having a very big thing to roll, she rolls it,不像生手擀面使不上劲儿,她擀面like, on one thing.很会用巧劲儿This is how Italians also do pasta.意大利人也是这么做面的I paid my way through university by giving lessons我上大学念了这么多书in how to make Italian pasta.就是为了学会做意大利面side by side,wow!一层层的放好,哇Now, I feel like the student.但在这,我觉得自己还是个学生Its so clever太聪明了This was worth the trip out here, to see this.学会了这个也不罔来此一遭,就为了这个Absolutely.确实是Once Mohammeds mother has cut the dough into small squares,等到他妈妈把面切成小方块we roll them into parcels, which are then stuffed with alfalfa sprouts.我们就用苜蓿芽的馅儿包成混沌Oh, theyre just like tortellini! Thats a vegetable tortellini!噢,看起来像意大利饺子,素的意大利饺子Take a little bit...放一点点…Fold it into itself, like that. Like that?把它包进去,像这样,这样As the honorary male cook, I want to know if Ive passed the test作为一个名誉男厨师,我想知道我的技艺是否能得到with the women of the house.这家女人们的认可201511/409940。

The US State Department has issued a worldwide travel warning to US citizens that runs until nearly the end of February.美国国务院向美国公民发布了一个全世界范围的旅游警告,时间直至2月底。The warning states that it believes there are “increased terrorist threats”, despite all the extra measures introduced in airports and increased screening of passengers.警告称,他们认为“恐怖威胁在增加”,尽管机场推出了一系列额外措施,增加乘客筛查。It tells travellers to exercise particular caution during the holiday season and at festivals or events.告诫旅客在假期和节日期间要特别小心。The warning comes just days after an American died in the Radisson hostage-taking incident, when terrorists stormed a major tourist hotel in the African nation of Mali. At least 22 people were killed in the attack.不久前雷迪森劫持人质事件造成一名美国人遇难,当时恐怖分子袭击了非洲国家马里的一个主要旅馆。劫持事件至少造成22人遇难。It says it believes al-Qaeda, al-Shabbab, Boko Haram or ISIL are planning imminent multiple attacks in multiple regions.警告称al-Qaeda, al-Shabbab, Boko Haram 或ISIL组织正在多个地区谋划多次袭击。译文属。 /201511/412180。

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201509/396836。