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NO.3American Beauty《美国丽人》 公司裁员,员工被炒,在外企是常事。常事归常事,但情绪还是有的。经理把莱斯特叫进办公室,准备和他谈谈这一令人窘迫的问题。没想到他反告经理贪污,看来这厮是决意不想干了。破罐子破摔,说不准还能得到点好处。这一问一答玄得很,互不相让。一边粗俗直接,一边话锋犀利,措辞严谨。如果哪一天英语口语能达到这个水平层次,那可真是高手。单词通缉令1. cut corners 走捷径2. company Master Card 公司信用卡3. hooker n. 4. unsubstantiated a. 没有据的5. calm down 冷静,相当于cool off6. description n.描绘;描述7. mapping out罗列; 叙述8. assess v.评估,评价9. expendable a. 可牺牲的10. Les. Lester的缩略形式Manager: So yeah, I’m sure you’re going to understand our need to 1)cut corners around here.Lester: Oh, sure, yeah. Times are tight, you got to free up some cash. You gotta spend money to make money right?Manager: Exactly.Lester: At the time Mr. Plorner used the 2)company Master Card to pay for that 3)hooker and she used the card numbers and stayed at the St. Regis for what was it like three months?Manager: That’s 4)unsubstantiated…Lester: That’s ,000. That’s somebody’s salary, that somebody’s gonna get fired because Craig has to pay women to fuck him.Manager: Jesus! I mean 5)calm down. Nobody’s getting fired yet. And that’s why we’re having everyone write out a job 6)description 7)mapping out in detail how they contribute. That way management can 8)assess who’s valuable and…Lester: …who’s 9)expendable.Manager: It’s just business.Lester: I’ve been writing for this magazine for fourteen years, Brad. You’ve been here for how long, a whole month?Manager: I’m one of the good guys, 10)Les. I’m trying to level with you. This is your one chance to save your job.经理:所以呢,我肯定你会理解我们必须走捷径来节省开。莱斯特:哦,当然是的。时间紧迫,你必须腾出些现金来。要赚钱,就得花钱,对不对?经理:绝对正确。莱斯特:在罗纳先生用公司信用卡付钱给那个娼妓的同时,她用那个卡号住在圣雷琪旅馆,多长时间,三个月吧?经理 :这样说没有据……莱斯特:那是5万美元。等于某人的薪水,有人被炒鱿鱼因为克莱克要付钱给女人陪他睡觉。经理:天哪,我说冷静点。现在还没人被炒鱿鱼。这就是我们要求大家写工作报告的原因,详细阐述自己的工作表现。这样,管理层才可以评估谁是有价值的以及……莱斯特:……谁是可以牺牲的。经理:这是工作。莱斯特:布莱德,我为这家杂志社写了十四年的文章。你来这里多久?一个月?经理:莱斯特,我是一个好人。我试着和你说真心话。这是你保留工作的一个机会。 /200603/5395新东方最新英语口语学习词典F部分 /200707/15331

突破口语之独白(8):Remove Yourself from Stress远离压力If you can't remove the stress, remove yourself. Slip away once in a while for some private time. These quiet moments may give you a fresh perspective on your problems. Avoid stressful people. For example, if you don't get along with your father-in-law but you don't want to make an issue of it, invite other in-laws at the same time you invite him. Having other people around will absorb some of the pressure you would normally feel.如果你们不能转移压力,那就让自己远离压力。适当离开一段时间,为自己找个私人空间。这些安静的时刻也许能够使你对问题产生新的看法,避开给你产生压力的人。例如,如果你和你岳父相处不融洽,但你又不想让这成为大问题,那么在邀请他时也邀请其他的姻亲,有其他的人在身边会消减一些你平常所感觉到的压力。 /200708/16465

So if you get sick, that sticks you with a lousy choice.所以,如果你病了,这让你被迫进行艰难的选择。Do you go to work and get everyone else sick, too?你是去工作或者让每一个其他的人也生病?Or do you take care of yourself at the risk of a paycheck?或者你注意了自己的健康,而让薪水泡汤了。If your kid gets sick, do you send her to school anyway?如果你的孩子病了,无论如何,你会把她送到学校去吗?Or do you stay home to take care of her, lose a days pay, and maybe even put your own job at risk?或者你会留在家里照顾她,而丧失一天的薪水,甚至可能有丧失自己工作的风险。We shouldnt have to make choices like that in America.在美国,我们本不必做出这样的选择。Thats why Ive repeatedly called on the Republican Congress to pass a law也因此,我已经再三呼吁共和党人的国会通过法案,guaranteeing most workers in America the chance to earn seven days of paid sick leave each year.确保美国大多数的人们有机会每年都有七天带薪病假。Of course, Congress hasnt acted.当然,国会并没有行动。But weve also worked with states, cities, and businesses to try to get the job done但我们也必须和各州,各城市和众多的商家来完成这一工作and many have, pointing to research showing that paid leave actually helps their bottom line.很多已经这么做了,他们指出,研究表明,带薪病假实际上可以符合他们的底线。In fact, since I took office, another ten million private sector workers have gained paid sick leave – making up a record share of our workforce.事实上,自我就职以来,又有近千万私营部门员工获得了带薪休假的福利--创造了我们劳动力市场的记录。Unfortunately, there are still about 40 million private sector workers who dont get a single day.不幸的是,仍然有4000万私营部门员工一天也得不到这样的福利。Thats why Im doing what I can on my own.也因此我在做我自己能做的事情。201611/476102So, my fellow Americans, whatever you may believe, whether you prefer one party or no party, whether you supported my agenda or fought as hard as you against it, our collective future depends on your willingness to uphold your duties as a citizen.我的美国同胞们,无论你信仰什么,无论你持一党制或无党制,无论你持还是反对我,美国的未来掌握在你们手中,需要你们自愿履行好自己作为公民的义务。To vote. To speak out. To stand up for others, especially the weak, especially the vulnerable, knowing that each of us is only here because somebody, somewhere, stood up for us.你们要参与选举;你们要敢于发声;你们要为他人,尤其是弱势群体,争取权利,要清楚知道我们能在这里就是因为有人在某个地方持着我们。We need every American to stay active in our public life, and not just during election time, so that our public life reflects the goodness and the decency that I see in the American people every single day.你们要积极参与公共生活,不仅仅是选举时,让美国人民的善良、礼貌以及乐观渗透每个角落,就像我每天接触到的美国民众一样。It is not easy. Our brand of democracy is hard.这并不是一件容易的事。我们的民主道路也很艰难。But I can promise that a little over a year from now, when I no longer hold this office, I will be right there with you as a citizen - inspired by those voices of fairness and vision, of grit and good humor and kindness that have helped America travel so far.但是,我能保,一年之后,我已不再是美国总统,我将和你们一样,是一个普通的美国公民,那些曾经帮助美国前进的公平与远见之声、坚韧之声,以及幽默与和善之声,也会让我倍受鼓舞。Voices that help us see ourselves not first and foremost as black or white or Asian or Latino, not as gay or straight, immigrant or native born; not as Democrats or Republicans, but as Americans first, bound by a common creed.这些声音告诉我们,每个人的身份,无论黑人还是白人,无论亚裔还是拉丁裔,无论性取向如何,无论是移民还是土生土长的美国人,无论是民主党还是共和党,我们首先都是美国人,并且有着共同的信念。Voices Dr. King believed would have the final word voices of unarmed truth and unconditional love.马丁·路德·金士坚信拥有最后话语权的声音:不靠武装发声的真理以及无条件的爱。And theyre out there, those voices. They dont get a lot of attention, they dont seek a lot of fancies, but they are busy doing the work this country needs doing.这些人,这些声音一直都在。寂静无声,不求关注,但却一直在为这个国家奔忙。I see them everywhere I travel in this incredible country of ours. I see you. The American people. And in your daily acts of citizenship I see our future unfolding.在美国这片热土上,我所到之处都能看到这么一群美国人的身影。我看到了你们所有人。美国人民。我在你们以公民身份进行的日常活动中看见了我们的未来正在展开。I see it in the worker on the assembly line who clocked extra shifts to keep his company open, and the boss who pays him higher wages instead of laying him off.有一位在装配流水线上工作的工人,每天加班加点以确保公司正常运营,而他的老板不是解雇他而是给他更高的薪水。201603/431630英语日常口语 56:At the doctor's本单元是关于看医生的对话Dr. Kelly: So, what's the matter? Alice: Well, I've been feeling ill ever since a barbecue a few days ago. My stomach's still upset, and I feel dizzy. Dr. Kelly: I see. Any other symptoms?Alice: Erm, I've got a bit of a temperature.Dr Kelly: Well, it isn't anything serious, probably just food poisoning... Excuse me. Come in.Dr. Laver: Sorry to disturb, just returning these notes. Alice!Alice: Dr. Laver!Dr. Laver: You look very pale. Look, can I give you a lift home, when you've finished?Alice: That would be lovely.Dr. Laver: Okay, I'll see you outside. Sorry about the interruption, Dr. Kelly. Dr. Kelly: Not at all. Thanks for the notes. Bye... Are you okay Alice?Vocabulary (词汇):what's the matter? (哪儿不舒?):What is the problem? Or, in what way are you ill? symptoms (症状): problems with your body which shows you have a particular illness interruption (打断;中断): this is when you stop someone from continuing with what they were doing本单元的语言点是对病症的描述,英语有不同的表达方式来描述诸如食物中毒等普通的轻微病症。Illness 2There are many different expressions that are used to describe common symptoms of minor illnesses such as food poisoning Feeling faint (感觉头晕) to faint: to lose consciousness and fall to the floorto feel faint: this means that you feel as if you might faint. You haven't lost consciousness, yetto feel light-headed: this is very similar to 'to feel faint'to feel dizzy: this is similar to 'to feel faint', but also suggests you feel like you are turning round and round. You can feel dizzy because of illness or after you have been playing on a children's roundaboutmy head is spinning: this is similar to 'to feel dizzy'to look pale: your face is unusually white, probably because of illness to be as white as a sheet: to have a very pale face to look like you've seen a ghost : to have a very pale face, perhaps because you have been shocked by somethingHead and stomach aches (头痛和胃痛)to have a splitting headache: this means your headache is very bad and painful to have a migraine: this is a very bad headache; you have a pain behind your eyes and you might feel sick to have a temperature: this means that your body temperature is higher than normal. Your forehead probably feels hot to have an upset stomach: this is a general way to describe a stomach ache, usually when you also feel sick or have slight diarrhoea can/can't keep your food down: this means that every time you eat, you vomit /200707/16060

11.Singapore President Nathan Lee Hsien Loong in Sworn in as a Third Term as Prime Minister Ceremony Speech11. 新加坡总统纳丹在李显龙宣誓就任第三任总理仪式上的演讲Singapore was never meant to be sovereign on its own 新加坡从来都是主权国家。To survive, we had to be different, indeed exceptional. 为了生存,我们的确不得不标新立异。We progressed and thrived because we built strong institutions founded on sound values我们之所以能够不断进步,不断繁荣,是因为我们建立了以正确的价值观为基础的强有力的机世制integrity, meritocracy, equality of opportunities, compassion and mutual respect between Singaporeans of different ethnic, religious and social backgrounds. 诚信、任人唯贤、机会平等、富有同情心,以及不同种族、宗教和社会背景的人能够相互尊重。The government, judiciary, civil service, unions, schools and the media have promoted the interests of the common people. 政府、司法部门、行政部门、工会、学校和媒体都为老百姓的利益着想。The public, private and people sectors have built a national consensus on what are the challenges and how we can overcome them. 公共部门和私有部门在什么是挑战以及如何战胜挑战方面都形成全国的共识。The people and government are united.人民与政府紧密团结在一起。These are valuable strengths and intangible assets critical to Singapores long-term survival and continued success. 这些宝贵的力量和无形资产是新加坡得以长期立足和不断取得胜利的关键因素。We must do all we can to preserve them.我们必须尽我们所能来保持这种力量和资产。Looking ahead, the pace of change in the wor1d will only increase. 展望未来,世界变革的步伐只会加快。Our economic and security environment is aly undergoing sea change. 我们的经济和安全环境正经历翻天覆地的变化。201609/466056VOA流行美语 131: to be hard up/to pick on someoneLarry和李华准备到去,李华要开一个帐户,而Larry需要取一些现金。今天李华会学到两个常用语:to be hard up和to pick on someone.LH: Larry,我要去开个户头,你去做什么?LL: Well, my friend is a little hard up for cash right now, so I'm going to withdraw some money and let him borrow it.LH: 原来你是要提现金借给朋友啊!你的朋友怎么啦?你说他hard up for cash。Cash是现金。这个我懂,但hard up是什么意思?LL: To be "hard up" for something means that you don't have enough of it.LH: Hard up for something就是什么东西不够,所以你那朋友hard up for cash, 就是钱不够啦!对不对?LL: Exactly. He's helped me when I was hard up before, so I feel that I should help him out now.LH: 嗯,你朋友以前也借钱给你,帮过你,所以现在你帮他。这也是应该的。对了,Larry, 这个hard up除了指缺钱,还可以用在什么地方?LL: Well, one is usually hard up for money. However, you can be hard up for time or for work, too.LH: 如果我说I am hard up for time, 那就表示我很忙,时间不够,对不对?LL: Right. I'm usually hard up for time during exams. I have so much studying to do that I hardly even sleep.LH: 我也是,只要到了期中考,期末考的季节,我就觉得时间不够用,书都念不完。那hard up for work不能说工作不够,只能说找不到工作喽?LL: I'm hard up for work means that I really need a job, but I'm having a hard time finding one.LH: 嗯,那种需要工作却找不到工作的滋味一定很不好受。希望我毕业后不会经历hard up for work.LL: So do I. I don't think anyone enjoys being hard up for time, money, or work.LH:对,缺钱,缺时间,没工作都不好受。******LL: Did you see those two children in the bank? The little boy was awful; he kept picking on his sister.LH: 就是,那个小男孩真不听话,吵吵闹闹的。你说他picking on his sister,那是什么意思?LL: Oh, to pick on someone is to annoy or to be mean to that person. The little boy kept picking on his sister by calling her ugly and pulling her hair.LH: Pick on someone就是欺负,招惹别人,或者老是批评别人的意思。那个小男孩不断拉他的头发,还说她丑,真是很让人讨厌。我小时候我哥哥也喜欢捉弄我。他总是踩我的脚,却说是我踩他!LL: Well, at least your brother stopped doing that when he got older. My parents still pick on each other.LH: 你说什么,你的爸妈也老是互相指责?LL: They just criticize each other over stupid things. For example, my dad likes to pick on my mom about her cooking. He thinks she's a terrible cook.LH: 你妈妈帮全家人做饭已经够辛苦了,你爸爸居然还批评她做饭做得不好。你爸爸也真是的!LL: I know, but they have been picking on each other for thirty years and old habits are hard to break. To be honest, I think they enjoy it.LH: 那倒是,30多年都是这样,要改恐怕也难。可是,你说他们喜欢这样做,这不太可能吧!LL: Sometimes, they are joking. When my mom picks on my dad about the kind of music he listens to, I know she's just joking. Other times, I think they are just being grouchy.LH: 我想他们有时是开玩笑。你爸听什么音乐,你妈还要管呐?肯定是开玩笑。当然,有的时候互相闹别扭也是可能的。人都有情绪不好的时候嘛!今天李华学到两个常用语。第一个是to be hard up for something, 就是缺乏某样东西,通常用来指缺钱或没时间。另一个常用语是pick on someone, 意思是批评别人,或者是欺负别人。 /200602/3351

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