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厦门长庚医院处女膜修复厦门开外眼角Dear Annie:My wife of 50 years and I are at an impasse. A year ago, her 30-year-old daughter, Carol, moved in with us and brought her dogs along. Carol has a good job, but contributes nothing and has absolutely no responsibilities. Her mother and I do her laundry and cook her meals, feed and walk the dogs, and clean up the fur and poop. Carol goes to work and hangs out with her friends. She is living the good life while we do everything for her. Shouldnt adult children contribute both financially and by helping out? I have talked this over with my wife, but she will not change her stance. I am seriously thinking of leaving her. Maybe I could find someone willing to take responsibility for me so I can live the good life, too. - Larry Is Losing亲爱的安妮:我的妻子50岁了。最近我和她闹僵了。一年前,她30岁的女儿卡罗尔搬来和我们一起住,还带来了她养的的。卡罗尔虽然有一份好工作,但是对这个家却难言尽责。我和她的母亲给她洗衣、做饭、养、遛、给洗澡、清理粪。卡罗尔上班、和朋友出去玩。她过得很滋润,但我们要为她打理一切。成年子女不该给予父母财力持和其它帮助吗?我与我的妻子谈过这事,但她没有改变立场。我正在很认真地考虑,是不是应该离开她。也许我能找到愿意为我承担责任的另一半,这样我也可以享受一下生活。;;困惑的拉里Dear Larry:A loving parent does not encourage an adult child to live like a little princess at home. Your wife is being selfish. If she cared more for Carols welfare than her own emotional needs, shed tell her daughter to find her own place. At the very least, Carol should be paying rent and taking care of her dogs, meals and laundry. Explain this to your wife, and tell her how close you are to walking out.亲爱的拉里:慈爱的父母不应鼓励成年子女在家里像个小公主一样。你的妻子其实是很自私的。如果她真地关心卡罗尔的幸福和情感需要,她应告诉她的女儿独立生活。最起码,卡罗尔应自己付房租、自己照顾、自己做饭、自己洗衣。把这些道理解释给你的妻子,并告诉她,若她做不到,你就会离开她。201202/172534厦门先天性腭裂 The Indiana Pacers with their outside shooting and the physical play were a team custom-built to defeat Michael and the Bulls.印第安纳步行者队的外线投篮和强硬身体素质是整个团队定制击败迈克尔领衔的公牛队的主要方针。In the first two games of the series even though the Bulls would win both games, it was clear that the Pacers would pose their first real test.在前两节比赛中,即使公牛队全胜,很明显步行者也对他们构成了第一个真正的考验。Rose backs in. Now, Rose, stripped by Michael and stolen by sky, to Harper. Harper on the run, lead pass, Toni Kukoc to Michael. He dunks the ball! Oh, my!罗瑟退守。现在,罗瑟被迈克尔隔空取物般的断球,传给哈帕。哈珀一路领衔着奔袭,托尼给了迈克尔。他扣篮了!哦,我的天啊!For the next two games, the scene shifted to Indiana. On their home court, the Pacers would win game three behind their tireless guard, Reggie Miller.在接下来的两节比赛中,形势转移到了印第安纳这边。凭借主场的优势及他们不知疲倦的后卫雷杰;米勒的顽强,步行者队赢得第三节,将比赛逆转。Lead pass ahead for Mark Jackson. This is what Indiana wants. They run to Miller for three, got it!里德传给前面的马克;杰克逊。这就是印地安那想要的。传给米勒,放3分,球进了!In game four, the Bulls led by a point in the final seconds, when Miller and Jordan would square off again.第四节比赛中,公牛在最后一秒的时候领先1分,这时米勒和乔丹碰上了。注:听力文本来源于普特201201/168371在厦门仁安医院双眼皮

厦门下颌角截骨多少钱Its so easy to label and package Charles Dickens to exhibit him some sort of Victorian showman, a unique oneoff,a dazzling talent like Harry Houdini or Charlie Chaplin, a superstar from the past. 打上标签并包装查尔斯·狄更斯来展示他某种维多利亚时代的表演者风范是如此容易,一个独特的人,一位耀眼的天才,就像喜欢哈利胡迪尼或查理·卓别林等过去的超级巨星们。I want to show that the work of Charles Dickens isnt just quality entertainment for a long dead audience.我想展现的是查尔斯·狄更斯的作品并不仅是为了过去的大众而已。Dickens world of imagination is as complex and as dark and as sophisticated as any modern city, and the characters he creates are as real and psychologically driven as the inhabitants of any urban landscape today.狄更斯的想象世界中非常复杂,就好比任何现代城市一样黑暗复杂,而他创造的人物在真实的和心理上如同今天任何城市风景中的居民一样。And thats why I believe that the true Dickensian world is our world.这就是为什么我相信真正的狄更斯的世界就是我们的世界。Dickens, the 19th century novelist, speaks to us now, and I want to gage his impact and relevance by talking not to literary critics and biographers, but to his ers.19世纪的小说家狄更斯,对现在的我们讲述,而我想他的影响及关联并不是文学家和传记作家做出,而是他的读者们给予。I meet those who Dickens makes laugh.我见到那些使狄更斯发笑的人。It was difficult to enjoy his society, without becoming conscious of a smell of spirits.没有自我意识的精神感觉就很难去享受他的社会。So what he is basically saying is this woman stank of alcohol.所以他基本上说的是这个女人发出恶臭的酒精味道。英文文本来自普特英语,译文属201303/231571厦门欧菲整形医院几点关门 厦门去纹身一般多少钱

集美区狐臭医院哪家好Volcanos and Water火山与水Firefighters use water to battle a towering inferno.You might wonder if water could also stifle an erupting volcano. Actually, this experiment happens every time a volcano erupts at the bottom of the ocean. What happens when a volcano erupts underwater? Well find it out on todays moment of science.消防员用水来扑灭熊熊燃烧的大火,你或许想知道水是否也可以用来扑灭喷发的火山。事实上,每次海底火山喷发就是对此进行的一个实验。当海底火山喷发时,都发生了什么呢?我们今天就跟随科学一刻栏目一起探个究竟吧。Most of the worlds volcanic action happens an average of eight thousand five hundred feet underwater. Deep beneath the waves there are an estimated one million volcanos. As with land volcanos, molten lava pushes up from beneath the sea floor at thousands of degrees Fahrenheit.世界上大多数的火山活动都发生在海平面以下平均8500英尺的地方。在海底大约有一百万座火山。至于地面上的火山,就是由华氏几千度的炽热的岩浆从海底向上冲出而成。Ocean water cant ;put out; the volcano the way firefighters put out a fire, but it does have a profound effect on what happens to the lava once its out of the ground. The biggest difference between undersea and land volcanos has nothing to do with waters wetness, but with its pressure.海水并不能像消防员灭火一样扑灭火山,但是当岩浆冲出地面时,它确实能起到不小的作用。扑灭海底火山和地面的火山最大的不同在于水的压力,与水的湿度并没有关系。At these depths, the water pressure can be two hundred and fifty times more powerful than air pressure at the Earths surface. This prevents bubbles from forming in the lava, eliminating the likelihood of an explosive eruption like some land eruptions are.在这样的深度,水压可以是地面上空气压力的250多倍。压力可以阻止岩浆中形成气泡,这也就消除了地面火山爆炸性喷发的可能性。Instead, lava squeezes out of the ground like toothpaste out of a tube, forming glassy rock formations that look like long, stacked pillows. The pressure is so high that steam never even forms where lava touches water. You could be in a boat over a giant, erupting volcano, and never even know it was there.相反,岩浆就像牙膏挤出管子那样挤出地面,形成一道道玻璃般的岩层,看起来就想是一条长长的堆叠的枕头。压力是如此巨大,以至于这些岩石接触到海水时连水蒸汽都还无法形成。因此,你或许就曾经驾船行驶在一个巨大的喷发的火山上而丝毫没有察觉。So,you cant put out a volcano with water. But on our next program, well find out what happened to a town that tried to do this anyway—and in a way succeeded!所以,用水不可能扑灭火山。但是在我们下一期的节目中我们将会告诉您一个镇子曾经试图这样做,而且从某种程度上来说,他们成功了! /201207/191298 If you want to fill a sink or bathtub with water, you need to do one thing first and thats stopper or plug up the drainpipe. Later, when you unplug the stopper, the used water will go rushing out down the drain. Hopefully, nothing valuable (such as a diamond ring) will be in that water, because after the water flows down the drain, it is gone forever. Anything that was mistakenly dropped into the water will therefore also disappear down the drain, and then it will be very difficult-probably impossible-to get it back.如果你想把水槽或浴缸放满水,你需要做的第一件事这就是用塞子之类的东西堵住排水管。然后,当你拔掉塞子之后,用过的水就会漏进下水道里。我们都希望不要有什么贵重的东西(比如钻戒)掉在水里——因为水流进下水道之后,这些贵重东西永远也找不回来了。任何掉在水里的东西将最终落入下水道里——这将非常困难——恐怕不可能——把它找回来了。From the sad reality of losing a cherished object down a sink or bathtub drain comes this idiom, meaning to do or attempt to do something that ultimately will be lost forever. It can also mean to put great effort into a wasted activity.通过这个直观的解释,我们理解了这个成语。它的意思是“做或试图做一些最终将永远失去的事情”。同时,它还含有“将巨大的努力浪费在无用的事情上”的意思。注:本文译文属原创,,。201204/178592厦门自体脂肪丰鼻翼哪里好翔安区哪家做双眼皮医院最好



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