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In the 17th century, the French scientist Pierre Gassendi knewthat light traveled faster than sound.在17世纪时,法国科学家皮埃尔伽桑狄已经知道光速要比声速快。When a gun fired far away, he could see the flash of gunshotlong before he heard the report.远处发生击时,他看到的火花的时间远早于才听到响的时间。Gassendi tried to measure the speed of sound by clocking the time that elapsed between the flashand the gunshot.伽桑狄试图通过记录看到的火花和听到声之间的时差来测量声速。Knowing the exact distance the gun was from him, he calculated that soundtraveled through air at over 1,000 miles per hour.在知道与自己所在位置的精确距离后,他计算出声音在空气中的传播速度约为1000英里/每小时。This figure is too high, though. Can you guesswhy?可是,这一数字过高。你能猜出为什么吗?The problem was that Gassendi relied on his own reaction time,问题就在于伽桑狄依赖了自己的反应时间,making his measurement higherthan it should have been.使得他的测量值高于实际值。In 1864, another French scientist, Henri Regnault, devised a way to measure the speed of sound automatically, again by using a gun,1864年,另一位法国科学家亨利?勒尼奥发明了一种自动测量声速的方法,他还是用来测量,but without relying on human reaction time.但是这次并没有依靠人的反应时间。Regnault covered a rotating cylinder with paper, and positioned a pen to draw a line as it turned.勒尼奥用白纸环绕过一个旋 转圆筒,并在上面放置一只笔来在纸上画线记录。Next, hewired the pen to two electrical circuits, placing one in front of the gun some distance away,然后,他通过电线将笔接入两条电路中,一条电路放在口前的远处某一点上,and the second near the cylinder, thed through a diaphragm sensitive to sound.另一条放在圆筒附近,使之穿过声敏膜片。When the gun fired, the first circuit broke, making the pen jump to a new position on the rotating cylinder.响后,第一条电路断开,笔尖会跳到旋转圆筒的另外一个新位置上。When the sound reached the diaphragm by the cylinder, the pen jumped back to itsoriginal position.当声音触发声敏膜片后,笔会跳回原位。Because Regnault knew how far the gun was from the cylinder and how fast the cylinder turned,由于勒尼奥知道与圆筒的距离以及圆筒转动的速度,he calculated that sound travels through air at 750 miles per hour,于是他计算出声音在空气中的传播速度为750英里每小时,quite close to the speed physicists accept today.与今天物理学家普遍认同的声速十分接近。201403/281267Happy season 11 everybody!A good number. This is our first show of our brand new season and I have a promise for you right now,right up from Im gonna say it. This season Im gonna work it while I twerk it. Oh,did you have a good summer,everybody?热烈庆祝第十一季开播 真是个好数字 今天是我们新季开播第一天 当着大家的面 我郑重承诺 这一季我会边扭边主持 大家假期过得不错吧Good summer? Yeah? Great. What did you do? All right. my turn. I have a great summer. i had a wonderful summer.很棒的假期 好的 你们都干了什么 好了 该我说了 我这个夏天过的超级精 非常棒的假期Im really happy to be back though, but I got a ... I got a little bit of sun, I relaxed. I a lot of sangria recipes. And I went to two different weddings which are always beautiful.我当然是很高兴能重新站在这 但是这个假期里 我沐浴阳光 放松身心 还看了好几种sangria的调法 我还参加了两场婚礼 婚礼总是那么美好I love weddings. My brother got married. My brother vance got married and this is ...him. With his beautiful bride.我很喜欢婚礼 我哥哥结婚了 我哥哥vance结婚了 这就是...他 和他的漂亮新娘And it was surprise for everybody because they have been together for a long long time,like I dont know, ten,twelve years something like that, a long time.但所有人都很吃惊 因为他俩已经在一起很久了 大概有个10年,12年的样子 很长时间了So...I forget her name,but she is a lovely woman,start with an R or Q.我记不住她的名字 但她是个可爱的姑娘 名字开头字母是R还是Q的But shes so sweet. shes uh...No,its joanna and I love Joanna. So shes my sister-in-law.And that was beautiful. Im so happy for him.但她真的超可爱的 她... 开玩笑啦 她叫joanna 我很喜欢她 她是我的嫂子 婚礼很美 我很为我哥哥高兴And it was fantastic and we danced for hours all night long. This is a photo brought of Portia and i dancing,and this is...I know...I know...I have to photo crop her. I dont know who...I dont know who she is.更让人开心的是我们跳了一晚上舞 这张照片上是我和Portia在跳舞 还有这是 我懂的 我懂的 我得想办法把她p掉 我不知道...我不知道她是谁啊But it looks romantic,we are actually going ;Do I have broccoli in my teeth?; ;No. do you have bro...; We are looking for broccoli.虽然看起来很浪漫 其实我们是在说“我牙上有菜叶子吗” “没有 你有...”其实我们是在看有没有菜叶子So thats my brothers wedding. And then we went to my friend ,Jimmy Kimmel got married,so we went to Jimmys wedding. They got married the same place my brother got married.那是我哥哥的婚礼 接下里是我的好友jimmy kimmel 他也结婚了 所以我们就去参加他的婚礼 他和我哥哥是在同一个地方举行婚礼They got married at the Ojai Valley Inn. And thats Molly of course.Its beautifu place,Ojai. Lets...pan out if we can. I will show you how pretty it is.Oh,there shes again. How did she get both weddings? Thats crazy.都是在Ojai Valley大酒店 这就是Molly Ojai非常漂亮 能不能缩小一下 给你们看下有多好看 怎么又是她 怎么两场婚礼都有她 这不科学啊We had a great time at the wedding as well.We hung out with our friends Jen and Justin. Now,nobody was impressed that was our table card.那场婚礼上我们也玩得很开心 Jen 和Justin也在 当时就没人注意 那个是我们名卡I pulled it out of jens ear and no one was...is impressed that I thought they would have been.我是从jen的耳后变出来的 都没人关注 我还以为会有很多人注意到呢I went to the hamptons,and I had fun at the hamptons.I did some dancing and some singsing.我还去了汉普顿 在那也很开心 又唱歌又跳舞Here I am with Jamie Foxx and Pharrell right there.yead. thats me in the middle.这张是我和jamie foxx 和pharrell 对的 中间那个是我And...we were singsing Pharrells hit song get lucky.我们正唱着pharrell的热歌《get lucky》And they were all up all night to get lucky.I went to bed on eight thirty.so..and I also...it was a star-studded summer.他们疯了一晚就为了“求好运” 但我八点半就睡了 反正这是个群星璀璨的夏天I hung out with Oprah because i moved into a neighbourhood. Im right down the street from where oprah lives.我最近搬到了oprah附近 所以总跟她混在一起 她住街头 我住街尾And she knew that I was in neighbourhood so...she was so nice.she brought over a beautiful basket of like fruits and vegetables from her garden,and thats her bring a...她也知道我搬过去了 所以她 她人超好 所以她就给我送了个蔬果篮 说是自家院子里种的 这就是她送...and I dont wanna say anything bad about oprah,but when I empty the basket,I found a trader joes receipt at the bottom,so, I was like;oh,i wanna see the garden.;其实我不想说oprah的坏话啦 但是当我把东西都拿出来了 篮子底赫然一张trader joes的小票 所以我就说“我去你的果园看看吧”she goes,;not today.; I dont think she has a garden.她却说“今天不对外开放” 我才不相信她有果园呢Its great to be friends with the oprah neighbours, with oprah.当然还是很高兴和oprah以及邻居们做朋友的Its wonderful. one day she came over,she did my hair whcih was really sweet ever since.So thank you for that.很幸福的一件事啊 有一天她过来 帮我做了曾经很流行的头发 太谢谢了 注:EllenShow中英字幕来源于:艾伦秀字幕组 /201310/260052

Science and technology科学技术Animal cognition动物的认知Mans best friend人类的挚友Can dogs really show empathy towards humans?真的能感受人类的情绪吗?I feel your pain.我能体会你的痛楚DOGS quickly become part of the family.很快成了人类家庭中的一员,Tales abound of dogs celebrating joy in a household or commiserating when tragedy strikes.它们庆祝家庭喜事,怜悯悲剧的发生,这种故事屡见不鲜。This may not seem surprising after 15,000 years of co-evolution.在人类与共同进化了一万五千年之后,这点或许并不稀奇。But what hard evidence is there of dogs empathy with humans?但有没有确凿的据能够明能体会人类的感受呢?A new experiment suggests that behind all the waggy tails there really is something deeper going on.最近一项新的实验表明,背后的确隐藏着更深的含义。Past experiments have hinted that animals can feel sympathy.以往的一些实验已经间接地表明动物们也具有同情心。Rats and monkeys had been found to forgo food to avoid delivering electric shocks to relatives.科学家发现,老鼠和猴子会放弃食物,以防自己受到电击而危害同伴。Similarly, apes have recently been documented consoling one another after conflicts.类似的还有大猩猩,它们会在发生争斗后彼此安慰。However, all these experiments and observations were demonstrating an animals sensitivity to distress in other members of the same species.然而这些实验和观察都只能明同物种的动物相互之间拥有感受痛楚的能力。Deborah Custance and Jennifer Mayer of Goldsmiths College, London,伦敦金史密斯大学的黛拉·科斯坦斯与詹妮弗·梅耶正在着手研究,set out to see if dogs could detect the emotional state of humans.看它们能否察觉人类的情绪状态。To do this, Dr Custance and Ms Mayer conducted an experiment to study the response of dogs when a nearby human suddenly began to cry.为了研究这个问题,科斯坦斯士与梅耶女士进行了一项试验。The researchers knew that interpreting responses would be difficult,他们将安排在一个人身边,观察在此人突然开始哭泣时的反应。他们深知想要解读的反应是十分困难的,since dogs tend to whine, nuzzle, lick, lay their heads in laps and fetch toys for people in distress.因为在这种条件下经常会发出呜呜声,把鼻子贴在人的大腿上并蹭蹭舔舔,还会在人类悲伤时叼来玩具哄人开心。Although such actions hint at a dog wishing to offer comfort, they could also be signs of curiosity, or suggest that a dog is simply distressed by seeing its master upset.尽管这样的行为暗示着它们想要给主人提供安慰,但同时也可能仅仅代表了它们的好奇心,又或者它们只是看到主人懊恼感到忧虑罢了。To work round this, the researchers presented 18 dogs of various breeds with four separate 20-second conditions.为了能够正确解读的反应,研究者在实验中采用了18条不同品种的并将它们分别置于时长均为20秒的四种不同的情境中,They included their owner crying, a stranger crying and both taking it in turns to hum Mary had a little lamb.分别为主人在一旁哭泣、陌生人在一旁哭泣、主人与陌生人轮流对哼唱玛丽有只小羊羔。All four of these conditions were preceded by two minutes of mundane conversation between Ms Mayer, who filled the role of the stranger, and the dogs owner.在每种情境开始前,梅耶女士都会充当陌生人的角色与的主人进行时长两分钟的常规交谈。Dr Custance and Ms Mayer suspected that if exposure to crying led dogs to feel distress, then regardless of who was crying, the dog would go to their master to seek comfort.科斯坦斯士与梅耶女士猜想如果看到人类哭泣会感到悲伤的话,无论是其主人还是陌生人,都会去主人那里寻求安慰。They also theorised that if curiosity, rather than empathy, was the driving force, then the humming would cause dogs to engage with people.他们还建立了一个理论,如果使接近人类的是它们好奇心而非感情上的共鸣,那么哼唱小曲同样会使跟人类进行互动。As they report in Animal Cognition, person-oriented behaviour did sometimes take place when either the stranger or the owner hummed,正如他们在动物的认知中描述的一样,不管是陌生人还是的主人哼唱小曲儿,有时候的确会对人类的这些活动作出一定回应,but it was more than twice as likely to occur if someone was crying.但哭泣的人吸引到注意的概率比唱歌的人要高出两倍以上。This indicated that dogs were differentiating between odd behaviour and crying.这表明能区分哭泣与其他一些奇怪的行为。And of the 15 dogs in the experiment that showed person-oriented responses when the stranger cried,在此次实验中有15条在看到陌生人哭泣时表现出了同情人类的行为,all of them directed their attention towards the stranger rather than their owner.这些都把注意力转向了哭泣的陌生人而非它们的主人。These discoveries suggest that dogs do have the ability to express empathetic concern.这些发现表明的确有表达关心的能力。But although the results are clear enough, Dr Custance argues that more work needs to be done to be sure that such behaviour is true empathy.科斯坦斯士说,尽管结论已经十分明确,我们仍需要更多做工来确定它们的行为是否真的因为它们能体会人类的感受。It is possible, she points out, that the dogs were drawing on previous experiences in which they were rewarded for approaching distressed human companions.她指出,可能是出于以往获得的经验即靠近它们的人类同伴能获得奖励进而表现出这种行为。Dog-owners, however, are unlikely to need any more convincing.而对于能通人性这一点主人已经十分清楚了。 /201307/249548

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