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I am water. To humans I am simply just there.我是水人类对我熟视无睹Im something they just take granted.他们认为我只是理所当然应该存在But there is only so much of me. And more and more of them every single day.但水是有限的,而人类数量却在与日俱增I start as rain in the mountains, flow to the rivers and streams.我源自山涧雨水,流入河水和溪流And end up in the ocean.最终汇入大海Then the cycle begins again.循环复始And it will take me ,000 years to get back to the state I am in now.而每一次循环都需要上万年But to humans? Im just water. Just there.然而这对人类意味着什么?不过就是水而已,一直存在的水Where will humans find me when there are billions more of them around?如果人类数量再多数十亿,他们还能找到我吗?Where will they find themselves?他们又将生存于何处?Will they wage wars over me?他们会为争夺我而发动战争吗?Like they do over everything else?就如他们为了争夺其他事物一样?That always an option. But it not the only option.战争总是一种选择,但不是唯一的选择更多美文内容,请关注微信公众号:pansvoice本专辑原创朗读版权归潘之声所有 593信阳市中心医院激光祛斑手术多少钱节目寄语每日床头啃一段语篇,您的生活质量更加高特别声明该文章中的讲解为可可签约编辑根据改编的名著所编写的参考资料啃嚼语段Tess sat there,unaware of their conversation.苔丝坐在那儿,不知道她们在谈什么Her mouth was like a flower, and her eyes were large and soft,她的小嘴像鲜花一般可人,她的大眼睛充满了柔情sometimes black,blue or grey, sometimes all three colours together.那眼睛有时是黑的、蓝的或是灰的,有时就是这三种颜色的混合体She had spent months regretting her experience and crying over it,她花了几个月的时间为自己的经历悔恨哭泣,but suddenly decided that the past was the past.但突然间她决定让过去的事情成为过去In a few years her shame, and she herself,would be gotten.用不了几年,她的耻辱连同她本人就会被人们遗忘Meanwhile the trees were just as green, and the sun shone just as brightly, as bee.树木仍像过去一样翠绿,阳光还同从前一样明媚Life went on.生活继续着语段精讲1. Tess sat there,unaware of their conversation.写作语库【写作加分短语】:be unware of 是“不知道”的意思它的反义词是:be aware of例如:Her parents stood undiminished and unware of criticism.(她父母亲一如既往,对别人的批评不屑一顾)Until Blunt confessed we were entirely unware of this chain.(在布伦特坦白交代之前,我们全然不知还有这条渠道)文法精讲【伴随状况状语】:unware of their conversation是形容词短语做伴随状况状语苔丝坐在那里,伴随着心里的状态——不知道别人在议论她什么“Sit”和“be unware”是同时发生的. Her mouth was like a flower, and her eyes were large and soft...文学手法【肖像描写】:mouth——like a flower(采用比喻的手法说明苔丝的嘴很漂亮),eyes——large and soft(描写出苔丝有一双大大的眼睛充满柔情,是那么诱人,让人心动)肖像描写的作用:这样的描写把苔丝描写得惟妙惟肖,其中正育着作者要表达出的苔丝的悲惨命运就是因为此3. She had spent months regretting her experience and crying over it...写作语库【写作加分短语】:(1)spend some time doing something的意思是“花费时间做某事”例如:They spend lots of time doing what they find gratifying and fun.(他们把大量的时间花在他们认为高兴和有趣的事情上)I had to spend the whole evening not watching TV but doing homework.(我不得不用整个晚上的时间来写家庭作业,而不是看电视)()cry over的意思是“因某事而哭泣”短语中的介词over表示原因例如:She would not cry over split milk, but quickly set about mopping it up. (她从不吃后悔药,而是立即采取补救措施)I know that you have lost your purse, But since it had happened, let it go, please dont cry over spilled milk.(我知道你丢了钱夹,不过既然这件事已经发生了,就让它去,不要做无益的后悔) 3. Meanwhile the trees were just as green, and the sun shone just as brightly, as bee.文学手法【景象描写】:(1)The trees is just green as bee. (树木和以前一样翠绿)()The sun shone is just shone as brightly as bee. (阳光还是同原来那么明媚)景象描写的作用:这里的景象描写同时蕴含着作者要告诉大家的是经历挫折,遭遇灾难不要一味地沉浸于以往的一切不快,要学会放弃美好的世界没有因为悲伤的你一个人而改变,大自然任然是美好的,一切都如以往你因为过去而不能自拔与伤心的往事,自己值得吗?当然是不值得,我们应该是和美好的大自然保持一致的步伐,心中是阳光的,去享受未来的生活. Life went on.写作语库【写作加分短语】:go on的意思是“继续”,表示继续做某事,可以拓展为go on with something和go on doing something例如:We would rather go on with the experiment than give it up.(我们宁愿把这个实验进行下去,而不愿放弃不做) I don t want to interrupt you. Go on telling your story.(我不想打断你请把你的故事讲下去) 373洛阳市抽脂瘦腿多少钱狄兰·托马斯(Dylan Thomas),二十世纪最具影响力的英语诗人之一虽然狄兰主要是位诗人,他也创作过电影剧本和短篇小说在他刚庆祝完39岁生日不久,死于醉酒狄兰·托马斯的诗歌围绕生、死、欲三大主题;诗风粗犷而热烈,音韵充满活力而不失严谨;其肆意设置的密集意象相互撞击、互相制约,表现自然的生长力和人性的律动狄兰·托马斯的诗歌掀开了英美诗歌史上的新的篇章Twenty-Four Years—Dylan Thomas二十四年——狄兰·托马斯Twenty-four years remind the tears of my eyes.回顾二十四年的岁月,我的眼里充满泪水Bury the dead fear that they walk to the grave in labour.埋葬死者以免他们在阵痛中步向坟地In the groin of the natural doorway I crouched like a tailor我曾蹲在天然门廊的腹沟里,Sewing a shroud a journey像个裁缝,By the light of the meat-eating sun.借用吞食一切的阳光,Dressed to die, the sensual strut begun,盛装就死,肉欲之徜徉已开始With my red veins full of money,我的红色血管里满是金钱,In the final direction of the elementary town朝着小市镇最后的方向I advance as long as ever is.我永久地前行 1The Story of the Snail City 58郑州华山整形医院韩式三点多少钱

郑州/最好的疤痕郑州华山整形医院口腔科Son, youve got a way to fall孩子,你有一条堕落之途Theyll tell you where to go他们会为你指路But they wont know但他们却不知通向何处Son, youd better take it all孩子,你最好默默承受Theyll tell you what they know他们会告诉你怎么走But they wont show但他们却并不熟Oh, Ive got something in my throat啊!有些话我说不出口I need to be alone, while I suffer有些痛我需要独自承受Son, youve got a way to kill孩子,你还有一条杀戮之途Theyre picking on you still他们对你百般挠阻But they dont know但他们却熟视无睹Son, youd better wait to shine孩子,你最好等待闪耀Theyll tell you what is yours他们会满足你的需要But theyll take mine但他们却夺走了我的荣耀Oh, Ive got something in my throat啊!有些话我说不出口I need to be alone, while I suffer有些痛我需要独自承受Oh, there a hole inside my boat啊!这是一条不归之路I need to stay afloat, the summer但为了明天,我义无反顾Lord...上帝啊!更多美文请关注-微信公众号良声英语 微:@里昂之声 591Home is where You are Happy家是让你快乐的地方Every immigrant leads a double life.每个移民都过着一种双重生活,Every immigrant has a double identity and a double vision,being suspended between an old and a new home,an old and a new self.每个移民也都拥有双重身份和双重视野,他们的心总是在故土和新家中徘徊,在过往的自己和崭新的自己之间找寻平衡The very notion of a new home, of course,is in a sense as impossible as the notion of new parents当然,从某种意义上来说,新家和新父母一样,这一说法本身就是不成立的parents are who they are; home is what it is.父母就是父母,家乡就是家乡Yet home, like parentage, must be legitimized through love;otherwise, it is only a fact of geography or biology.然而,有爱才能称其为真正的家乡,就像父母与子女之间一样,都需要用爱来使之成为可能;否则,家乡和父母就仅仅是一个地理或者生物上的概念了Most immigrants to America found their love of their old homes betrayed来到美国的大多数移民虽然曾热爱家乡,但家乡却背叛了他们的爱;They did not really abandon their countries;并不是他们抛弃了家乡而是家乡抛弃了他们;their countries abandoned them,and in America, they found the possibility of a new love,the chance to nurture new selves.而在美国,他们却发现,对新家园也能产生热爱,塑造一个全新的自我不是没有可能Not unimly, not without exceptions.并不完全统一,也不无例外,Every generation has its Know-Nothing movement.每一代都有它不可知的运动Its understandable fear and hatred of alien invasion is as true today as it always was,but in spite of all this,the American attitude remains unique.这种对外族入境的担心和厌恶任何时候都存在,这是可以理解的,但尽管如此,美国人的态度却是独一无二的Throughout history, exile has been a calamity;纵观人类历史,流放异乡已经成为人类历史上的灾难之一,America turned it into a triumph and placed its immigrants in the center of a national epic.而只有美国将此灾难转变成了胜利,移民成了美国民族史诗的中心组成部分The epic is possible because America is an idea as much as it is a country.美国之所以能谱写这样的一首史诗,是与美国本身分不开的America has nothing to do with loyalty to a dynasty and very little to do with loyalty to a particular place,but everything to do with loyalty to a set of principles.美国是一个国家,也是一种理念王朝拥戴,圣地朝拜和美国都没有一丁点关系,美国人所尊崇的是一套原则To immigrants, those principles are especially real because so often they were absent or violated in their native lands.对于移民来说,这些原则来得特别真切,因为在他们的故土上,这些原则不是被频繁践踏,就是已经不复存在It was no accident in the 60s and 70s,when alienation was in flower,that it often seemed to be ;native; Americans who felt alienated,while aliens or the children of aliens upheld the native values.,在六七十年代那个充斥着疏离感的时候,似乎感到疏离的往往是美国人,异乡人和他们的子女反而能够坚守其本土价值观—这也是在情理之中的;Home is where you are happy.;家就是能让你开心的地方Sentimental, perhaps, and certainly not conventionally patriotic,but is appropriate a country that wrote the pursuit of happiness into its founding document.听起来也许有些伤感,但这句话里已不再含有缠头的爱国情结了不过,这句话对于这个将追求幸福写入宪法的国家来说是再恰当不过了,That pursuit continues the immigrant in America,and it never stops, but it comes to rest at a certain moment.美国的移民们继续着他们对幸福的追求,从不止步The moment occurs perhaps when the immigrant double life and double vision converge toward a single state of mind,when the old life, the old home fade into a certain unreality也许,这一刻就是移民的双重身份和双重视野开始趋于专一心智之时,此时,他们对家乡以及家乡生活的怀念逐渐淡化,places one merely visits, practicing the tourism of memory.家乡已经成为某种幻影—仅仅是一个旅游目的地,借此追忆往事而已It occurs when the immigrant learns his ultimate lessonabove all countries, America, if loved, returns love.这时,移民也学到了他们人生的终极一课:在所有国家中,美国—如果得到了爱,必定回报以爱 5876河南人民医院去胎记多少钱郑州/去黄褐斑多少钱

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