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The condition called "face blindness", but those who have it see perfectly fine. It's just that they can't process what anyone looks like even members of their own family. Dr. Sanjay Gupta has more in the second part of this series Mysteries of the Brain. He joins us from Atlanta. This is so fascinating, Sanjay, tell us about it.Yeah, it really is very interesting. It's called prosopagnosia, most people do not know the face blindness like you said. Look, we've all had times when we get a name, maybe we get a face. But this is truly a medical condition as we learned, it can be very debilitating.Glenn has spent his entire life getting faces. Most people expect that you are going to be able to recognize them in label. I can't really do that very effectively. His condition is called prosopagnosia, or more commonly, face blindness. It can cause problems even identifying close family members or remembering a face just moments after turning away from it. Glenn, whose case is more severe than most, often can’t recognize his own face. One of the reasons that I grew out the beard, and one of the reasons that I walk around with my hats so much is to hopefully prevent me from walking into mirrors. His condition also affects his job at a retail store. He says he won’t get promoted, because he can’t recognize his co-workers. More troubling, his inability to recognize others in social settings drives him into isolation. I feel like, you know, it will be really nice if I could go out do this kind of thing with a bunch of other people and not be so worried about the difficulties.Glenn's face blindness is the result of a head injury he suffered as a toddler. But many others are born with the condition. And it's not that rare. At , Institute of Human Genetics study found as many as one in fifty people have some m of face blindness. Researchers still can't pinpoint the cause, but say it's most likely linked to an area of the brain called the fusim gyrus, which shows activity in response to seeing faces. Now that we know that prosopagnosia is much more common, I think there is gonna be much more eft to figure out how to help these people. Blind to the faces of others, still seeing the face, the eyes…There is no medical treatment face blindness yet. But Glenn has a message.Be consoled, because, though I may not remember your face, I will remember you. This is a remarkable thing, you know. You talk a lot about children as well, who might have this sort of problem, they can't recognize other kids in the playground; they grow up with this condition, sometimes not being able to recognize your spouse either. One woman told us that in fact, she is in a crowded room and looks at a mirror with a bunch of face, she has to make a funny face like raising eyebrows to recognize her own face, so pretty remarkable, Alina(这里应该是女主播的名字).Oh, My Gosh, this is incredible. I'm, I am curious, Sanjay. Is there any way them to recognize other people, I mean, instance, like with blind people, maybe there is voice recognition and, you know, you hear a familiar voice, you might not see their face, but you know who they are, so is there a way them to do that?Yeah, you know, it's, it's pretty remarkable. First of all, you give them an eye test, their vision is perfectly fine. There appears to be something in the way that the face, specifically the face is actually processed the way we've evolved as human beings can't recognize the face, but can recognize the objects, can recognize er, voices as you pointed out also recognize hair colors, specific distinguishing features that act as cues to let them get through the day. It can be debilitating but people seem to cope just by finding these cues. 576Hollywood Idol Star - Elizabeth Taylor Has Died好莱坞偶像级影星伊丽莎白·泰勒去世Legendary Hollywood actress Elizabeth Taylor has died at the age of 79. A statement from Taylor family says she died peacefully, with her children at her side. The veteran actress, known movies such as ;National Velvet,; which made her a star at the age of , and ;Cleopatra,; had been suffering from congestive heart failure. She had been hospitalized in Los Angeles the past six weeks.好莱坞传奇女影星伊丽莎白·泰勒去世,享年79岁泰勒家人发表的一份表明说,她在安详中去世,她的子女守在她身边在过去6个星期里,这位资深的女演员因为患有充血性心力衰竭而在洛杉矶的医院里住院她因主演《玉女神驹和《埃及艳后等影片出名《玉女神驹这一影片使泰勒岁的时候就成为明星Taylor won Academy Awards her role in ;Who Afraid of Virginia Woolf?; and ;Butterfield 8.; In later years, she was a spokeswoman humanitarian causes, notably AIDS research. That work gained her a special Oscar in 1993.泰勒因在影片《谁怕弗吉尼亚·沃尔夫?以及《青楼艳妓里的出色表演而荣获奥斯卡奖她在后来的时间里担任了人道主义事业的发言人,特别是艾滋病研究她因这方面的贡献于1993年荣获奥斯卡特别奖Taylor was sometimes called the most beautiful woman in the world. In addition to her work in film, the Oscar-winning actress was also well known her off-screen drama, including being married eight times, twice to actor Richard Burton.泰勒被称为“全世界最漂亮的女人”除了演电影以外,这位获得奥斯卡奖的女演员也因为她在银屏外的戏剧性经历而广为人知,这其中包括结婚8次,其中两次是与演员理查德·伯顿结婚Born in London to American parents, she moved to Los Angeles bee World War II, and went from child star to Hollywood starlet to movie icon. But she gained attention more than just her beauty and acting talent. Her srormy personal life and numerous marriages, as well as her friendship with pop icon Michael Jackson, made her a constant source of stories the press.泰勒出生在伦敦,父母都是美国人她在二战前移居洛杉矶,从一个童星成为好莱坞影星,最后成为电影界的偶像级人物但是她不仅仅因为她的美貌和演艺才华而引起人们的注意她坎坷的个人经历、无数次的婚姻,以及她与流行歌星迈克尔·杰克逊的友谊使她一直成为媒体报道的对象She had a passion jewels and jewelry and introduced her own perfumes, including one called White Diamonds. In later years, she was widely recognized her charitable work. France awarded her the prestigious Legion of Honor in 1987 and Britain Queen Elizabeth made her a dame, the female equivalent of a knight, in 00.泰勒酷爱珠宝首饰并创立了自己的香水品牌,其中一种香水叫做“白色钻石”在后来的生涯中,泰勒因为她的慈善工作而受到普遍的认可法国在1987年授予她最高荣誉勋章英国女王伊丽莎白在00年封她为贵妇人,相当于爵士的爵位 393700World Trade Center Construction Stalled 世贸大楼重建不切实际 The completion schedule the new World Trade Center is unrealistic, the Port Authorities reports. The Memorial will not be fully completed and available the public in .New director, Chris Ward, presented this report to the Port Authority board. He told them the September eleventh Memorial would not be completed in time the th Anniversary of the terror attacks. This is one of the most complicated projects, the city, the state and the nation has ever undertaken.Ward says schedules and cost estimates the rebuilding were not realistic and that there was no overall decision making process. A definite problem with 33 designers, architects and consulting firms trying to coordinate with 19 federal state and local governments. Delays in the transportation hub designs stall the process even further.Going ward, an able government structure is needed to ensure that all of the stakeholders on the site are working together and resolving challenges as quickly as they arise.Ward says that time planning、politics、emotion is over and that this is now a construction job that can be completed, but he emphasized it's unrealistic at this point to say when or how much it will cost. Once you get into the reality of actually building it. You can begin to figure out ways to build it faster, to build it less money and design efficiencies into the overall delivery of the project. 59831American Authors – Philip K. Dick; on purpose versus deliberately versus intentionally; moderately versus sparingly; understatement of the centuryWords:alienscience fictionlotterysolarprolificalternate universeandroidwholesalemental illnessto be addictedrightson purposedeliberatelyintentionallymoderatelysparinglyunderstatement of the century 50Voice 1: He also sps his message by getting other people involved. He asked taxi drivers to give out free condoms to their passengers.声音1:他还让其他人参与进来,帮助他传播他的想法他让出租车司机给乘客发安全套Voice : He sets up competitions. In these competitions people blow up a condom like a balloon.声音:他设置比赛让人们在比赛中吹像气球一样的安全套Voice 1: In the past, Mechai has also asked religious leaders to bless condoms. He asked them to put holy water on the condoms some religious Thai people.声音1:以前,米猜还曾让宗教领袖祝福安全套他请他们在安全套里放上圣水,然后分发给有宗教信仰的泰国人Voice : One of Mechai strangest, and most popular, projects is a restaurant. Cabbage, a green round vegetable, is a common part of the Thai diet. Mechai says that he wanted to make condoms as common as cabbages in Thailand. So, he started a restaurant called Cabbages and Condoms. People can come to the restaurant a good tasting meal. But, they also will learn about safe sex.声音:米猜最厉害最受欢迎的项目是开设餐厅卷心菜是一种绿色的圆形蔬菜,是泰国人的常见饮食米猜表示,他希望安全套在泰国就像卷心菜一样平常所以,他开了一家名为“卷心菜和安全套”的餐厅人们可以来到餐厅享用美味的食物然后他们还会在餐厅学习到有关安全性行为的知识译文属 36

Claire:Welcome to the firm. Are you getting the hang of things here?克莱尔:欢迎你加入我们公司你现在已经掌握这份工作的窍门了吗?Jack:I am. I worked in another firm two years bee coming here, so I have some experience under my belt.杰克:是的来这里之前我曾在另一家公司摸爬滚打过年,所以我有一些经验But let me ask you one thing:Is the firm serious about wanting each person to do five hours of pro bono work each month?但我要问你个事:咱们公司真的是要求每人每个月从事5小时的无偿工作吗?Claire:It is. This firm takes commy service very seriously.克莱尔:是这样的我们公司非常重视社区务Everyone does pro bono work and everybody is expected to hit the target of 60 hours each year.每个人都必须从事无偿工作,而且要完成每年60小时的目标Jack:This is so different from my previous firm.杰克:这和我以前的公司很不一样There, everything was about billable hours.在那里,一切都是计费工时Nobody cared about anything but how many hours we could rack up with each client.我们只关心拿下每位客户的时间,其他根本不管Claire:Billable hours are important here, too, but we bill ourselves as the firm with a social conscience.克莱尔:计费工时在咱们这里也很重要,但我们也有社会良知That what sets us apart from our competitors.这就是我们有别于其他竞争对手的地方If you fall short of your expected pro bono hours,believe me, youll hear about it.如果你达不到预期的公益务时间,相信我,你会得到惩罚的Jack:It refreshing to work a firm that not all about the bottom line.杰克:为这样一家并非只关注底线的新公司卖命很有新鲜感Claire:Dont get carried away.克莱尔:别得意忘形This firm is still here to make money. It just not 0% of its focus.我们开门做生意也是要赚钱的只是没有0%投入Jack:Maybe just 98%?杰克:也许只有98% ?Claire:That right. And in this industry, that unheard of.克莱尔:是这样的在这个行业中是闻所未闻的 3180

Teacher Feels Dizzy晕眩The teacher walked into the classroom. He said, “Good evening, everybody.” The students said, “Good evening, teacher.” He walked over to his desk. He put his briefcase on his desk. He opened his briefcase. He took his notebook out of his briefcase. He took his books out of his briefcase. Suddenly, he felt dizzy. The room was spinning. He sat down. What was wrong with him? He put his hands on the desk. The desk was spinning. He closed his eyes. He opened his eyes. He didn’t know what to do. What was wrong? He was sitting in his chair. But he felt like he was floating in air. How could he be floating in air? He sat in his chair another minute. His students were talking to one another. They did not know how he felt. But he didn’t tell them how he felt. He didn’t say anything.老师走入教室他说:“同学们晚上好”学生说:“老师晚上好”他走向讲台将公文包放在讲台打开公文包将笔记本拿出将书本拿出突然,他感到晕眩教室在旋转他坐下来他怎么了?他将手放在讲台上讲台在旋转他合上眼睛他睁开眼睛他不知道怎么办怎么了?他坐在椅子上但他感到自己在空中飘荡他怎么在空中游荡?他又在椅子上坐了一分钟学生们窃窃私语他们不知道老师怎么了他也没有说他什么都没说译文属原创,,不得转载 7390

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