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Comprehension 1 Order these events 1 Johnny greets Sarah. Harry and Magda arrive. 3 Johnny asks if he can sit at Olivia's table. Olivia suggests ordering some tea. 5 Sarah arrives. 6 Olivia is surprised to learn that Harry and Magda are coming to the café. 7 Olivia tells Johnny that it’s a self-service café. 8 Johnny mentions his friend Harry. Comprehension Decide whether these statements are true or false 1 The café is a popular place. Sarah is a friend of Olivia's. 3 Sarah is waiting Harry. Johnny is from Shanghai. 5 Olivia knows Harry and Magda. 6 Olivia introduces herself. 836suspicious怀疑的,poke戳,rib肋骨Counting Your RibsSometimes women are overly suspicious of their husbands. When Adam stayed out very late a few nights, Eve became upset.“You’re running around with other women,” she charged.“You’re being unreasonable, ” Adam responded. “You’re the only woman on earth.”The quarrel continued until Adam fell asleep, only to be awakened by someone poking him in the chest. It was Eve.“What do you think you’re doing? ” Adam demanded.“Counting your ribs.”数数你的肋骨有些时候,女人总是对丈夫疑心太重当亚当连续几个晚上不在家时,夏娃变得恼火起来“你在和别的女人交往,”她谴责他道“你无理取闹,”亚当回答“你是地球上唯一的女人啊”直到亚当睡着了,争论才停止可他又因为有人戳他的胸部而醒来是夏娃“你到底在干嘛?”亚当问“数你的肋骨有多少根”1.suspicious多疑的也有“可疑的”的意思:He is a suspicious character.他是个可疑人物“表示怀疑的”:He shot a suspicious glance at me.他超我怀疑地看了一眼.stay out不在家,在外也有“呆在户外”、“坚持到……结束”的意思:stay out the whole long permance看完整场长时间的演出还可表示“避开,不参与”:stay out of trouble不惹是非3.run around交往,私通:run around with a bad crowd.与一伙坏人为伍They’ve been running around together some time.他们交往已有些时候了.charge谴责charge还有很多不同的含义,比如“归因于”:charge a fault upon sb.把过失归咎于某人;“控告”:charge sb. with murder指控某人犯谋杀罪;“要价”:charge high要价高5.demand询问The policeman demanded the boy’s name.警察询问男孩的名字“需要”:The task demands patience.这一任务需要有耐心6.rib肋骨《圣经里说,夏娃是由亚当的一根肋骨变成的 195

Saudi Women Seek Right To Drive沙特女性争取驾驶权力On 6 October, thousands of Saudi women plan to get behind the wheel of a car in protest of an unofficial ban against female drivers. Currently Saudi women are unable to obtain a legal driver’s license in Saudi Arabia. In the past, Saudi females who have tried to drive without a license have been fined or sent to court. When news of the demonstration broke out, a Saudi cleric told a news agency that driving could damage femalesovaries and pelvises. He warned women not to participate in the demonstration. Activists say his comments have helped increase interest in the demonstration. Many Saudi women hope that gaining the right to drive will lead to other rights that they are currently denied, such as opening a bank without a male guardian. A similar campaign to achieve the right to drive was launched in Saudi Arabia twenty years ago. Many women lost their jobs because of it.月6日,数千名沙特女性筹划集体驾车,抗议女性禁止驾车目前,沙特女性无法领到驾照在过去,私自驾车将遭受罚款或牢狱之灾示威消息一出,沙特神职人员在接受通讯社采访时表示,驾车将对女性卵巢和骨盆造成损伤他警告女性不要参与示威活动活动人士表示,他的言论激起了示威浪潮沙特女性希望此次游行能够带动其它权力发展,在沙特,若无男性监护人,女性无法开户年前,沙特就驾驶权举行过类似活动许多女性也而丢了工作译文属原创,,不得转载 0Less use of air conditioners would be better us all A strict no-air-conditioning ban was enced 87,000 Taiwanese students taking the college entrance examinations this month despite temperatures in many areas reaching to 36 degrees Celsius. Although this long-term practice is being promoted as a pragmatic means to ensure fairness, since air conditioning is not available at all exam locations, rather than environmental reasons, it nevertheless offers a good opporty the country to reconsider its addiction to air conditioning. If students can manage without AC in the heat of examinations, could not the rest of the population go cold turkey once in a while? If not 'Off,' then 'Down,' since air conditioners consume energy and contribute to climate change in proportion to each degree they are set below ambient temperature. Vehicle AC systems can be a cause of sinusitis in some people, while poorly maintained air conditioning may lead to the proliferation of micro-organisms such as Legionella pneumophila, the cause of Legionnaires' disease. The problem with new high-tech machines is that they present a sizable contribution to man-made climate change. Cooling agents such as CFCs and their modern replacements are greenhouse gases with far more global-warming potential than carbon dioxide should they leak into the atmosphere. It is everyone's responsibility to minimize his or her own contribution to the problem. Notesban (n.) 禁令;禁止 The government has placed a ban on smoking in public places.pragmatic (adj.) 務實的;實用的 Your proposal was intriguing, but not very pragmatic.addiction (n.) 成癮;入迷 Jim dropped out of school due to his addiction to online games.proportion (n.) 比例;比率 What is the proportion of boys to girls in this class?ambient (adj.) 週遭的;環繞的 The ice cubes are melting because they are colder than the ambient room temperature.proliferation (n.) (生物)增殖;激增 Our government must take action against the recent proliferation of violent crime.replacement (n.) 取代;代替 Racecar teams make sure they have plenty of replacement parts on hand when they are racing at a track.to go cold turkey 戒除壞習慣 After seeing how yellow the walls got from his years of smoking, my father quit cold turkey.high-tech 高科技的 A decade ago, cell phones were considered high-tech gadgets.global-warming 全球暖化的 Do people who live in cold climates consider global-warming a bad thing? 888American Authors – Mary Roberts Rinehart; Famous Songs – “I’ll be seeing you”; to dispense, wedgie, and on principle; to get on with (something), to get along with (someone), and in a nutshell; semiWords:stock marketto crashmysteryto solidifymiddle-agedromancefictionplaymusicalto embracesignature songto dispensewedgieon principleto get on with (something)to get along within a nutshellsemi 569

Word of inspiration圣灵的感悟Jake had been an observant catholic and was in the hospital, near death. The family called their priest, to be with them. As the priest stood next to the bed, Jake's condition appeared to deteriorate rapidly and he motioned frantically something to write on. The priest lovingly handed him a pen and a piece of paper, and Jake used his last bit of energy to scribble a note, then he died. The priest thought it best not to look at the note at that time, so he placed it in his jacket pocket. At the funeral, as he was finishing his eulogy, he realized that he was wearing the same jacket that he was wearing when Jake died. He said, "You know, Jake handed me a note just bee he died. I haven't looked at it yet, but knowing Jake, I'm sure there's a word of inspiration there us all. " He opened the note, and , "Hey, you're standing on my oxygen tube!"杰克是个虔诚的天主教徒他躺在医院里,奄奄一息家人请来神父与他们呆在一起当神父站来到病床旁边,杰克的病情迅速恶化了,疯狂的想要写点什么神父慈祥地递给他纸笔,杰克用尽最后一点力气潦潦草草的写了一句话,随后就死去了神父觉得那时候看不太合适,所以就放在了夹克口袋里葬礼上,他读完悼词,发现正好穿着那天在医院里穿的夹克,他说:“你们知道吗,杰克临死之前写了一张纸条我还没有看过,但是凭我对杰克的了解,我断定那是圣灵给他的感悟”他打开纸条:“喂,你踩住我的输氧管了” 91He Will Go to Heaven前往天堂Adam was doing his homework. He stopped doing his homework. He was bored. He didnt like homework. “Dad, what happens when we die?” Adam asked. “You will go to heaven,” Dad said. “Does everyone go to heaven?” Adam asked. “No, only good people go to heaven,” Dad said. “What is heaven like?” Adam asked. “It is a happy place,” Dad said. “Everyone is happy. Everyone is your friend. Everyone likes you. You like everyone.” He told Adam to be polite. He told Adam to be honest. “If you are polite and honest, you will go to heaven,” Dad said. Adam said, “I want to go to heaven. I will be polite and honest.” Dad said there was one more thing. Adam had to do one more thing to go to heaven. “What’s that?” Adam asked. “If you want to go to heaven, you have to do your homework,” Dad said.亚当正在写作业他停止写作业他百无聊赖他不喜欢写作业亚当问道:“爸爸,人死了会怎样?”爸爸说:“人会升入天堂”亚当问道:“所有人都会升入天堂吗?”爸爸说:“不,只有好人才会去天堂”亚当问道:“天堂什么样?”爸爸说:“那是个幸福的地方每个人都幸福快乐所有人都是你的朋友所有人都喜欢你你也喜欢所有人”他让亚当要懂礼貌他告诉亚当要诚实爸爸说::如果你做到礼貌和诚实,那你就会升入天堂”亚当说:“我想去天堂我会做到诚实和礼貌”爸爸说还有一点要想去天堂,还要做到一点”亚当问道:“那是什么?”爸爸说:“如果你想去,就先完成作业”译文属原创,,不得转载 8581

Part 3. Predictions on tomorrow.A. Keywords. responsibility, computers, brain activity.Vocabulary. impose, diagnosis, scalp.You are going to hear some predictions on the future.Listen carefully and supply the missing words.1. Your 1th century future.The future will not determine itself, the future is determined by the actions of the present day.Edward Cornish, the editor of the Futurist magazine, published by the World Future Society, says:;The responsibility we have the future begins when we recognize that we are ourselves create the future.That the future is not something imposed upon us by fate or other ces beyond our control.;. Your 1st century doctorMore and more doctors will use computers medical diagnosis and treatment.You will visit your doctor and find that he uses a computer screen and vision inmation about your condition instead of his textbooks.Computers in your home will enable you to answer interactive questions about your health and show the alternative results which will affect you if you act in a certain way.3. Your 1st century brainYour brainwaves maybe used to check out whether youre busy, tired or doing your work properly.Psychologist Arthur F.Kramer, at the university of Illinois, tested volunteers working on arithmetic problems.He found that he could predict their permance from the strength of the brain electrical activity.This is measured through the scalp.The future? Bosses could measure brain activity through the scalp and tell whether a worker is perming well, working hard, or too tired to do the job properly.Ongoing computer analysis could tell whether a worker such as an air traffic controller is seeing all the activity they have to monitor clearly enough.B. Keywords. tourism, ecast, tourist arrivals.Vocabulary. long-haul, World Tourism Organization (WTO).You are going to hear some inmation about world tourism.And complete the following inmation according to what you hear on the tape.WTO, long-term ecast tourism vision.Tourism vision is the World Tourism Organization long-term ecast and assessment of the development of tourism up to the first years of the new millennium.WTO tourism vision ecast the international arrivals are expected to reach over 1.56 billion by the year .Of these worldwide arrivals in , 1.18 billion will be intraregional, and 0.38 billion will be long-haul travellers.The total tourist arrivals by region shows by , the top three receiving regions will be Europe (7 million tourists), East Asia and the Pacific (397 million) and the Americas ( million).Followed by Africa, the Middle East and South Asia.East Asia and the Pacific, South Asia, the Middle East and Africa are ecasted to record growth at a rate of over 5% per year, compared to the world average of .1%.Europe will maintain the highest percentage of world arrivals, although there will be a decline from 60% in 1995 to 6% in .By , the Americas will lose its NO. position to the East Asia and the Pacific region which will receive 5% of world arrivals in with the Americas decreasing from 19% in 1995 to 18 percent in . 3560Akim:Oh, this is so good! Why are your eyes watering?阿基姆:哦,很好吃啊!为什么你好像眼泪汪汪的?Wendy:It so spicy! When you invited me over curry, I didnt know itd be so hot.温蒂:太辣了!当你邀请我吃咖喱的时候,我不知道会这么辣Akim:This is mild or maybe medium.阿基姆:这只是轻度或中辣度的I make another version of this that much hotter.我还有另外比这更辣的In fact, I like mine with some extra peppers and some hot sauce.事实上,我喜欢自己这盘有额外胡椒及辣椒酱的Do you want any?你想要来点吗?Wendy:Are you kidding me?! The roof of my mouth is on fire.温蒂:你在跟我开玩笑吧? !我的上颚都要着火了Akim:You must have very sensitive taste buds.阿基姆:你的味蕾肯定非常敏感This has a little kick to it and it pungent and zesty, but it not too spicy.这只是有点小辛辣而且辣的让人上瘾,但不是过辣那种Wendy:You must have no taste buds at all if you think this is mild.温蒂:如果你觉得这样算可以,你一定没有味蕾My mouth needs to cool down from all that heat.我的嘴需要解解辣I need more water-now!我需要喝更多的水,现在!Akim:All right, but you dont want to fill up on water.阿基姆:好的,但你不能只顾着喝水Ive made a special dessert.我还有道特殊的甜点Wendy:Is that supposed to be mild, too?温蒂:是,应该是中度吧?Akim:No, that really is spicy!阿基姆:不,那才是真的辣! 687

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