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长乐区中山门诊部是不是正规医院长乐市妇幼保健医院是私人的吗Useful Way一个有效的方法Father: Jack, why do you drink so much water?爸爸:杰克,你干嘛喝这么多水呀?Jack: I have just had an apple, Dad.杰克:我刚才吃了个苹果,爸爸。Father: What#39;s that got to do with it?爸爸:可是这跟喝水有什么关系呢?Jack: I forgot to wash the apple. 杰克:我忘了洗苹果呀。      内容来自: /201206/185577鹤上镇体检多少钱 Oh, the power of a good night#39;s sleep. A whole gamut of positive benefits can be seen from getting enough rest, but for many of us, hitting the sack can be challenging. There#39;s plenty of advice out there about what to do to get to sleep but what about what not to do? Click through for some of the pre-bedtime activities that could be hurting your chance at getting a good night#39;s sleep.啊,伟大的睡眠!良好的睡眠能带来极大的好处,但对我们有些人来说,睡觉也不是件容易事。关于;做这几件事能让你睡得好;的建议铺天盖地,但有人讲过;睡觉前不要做以下几件事;吗?看这里吧。我们来告诉你睡觉前绝对不能做的几件事。1.Exercise1.锻炼No, you don#39;t get to ditch your yoga mat or running shoes all together. Exercise is a vital activity for your health, and can actually contribute to getting better-quality sleep. The problem, though, is that exercising within three hours of bedtime can raise your body temperature, and make dozing off more difficult. Breaking a sweat, then, is best left for earlier in the day!先别急着把瑜伽垫或跑鞋丢了。锻炼对于健康来将很重要,同时也能帮你获得优质的睡眠。但问题在于,睡前3小时的锻炼能提高你的体温,并让你更加清醒。因此,锻炼这事儿最好放在更早些时候进行。2.Watch TV/Surf the Web2.看电视或上网Studies have shown that pre-slumber screen time can impede your body#39;s ability to fall asleep. The likely culprit? Well, the bright lights of these screens can hinder the development of melatonin, the hormone that promotes sleep. So close that laptop and turn off that TV about an hour before bed.研究表明,睡前盯着屏幕能扰乱身体入睡的过程。罪魁祸首是谁?是这些屏幕发出的亮光。它们能阻断褪黑素的形成,而褪黑素是帮你入睡的激素。所以,睡前一小时最好关掉电脑和电视。3.Take a Hot Shower/Bath3.洗热水澡/泡热水澡Like exercise, hot showers and baths can actually help you fall asleep. The problem, however, comes out of taking one too close to the time you plan on hitting the sack. Being overheated can bring same affects just like late exercises.跟锻炼一样,热水澡能帮你入眠。但是,如果刚洗澡就睡觉,同样会导致睡不好。体温过高带来的影响跟前文提到的锻炼太晚一样。4.Drink Too Many Fluids4.喝太多东西Caffeine, of course, and alcohol both make it difficult to get a good night#39;s rest. But drinking a lot of any liquid within the last hour or two before you go to bed will lead to those ded late night bathroom breaks, and further disrupt your slumber. You shouldn#39;t go to bed thirsty, however, as you#39;ll likely wake up in the middle of the night to get a drink of water. Balance is key here.很显然,咖啡因和酒精饮料都能影响睡眠。但无论是什么,只要在睡前1-2小时喝的太多,都会让你频繁起夜而痛苦不堪,继而影响到睡眠。渴着入睡同样不推崇,因为半夜被渴醒也很不好受啊!平衡这两者是关键。5.Work5.工作Whatever work or school issue it is, it can certainly wait until morning. Getting work done stimulates your brain and can cause you unneeded stress - pretty much the opposite of what you want to feel if you#39;re trying to fall asleep!无论是工作还是学习上的事,都可以推到明天再做。睡前干活会刺激你的大脑,给你添加不必要的压力——而这简直是想成功入睡的大忌!6.Read Engrossing Stories6.阅读有趣的小说Many of us have done this: you#39;re ing a really interesting novel and you tell yourself, ;Oh just one more page!; Suddenly, it#39;s 2AM and you have to be awake in four hours. Yep, ing a really interesting book, essay or novel before bed will make it difficult to get to sleep. Perhaps you can remedy it by finding the most boring thing imaginable to ?!很多人都这么做过:你在读一本很有意思的小说,边读边对自己说:;再读一页!;然后突然间,已经到凌晨两点了,距离起床只有4个小时了!嗯哼,所以,睡前读有趣的书啊、文章啊或者是小说,都会让你更难入睡。补救措施:要不,找本超级无聊的书,睡前读?7.Cuddle With Your Pets7.跟宠物腻在一起As a child, I always wanted to have my beloved pet chihuahua sleep in my (twin) bed. And then came the reality: it#39;s amazing how much space a 6 pound creature can take up, and how grumpy chihuahuas can be when you disturb their slumber. The point is, sleeping with a pet in your bed can seriously disturb your sleep.我从小就想让我的吉娃娃跟我一起睡。接着问题就来了:一个6磅重的家伙,占得空间一点也不小;而且,他们在睡觉的时候,万一被打扰了,脾气会相当暴躁。所以,关键点是:跟宠物一起睡觉的话,受到打扰的可是你。8.Have Serious Conversations8.谈论严肃话题You#39;ve probably heard the phrase, ;don#39;t go to bed angry.; And, as it turns out, it#39;s totally accurate! Research has shown that sleeping directly after a fight or traumatic experience will effectively preserve your emotions until you awake. The human body is adverse to falling asleep in dangerous situations - it#39;s a defense mechanism. Thus, you#39;ll have a much harder time falling asleep after a big blowout. It#39;s best to resolve conflicts before you hit the sack.你可能听到过这样一句话:;不要带着愤怒的情绪上床;。事实明这话对极了!研究表明,如果睡前跟别人吵了一架,或是受了心理创伤,那么这种不良情绪会一直存在,直到你醒来。人体本能地对危险处境产生自我保护,表现方式就是干扰睡眠。所以如果你刚发完脾气,入睡会很困难。最佳的方法是在睡前解决掉所有争端。 /201208/193064We all wonder how we would react in an emergency. Would we risk our lives to help someone in danger? 我们都会好奇自己在危机情况下会做何反应。我们会冒着生命危险去帮助身陷险境的人吗? Laurie Ann Eldridge found out last year. Looking up from her garden one evening at her Cameron, N.Y., home, Ms. Eldridge saw a confused 81-year-old driver stuck at a railroad crossing nearby, oblivious to the train speeding toward her car. 劳丽#8226;埃德里奇(Laurie Ann Eldridge)找到了。去年某一天的傍晚,住在纽约州卡梅伦(Cameron)的埃德里奇从自家花园抬头往外看时,发现一名神情茫然的司机困在附近的一个铁路道口上,对朝着她的车子疾驰而来的火车浑然不觉。 Ms. Eldridge raced barefoot to the car, wrestled out the disoriented woman, rolled with her down the railway embankment and covered her with her body, just seconds before the train demolished the automobile. Ms. Eldridge#39;s feet were bloody and riddled with splinters. The elderly woman, Angeline C. Pascucci of Le Roy, N.Y., was unhurt. 埃德里奇光着脚跑向了那辆车,拼命把那位不知所措的老妇人拉出了车子,然后和她一起滚下铁路路基,并且用自己的身体挡住她。就在几秒钟后,疾驰而来的火车碾毁了那辆车子。埃德里奇的脚流着血,扎满了碎片,而那位家住纽约勒罗伊镇(Le Roy)的81岁的老妇人安吉丽娜#8226;C. 帕斯古奇(Angeline C. Pascucci)却安然无恙。 It is hard to know for sure who will step up and who will freeze up in a crisis. But, amid growing interest in positive psychology, the study of human strengths and virtues, research in recent years has shed light on the qualities and attitudes that distinguish heroes from the rest of us. 很难确定谁会在危机中挺身而出、谁又会束手旁观。不过在积极心理学(即对人类的优点和美德的研究)吸引了越来越多的研究兴趣的背景下,近些年的研究阐明了一些将英雄与其他人区分开来的品质和态度。 Certain traits make it more likely that a person will make a split-second decision to take a heroic risk. People who like to take charge of situations, who respond sympathetically to others, and who have a strong sense of moral and social responsibility are more likely to intervene than people who lack those traits, research shows. Heroes tend by nature to be hopeful, believing events will turn out well. They consciously try to keep fear from hampering their pursuit of goals, and they tend to block out the possibility of injury or material loss. 某些特质会让人更有可能在一瞬间决定冒险做一次英雄之举。相关研究表明,乐于掌控局面、对他人抱有同情心以及具有强烈的道德感和社会责任感的人比不具备这些特质的人更有可能挺身而出。英勇之人往往天生就满怀希望,相信事情会向好的方向发展。他们会有意识地努力避免恐惧心理妨碍他们追求自己的目标,往往会去阻止可能造成身体伤害或物质损失的事情发生。 People who are otherwise good and caring may still shrink back in a crisis. Their responses depend partly on whether they perceive the situation as an emergency and whether they know how to help; someone who doesn#39;t know anything about electrical wiring probably won#39;t rush to save a person tangled in a power line. How you#39;re feeling that day makes a difference, too; #39;people who are in a good mood are more likely to help,#39; says Julie M. Hupp, an assistant professor of psychology at Ohio State University in Newark. Context also matters; some researchers say a large crowd makes it less likely that an individual hero will step up. 即便是善良、有同情心的人,可能依然会在危机中退缩。他们的反应部分取决于他们是否认为情况危急以及他们是否知道如何施救。一个对电气布线一无所知的人,不大可能冲出去救一个被电线缠住的人。你在事发当天的心情也会让你做出不同决定。俄亥俄州立大学纽瓦克分校(Ohio State University in Newark)的心理学助理教授朱莉#8226;赫普(Julie M. Hupp)指出,“心情好的人更有可能会施以援手。”此外,事发当时的环境同样也有关系,一些研究人员称,如果危机现场有一大群人的话,某一个人挺身而出充当英雄的可能性就会降低。 Of course, it helps to be physically able. In a 1981 study of 32 people who had intervened to help victims of assaults, robberies or other serious crimes, researchers found the heroes were taller, heavier and more likely to have had training in rescuing people or responding to emergencies than a comparison group of people who hadn#39;t intervened in a crime or emergency for 10 years. 当然,身体强健也会起到促进作用。研究人员曾在1981年对32名出手帮助过袭击、抢劫或其他严重犯罪行为的受害者的人进行了研究。他们发现,与10年来未干预过犯罪行为或危急情况的对照组中的研究对象相比,这些勇士身高更高、身材也更魁梧,而且更有可能接受过救护或应对危急情况方面的训练。 But heroism is far more complex than that. Some heroes have qualities that enable them to blast through obstacles, recent research shows. Empathy, or care or concern for others, runs high in people with heroic tendencies, according to a 2009 study led by Sara Staats, a professor emeritus of psychology at Ohio State University in Newark. 然而,英雄行为远远不止这么简单。最近一些研究表明,某些勇士具备的品质可以帮助他们冲破障碍。俄亥俄州立大学纽瓦克分校心理学荣誉退休教授萨拉#8226;斯塔茨(Sara Staats)在2009年主持的一项研究发现,具有英雄主义倾向的人与他人有较高程度的情感共鸣,即对他人的关爱或担心。 Ms. Eldridge was an unlikely hero. She had no rescue training. At 5-foot-8 and 115 pounds, she was outweighed by the woman she saved. The biggest surprise to Ms. Eldridge, a single mother of two teenage boys, was that she was able to run at all. Until the day of the rescue, she hadn#39;t run for 10 years because of a disabling back injury. 按常理来看,埃德里奇是不大可能会成为一位英雄的。她没有接受过救援训练,而且她身高5英尺8英寸,体重115磅,还没有她救下的那位女士重。她是一个单亲妈妈,独自抚养着两个十几岁的儿子。最令埃德里奇感到惊讶的是,自己居然还能跑得动。在救人那一天之前,她因为背部有伤行动不便已经有10年没跑过步了。 #39;All I could think about was the lady#39;s face. She looked lost. She needed help, and she needed help right then,#39; says Ms. Eldridge, who received a medal from the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission, which honors civilians who risk their lives to save others, last June. 去年6月份,埃德里奇获得了卡内基英雄基金委员会(Carnegie Hero Fund Commission)颁发的用以表彰冒着生命危险救助他人的普通民众的奖章。埃德里奇说,“我当时所能想到的就是那位女士的脸。她看起来很茫然,她需要马上获得帮助。” A tendency to frame events positively and expect good outcomes is another hallmark of heroes, says Jeremy Frimer, an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Winnipeg. In a 2010 study, 25 Canadians who had won awards for risking their lives to save others were asked to tell stories about their lives. Heroes were more likely to #39;take something that#39;s bad and turn it into something that#39;s good,#39; says Dr. Frimer, a co-author of the study with Lawrence Walker, a psychology professor at the University of British Columbia, and others. In an example from another study, Dr. Frimer says, a woman diagnosed with breast cancer described the disease as #39;re-energizing her creative side,#39; saying her return to creating art was #39;a gift that came from the tragedy.#39;#39; 加拿大温尼伯格大学(University of Winnipeg)心理学助理教授杰瑞米#8226;弗利默(Jeremy Frimer)认为,从积极的方面想事情并期待良好的结果是英雄的另一个特征。在2010年的一项研究中,研究人员让25位曾因冒着生命危险救助他人而获得奖励的加拿大人讲述他们生活中的故事。弗利默士称,英雄更有可能会“承担不好的事情,然后把它转变为好事。”她与不列颠哥伦比亚大学(University of British Columbia)的心理学教授劳伦斯#8226;沃克(Lawrence Walker)及其他研究者联合撰写了这份研究报告。弗利默士还提到,在另一项研究中,一位被诊断患有乳腺癌的女士说这个疾病重新“激活了她具有创造力的一面”,并称她重新开始艺术创作是“这个悲剧送给她的一个礼物”。 When Stephen St. Bernard came home from work last month to his Brooklyn, N.Y., apartment building, neighbors had gathered outside. A 7-year-old child had squeezed out of her family#39;s third-floor apartment window and was dancing on the air-conditioning unit outside, some 25 feet above the pavement. 史蒂芬#8226;圣伯纳德(Stephen St. Bernard)今年53岁,是纽约大都会运输署(Metropolitan Transportation Authority)的一名巴士司机。7月的某一天,家住纽约布鲁克林的圣伯纳德下班后回到自己所住的公寓楼,发现楼外聚集了一群邻居。原来,一个七岁大的孩子从位于三层的家里的窗户钻了出来,站在屋外的空调机上跳舞,距离路面大约有25英尺高。 All Mr. St. Bernard was thinking, he says, was #39;maybe I can catch her,#39; says the 53-year-old bus driver for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. #39;The weight of the child, how hard she was going to hit me - none of that crossed my mind,#39; he says. #39;I was just hoping, praying, #39;God, please don#39;t let me miss.#39;#39; 圣伯纳德说,当时他心里只想着“也许我能接住她”。他说,“那个孩子有多重,她会对我造成多大力量的撞击——我脑中完全没想到这些事情。我只是希望并祈祷‘上帝,千万别让我失手了。’” As he moved beneath the window, the girl slipped and plummeted into his outstretched arms with an estimated 600 pounds of force, nearly ripping his arm off. He has had surgery to repair the torn muscles, tendons and nerves and will need months of painful physical therapy. But in describing the incident, he focuses on the fact that the child escaped injury or death. #39;Not a scratch was on that baby,#39; he says. 就在他冲到窗户下面的时候,那个女孩脚下一滑,接着就坠入了他张开的双臂中,当时的冲力估计达到600磅,几乎使他的胳膊折断。后来,他做了手术来修复拉伤的肌腱和神经,并且还要接受数个月痛苦的物理治疗。但是,在谈到这件事情时,他所关注的只是那个女孩并没有受伤或是丧命。他说,“那个孩子一点伤都没有。” Heroic people also tend to have a strong sense of ethics and above-average coping skills - a belief in their ability to tackle challenges and beat the odds, research shows. On the battlefield in Afghanistan last January, Navy nurse James Gennari knew, when he saw an injured Marine arrive on a stretcher at his medical facility, that standard procedures wouldn#39;t work. The Marine had a live rocket-propelled grenade embedded in his body, from his thigh through his buttocks. A surgeon told Lt. Cmdr. Gennari he didn#39;t have to intervene; a bomb squad could remove the grenade. 研究表明,英勇之人常常也具有强烈的道德感和高于常人的应对能力——他们相信自己能够应对挑战并取得出乎意料的成功。去年1月,在阿富汗战场上,一名受伤的海军陆战队队员躺在担架上被送到了海军护理人员詹姆斯#8226;杰纳里(James Gennari)所工作的医院。杰纳里少校明白常规的治疗程序是起不了作用的:这名士兵的体内有一枚未爆炸的火箭推进榴弹,横穿了他的大腿和臀部。一名外科医生告诉杰纳里少校他不用管这件事,拆弹小组会取出那枚榴弹。 But Lt. Cmdr. Gennari stepped up to the stretcher, took the Marine#39;s hand and told him, #39;I promise you, no matter what, I won#39;t leave you until that thing is out of your leg,#39; #39; Lt. Cmdr. Gennari says. He administered a sedative so an explosives specialist could pull out the bomb. It was later detonated in a huge blast outside the base. Lt. Cmdr. Gennari kept the Marine alive by pumping a manual respirator during a power failure on a helicopter flight to another camp. He was awarded a Bronze Star for valor this month. 但杰纳里少校走向了担架,握着那名海军陆战队士兵的手对他说道,“我向你保,无论发生什么,我都不会扔下你,直到那东西从你腿里取出来为止。”他给这名士兵打了镇静剂好让拆弹专家把榴弹取出来。后来,这枚榴弹在基地外被引爆造成了大爆炸。在用直升机把这名士兵送往另外一个营地时,杰纳里少校还在停电期间利用手控呼吸器来维持他的生命。今年8月,杰纳里少校因为自己的英勇行为被授予了铜星勋章。 Values that inspire heroism are often taught in childhood; #39;children who grew up watching their parents stick their necks out for others, are likely to do the same,#39; says Dr. Hupp. 英雄们往往在儿童时期就学习到了那些激发英勇行为的价值观。赫普士称,“那些在成长期间看到父母对他人给予帮助的儿童,长大后可能也会效仿他们。” Lt. Cmdr. Gennari says his parents taught him #39;that every good thing that happens to you is a blessing, and you#39;re supposed to give back.#39; His father Gilbert, a Staff Sergeant in the Army who won a Bronze Star in the Korean War for meritorious service, taught him that #39;a man#39;s word is a measure of his character,#39; he adds. Thus when he gave the Marine his word that he wouldn#39;t leave him, he says, #39;that was the way it was going to be.#39; 杰纳里少校说,他的父母教导他说“你遇到的每一件好事都是一种恩惠,你应该要予以回报。”他还说,他的父亲吉尔伯特(Gilbert)——+曾在朝鲜战场上担任陆军上士,曾立功获得铜星勋章——教育他“一个人的承诺会反映出他的人品。”因此,他说,当他和那名海军陆战队士兵说不会扔下他时,他就会这么去做。 /201209/198335福州长乐中医医院咨询

福州市二医院马尾分院妇科挂号A woman who became Britain#39;s youngest mother after a one night stand at the age of 12 says she had no regrets about becoming a teen mum.英国最年轻妈妈一夜情后,于12岁怀产子。如今她仍旧表示身为少女妈妈无怨无悔。In fact, Amy Crowhurst advocates having children early as she admits that at the age of 22 she now has ;the freedom to meet mates and go clubbing when my mum babysits.;事实上,Amy Crowhurst一直宣称越早怀越好。时年22的她表示目前可以自由交友,毫无障碍,而孩子则由她母亲照看。Amy, who is on benefits and lives in a council house, told this week#39;s Closer magazine: ;Having kids young was the smartest thing I ever did.;Amy目前住在简易住宅之中,生活自如。她向Closer杂志表示,做少女妈妈是她经历最聪明的事。She added: ;When I see girls I went to school with having babies now, I#39;m so glad I got it out of the way. They#39;ll be at home and up in the night for the next 10 years. Plus they#39;re fat and I#39;m a size 6! I missed school, but I can catch up – and I#39;ll appreciate it more.;她说:;以前的学校同学很多现在都有了孩子,而我却对自己怀生子的人生之路很满意。那些女同学今后10年都要居家操持,起早贪黑,并且她们现在都很胖,而我身材苗条。我的确错过了不少学校课程,但是我能赶上她们——并且我比她们更珍惜学校的一切。;Amy fell pregnant in 2002 when she was just 12-years-old after having sex with a 15-year-old boy she barely knew. She gave birth to son, Alfie, when she was 13 and dropped out of school to care for him. She said at the time: ;I know I was stupid but I#39;m not that bothered. Of course I wish it had never happened but it#39;s too late now.;Amy在2002年就与一不相熟的15岁少年发生了关系,以12岁之龄产下一子Alfie。13岁辍学回家照看孩子的她当时表示,自己的确做了蠢事,但是并不为之烦恼。尽管期待一切从未发生,可事实已成定局。At the age of 16, she moved out of the home she shared with her mum and eight siblings in Crawley, West Sussex, to a council flat of her own.16岁时,她搬出了和母亲及8个姊同住的旧屋,从西苏塞克斯的克劳雷搬到了属于她自己的简易公寓。Although she hadn#39;t been in a relationship with Alfie#39;s father since her son was born, they then had a ;one-off; reconciliation in 2005 - which led to her falling pregnant again. At the age of 16 she gave birth to daughter Destiny.尽管自儿子Alfie出生后,Amy就和儿子的父亲再无其他关系,但是2005年双方的;一次性;和解后,Amy再度怀并于16岁生下女儿Destiny.She didn#39;t remain in contact with her children#39;s father and admits for a period she struggled to cope as a single mum.其后她与孩子的父亲断绝了联系,坚持表示她要努力做个单身母亲。This led to her getting in trouble with the law as she was found in possession of cannabis in 2009 - for which she was sentenced to a community order - and then evicted from her council home in 2010 for throwing ;wild drug-fuelled parties;.但是2009年,她却因用大麻锒铛入狱;而2010年,她又因加入野性药党被驱逐出她的简易公寓。When she pleaded guilty to possessing cannabis, she told the court she had taken it to get away from the stress of parenthood and forget about everyday life.当她为自己用大麻的罪名进行辩护时,她告诉法官她会这么做是为了摆脱自己的母亲身份以及每日的生活需求带来的压力。Despite this, Amy tells Closer she wouldn#39;t mind if her own daughter became a teen mother. She said: ;Having sex at 12 is fine if you feel y and aren#39;t pressured. I wouldn#39;t encourage Destiny to plan pregnancy at 12, but if she did have a baby I#39;d be happy – it#39;d be fun being a gran at 27!;此外,Amy还告诉Closer杂志她并不介意自己的女儿也成为少女妈妈。她表示,如果做好了一切准备,没有思想包袱,那么12岁就发生性关系也没有什么不好。她不会鼓励女儿Destiny像她一样12岁生子,但是要是真的有了孩子,她会很高兴。;27岁做祖母也很有趣,;她这么说。Amy told the magazine she now has her life back on track. She and her children, now aged nine and seven, are living in a three bedroom council house and she is returning to college to get her GCSEs with ambitions of becoming a healthcare worker.Amy还说目前她的生活正在回归正轨。她和9岁的儿子、7岁的女儿目前居住在三室型的简易住宅之中,而她也雄心勃勃地回归校园,考取普通中等教育书,期待今后能成为保健工作者。She believes she#39;s a better mum for having had children early as she has lots of energy and can relate to her off-spring because they are closer in age.她相信孩子生得早让她成为了一个更好的母亲。正因如此,她有更多的精力和孩子们相处,而且她们年龄相仿,关系更近。 /201207/189761猴屿乡妇幼保健医院是市级吗 Natural Beauty Tips for Winter冬季自然美丽的小贴士Winter boasts a magical wonderland of snowflakes and holidays, but can winter weather can cause incredible damage to your skin and body. Improper body care during cold weather may lead to dehydration and cracked, uncomfortable and unsightly skin conditions. There are several ways to maintain a beautiful appearance during winter without spending money on costly beauty products.冬季是天空飘满雪花多热闹节日的神奇世界,但是冬天的天气也会对我们的皮肤和身体造成损伤。在冬季,身体保养不当可能会导致皮肤干燥开裂,使我们皮肤状况不舒适看起来也不美丽,下面是一些冬季保持美丽容颜的方法,不用买很多昂贵的护肤产品,这个冬天你也以美美的!Moisturize Daily 日常保湿Moisturize your face each day.每日面部保湿。Use a facial moisturizer each morning to keep your face feeling fresh and smooth. Sunburn can occur during winter. Especially if you#39;re on the ski slopes, so select a moisturizer that contains both a sunscreen and natural humectant like, vitamin E.每天早晨使用面部保湿乳液,让你的脸部皮肤清新光滑。冬天也会造成皮肤晒伤,特别是去滑雪的时候。所以要选择一款既有防晒作用又富含维他命E等天然保湿剂的乳液。Exercise 坚持运动Exercise during the winter to stay in shape.冬天也要坚持运动,这样才能保持体形。During the winter, exercise several times each week. Exercise not only helps you maintain a healthy body weight naturally, but also increases blood flow to all parts of your body. Stay limber and prevent muscle stiffness that sometimes occurs during cold weather.在冬天记得每周要运动几次。运动不止可以帮你保持健康自然的体重,还能帮助身体血液循环,让身体保持柔软,避免冬季寒冷天气里常见的肌肉僵硬。Shower Minimally 少洗澡Too much showering can dry out your skin.洗澡次数太多会造成皮肤干燥。Drink plenty of water during the winter to help your body stay hydrated. Watch the water with too much showering or bathing which can actually dry out your skin. Shower minimally for the smoothest, healthiest winter skin. When you do shower, use lukewarm water and apply moisturizing lotion to your face and body immediately after.冬季多喝水,可以保持身体水分,不过要小心,洗澡的水可不算哦!洗澡太多会造成皮肤干燥,所以在冬天尽量少洗澡,这样才能保皮肤处于最光滑最健康的状态。如果真要洗澡,记得使用温热水,并在洗澡过后立刻在脸上和身上涂上保湿营养乳液。Dress Appropriately 多穿点Select warm winter clothes.选择暖和的冬季饰。Proper winter attire protects your body from prolonged exposure to the cold. Select warm, comfortable clothing during the winter months. While wool is one of the warmest fabrics, it may cause skin irritation and itching, so opt for a more body-friendly fabric, such as cotton, and dress in layers. Before venturing outdoors, select a warm scarf to cover your face. This will reduce your chances of windburn. Also select a comfortable pair of gloves to keep your hands and fingernails soft and chap-free.合适的冬季装可以保护皮肤,避免长时间暴露在寒冷的空气中。冬天的时候要选择暖和舒适的衣。虽然羊毛是最温暖的纤维织物之一,但是羊毛可能会造成皮肤刺激和瘙痒,所以请选择更适合身体的织物,如棉花。多穿几层,在出门前,记得裹条暖和的围巾遮住脸,可以减少脸部皮肤被风吹伤的危险。挑一双温暖的手套,保持手部皮肤柔软避免皲裂。Have a Sound Sleep 好好睡Avoid overheating your body at night.晚上睡觉时身体不要过热。Get plenty of sleep during the winter to increase your energy, but avoid overheating your body while you rest. Select a lightweight blanket that will keep you warm but does not over do it.冬日里充足的睡眠可以让你增加能量,但是晚上休息时避免身体过热。选择一条轻薄的毯子可以让你身体保持温暖但又不会太热。Use a Humidifier 使用加湿器Run a humidifier during months when natural humidity is low.冬天空气中的自然湿度会比较低,所以记得使用加湿器。Wear Lip Balm 涂唇膏Lip balm keeps your lips from becoming dry.每天记得涂唇膏,防止嘴唇干裂。Dry, chapped lips can be unsightly and even painful. During the harsh winter months, lips are especially likely to dry out. Wear moisturizing lip balm daily, even when your lips do not feel chapped. Lip balm is available in a variety of flavors and scents, so choose something you#39;ll look forward to wearing daily.嘴唇干燥开裂是很难受的一件事,在寒风凛冽的冬季里,嘴唇很容易干裂,所以记得每天涂唇膏,就算嘴唇不干裂的时候也别忘记。唇膏有各种口味和香味的可够选择,选个你喜欢的,这样每天才会记着去涂啊。Place your humidifier in the room you spend the most time in. You should clean your humidifier on a regular basis to prevent bacteria and mold growth.把加湿器放在你待的时间最长的房间里。要定期清洗加湿器,避免细菌滋生。 /201201/168198长乐做无痛人流费用总共多少

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