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There a zillion characters in Game of Thrones, even after a bunch of them have been brutally bumped off. But among the likes of Tyrion, Bran, Dany, and pals, who really the main character? A team of mathematicians used a power far beyond Melisandre shadow magics to find out: the power of cold hard graphs.尽管有些人已经被残忍地干掉了,《权力的游戏里的人物还是多得难以计数但是在提利昂、布兰、丹妮以及其他人物中,谁才是真正的主角呢?一个数学家团队施展魔力,寻找,这个魔力可比梅丽珊卓的阴影魔法还强大——那就是客观实在的图表Macalester College associate professor of mathematics Andrew J. Beveridge and undergraduate student Jie Shan approached George R. R. Martin book series with a set of scientific approaches dubbed ;Network Science.; It uses graph theory, economics, math, sociology, and a plethora of other disciplines to map out a vast, interconnected network between the characters that sp all over Westeros and Essos.麦卡利斯特学院数学系副教授安德鲁·J·贝弗里奇和本科生单杰用一套名为;网络科学;的方法分析了乔治·R·R·马丁的这一系列书籍这套方法运用了图论、经济学、数学、社会学和其它许多学科的知识,描绘了一幅遍及维斯特洛和厄索斯的巨大人物关系网Using the third book in Martin saga, A Storm of Swords, and Shan created a huge character network, linking characters every time they appeared within words of each other, weighted on whether or not said characters were in the same scene together. Nearly a thousand pages later, they had a map:根据马丁这一传奇巨作的第三卷《冰雨的风暴,贝弗里奇和单杰制作了一幅巨大的人物关系网只要两个人物出现的间隔在个词之内,就把他们连在一起,看看他们是不是出现在同一个场景这样分析了大概一千页之后,他们得出了这张图:Unsurprisingly, the network sp the influence of characters pretty much where they were based in the books—Daenerys, isolated off in the East, Sansa and Tyrion down in the south in Kings Landing (among the likes of Cersei, Jamie, and Tywin), Jon Snow far to the north, and the then-alive Catelyn and Robb in the Western reaches of the Riverlands.不出所料,人物在这个网络中的影响力与书中体现的几乎一模一样丹妮莉丝独霸东方,珊莎和提利昂与瑟曦、詹姆、泰温等人在君临城南端,琼恩·雪诺远在北方,那时还活着的凯特琳和罗伯处于河间地西部After ranking the characters through various methods, the three most common characters that could be perceived as the ;main; stars of the series emerged: Sansa Stark, Jon Snow, and—at the top in pretty much every measured regard—Tyrion Lannister.在用几种方法为人物排序之后,三个出现次数最多、可被视作主角的人物就浮出了水面:珊莎·史塔克、琼恩·雪诺,以及在各种测量方法中排名都最高的提利昂·兰尼斯特It not really that surprising—each chapter of a book in the series is told from the perspective of a different character, and Tyrion has the most chapters to his name across the whole saga. And of course, the data doesnt really weigh in importance to the overall story. Speaking to Quartz, Beveridge noted that because Daenerys is so isolated in Essos, she doesnt have as many connections as the characters based in Westeros, despite playing a huge role in the future of A Song of Ice and Fire main arc:其实也没有那么出乎意料——因为每一卷的每一章都是从不同角色的视角叙述的,而在整部小说中以提利昂作为叙事视角的章节最多当然了,在整个故事中,数据并不足以说明一切在接受Quartz杂志的采访时,贝弗里奇提到,尽管丹妮莉丝在《冰与火之歌未来的主线中扮演着非常重要的角色,但因为她身处偏僻的厄索斯,构建的关系就没有维斯特洛人的那么多:Daenerys really represents the future—you can see what about to happen based on the people she linked with.丹妮莉丝确实代表着未来——你可以根据那些跟她有关系的人推断故事发展Still, it a pretty fascinating insight into the focal points that the book series concentrates on—and it always cool when these analytical concepts are turned towards our favorite fictional universes.但仍然,用这种方法来洞察这部书的焦点非常吸引人,并且这些分析概念可以用来解释我们最喜欢的虚构世界,真是太酷了 35390Coverage险别A:I am calling to discuss the level of insurance coverage youve requested your order.我打电话是想讨论您所要求的订单保险额的级别B:I believe that we have requested on amount twenty-five percent above the invoice value.我想我们要求的是高于发票价值百分之二十五的保险金额A:Yes, that right. We have no problem in completing with your request, but we think that the amount is a bit excessive. Weve had many troubles in the past with demaged goods.是的,没错我们可以答应这个要求,但我们觉得金额有点高我们过去为太多货物毁损所困扰B:I can understand your concern. However , the normal coverage goods of this kind is to insure them the total invoice amount plus ten percent.我能了解您的考虑但是,一般这类产品的保险额度是发票总额再加上百分之十A:We would feel more comtable with the additional protection.有额外的保障会让我们觉得更安全些B:Untunately, if you want to increase the coverage, we will have to charge you extra the additional cost.很遗憾,如果你们想增加保险额的话,我们就向你们收取额外的费用了A:But the insurance was supposed to be included in the ation.但是保险应该包含在报价里了B:Yes, but we ed you normal coverage at regular rates.是的,但是我们向你们报的价是一般比例下的正常保险额A:I see.我知道了B:We can arrange the extra coverage. But I suggest you contact your insurance agent there and compare rates.不过超出的保险金额我们可以再商量我建议您和你们那边的保险代理商联络并比较一下价格A:Youre right. It might be cheaper on this end.您说的对,这边可能会比较便宜B:Fax me whatever rates you find there and Ill compare them with what we can offer.不论您那里找到哪种价格都传真给我,我会和我们可以提供的价格比较 186570

巧嘴英语做导游Chapter(走遍大江南北) East China 华东地区文本 导游界的先锋人士编写了这本《巧嘴英语做导游全书分为带队之前、旅途中事宜、景点介绍及走遍大江南北四大章共33个单元根据多年实践经验把做导游所能涉及的情景单元列出,内容实用而广泛,语言纯正而富有大众化,宜于活学活用从名言格言到流行句子,再到流畅的英语对话以及举一反三的实践操练,相信这本《巧嘴英语做导游会帮助涉外导游和欲从事导游工作的人员提供一个自成训练口语能力的良好平台 657能言善辩Let me introduce first. This is Mr. Smith, the CEO of our company. 让我介绍一下,这位是我们公司的首席执行官,史密斯先生Nice to meet you. 很高兴见到您I'm looking ward to meeting you. Very glad to see you. 我一直期望见到您见到您很高兴I have heard of you a lot, and would appreciate your guidance. 久仰大名请多指教It's certainly a pleasure to meet you. 认识您真是我的荣幸I'm very pleased to have the opporty to meet you. 很高兴有机会见到您Let me carry your cases you. 我来给您提行李吧Thank you! They are really a bit heavy. I can take one myself. 谢谢!它们确实有点重我自己能提一个Don't bother, please. I can manage. 不用麻烦了我能提得动Oh, that's all right. I'm sure I can manage myself. 不要紧我确定自己能提得动Thank you! But I've got two hands free. 谢谢!但是我也没什么行李Would you like to come to the party? The party will last till ten o’clock. We hope you can make it. 您参加今晚的晚会吗?晚会将会持续到点,希望您能来Yes, I'd like to very much. 好的,我很乐意去With pleasure. I will. 很乐意我会去的It's nice of you to invite me to take part in. I'll arrive at the party on time. 多谢你们邀请我去参加我会时达到晚会的Oh, that sounds like a good idea, I'm glad to come. Thanks your invitation. 这个主意听起来很好,我乐意去谢谢你们的邀请I'd love to, but I'm not sure whether I'm free then. 我很想去,但我不确定那时我是否有时间I wish I could, but I'm booked up that day. 我希望我能去,但是那天我抽不出时间Thank you inviting. But I have another appointment then. 谢谢你们的邀请但是那天我有另外一个约会了 77

A research team led by Guo Daiheng, a professor from the Architecture School of Tsinghua University, has recreated the original appearance of the Old Summer Palace by using photos along with virtual reality (VR) technology.近日,清华大学建筑学院教授郭黛姮率领的研究团队利用照片和虚拟现实技术再现了圆明园的原貌Guo mentor was well-known late Chinese architect Liang Sicheng. It took Guo and her team years to complete the digital restoration.郭黛姮的导师是已故的中国著名建筑学家梁思成她和她的团队用了年的时间来完成这项数字复原工作The Old Summer Palace was first constructed in the early 18th century as a site to honor the best of Chinese landscaping and Western styles.圆明园始建于18世纪早期,集中式景观和西式风格之大成The garden used to cover 350 hectares, with a perimeter of kilometers.该园林的占地面积约为350公顷,周长约公里However, in 1860, Anglo-French ces sacked, looted and burned the palace to the ground.然而1860年,英法联军洗劫了圆明园并将其焚为平地From then on, the park suffered continual damage by the Eight-Power Allied ces (composed of Britain, France, Germany, Russia, the US, Japan, Italy and Austria), warlords and bandits, so the entire site has been in ruins since.此后,圆明园又接连遭受英国、法国、德国、俄罗斯、美国、日本、意大利、奥地利组成的八国联军以及军阀和土匪的破坏,整个园区从此成了一片废墟 586

本文选自Desperate《绝望的主妇,欢迎大家来此做客Bree: How many nannies did you interview?Lynette: Ten. Ten! Each one more incompetent than the last. One actually asked me—here you go—if she was expected to change diapers.Bree: Oh, good nannies are so hard to find.Lynette: Yeah, that's why I was hoping to take advantage of your expertise.Bree: Oh, Lord, what do you want me to do?Lynette: All your rich friends have nannies. A-list nannies. I need to catch one—here you go—without their bosses.Bree: Why?Lynette: So I can poach me one.Bree: Lynette...Lynette: Look, at my old job, we didn't wait good people to come to us. We went out and raided other companies. I don't see why it should be different when you're hiring a nanny.Bree: I understand that good help is hard to find, but stealing a family's name is so...unseemly.Lynette: I'm not twisting anyone's arm. If I make a better offer, why shouldn't a qualified person reap the benefits? So come on ...where can I score some high grade nanny?重点讲解:a-list:adj. 最好的,极好的,一流的poach: vt. 挖走(人员等),盗用raid:vt. 突袭本意是“突然袭击,搜索”,在这里指Lynette的公司出其不意地到别的公司挖墙脚twist sb.'s arm:劝说,强迫,生拉硬拽,施加压力,采取强制手段reap the benefits:获得好处 770Different types of credit coverbull;HEADING AOffered by a number of underwriters in the UK and on the continent,this policy structure protects against the catastrophe risk.Sometimes called ;Excess of Loss; or ;Stop Loss cover;,the underwriting philosophy is centred around the insured existing in-house credit management controls.The insured will agree a ;first loss; or non-qualifying loss designed to eliminate predictable lower level losses.Bad debt losses in excess of this level accumulate within a second predetermined band or layer,referred to as the annual aggregate.A layer of cover is then purchased in excess of this self-insured proportion.Cover of up to 0% of each qualifying loss in excess of this agreed annual aggregate is available.The cover is normally fixed up to an agreed ceiling of annual losses,known as the ;maximum liability.;bull;HEADING BThis is the more traditional credit insurance policy,normally protecting all sales under a single policy.The policy provides the credit manager with up-to-date financial advice on all principal customers.Generally the insured will self-insure an element of each credit limit.Normally indemnity is 80%-85%.At commencement of the policy an assessment is made of turnover likely to be declared under the policy.The underwriter will agree an annual premium rate charged against such declarations,usually quarterly.bull;HEADING CSome insurers now offer pre-delivery cover as an additional element of whole turnover cover.Indemnity is the same as normal credit risk and premium is either charged as an additional rate on turnover or is combined in a single charge.bull;HEADING DMore companies are now expanding their export business and require a simple,cost-effective credit insurance policy which does not automatically provide unnecessary political risk cover.Multi market insurance has been designed to provide cover in a single policy against the risk of non-payment,due to insolvency or protracted default,in the UK and most OECD markets.All credit risks are covered with 90% indemnity both UK and export sales.Financial advice is also available on major buyers.bull;HEADING EOccasionally one debtor may represent an inordinately large element of a company turnover.Although one argument suggests that if the buyer is undoubted,then credit insurance cover is not necessary,the catastrophic effect of non-payment,due to uneseeable or uncontrollable events,would invariably suggest otherwise.Principal customer cover provides protection against non-payment through insolvency of larger buyers.The benefit of financial advice is available and indemnities vary between 70%-90%.This type of cover is sometimes referred to as ;Datum Line; cover.bull;HEADING FInsures individual target risks or the large single contract.Premium can be charged as a percentage rate on insured sales,but is more likely to be calculated as a rate on contract value.Indemnity varies from 75% to 0%,dependent upon the quality of risk.bull;HEADING GInsures the advance payments made to a supplier prior to receipt of goods.The policy can also be extended to cover consequential loss which may be incurred if the supplier defaults.Policies are usually underwritten on a single contract basis with premium charged as a fixed amount on contract value.Indemnity up to 0% is available.Five-tier rate system controversialGermany export credit insurance system came of age on July 1 with the abandonment of a 50-year-old system of unim premium rates.A five-tier system was introduced which effectively reduced the mer standard premium by two-thirds cover on deals with lowest-risk countries,and doubled it companies doing business with the world economic laggards.While the government saw the change as an occasion celebration,industry and the opposition remained as resolutely glum as they had through more than two years of consultation.Certain media commentators were downright aggressive.One leading newspaper, example,described the move as an insurance policy the Bonn government paid by exporters.East German politicians complained that because of the heavier premiums deals with their manufacturers traditional Russian and other east bloc countries,export credit insurance would now exclusively benefit west German companies.Bonn was insistent that the changes should go through.Germany was behind the times,it said,being the only major exporter to apply unim tariffs.It also had international agreements to honour:subsidy rules in the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade required export credit insurance schemes to be independent and self-supporting.The old system was increasingly failing to meet these criteria.At the same time,the Bonn administration was under strict orders from the Bundesbank to cut state spending wherever possible.Mounting deficits in the state-sponsored Hermes insurance programme,administered by the Allianz group,were a clear target.The federal budget subsidised the Hermes programme to the tune of a record DM5.1bn last year,and a further escalation to DM7.5bn(regardless of the impact of the new premiums) has aly been earmarked the current year.As Gunter Rexrodt,economics minister,pointed out recently,DM.5bn of the 1993 Hermes deficit was due to outstanding debts from the mer Soviet Union.While he failed to mention that countries such as Russia and the Ukraine-still important outlets east Germany struggling industry-had been placed in the worst risk grade,he made much of cheaper premiums other countries where west German exporters are hoping to find new growth.Singapore,Taiwan and South Korea are now in the top rank-;countries without special risks;. export credit insurance purposes,they are now on equal terms with large industrialised nations which the services of Hermes play no role.Premiums on deals with China and the Czech Republic are reduced by a third.Mr Rexrodt insisted that higher premiums Russia and mer Soviet Union states offered no disadvantages to German exporters,since competing nations had long since been paying more cover there.While the minister side-stepped the implications east Germany,his ministry officials had earlier ridden rough-shod over protests.At a March meeting in the Baltic state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern,regional leaders protested that Hermes operated exclusively on behalf of west German interests.A Hermes representative was able to demonstrate the charge as untrue with figures which at the same time,which at the same time starkly illustrated just how important the system was to the region economy.While Hermes covered 6 per cent at most of all German exports,the proportion rose to 50 per cent in the mer GDR. 7

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