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玉田镇中医医院做四维彩超检查长乐哪里无痛人流医院好  Coffee is one of the world's most widely-enjoyed beverages. Flavor aside, scientists have recognized it as a complex blend of chemical compounds with potential health effects, both good and bad. Now, new research suggests that if you drink enough coffee, it might help you avoid certain kinds of cancer.Dr. Mia Hashibe of the University of Utah School of Medicine was interested in the link between coffee drinking and certain cancers of the head and neck. Researchers have looked into this before, but without reaching any firm conclusions."There were a few studies, but the findings were not consistent across the studies," she said, "so this finding from our current study was quite a surprise. We didn't really have any expectation of which direction it could go into."To sort out the confusion, Hashibe and her colleagues used statistical techniques to, in effect, make one big study out of the previous smaller studies.So we combined data across nine individual studies, so we have a lot more power than previous studies that looked at this. And we included 4,000 cancer patients who have cancer of the oral cavity and pharynx [throat]. And then 9,000 controls, so controls are people who do not have cancer."Those studies – in Europe and the ed States – found that people who drank a lot of coffee were less likely to develop cancers of the mouth and throat."We saw a protective effect for drinking more than 4 cups of coffee per day," Hashibe said. "This was the 40 percent decrease in risk. We did not observe an association for drinking three cups or less per day."In an interview via Skype, Mia Hashibe said there was a weak link between cancer risk and drinking decaffeinated coffee, but it wasn't statistically significant. And she and her colleagues found no evidence that drinking tea provided the same protection as drinking coffee. Their research is published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers amp; Prevention.Hashibe says it is not clear how coffee might protect drinkers from certain cancers."There are a few chemicals that are known to be antioxidants in coffee. So we are thinking perhaps those compounds are playing some sort of protective role against several cancers."If those compounds can be isolated, maybe someday you'll be able to take an anti-cancer pill, but for us coffee lovers, the answer may just be another refill. 咖啡是世界上最受人喜爱的饮料之一。姑且不论它的味道,科学家们已经知道咖啡里含有多种对健康具有潜在影响的化学成分,其中有好的、也有坏的影响。一项新的研究指出,如果你饮用足够量的咖啡,可能有助于避免某些癌症。 犹他大学医学院的米亚·哈希贝医生对咖啡以及某些头部和颈部癌症之间的关连非常感兴趣。研究人员过去也曾经对此进行过探讨,可是没有提出任何肯定的结论。 她说:“有过一些研究,但并没有得出一致的结论。所以,我们目前研究中的发现,确实令人感到惊喜。我们事先并没有指望这项研究会朝哪个方向发展。” 为了解决这些困惑,哈希贝医生和她的同事们利用统计学,综合过去各种小范围的研究结果,完成了一项大型研究。 她说:“我们将过去9个不同研究的资料结合在一起,有了比过去更大的能力来进行探讨。我们募集了4千名患有口腔和喉头癌的病人,还有一个9千人的控制组,也就是没有癌症的人。” 分别在欧洲和美国进行的研究发现,饮用大量咖啡的人罹患口腔和喉头癌的风险较低。 哈希贝医生说:“我们发现每天喝4杯以上的咖啡,会产生预防效果,将风险降低百分之40。我们没有在每天喝3杯或不到3杯咖啡的人身上看到这种效果。” 哈希贝医生指出,喝无咖啡因咖啡的效果比较小,不过差别不大。另外,他们并没有发现任何据,明喝茶也有同样效果。 哈希贝说,至于咖啡如何能够保护饮用的人不患某些癌症,还不清楚。 “我们已经知道,咖啡里有一些抗氧化的化学成分。因此我们想,也许是这些物质对预防某些癌症发挥了作用。”如果这些物质能够被分离出来,也许有一天,我们就能有治疗癌症的药可用了。但是对咖啡爱好者来说,是再来一杯咖啡。201007/108435玉田镇儿童医院在线回答 China and opposition to dams中国和反对三峡大坝Choking on the Three Gorges阻塞的三峡China’s government at last owns up to problems at its monster dam 中国政府最终承认巨型大坝导致的问题RAIN along the middle and lower Yangzi River this week has helped alleviate the region’s worst drought in 50 years. But it has not doused a storm of criticism of the Three Gorges dam upriver, including allegations that it contributed to the disaster. Opponents of the colossal edifice have been emboldened by rare government admissions of environmental and other “urgent” problems caused by the dam. 这周在长江中下游沿线的降雨缓解了这一地区近50年来最恶劣的干旱灾害。但这并没有平息对三峡大坝上游潮水般的批评,包括其造成此次干旱的断言。政府罕见地承认三峡大坝诱发了环境和其他“紧急”问题,这使得反对这一巨型工程的人们声势愈烈。In private, officials have worried about the project for some time and occasionally their doubts have surfaced in the official media. But the government itself has refused to acknowledge them. When the project was approved by the rubber-stamp parliament in 1992, debate was stifled by the oppressive political atmosphere of the time, following the Tiananmen Square massacre three years earlier. Last July, with the dam facing its biggest flood crest since completion in 2006, officials hinted that they might have overstated its ability to control flooding. On May 18th, with the dam again in the spotlight because of the drought, a cabinet meeting chaired by the prime minister, Wen Jiabao, went further in acknowledging drawbacks.在私下里,政府官员们在很长时间里已经对这一工程表示过担心,他们的怀疑偶尔会在官方媒体上抛头露面。但政府自身并没有承认。1992年的国家会议上,当三峡工程未经审核就被批准时,正值3年前天安门事件发生不久,反对声音被当时压抑的政治氛围所笼罩。上个7月,随着大坝面临06年竣工以来的一次最大的洪水,政府官员暗示,他们可能高估了三峡防洪的能力。5月18号,干旱再一次使三峡成为热点,在温家宝主持的政府会议上,进一步承认其存在弊端。201106/141376China, Brazil Sign Oil Deal巴西总统访问中国共签13项协议China has agreed to lend billion to Brazil's Petrobras, in return for guaranteed oil supply over the next decade. The deal was among a host of agreements signed during Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva's state visit to China, which ends Wednesday.中国同意在今后10年里向巴西国家石油公司贷款100亿美元,以换取有保的石油供应。这项协定是巴西总统卢拉·达席尔瓦对中国进行国事访问期间签署的诸多协议之一。卢拉总统对中国的访问于星期三结束。Chinese President Hu Jintao and Brazilian President Lula da Silva witnessed the signing of 13 agreements in Beijing.中国国家主席胡锦涛和巴西总统卢拉·达席尔瓦在北京共同见了13项协议的签署。The highlight was a billion loan from China Development Bank to Brazil's state-owned Petrobras oil company. In return, Petrobras is to supply China's state-owned Sinopec with up to 200,000 barrels of oil a day for the next 10 years.这些协议当中份量最重的就是中国国家开发向巴西国有的巴西国家石油公司贷款100亿美元的协议。作为回报,巴西国家石油公司在今后10年里将向中国国有的中石化公司提供最多每天20万桶的原油。China's official Xinhua News Agency late Tuesday gave no details about the other agreements, except to say they covered equipment, financing, science, space, law, ports and agricultural products.中国官方的新华社星期二晚间的报导没有提供中国和巴西此次签署的其它协议的具体内容,只是说那些协议包括了设备、金融、科学、空间、法律、港口和农产品。China last month overtook the ed States to become Brazil's number one trading partner, with two-way trade in April reaching .2 billion.中国和巴西4月份的贸易额达到了32亿美元。Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Ma Zhaoxu told reporters in Beijing the Brazilian leader's visit will further strengthen what he described as "the aly existing sound cooperation between the two countries."中国外交部发言人马朝旭在北京对记者表示,巴西总统卢拉对中国此访将进一步加强他所表述的“两国间业已存在的全面合作”。Ma says the visit also will promote what he described as a strategic partnership between China and Brazil. The two countries have agreed to hold a second strategic dialogue later this year.他说:“相信这次访问将进一步加强两国友好合作关系,推动中巴战略伙伴关系深入发展。”中国和巴西两国已经同意今年晚些时候举行第二次战略对话。China and Brazil are part of a loose grouping of four emerging economies, known as BRIC, which also includes Russia and India. Foreign ministers from the four BRIC nations are scheduled to meet in Russia in June.中国和巴西是被称为“金砖四国”的松散组织四个新兴经济体的成员,这四个国家还包括俄罗斯和印度。来自“金砖四国”的这四个国家的外长定于今年6月在俄罗斯举行会晤。The Chinese spokesman said his government is "positive" about its participation in the meeting.中国外交部发言人马朝旭表示,中国政府对参加此次会议持“积极态度”。Ma says dialogue and cooperation among the four countries are "transparent and open," and "not directed against any other country."他说:“我们四国的对话与合作是透明和开放的,不针对任何一方。”Meanwhile, in an essay printed in the China Daily, the country's main English language newspaper, President Lula da Silva said his visit comes as Brazil and China mark 35 years of diplomatic relations. He says the two nations now need to focus on the challenges of taking the partnership to, in his words, "a higher level."与此同时,卢拉·达席尔瓦总统在中国主要英文报纸“中国日报”上刊登的一篇文章中表示,他在巴西和中国建交35周年之际访问中国。他说,这两个国家现在需要把注意力集中在为了把伙伴关系提高到“一个更高水平”所面临的挑战。Mr. da Silva's last stop before leaving Beijing Wednesday was at the Chinese Aerospace Technology Agency.星期三,卢拉总统离开北京之前的最后一站是中国航空航天科技大学。China and Brazil in 1988 began a jointly-funded satellite program that generates high-definition images of the earth. The Brazilian leader praised this project as a successful and concrete example of cooperation between two emerging countries, and said the satellite images will be made freely available to countries in Africa.中国和巴西在1988年共同出资设立了一个拍摄地球高清晰度图像的卫星项目。巴西总统称赞这个项目是这两个新兴国家之间合作的成功坚实例。他说,卫星拍摄的地球图像将可以让非洲国家的人们免费使用。05/70704长乐医院人流手术费用

长乐哪里女子医院做人流较好US Central Bank Cuts Short-term Interest Rates to Nearly Zero美联储大幅削减利率  Saying the economy is continuing to weaken, the U.S. central bank Tuesday cut short-term interest rates to nearly zero. 由于经济持续走软,美联储星期二宣布将短期利率降至0.25%。The Federal Reserve is taking short-term rates to their lowest level since the central bank was founded in 1913. It is cutting rates by three quarters of one percent to 0.25 percent.  美联储将短期利率降至1913年美联储成立以来的最低利率。经过两天会议后,美联储公开市场委员会宣布把基准利率削减四分之三个百分点,达到0.25%。Following its two-day meeting, the 12 member policy making committee said the central bank will use all available tools to stimulate economic activity and combat the financial crisis. It was tenth cut in short-term rates in the past 12 months. 美联储说,央行将使用所有可以利用的工具来刺激经济活动和抗击金融危机。此次降息是美联储在过去12个月里第10次下调短期利率。Bill Poole was until earlier this year a Federal Reserve governor. "The Fed is sending a message that it will print money to an unlimited extent until it starts to see the economy expanding," he said. 前美联储理事比尔.普尔说:“美联储发出的信息是,它将无休止地印制钞票,直到看到经济扩张为止。”In its statement, the Fed said that the economic outlook has weakened further since the committee's last meeting in late October. The U.S. economy has been in recession for one year. The gross domestic product expanded by a meager 0.5 percent annual rate in the three months ending in September. 美联储星期二发表的声明说,从上一次,也就是10月底的会议以来,美国经济前景进一步走弱。美国经济陷入衰退已经一年。第三季度,美国GDP折合年率仅增长了半个百分点。And some analysts expect negative growth at a six percent annual rate in the current three-month quarter. The economy has lost nearly two million jobs in the past year and the recession is aly the longest in 25 years. Some analysts worry that the downturn will be worst in the post-World War II period. 一些经济学家说,今年第四季度美国经济很可能收缩6个百分点。过去一年来,美国已经失去将近两百万个就业机会。美国目前的经济衰退已经是过去25年来最长的一次。经济学家担心,这次经济下行很可能是二战以来最严重的一次。The global outlook is not much better as Japan and parts of Western Europe have entered recession. And growth in China-the fastest growing emerging economy is decelerating from the rapid 12 percent rate of earlier this year. 由于日本和西欧一些国家也进入衰退,全球经济前景并不看好。增长最快的新兴经济体中国也出现了减速,尽管今年早些时候中国还实现了12%的增长。Analysts say the central bank's challenge is greatly compounded by the 15-month old credit squeeze that has essentially frozen some sectors of the credit markets. Thus, no matter how low interest rates are, creditors are reluctant to lend, while businesses and consumers are reluctant to borrow. 分析人士说,美联储的挑战由于持续了15个月的信贷紧缩而变得更加严峻。由于一些信贷市场处于冻结状态,因此,不论利率降到多低,信贷机构都不愿意发放贷款,而企业和消费者也不愿意借钱。The stock market responded favorably to the news of the larger than expected rate cut. A rally that had seen the Dow industrials up 100 points quickly changed to a 200 point advance.200812/59015福州市长乐妇保医院剖腹产怎么样 In Athens’ Syntagma Square, a few hundred protestors still remain. Draped in Greek flags, their anger is mixed with dejection.在希腊雅典的宪法广场,大约数百名抗议者仍然聚集着,并没有散去。他们身披希腊国旗,愤怒中夹杂着沮丧。Despite the protests this week, Greece’s parliament approved spending cuts of billion demanded by the EU and IMF bailout.尽管这个星期抗议不断,希腊议会还是批准削减400亿美元开,这是欧盟和国际货币基金组织所提出的救援要求。Outside the people remain defiant. Teacher Yannis Anagnostaras is among the protesters.在议会大厦外,人们反对这样的做法。亚尼斯.安纳哥诺斯特拉斯是抗议者中的一员,他是一名教师。"People and workers will fight on the streets to have these measures canceled,” he said. “These measures that destroy workers rights and ruin our lives, and are in coordination with the European Union and the International Monetary Fund."他说:“工人们和其他人将继续上街抗议,让他们取消这些措施。这些措施会损害工人的权力,并毁坏我们的生活,是配合欧盟和国际货币基金组织的。”In Athens and across Europe there is speculation that everyone would be better off if Greece left the euro currency and the EU altogether.在雅典和在整个欧洲,有这样一种揣测,如果希腊离开欧盟和欧元区,大家的状况都会好一些。Not so, said Philip Whyte of analyst group the Center for European Reform. “Greece could not leave the eurozone without, first of all, a run on its banking system. Second, it would not restore Greece to debt sustainability. Third, it would cut off Greece from potentially vital lines of support.”但是智库欧洲改革中心的菲利普.怀特认为,情况不是这样的。他说:“希腊如果离开欧元区,首先系统会发生挤兑。第二,这也不可能让希腊恢复债务稳定。第三,这样做会切断希腊可能的重要的持来源。”201107/143069长乐人流手术多少

长乐做人流手术的费用一般是多少钱【急急急A cat is said to have nine lives because it is more tenacious of life than many animals. People always think that due to the speed, cleverness and flexibility of cats, they can stay alive in most difficult situations when other animals would have been killed, such as a dangerous fall. The cat's earliest ancestors probably hunted both on the ground and in the trees. To survive, they needed not only claws, but remarkable balance, an aptitude all cats retain to this day. In keeping with its reputation, the cat usually does land on all fours, and scientists have come to understand how. Slow-motion photography reveals that cats always right themselves in a precise order. The head rotates first based on messages from the eyes and inner ear. Then, the spine twists and the rear quarters align. At the same time, the cat arches its back to reduce the force of impact.Despite its agility, the cat faces particular dangers in today's modern cities. Here although hundreds of feet above the ground, the indoor cat is just as attracted by moving prey as is any other cat. If any thing, it may be a stir-crazy bundle of energy. So many cats actually careen through unscreened windows that the phenomenon now has a name, high-rise syndrome. At the Animal Medical Center in New York City, doctors were perplexed when they found that victims of higher falls often had less severe injuries than those that fell a shorter distance.It's been about a month since you were here, lad. We'd been puzzled by the high-rise syndrome for a long time, the name that we give for cats falling out of windows. A clinical impression is that cats that fall from medium-level stories are hurt much worse than cats that fell from even greater distances. That seemed to defy our logic that cats that would fall farther would be hurt less. So we undertook a study to examine the records on cats that had been admitted here for falling out of windows. And it actually confirmed that our clinical impression was correct. It seems that cats that fall from higher stories have enough time to reach free fall like a parachutist and are relaxed when you experience trauma when you are relaxed, you'll probably avoid injury; when you experience trauma when you are very rigid and very tight, you will attain a maximized injury.The cat may not have nine lives. But its uncanny abilities to sail through the air is almost certainly responsible for the myth.200810/53541 Is Bush an 'Idiot'Is the President of the ed States, George W. Bush, an idiot? Scarborough Country asks the forbidden question. They look at his inability to speak correctly, not at his inability to lead correctly, however. Of course the real question is, is the Republican Party full of idiots because they nominated the sucker, and continue to blindly follow his crap? Is the US full of idiots, because they elected the sucker and have not begun demanding better until recently?First, former pop star Linda Ronstadt, you remember,"You're no good, you know, you're, you are no good, baby, you're no good. Well, Linda has joined the long list of celebrities and other public figures who berated President Bush for his lack of intelligence. But it is not just singers and movie stars who are suggesting that George Bush's mental weakness is damaging America‘s credibility at home and abroad.Ronstadt said this earlier: “The Dixie Chicks said they were embarrassed he was from Texas...Well I‘m embarrassed George Bush is from the ed States [The president] is an idiot.He's enormously incompetent, on both sides, on both of the domestic and international scenes.”That is, no doubt, a sentiment that is shared in some of the capitals of our friends and foes alike. Maybe because the president has such a long history of public gaffes, but is that evidence that George W. Bush is stupid or just inarticulate.Take a look, and decide for yourself.GEORGE W. BUSH, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: I think tide turning, see, as I remember, I was raised in the desert, but tides cannot turn—it is easy to see a tide turned. Did I say those words?No question that the enemy has tried to sp sectarian violence.And they use violence as a tool to do that.We need an energy bill that encourages consumption. Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people. And neither do we; we must never stop thinking about how best to defend our country.I am the decider, and I decide what is best.The ed States of America is engaged in a war against an extremist group of folks.Families is where our nation finds hope; where wings take dream.If you don't stand up for anything, you don't stand up for – anything. If you don't stand for something, you don't stand for anything. Fool me once, shame on you—it fooled me—we can‘t get fooled again.In my State of the—my State of the Union—our state, my speech to the nation, whatever you want to call it.At the high school level and find out that the literacy level of our children are appalling.I hear there is rumors on the Internets that we are gonna have a draft.You are working hard to put food on your family.I know that human being and fish can coexist peacefully.Tribal sovereignty means that, it's sovereign. I mean, you're a—you're a -you have been given sovereignty, and you are viewed as—a sovereign entity. And, therefore, the relationship between the federal government and tribes is one between sovereign entities. They (misunderstand...)underestimate the compassion of our country. I think they (misunderstood) underestimated the will and determination of the commander in chief, too.02/63031长乐做一次无痛人流要多少长乐妇科医院哪些好啊



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