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福建省妇保医院怎么预约长乐做流产多少钱Who turns down a long vacation? Known for their work ethic, Swiss citizens appear to be leading the way on European austerity, rejecting a minimum six weeks paid holiday a year.谁会拒绝长假的诱惑呢?一向以职业道德著称的瑞士人如今似乎正在引领欧洲国家财政紧缩的潮流,该国民众刚刚否决了每人每年至少有六周带薪假期的提议。Switzerland counted ballots Sunday for five national referendums, including one pushed by a union to raise the minimum holiday up from four weeks, which is the standard used in Germany, Italy, Russia and other European nations. Some of the nation#39;s 26 cantons (states) also held voting on local measures to deal with everything from demonstrators to prostitutes.瑞士周日就五项政策举行全民公决,其中包括由瑞士工会提出的,将每年的带薪假期由至少四周增加到至少六周的提案,目前,德国、意大利、俄罗斯和其他欧洲国家实行的都是这一标准。瑞士的26个州也就一些本地政策举行表决,涉及范围非常广泛,牵涉人群有示威者也有性工作者。The Swiss heeded warnings from government and business that more vacation would raise labor costs and put the economy at risk. Swiss public broadcaster SSR said two-thirds of voters and all of the cantons had rejected the measure, which required majority approval of all federal and cantonal voters.公投前,瑞士政府和商界都发出了警告,称延长假期将提高劳动力成本,威胁瑞士经济。据瑞士公共广播公司SSR报道,三分之二的选民和所有州都否决了这项提议,而提议要获得通过,就要得到联邦和各州全部选民的多数持。;In rejecting the initiative, citizens have kept a sense of reality,; said Hans-Ulrich Bigler, director of the Swiss Union of Arts and Crafts, which represents around 300,000 businesses. The referendum, he said in a statement, could have added 6 billion francs (.52 billion) a year in labor costs to the Swiss economy, but the vote ;clearly shows that the population continues to focus on individual freedom and responsibility of citizens.;瑞士工艺美术业工会主任汉斯-乌里齐bull;比格勒尔说:;公众否决了这项提议,非常现实。;该工会代表着大约30万家企业。他在声明中说,如果这项提议通过公决,那么每年将增加60亿瑞士法郎 (约合65.2亿美元)的人力成本,但投票结果;清楚地表明,人们不仅关注个人自由,同时也愿意承担公民义务;。Though popular with young people, the referendum on vacation time tested how comfortable the Swiss feel about their traditional safe-haven economy. The nation has fared better than most others in debt-saddled Europe, where the financial sector and governments are being forced to cut spending and pay for expensive bailouts.尽管受到年轻人的欢迎,这次有关假期的公投检验出人们对传统上有;经济安全港;之称的瑞士经济的满意程度。和一些陷入债务危机、财政部门和政府不得不削减开来偿还紧急援助巨款的欧洲国家相比,瑞士的经济情况要好得多。But there may have been too much of a good thing for Switzerland: As international traders leery of other nations#39; financial stability poured money into the safety of Swiss money accounts, the franc jumped in value, putting a dent in Swiss exports and tourism.但对瑞士来说也有坏消息:由于国际贸易者怀疑其他国家的金融稳定性,把太多钱存在瑞士的账户,导致瑞士法郎升值,对瑞士的出口和旅游业造成打击。The Swiss central bank moved in September to put a lid on the currency#39;s rise by setting a target exchange rate of 1.20 Swiss francs per euro, but the Swiss economy is still expected to slow this year, because of turmoil in the global economy and the eurozone#39;s debt crisis.瑞士央行去年9月暂停货币升值,将瑞士法郎与欧元最低比价定为1.20瑞郎对1欧元。但由于受到全球经济低迷和欧债危机的影响,预计今年瑞士的经济还将下滑。 /201203/174905新津县花源镇长乐村卫生站宫颈炎 When people in Beijing put on their pollution masks, it makes international headlines. But the effort to clean up the air in northern China depends on steel-producing cities such as Chengde, whose 3m people are more worried about jobs than smog. 北京人戴上口罩抵御空气污染成了国际头条新闻。但治理中国北方空气的努力,要依靠承德这样的炼钢城市。而承德300万市民对就业的担心,超出他们对烟雾的担心。 The authorities have become so concerned at the state of the air in the Chinese capital that they want the industrial cities of Hebei province that encircle Beijing to cut coal use and steel and cement capacity to ease the problem. 官方对中国首都空气状况如此担忧,以至于他们要求环绕北京的多个河北省工业城市减少使用煤炭,并削减钢铁和水泥产能,以求缓解空气污染问题。 But for Chengde and other cities, where incomes are lower and steel mills with their belching smokestacks are valued employers, that translates into fewer jobs. The issue of keeping jobs in cities without other industries makes the whole shift much more complicated and politically dangerous for Beijing. 但对承德这样的城市来说,这就意味着就业岗位将会减少。这些城市的收入水平较低,排出浓烟的炼钢厂被视为可贵的雇主。在这些没有其他产业的城市,保住就业的问题使得整个经济转型课题对北京来说要复杂得多,在政治上也相当危险。 “Hebei has legitimate concerns that they are less developed and they are heavily reliant on heavy industry,” says Li Yan, head of Greenpeace’s climate and energy campaign for China. “But the public outcry and attention, especially international attention, to China’s ‘airpocalypse’ really triggered concerns at the top level and the centre decided it was time to make a move.” “河北有一些正当的关切,他们不那么发达,而且严重依赖重工业,”绿色和平(Greenpeace)在中国的气候与能源项目经理李雁表示,“但是公众对‘末日空气’的强烈不满和关注,尤其是国际方面的关注,真的引发了高层的关切,于是中央决定采取行动。” Yesterday, the Beijing city government unveiled a new round of measures, from traffic restrictions to keeping children out of school, for use on heavily polluted days. But blue skies in the wealthy capital are dependent on co-operation from the industrial cities that surround it. 昨日北京市政府出台新一轮措施,准备在空气污染严重的日子实行车辆限行和学校停课等对策。但是,如果富有的中国首都要看到蓝天,还是要靠其周围的工业城市配合。 Chengde is one such place. The steel mill makes up its own mini-city, complete with the Chengde Steel hospital, in a western suburb of a town better known for the summer palaces of the Manchu emperors. 承德就是这样一个城市。这里的炼钢厂构成了一个自成一体的小城,还包括承德钢铁集团有限公司总医院。承德本身以满清皇帝的避暑宫殿而闻名,钢厂的小城位于该市西郊。 It is home to most of the unsightly industry and power plants that were banished from Beijing before the 2008 Olympic Games. The province’s pledge to cut coal usage and dismantle some polluting steel and cement plants comes at a cost: the central government will transfer Rmb2bn (0m) to Hebei as part of the deal, Chinese media reported. But state-owned steel mills such as Chengde Steel are too important to Hebei’s cities to be simply shut down. 这里有一些最不雅观的工厂和发电厂,北京市在举行2008年奥运会之前关停了这些工业设施。河北省减少使用煤炭和关停一部分污染严重钢厂及水泥厂的承诺是有价码的:据中国媒体报道,作为协议的一部分,中央政府将向河北省转移付20亿元人民币(合3.3亿美元)。但对河北的城市来说,承德钢铁集团这样的国有钢厂实在太过重要,不可能对它们说关就关。 The hinterland accounts for at least one-quarter of Beijing’s pollution, estimates Fang Li, vice-director of the municipal environmental bureau. 北京环境保护局副局长方力估计,北京市至少四分之一的污染来自外地。 Even on a clear day, pollution from Chengde Steel is so thick it can be seen on satellite images of the city. Grey smog submerges the dusty villages on the main road to the mill. 即便是在晴朗的日子里,承德钢铁排放的污染也如此浓烈,以至于从该市的卫星照片也可看到。灰蒙蒙的烟雾遮盖了通往钢厂的主要公路两旁尘土飞扬的村子。 Chengde Steel’s emissions are so bad that it was one of three polluting plants showcased on state television the day China announced its new plan for reducing air pollution in three big population centres. The company and the city government did not respond to requests for interviews. 承德钢铁的排放如此严重,以至于在中国公布新计划治理三大人口中心空气污染的当天,官方电视台将其列为三个工业污染源实例之一。该公司和承德市政府没有回应记者的采访请求。 “We ordinary people, we watch the news. China Central TV discusses pollution endlessly. It’s serious but at the local level nobody does anything about it,” says Zhang, a villager whose tidy home is frequently covered with dust from Chengde Steel’s plants. Like most residents interviewed by Financial Times, he was reluctant to give his full name. “我们老百姓,我们看新闻。中央电视台不停地谈论污染问题。问题很严重,但在地方上,没有人拿出任何行动,”一名姓张的村民表示。他的家里很整洁,但经常被承德钢铁的钢厂飘来的灰尘覆盖。与英国《金融时报》走访的其他居民一样,他不愿透露自己的全名。 Cleaning up pollution at state-owned Chengde Steel is unlikely to be much of a priority for anyone. The mill commands the only large vanadium mine in northern China and so has strategic value as a producer of the metal used to make hard, rust-resistant steel for tools and nuclear plants. It is also the biggest employer around, accounting for one in eight of all state employees in Chengde. It employs about 16,000 people and another 7,000 or so worked there until they retired. 治理国有的承德钢铁的污染,似乎不太可能受到任何人的太大重视。该厂拥有中国北方唯一的大型钒矿,因而作为这种金属的生产企业而具有战略价值。钒用于生产硬度大、而且抗锈的钢材,核电厂以及工具制造会用到这类钢材。承德钢铁还是当地最大的雇主,占承德市全部国有单位雇员的八分之一。该集团约有1.6万名员工,另外还有7000来名退休职工。 “If this steel mill didn’t exist we wouldn’t even have anywhere to go to eat. Everything revolves around this steel factory; our children work here,” said Mrs Li, who moved to Chengde 40 years ago to work at the plant. “如果这家钢厂不存在,我们就找不到吃饭的地方。一切都围绕着这家钢厂;我们的孩子在那里工作,”40年前迁居承德、到该厂工作的李太太表示。 It remains to be seen whether Beijing’s new determination in the fight against pollution will succeed where previous campaigns against overcapacity in the steel sector have failed. Chengde Steel has aly survived a campaign to shut hundreds of smaller and older mills and create a handful of national champions. 在以往解决钢铁行业产能过剩的努力不了了之的地方,中国中央政府治理污染的新决心能否取得成功?这一点还有待观察。在此前一轮关闭数规模较小、设备较陈旧的钢厂、同时创建少量国家级冠军企业的重组努力中,承德钢铁得以幸存。 Hebei province, which collects taxes from Chengde Steel, gathered its big state-owned mills into one conglomerate but made no move to shut any of them. 从承德钢铁获得税收收入的河北省,将该省大型国有钢厂合并为一家企业集团,但没有采取任何行动关闭其中任何一家钢厂。 Average urban salaries in Chengde are only Rmb34,000 a year (,400), compared with Rmb56,000 a year in Beijing, so the province can ill-afford any move that threatens jobs. In Beijing, citizens check air pollution levels daily and wear masks on smoggy days. In Chengde, there was talk of moving the housing that stood nearest to the mill, but a compensation plan was never agreed and residents continue to live next to the plant. 承德市民的平均年薪只有3.4万元人民币(合5400美元),远低于北京市的5.6万元人民币,因此河北省无力承受任何危及就业的举措。在北京,市民们天天检查污染水平,并在有雾霾的日子戴上口罩。在承德,曾有过关于搬迁钢厂附近居民的讨论,但各方在补偿方案上谈不拢,因此仍有居民住在钢厂旁边。 In Gonghou village, about a mile from the mill’s main gate, the corn fields have gradually given way to divisions of Chengde Steel and an automotive plant. 在距钢厂大门大约1英里的宫后村,玉米地逐渐被承德钢铁的部门和一家汽车厂占据。 Villagers whose families had farmed here since at least the Qing dynasty now work as dispatch labourers at the steel mill. “You have to take care of the basic needs before you can tackle things like pollution,” says one noodle shop owner, wiping a thin film of grime off his tables before the lunch crowd arrives. 这个村子的人至少自清朝以来就在这里务农。现在,村民们在钢厂里打工。“你只能先照顾好基本需求,然后才能对付污染之类的事,”一名面条店老板表示。他正赶在吃午饭的人群出现之前把桌子上的一层薄薄尘垢擦掉。 /201310/261747长乐哪家无痛人流

长乐无痛人流那个医院较好Scottish singer Susan Boyle has been given three different entries in the new Guinness World Records book。  Her debut album I Dreamed A Dream was the fastest selling album by a UK female and also had the most successful first week's sales of a UK debut album, with 411,820 copies sold. Boyle, who shot to worldwide fame after appearing on a TV talent show, was also the oldest person to reach number one with a debut album。  The singer, from West Lothian, was 48 when her album went to the top spot. Boyle said it was a "real honor" to appear in the Guinness World Records。  She said: "I used to this book as a young girl. I never dreamt that one day I would actually appear in the Guinness Book of Records. I only ever wanted to sing and perform. This is truly fantastic."  据英国广播公司9月19日报道,被大家称作“苏珊大妈”的苏格兰歌手苏珊-鲍伊尔日前获得了三项“世界吉尼斯纪录”的确认。  报道称,她的首发专辑《我有一个梦想》被确认为英国女歌手唱片销售速度之冠,同时也是英国本土第一周销量最佳的首发唱片,销量达41万多张。此外,鲍伊尔在选修电视节目《英国达人》上一炮走红后,成为了首发唱片登上销量榜首的年纪最大的歌手。  专辑夺冠时,来自西洛西恩的苏珊-鲍伊尔已经48岁,她对能够名留吉尼斯世界纪录表示“深感荣幸”。   苏珊说:“当我还是个很小的小女孩时,我还常常看这本书(《吉尼斯世界纪录大全》)。但我从来没想到有一天自己也能被收录到这本书里。我只是一直渴望唱歌和表演。这一切真得让人难以置信。 /201009/114309罗联乡妇女儿童医院在哪里 长乐哪个妇科医院好呀

长乐人流医院医生在线咨询 A couple who ;defriended; a woman on Facebook were murdered in their home in an attack a US sheriff described as ;the worst I#39;ve ever seen;.美国田纳西州的一对夫妇在Facebook上与一名女子解除了好友关系,却没想到在家中惨遭谋杀。美国一位警长说,;这是我见到过的最糟的案子;。Police in Tennessee have arrested the jilted woman#39;s father and another man and charged them with murder.田纳西警方已经逮捕了这位被解除好友关系的女性的父亲和另一名男子,控告他们谋杀罪。Billy Clay Payne and Billie Jean Hayworth were killed last month after they deleted Jenelle Potter, the daughter of one of the suspects, from their ;friends; list.比利bull;克雷bull;帕尼和比利bull;吉恩bull;海沃兹与詹妮尔bull;波特解除好友关系后,上月惨遭谋杀。波特是其中一位嫌疑人的女儿。Both were shot in the head and Mr Payne#39;s throat was cut.两名死者都被人击头部,男性死者还被割喉。The couple#39;s eight-month-old baby was found in the mother#39;s arms, unharmed, when the bodies were discovered.当他们的尸体被发现时,两人8个月大的孩子还在母亲怀中,孩子没有受伤。;It#39;s the worst thing I#39;ve ever seen,; said Johnson County Sheriff Mike Reece, who has worked in local law enforcement for 27 years.约翰逊县执法官迈克bull;瑞斯说,;这是我见过的最糟糕的案件。;他已经在当地的执法部门工作了27年。;We#39;ve had murders, but nothing like this. This is just senseless.;;我们遇到过谋杀案,但从没有过这种案件,真是愚蠢。;Marvin Enoch ;Buddy; Potter Jr, 60, and Jamie Lynn Curd, 38, were arrested this week and charged with the murders.波特60岁的父亲马文bull;伊诺克bull;波特与38岁的杰米bull;林恩bull;克德于本周被捕,被控谋杀罪。The case is not the first involving violence linked to Facebook. Last year in Iowa, a woman was arrested on accusations of setting fire to a friend#39;s garage after she was defriended on the social network site, local media reported.此案并非与Facebook网站有关的第一起暴力案件。据当地媒体报道,在去年,爱荷华州一名女子被人在社交网站上解除好友关系,而后纵火焚烧该人车库,并因此遭到起诉。In Texas, a man was accused of hitting his wife after she failed to ;like; a Facebook post he wrote about the anniversary of his mother#39;s death, according to media reports.另据媒体报道,德克萨斯州一名男子曾因为妻子不;喜欢;他在Facebook网站上发表的一篇母亲去世周年纪念帖而殴打妻子。 /201202/171111福建省第二人民医院收费如何长乐妇科医院哪家比较专业




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