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Later this year, Brisbane will host the leaders of the world’s biggest economies at the G20 summit. This year’s summit will focus on boosting economic growth – because stronger economic growth is the key to addressing almost every global problem. The outcome should be more jobs, better infrastructure, freer trade and greater co-operation -- because these are the foundations of stronger economies. As President, Australia is aly leading by example. The Government’s Economic Action Strategy is delivering results. Since the end of last year, 110,000 new jobs have been created. We’ve also held a red tape repeal day to cut 50,000 pages of unnecessary red tape – as part of our plan to save Australians billion in red tape costs every year. We’re also scrapping bad taxes like the carbon tax and the mining tax – and the Government will keep talking to the new Senate so that this can happen as soon as possible. And the Government has signed free trade agreements with Korea and Japan. The agreement with Japan will benefit our farmers and our businesses – 97 per cent of Australia’s exports to Japan will receive preferential access or enter duty-free once the Agreement is fully implemented. And consumers here will benefit from less expensive Japanese cars and parts, and from lower prices on household items like white goods and electronics. This coming week, business leaders from around the world will meet in Sydney. My message to them is that Australia is open for business. Together, we can foster growth and we can and will create more jobs.201503/364768I thank Lord Mayor Woolf for her very kind words.I am deeply honoured and yet humbled. I would like to dedicate this award to the people of Singapore who have worked so hard to build our nation. Special credit must go to our Pioneer Generation, who dreamt of a far better Singa#172;pore when we became independent, and took us a long way along the journey there. This award also reflects the long and close friendship between London and Singapore and between our peoples. I am therefore happy that my colleagues and friends are here to share this occasion with me.I first visited London in 1969. I was a teenager, and London seemed marvellous. It was the Swinging Sixties, and London was the capital of cool. Yet it was also a time of upheaval: Protests against the Vietnam War, student sit-ins, hippies and flower power. I had an enjoyable but sober time attending plays and concerts, exploring museums and art galleries, and spending hours browsing in the greatest bookshop in the world – Foyles.Later I went to university not in London, but in Cambridge, then still in splendid isolation in the Fens. But I would visit London regularly, because my late first wife, Ming Yang, was then a medical student at the Middlesex Hospital. Hence London in the early 1970s held many happy memories for me.But for Londoners and for Britain, those were difficult times. The British Empire was over, and Britain was adjusting to its new place in the world. Bitter union disputes afflicted the economy and disrupted lives. I especially remember the miners’ strikes, because the consequent blackouts caused me to attend supervisions (tutorials) in Cambridge by candlelight. Global events were also affecting the British economy. One year (1973) I arrived at Heathrow Airport having spent the summer back home. I found a group of Arabs excitedly trying to find out what was happening in the Middle East. The Yom Kippur War had broken out. It led to the first OPEC Oil Shock which caused inflation and recession worldwide. This worsened England’s woes, and cast a pall over London for years.But by the end of the decade the situation and mood improved. Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister in 1979. Thatcher’s reforms were fiercely contested, but they fundamentally altered Britain’s economy and society.Britain’s victory in the Falklands War in 1982 boosted national pride and restored belief to your people. That year my father Mr Lee Kuan Yew became an Honorary Freeman. In his speech, he spoke of his experiences of London since World War II, and challenged Britain to draw on the spirit of the Falklands War to rejuvenate and transform itself.And so Britain did. In the decades that followed, Thatcher and her successors – from both parties – oversaw a steady revival in Britain’s fortunes. Britain outperformed many Continental economies, reversing the situation in 1960s and 1970s. Optimism returned, and Britain’s international standing rose.Even more than the rest of Britain, London did well, and emerged as one of the world’s great cities. It attracted talent and capital from many countries, and rejuvenated its urban and cultural landscape. London was cool again.A big factor in London’s resurgence was financial services. London had long been a financial centre. But by the 1980s banking was changing. New technology, ingenious new approaches to risk, credit, and derivatives, and freer capital flows were transforming the business. London responded faster than most centres. It progressively deregulated and liberalised the industry, culminating in the Big Bang of 1986. Financial services took off, and became a major contributor to the British economy for the next two decades. The City of London became a cosmopolitan, vibrant centre of world finance and wealth. These were decades when Singapore was developing rapidly. Asia was on the move, and we were lucky to catch the winds. We broadened our economic links beyond our old colonial connections, to attract investments from Europe, US and Japan, and develop new markets in these countries. We seized opportunities in China and India as they opened up to the world. We integrated more closely with our Southeast Asian neighbours in ASEAN. At the same time, we continued to nurture and strengthen our historical friendship with Britain and London, which is stronger now than ever. British companies like Rolls-Royce and GSK have made major investments in Singapore, while more Singaporean companies are investing in the UK. Temasek Holdings has decided to site its European office in London, and will be opening it tomorrow. ComfortDelgro is operating buses and cabs in London, so now a Singa#172;porean company has The Knowledge! Our ties are not just about business. In May, Singa#172;pore will host a stage performance of one of Britain’s most important cultural exports – “Yes, Prime Minister”. Singaporeans now form one of the biggest foreign student contingents in Britain, despite our small population. Thousands of Singaporeans study, work and live in Britain, which is why we are holding our Singapore Day in Victoria Park this Saturday.201502/359009The trend in data storage is even more impressive. In the early 80s, the standard unit of computer storage, one mega-byte, or one million bytes of information, cost about 100 dollars. Today, it is 10 cents. In two years, it will cost 2 cents. 数据存储技术的发展趋势更是令人瞠目。八十年代初期,一个标准单位的计算机存储能力,即 1MB,或者说 1 百万字节,售价是 100 美元,而现在却只要 10 美分,两年内还将降到 2 美分。These gains are driven by continuous advances in how we pack information into smaller and smaller spaces. 这种结果是在技术不断进步的推动下产生的,我们可以把信息存储到越来越小的空间。If the US Library of Congress could shrink its collections of 17 million books by the same factor we just discussed, it could replace 800 kilometers of shelf space with less than 40 meters of space. 如果把这种技术用到美国国会图书馆的 1700 百万册存书上,其书架长度将由 800 公里变成不到 40 米。These advances are going to continue and accelerate the rate microprocessors, storage, communications, memory, and all the other engines that are propelling this industry or continue to lead to the products of the faster, smaller, and less expensive, just as they have for 30 years. 这种进步将继续下去,并且会加速微处理器、存储设备、通信、内存以及所有其它正在推动信息产业前进的“发动机”式的产品的发展,或者会继续创造出更快、更小、更便宜的产品。过去 30 年的情况就是如此。But as we stand here today, the opening of CeBIT, we are on the threshold of a very important change and the evolution of this industry. 然而当我们今天站在这里,出席 CeBIT 的开幕式的时候,我们面对的是一场业界非常重要的变化和革命。In many ways, this industry, a very emitory industry, is about to play out in its most important dimension. That is because the technology has become so powerful and so pervasive that its future impact on people and governments and all institutions will dwarf what has happened today.在很多方面,信息产业将成为最重要的产业。这是因为信息技术已经变得如此强大、如此普遍,以致于未来它对人们、政府和各个机构的影响将使目前发生的事相形见绌。201312/267718

Okay, I see some of you will need to talk to yourselves a little bit我认为你们有些人应该对自己说一下Start on Monday周一开始if you arent talking to yourself like crazy and you dont know how powerful you are如果你不知道自己有多强大you know, you will need to start to talk to yourself in a mirror你每天早上可以对着镜子问自己every morning, do you know how powerful you are?你知道自己有多强大吗Do you know how powerful we are? Yeah, powerful你知道自己有多强大吗 很强大So your generation is empowered to change the world你们这代人有改变世界的力量in ways we cant even imagine以我们想都想不到的方式See right now we are at a turning point现在 我们正处在一个重大的转折点a changing of the guard正在交接班our politicians are younger我们的政界人士正在年轻化our entrepreneurs are younger企业家们正在年轻化our faith leaders are younger精神领袖也在年轻化the leaders of this generation are more diverse and connected这一代人中的领袖更具多样性和关联性your generation crosses cultural lines这代人会跨越文化的界限and breaks gender barriers打破性别的壁垒I dont want you to be the next Oprah我不要求你们成为下一个欧普拉I dont want you to be the next Obama我不要求你们成为下一个奥巴马I dont even want you to be the next me我也不要求你们成为下一个我I want you to be you我希望你们成为自己So class of 20142014届毕业生们and everybody here at Howard University还有霍华德大学的所有人Do you know how powerful you are?你们知道自己有多强大吗Made the choice say it in a minute?请再坚定地告诉我一次See when I was growing up我在成长过程中I had this favorite uncle有一个很喜欢的叔叔we all have our favorite uncle我们都有一个很喜欢的叔叔but my uncles name was Uncle Shrine hopelessly我的叔叔名叫神庙叔叔Now I cant tell you why his name was Uncle Shrine我不知道为什么叫他神庙叔叔May god rest his soul愿上帝保佑他的灵魂安息but Uncle Shrine不过这位叔叔told me something I believed by my whole life给我讲的一点我会铭记终生Its something I want to leave you with today这也是我今天要讲给你们的He told me dont be afraid to close our eyes and dream他告诉我 不要害怕闭上眼睛做梦but then open you eyes and see然后还要睁开眼睛往前看Dont be afraid to close our eyes and dream不要害怕闭上眼睛做梦but then open you eyes and see然后还要睁开眼睛往前看201501/355575

We always hear that texting is a scourge. 人们总说短信的出现是一种灾难。The idea is that texting spells the decline and fall of any kind of serious literacy, or at least writing ability, 这么说的原因是短信降低了人们的读写能力,或者至少是书面表达能力,among young people in the ed States and now the whole world today. 这个问题影响着美国青年人今天也变成了全球问题。The fact of the matter is that it just isnt true, 事实上,这个说法是错误的,and its easy to think that it is true, 而且人们很容易信以为真,but in order to see it in another way, 但是为了换一个角度来看待它,in order to see that actually texting is a miraculous thing, 为了将短信看作是实际上不可思议的,not just energetic, but a miraculous thing, 而且不只是充满活力的事,也是不可思议的事,a kind of emergent complexity that were seeing happening right now,是一个我们正在经历的一个紧迫而复杂事情,we have to pull the camera back for a bit and look at what language really is, 我们就得回过头好好想想语言究竟是怎么一回事,in which case, one thing that we see is that texting is not writing at all. 这么看的话,我们可以说短信其实根本就不是书面文字表达。What do I mean by that? 为什么这么说呢?Basically, if we think about language, 从根本上说,如果我们想到语言,language has existed for perhaps 150,000 years, 语言已经存在了大概15万年,at least 80,000 years, 至少也有8万年了,and what it arose as is speech. People talked. 首先出现的是语音。人们彼此交谈。Thats what were probably genetically specified for. 这个大概就是出于我们人类的本能。Thats how we use language most. 大多数情况下,这就是我们如何使用语言的。Writing is something that came along much later, 文字是在这之后很晚才产生的,and as we saw in the last talk, 正如我们在上一个演讲所看到的,theres a little bit of controversy as to exactly when that happened, 对于文字是何时出现的还是有些小小的争议,but according to traditional estimates, 但是根据传统估算,if humanity had existed for 24 hours, 如果人类文明存在了24个小时,then writing only came along at about 11:07 p.m. 那么文字是在晚上11点07分时产生的。Thats how much of a latterly thing writing is. 大家可见文字是最近才出现的。201511/410348

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