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郑州/金水区做激光去毛多少钱郑州省妇幼保健院激光去斑手术价钱费用Though Phillip Lim has a reputation for keeping things low-key, this New York Fashion Week is a splashy one for the designer, who opens a new 3.1 Phillip Lim flagship store on September 10 at 48 Great Jones Street in NoHo. The 3,500-square-foot space, designed in collaboration with the London agency Campaign, features vintage furniture and artwork curated by Lim himself. Its look was inspired by Lim’s design studio, which he calls “the only space that I am offered where ideas become realized and my daydreams are romanced into realities.” The opening will also celebrate the release of a book showcasing photographs of the store in progress by the artist Bill Jacobson. Here, in honor of New York Fashion Week, the SoHo resident lists a few of his go-to things and places around town.虽然林能平(Phillip Lim)以行事低调闻名,但在本次纽约时装周期间,这位设计师却格外引人注目。9月10日,新的3.1 Phillip Lim旗舰店在NoHo区的大琼斯街48号开业。这个空间占地3500平方英尺,由他与伦敦的Campaign公司合作设计,以复古家具的陈列和林能平本人策展的艺术品为特色。林能平曾说自己的设计工作室是“唯一能够实现自己的想法、把白日梦变成现实的地方”,这座旗舰店的外观也受他的设计工作室风格影响。该店开业之际,艺术家比尔·雅各布森(Bill Jacobson)记录本店装修过程的摄影集也同时发行。在这里,为了向纽约时装周致意,居住在SoHo区的林能平列举了自己最喜欢的几样东西和城里的几个去处。Restaurant: “Contrary to popular belief, there is no glamour in the glory. I usually eat every meal at the studio in the buildup to the show. We have a Mexican night with takeout from La Esquina, Indian night with Tamarind, Korean night with Do Hwa and Vietnamese night with CoBa. We travel the world while staying in the same place.”餐馆:“与大家所以为的不同,光耀眼的地方其实没什么吸引力。在为时装秀做准备期间,我几乎每顿饭都在工作室里吃。我们有墨西哥菜之夜,要的是La Esquina餐馆的外卖,印度菜之夜要的是Tamarind餐馆的外卖,韩国菜之夜要的是Do Hwa餐馆的外卖,越南菜之夜要的是CoBa餐馆的外卖。我们足不出户,却像在周游世界。”Ramp;R: “Escaping to my home in Southampton.”休闲:“躲在我位于南安普顿家里。”Pick-me-up:“I usually have a coffee at home and one at work, but I also like the Vietnamese coffee from Pho Bang.”提神饮料:“我通常在家喝一杯咖啡,到办公室再喝一杯,但是我也喜欢Pho Bang餐馆的越南咖啡。”Gadget:“I never leave home without my Harmon Kardon headphones — they are classically handsome but have the latest sound technology. The perfect combination.”小配件:“我出门永远戴着哈曼卡顿(Harmon Kardon)耳机——它们的造型经典美观,同时又采用了最先进的音响技术,可谓完美的组合。”Reading material: “I’m ing my company’s financial reports at the moment. I have a newfound love of cooking, so I’ve been curious about cookbooks by Rene Redzepi and Yotam Ottolenghi — although my skills are limited to grilling!”阅读材料:“目前我正在读公司的财务报告。我最近爱上了烹饪,所以我对勒内·雷泽皮(Rene Redzepi)和尤塔姆·奥托伦吉(Yotam Ottolenghi)的食谱很感兴趣,虽然我只会做烧烤!”Song on repeat:“I’ve been listening to ‘Queen and Wonder’ by Federico Albanese.”重复听的歌:“最近我在听费德里科·阿尔巴内斯(Federico Albanese)的《女王与奇迹》(Queen and Wonder)。”Tipple:“During show prep we usually get juices from Juice Press. But I can’t do juice cleanses — not eating really affects me, so I will do everything, just in moderation.”常喝的饮料:“在为时装秀做准备期间,我们经常购买Juice Press的果汁。但是我不能只喝果汁,不吃饭真的会影响我,所以我什么都吃,但是都适度。”Post–Fashion Week vacation:“I am looking into going to the Philippines or Patagonia. I never plan too far in advance because the buildup and anticipation drives me crazy.”时装周之后的休假:“我在考虑去菲律宾或巴塔哥尼亚。我从不提前太早做计划,因为出发前的准备过程和预期能让我抓狂。” /201409/328356河南省人民医院 纹眉多少钱To see, or not to see? That is not the question, because Stratford-upon-Avon is a perennial must, whatever the weather.《镜报》2014年4月16号报道,看,还是不看?这不是个问题,因为埃文河畔斯特拉特福无论天气如何,一年四季都是旅游必须一去的胜地。And what more apt time to visit William Shakespeare’s home town than around the time of The Bard’s 450th birthday on April 23?还有什么时候比4月23号莎士比亚450岁诞辰这段期间参观他的故乡更合适的时间?This glover’s son transcends the centuries, with his great friend and fellow playwright Ben Jonson describing him as “not of an age, but for all time”.这位手套商的儿子超越了世纪,就像他的好朋友、戏剧家本·琼森说的,他“不是一个时代,而是永恒” 。But whether you know a lot or a little about the English language’s greatest writer, you soon discover a wealth of information here, beginning with Shakespeare’s Birthplace, on Henley Street.不过,不管你对这位英语语言巨匠了解多少,从莎士比亚的出生地亨利街开始,你很快就会发现大量有关信息。See in fascinating detail how Elizabethans lived, from his father’s workshop to the little beds they slept in. Why so small? Partly because the Elizabethans were shorter than us, but also, we’re told, because they feared if they lay flat, the Devil might think they were dead and take their souls, so they slept upright against bolsters.从他父亲的作坊到他们睡的小床,你会详细了解伊丽莎白时代的人生活的生动细节。为什么床这么小?一部分原因是伊丽莎白时代的人比我们要矮小,不过,我们听说,还因为他们害怕如果躺平了,恶魔会认为他们死了,带走他们的灵魂,所以他们靠着枕垫直着睡觉。Shakespeare’s christening would probably have been on April 26 – three days after his birth – and the font in which he was baptised is at Holy Trinity Church, a short walk from the town centre.莎士比亚可能是在出生3天后,即1564年4月26号在圣三一教堂接受洗礼,那儿离镇中心不远。The church, dating from 1210, is also where he is buried, in a 15th-century chancel. His grave carries a warning, that cursed be he who moves his bones.圣三一教堂可以追溯到1210年,莎士比亚就安葬于教堂内15世纪的圣坛上。他的墓碑上写有一行警告,谁移动他的尸骨,谁就将受到诅咒。Equally worth a visit, particularly for children, is Mary Arden’s Farm.同样值得参观的,尤其是对小孩来说,还有玛丽·阿登的农场。Shakespeare’s mother’s home, a short distance away by car and celebrating its 500th anniversary this year, is a working Tudor farm, where people “live” – and even speak – as they would have done in the 16th century.驾车不久即可到达莎翁母亲的故乡——玛丽·阿登的农场。今年农场迎来500周年庆,这一都铎时代的农场至今仍在运行,这里的人们依旧按照16世纪的生活方式“生活”、说话。From the farm – where Shakespeare is thought to have stayed from the age of nine, to avoid an outbreak of plague – we went to his future wife’s home, Anne Hathaway’s Cottage, where, as a teenager, he would have courted her.据说为了躲避瘟疫,莎士比亚9岁时开始住在这个农场。我们从农场出发前往莎士比亚妻子故居——安妮·海瑟薇祖屋,年少的莎士比亚可能就是在这里追求的她。Again, there is much to enjoy at this beautiful thatched farmhouse in the nearby village of Shottery, with its ornate gardens.附近休特瑞村花团锦簇,村里美丽的茅草屋也很值得欣赏。Other attractions worth viewing include Nash’s House and the site of New Place – the home where Shakespeare died, but which was demolished in 1759 by Reverend Francis Gastrell after a dispute with locals.其它值得游览的景点包括纳什故居和新居,这是莎士比亚去世时住的房子,但是牧师弗兰西斯·加斯特里尔与当地人发生争执,于1759年拆毁了这所房子。The Bard’s town has a variety of hotels and guest houses and one of the most impressive is the Holiday Inn, with riverside grounds close to Clopton Bridge, over which Shakespeare would have ridden.诗圣的故乡有很多酒店和宾馆,最有名的是假日酒店,临江靠近古石桥,莎士比亚或许也在桥上走过。The stylish hotel, whose staff are the epitome of helpfulness, has recently had a £2million revamp, but its prices won’t leave you feeling Shylock has taken his pound of flesh.这家风格时尚现代的酒店里的员工十分友好、乐于助人,酒店近期投入了两百万英镑进行整修,不过价格不会让你觉得“被夏洛克割了一磅肉”。Alternatively, if you are aiming for more of a romantic stay and fancy playing Romeo (or being pampered as Juliet), you could try the Church Street Townhouse, directly opposite where Shakespeare went to school.或者,如果你想要一次浪漫之旅,想要扮演罗密欧(或者做众星捧月的朱丽叶),你可以去教堂街酒店,正位于莎士比亚求学学校的对面。It’s a charming, 12-room boutique hotel from which, indeed, parting is such sweet sorrow.这家酒店精致时尚,有12间房,在这里分别,真的是一种甜蜜的忧伤。If you don’t believe music is the sole food of love, there are plenty of -restaurants and watering holes.如果你认为音乐不是爱的唯一食粮,这里还有很多餐馆和酒吧。High among them – in elevation and quality – is the rooftop restaurant above the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. A great time to go is after the theatre crowd have taken their seats. You can enjoy the quiet, relaxed -atmosphere where the excellent Shawn Bennett and staff were as attentive as a lead character waiting for his cue.从高度和格调上,这些餐馆中最出类拔萃的是皇家莎士比亚剧院上的屋顶餐厅。去那里最好的时间是等观众都坐好之后。你可以享受这里安静放松的气氛,剧场里演技一流的肖恩·班尼特和其他演员都聚精会神地等着他们的出场提示,准备一展演技。The food is first-class and they supplied the freshest starter I’ve tasted, a wonderful goat’s cheese and pistachio roulade.这里的食物都是一流的,他们供应的开胃菜是我吃过最新鲜的,山羊奶酪和开心果肉卷都很美味。And, even if the view may make you giddy, the prices won’t.而且,即使景色会让你眼花缭乱,菜单上的价格还是很合理的。On a fine spring day, you can emulate The Merchant of Venice and take to the River Avon by gondola. Avon Boating provides the world’s oldest working gondola, a calming experience as you glide along the gentle waters.在明媚的春日,你可以效仿《商人》里的场景,坐贡多拉小船去埃文河。埃文船行提供世界上最古老的贡多拉,在平缓的河水上划行让人心旷神怡。Also on the waterfront is actors’ pub the Dirty Duck, where Sir John Gielgud and Richard Burton, among others, donated signed photos for the wall. If you fancy rubbing shoulders with stars of current productions – Henry IV Pt I and II – it’s the place to go after curtain down, around 10.30pm.在码头还有一家演员酒吧——脏鸭子酒吧,约翰·吉尔古德先生、理查德·伯顿和其他演员将签名照送给了酒吧,贴在墙上。如果你想看到最新版《亨利四世》第一、二部里的明星的话,夜幕降临后,10:30左右,可以到这里来。All in all, celebrate the Bard’s 450th and unwind, exactly As You like It.总而言之,到这里庆祝诗圣450周年诞辰,顺便放松一下心情,真是“皆大欢喜”。 /201405/294110郑州/祛疤医院最好

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