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Former Nurse Tests Experimental Ebola VaccineThe first person to trial the vaccine - made from a chimpanzee virus - says she feels ;absolutely fine; after getting the jab.Are you happy to go ahead? Do you have any questions?Without a hint of nerves the first person to have an experimental Ebola vaccine takes the plunge, R is one of 60 healthy volunteers in Britain to be given a jab as part of clinical trial, and she is paid just 380 pounds, not for the risk, but for any loss of earnings, the vaccine has clearly tested in monkeys, but scientists need to be sure it#39;s safe and effective before using it on the front line of the Ebola epidemic.My 15 year old son he thought I was Ebola having, and he asked was i going to die, and where is my *, my 12 year old daughter was concerned but said well done mum for what you are doing, this is one step but i#39;m part of that first step, and it gets some vaccine, they know they got the right vaccine, then they can start giving it, and that#39;s going to make a difference to people#39;s lives.The vaccine is made from a harmless virus common in chimpanzees, that#39;s been modified to carry a small piece of Ebola DNA, once in patients the virus will make a single Ebola protein, it won#39;t cause the disease, but it should be enough to prime the immune system to attack the Ebola virus if it#39;s ever encountered in future.The good thing about the vaccine is it probably doesn#39;t need to work for five years or even five months, if it had higher * for two or three months that would be very valuable, and technically that#39;s easier to do and to make the vaccine that works for a decade.Volunteers will be given varying amount of the vaccine to fight a dose that triggers good immune response without causing serious side effects. Normally it would take 18 months or more for a vaccine to go through clinical trials, but such is the desperate need to protect health workers who are putting their lives on the line by treating Ebola patients, that this one is being fast tracked, even while clinical trials are under way, G is producing 10,000 doses, y to be sent out to west Africa as soon as they get the green light.But there won#39;t be anywhere near enough the vaccine for local people, the Ebola epidemic is out of control in Serra Leone and Liberia, and the doctor who discovered the virus told Sky news that thousands of people are still likely to die.One of the lessons is that of this epidemic is that we need to make sure that we accelerate the ways that we test and evaluate drugs, vaccines also, if we had done that in the beginning of the epidemic we would probably aly have an answer.Quarantine of patients and rapid tracing of their contact is currently the only way to beat the virus, the world health organization has welcomed the 3,000 US military personnel being sent to the region to build field hospitals with 1,700 beds, it#39;s not enough, but it#39;s a start.Thomas Moore, Sky news. /201409/3298662011年,大众汽车凭借一家有黑武士小鬼当家的温馨广告,给大家留下的深刻印象。2012年,大众汽车再次以黑武士为广告主角,打造了一2012超级碗广告。事实上,这个广告是广告中有广告,不看到最后你是发现不了广告中的奥妙的。 以下是中英对照:Dog:Back and better than ever!不仅要变回去更要比从前更优秀!旁字:Volkswagen----That’s the Power of German Engineering.大众——德国引擎的力量。Mutant: Oh that was great!哦,那真是不错!I kinda miss that Vader kid.我有点想念Vader kid了。No, the dog’s better.不,更好。Man: The Vadar Kid.Vader kid更好。Mutant: Are you kidding the dog is funnier than the Vader Kid.你开玩笑吗?比Vader kid有意思多了。Mutant:Sorry.不好意思。 Article/201405/297698He was frustrated by the limits of traditional martial arts.So if you did karate, you didn#39;t do any ground fighting, or you didn#39;t do any throws.If you did judo, you didn#39;t do any punching or kicking.他对传统武术的限制感到沮丧,如果用的空手道 就不能用地躺拳或是摔法,而用柔道的话 也别想着出拳或踢腿。You know, if you did kungfu, you had to stand a certain way and strike a certain way and do set combinations and moves,and he thought all of that was just getting in the way and being impractical.轮到功夫 还得站桩 固定方式或者组合拳进攻,但他认为所有这些都有害无益 没点实际效果。You have to be adaptable, because fighting can go anywhere.Fighting wasn#39;t contained by rules.If someone#39;s gonna attack you, who knew what they#39;d do?So you had to be y for anything.这就必须有很强的适应能力 任何地方都可能有格斗,格斗不受任何招式所限,如果别人袭击你 谁又知道他们会怎么做?,你得多留几手准备。So that was... that was quite a revolutionary way of thinking.Since creating Jeet Kune Do, Bruce Lee#39;s martial art has sp as far a field as Scotland.所以这... 确实是种革命性的思维方式。创建截拳道后 李小龙的搏击术从此广为流传 苏格兰也不例外This is Glasgow, one of the violent cities in Europe.More people die of assaults here than almost any other European cities.Tommy Carruthers was a former club doorman who turned to Bruce Lee#39;s Jeet Kune Do to protect himself from violent attack.格拉斯哥 是欧洲暴力事件最频繁的城市之一,无数人死于人身攻击 几乎比欧洲其他所有城市都多。Tommy Carruthers曾是某俱乐部门卫 随后修习李小龙的截拳道以自卫。I would say the preferred weapon in Glasgow would be the knife.There#39;s more stabbings here than anything else.Tommy was trained by Bruce Lee#39;s last private students and protégé, Ted Wong.Since taking up Jeet Kune Do, he#39;s become one of the top practitioners and one of the few people in the world qualified to teach it.我得说 在格拉斯哥 最中意的武器是弹簧刀,常有利器伤人事件,Tommy受训于李小龙最后一位私人弟子兼继任者 黄锦铭。自从修习截拳道 他已然成为高手之一 还是世界上为数不多有资格教授截拳道的人。He uses his Jeet Kune Do to train people in self-defense so that they can use it if attacked on street.We#39;re really trying to take the stuff and apply it to real-life situations, #39;cause the guys are here, really, to know how to fight.Tommy Carruthers reveals the key to Jeet Kune Do:its simplicity and economy, making it useful in a real attack.他教人们通过截拳道进行自卫 如果在街上遭遇袭击 可以寻求自保,我们都在修习截拳道 并运用于实战 因为他们来这儿就是来学习格斗的,Tommy Carruthers揭示了截拳道的精髓,即简单 简约 用于实战。 Article/201402/274757

Obesity Epidemic Is #39;Mass Child Neglect#39;One in three youngsters leaving primary education is obese and a national plan to tackle the problem is absent, a study says.No signs of sedentary lifestyles, here at the S school in Oxford. Motivation, choice in sport and fun are all part of a formula to stay off the threat ofthe expanding waist lines of children in the UK.Since I came to this school, I#39;ve been doing a lot more, so I think I need to keep up with you.It depends if you enjoy sports, cause I particularly enjoy sports, so I do go outside and play around,do things like that.We do recognize this that not all, every child likes football or hockey for example and other ones do prefer to stay at home and play on their computers.But it turns in general here it#39;s not really much of a problem, they are quite motivated to get involved.Experts in the British Journalist Sports Medicine believe the nation-wide picture is very different from this one. They criticize the lack of a proper national policy to get youngsters more active and say the situation is tantamout to mass child neglect, believing the leadership and strategy on the issue are totally absent.The Journals figures suggest that only a third of boys and a quarter of girls in England meet the minimum recommended daily physical activity levels. And one in three children leaving primary education is obese, most of whom will become obese adults.We believe that certainly the current situation as it stands in this country is certainly meeting the government#39;s own definition of child neglect.The report continues its criticism about the government promises to protect school#39;s playing fields which it says are still being sold off. And the author has pointed out the TGB came third in the medals table at the 2012 Olympics, but the UK also took gold and silver in the European obesity lead tables lastyear. It cause the future governments and educational bodies to create a comprehensive child-centered national physical activity policy to give children from all backgrounds and sporting abilities, every opportunity to be active on a daily basis. /201312/268728

You#39;ve met someone online who shares your interests. Now it#39;s time to take it to the next level and meet in person.你在网上遇到了有共同兴趣爱好的人。现在时机成熟,可以发展到下一步,亲自见面了。You Will Need你需要A public place to meet公共场合见面Transportation交通A friend一位朋友An observant eye善于观察的眼睛Realistic expectations切合实际的期望Steps步骤Step 1 Meet in public1.公共场合见面Meet in a public place with plenty of other people around.在周围比较多人的公共场合。Meet during the daytime.选择白天见面。Step 2 Drive yourself2.自己搭乘交通工具Drive yourself to the date. Don#39;t rely on the other person to give you a ride.自己搭乘交通工具赴约会地点。不要让对方搭载你去。Step 3 Tell friends3.告诉朋友Tell a friend where you#39;re going to be and for how long, and keep your cell phone with you.告诉朋友你要去哪里,去多长时间,随身带手机。Step 4 Be prepared4.做好思想准备Be prepared to meet someone who looks different than you expected. If your date misled you about their looks, you might not be able to trust them and should rethink dating them.做好思想准备,你见到的人可能和预期有所差距。如果你的约会对象在外貌方面曾经误导你,你或许不应该信任他们,应该重新考虑是否继续下去。Check for a wedding ring tan line, especially on men. Thirty percent of married men use online dating services.查看一下手指上婚戒的痕迹,尤其是男性。30%的已婚男子使用网络约会务。Step 5 Refrain from drinking5.控制饮酒Refrain from drinking too much. Getting drunk on your first date makes a bad impression and can be dangerous.不要喝太多酒。第一次约会就喝醉不仅印象不好,还很危险。Step 6 Be realistic6.切合实际Be realistic. Keep the conversation light, have fun, and don#39;t expect too much from the first date.切合实际一点。保持对话轻快,有趣,不要期待从第一次约会中得到太多。End the date if something about the other person seems out of place and gives you a bad feeling.如果对方看上去不太合适,让你感觉不爽,结束约会。Step 7 Assess the date7.评估约会Assess the date and decide what your next step should be. If you hit it off, you may want to keep dating. But if you had no chemistry, keep looking for that special someone.对约会做一下评估,决定下一步应该怎样做。如果觉得不错,你可能想继续约会。但是如果两人不来电,继续寻找你的意中人。Did you know? According to one survey, 12 percent of engaged or married couples meet online.你知道吗?根据一项调查,12%的订婚或已婚夫妻是在互联网上认识的。视频听力由。 Article/201401/273379

Cinderella#39;s plight has given mopping a bad name—but don#39;t let poor PR keep you from a bright, shiny floor.灰姑娘的困境给擦地板蒙上了污名,但是不要让这一点阻止你拥有明亮清洁的地板。You Will Need你需要A broom, or a vacuum cleaner with a floor attachment一把扫把,有地板配件的吸尘器A bucket of water一桶水Some wood cleaner or dishwashing liquid一些木制品清洁剂或洗洁精And a mop拖把Steps步骤STEP 1 Check floor1.检查地板Make sure your floor is sealed. If it#39;s not, it#39;s probably waxed and shouldn#39;t be mopped. Check by rubbing a finger across it. If you don#39;t leave a smudge, the floor is probably sealed.确保地板是密封好的。如果没有的话,可能是上了蜡,不能擦洗。可以用一根手指擦过地板。如果没有留下污渍,说明地板是密封好的。STEP 2 Vacuum floor2.吸尘Vacuum or sweep the floor free of dust and particles.用吸尘器吸尘或清扫地板,清除灰尘和颗粒。STEP 3 Consult directions3.了解说明Consult the directions for your wood cleaning product and add the appropriate amount to the bucket of water.了解木制品清洁产品的说明书,向一桶水中加入适量产品。If you don#39;t have a wood cleaning product, add a quarter cup of dishwashing liquid to your bucket instead.如果你没有木制品清洁产品,向桶里加入四分之一杯洗洁精。STEP 4 Dampen mop4.浸湿拖把Dampen the mop head in the bucket, then wring it out completely—the less water on your wood floor, the better.在桶里把拖把浸湿,然后完全拧干——留在木地板上的水越少越好。STEP 5 Mop floor5.拖地板Push and pull the mop back and forth across the floor in the direction of the wood grain.按照木地板的纹理前后来回擦拭地板。STEP 6 Wring out amp; mop6.拧干,擦拭Continue dampening the mop, wringing it out, and dragging it across the floor with the grain.继续浸湿拖把,拧干,按照纹路拖地板。STEP 7 Change water7.换水Change the water and cleaning solution whenever it gets too dirty to be effective.如果水变脏了,换掉水和洗涤溶液。STEP 8 Rinse floor8.清洗地板When the entire floor has been mopped, refill the bucket with just water and mop the floor again in the same way to rinse off any soap residue.当整个地板都拖完之后,重新向桶里装满清水,再按照同样的方法清洗掉任何洗涤剂残余物。STEP 9 Stay off floors9.离开地板Stay off your floors until they#39;ve completely dried. Your Fairy Godmother would be so proud.离开地板,直到完全变干。你的仙女婆婆将会感到非常自豪。Cinderella stories appear in the folklore of many cultures—there are as many as 1,500 different versions of the tale.灰姑娘的故事出现在许多文化的传说中,这个童话共有多达1,500个不同的版本。视频听力译文由。 Article/201404/292145

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