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赣州会昌妇幼保健院专家咨询江西省龙南县杨村卫生院收费标准有关六一儿童节的英语作文 儿童节汇演英语作文 --31 ::55 来源: 有关六一儿童节的英语作文 儿童节汇演英语作文Tomorrow is Children's Day,a joint permance was held in our school today.The permance began at 9:30in the morning,it lasted hours.Two students in Grade 6 permed a cross talk in Changsha dialect.Their vivid permance made us all laughed.A boy in Grade 5 sang a song,though his voice was hoarse because of siciness,we all clapped his braveness and persistence.I and other 7 classmates permedthe play Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs ,i didn't play beautiful Snow White ,but the evil queen.My classmates all said i was the most beautiful queen.The permance ended at :30,i got home at :0,i would like to tell mother what a wonderful day it is.明天就是儿童节了,我们学校今天举办了儿童节联合汇演演出从早上9:30开始,为时小时六年级的两名学生用长沙方言表演了一个相声他们惟妙惟肖的表演引得我们哄堂大笑5年级的一名男孩唱了一首歌,虽然他因病嗓子哑了,但是我们都为他的勇敢和坚持鼓掌我和我们班的7名同学一起表演了戏剧《白雪公主和七个小矮人,我演的不是漂亮的白雪公主,而是邪恶的皇后我的同学说我是最漂亮的皇后演出于:30结束,我:0就到家了,我想告诉妈妈今天真是个美妙的日子赣州男性尿道炎费用 How to Learn English Well? 如何学好英语? -- 18:59:58 来源: How to Learn English Well? 如何学好英语?  English is very important us. So we must learn it well. But how do we learn English well?  First, we must be interested in learning English. Then, we can learn to sing English songs. Next, we can English magazines and newspapers. At last, we must recite a lot of English words to improve our English grades.  If we do it like this, I think we can learn English well.  英语对我们来讲是非常重要的,应此我们必须把它学好但是我们如何才能把英语学好呢?  首先,我们必须对学英语感兴趣然后,我们可以学唱英语歌曲接着,我们还能通过阅读英文杂志和报纸来学习英语最后,我们必须背大量的英语单词来提高我们的英语成绩  如果我们能够这样做的话,我想我们一定能把英语学好文化差异-- :6:6 A:Hi,Modern English  你好,洋话连篇  B:Hi Drew?It's Marco here.  你好,是Drew吗?我是Marco  A:Hi,how are things?  最近如何啊?  B:Really well.How about you?  还不错,你呢?  A:Well to be honest.I'm not in a very good mood today.  说实话,我今天心情不太好  B:Why?What's up?  怎么了?  A:Well,I guess you could call it cultural shock  我想这得归咎与文化差异  B:Cultural shock? What is that?  文化差异?那是什么?  A:It's when people who live in eign countries sometimes feel everything is very different to their home countries and they get frustrated with it.  身在异乡的外国人有时会觉得在外国的一切都与家乡是那么的不同这让他们无比郁闷  B:Hmmm,I'm not sure I follow you  我还是不太明白  A;Well,today example,I was sat on the bus and the person next to me kept making a loud noise in his throat and spitting onto the floor,right next to my shoe.People in Canada don't do this and because I'm not accustomed to this habit.I find it quite disgusting  就好象今天在公车上,坐我旁边的一个男的不停的清嗓子,还吐痰正好吐在我鞋边在加拿大人们从不这么做我对这真不适应好恶心  B:Oh,I see.like if I went to Canada and was catching a train from Toronto.But the train was 3 hours late,I'd find it really annoying,  原来如此就好象我要是去了加拿大,从多伦多坐火车,但火车晚三个钟头,那可够烦的  A:Exactly  的确如此  B:Ok,I got you,Well,I hope you have a good weekend,Just relax and try not to let little things like this annoy you  我明白了希望你有一个愉快的周末放松点儿,别老让小事儿烦你  A:Hmm,fat chance,I'm off to the station now to buy a train ticket  怕是没戏了我现在要去火车站买车票  B:ok,bye  好的,再见吧  Attention Please…特别提醒  [你可以请外教反复帮你模仿训练下面句子词组的正宗美式发音]  [1]Cultural shock是指文化震荡到了国外后由于种种原因,总能感受到这种文化上的差异最好的办法还是多交一些朋友  []Fat chance并非象字面上那样解释,它表示"没戏,没机会"  Related Words…相关词汇  以下这些词并未给出汉语意思,你可以试着用我们学到的英语问问外教它们的意思  [ ie:What does "***"mean?"***"是什么意思?]  cultural background social convention custom阳痿早泄价格赣州

赣州哪家医院男科好Stop Playing Mah-jong 不要再打麻将了! --19 :01: 来源: Stop Playing Mah-jong 不要再打麻将了!  Mr Li works in a big factory. Two years ago, he was a good worker, a good husband and a good father. But then things changed. He began to play mah-jong.  He is so interested in it that he plays from day to night and gets to go home. He does nothing at home, and often quarrells with his wife.  We are very worried about him. We hope he will stop playing mah-jong, work hard and get on well with his family.  李先生在一家大工厂工作两年以前,他曾是一位好工人,好丈夫,好父亲可是后来情况变了,他开始玩上了麻将  他对麻将很感兴趣,以致从白天玩到黑夜,忘记了回家他在家里什么也不做,还常和我妻子吵架  我们很为他担心我们希望他别打麻将,努力工作,与家里人好好相处定南医院治疗前列腺炎哪家医院最好 图书馆上网-- :5:   Does the library have computers with Internet access?   图书馆有可以上网的电脑吗?   现在,网络这东西不仅在西方世界童叟皆知,在中国这片土地上也是随处可见的了过去图书馆查书的工具是一排排的抽屉架,抽屉(drawer)里是一定顺序排好的卡片(cards),每张卡片都是图书馆里图书的简介,他们共同组成了"卡片簿" (catalogue).现在图书馆一般都配置了图书检索的电脑或有了网址,再找书就方便多了赣南附属医院新地址

赣州长安医院电话预约小露西(Little Lucy) -- :50: 来源: 小露西(Little Lucy)  one day, mother said, “lucy, your grandmother is ill, you take some apples to your grandmother.” lucy said, “ok!” a wolf was listening out side the door.the wolf went to the grandmother’s home. the wolf knocked at the door. grandmother said, “who is that?” “it’s little lucy.” grandmother said, “come in.” the wolf got into the house. grandmother found a wolf said, “ help!” then grandmother ran away. but the wolf did not chase lucy’s grandmother.  the wolf got into the bed and put on grandmother’s hat. then lucy came, she knocked the door. the wolf said, “who is that?” “it’s little lucy.” the wolf said, “come in.” lucy got into the house. she said, “grandmother, why are your ears so long? why are your eyes so big? why is your mouth so big?” when lucy was getting closer, she found out it was a wolf. she said, “help!” and ran out. lucy saw her father and said, “father, help, there is a wolf in the house!” father rushed into the house and killed the wolf with a knife. lucy’s father helps grandmother into the bed again. 旅游英语:莫高窟英文介绍 -- :0:00 来源: 旅游英语:莫高窟英文介绍莫高窟是国家重点文物保护单位,又称千佛洞莫高窟保存完好的壁画世界闻名Mogao Caves are the nation key cultural relic preservation organ, is named Thousand Buddhas Cave, is situated west the Gansu Corridor end Dunhuang, is world famous by the fine mural and the cast. Itsbeginning constructs at countries' mer Qin times, has beenthrough repeatedly countries, the Northern Dynasty, Sui, Tang, fivegenerations, Tangut , the Yuan and so on all previous dynastiesconstructing, ms the huge scale, existing cavern 735, the mural5,000 square meter, argillaceous painted sculpture ,, are in theworld the extant scale is biggest, the content richest Buddhism artplace. Since the modern times had discovered the Buddhist scriptureshole, in had 50,000 ancient times cultural relics, and grew speciallyto study the Buddhist scriptures hole ancient book and Dunhuang artdiscipline - Dunhuang studies. But since Mogao Caves receive many people in the modern times thedamage, the cultural relic massively drain, its integrity wasseriously destroyed. In 1961, Mogao Caves are announced by thePeople's Republic of China State Council one of first batch ofnational key cultural relic preservation organs. In 1987, Mogao Cavesare listed as the world culture inheritance.  Mogao Caves are located southeast the Chinese Gansu Province Dunhuang east 5 kilometer place Mt. Mingsha on the foothill cliff, first near dawdle Quan River, face east, north and south length 80 meters, height 50 meters.Cavern distribution height scattered about, row after row, about most has five.Its beginning constructs at country times, "the Li Obliging Repairs Mogao Caves Niche a statue of Buddha Tablet" according to Tang the record.  mer Qin establishes a reign title two years (366 years), the Buddhist priest happy goes via this mountain, sees the golden light sparkle suddenly, if presently ten thousand Buddha, theree then opened cutting on the dike the first cavern.Hereafter the law good Zen master and so on continues in this to construct the hole to repair the imperial sacrifices, is called the desert high hole, Italy is the desert high place.Because later generation desert and not general, then renames as Mogao Caves.When Northern Wei Dynasty, Western Wei Dynasty and Northern Zhou Dynasty, the ruler respects and believes in Buddhism, the rock cave construction has the nobility support, the development is quick.The Sui and Tang dynasties time, along with Silk Road prosperity, Mogao Caves is prosperous, when Wu Zetian has cavern thousand.After the Anlushan Rebellion, Dunhuang successively and turns over to the troops fighting in a good cause by Turfan to seize, but the statuary activity too greatly has not been affected.The Northern Song Dynasty, the tangut and the Yuan Dynasty, Mogao Caves gradually hasten the decline, only repaired the previous dynasty hole room primarily, newly built extremely few.After Yuan Dynasty, along with Silk Road abandoning, Mogao Caves also stopped constructing and is neglected gradually in common people's field of vision.After clear Kanghsi 0 years (in 01), here only then again manner attention.The modern times, people usual name it “Thousand Buddhas Cave.  The Mogao Caves extant Northern Wei Dynasty to Yuan cavern 735, divides into the north and south two areas.South the area is Mogao Caves' main body, is engaged in the religious activities the clergy the place, some 87 caverns, have the mural or make an idol.North the area has 8 caverns, in which only then 5 existence murals or makes an idol,But after other all is the clergy leads a pious life the place which, the housing and the death buries, has life facilities and so on the adobe bed, stove kang, flue, niche, desk lamp.Two area total 9 cavern existence mural and makes an idol, has the mural 5,000 square meter, the argillaceous painted sculpture , Tang Songmu constructs cliff eave 5, as well as several thousand lotus flower pillars, sp out on the floor the decorative brick and so on.- 旅游英语 莫高窟英文介绍赣州龙南医院收费贵吗赣州尿道炎医院



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