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Larry和李华在公园里散步,Larry告诉李华他的朋友Rick最近交了一个女朋友。 李华今天要学会两个常用语Seeing Someone和Breaking up。 LL: Hey, Li Hua, have you heard the news? Rick is seeing someone. LH: Rick is seeing someone? Rick在看人。这有什么奇怪的,我也在看一个人呀。I am seeing someone, too. LL: Really? You are seeing someone, Li Hua? Who is it? LH: 就是你呀。 Larry. 我不是在看着你吗? LL: (Laughs) That's pretty funny, Li Hua. But, by "seeing someone" I don't mean Rick is looking at someone with his eyes. LH: 你不是说"Rick is seeing someone"吗? 他不是在看人, 那是什么意思呀? LL: When I said Rick is "seeing someone," I meant he was dating a girl. LH: OH! 你是在说Rick有了一个女朋友。Although I'm seeing you,但是我们不是男女朋友的关系。 LL: Right, we are just friends, Li Hua. We go out and do things together, but we aren't boyfriend and girlfriend. We aren't seeing each other. LH: 事实上, 我现在根本就没有男朋友,I am not seeing anyone. LL: It's OK, Li Hua. I'm not seeing anyone either. But Rick is pretty serious about the girl he is seeing. LH: Rick已经换了好几个女朋友了,你说他这次真的会很认真吗?那女孩是谁呀? LL: Her name is Jennifer. Rick has been seeing her for about a month or so. LH: 嗯,Jennifer。交往了才一个月,你怎么知道Rick对这个女孩很认真呀! LL: You're right, Li Hua. It hasn't been very long - but ever since they started to see each other, they've been doing everything together - going out to eat, seeing movies, and taking walks in the park. LH: 热恋的时候当然是形影不离了;一起吃饭, 看电影,一起去公园散步,多浪漫。Larry, 那边走的不是Rick吗?跟他牵着手的女孩子就是Jennifer吧? LL: That is Rick across the park. But that is not the girl he has been seeing. LH: 那个女孩子不是Jennifer? 难道Rick另有所爱了? LL: I don't know. I'll ask him. ****** LL: Well, Li Hua, you were right. Rick is seeing someone else. He and Jennifer broke up. LH: 果然Rick又有了别的女朋友。 哎,你说他和Jennifer broke up,那是什么意思呀? LL: To break up means to end the relationship. Apparently, Rick broke up with Jennifer last night. LH: 昨天晚上才分开,Rick就已经和别的女孩手牵手了, 真是不可思议。 LL: From what Rick says, he decided to break up with Jennifer, because he met someone new that he liked even better. LH: Rick遇到了他更喜欢的人,所以和Jennifer分手了。 真是喜新厌旧的人呢,Jennifer一定伤心死了。 Rick是怎么跟她说的呢? LL: Rick said he called Jennifer last night on the phone and told her he wanted to break up. LH: 什么?他只是打了个电话,这太不礼貌了,他至少应该当面道歉。 LL: Well, I guess since they hadn't been seeing each other very long, he didn't think it a problem to break up over the phone. LH: 他们交朋友的时间虽然是不长,可是毕竟是谈过恋爱的。如果我的男朋友突然打来电话要分手,我会很难过的。 LL: Well, at least Rick didn't send Jennifer a text message telling her he wanted to break up. LH: 电子邮件?Larry,你跟女朋友分手不会只发个电子邮件吧? LL: Well, me personally, no. But I've known guys who have broken up with girls by sending them a text message. LH: Larry, 你可不能像他们那样。 LL: I promise, Li Hua. And right now it is an easy promise to keep, considering I'm not seeing anyone! 今天李华学到了两个常用语。一个是seeing someone, 意思是跟某人谈恋爱。还有一个是break up, 意思是分手。 /200810/51756爷爷带着丹尼尔到一家中餐厅吃饭,没有想到丹尼尔一上来就要点汉堡和可口可乐,看来爷爷要教教丹尼尔怎么吃中餐了。Listen Read Learn Daniel: Grandpa, this restaurant looks really old! How long ago was it built?Grandpa: I'm not sure when it started. But I know it's older than me. As a young boy, I used to eat here a lot.Daniel: Oh, it's interesting. Dad told me you brought him here when he was young, too. Now, it's my turn.Grandpa: Yeah. We are the VIP customers here. So, what do you want to eat today?Daniel: I'd like to eat a hamburger and a bottle of coca-cola.Grandpa: Hey, kid, that's wrong. It's a Chinese restaurant. Let's eat something traditional.Daniel: Then there is nothing particular I'd like to eat. Grandpa, what's your favorite here?Grandpa: The Chinese rice pudding. Your father loves it, too. You wanna try?Daniel: Sure. Is it sweet?Grandpa: Yes, of course. But I think they can make you a salty one, too.Daniel: Great, I want it spicy.Grandpa: Come on. Don's go too far.Daniel: I want it to be special. And you know that I always like hot food.Grandpa: OK then. We shall ask them to put some red chilli on it.Daniel: I'm sure I'd like that.Grandpa: I hope so.听看学丹尼尔: 爷爷,这个餐厅看起来好旧啊。它建成多少年了啊?爷爷: 我不是很确定它是什么时候开张的。但我知道它比我还老呢。我小的时候,就经常来这里吃东西的。丹尼尔: 哦,真有趣。爸爸告诉过我他小的时候您也常常带他来这里。现在,轮到我了。爷爷: 是啊。我们可是这里的贵宾啊。那么,你今天想吃点什么呢?丹尼尔: 我要吃一个汉堡包和一瓶可乐。爷爷: 嗨,孩子,别弄错了。这是中餐厅。我们得吃点传统的食品。丹尼尔: 那我就不知道有什么特别想吃的了。爷爷,您最喜欢这里的什么呢?爷爷: 八宝粥。你爸爸也很喜欢的。你想尝尝吗?丹尼尔: 当然了。它是甜的吗?爷爷: 是啊,当然了。但是我觉得他们也可以给你做一碗咸的。丹尼尔: 太好了。我还要辣的。爷爷: 哎呀。别太过了。丹尼尔: 我就想要点特别的啊。而且您知道我一直喜欢辣味的食物啊。爷爷: 那好吧。我们就叫他们给你往里面加点辣椒。丹尼尔: 我确定我一定会喜欢的。爷爷: 希望如此。经典背诵 RecitationGrandpa: I took Daniel out for dinner today. White ordering, he asked for a hamburger and a bottle of coca-cola. It was so funny, for we were in an old traditional Chinese restaurant. But I persuaded him to eat some traditional food. Finally we ordered the Chinese rice pudding. Daniel wanted it spicy, which is really weird. But never mind, because he wanted it.生词小结VIP (very important person) 贵宾hamburger n. 汉堡包salty adj. 咸的hot adj. 辣的chilli n. 辣椒Material 语素DumplingsChinese dumpling or Jiaozi, with meat and vegetable fillings, is a traditional Chinese Food, which is essential during festival in China. The history of jiaozi dates back to ancient times, some 500-600 years ago. As the Spring Festival marks the start of a new year, people choose to eat jiaozi to connote their wishes for good fortune.饺子中国的饺子通常用肉和蔬菜做馅。它是一种传统的中国食品,在中国的节日期间是必不可少的。饺子的历史可以追溯到古代,大约在500到600年前。春节预示着新年的开始,人们会选择吃饺子来表明他们对好运的期望。Mid-autumn FestivalMid-autumn Day is an ancient Chinese festival. On that day, people always get together to eat moon cakes and raise the lantern. As the lunar calendar new year, it is also an important festival when people get together to celebrate the family union. They are sitting together, appreciating the beautiful moon, talking, singing songs about moon and showing their love to each other until midnight. What a happy prospect!中秋节中秋是中国古老的节日。在那一天,人们会聚在一起吃月饼,挂灯笼。正如农历新年一样,中秋节也是中国重要的节日,那天人们会聚在一起庆贺家人团聚。大家坐在一起赏月、交谈,唱有关月亮的歌曲并彼此表达爱意直至午夜。这是多么幸福的景象啊! /200808/47006That's a touchy issue!这是个辣手得问题! /11/88287

Larry和李华正在商量下个周末去哪里玩儿。李华今天要学两个常用语outdoorsy和artsy. LL: Hey, Li Hua, do you remember how much fun we had camping in the woods? Wouldn't you like to do something outdoorsy again this weekend? LH: Do something outdoorsy? 你是说户外活动吧。 LL: That's right! But "doing something outdoorsy" doesn't just mean to do something outside, though. Playing basketball or badminton outside isn't really outdoorsy. LH: 在户外打球都不算outdoorsy, 那什么才算呢? LL: Well, outdoorsy activities - like fishing, hunting, hiking, camping and canoeing - are ones that you do in natural settings, such as in a forest or near a river. LH: 哦,我知道了,就是一定要到野外才行,在公园里和运动场上还算不上是outdoorsy. LL: That's it. So - what do you say, do you want to do something outdoorsy this weekend, Li Hua? LH: 上次去宿营确实挺开心的,咱们这次干点儿什么别? LL: Well, you know me, Li Hua. I'm a very outdoorsy kind of guy. How about we go canoeing? LH: 划独木舟啊。听起来挺过瘾的,可我有点儿怕。 LL: Don't worry. I can teach you how to paddle a canoe. You don't have to be an outdoorsy person to learn how to do it. LH: 可是独木舟那么窄,翻了怎么办啊,我可不会游泳。有没有不那么危险的野外活动呢? LL: Oh, that is right. I forgot you can't swim very well. Okay...What other outdoorsy things might you like to do? LH: 有了!我们到纽约州的山里去远足吧! LL: Perfect. And I can borrow a backpack from one of my outdoorsy friends. That way we can bring food, water and other supplies we might need. LH: Okay. 那我要做些什么准备呢? LL: In addition to a backpack, you are going to need a good pair of hiking boots. I know a place that specializes in all sorts of outdoorsy stuff. We can get the boots there. LH: 好,那你陪我去买。也许你能把我改造成一个喜欢野外活动的人呢! ****** LL: I don't think buying hiking boots will turn you into an outdoorsy person, Li Hua. I think you are really more of an artsy person. LH: Arsty...喜欢野外活动的人可以说outdoorsy, 那说一个人 arsty肯定是说她喜欢艺术喽? LL: Exactly! "Artsy" people enjoy appreciating and making all kinds of art - painting, drama and music. LH: 那我就是个 arsty的人。我喜欢绘画、音乐和装饰。 LL: You are definitely artsy, Li Hua. I've always been impressed with your calligraphy. LH: 哦,我小时候我学过很长时间的书法;我父母都喜欢艺术,对我学习绘画和书法很持。 LL: My family isn't very artsy. My parents were always interested in sports and really encouraged me and my brother and sister to get involved in athletic activities. LH: 你姑姑呢?她看上去好像很arsty. LL: Oh, Aunt Jane? You are right, Li Hua, she is VERY artsy. Aunt Jane is artsy in almost every way. LH: 对呀,从她的饰就能看得出来。 LL: Yes, and not only are her clothes artsy, but her entire house is artsy, too. She loves to decorate her rooms in very interesting ways. LH: 我在中国有个朋友,也特别喜欢艺术,可是跟你姑姑不一样。 LL: How so? LH: 他穿得特别简单,但是酷爱钢琴,每天要花好几个小时练琴。 LL: I guess there are many different kinds of artsy people. What they have in common is their love of art. LH: 你呢,Larry, 要不跟我学书法吧,我保把你变成一个喜欢艺术的人。 LL: That's a generous offer, Li Hua. But I'm afraid there is a reason why I am an outdoorsy person and not an artsy person! I'll leave the calligraphy to you! 今天李华学到了两个常用语.一个是outdoorsy, 是喜欢野外活动的人.另一个是arsty,是喜欢艺术的人。 /200810/53935

a) I am still a bachelor. 我还是一个单身汉.bachelor 单身汉 I am a bachelorI am a single man (boy)!如果是woman: a single woman a bachelor woman;单身公寓bachelor, 或者studio; a bedroom, a kitchen, a toilet, without a living room /200805/39920

车开在路上,丹尼尔看见了路边的麦当劳店,就想吃汉堡,但是爸爸妈妈会不会给他买呢? Listen Read LearnDaniel: Dad, when will we get there?Dad: Won't take much longer now.Daniel: Mommy, can I ask you something?Mom: Yes, please!Daniel: Do you think our food is enough?Mom: Yeah?Daniel: I mean there is a McDonald's right over there.Mom: Hold on, I know where this is going.Daniel: Come on, just some cheeseburgers.(Dad can't do anything but drive the car to the McDonald's sale window.)Attendant: Can I help you?Dad: 3 double cheeseburgers to go, please!Attendant: All right. Would you care for a cup of coffee?Dad: No, thanks. I've got what I want.听看学丹尼尔:爸爸,我们什么时候才能到啊?爸爸:用不了多久。丹尼尔:妈咪,我能问一个问题吗?妈妈:好的,说吧!丹尼尔:你认为我们的食物够吗?妈妈:呃?丹尼尔:我的意思是那边有个麦当劳。妈妈:打住,我知道你的最终目的。丹尼尔:妈妈,就只买几个芝士汉堡而已。(爸爸没有办法,只有把车开到了麦当劳餐厅的外卖窗口。)务员:您要什么?爸爸:3个双层芝士汉堡带走。务员:好的,您还要一杯咖啡吗?爸爸:谢谢,不用了。我已经买了该买的。经典背诵 RecitationDad: Daniel loves cheeseburgers. He would not miss any chance to get one. He would always keep on asking whether we have enough food when we s near the McDonald's on our way to places. I know what he really wants. So I would just say yes. You know it's the only way!生词小结get vi. 到达enough adj. 足够的mean vt. 意味着cheeseburger n. 芝士汉堡window n. 窗户coffee n. 咖啡语法小结 Grammar 名词复数名词复数可以分为规则名词复数和不规则名词复数。1. 规则名词复数(1)一般情况单词复数普通情况,加s,如sisters, brothers, schools, books;以s, x, ch, sh 结尾的词, 加es, 如watches, buses, dishes;以“辅音+y”结尾的词,变y为i再加上es, 如lady, ladies, country, countries(2)以o结尾的词,多数加es构成复数hero, heroes, potato, potatoes, tomato, tomatoes(3)以oo结尾或元音字母+o结尾的单词,加s构成复数radio, radios, zoo, zoos, bamboo, bamboos(4)以f或fe结尾的单词,通常变f为v,再加上es或sself, selves, wife, wives, life, lives2.不规则名词复数man, men, woman, women, child, children, mouse, mice, policeman, policemen, policewoman, policewomen, gentleman, gentlemen.家庭总动员 Do it together请一方读出以下单词,另一方用复数表达。fireman glass block doctor cup woman teacher battery face zoo memoryfiremen glasses blocks doctors cups women teachers batteries faces zoos memories /200804/35087

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