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大理东方妇科医院产科生孩子怎么样好不好云南大理输卵管再通术哪家医院最好的Science and Technology Cell biology On your marks...科技 细胞生物学 各就各位…The first cell race in history may further knowledge about how cancers sp历史上的首次细胞赛跑,可能增进了解有关癌症如何扩散的知识IT WILL not come with garden parties, large hats or eager bookies.这次比赛将不会与花园招待会,高职位或急切的赌注登记经纪人一起到来。And the contestants will be too small to see with the naked eye.并且,参赛者也会因过于细小而肉眼无法看到。But the World Cell Race, due to begin at the end of this month, will be the sporting event of the year for cell biologists.但是预计将于本月底举行的世界细胞竞赛将是今年细胞生物学家的体育盛会。The idea of the race is simple. Labs from around the world send the runners—whatever sort of mammalian cell they think will do well—to one of six testing sites.竞赛的想法很简单。世界各地的实验室将把他们的参赛者---无论哪一种他们认为将表现不错的哺乳动物细胞---送到6个测试点之一。There, the cells will be injected onto plates striped with tracks of a chemical they like to adhere to.在这些测试点,细胞将被注入他们喜欢粘附的一种化学制品跑道的条纹板里。Progress will be watched through a microscope, by time-lapse photography.显微镜通过延时摄影可以观察到它们的进展情况。And whichever cell covers a tenth of a millimetre fastest (probably taking about an hour to do so) will be declared the winner.然后无论哪种细胞,只要先跑过十分之一毫米的跑道(可能需要花一小时左右)就将被宣布为赢家。The field is wide open. Unlike horse-racing, the contest is not restricted to thoroughbreds.该领域的大门敞开着。不像赛马,该竞赛并不局限于纯种动物。In fact the organisers, Matthieu Piel, Ana-Maria Lennon-Duménil and Manuel Théry, who all work in France, are particularly encouraging the entry of genetically modified cells, as these are likely to be the most successful—and most instructive—competitors.事实上,该次竞赛的组织者---都在法国工作的马修·彼尔(Matthieu Piel), 安娜 - 玛丽·列侬-邓内尔(Ana-Maria Lennon-Duménil)和曼奴埃尔· 西里(Manuel Théry)特别鼓励转基因细胞的参选,因为这些细胞很可能是最成功的---而且是最有意义的---竞争者。That is because a lot of research on cell movement uses genetic modification to silence or amplify genes thought to be involved in the process.这是因为很多细胞运动的研究使用遗传改造来抑制或增强基因表达。Many of these genes have been found by looking at cancerous cells.这些改造过的基因被认为参与了这个过程。Metastatic tumour cells—those which have sp from the site of the original tumour—migrate faster than other cells.许多基因可以通过观察癌细胞找到。转移性肿瘤细胞---那些已从原发部位扩散开的细胞---比别的细胞移动得要快。If the genes that cause this mobility could be turned off, it would slow a cancer’s sp.如果导致这种流动性的基因能被关掉,这将减缓癌症的扩散速度。More positively, cell migration is the driving force of embryo development and is, in adults, essential to the immune response and to the healing of wounds.更加肯定的是,细胞迁移是胚胎发育的原动力,而且对成年人来讲,细胞迁移对免疫反应以及伤口愈合非常重要。Understanding cell movement, then, is important. Hence the idea of the race, which Dr Piel and Dr Lennon-Duménil (who both work at the Curie Institute in Paris) and Dr Théry (at the Atomic Energy Research Centre in Grenoble) came up with at last year’s meeting of the American Society for Cell Biology.于是,理解细胞运动非常重要。因此,彼尔士(Piel)和列侬-邓内尔( Lennon-Duménil)(两人在巴黎的居里研究所工作)和西里(Théry)士(在格勒诺布尔的原子能研究中心工作)在去年的美国细胞生物学学会的会议上提出这次竞赛的想法。So far their competition has attracted 30 entrants.到目前为止,他们的竞争已经吸引了30名参赛者。The heats will take place throughout August.整个八月份都将是预赛。只有八月底才有视频来分析决定赢家。Only at the end of the month will the s be analysed to name the winners.组织者说他们也正在考虑给最慢的细胞一个奖项,因为呆滞的细胞对癌症治疗来说将是非常有用的。The organisers say they are also considering giving a prize to the slowest cell, since lethargic cells would be a boon for cancer therapy.对细胞生物学家来说,这次竞赛应该是一次令人兴奋的比赛。For cell biologists it should be an exciting contest. But a word of advice to sports fans: maybe just catch the highlights.但是我要给体育爱好者提个建议:或许恰好碰上最重要的时刻了。 /201211/211296大理市治疗妇科的医院 IT WAS not that noticeable amid all the razzmatazz. Many viewers missed it. But on February 5th, during the half-time show of the Super Bowl, the apogee of both the sporting and broadcasting year, MIA, a British pop star, unexpectedly sang ;I donrsquo;t give a shit; and raised a middle finger to the cameras. N, the network airing the show, swiftly apologised for her ;inappropriate gesture;. But that, said the Parents Television Council (PTC), which campaigns for more wholesome programming, was an inadequate response to what its members felt was a ;slap in the face; to families across America.在令人眼花缭乱的舞台上,可能不那么明显。很多观众都没看到。但是,在2月5号超级杯橄榄球赛的中场表演时,英国流行歌手MIA在这个体育与广播双高峰的舞台上出人意料地唱了《我他妈的不在乎》这首歌曲,并向镜头竖起中指。美国全国广播公司当时正在播放这场演出,即刻为她;失宜的手势;而道歉。但是倡导健康电视节目的美国电视家长协会认为这种行为对全美国的家长相当于;打了一巴掌;,而此道歉对于其成员来说是一个不恰当的回应。Whether any Supreme Court justices were watching, or considered themselves slapped, is unknown. As it happens, however, they are currently mulling over just this sort of incident. Last month they heard arguments in cases involving two other broadcast networks, Fox and A, which are challenging the Federal Communications Commissionrsquo;s restrictions on indecency. The broadcasters think their output should be free from any form of censorship, just as cable television and the internet are. In particular, they object to the FCCrsquo;s rules about ;fleeting expletives; (isolated, and in many cases, unscripted swearing) and brief glimpses of titillating body parts, which are subject to heavy fines. Those rules, in turn, were adopted in part thanks to the uproar prompted by the half-time show of a previous Super Bowl, in which the breast of another wayward pop star was momentarily bared, supposedly due to a ;wardrobe malfunction;.究竟有没有最高法院的法官当时在看电视,或者会认为他们被打了一巴掌,都是不可知的。然而,当这种事情发生的时候,他们肯定是在思考这类事件。就在上个月,他们刚听审完针对其他两个广播网络公司福克斯和美国广播公司的控诉,指责他们触犯美国联邦通信委员会对粗鄙行为的禁令。该广播公司们认为他们播出什么内容,应该像有线电视和网络一样自由。他们特别反对美国联邦通信委员会关于;短暂粗口;(偶尔出现的,在某些情况下,是脱口而出的粗口)和短暂走光的禁令,这两者都会招致巨额罚款。这些禁令依次在某种程度上都被实施了,因为在前一个超级杯橄榄球赛的中场表演上,另一位不守规则的流行歌手瞬间露乳,据称是因为;装故障;。The FCC has long barred profanity and nudity during waking hours, although it used to take a laxer attitude towards isolated incidents. The Supreme Court upheld its rules in 1978, despite their impingement on free speech, on the basis of a law banning smut on the radio. But the broadcasters complain that the FCCrsquo;s drive for decency is inconsistent, unnecessary and increasingly quixotic. Why, they ask, should swearing be permissible in some circumstances (broadcasts of ;Saving Private Ryan;, a gritty war film) but not in others (awards shows populated by foul-mouthed celebrities)? Is it really necessary to protect the public from swear words, when viewers can so easily vote with their remotes? Above all, while the court allowed the airwaves to be policed in 1978 because they were a scarce, publicly owned resource, does that still make sense in an era of cable, satellite and YouTube? After all, some 85% of households in America now subscribe to some sort of pay television, and almost 70% have broadband and thus face constant exposure to cursing and smut.美国联邦通信委员会长久以来一直禁止在清醒的时候说脏话和裸露身体,虽然它过去经常对偶发性事件抱有宽容的态度。最高法院在1978年根据一部禁止广播中出现淫秽内容的法律,表示持该委员会的禁令,尽管这些禁令侵犯了言论自由。但是广播公司抱怨称委员会对体面的追求前后矛盾,多余而且越来越不切实际。为什么,他们质疑到,粗口在某些情况下(如《拯救大兵瑞恩》,一部坚毅的战争片)是被允许的,但在其他场合(多由满嘴脏话的名流参加的颁奖晚会)上是不被允许的?在观众有权利选择想看的频道的情况下,真的有这个必要使公众免受粗口的干扰么?尤其是,法院在1978年决定电视广播需要接受监管时,是因为他们是一种稀缺的,公有的资源,而如今在这种有线电视,卫星和YouTube充斥的时代,这些监管还有必要么?毕竟,美国大约85%的家庭现在都订阅了某种方式的付费电视;几乎70%的家庭拥有宽带,从而不断的接触粗口和淫秽内容。Judging by their questions to the broadcastersrsquo; lawyers, however, not all the justices are convinced. All the government is asking for, said John Roberts, the chief justice, ;is a few channels where you;are not going to hear the s-word, the f-word;. Moreover, as the PTC points out, in spite of the proliferation of viewing options, broadcasters remain pre-eminent. Of the 100 most popular shows last year, 89 were on broadcast networks, not cable. Some 114m people watched this yearrsquo;s half-time show, making it;swearing, middle finger and all;the most widely seen television programme in American history.可是,从法官们向广播公司的律师们提的问题来看,不是所有的法官都信上述理由。首席法官约翰bull;罗伯茨说,政府所要求的是;几个不会传播脏话的渠道;。此外,正如美国电视家长协会指出的那样,尽管现在观众有更多的观看选择,广播公司们还是首选。在去年选出的100个最受欢迎的节目中,有89个来自广播网络,而不是有线电视。大约1.14亿人观看了今年的中场演出,这无疑使得演出上出现的粗鄙行为成为美国历史上传播最广的电视节目。201202/171489Science and Technology Greenhouse-gas monitoring Not hot air科技 温室气体监测 而非热空气A new, private initiative should help show which gases come from where一项新的私人倡议或许能够表明各种气体从何而来IN 1955 a young man called David Keeling started to measure the level of carbon dioxide in the Californian air. It seemed of little practical value, but he liked designing and building the equipment—and driving back and forth along the Pacific Coast Highway to his sampling site at Big Sur was fun. Scientists with a new-found interest in the worlds carbon-dioxide levels soon learned of his work and gave him a job setting up monitoring stations in Hawaii and Antarctica for the Scripps Institute of Oceanography, in La Jolla. He continued to work there for almost 50 years, devoting his life to the monitoring effort. His son, Ralph, runs the carbon-dioxide programme at Scripps to this day.1955年,一个名为David Keeling的年轻人开始测量加利福尼亚空气中的二氧化碳含量。当时他的这一举动看起来没什么实际价值,但这个年轻人喜欢设计和制造设备——乐此不疲的往返于太平洋海岸的高速公路和位于大苏尔的采样点间。新近对全球二氧化碳含量产生兴趣的科学家们得知他的所作所为后,给了他一份工作——在夏威夷和南极洲拉霍亚的斯克利普斯海洋研究所设立监测站。他一直在那里工作了差不多50年,倾其一生于监测事业。他的儿子拉尔夫现在管理着斯克利普斯的二氧化碳项目。In those 50 years measuring carbon-dioxide levels has gone from being a fun problem for a postdoc to a crucial issue for the planet. But the amount of effort put into it remains surprisingly small. Americas National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) runs the biggest network of monitoring sites. A dozen other countries run a few here and there as well, with an expanded European effort getting under way. However, the scientists involved have been pointing out for years that it would take a very small investment, in a scientific world of satellites and supercomputers, to make such networks a lot more capable. On January 12th, such an investment was at last revealed—but not by any of the governments to which the pleas had been addressed.在测量二氧化碳含量的这50年间,二氧化碳含量已不仅是一个士后感兴趣的问题,而成为了全球至关重要的问题。但让人吃惊的是,为此所做的努力依然很少。美国国家海洋和大气局(NOAA)管理着最大的监测站网络。其它一些国家也在各处零星分布着一些网络,欧洲方面展开的努力正在进行中。然而,参与其中的科学家们几年前就指出,只要一些小额的投资以及科学界的人造卫星和超级计算机,就能使这些网络发挥更大的能力。1月12日,对监测网络的这类投资终于浮出水面——但政府方面没出上力,这些要求已得到解决。A private company in Maryland, known until recently as AWS Convergence Technologies but now called Earth Networks, has announced that over the next five years it will spend m installing 100 state-of-the-art carbon-dioxide and methane monitors around the world. Fifty will be sited in America. According to Pieter Tans, the doyen of the field at NOAA, the country currently has 17 or 18, so that will improve things by a factor of four. In some less-well-covered places things will improve even more.一家位于马里兰的私人公司——AWS集中技术——现在也叫地球网络,直到最近才为人所知,公司已经宣布在未来的五年里会花2500万美金在全世界范围内安装100台最先进的二氧化碳和甲烷监测器。其中50台将被安装在美国。据NOAA的元老级人物彼得.坦斯称,美国目前为止有17,18台,所以增加的监测器可增加到原来的4倍。在一些原本就覆盖很少的地方,将会有更多的监测器增加进来。This is not pure philanthropy. Earth Networks, which aly runs a large system of weather stations and lightning monitors, is looking to expand, and it believes that there should be a market for greenhouse-gas data. American states trying to show that they are doing something about their emissions might be prepared to pay for ;inverse modelling; work (which uses measured gas levels and the weather patterns of recent hours and days to work out where the gas is coming from) if it were detailed enough to give results for areas as small as single states. So might countries in Europe, where the company plans to put 25 monitors. The new monitoring stations should allow such granularity.此举并不纯粹是慈善事业。地球网络已经在运作一个大型气候站点系统,还将扩展闪电监测器,该公司认为温室气体数据应该能有市场。美国各州正试着表明他们现在对排放的气体所做的研究可能为;反转模型;工作做了准备(;反转模型;指用已经测得的大气含量和近数小时及数天内的气候模型来猜测出这些气体是从哪来的)如果数据够完整,将可以得出单个州大小区域的结果。欧洲各国也准备采用这种;反转模型;,公司计划在欧洲安装25台监测器。新的监测站应该允许这样的范围跨度。Although carbon dioxide is the more important greenhouse gas, methane measurements will be a more practical early application to test the market for this sort of data. Land masses, and their inhabitants, emit methane without then sucking any of it back up, which makes inverse modelling easier than for carbon dioxide (which has sinks, in the form of photosynthesising plants, as well as sources).尽管二氧化碳是更为重要的温室气体,但测量甲烷含量作为一个早期应用方法对测试此类数据的市场价值有更实际的作用。陆地,和生活在陆地上的各种生物,排放出甲烷后就不会吸回。用甲烷做研究的反转模型比用二氧化碳的要来的容易(因为二氧化碳可以被进行光合作用的植物吸收,也可能来源于植物的排放)Dr Tans probably speaks for many of the scientists involved when he says he is cautiously optimistic about the news. The caution stems in part from concerns about how the companys policy on access to its data may change as its business model becomes clearer. To begin with, those data will be free to academic researchers. But that could change.当坦斯士称他对这个(投资)消息持谨慎乐观态度时,他很可能道出了众多参与其中的科学家们的态度。这种谨慎一部分源于担心地球网络很可能随着公司经营模式变得明晰而改变外界获得数据的政策。最先让人感到担忧的是现在这些数据都免费提供给学院的研究人员,但这个做法很可能会改变。Another, more selfish worry is that governments which buy Earth Networks products will close down their existing research programmes. Besides the resulting unemployment, some researchers fear this would waste an opportunity to use the new data to reveal the true workings of the sources and sinks of gases.另一个更为自私一点的担忧是,政府如果买下了地球网络的产品后很可能停办掉他们现在的研究项目。这样做产生的后果除了让一些人失业外,有些研究人员还担心会浪费使用这些数据来真正揭示气体是何去何来的良机。And new data there will be—possibly a lot of them—if the business shows signs of profit. Earth Networks will presumably expand, or competitors will move in, or both. Bob Marshall, the companys boss, says he could imagine 1,000 monitoring stations around the world by 2021. Couple such capability with new satellite measurements (Americas Orbiting Carbon Observatory 2 is due to launch in a few years) and better measurements of the mass of plant life in forests and other ecosystems, and the planets greenhouse-gas credits and debits will surely be understood far better.如果企业表明了这些数据可以获利的一面,产生的新数据可能会很多。地球网络可能会扩张,或者竞争者加入进来。或者两者兼有。公司老板Bob Marshall说,他的设想是到2021年全世界范围有1000处监测站。新的人造卫星测量器的能力(美国计划在数年内发射轨道碳观测卫星2号)加之对森林和其他生态体系植物质量的更完善的测量,相信人们对地球温室气体的来源和出处会有更深层次的理解。Such expansion has risks in itself. Long-term monitoring requires expertise that comes only with years on the job, so the quality of data from new entrants is always a bit suspect. Here, though, Earth Networks has been canny. As well as working with NOAA, it has a partnership with Scripps to ensure its precision and quality control. Theres no better pedigree.这样的扩张自身会存在风险。进行长期的监测需要专门技术,而这些检测技术只有通过经年累月的工作才能获得,因此新进的监测人员所监测到的数据在质量上总让人有些怀疑。在这方面,地球网络倒是很谨慎。除了和NOAA合作外,他们和斯克利普斯也有合作关系,这样做用以确保数据的精准性和质量控制。没有更好的合作者了。 /201301/220270大理市妇幼保健院

大理哪看妇科好Duct Tape and Warts管状胶带和疣Have you ever used duct tape to tape a duct? Do you even know what a duct is? Maybe not. But you definitely know what duct tape is, and you’ve probably used it to fix everything from glasses to flashlights. Now, thanks to one study, we can officially add to the aly long list of things to do with duct tape: curing warts. That’s right, duct tape might be used to cure warts.你曾经用管状胶带粘过管道吗?你知道管道是什么吗?也许你不知道。但你一定知道胶带,并且你可能用它来固定任何东西,比如眼镜或手电筒。现在,多亏了一项研究,我们可以正式在胶带能做的事情单上增加一件事:治疗疣。是的,胶带可用于治疗疣。The study tested duct tape against cryotherapy, which uses liquid nitrogen to freeze warts. Of a test group of fifty-one wart patients, roughly half received cryotherapy, the other half duct tape. The duct tape patients wore pieces of tape over their warts for six days and then removed it for twelve hours.该项研究对胶带治疗疣和通过液态氮冷冻治疗疣进行了对照测试。测试组有五十一名病人,大约一半的病人接受了冷冻疗法,另一半病人接受管状胶带治疗。管状胶带疗法病人在长疣的地方贴上胶带,贴6天后再取下。After soaking the wart in water and gently scrubbing it with pumice stone, the procedure was repeated for up to two months, or until the wart disappeared. The cryotherapy patients received a maximum of six treatments over the same time period. By the end, 85% of duct tape patients saw their warts vanish completely, while only 65% of cryotherapy recipients had similar results.在水中浸泡疣后,用浮石轻轻擦拭其表面,这样坚持2个月,或直到疣消失。冷冻疗法的病人在同样时间内接受了6次疗法。在治疗结束时,管状胶带治疗组中占85%的病人寻常疣完全消退;而冷冻疗法治疗组中只有65%的病人寻常疣完全消退。As for precisely what makes duct tape so effective, researchers are still uncertain. Scientists speculate that by mildly irritating the wart, the tape activates the immune system which suppresses the viral microbes that cause warts. Robbed of its microbes, the wart gradually vanishes.到底是什么使得管状胶带如此有效,研究人员目前还不能确定。科学家们推测也许是由于轻度地刺激疣,胶带激活了免疫系统,抑制了产生疣的病毒微生物的产生。微生没有了,疣就渐渐消失了。Although duct tape has gotten all the publicity, it may be the case that other kinds of tape would do just as well. In any case, the next time you get a wart, talk to your medical professional about duct tape.尽管管状胶带已经被广泛宣传,但可能另外一种胶带也同样有效。不管怎样,以后如果长了疣,与你的专业医师谈谈管状胶带吧。注释:疣是人类乳头瘤病毒(HPV)所引起,以往认为这些疾病是慢性良性疾病,但发现HPV感染后有一部分会导致恶性肿瘤,如皮肤癌、舌癌和宫颈癌等,因而引起人们的重视。疣是病毒引起的以细胞增生反应为主的一类皮肤浅表性良性赘生物。受到感染后,约潜伏四个月左右发病。多见于青少年。 /201303/230666大理市人流哪家医院最好的 梦可以预知未来?D: Lots of people have had dreams that seem to foretell the future. Some psychologists attribute this to ;retrieval cues;.许多人都做过一些好像可以预知未来的梦。心理学家把这种现象归因于“提取线索”。Y: Retrieval cues?提取线索?D: A retrieval cue is a coincidence in the real world that triggers a dream memory which otherwise would have gone unnoticed. For example, did you know you dreamed about a little dog before the real dog showed up?提取是一种巧合:现生活中的某个场景让你回忆起一个不被注意梦境。比如,你知道你梦到的那只小出现在真实的之前吗?Y: Oh, yes, I was thinking about it all morning.是的。我整个早上都在想这个梦。D: Really?真的吗?Y: Welll, I think so.我想是吧。D: Maybe, or maybe the real event triggered a recollection of a dream, which not seems like it must have been in your thoughts all along. By the way did you have any other dreams last night that didnt come true?也许吧,有或许是真实事件让你回忆起某个梦境,而这个梦境不一定一直都在你的脑海中。顺便问一下,你昨天晚上还做了其它没有实现的梦吗?Y: Hmm, I dont remember what other else I dreamed.嗯,其他做过的梦都不记得了。D: Why not? Some studies suggest we have literally hundreds of dreams each night.为什么不记得了呢?有研究称我们每天晚上要做数百个梦。Y: Ok, I get the point. Maybe this dreaming the future stuff is more like picking and choosing dreams when they happen to fit. 好,我知道了。也许梦见未来这种事更像是从成千上百个梦的中挑选一个碰巧合适情景的。D: Coincidences are bound to come up. And if the coincidence acts as retrieval cue, the sense that you predicted something can be pretty convincing… even if its just a dream.所以,巧合就发生了。如果巧合作为提取线索,你能预测未来就相当有说力,尽管那只是一个梦。 /201211/207010大理得了盆腔炎怎么办

大理市妇幼保健人民中心中医院检查白带多少钱 Don: Is it true that certain colors affect how we think and behave, or how we perform at work?唐:某种特定的颜色会影响我们的思维、行为或者在工作中的表现,这是真的吗?Yael: Great question. And in fact, psychologists have found that colors very well may influence our mindset and behavior. For example, studies have shown that red colors can help you concentrate and do better on tasks that require attention to detail. And blue colors may enhance your ability to excel at creative work.雅艾尔:很棒的问题。实际上,心理学家发现颜色很有可能影响我们的思维和行为。例如,研究表明红色能帮助人们集中注意力,以出色完成那些精细的任务。蓝色可能会提高个人能力,使你更擅长创新性的工作。Don: Thats interesting. But why? Why is red good for detailed work?唐:真有趣。但为什么呢?为什么红色有利于人们进行详细的工作?Yael: I was getting to that. Psychologists think that we learn to associate colors with various moods and emotions. So, for example, for most people red signals danger and caution. So being in a reddish environment, or seeing red images on your computer screen or whatever, triggers that danger signal in the brain, which makes you more aware and alert. You may not literally feel afraid or in danger, but youre in a state of greater awareness and attention.雅艾尔:我正打算说呢。心理学家认为,我们学会将颜色与心情、情绪联系起来。例如,大多数人觉得红色代表愤怒和谨慎。因此置身于红色的环境或者看见电脑屏幕上出现红色图案等等,都会触发大脑内危险的信号,使你变得更警惕。也许你根本不觉得害怕或者恐惧,那是因为你处在意识和注意力更强的状态中。Don: OK. So Im guessing that blue is similar. And so far as we tend to associate blue with openness and freedom.唐:好吧,我猜蓝色也差不多。到目前为止,我们倾向于把蓝色与开放、自由联系起来。Yael: Right.Blue is known to have a calming effect, which is good for free-flowing, creative work.雅艾尔:很对。众所周知蓝色具有镇定作用,这有利于人们进行自由自在,富有创意的工作。Don: But some hues of blue can seem kind of depressing.Do all kinds of blue have the same affect?唐:但有些蓝色调看起来让人感到压抑。是不是所有的蓝色都有相似的效应呢?Yael: No, actually. Some blues are kind of downers, and some bright reds are more upbeat than they are cautionary. In those cases, the effects are reversed.雅艾尔:其实不然,部分蓝色调有镇定作用。有些明亮的红色会让人更加乐观,而不是更加警惕。在这些情况下,颜色的作用会逆转。Don: But the point is that colors—whatever they may be—affect our behavior.唐:但重点是颜色——不论哪种颜色——都会影响我们的行为。Yael: Right.雅艾尔:对。原文译文属!201210/205343大理哪家医院做人流正规漾濞县妇幼保健医院网上预约电话



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