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Liam, there#39;s cars coming. Straight here now!利亚姆 有车来了 赶紧过来And this is Ed.这位是埃德I#39;ve just finished my law exams for this year.我刚考完了今年的法律考试I#39;ve got a triathlon coming up in two days#39; time我这两天还得参加铁人三项and I#39;ve got a couple of jobs而且我还有一堆工作on the go at the minute so things can be quite hectic.最近忙个不停 所以事情很忙乱It does sometimes feel like有时候我感觉there aren#39;t quite enough hours in the day.一天的时间并不够用Don#39;t, Liam!不要 利亚姆!For very different reasons,虽然原因不同both Ed and Liam have found benefits from the same drug.埃德和利亚姆都从同种药物中获益Aged five, Liam was diagnosed五岁的时候 利亚姆被确诊为with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, ADHD.注意力不足过动症 简称ADHDCome on, your hot chocolate#39;s y.来吧 你的热巧克力好了Now, five years later,现在 五年过去了 Liam#39;s life has been transformed.利亚姆的生活有了很大改变Here you go.到你了Thank you. One, two, three, four, five. Excuse me.谢谢 一二三四五 打断一下Whose go is it next?下一个到谁Mine? No it was me, you...我 不是我 是你 Article/201501/355903Well, I have a jar right here and I have这里有一个容器in this jar, what does it look like? 容器中看起来是什么I have a liquid, what does it look like? It looks like...这是一种液体 像什么 它像…looks like wate像水The way we describe this liquid is to say it#39;s a clear and colorless liquid这种液体我们将其描述为无色透明液体which is what water i水就是这样的So I#39;m going to take this liquid and...我将用到这种液体so I want everybody to see the jar right here我希望所有人都能看到这个容器Get this out of wa这个拿开I#39;m going to take the dollar bill我将把这张美钞I#39;m going to soak it in this clear and colorless liquid which looks like water浸入到这种像水的无色透明液体之中And I#39;m going to fish it out using those tongs我将用坩埚钳将其捞出You see it#39;s dripping like any wet object would, right? 和浸入水中的物体一样 有液体滴下来And then I#39;m going to take it to the flam下面把它放到火焰上Take a good look at it. Now the joy is maybe the last time you see it看好了 可能和之前一样哦So here is the dollar bill on fire美钞烧了起来Or is it?真的吗But you did see a flame, didn#39;t you? 但你们看到火焰了 不是吗So now I ask you现在我问你们can this liquid be water? 这种液体可能是水吗You know from experience that water does not burn under these condition根据经验 你们知道浸水的纸是烧不起来的So I will tell you what#39;s in this jar我来告诉你们容器里装的是什么This clear and colorless liquid is a mixture of rubbing alcohol and wate这种无色透明液体是擦拭酒精和水的混合物isopropyl alcohol and wate异丙醇和水You know also from experience你们从经验就能知道that when you burn alcohol, what color of flame do you see?醇燃烧时 应该看到什么颜色It#39;s kind of bluish, right? 带蓝色 对吧Do you remember what color of flame is out here?记得这里火焰是什么颜色吗It was a little yellowish, right? 有些带黄色 对吧That#39;s because we also added a little bit of sodium chloride in there这是因为我们还在这里加了一些氯化钠The eye is more sensitive to the yellow color than it is to the blue color眼睛对黄色更敏感 对蓝色则较迟钝So we added the sodium chloride to enhance the visibility of what#39;s going o所以我们加了些氯化钠 来增强反应的视觉效果Alright, so what happened there?好 这里发生了什么呢Dr. Shakhashiri soaked the money iShakhashiri士将钱浸入到a solution of water rubbing alcohol and a little bit of table sal擦拭酒精和少许食盐的水溶液中When he puts the money in the flame, the alcohol burn之后将钱放到火焰中 酒精开始燃烧producing heat and light, energy生成热和光 能量and carbon dioxide and wate二氧化碳和水The reaction is this反应是这样的There#39;s our alcoho这是酒精reacting with oxygen同氧气反应producing carbon dioxide, water and energy生成二氧化碳 水和能量So why doesn#39;t the bill burn? 那为什么钞票没有烧起来呢If you have a beaker of alcohol and light it on fir将一烧杯酒精在上方点燃it#39;s just that very top layer of alcohol and the gas above it that burn只有最上方那层酒精和上面的气体会燃起来the rest of the alcohol in the beaker does not烧杯中的其它酒精则不会So that#39;s what#39;s happening with our dollar bil这里美钞的情况也是如此Let#39;s draw a dollar bill right her这里我画一张美钞So the alcohol --酒精ROH could be any alcohol --ROH可以表示任何的醇is evaporating off the bill会从钞票上蒸发turning into the gas变为气体and burnin并燃烧So those are the flames that you see这些就是你所看到的火焰but remember that the solution is 50 percent water但要知道 溶液中有50%是水The water is evaporating much less quickly than the alcohol水的蒸发要比酒精慢很多staying in the bil留在钞票上and preventing the paper from burning阻碍纸张燃烧So that#39;s one way to hold on to your cas这就是不让钱烧起来的方法Hope you enjoyed money to burn, and I#39;ll see you next time但愿大家喜欢;烧钱;这个演示 我们下次再见 Article/201412/350379Here are some facts about great white sharks:white sharks are live-birthed,usually in litters of between four and seven individuals.Now they#39;re called pups,but when they#39;re born they#39;re between 1.2 and 1.5 meters! So that#39;s a pretty big baby.现在我们来说几条关于大白鲨的真相:大白鲨是胎生动物,每一窝大概4-7只小鲨,尽管它们还是幼崽,但其出生时身体长达1.2-1.5米!好大一个崽子。It takes a great white shark about ten to twelve years to reach maturity at which point the females are actually about a meter longer than the males the largest recorded being over six meters roughly the size of this red boat behind me.At this length they#39;d weigh about two to three thousand kilograms.Oh man!Now there are stories of some great whites being over seven meters but those are unsubstantiated.大白鲨需要10-12年才能发育成熟,此时,雌鲨要比雄鲨长处大约一米,世界最长记录是6米多,大概和我身后这条红船一样长。长到这么长时,它们体重大约在2-3吨。我勒个去!外界甚至有关于长达7米的大白鲨的传闻,但这些都未被实。White sharks are warm bodied.they#39;re not warm-blooded like us:they can#39;t maintain a perfectly stable temperature,but their internal organs are kept at up to thirteen degrees above the average temperature of the ambient water around them.The heat generated by their muscles is actually transferred to the blood in their veins as it returns from the shark#39;s extremities,so it warms it up and keeps the core temperature a little bit hotter.大白鲨是温体动物。它们并非人类这样的恒温动物;它们不能保持完全恒定的体温,不过其体内器官能保持在比周围海水,平均温度高出至多13度的温度。它们肌肉产生的热量会在血液从四肢回流时,传回血管里的血液内,它们以此保持温暖,并让体核温度稍微高些。This allows the shark to venture into colder waters and also to have explosive power.Its muscles work a lot better when warm than when cold,just like ours.The tradeoff is the shark requires about ten times as much energy as if it didn#39;t heat its body and that#39;s why they need to feed on these blubber rich seals and whale carcasses.这也让它们得以在冷水中横行霸道,并保持足够的爆发力。它们的肌肉在温暖时比冰冷时更有力,这点与我们一样。相较而言,鲨鱼在身体冰冷时需要的能量,是平常的10倍,这就是为什么它们得以富含脂肪的海豹和鲸鱼尸体为食.White sharks like to hunt when it#39;s light out because they use their eyesight to spot their prey.but when they open their jaws,their eyes actually roll back into their head to protect them and so they#39;re actually blind when they#39;re taking a bite.Now they do like conditions that are a little low visibility.consider they rely on stealth to track down their prey.大白鲨喜欢在亮处捕猎,它们用敏锐的眼光来盯准猎物。但在张口时,它们的眼睛却缩回到了脑内,来保护自己,所以在咬猎物时它们什么也看不见。不过的确它们喜欢能见度略低的环境,因为它们靠近猎物前得隐蔽自己。IF a seal spots them coming,it#39;s basically game over because the seal is so much more maneuverable and it can definitely get away from the shark.But they only eat sea mammals after they#39;re about 2.5 meters long.which is why most of the sharks we#39;re seeing around here are quite large.Before that,they#39;re diet consists mainly of fish.如果海豹发现它们,捕猎就玩完了,因为海豹的灵活性更好,它们肯定能躲开大白鲨。鲨鱼在体长达2.5米之后只吃海洋哺乳动物。这就是为什么我们在这看到的大部分鲨鱼都很大。在此之前,它们主要吃鱼。The gestation period is thought to be about eighteen months and that leads to a two to three year reproduction cycle and with such small litters that means it takes a long time for this shark population to recover.There are a couple misconceptions about great white sharks.One is that can#39;t get cancer and that#39;s led to a lot of people hunting them down and trying to use their fins as an anti-cancer soup.大白鲨期大约在18个月左右,因此,它们的繁殖周期约有2-3年,而其每窝幼崽数量较少,因此大白鲨恢复原先数量的时间很长。这有几条关于大白鲨的误解。一个是它们不会的癌症,这也催使许多人捕杀它们,并想用它们的鱼翅做防癌鲜汤。But in reality sharks get cancer just like anything else and there is photographic evidence of sharks with big tumors so it makes no sense to hunt down sharks as a cancer remedy because they get cancer just like we do.而实际上,同其他生物一样,大白鲨也会患癌,这有一张有巨大肿瘤的大白鲨照片,把鲨鱼当成抗癌药而捕猎它们真的毫无意义,因为它们和我们一样,也会患癌。Another misconception is sharks are coastal creatures that just cruise the beaches waiting to bite people.In reality the sharks spend much of their time way,way out at sea and very deep,over a kilometer deep.It#39;s kind of shocking but we#39;ve only found this out in the last couple of years so there is so much about sharks that remains undiscovered.另一则是,大白鲨是沿海生活的动物,它们在海滩边游弋,伺机攻击人类。而实际鲨鱼大部分时间都在离岸很远的海中,深至一千米的地方。这很让人惊讶,但我们在前几年才发现这点,因此,大白鲨没被发现的事实还有很多。We don#39;t know where they go or what they do for most of the time that they#39;re alive.That#39;s why research projects like this are so important to find out more about the shark and figure out how we can help it rehabilitate and become the predator of the sea that it once was.我们尚不知它们的去向,以及其一生内的主要活动。这就是这类研究项目的重要意义,了解更多大白鲨的真相,帮助大白鲨种群恢复原状,让它们重归昔日海中霸主的地位。 Article/201507/383665

So there#39;s more than three million of you know, last year I bought two iPad2s, with the Facetime chat and a little bit of the Duct Tape...所以你们有超过三百万人知道,去年我买了两台iPad2,用Facetime影音视讯和一点点“大力胶”...YouTuber Mark Rober...Mark Rober... A NASA engineer, his name is Mark Rober, he...YouTube使用者Mark Rober...Mark Rober...一位美国太空总署的工程师,他的名字叫Mark Rober,他...I created a costume that had basically blown a hole in my gut. So the most common reaction was, ;Cool idea, bro, but I don#39;t have twelve hundred dollars to spend on a Halloween costume.;我做了一套装基本上在我的肠子部位打穿了个洞。所以最普遍的反应是“很棒的点子,老兄,但我可没有一千两百美金可以花在万圣节装扮上。”Or... as juiceypants27 put it: ;I have a great idea for a costume too... All I need is two Aston Martins, a titanium donkey and a metric ton of rabbit fur.;或者...像是juiceypants27留言:“我也有个很棒的万圣节装点子...我需要的只是两台奥斯顿马丁(天价超跑),一只白金驴子和一公吨的兔子毛。”Douch-e, juiceypants, I apologize.被发现了(注1),juiceypants,我跟你道歉。So for this year, all you need is some kind of Apple or Android mobile device...(Sorry Zack...) that can download a free APP called ;digital dudz; that I created for some buddies. So I#39;m gonna go through a few really cool costumes you can make by accessing the interactive s in the APP.所以今年,你需要的只是某种Apple或android装置...(抱歉了Zack...)(注2)那能够下载一个我为一些好兄弟设计的,叫做“digital dudz”的免费APP。所以我要跟你讨论几个真的很酷的装,只要在这APP中使用互动视讯你就能做那些装。For example, you take a like this, combine it with the cool Muno shirt like this... So then you cut out his eye. You duct tape the device to the inside of the shirt. Play the animation, and then you#39;re exactly this awesome. So here#39;s a few more examples.举例来说,你用像这样的一段影片,把它跟像这样很酷的Muno衫(好莱坞红牌:Junk Food Muno)结合在一起...因此接着你剪下他的眼睛。用大力胶把手机黏在衣里面。播放动画,然后你就是真的这么棒。所以这里还有更多例子。Now all these t-shirt designs are a hundred percent original. So if there#39;s one you really like, you can access it through the APP or at digitaldudz.com. Here you can double tap, or even use your Apple headphones to extinguish and reignite the flame.所有这些t-shirt设计百分之百都是原创的。所以如果有件你真的很喜欢的t-shirt,你可以从APP或digitaldudz.com上买到它。这里你可以双击,或甚至用你的Apple耳机去熄灭并再次点燃火焰。Halloween is just six days before the election. So wear this to show your support for one of these guys. Or...turn on Derp Mode to show your lack of support for one of these guys.万圣节只在总统大选前六天。所以穿上这个去展示你对这其中一人的持。或者...打开“智障模式”去表达你不持其中某人。Here you can choose a picture that goes inside the crystal ball. So before the party, you just photoshop yourself and the woman in your dreams. And then when you see her there, you#39;d be like, ;What? It#39;s the future! What can you do?;这里你可以选一张照片放到水晶球里面。在派对开始之前,你只要用Photoshop把你和你的梦中情人放在一起。然后当在那里看到她,你就可以像是:“啥?这就是未来!你能怎么办?”This one is straight up creepy awesome! So for the most of the animations, you guys have options to choose: things like eye color, music. There#39;s always some way to interact with it. In this case you can hook up your Apple headphones and then inconspicuously click the trigger to have them start and stop. Or you could just double tap.这个简直就是恐怖至极了!所以对于大部分的动画,你们有选择权:像是眼睛颜色、音乐之类的东西。总是有办法可以和它互动。这一款的你可以连上Apple耳机,然后不引人注意地按下开关启动并停止它们。或者你可以就双击它。So that#39;s less than half the costumes. You#39;ll actually find twelve more through the APP or digitaldudz.com, including my personal favorite: the freaking 80#39;s cartoon bad guy picture frame, like from Scooby-doo.所以那只是一半不到的装。你实际上可以从APP或digitaldudz.com上面再找到十二种装,包括我个人的最爱:80年代的卡通坏人相框,像是“史酷比”的。But for the grand finale, I#39;ve got one, and it isn#39;t even a shirt. It#39;s called the iWound, and I designed it with my buddy Christian. You just play animation and then slip it in the pocket on the back, which is designed to snugly fit pretty much any size mobile device. And there you go!但作为最终大结局,我有个东西,它甚至不是一件衣。它叫做“iWound”,我和我好兄弟Christian一起设计出来的。你只要播放动画然后把它塞进后面的口袋里,这口袋是设计给几乎任何大小的手机量身订做的。那就对了!Here#39;s an example of costume I put together, ten minutes, with an old shirt, old tie, a little bit of red paint. Now iWound actually comes with double stick tape, so you could stick it directly to your body or you could just stick it to the back of your shirt. So my buddy Rahaad took the iWound down in public to see what they thought... And this is basically what they thought.这是个我组合的万圣节装例子,只要十分钟,一件旧衬衫、旧领带和一点红色油漆。现在iWound实际上附有双面胶,因此你可以直接把它黏到你身上,或者你可以把它黏在你的衬衫后面。所以我的好兄弟Rahaad把“iWound”带到公开场合,看看他们怎么想...而这基本上就是他们的想法。Not again! Hmm...不是又来了吧!嗯...So this year, look the other guy drop seventy dollars to be an Angry Bird! ;Hey! Guess who I am!; Or even worse, the rich jerk who can afford this costume. And you can spend four minutes preparing your costume and then show up at work or the party like a boss: Jeans and t-shirt, like it#39;s no big deal.所以今年,看看那个人花了七十美金变成一只“愤怒鸟”!“嘿!猜猜我扮啥!”或更糟的--那买得起这套装扮的凯子混蛋。而你可以花上四分钟准备你的装扮,然后像个老大一样的去办公室或是出席派对:牛仔裤加上t-shirt,像是没什么大不了的。And then when he says, ;What are YOU supposed to be?;然后当他说:“你”是在扮什么鬼?”Simply respond with...简单的回应...So feel free to use the APP animations to come up with your own ideas. But if you wanna take your game to the next level, you can buy any of the original shirt design you saw or the iWound. They are available through the APP or at digitaldudz.com. We#39;ll ship them till we run out.所以请自便使用APP动画想出你自己的点子。但如果想要升级到高手区的话,你可以买任何所看到的原创衫或是“iWound”。它们都可以透过APP或是digitaldudz.com购买。我们将会卖到售完为止。Note1:“Douch-e”的发音为“do-shay”,是个外来语,同时也是个双关语。其一是说:;You got me here!;(被你发现了、抓包了);另一种用法则是用作回应没礼貌、侮辱人的言论。在这影片中虽然翻作“被你发现了”,但作者同时想要表达的是“你这浑蛋”的意思。Note2:这里说的;Sorry, Zack.;是有典故的。Zack Morris是个美国80年代电视剧的人物名,由Mark-Paul Gosselaar演出。其人物形象总是带着个“黑金刚”手机,而“黑金刚”在美国被戏称“Zack Morris Phone”。所以用在这里是在说:“Zack,抱歉你的手机可能不能用这APP。” Article/201411/341774

And he#39;s still not done talking about my fat.关于我的脂肪 他还没说完Abdominal fat is around 30%.腹部脂肪率约为30%Abdominal fat is really the bad guy.腹部脂肪可真是坏东西The higher the abdominal fat, the higher the risk腹部脂肪比率越高 患二型糖尿病of developing type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease.与心血管疾病的危险性就越No doubt about it. It#39;s also a risk factor for cancer.毫无疑问 也会增加患癌症的几率So, basically, your cardiometabolic profile,所以 基本上你的心血管代谢水平it#39;s not good. For your age.以你的年龄来说 不容乐观I think you know you should do something to improve it.我认为你应该做一些事来改变现状What we can say is that我们还得说Joseph is not going to develop cardiovascular disease.约瑟夫是不会患上心血管疾病的It#39;s impossible to develop stroke,也不可能患中风myocardial infarction or heart failure.心肌梗塞或是心力衰竭These three diseases are responsible这三种疾病造成了for 40% of the deaths now in US and UK.美国与英国40%的死亡No chance he#39;ll die of that?他绝不会因这些疾病而死吗I mean, one in a million.可能有百万分之一的几率And if I were to go onto Joe#39;s lifestyle...?如果我开始效仿乔的生活方式...Yeah. In a year, you are going to be cured.一年之内 你就会有好转I now understand what Luigi means.现在我明白路易吉的意思了重点解释:1.impossible to 对 ... 是不可能的例句:It#39;s impossible to cut a pineapple with such a dull knife.用一把这么钝的刀子切菠萝是不可能的。2.die of死于例句:She die of cancer.她死于癌症。 Article/201509/400210

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