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上海玫瑰整形美容医院整形美容中心上海隆鼻整形的费用阅读提示:英文原文在下,对应译文在上,并非直译,敬请谅解12月2日,津巴布韦的一家名为#39;Wild Is Life#39;(野生动物也是生命)的野生动物救助基地迎来了贵客——正在对津巴布韦进行国事访问的习近平主席和夫人彭丽媛.On November 2nd, during his state visit to Zimbabwe, Chinese President Xi Jinping paid a visit to local wildlife sanctuary ;Wild Is Life;.习大大和彭麻麻察看了基地救助的许多野生动物,大象,狮子,穿山甲,长颈鹿以及角马等.President Xi and his wife, Peng Liyuan, took a look at a variety of different wildlife species kept at the base, including elephants, lions, pangolins, giraffes and gnus.习大大还亲自给大象和长颈鹿递喂水果和树叶.Xi also fed the elephants and giraffes some fruit and leaves.参观期间,习大大详细地询问基地建设情况,动物的生活习性及救助,成长情况,随后高度评价了津巴布韦在野生动物保护领域做出的不懈努力.After thoroughly learning about the rescue center and its wild animals, President Xi praised the great efforts made by Zimbabwe on wildlife protection.与此同时,习大大也介绍了中国在野生动物保护事业方面做出的努力及成果.President Xi also noted that China has made great efforts to improve public awareness of wildlife protection and that an increasing number of people, as well as organizations from the private sector, are part of these efforts.习大大强调,中国高度重视野生动物保护事业,加强野生动物栖息地保护和拯救繁育工作,严厉打击野生动物及象牙等动物产品非法贸易,取得显著成效.同时,中国认真履行野生动物保护国际义务,积极参与野生动物保护国际合作.China has made remarkable progress in wildlife habitat conservation and breeding, as well as cracking down on illegal trade of wild animals and animal products, including ivory.;China has earnestly fulfilled its international obligations and actively participated in international cooperation in wildlife protection,;said Xi.习大大还指出,野生动物保护是中国同津巴布韦合作重点领域之一.中方将继续通过物资援助,经验交流等方式,帮助津方加强野生动物保护能力建设.The Chinese president also pointed out that wildlife protection is one of the key areas in China-Zimbabwe cooperation and that China will continue to help Zimbabwe improve its capability of protecting wild animals through donations of equipment and exchanges of experience.津巴布韦则是是世界上非洲象最集中的国家之一,境内有大约8至10万头大象,其中40%生活在国内最大的野生动物园——万基国家公园内.One of the main features of Zimbabwe#39;s wildlife is that quite a large percentage of the world#39;s African elephants are sheltering in the country, at a number between 80,000 to 100,000.40% of those elephants live in the country#39;s biggest wildlife park, Hwange National Park.然而,当地政府认为,津巴布韦大象存在局部过剩的问题,也就是在特定的几个国家公园内,大象的密度已经大大超出了该地区生态环境可持续发展的承载度,无论对环境还是大象本身都构成极为不利的局面.津巴布韦曾有南部非洲最完善的野生动物保护体系,但上世纪90年代以来,随着经济的一步步衰退,野生动物保护方面面临的困难越来越多,盗猎事件层出不穷,给津巴布韦当局带来很大困扰.However, local authorities believe that the large number of elephants have, to some extent, posed a challenge to the local wildlife system, since it#39;s very difficult for that many elephants to survive in an environment with limited resources. Moreover, it#39;ll also be difficult to find them new homes.今年8月,中方向津方提供了价值230万美元的野生动物保护设备.In August, China donated wildlife protection equipment worth 2.3 million U.S. dollars to Zimbabwe.今年9月1日,中津野生动物基金会在津巴布韦首都哈拉雷成立,旨在更好地保护津巴布韦的野生动物.On September 1, the launching ceremony of the Sino Zimbabwe Wildlife Foundation was held in Harare, Zimbabwe. The foundation aims to better protect the local wildlife. /201512/413758上海华山医院激光祛痣多少钱 In the late stage of his reign, Tang Xuanzong paid no attention to state affairs, so the government decayed, treacherous court officials were in power, and thus instigated the “An-and-Shi Rebellion” in 755.唐玄宗后期,不理朝政,政治腐败,奸臣当道,酿成了公元755年开始的安史之乱。An Lushan born of mixed Hu people in Yingzhou, because that he cruelly suppressed the Xi and Khitan people, he got Tang Xuanzong appreciation and was appointed the governor of Pinglu, Fanyang and Hedong.安禄山出身于营州杂胡。他因为残酷地镇压奚、契丹人,得到了唐玄宗的赏识,先后出任平卢、范阳、河东三镇节度使。An Lushan, engaged in national plunder wars for long, had been to Chang^n, the capital for many times. And by attending royal and official activities, he knew the corrupted and weak government like the palm of his hand, so he stored up the disloyalty of rising in revolt to overthrow the Tang Dynasty.长期从事民族掠夺战争的安禄山野心极大,他多次到长安,在宫廷和官场活动中,对唐政府腐败、虚弱的情况了解得很清楚,蓄下了起兵灭唐的异志。Shi Siming, An^ cohort, was also born of mixed Hu people.安禄山的同伙史思明,也是杂胡出身。He went to Chang’an to report to the throne,thus gained the favor of Xuan-zong who gave the name “Siming” to him.他到长安奏事,得了玄宗的喜欢,赐名为思明。Before An’s rebellion,Shi was official of Pinglu military forces.在安禄山叛乱以前,史思明官至平卢兵马使。In 755,by the name of “ sending armed forces to suppress Yang Guozhong on imperial’s secret order”,they rose in revolt in Fanyang. Leading 150 000 soldiers of Pinglu, Fanyang and Hedong, they started from Fan yang and moved towards south to attack the Tang Dynasty.史思明、安禄山于公元755年(天宝十四年)冬以奉密旨讨杨国忠为名,在范阳起兵,率平卢、范阳、河东三镇兵15万人,南下攻唐。Tang Xuanzong who never called to mind that An Lushan would betray him made nothing in preparation.唐玄宗没有想到安禄山会叛乱,所以在军事上毫无准备。The newly recruited soldiers were unable to keep out An,s powerful force, so An bridged Huanghe,defeated the Tang armies in succession, captured Chenliu(present Chenliu in Kaifeng Prefecture, Henan), Xingyang(present Xingyang, Henan), and Luoyang, till closed in on Tongguan Pass.唐朝新招来的士兵抵挡不住安禄山的劲旅,安禄山渡过黄河后,连败唐军,一路攻陷陈留(现河南开封地区陈留)、荥阳(河南荥阳)、洛阳,直抵潼关。In 756, An Lushan kinged himself the Emperor of Great Yan.公元756年(至德元年),安禄山在洛阳称大燕皇帝。Emperor Tang Daizong assembled military forces from all directions, and borrowed some armies from Huihu nationality. These military forces led by Li Shi (Daizong’s son) and Pugu Huai’en reoccupied Luoyang, Heyang,Zhengzhou, Bianzhou and other places.代宗调集各路兵马,又向回乞借到一部分军队,以其子李适为天下兵马元帅,仆固怀恩为副元帅,率军收复了洛阳、河阳、郑州、汴州等失地。In 763,the 7-year “An and Shi Rebellion” came to an end.公元763年(广德元年)初,历时七年多的安史之乱至此结束。Henceforward, the Tang Dynasty began to decline.自此,唐朝衰落下去。Agriculture was seriously destroyed,then vassal states set up separatist regimes by force,eunuchs grabbed all the powers, parties contended for power and profits, the political situation of Tang was in great turmoil.安史之乱使农业生产受到极大破坏,接着又有藩镇割据、宦官专权和朋党之争,使唐朝政局更为混乱。The economy also suffered heavy losses, most tillable fields were annexed, and the farmers were compelled to escape all around. All of these advent situation invited farmers’ revolts.经济也遭到了极大的破坏,土地兼并十分严重,农民四处逃亡。In 876,the farmers’ uprising led by Wang Xianzhi and Huang Chao broke out.公元876年,导致了王仙芝、黄巢领导的唐末农民大起义。It was defeated in 884, however, the Tang Dynasty also collapsed out.起义在884年失败,但唐王朝亦由此瓦解。In 904, Zhu Wen moved the capital to Luoyang, and three years later, he disthroned Emperor Tang Aidi, established Post-Liang Dynasty, thus the Tang Dynasty came to an end.天佑元年(904),朱温迁唐都于洛阳。至四年,朱温废哀帝,建立后梁,大唐灭亡。 /201601/421846浦东新抽脂瘦腿多少钱

上海市东方医院做双眼皮开眼角手术价格上海整形医院 Don’t judge Art Basel Miami Beach by what you about it.不要根据你读到的新闻来评判迈阿密海滩巴塞尔艺术展(Art Basel Miami Beach)。The fair gets a lot of news media attention that, at its best, shines a light on emerging talent and, at its worst, airs intra-art-world squabbles.这场艺术展得到了新闻媒体的广泛关注,那些报道最好的一点是介绍了崭露头角的艺术人才,最糟糕的一点是传播了艺术界内部的纷争。What gets lost, though, is what a treat it is for the general public. Never mind the outrageous price the latest Jeff Koons garnered there, Art Basel gave people a chance to see it up close. Few other public events display a dizzying variety of artwork, from a 1918 Picasso to a not-yet-dried painting by an up-and-coming Miami artist.不过,那些报道没有提到的一点是,巴塞尔艺术展对公众来说是多么难得的机会。不要管杰夫·昆斯(Jeff Koons)的最新作品在巴塞尔艺术展上卖到了多高的天价,重要的是,它给人们提供了一个能够近距离观看艺术品的机会。几乎没有其他哪个公共活动能展示如此丰富多样的艺术作品,从毕加索(Picasso)1918年的作品到一位很有前途的迈阿密艺术家新出炉的画作。Just ask Brett Sokol, the arts editor at the Miami-based magazine Ocean Drive and a frequent contributor to The New York Times.只要问问迈阿密杂志《Ocean Drive》的艺术编辑、经常为《纽约时报》供稿的布雷特·索科尔(Brett Sokol),你就知道了。“For all of the spectacle and the insane hype and the teeth gnashing in the art world about it,” he said of Art Basel, “it is still an amazing opportunity to see incredible art all under one roof.”他在谈到巴塞尔艺术展时说:“尽管它场面恢弘,大肆宣传,在艺术界也遭到愤恨,但它仍是一个难得的机会,能让你在同一个屋檐下看到各种不可思议的艺术品。While the fair’s invitation-only opening night on Wednesday is all about art dealing, he said, the fair takes on a different vibe when it opens to the public Thursday through Sunday (tickets are ; for students and seniors; free for under 16).他说,虽然周三(12月2日)晚上的开幕之夜只接待受邀人,当晚完全是进行艺术交易,但是从周四至周日的公众开放日将完全是另一幅景象(票价47美元,学生和老人30美元,16岁以下免费)。“It’s like going to a museum,” he said. Anyone can walk up and buy a ticket, there is no V.I.P. area and there are even a few families.他说:“这就像参观物馆。”任何人都能购票,没有贵宾区,甚至有的是一家老小一起参观。“That can be fun, getting to see this huge, diverse group of people, watching kids react to certain works of art,” he said. “You think, ‘What does this 7-year-old see that I don’t? Am I that jaded?’”他说:“看着这么多各种各样的人来参观很有趣。看到孩子们对某些艺术品的反应,你会想:‘这个7岁小孩是不是看出了什么我没看透的东西?我是不是太迟钝了?”Considering the enormous size of the fair — 267 galleries exhibit their works — and the weekend crowds, Mr. Sokol’s first recommendation is simple: Take one of the free maps outside the convention center before entering and decide ahead of time which galleries most interest you.考虑到展会规模的庞大——共有267家画廊展示自己的作品——以及周末参观人群的拥挤,索科尔的第一条建议很简单:进去之前,在会展中心外面拿一张免费地图,提前想好哪些画廊最吸引你。“There is so much artwork, it can be disorienting,” he said.他说:“艺术品太多了,你可能会不知所措。”This year is noteworthy for the significant number of galleries featuring female artists, like the Mary Boone Gallery, which will exhibit works by Judith Bernstein, Sarah Charlesworth and Nancy Dwyer.今年的一个特别之处在于很多画廊主要展示女性艺术家的作品,比如玛丽·布恩画廊(Mary Boone Gallery),它将展示朱迪思·伯恩斯坦(Judith Bernstein)、萨拉·查尔斯沃思(Sarah Charlesworth)和南希·德怀尔(Nancy Dwyer)的作品。A perennial favorite of Mr. Sokol’s is the Miami-based Fredric Snitzer Gallery, which this year is showing a new painting by Hernan Bas and a classic by Carlos Alfonzo, a Cuban-born artist who died in 1991 from an illness related to AIDS.索科尔一直钟爱迈阿密的弗雷德里克·斯奈策画廊(Fredric Snitzer Gallery)。今年,该画廊将展示埃尔南·巴斯(Hernan Bas)新创作的一幅油画以及卡洛斯·阿方索(Carlos Alfonzo)的经典作品。阿方索是古巴出生的艺术家,1991年因艾滋病引发的疾病去世。“A lot of pain and melancholy,” Mr. Sokol said of Mr. Alfonzo’s work. “It can be incredibly moving, but that’s why people see art, to have those transcendent experiences.”索科尔谈到阿方索的作品时说:“里面有很多痛苦和悲伤。特别感人,但那正是人们观赏艺术品的原因——获得超越体验。”After a day at Art Basel, take time to check out satellite fairs like Pulse, which opens Dec. 1, and Nada, which starts Dec. 3.在巴塞尔艺术展参观一天之后,花点时间去看看附属的几个展览,比如12月1日开幕的Pulse展和12月3日开幕的Nada展。Nada can be uneven, Mr. Sokol said: “A mixture of ‘my kid could do that’ to gorgeous works of art.”Nada展的艺术品水平参差不齐。索科尔说:“有的作品你可能会说‘我的孩子都会画’,也有些作品非常精。”Pulse focuses largely on emerging artists, Mr. Sokol said, “so if you do get enticed, the price points are a lot lower.”Pulse展侧重新兴艺术家。索科尔说:“所以如果你确实喜欢,也买得起,因为这里的价位要低得多。”This year, Pulse will include artists represented by Emerson Dorsch, one of several Miami-based galleries that are part of the burgeoning art scene in the city’s Little Haiti neighborhood.今年,Pulse展将包括爱默生·多施画廊(Emerson Dorsch)代理的几位艺术家的作品。该画廊是迈阿密新兴的小海地艺术区(Little Haiti neighborhood)的几家画廊之一。Be sure to cross Biscayne Bay to explore Little Haiti and the once-industrial Wynwood neighborhood to its south. Miami’s art districts have expanded in recent years, said Mr. Sokol, thanks in part to Art Basel’s influence.你一定要穿过比斯坎湾(Biscayne Bay),去看看小海地以及它南侧的温伍德艺术社区(Wynwood,由工业区改造而成)。索科尔说,近些年,部分得益于巴塞尔艺术展的影响力,迈阿密的艺术社区不断扩大。“There has always been an incredible wealth of artistic talent in Miami, but there had never been an art market,” he said. Art Basel “created a way for artists to actually make a living.”他说:“迈阿密一直拥有大量艺术人才,但是艺术市场一直不发达”,巴塞尔艺术展“真的给艺术家们开辟了一条谋生的道路”。After art viewing and after-parties, a late-night snack is in order during Art Basel. And for that Mr. Sokol suggests a Miami Beach institution: La Sandwicherie, which is open to 6 a.m. on the weekends.在观赏完艺术品、参加完余兴派对之后,你可以品尝很多餐馆专为巴塞尔艺术展而准备的深夜小吃。索科尔推荐的是迈阿密海滩的一家店:La Sandwicherie,它在周末一直营业到凌晨6点。“It’s everybody who is up at 2 a.m. and hungry: a mix of locals, club people, older folks,” he said. “It’s a whole microcosm of the bizarre petri dish that is South Beach.”他说:“那里全是熬到凌晨2点觉得肚子饿的人:当地人、去夜店玩的人,以及年纪大些的人。它是迈阿密南海滩奇怪的人口构成的缩影。” /201512/414441长宁区妇幼保健医院去除狐臭多少钱

上海玫瑰整形美容医院双眼皮手术怎么样5.Tardiness5.拖拖拉拉I hated being late to school because I#39;d have to go the attendance office for a tardy slip – and too many tardies might mean a detention.上学时我很讨厌迟到,因为那样我就必须去签到处填写迟到说明单,而如果有太多迟到单,放学后就会被留校。You may not get a detention as an adult for being tardy, but you can get fired from your job if it happens often enough. Even if it doesn#39;t reach that point, being late makes you look disorganized and unprofessional. In private life, your friends and family can get resentful really quickly if you#39;re always the last one to arrive to a gathering, or if you miss the big moment at events. Tardiness may stem from a lack of self-motivation or from an overscheduled life. Additionally, some people actually get an adrenaline high from keeping others waiting. Others are just overly optimistic about how long it really takes to get from Point A to Point B. But you can become more punctual if you work at it. First, stop trusting your internal clock. Actually time how long it takes to get you to work, for example, including rush-hour traffic, as well as the time to walk from your car to your office building to your suite. If you#39;re a very busy person, or get so wrapped up in one thing that you easily forget about other commitments, set appointment reminders on your smartphone or laptop and be sure to schedule some down time during the day.作为成年人,你一般不会因为迟到而受到留校处罚,但如果经常如此,也许就会被辞退。即使事态没有这么严重,经常迟到也会让你看起来毫无组织纪律性并且十分不专业。即使在私生活中,如果你总是在聚会中姗姗来迟,或者干脆错过一些重要的时刻,你的家人朋友肯定也会很生气。行动迟缓也许起因于自我激励机制的缺失或者过分忙碌的生活。除有些人是真的沉醉于让别人久等的快感中无法自拔之外,其他人拖拉只是因为对于从A地到B地实际需要花费的时间做了过分乐观的估计。但是如果你下决心改变,你一定可以变得更守时。那么首先,停止过分相信你的生物钟。事实上,你上班路上所需花费的时间应该包括交通高峰期塞车的时间,以及从你下车走到办公楼再到你的办公室所花的时间。如果你非常忙碌,或者全神贯注于某件事以至于极易忘记其他预约时,不妨尝试在你的手机或笔记本电脑上面设置事件提醒,以确保在一天当中你有一小段时间让自己缓冲一会,也更容易记得已安排好的约会。4.Interrupting4.总打岔Life is full of constant interruptions. I#39;ve been interrupted by a needy cat, multiple buzzing noises from my phone and the sound of someone edging their yard in just the past few minutes. But I find verbal interruptions the most irritating, especially when it#39;s the same person doing it repeatedly. The implication is that what the interrupter has to say is far more important than what I was saying. Yet, even though interrupting is considered rude, we all do it.生活中充斥着无穷无尽的干扰。我曾被一只黏人的猫干扰,也曾被手机里传来的多重嗡嗡声烦扰,甚至就在几分钟前还被人们整理庭院所产生的噪音干扰。但我发现最令人恼火的是言语干扰(打岔),尤其是当同一个人反复打断你的时候,就像他要说的内容远比你所说的重要得多似的。然而,尽管打岔被认为是件粗鲁的事,我们还是会这么做。One reason is that sometimes interrupting is necessary. If you have an important question to ask during a presentation that won#39;t be relevant if you wait until the end, sometimes getting the speaker#39;s attention is acceptable. You just have to do it politely. But like many bad habits, interrupting can also be about power -- who is allowed to speak and who isn#39;t. You might not hesitate to interrupt a subordinate at work, but you would never interrupt your own boss. No matter what the relationship is, though, it#39;s usually still better to wait until the other person finishes speaking. Try to focus on what she#39;s saying and formulate a thoughtful response. If you feel the urge to interrupt, ask yourself what would happen if you waited. (Probably, nothing.) You might even take notes if you#39;re afraid that you#39;ll forget what you#39;re going to say later.原因之一就在于打岔有时是必要的。如果你在一个演说报告途中有十分重要的问题需要提问,而等到演说结束后再问又将没有任何意义的话,那偶尔打断一下报告者的发言是可以被原谅的,但你一定要有礼貌。就像很多恶习一样,打岔其实也与话语权问题相关——谁可以发言的而谁又不可以发言。你或许会毫不犹豫地打断正在工作的下属,而你决不会去干扰你的顶头上司。无论你们之间的关系如何,等他人讲完话再发言始终更为妥当。你可以试着去注意聆听别人所讲的内容,然后再给出一个经过深思熟虑后的答复。如若你迫切地想要打断别人说话,那就先问问自己如果再等会儿会怎么样。(多半什么事都不会发生)如果你怕忘记自己接下来要说什么,那就可以做点笔记呀。3.Gossiping3.爱八卦If gossiping weren#39;t fun and entertaining, there wouldn#39;t be so many TV shows, websites and magazines devoted to talking about what celebrities are doing. Most have chosen to be in the public eye, and to a certain degree, they expect their personal lives will be under a microscope. We regular folk, however, usually don#39;t appreciate having our foibles and quirks as the topic of conversation in the office break room.如果八卦新闻没有那么搞笑又有趣的话,就不会有那么多的电视节目、网站和杂志都把功夫花在议论名人们在干什么上面了。大多数名人选择出现在公共视野中,在某种程度上就意味着他们希望自己的私人生活被人关注。然而我们这些普通人,却并不喜欢让自己的缺点和怪癖成为同事们茶余饭后闲聊的谈资。Some of us just can#39;t resist sharing a juicy piece of information though. It#39;s a way of connecting with other people and even raising our social status in their eyes. Sometimes it helps boost our own self-esteem: ;At least I#39;d never make that bad of a mistake,; we might think. Gossiping may seem like a harmless way to pass the time, but it has significant repercussions. In the workplace, gossip can be a huge problem because it can lower morale, decrease productivity and increase turnover. Families have been torn apart by secrets that were not to supposed to have been revealed. Gossip can also be about power: One person has information the others don#39;t have and keeps the power by deciding who to share the tidbits with. If you#39;re concerned that you#39;re a gossip, pay attention to your topics of conversations. Are you telling positive or negative stories about others? If it#39;s difficult to stop gossiping (because it just feels so good), try putting yourself in the subject#39;s shoes. How would you feel if everyone was talking badly about you?但是总有部分人会忍不住向他人爆料,这算是他们与人沟通、甚至提高自己在别人眼中社会地位的一种方式。八卦有时也能使我们的自尊心膨胀,因为我们或许会想:“反正我才不会犯这种低级的错误。”八卦似乎是一种无害的打发时间的方式,但其实它会带来很严重的影响。在工作场所,说长道短是一个很大的问题。因为它会使员工士气低落,降低生产效率,以及增加人员变更率。一些本不该泄露的秘密被揭开甚至可以导致家庭破裂。八卦还可以使人处于优势地位——有人能够掌握别人了解不到的信息,并通过决定与谁分享这类花边消息来保持他们的优势地位。如果你担心自己成为八卦天王,那么请你关注一下自己所谈论的话题:你经常议论人是非吗?如果停止八卦对你来说很困难的话(因为你通常自我感觉良好),那就设身处地为他人想想吧!如果每个人都在说你的坏话,你又将作何感想?2.Fidgeting2.坐立不安Fidgeting simply means that you#39;re incapable of keeping still. Like nail biting and other so-called ;nervous habits,; it can be a way to fight boredom, expend excess energy or relieve stress.坐立不安,简单来说就是指无法使自己安静下来。就像咬指甲或者其他“缓解焦虑的习惯性动作”一样,这通常也是一种打发无聊时间、消耗过剩精力或者是缓解压力的方式。This bad habit isn#39;t all bad, though; some researchers believe that fidgeting reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Since cortisol can negatively affect learning, fidgeting during a test might actually make you perform better on it. Because the parts of the brain that control movement and speech are in the same area, fidgeting or moving may also help you formulate a thought before saying it out loud. You might even burn an extra 350 calories from fidgeting throughout the day. But fidgeting is one of those bad habits that can have a social impact, especially if it is constant, loud or distracting. Usually when someone calls attention to fidgeting, the person will stop doing it, or at least find a way to be unobtrusive about it. But if he can#39;t stop, the fidgeting is constant, or he seems to be involuntarily twitching or making noises, there could be something more serious at work. Extreme fidgeting is a possible symptom of several conditions, including attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), bipolar disorder and Tourette#39;s syndrome. Professional help is necessary in those cases.不过,这个“坏习惯”并不见得就一无是处。一些研究人员发现坐立不安能够降低压力荷尔蒙皮质醇的分泌水平。由于皮质醇会对学习产生不良影响,所以考试时这种坐立不安的状态反而有助于你发挥的更好。而控制人类行动和语言的神经中枢位于大脑中的同一个区域,所以坐立不安或者不时活动一下也有助于你深思熟虑后更好的表达自己的想法。同时,如果一个人一整天都坐不住,总是做些小动作,还能额外消耗350卡路里的热量。尽管如此,坐立不安仍是一种影响社交生活的坏习惯,尤其是当你坐立不安成为一种常态,让旁人感到聒噪,注意力不能集中之时。一般来说,有人坐立不安、小动作不断时,就会有人提醒他不要这样,至少不要肆无忌惮地去做这些事。但是,如果他难以控制自己的行为,继续做小动作,或者总是不由自主地扭来扭去、制造噪音,那么很可能是他在工作中遇到了大麻烦。过度的焦躁不安可能是患有以下疾病的征兆:例如多动症,躁郁症或图洛特氏综合征。在这些情况下,你可能需要寻求专业帮助。1.Excessive Screen Time1.长时间对着屏幕It#39;s incredibly easy to spend almost every waking hour of your day staring at a screen -- whether from a computer, TV, tablet or phone. Most of us have to use computers at work, so being in front of a screen for at least 40 hours a week is nonnegotiable. But what about binge-watching a TV show or spending hours on Facebook? How does that affect you?人们极易把每天清醒的几个小时几乎全都用于看屏幕——无论是电脑,电视,平板或是手机屏幕。大多数人的工作都离不开电脑,因而我们每周至少有40个小时都必须与电脑打交道。那我们毫无节制地看电视节目或者浏览社交网络所花时间又是多少呢?这又将如何影响我们的生活呢?Scientists have found that too much screen time can cause eye fatigue and blurred vision. These symptoms are not permanent, but they are unpleasant. Research also indicates that excessive screen time can actually hurt your brain -- scans of Internet- and gaming-addicted teenagers showed damage to the frontal lobe. While watching TV or surfing the Web certainly has benefits, if you put off spending time with friends, hear complaints from your family, or fail to accomplish something that you needed to do because you were too busy online, you might need to start setting some limits. If you always take your phone with you to the bathroom, make a conscious effort to leave it in another room. Eat meals at the table instead of in front of the TV. Read an actual paper book on occasion. Or download some great, informative podcasts and listen while you go for a stroll.科学家们发现,看屏幕的时间过长会造成视疲劳和视物模糊。这些症状虽不是永久性的,但一样令人烦恼。同时,研究还表明盯着屏幕浏览网页的时间过长会损伤大脑。那些沉迷于游戏的少年们,他们的大脑前额叶早已损伤。看电视或上网的确有很多好处,但你如果因为忙于上网而疏于与朋友相聚、承受家人的指责,抑或是无法完成必要的任务时,你就有必要收敛一下了。可以尝试用以下方法来改善这种状况:如果你去洗手间也总是带着手机,那么就应该有意地把它搁在另一个房间;要在餐桌前而不是电视机前吃饭;有时候也要阅读纸质书籍;还可以下载一些有“有营养”的播客,边听边散步。审校:落月 旭旭 前十网 /201602/424990 上海祛斑哪家比较好上海省肿瘤医院激光祛太田痣多少钱



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